The Necromancer's Apprentice

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The Necromancer's Apprentice

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Amera had always been different from her fellow villagers. For as long as she could remember, she had the ability to close wounds and mend broken bones with a touch and force of will. The villagers avoided her in daily life, but came to her when they needed healing. She didn't mind; she preferred solitude to the fearful looks they sent in her direction whenever she was near them.

She lived alone in the cottage. Her mother, Nimera, had died in childbirth and her father Lothar had been killed in an accident a year before. She survived by accepting food and coin in exchange for the healing.

She was now sixteen and had entered the marriageable age. No young man in the village dared to court her, however. She had begun to feel a longing for ... something, she didn't know what.

Then the carriage arrived. A man in lavish robes had handed her a letter.

To Amera, daughter of Nimera.

The Academy of Wizardry have heard of your abilities, and wish to offer you an education in wizardry, with the possibility of becoming an apprentice of a wizard. This is a one-time offer only. If you accept, follow the carrier of this letter.

Kaius the White

Amera had immediately accepted, and after packing her few belongings, she had entered the carriage. After a week-long, bumpy trip, they had reached Torgoreth Castle, the home of the Academy of Wizardry.

She was met by a middle-aged man in white robes.

"Welcome Amera, daughter of Nimera. I am pleased that you accepted my offer. I am Kaius the White."

"Did you know my mother?" Kaius nodded.

"I did. Now come."

Kaius led Amera into the castle and up a staircase to a room halfway up in one of the towers. When they entered, two girls were already there.

"This is Kara daughter of Silana, and Anastasia daughter of Michaela. They will be your roommates for the duration of your stay." Amera greeted the two, who returned the greeting. Kaius turned.

"I will leave you to get to know one another. I will see you at the feast tonight."

With those words he left, leaving Amera alone with Kara and Anastasia.
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