A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
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A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

Post by coronhorn »

Outer Rim Territories, Obtrexta sector
Braxant Run, Muunilinst system
Godspire Asteroid Belt
10 ABY

He had been lead through a maze of complex corridors and lifts after he'd arrived on the asteroid, it had been a long trail from where he'd started and out of the three who'd started on this adventure he was the only one still breathing, he shivered as he though of what had become of his fellow companions. Each had met a gruesome end when they'd failed at one of the tasks set before them. Now it was just him and the sleek black droid he was following, it finally came to a stop beside a doorway, an airlock actually. It turned and motioned inwards as the door hissed open with the slow mechanical grind of something that hadn't moved in a very log time. He paused and then pressed onward.

The space he entered was dark, black even, Shiv noted but it wasn't your typical darkness. No, this was the kind of inky blackness that felt like it was alive, like it would reach out and swallow you whole and leave no trace of that you were ever there behind. Of course Shiv couldn't tell if that was real or just the death stick messing with his head, he preferred to think it was the later but something told his it was the former. The addict had an urge to pull out the portable glow rod that he knew was ensconced in his pack but he'd seen what had happened to the last man who'd tried that so he suppressed the urge and simply knelt in the small carved circle as he'd been instructed by his late partner and lowered the black silken bag over his head,

"I am here Master."

He held the pose and while he knew it was only seconds that ticked by they seemed to stretch into hours till the hairs on the back of his own neck stood on end and the temperature of the small cave dropped enough that he felt ice crystals forming from the moisture that the hood wore was catching from his breath. He felt something slither up his left arm that felt like it was both crawling on top of and beneath his skin, the burning sensation that followed was excruciating but he didn't move. The tendril finally stopped just below his chin on his neck and then vanished, though when the voice that followed finally spoke he wished for it's return,

"You have endured your first test, Tet'su Shivar Okinata." The words were oily and felt slippery if that were even possible, like pure evil mixed with the kind of lubricant that gave off a sweet yet toxic ichor of death, "Rise, remove your hood, and follow; it is time to choose your destiny..."

Shiv stood to his feet though it took an effort of pure will to stop his knees and hands from shaking, he reached up and grasped the front of the hood and paused, his mind unsure if he wanted to go any further. He could feel the dark presence moving deeper into the ancient tunnels and he was pretty sure if he ran now he could escape this Force forsaken rock, but something tugged his subconscious, calling to him like an irresistible siren from the legends of his homeworld. Suddenly his fist clenched and tugged forward, his eyes now well adjusted to the darkness around him revealing details of the small space and an even darker exit ahead of him leading deeper into the bowels of the cursed rock. They also glanced down at his arm where he'd felt the tendril and noticed a new tattoo adorning his arm from hand running all the way up to a point on his neck but it wasn't like any tattoo he'd ever seen before, the ink almost seemed alive and as he stared at the start of it on the back of his hand it almost felt as if the dragon's head there was urging him forward, turning his head he glanced back towards the exit, his freedom, but he winced at even the dim brightness of the light there turning back towards the way forward and stepped in that direction moving forward into the living darkness as the light faded around him he found himself embracing it and it embracing him, guiding him through the twisting corridor till he felt the walls flare outwards, he paused at the feeling of open space and then stepped forward, water splashed as he stepped into it. It wasn't deep, just barely enough to cover his feet but he could feel it's cold chill through the material of his boots, as he started to move forward again he felt the urge to stop ahead of him he could hear the sound of water flowing down a wall into a pool then suddenly he felt the temperature begin to fall again as a pair of deep red eyes emerged from the darkness, he could feel the tattoo on his arm sing in response to them,

"Now you must choose Tet'su Shivar Okinata, which path you will walk." the voice spoke again, though this time it felt less evil.

It started slow, a glow that seemed to come from no where and every where all at once it's color shifting constantly between deep hues of red and blue, till it filled the room with enough light that his physical eyes could begin to make out the features of the room, it was mostly plain bare rock with two notable exceptions on the walls and one he suddenly realized beneath his feet in the water, carvings as ancient as those of the circle in the first room surrounded him and two openings behind a sheen of falling water. As he watched in the dim light two figures slowly emerged from the darkness beyond. One stood covered from head to toe in dark robes ranging from black to blood red, the opening skin he could see on the man was around his eyes, shining bright yellow eyes. The second man would have been what one of his one time art school buddies called a study in contrast. Like the first man he too was covered in robes though his were all much lighter in tones of white and sand. This man's eyes, or rather eye as the left eye was of the cybernetic sort, were like his own, though their blue was far brighter. Each of the two men advanced till they stepped through the sheen of the waterfall without interrupting it's flow, the first man set his feet shoulder width apart and gave him a closed fisted salute, his every movement crisp and briming with strength. The second man drew up straight and placed his hands palms together and then bowed at teh waist, it was then that he notced the man's left arm was cybernetic just as his eye, behind him he felt the dark presence hovering,

"These are your futures drawn here by the ancient power of this place, the two divergent paths of your life, one a path of power and strength...

"And blood, oceans of blood." the dark robed man spoke interupting the phantom wispering in his ear, his voice raspy but filled with power.

"and the other of sacrifice and service."

"And love, love beyond your wildest imaginings." the second man spoke, at his words the first man snorted in derision,

"Truly," he growled, "It must be for it over come what you sacrificed."

With an angry energetic wave of his hand the robes on the left hand side of the second man shredded and fell aside revealing that the man's entire left arm and a generous portion of the left side of his chest and neck were entirely cybernetic as well as portions his face,

"Only angel could love that!" the first man sneered.

The second man nodded and then began to slowly move his hands across his body rebuilding his now tattered robes, "An angel indeed" the second man spoke and what appeared to be a tear crept down from his right eye, shimmering in shifting light for a moment had begun to shift more towards blue than red, "But at least I am free, you are but a slave."

The first man laughed a deep resounding chuckle and then began to slowly unwrap his robes starting at the head, as he slowly revealed himself it quickly became apparent that the swirling black tattooing that now adorned his own arm covered this man, this future version of him from head to toe, the tattooing shimmering with the same pseudo-life as the one he now wore,

"You see," the second man spoke, "He is but a puppet, a powerful one but a puppet none the less. For all that he has gained he is powerless over his own destiny."

The man's words resounded through the cavern proudly with the ring of truth, though they were cut off by a beastly growl and the sudden throbbing growl of a lightsaber springing to life as the first man, attacked the second, the deep red blade lunging through the air only to be batted away by a pure blue one that was just as quickly in the hands of the second. The two blades flashed back and forth, the red one aggressive and powerful but always turned away by the blue and so it went on for a period of time that Shiv wasn't entirely sure of,

"It is beautiful is it not?" the voice finally spoke again from somewhere behind him, "The conflict between the two, they are almost perfectly balanced, each completely unable to overcome the other."

The voice paused and then he felt something press into his left hand and then his right, his fingers involuntarily closing around them, "So the choice is up to you, which will you choose... power and strength or sacrifice and love? You must choose."

In front of him the two combatants had once again locked blades, each trying to leverage for advantage, as they did the images and emotions of the events since he'd entered this cavern washed over him, his thumb found the ignition stud on each of the cylinders that he'd known would be there and the blades sprang to life, one throbbing red with power and the other pulsing blue with peace. His eyes moved from each and then he charged forward and struck...

The dark robed man smiled at the shock filled face of his mirror image as his looked down at the red blade protruding from his chest before his vanished into thin air leaving him staring at his own younger vistage,

"Welcome to your new life brother."

And then he too vanished into the darkness the light in the cavern taking on a darkish red hue, he could feel a cold hand press on his right shoulder and a tendril spread down along his left arm and just as before a burning sensation followed it, and he dropped to a knee the cold water plastering his pant against his skin,

"You have completed the second trial, Arise Darth Ra, for you are reborn this day!"

When he stood he finally beheld the visage of his master, he was a thin almost gaunt human or perhaps rather near human given the long pointed ears, his eyes black and inky with a smile that sent shivers as well as a tingle of excitement down his spine. The well tailored clothing he could feel were nothing more than a veneer,

"I am Lord Foul and you are my hand, through you I will exert my will."

"What is your bidding my master?" Shiv, no he was Darth Ra now, asked.

"Come." Foul beckoned as he turned and moved silent as the grave through through the portal on the left, "There is much for you to learn..."

The Outter Rim Territories
Praxeum System
Praxeum Moon, The Forge
17 ABY

Devon Vos sat bolt upright in his bed, beads of sweat running down his face and trickling down his back, beneath him he could feel the dampness of the sheets. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence in the months since he'd "come back from the dead" as so many put it, but the nightmares had all but stopped. Swinging his feet onto the cold floor he began re-collecting himself drawing on the Force to regain his composure and slow his rapid breathing, but there had been something different about this one, something he now couldn't quite remember. Beside him the beautiful young woman who had nursed him back to health and in the process had fallen in love with him stirred at the disruption to her bed, he looked over and met her sleepy gaze,

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost?"

"I think I did."

"It was just a nightmare, come back to bed!" cooed walking her fingers up his back, but the sensations only served to disturb him even more and he shook them off and stood to his feet, the air cool against his skin,

"No, I can't... something about this one was different."

He plucked his pants from where he'd discarded them earlier and pulled them on, Sarah was now sitting upright in the bed,

"What is it?" she demanded, "What's wrong?"

"I don't KNOW!" he snapped at her out of anger hitting her with just enough of a telekinetic push knock her back into the bed, his own eyes going wide at the action, plucking his shirt from the chair where he'd left it hanging he bolted from the room. He stalked quietly through the hallways of the Forge anger at his own actions building like a tight ball of fire in his gut, several times he passed watch sentry who wisely stepped out of his path. He eventually found himself on his swoop speeding across the treetops, the wind snapping at his unfastened shirt, till he ducked into a small clearing with a number of upright rocks all surrounding a small reflecting pond, the largest of the stones carved with the crest of the old Jedi Order and a name. Circling around he set the swoop on it's skids outside the circle and dismounted, he stared angrily at the outside of the stone circle and then stalked forward, the anger intensifying with each step till he laid his hand on the carved stone and the inscribed name on it,

"I've failed you Master Bahn!" he wailed and then drew his hand back balling it into a fist and then driving it back into the stone channeling all of the anger at his core into it, the thunderous sound of the impact echoed outwards sending the suddenly startled animals all around into a frenzy of sound and motion. Devon simply stood in front of the now shattered monument blood dripping from his right hand's split open knuckles. As he collapsed to his knees on the disturbed earth he felt a warm presence that had been long gone from this world,

"You know if you wanted to talk, there are easier ways to get a hold of me Devon."

He turned to find his old master standing there in shimmering blue light, his features turned into a broad smile as he chuckled at his own humor,

"I was actually fond of that old rock, even if Jonji did misspell my name when he carved it."

Devon rubbed his eyes unsure if he should trust them, "Is that really you?"

Bahn looked himself down as if to check before patting down his shimmering blue robes, "Yes, it really is, in the Force if you will excuse the pun."

"But how?"

Bahn Tak-Vhodda turned thoughtful and then started to speak and then shook his head, "It is a complicated story, sufficient to say the Force is capable of so much more than I ever thought it was, but that is a discussion for another time. I'm hear because you're in danger, or more precisely your line is... Darth Ra has returned."

the name sparked memories deeply buried in Devon's skull, ones that he'd not dwelt on in many years due to their pain, the pain of the death of the very being now standing before him,

"But the Sphere is gone, destroyed by the Far Outlanders and the Cursed one as well, we banished him at Chiasis."

"And yet his evil rises again as the tide of darkness threatens the galaxy as a whole."


"That alas is something I cannot reveal, you must face this threat and defeat it on your own." He turned to go and then paused and turned back, "Please give Jola my warmest regards when you see her."

With that Bahn Tak-Vhodda turned and strode back out over the water slowly dissipating till he was gone again completely

"Wait!" Devon cried out but it was too late.

Devon turned back to the shattered rock and closed his eyes and reached out to the Force feeling for the broken shards and how they fit back together...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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The Forge ______________________________________________________________________________________

Jerrik Fel reached out and slapped at the small personal data pad that he always left on the small table beside his bunk before his still groggy mind realized it wasn't what was making the annoying beeping sound. Throwing back the covers with an annoyed huff slipped out of bed enjoying the sensations of the cool stone floor on his feet as he padded to the door and slapped the door control in front of him stood both Zora and Lady Solo, they both wore a look of worry on their face,

"I assume there's a good reason for this?" he asked scratching the back of his head with his free hand absently.

"Master Vos is missing." Zora spoke, her words their usual icy calm. It wasn't unusual for one of her species but it was still mildly disquieting to him,

"He had another nightmare, but he insisted that this one was different and when I tried to comfort him he... he used the Force to shove me away."

That snapped Jerrik to full attention, "He what?"

"I'm positive he didn't mean to hurt me, it was just enough to knock me back into the bed and give him time to disappear."

"i've spoken with the watch and Master Vos was seen heading towards the garage by multiple beings and was sighted departing on a swoop shortly before dawn. If it had a tracker on it he disabled it before he left."

"I've only seen that look on his face one other time." Sarah added, "It was shortly after he woke up on the Skull. I'm pretty sure whatever he saw last night, he feels it was more a vision than a dream."

"And it scared him?"

"More than anything else I've seen."

Jerrik scowled, "Let me get my shirt and jacket, I think I know where he might have gone."

The Edge of Praxeum Space
The Infinity's End

Rel Fexive glanced over to his right as the Infinity reverted from hyperspace, Jola'Edana Vos sat there staring intently out into the blackness of space, he'd seen that thousand meter stare more than a few times and being the betting man he was he'd have put credits that she was staring right at their destination. It wasn't long before the system's defenders picked them up and the comms lit up,

"Praxeum Space Control this is the Infinity's End, transmitting codes now."

He glanced down at the comm unit and keyed in the proper sequence and stabbed transmit, when he glanced back up Jola's seat was empty,

"Infinity's End you're cleared, proceed on the transmitted nav beam, deviation will result in termination. Watchtower out."

Rel scowled, seems the more things changed the less they stayed the same in this case, he keyed open the internal comm channel, "We're cleared and on approach boys and girls, please make sure that your trays and seat backs are in the upright and locked positions and that your crash webbing is firmly secured."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“I shall accompany you, Jerrik Fel.” The Haruchi stated, clasping her hands behind her back. “If the Lord Defender is in need, then answer to it I must.” She said, her voice cracking from the strain of the Outlanders language. This Basic language was more difficult then Rokugani

Zora Al’Akahaab was wearing her colorful Sarong, pulled up, tied and wrapped under her armpits to keep modesty, the colorful cloth still covering her to mid thigh, rather than the dark clothing befitting her station of Jeh’hedai and her regular attire when among the Denizens. She hadn’t expected to be thrust into a new situation, so had no time to change and only had her Un’shappa with her. It surprised her that her attire caught so much attention from the more masculine of the personnel, their eyes following her. It didn’t feel threatening, and after all, it was still her, regardless of what she wore. Perhaps they admired her white Haruchi Tattoos, which she admited were striking against her dark skin.

There were times Zora wondered if she would ever completely understand the Beings of this realm…

It had been some time since her arrival to this realm, and the subsequent destruction of her own, but as exiles go, this could be considerably worse. Master Vos accepted her with open arms, which she had expected for the most part, since Vos and her father, Isamu Al’Akahaab, had been friends well before she was born.

Vos and Fel had taught her the technique of using the Living Force to learn language at an accelerated rate, and had passed to her the Great Golem, Jay, to aid in her acceptance of what had happened. Granted, her language skills suffered if she were not concentrating, as transposing words tended to bring a smile to many of the beings who lived here, but for the most part they have been most kind.

The woman standing next to her was one of the Lord Defenders wives, the Lady Solo as she felt another familiar presence, this one bringing a broad smile to her face. Realization of her less than dignified countenance crossed her face as she wiped the grin away, with the familiar retort Silly Girl, none here want to see your little teeth, you are not for sale! Running though her mind in the voice of her now deceased brother Takjira, the Syth’Anon Darth Ra, who had turned his own darkness against the Foul.

“Arrived, She has…” Zora stated, with the slightest hint of a smile, wondering if She would recognize her..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Jerrik caught the tail end of Zora's comment as he returned with a hastially assembled undershirt and jacket, "Who's arrive..." he paused mid-question as he suddenly felt a pair of now familiar force presences, it was Kali and her mother. He'd begun to wonder what had happened, he and Kali had been concervsing via the holonet a couple days earlier when she'd suddenly and inexplicably ended the conversation. There was no way it was coincidence that she and her mum were both here now without any prior notice. It was Sarah Solo's distressed voice that broke the bit of syncronicity,

"Jerrik? Zora? Who's here?"

Zora beat him to it, "Lady Vos."

"What? How..."

Jerrik took the slightly older woman by her shoulders and forced her to look him in the eyes, "Sarah listen to me, right now I want you to go find the Duty Officer and confirm what we both think, have them clear the Infinity no questions. Do you understand me?"

she seemed to hesitate and Jerrik repeated the question adding just a touch of pursasion through the force to it and she nodded in the affirmative, "Good. Now go!"

the woman turned and started off down the hallway and a brisk military trot,

"You should not use the Living Force so Jerrik Fel, there are always consequences." Zora commented keeping her voice carefully neutral.

"I did what I felt I needed to, if that means I have to pay a price down the line so be it, now lets roll. Have you ever ridden a swoop?"
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"As a.. Passenger.." she said, having to recall the word.. "Jay has began showing me how to ride one on my own, however the.." again, recalling the word. "..instuction is threadbare at best." Zora shook her head at the thought of the Golem's teachings, his constant prattle on how to best control the speedy vehicle. "Prefer an animal over the machine, I think.."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"Devon's had the droid teaching you how to ride a swoop?" Jerrik gaped at her and then shook his head, "You can ride with me, come on."

The two of them wound their way through the labyrinth like corridors of the Forge till they emerged in the vehicle hanger, within minutes they were jetting northward on a modified S-swoop...

The Infinity's End___________________________________________________

Rel's gaze was steady on the navigational readout as the ship began to be slightly buffetted by the leading edge of the small moon's atmopshere, he was pretty sure that the threat of elmination from the local space control had been a deadly serious one so he wasn't about to risk the lives of the closest thing he had to a family in this galaxy,

"You really think they'd shoot us outta the sky knowing who we are and who this ship belongs to?" Leos Romeny asked from the co-pilot's seat, his tail twitching nervously behind him betraying the calm bravado of his question.

"I dunno," Rel smirked, "Are those real target locks that the ECM systems are detecting?"

Behind the two the door opened and Leos looked back and sighed, "Jola deary you should be strapped in."

"He's on the Northern continent that's where we should be going."

Rel let out a low frustrated growl at the pointed non-demand that really was one, "Your husband's friends gave us a vector and told us to follow it upon pain of death and right now we're painted with a half dozen targeting locks from sources I can't even identify. I deviate from this heading one degree and they will blow us out of the sky."

"No they won't." came back her infuriatingly calm reply. Rel was about to snap off a sharp tongued reply when the comms squawked to life again,

Infinity's End this is Praxeum space control, your flight restrictions have been lifted, we believe your objective is on the moon's northern continent and the airspace restrictions for that region have been lifted for you. You are free to proceed there directly."

Rel shook his head slightly in disbelief, something he knew he should have long ago stopped suffering from when dealing with the Force but he never had,

"Where to then?" he asked turning in his seat, the older Jedi Master had stepped up behind Leos' seat and was already looking at topographical maps of the moon below,

"There." she spoke poionting to a small out of the way valley that wasn't anything special but was marked already none the less on the ship's navigational charts. The rynn keyed it in and a small marker popped up on the ship's HUD,

"Straight away mistress!" Rel smirked as he caught Jola roll her eyes and head back to the passenger compartment...

Darien Vos stared at the Dajerik board as the slight buffeting the ship had been being hammered with leveled off and then disappeared, his sister looked up at the roof,

"Huh. We've changed course gone orbital maybe."

Darien closed his eyes and let down his own defenses and reached out and then put them all back in place, "Yep"

"It's really creepy that you can do that." his sister said turning her attention back to the holo-board between them.


"Disappear from the Force"

"It's not disappearing FROM the Force," he chuckled moving one of his pieces across the board to attack one of hers, "It's INTO the Force."

"into?" his sister shot back an edge of disbelief.

"Yeah, most of the masters teach you to hide yourself by drawing in your Force presence making it tiny. It works... mostly but it also blinds you. Master Fawkes' technique requires a little more practice but you immerse yourself into the Force till you become indistinguishable in it's sea. Kinda like hiding in plain sight."

"It's still creepy."

Darien just smirked, "Kinda creepy to me that you and Jerrik are dating."

His sister scowled and was about lunge at him across the small table when their mother re-entered the room and settled back into her seat across from them, "He's just using Dun Mock on you Kali, control your anger or you'll loose."

Kali pushed back from the table and then reached under it and pulled the circuit breaker out causing the table completely lose it's power feed,

"Hey no fair!" Darien scowled.

"There is no fairness in war Darien, you should know this by now." Jola spoke with a smile as the ship once again began to bounce, "now both of you strap in."

Kali leant back into her seat with a smug grin and Darien just closed his eyes...

Praxeum Moon, Northern Continent
Clan Vos Memorial___________________________________________________________

Devon Vos scowled as the last of the shards of rock slotted into place, this little feat of skill was taking all of his considerable skill and talent, closing his eyes he focused on the now reassembled rock and began to intense pressure through the Force on it as a whole while at the same time causing each individual pieces to vibrate, it wasn't long before he could feel the heat begin to roll off of it till it finally felt like his work was done. When he opened his eyes he was shocked, the previously plain grey granite stone was whole, but it was transformed, it's surface now a glossy black with studs of light reflecting crystalline scattered over it's surface. It was beautiful, then suddenly the sky overhead split open with the sharp crack of a sonic boom, his eyes went skyward just in time to catch the sleek crescent of black break the high cloud cover overhead, he didn't need the Force to identify the ship or the people on it but it provided it's own input none the less confirming what he already knew was the case. The Infinity's End banked with an effortless ease and circled above the small valley once before it zeroed in on the small clearing just to the south of the small memorial and himself. He shielded his eyes as ship's powerful repulsors sent ground debris swirling into the air before she dropped onto her lading pads and she hissed as she settled onto them, by the Force he missed this ship...

Jerrik felt Zora flinch behind him on the swoop at the sudden loud crack of the sonic boom, his eyes tracked skyward just long enough to identify the black sliver of the ship making re-entry, it was the Infinity's End and the rest of his former master's immediate family, ducking his head further down below the wind screen of the bike he opened the throttle all the way, the intense throbbing of the repulsor engines beneath them rose an octave and the bike surged forward, they broke over the last ridge that surrounded the small memorial, Master Vos had brought him here once years ago to impress upon him the nature of the Master and Padawan relationship, ahead of them he could see the sleek black form of the Infinity's End settling on the ground in front of Vos, he let off the throttle and let the significant momentum they'd accumulated carry them almost the rest of the way he dismounted and moved to help Zora as well but she was already off the other side. A loud hissing sound snatched his attention back as the boarding ramp on the Infinity broke it's seal, the small crowd that slipped down it was lead by Jola'Edana Vos his former master's wife, her still mostly flame red hair fluttering in the cool morning breeze. The significane of thier timely arrival did not escape him, something significant was afoot...

Jola stared across the small span of long green grass that was waving ever so slightly between her and her estranged husband, there was tension in the air but it wasn't the tension of long-time lovers reunited, the silence held and it took much of her considerable will not to sprint across the gap into his arms,

"Devon." she finally spoke.

"Jola." he smiled back, "Master Bahn asked me to send his love."

That broad smile of his, the smile that had found her in her deepest darkest place and pulled her out of it broke her will and she rushed forward much to her own surprise he met her more than halfway, she couldn't tell how long the emotional reunion went for and she honestly didn't care. When they finally broke thier embrace both of thier tunics were stained with tears and while the eyes that she met at the end weren't the ones she'd known they were his,

"He's back." she finally managed to get out.

"I know." he spoke as they broke the embrace, she couldn't help but noticed the intricately braided band on his left ring finger and smiled.

"Where is Jonji?" he asked.

"He said there was something he needed to do but he would join us here."

He scowled at that and then made a motioned behind him, she followed his gesture and saw two others standing twenty or so meters away, one she knew the other...

At the gesture from Vos both he and Zora began to close the gap between, when they were just a few yards shy the Vos seemed to have some sort of Epiphany and shouted Zora's name, he side stepped her as she snatched up the girl in an embrace, he smirked as his own hand found his utility belt and retrieved the comm unit he always kept there and handed it to the Lord Defender. He nodded and smiled in the direction of Darien and more importantly Kali...
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Post by zephre »

Zora had been very young when she had first met the Lady Jola’Edana, but she was little different now than she was that morning at the Imperial City of Otosan Utchi, the Rokugani Capital. There were a few more lines on her face, and there was grey to her hair, but it was the same woman. Much like it had been to the Lord Defender, time had been kind to her. Oddly enough, she was finding it difficult to maintain her composure as this woman held her close. It stirred memories that she had hoped had passed, and returned the embrace. Zora could feel wave after wave of empathic energy passing through her, from the Jedi Master, waves of reassurance.

Jola released her and held her at arms length, smiling. “You inherited your Mothers love of color.” She said, grinning.

Zora nodded, stifling a grin. “Indeed, Lady Jola’Edana. This is, in fact, one of hers from when I was close to her age.”

Jola nodded, examining the Sarong. “I recognize it.” She said, knowing just as well that the cloth and artistry to create it would make it worth a considerable amount of credits. Their conversation was little more than small talk, and with a look between them, both would speak later of more in depth topics.

Zora looked back over to the remaining group, and recognized the younger family members. The only one she didn’t see was the man called Fawkes, but perhaps he was needed elsewhere, or had better things to task him.

Both of the Lord Defenders children had grown, as of course was to be expected, but she had to admit, they grew up very well indeed. The girl, Kali, was younger than she, by a couple of years while her brother, Darien was her age. In her minds eye, she could remember them teaching her a rather foreign concept. The concept of Play..

Kali seemed far more interested in Jerrik Fel, but managed to catch the eye of Darien Vos, and gave him a head nod…

With the hint of a smile…
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Darien Vos was taking in the scene around him, it was something quite frankly out of one of his dreams, here he stood with virtually his entire family back together smiling and hugging, he felt the beginnings of a grin tugging at the corner of his lips when his gaze settled on the one person who stood out in the crowd, the young Zabrak that wasn't one, the white tattoos and and pale white silver hair, she nodded when their eyes met and Darien just managed to blink,

"Zora?" he questioned closing the slight gap.

She nodded and the tiniest of smiles creased her placid face as he swooped in and wrapped her in his best immitation of his dad's bear hug swinging her around. He hadn't seen her since almost before he could remember, since they had left the Sphere when he was just six or seven,

"Zora Al'Akahaab? I... why? How?"

He could since the dark feelings bubble up inside her at the question, whatever the reason it was still fresh and quite unhappy, shaking his head he smiled,

"Doesn't matter one bit, you're here, it's good to see you."

"And it is good to see you as well." she responded in very broken and halting galactic basic. Darien flinched at it and some part of him remembered how trying the galaxy's native language was for their family from the sphere,

(This is quite... unexpected, when did you) Darien paused searching his memory for bits of a language he hadn't used in more than a decade but knew as well as Basic (cross the veil?)

This actually brought a half-laugh from the stoic huarachi,

(Your Rokugani is... out of practice. I have been here with your father) Zora quickly counted on her fingers obviously doing some sort of calculation in her head (three lunar cycles.)

She'd come from the sphere three months ago and dad hadn't told any of them? Darien shook his head, (So do you know why we're here? We were at the Jedi Temple on Onderon and mum had a... vision or nightmare... Something about somone named F...)

Before he could get the name that his master had specifically forbidden him to say Zora had placed a stern finger on his lips and shook her head, (Do not speak that name, to speak it is to invite him here!)

(But he's dead, isn't he? we've destroyed him...) Darien didn't finish the sentence as his own logic kicked him in the pants, if they'd had to kill that monster twice already why wouldn't he be able to come back again but the battle and Chiasis had been years ago why would he have waited to come back now...

(He feeds on the darkness.) Zora supplied as if she knew his own thoughts, Darien's face screwed up as he tried to make sure he understood her.


Zora nodded, (It makes him stronger, greater the dark becomes the stronger does he as well.)

That would explain it then, before they'd left the temple a massive force of Jedi had departed to go confront Siviter and his burgoning Cult of the Shadow and he and Jonji had also been hearing reports of other darkside groups that were becoming publically active,

(A war of darkness is coming.) Zora continued (and as the darkness grows so does he, he is part of it and it is part of him)

That was bad news for the whole galaxy Darien knew, because while there was a venere of peace for the moment if one simply scratched the surface all manner of things came out, behind them Darien heard his father clear his throat and then raise his voice enough to quiet everyone standing in the clearing and draw thier attention, when he spoke his voice was all military brass

"Ok everyone I'm glad you all came but right now we need to get these swoops packed up onboard the Infinity and get ourselves back to the Forge. Jerrik, Darien, you get the honors. Rel, I hope you didn't shut her down yet?"

Rel Fexive's eyes snapped up at the sound of his name from the center of the warm globule of family he and Leos were watching,

"Since when have I ever not kept my ship idling when I might need to make a quick get away." he shouted back with a smirk and headed back up the ramp grabbing Leos' tail in his hand and giving it a tug when the Rynn didn't immediately follow.

Within five minutes all three of the Defender swoops were loaded into the Infinity's forward cargo bay neatly secured and the ship itself was gracefully arching up into the air,

"So you think he's going to want his ship back?" Leos questioned as he keyed open a channel to the local space authority.

"He gave it to us didn't he?" Rel replied, "Vos don't strike me as no toydarian junk merchant."

They were quickly given a nav beam to the Lord Defender's private landing platform at the Forge and cleared for the flight in, a pair of sleek black fighter craft the make of which Rel had never seen soon took up escort positions to either side of the ship before peeling off as they made their approach on the base, below them the sight of bluish silver training lightsabers of the first real class of Knight Defenders danced in the early morning mists as thier instructors took them through their exercises,

"Quite the nice little setup he's got going for himself here, wonder who's footing the bill."

"That would be the Lorisian Empire." Devon's voice came from the bridge hatch.

"Ah," Rel smirked, "I'd heard you paid the Empress a rather personal visit a while back during all those Imperial negotitations with the Jedi."

Leos just made some form of startled flatulence at the remark and then began to appologise but Devon stopped him with a hand,

"No need Leos, I take no offense at the implication but there's not a bit of truth to it, myself and the Empress just share some common... perspective and you're free to keep the Infinity as long as you like. I've got other methods of transportation these days." he grinned motioning out through the canopy of the ship to the open hanger that housed a vintage VT-1300 and a new Sorrosub Light Personal Star Yacht.

Leos whistled and Rel Laughed a single hard chuckle...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Devon watched over Rel's shoulder as the old smuggler gently dropped the old girl onto her skids far easier than he ever had in the years he'd spent flying her around the galaxy, he patted the man on his shoulder,

"She's in far better hands with you that she ever was with me old friend." he quipped with a chuckle as he slipped after through the bridge hatch, "Check with the deck chief and he'll get you whatever you need."

He didn't have to see the surprise and then pleasure on his two old friend's faces, as he turned the corner into the main circuit of the Infinity he found his former apprentice Jerrik Fel waiting on him along with he daughter Kali, the question he wanted to ask nearly pounded at him through the Force,

"All will be revealed in good time young padawan." he stopped the young man's question before he could ask it, Jerrik frowned but Kali couldn't stop from giggling. Devon just smirked and slapped the ramp release and strode down the familiar piece of dura-steel through the mists of the decontamination jets. When he reached the bottom a middle aged man in the standard dark grey uniform of the Defender's support personnel was waiting on him,

"Lord Defender," then man acknowledged him with a quick salute.

"Get with Captain Fexive and his first mate and requisition them whatever supplies they request within reason. Also contact the duty officer and have the VIP guest quarters prepared. I have some visitors."

He noticed the other man's eyes go wide as he felt his wife saunter down the ramp behind him and then walk smoothly by, "And how long will they be staying?"

Devon closed his eyes and frowned slightly then spoke with a crooked grin, "Always in motion the future is... hard to see clearly."

The other man clearly didn't know what to make of the cryptic reply so Devon waved him into the ship and followed after Jola,

"It's beautiful here, you know in all the time you had your praxeum here I never once made the trip." it was he noticed more of a statement than a question, "It's no wonder we grew apart you know? I was so wrapped up in my teaching at the university on Corellia and you were so busy with helping get the Jedi Order back on it's feet. I never stopped to think about it till that messenger showed up to tell us you were missing."

At this she latched onto his arm as the two of them stood there watching the winds blowing across the tall grass that crowded around the edge of the small pond beneath the landing pad, "Do you love her?"

Devon sighed slightly at the question, he'd been expecting it almost since she'd glided down the ramp of the Infinity back at the memorial, "I do, but I love you more if that makes any sense."

She glanced up at him with a soft smile and then let her head rest against his shoulder and he in response wrapped an arm around her waist...

Darien smiled from near the bottom of the Infinity's ramp as he stood next to his sister and Jerrik,

"Can't say I didn't hope to see that again some day." he spoke a slight smile playing at his lips.

"You and me both big brother." Kali smiled. Darien could feel Jerrik's urge to remind them both that Sarah Solo was still here at the Forge and sharing Devon's bed as well but the better part of valor warned him to hold his tongue and instead he just let his hand drop and intertwine with Kali's, it was Darien though with a smile the right move, he felt Zora stop beside him and caught just the hint of a tear tracing down the side of her face, the Huarachi hid her emotions probably better than anyone he'd met, he sliped his own arm around her shoulders and smiled because inspite of it all his family was back together, the only cloud over it was the thing that had brought them all together,

"Let's head in, I don't know about you guys but I'm famished. I don't know how you guys survive on the End eating those kinds of rations Jerrik."

At that Jerrik laughed, "It wasn't easy, I've got quite the iron stomach now."

At the sound of the bark of laughter Jola'edana turned her head to watch the small troupe of children turn and head into the building, it was good to hear them laugh because she knew with what was likely to come times like this would be few and far between,

"He's really back isn't he?" she asked looking up at her husband, the new scar on his face glimmering in the afternoon sun.

"I don't think he was ever really gone, just biding his time."

she turned her eyes back to the pond and just as she did her stomach growled, Devon turned that jaded smuggler grin on her and chuckled, "Sounds like we need to get some food in you Mistress Vos."

She could feel her skin turn crimson as it flushed with the heat of embarrassment, "I seem to remember a similar situation many many years ago... though I think it involved quite a bit more... booze."

She felt herself blush even more and buried herself in his chest, he wrapped his arms around her and just chuckled for a few minutes, "Gods I've missed you." she finally whimpered.

"Good" he answered after a tick of silence, "Cause I don't' plan on letting you out of my sight again for a long time."

With that the two of them turned and headed back into the building, Jola smiled as she spotted Rel and Leos doing some sort of haggling with the Deck officer, somethings she thought with a smile, never changed...

The Lord Defender's Private Quarters_____________________________________________

Sarah Solo watched the man she loved walk off of his former ship, the ship had spent most of his adult life on, with the family he'd spent most of that adult life on and it nearly broke her. The sight of him then comforting his real wife did break her because she could see a love there even through the vid-screen that she knew she'd never see from him herself. It was a hard thought to think let alone accept. When she'd finally cried herself out she stood and then stoically crossed the room and opened the doors of the closet and began emptying out her things, it wasn't much since most of what was there were things he'd given her and those weren't hers. When she was finished her hand touched the softly glowing crystal around her neck, slowly her hands moved to open the clasp and another hand touched them from behind, it was cool to her touch,

"Please don't," the voice whispered in her ear, she knew it was only a trick of her imagination but it almost felt slimy to her ears, "I need it still around your neck for what comes next. It connects you to him..."

Her blood ran suddenly cold at those words and she remembered the voice now, it was the one from her dreams on the Black Skull just after they'd found Devon but before he'd woken from his coma, she suddenly stuck stomping down her right heal on the place where her attacker's foot should be, moving without thinking just as he'd taught her to fight him. Her attackers foot made a sickening crunch as the bones cracked under the heal of her boot and she swung her left elbow back and around sticking at where his voice had been whispering in her ear and it too went home a wet popping sound as the jaw dislocated. As she danced back from her attacker her eyes nearly didn't believe what she saw. A man, or at least it held the form of one stood there wrapped in dark linen strips, she watched as he carefully re-seated the grotesquely dislocated jaw she had caused with pop and then smiled at her with sickeningly yellow teeth and gums that seemed to be oozing a black viscous fluid, he stretched the smashed foot and it too make grotesque popping sounds as the bones realigned in the foot,

"Yessss," the ghoul in front of her hissed in joy and seemed to sniff the air, "Fearrrrr with an undertone of strength. I do so enjoy it when you resist, it makes it even sweeter in the end!"

Sarah screamed as the shadows themselves seemed to reach out and engulf her, the last thing she saw were those yellow bloodshot eyes and that laugh...

Lord Defender's Private Hanger__________________________________________________

Devon was smiling watching Rel and Leos drool over his Star yacht as they waited on the supplies that they'd ordered from the officer of the deck, he'd sent Jola and his family on for food and to get settled,

"I'm telling you it cost at least 20 million galactic easy. thirty at the most!" Leos argued, "I saw one just like it on Nal Hutta not six months ago!"

Rel just seemed to shake his head and grin, "You saw something LIKE this one. If I know our boy Devon there's not another one like this one in the whole of the galaxy, am I right?"

Both of them turned to him an expectant look twinkling in their eyes, this was Rel's way of wringing information on the ship from him without out right asking and just as he was about to speak an intense pang of terror stuck him through the Force powerful enough to double him over, as cold and as dark as any he'd ever experienced save one,

"Sarah!" he shouted and bolted for the door following the source of the terror back to it's source in the Force, he skidded to a halt in front of his own rooms, he could feel it then, a darkness he'd not felt in 20 years, his lightsaber found it's way into his hand on instinct as he summoned the Force to him and then hammered open the doors with a single fierce gesture that sent the two doors careening into the room, there standing in the center of the open space stood the monster himself hold Sara Solo in what appeared to be a lover's carress, Foul,

"Good." it smiled, "You were faster than I'd hoped, know this Vos, she is mine now! Do come and try to take her back!"

With a flare of shadow that blotted out all light in the room they vanished, when the light returned Devon found only an empty room and a hole in his heart, moments later Rel and Leos came skittering to a stop on one side of teh doorway and Zora and Darien to the other, all four held thier resepctive weapons at the ready. There scrawled on the floor in Foul's black viscous fluid was his challenge,

She is Mine as will be all that is yours!

Jola arrived only moments after Darien and Zora and pushed past them in spite of their protests moving to Devon's side as he collapsed to his knees and wept openly, minutes seemed to pass and a ragged calm seemed to fall over the room, at the doorway Jerrik and Kali along with several of the Knight Defenders in training sensitive enough to have felt the disturbance had gathered at the door none daring to enter the room. The sobs from the Lord Defender had stopped when a sudden static filled the air those in the room who were sensitive to it felt a growing pressure building centered on the man, Jola for the first time in a very long time looked at her husband and fear flooded her but she knelt in front of him the light of the crystal that hung around her neck flared to life reacting to the intense power that was building within the Force, the floor around them began to crack radiating out from where they were,

"Devon." Jola spoke as her own air began to float gently into the air from the static, he looked up slowly, yellow lightly ringing his eyes, "You can not let him win. This is what he wants. We'll save her. We'll put that monster back in his box and we'll seal him away forever this time but not like this."

Devon stared at his wife through the red haze of his rage and he knew that she spoke the truth, if he lost control Foul won, closing his eyes he pushed past the rage in his heart into the cool calm depth of the Force and then let it all go...

Jerrik Fel stood beside Rel Fexive and the rynn Leos as both Both Devon and Jola stood, he'd never before felt the level of intensity and power through the Force that he felt then as silence broke in a sudden pop and intense rush of wind as the power rushed away in a telekinetic rush of power so strong that he had to shield his eyes and brace himself against Leos who was himself pressed to the wall. When the winds finally abated they found Jola cradling her husband's head to her shoulder, the slow rhythmic breath of his former master clearly visible. It was both terrifying and sobering, he'd always heard stories about his master but until that moment he'd not believed many of them, he would never doubt again...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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ARTEMIS INSTITUTE DIG SIGHT____________________________________________________________

Doctor Ludille observed the YT-1300 pass through the atmospheric curtain, and settled down on the landing bay’s Hard point, the smooth glossy surface of the converted asteroid rock reflecting the bottom of the Marlyanna as the vessel settled on its skids. The Selonian moved forward on her back legs as the Marlyana’s ramp lowered, cycling the decompression sequence since there were no crews to attach coolant hoses or pressure umbilical’s such as done in more upscale star ports. Her whiskers twitched as the Corellian who walked down the ramp wasn’t what she had expected. She knew that her employer, Professor Draven Artemis, had a small number of field agents that had been dubbed Troubleshooters, and were renowned for being the top of their game and wondered if that were true, then the man who walked down the ramp should be benched for some time.

“You are Captain Bannon?” Ludille asked, whisker twitching as her eyes winced from the bright colors of graphic shapes contrasting and swirling on his shirt which was visible under the opened Duty Jacket. She looked over his shoulder, in hopes that someone else would walk down the ramp behind him. The man’s face was only what you’d call well worn, with a growth of beard several days along that showed considerable grey, which made it obvious he was past middle age, as did his body. A low slung blaster rested on his hip and thigh, which was well worn and used.

“You got it, sweetheart,” The man said, “Captain Liam Bannon, at your service. You must be Doctor Ludille.” He said, shoving his hands in the pockets of the duty jacket. “Artemis said you had something to show him that couldn’t be sent off over the networks..”

Straight to the point, the Selonian thought to herself. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as his first impression. “Indeed, Captain. We are excavating this asteroid belt, which was at one time the Addikus system until it had a catastrophic event some three hundred years ago. The Institute learned that there had been a jedi archival facility there prior to that event which dated back to nearly four thousand years ago, and that it was believed that it had been destroyed.”

“We made a discovery which we have to admit was completely out of place, but once we attempted to send off our findings, it raised a number of red flags, and we were informed that we were to do nothing more until a representative from the Artemis Institute arrived…” and stopped as she realized the man wasn’t listening, or at least showed the tell tale signs of such. The silence brought his attention to her, looking at her briefly.

“I’m still with you, Doc.” Bannon said, looking around the bay as they walked. “You must have been here a while to build this bay. Most digs have a large area of ground painted with a big X.” he admired. “This has a lot of polish to it.”
“The landing pad and hard point was plasma cut using the Institute’s proprietary apparatus, which leaves the glossy effect on the surface. The structure of this area was a large cave structure, so half of the work was done already. This acts as the dig’s living area and administrative offices” She stated. “The remaining asteroids are not as hospitable as this one.”

“I take it this isn’t the place were going.” He asked..

Her eyes showed the smile. “No, but I’m sure your use to using a EVA suit.” She said as they approached a group of prefab buildings deeper inside the cave, which was surrounded by a variety of tents, easy-ups and other temporary buildings which Crash assumed belonged to the workers and academics. He didn’t get along well with academics, who tended to take considerable time mulling over concepts and ideas that were plain and right in front of them. He was sure Ludille was the same way is he gave her the chance. The area was lightly populated at the moment, he noted. A lot of them must be out digging.

“I’ve been in a few, but I prefer a nice lounge chair and a frosty Sovits.” He said as they approached a prefab building with the words ‘AIRLOCK’ stenciled across the side. The Selonian motioned for him to enter, and she followed closing the hatch behind them. There were a number of suits lining the walls, some with names stenciled on the sleeve and helmets, and other simply with the word visitor and a size on them. He looked back at the Archeologist, who was already donning a Vacc suit made for her species, looking at him expectantly from time to time. It was apparent that she, and he had to assume everyone else working here, was accustomed to Zero G work. Sighing, he started looking for a large tall..


<<At least we aren’t walking between asteroids>> He said, the vacc suits vocoder making his voice tinny in Ludille’s ear. Shaking her head, she watched as Asteroid 27 came closer, the transport rig pulling them to their destination at astounding speed, which was beginning to slow to allow for dismount from the transverment mechanism. Stepping onto the metal framework gantry of the Asteroid, the pair made their way towards the entrance point, which had a coat of reflective paint around the opening to find it easier in an emergency. Ludille released herself from the harness, and turned to assist Bannon with his, but found that he was already releasing himself from his own harness, the boots magnetizing as they touched the metal and withheld pressure from the wearer. Once clear, they moved down the gantry and inside.

Crash noticed at first the lack of workers present, which meant that this area was cleared. Tools laid carefully to the side, it appeared that they had been ordered to leave the area in a hurry, but not a panic to leave their equipment in disarray. Monitors were shut down properly, laser cutters were shut down safely. It seemed more of a orderly retreat rather than a mad dash.

<<<You closed down this segment of the dig?>> Crash asked as they passed though one of the areas which looked to be a major find. Whatever prompted them to close out the area must have been serious.

<<<You will see, captain..>> the Selonian stated as she led him though the narrow passageway, which was showing to be more narrow and rough as they went forward. It looked as though this was cut and abandoned. The literal light at the end of the tunnel was the tell tale sign that they were coming to a new chamber.

What he saw wasn’t what he had expected…

A work light illuminated the natural cave that the Laser cutter had broken though, which the operator must have had the shock of his life when a the face of the Zabrak stared back at him, buried half in the rock to his waist. His eyes were bulged and split, the effects from instantaneous decompression, as was the flesh that was swollen beyond the normal elasticity of the skin. The tongue was likewise swollen, filling the mouth and forcing it open and protruding like a balloon shoved in his mouth. The clothing he was wearing appeared to be in good condition, considering.

<<Poor bastard must have gotten stuck in a cave in..>>>

Ludille motioned next to him. <<<you mean Bastards..>>

He looked next to the dead Zabrak, and saw the second man, his face protruding from the hard stone and in similar condition to his companion. There were two of them, but there was something that didn’t quite mesh. Turning, he picked up the laser cutter and began slicing ice and rock to be able to fit the bulky vacuum suit. Ludille took a step back, watching as the Corellian widened the hole, possibly destroying valuable information that the ancient rock may have held. In short order, the opening was wide enough and Bannon heaved his large frame into the newly expanded hole..

Crash examined the second man, who’s face was trapped in a silent scream buried under the rock. The flesh was similarly distended from the decompression, but his body was mostly underground.

Or so he thought.

Pulling a set of tongs, Crash gingerly grabbed the exposed cheek, and pulled it open more, and realized what he had seen that had disturbed him.

<<<Their Melded with the Rock, not Burried>> he said, fascinated. He turned to the Zabrak, and began touching the body, searching for artifacts, and pulled a small metal box and note book from the breast pocket.

<<What prompted you to look here, anyway>> Crash asked, looking at the book. There was something familier about the script..

<<We took deep core scans of the area, and we were looking to uncoverer a large disk that was discovered from the sensors..>>> The Archeologist stated, leaning into the hole. Crash nodded. <<The bodies weren’t a clue of some kind of problem..>>

<<This is an archeology site. Bodies are the norm.>> She stated, and moved back for Bannon to moved back out, and moved back out into the leading chamber. <<Ill bring up the scans that we took..>>

Doctor Ludille had the images up on the field scanner by the time Crash joined her. <<As you can see, it is rather large, with a definite raised symbol on its surface. It must have broken off of a larger unit, as you can see there isn’t intact. Even broken, it still shows a power signature.>> and squinting at the images, which was of the Disk, the upper body of the Zabrak and the face of the human. A sudden realization crossed her mind.

<<<Cuz like the Crowner, the Disk is melded with the rock..>>> Bannon said, shaking his head. <<I need to make some com calls..>>>


Crash downed another slug of the frosty Sovits as he sat in front of the Marlyanna’s Hypercom, the image of Draven Artemis staring at him expectantly. The Professor had been woke from a sound sleep, but Bannon was confident that he wouldn’t be angry long after the information sunk in.

“You saw it in person?” Artemis said, skeptical.

“Nope, saw the scans, but I saw the bodies of the two poor saps and I got this from his pocket.” He held up the book.. “See something interesting?”

“You’re a foot tall Hologram, Bannon..” he snarled. “Give me the gist..”

Bannon nodded, and finished the beer. “It’s a book made entirely of paper, filled with notes and drawings that are beyond me. The script the books written in confirmed that it’s connected to the Gamma Level Black files at the Praxeum, and the bottom line is, Doc..” he paused, popping another beer and taking a deep draw…

“The bodies are melded with the asteroid..”

The image of Artemis nodded reluctantly. “What do you want to do..”

“One, I want some soldiers I know I can trust to protect this, cuz I'm sure that it's gonna hit the fan, that means Ol’ Colonel Proudstar and his team. I know theyre good, and can be trusted.” Taking another drink. “I’ll stay here until they arrive, keep the find safe as I can.”

Artemis nodded. “Granted, make that call. Next?”

“There only one thing I know that can work this out, and he’s working with the Lord Defender these days.” Bannon paused, taking a much more ginger sip of the delicious life giving brew. “Ill take the books and these little metal photographs from the metal box to him.”

Draven smirked. “Jay Five-Pio”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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The Core Worlds
Corellian System
Corellia High Orbit, Artemis Instiute Orbital

Draven nodded to the man on the other end of the holo-net call, he wasn't happy about being awoken in the middle of the night cycle but the news the man was presenting him with was significant and while it wasn't entirely true that Jay-Five was the only being capable of deciphering the notebook or the other symbols found on the disc he could do it as well as a few other of the crypto-linguists he had on staff but Jay could definitely do it faster and it had the benefit of keeping the information compartmentalized. The information on the celestial construct that was referred to simply as "the sphere" by the Vos Clan was something they'd only belatedly shared with him and then only in the strictest of confidence. He'd been having several of his stellar cartographers keep an eye on the area of space they'd though the Sphere was located in but it had turned up nothing, there was too much interference that far out on the edge of the galaxy, as he studied the message que of his holo-message box he noticed one from Devon,

"Well that's interesting."

The minature image of his "trouble-shooter" looked like he either scowled or frowned he couldn't tell which without he spectacles,

"In my line of work Professor interesting is usually a bad word."

"No, no, I just found a transmission from Devon, he's requesting some advanced modular field hospital gear for..." Draven paused and the scowl on the tiny hologram's features deepened, "a search and rescue mission to the Jedi Enclave on Onderon."

The tiny hologram held up a fresh beer and popped the top, "See... bad..."

Draven shifted his display panel and keyed up the most recent intelligence reports his far flung network had collected, "bad in this case would be an understatement Mr. Bannon, the Jedi temple on Onderon has been leveled by the people who stole that Eclipse class command ship that didn't officially exist."

Bannon paused mid-sip at the mention of the Eclipse, not many people knew what those ships were or what they were capable of so the fact that it registered on his affable employee surprised even him,

"It seems as a result the Lord Defender is deploying a good number of his Defenders to the system and requesting advanced medical aide from me," Draven smiled and chukled to himself, "seems his wife finds his current resources a bit inadequate. It appears that the good Colonel Proudstar has been deployed to Onderon as the commanding officer of Defender operations on the ground there."

Draven turned his gaze back to the miniature hologram, "I'll have one of the internal institute security squads..."

Draven paused as his eyes caught something else in the intel que, "or better yet I'll arrange for another squad that I have on good authority is top of the line meet you at Agarmar."

"Agramar? You mean Agamar? isn't that on the other side of the Outter Rim?"

"I meant Agramar, check the newsfeeds, look for keyword 571."

"I'll do that."

"It should be less than a day's jump from your current location."

"I hope your info is good on these guys, this kind of thing is bound to draw some heat."

Draven smirked, "I know, just get to Agarmar."

"Understood, Bannon out."

Draven leant back in his repulsor lift conform chair and rubbed his face and then leaned back forward and keyed up the holo-corder and tapped the record key,

"Mr. Navarro, I've been following your work on the 571 incident, good work. i understand that the Intrepid Sun has taken some damage in the process of things, I'll have some of my people meet you on Agarmar with some materials and a work crew to get the old bird back in ship-shape, in return I'm going to need your services in procuring the services of some of your new associates. I need to contract these Voidhawks for some highly discretionary work. I'll authorize you to negotiate payment using your AI accounts. I will forward the details in a data packet under Chianna's Alpha-43 encryption routine."

He reached over and keyed the end of the recording and then assembled the data packet, encrypted it with the appropriate key, and attached it to the holo message sent the whole packet along to it's intended receipiant. Draven pushed back to his feet,

"I'm getting to old for this... again..." he groused as he slipped back into his heated conform bed.
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Amara City Down Port.______________________________________________________________________

Crash stood on the edge of the Marlyanna’s ramp, taking in a deep breath of the clean air as Ludille moved past him, and looked around. “I haven’t heard much about this world, Captain Bannon.” The Archaeologist stated, stretching from the confines of the ship. Crash brushed his bright green shirt with large white, pink and blue blossom patterned across it, smoothing wrinkles out. “Not since the war, Doc.” He said. “They managed to hold off the Galactic Empire with some mothballed ships and a trash field they called the Briar Patch surrounding the system.”

“You mean the area we passed on the way in system?” Her snout twitched as she followed him through the star port to the silver registration protocol droid at a kiosk. It gave a cheery greeting as he punched the choices for his stay into the kiosks interface. “It didn’t look to be very dangerous.”

“They had a homemade Interdictor field that popped the fleets out just in front of the field, and they hid ships within it. The Junk was magnetized, so the Star destroyers passed though, and got snared by the junk and then pummeled by the System Defense Boats...” Crash said as he ran his card through the reader. The kiosk spat out a receipt and key card, which he shoved into his trouser pocket and moved past the registration area, into the main rotunda. “I wasn’t here personally, but I heard about it from very reliable sources. Agramar had a good showing, and then it sort of just dropped off the galactic map.”

“Interesting that it is still a vibrant as it is.” The Selonian stated as they approached the line of vehicles, which one started as they approached. The Corellian captain motioned towards it. “I’ve been here a couple times, and it’s remained pretty quiet since the war. Agramar just showed up in the news recently, but to be honest I had forgotten about it until the Professor mentioned it. Honestly, I had thought he’d said Agamar.” He said, getting into the rented OP-5 land speeder. “That would have been a much longer trip..”

“Thank goodness it was so close..” The Selonian said under her breath..

Crash looked over, “What was that?”

“Seems an odd place for hired mercenaries..” Ludille said quickly as the speeder zipped out of the rental lot and onto the main though fare. The built in nav-computer booted, and began showing the route to the Private Star Port “Who is it you are supposed to meet with?”

“A human named Navarro, who’s brokering the deal for the Institute. Seems these mercs just pulled a wheel out of the universal sabacc deck, and are the hero’s of the moment, and this Navarro has a relationship with them.” He said, as he punched in the destination into the map display. “The contact must have some clout with the local government, he’s holed up at an estate a near the lake.” Crash informed his passenger as they accelerated on the opened expressway..

“Funny, that name sounds familiar..” Crash said..
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Agramar Senatorial Estate:

200 km from Amara City__________________________________________________________

Mrs. Drusilla Cassalett smiled as she continued listen to the Senator while she stirred the mixture in the deep wooden bowl, blending the ingredients into what would become drop biscuits for the stew. His holographic image followed her around the expansive kitchen of the retreat home that had been gifted to Senator Ric and his wife, Raisa by the ruling family. It made them landowners, and enabling Taan Ric to be appointed as a Representative of Agramar in the Senate.

<<I hope this isn’t putting you out, Mrs. Cass.”>> The Senator said, his voice modulated <<Raisa and myself feel it’s best to remain here at medical while Catlyns recovering.>>

“Think nothing of it, Senator.” She smiled brightly, her round cherub face wrinkling. “I’m happy to care for your sister and her husband while you’re away. The Estate has been empty for so long, and Mr. Cassalett and I are glad for the company.” She said, testing the consistency of the batter. Unpleased with its progress, she continued whisking. “It will be a nice change from talking to that old rancor..”

Taan’s hologram smiled as she said that. The Cassaletts were in their later years, and had been in the service of Her Majesty’s government for three Queens. Where she was well rounded, grey haired and still striking with piercing green eyes, her husband was a thick bodied bull of a man with a bald head, a great red beard and grey eyes that lit up his tanned face. Where she ruled the inside of the house with an iron fist, he lorded over the grounds. One comm. Call would bring a cadre of workers to whip the estate into shape if needed. The pair bickered like old birds, which they seemed to enjoy as a sport.

<<Well, Chianna wanted to be near a beach, so she gets a lake..>> He said. <<If she starts to cause trouble, take her computer away..>>>

“Now, now, Senator…” She lightheartedly scolded. “They are both lovely, and the only problem I’ve had so far is Mr. Navarro puttering around for the past two days since their arrival, getting underfoot trying to help us poor old folks. Mr. Cassalett had to show him the old weapons that were left behind by Senator Lormatt and the fully stocked workshop.” She said, again testing the consistency and now satisfied, the cook began spooning the batter onto a large cooking sheet.

<<That’s the old slug throwers and blasters collection that was left and forgotten when Lormatt passed away, right? It’s been in that workshop for over fifty years in vacuum crates. There was even an vintage Protosaber, if I remember.. I thought that thing was beyond hope.>>

“There’s always hope, Senator..” She said, smiling. “You didn’t want them, did you?”

<<Hardly..>> The Senator shook his head. <<I’ll leave you to it, Mrs. Cass, and thank you for taking care of my family>>

“It’s what I do, Senator..” Mrs. Cass said as she put the tray of drop biscuits into the brink stone oven. “I will send some of the pepper cookies to Catlyn and Joklyn and that other poor little girl..” She said, smiling.

<<That sounds just fine.. You can give them to Tee when she makes her way there. I have some hard files she needs to retrieve.>> and with a final salutation, cuts off the transmission leaving her alone in the kitchen. As the bread baked, Mrs. Cassalett stirred the pot of stew simmering in the suspended casted iron pot, the carrots and tomarillos becoming tender as they cooked in the thick broth. She added allush liqueur and a dash of guji spice, and covered it. Moving back to the brick oven, she pulled out the biscuits out and laid them on the counter to cool. She would prepare an intimate setting for the Navarro’s to enjoy their meal in the patio garden overlooking the lake, which she was depending on Mr. Cassalett to have ready for them by the evening meal. Mrs. Cassalett would don her service uniform, treating them with all the auspice of visiting royalty. The patio had direct access to their bedchambers as well, in the happy event that they conclude their evening just as intimately.

Now, however, it was time for a different meal, and she picked up the two satchels, and headed out of the kitchen..

Her first destination was the communications suite that had been put added to the estate several years before, as more of the officials needed to remain in contact with the Galactic Assembly during times of need. Neither of Agramars current Senators, Harl Neudan and Taan Ric, had use of them at late, since neither reside on world, preferring to live on Coruscant. It wasn’t expansive, but it worked well for communications over the Hypercomm. Mrs. Cassalett was surprised that the young woman wasn’t in there, since from what she understood she was obsessed by such things. She rolled her eyes, and cursed herself for her foolish thoughts. “She wanted a beach..” and headed out to lake.

Chianna Navarro laid on the wooded deck, atop of a beach mat soaking in the mid day light of Agramars single sun, her skin coated with oils to avoid burning. Over her bruised eye was a thin bacta patch, which was healing wound. The media-shades she wore glinted in the light as Mrs. Cass walked briskly down the dock, and sat the two containers on the ground, taking one up and placing it on the table.
“Don’t let me disturb you, but I brought you a fresh bacta patch and some food, dear..” She round old woman smiled, “A Pirogu meat pie with peas and carrots, sliced Tomarillos and crunchy bread sticks, and wine. Leave the container whence your finished with your sunbath, I’ll collect it later.” She smiled.. “Enjoy, this evening dinner will be served on the patio garden..” and taking her burden, headed back the way she came, hearing the senator’s sister say thank you as she moved back towards the estate house, to the storage area where she knew Mr. Navarro was.

Mrs. Cassalett found him in the workroom; multiple old impact crates were stacked neatly across the bay. Chase Navarro was examining one of the slug throwers, listening to the mechanical action as he slid the slide back, the hammer clicking into place. She placed the container on the farthest end of the bench and looked over to him as he took the weapon apart.

“Don’t let me disturb you, but I brought some food, dear..” She smiled, “A Pirogu meat pie with peas and carrots, sliced Tomarillos and crunchy bread sticks, and wine. Leave the container whence your finished, I’ll collect it later.” She added, “The Senator’s legacy also included a number of manuals and other information on their upkeep and remanufacture.. Should be in one of the file cases you’ve brought up..”

Mrs. Cassalett’s wrist comm chimed, announcing that there was a visitor at the main entrance. It was probably the Senators droid, whom she had been expecting. The housekeeper moved to the wall terminal, and was surprised to see not a Cybot Galactica protocol droid, but a Selonian and a Human in a shirt that shouldn’t be exposed to the public. The call icon was flashing brightly.

She pushed the receive icon, and spoke into the terminal. “Yes, may I help you?”

Mrs. Cass watched as the Man leaned forward, his face close to the screen as she spoke.

<<I’m here to see Chase Navarro.. I’m from the Artemis Institute..>> he said, leaning away, and then adding, leaning back forward. <<Names Bannon, and I’m with Doctor Ludille..>>

She glanced over to Chase. “Do you wish company, or shall I send them away..”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Chase glanced up from the old mechanical weapon, "Who are they? Not many folks even know I'm here."

"He says his name is Bannon and he's from the Artemis Institute."

"Took him long enough" Chase groused as he finished up the work on the slug-thrower, "Send him in, there's also another fellow I'm expecting shortly as well, name of Revan. Please see him back once he arrives.

The older woman nodded and then said something he couldn't make out into the comm unit and disappeared back into the house proper and Chase went back to work on the weapon, it was in good shape just needed a through cleaning which it apparently hadn't gotten in a VERY long time. Sometime later the door from the house hissed open and a man dressed in a riot of color came through followed a selonian in much more subdued and conservative colors, Chase held the weapon up and let the slide pop noisily back into place and then sighted along the iron sights on top of it at the new comers, the Selonian cringed but the man in the shirt just smirked,

"I hope whatever it is you're into doesn't ruin my wife's vacation Bannon, if it does I might be forced to shoot you."

The man Bannon gave a short whistle as he paced forward as Chase laid the antique slug-thrower on the workbench in front of him,

"Now THAT is a beautiful piece of art."

the man settled up against the other side of the table and motioned to the weapon, "May I?"

Chase nodded, "It's a..."

"Kelvarex Consolidated Arms KD-10, great -grand daddy of the KD-30" the man finished for him, "Favorite of the the Imperial Commando's following the clone wars. They had a silencer attachement that allowed for quiet wetwork."

Chase grinned as removed the silencer from the box the pistol had come in and tossed it to the other man who caught it and with the grace of long hours of practice clocked it onto the weapon's barrell, behind him the selonian seemed suddenly squimish as she looked at her companion anew, then made the selonian approximation of a cough,

"Mr. Bannon..."

"Doctor Ludille if you will please have a seat," Chase interrupted and motioned to one of the work stools around the table, "we're still waiting for one more before we get this party started."

The woman seemed agitated at his brusqueness but he didn't really give a damn right then, at the far end of the room the door hissed open again and this time a large armored figure stepped through the doorway, somewhere inside the house he could hear the caretaker fussing and shook his head, the Selonian was stark still, her instincts no doubt kicking in with regards to the predator that had just entered the room, even the short hairs on the back of his neck took on end and he knew the man was on their side,

"And there he is, Revan Blackstar this is Crash Bannon, he'll be the man you're working with on the contract."

The visor of the armored Mandolarian fixed Chase for a moment and then turned to the other two, he could imagine the armor's systems were scanning both of them for weapons which at least Crash was likely to be carrying, The room hung still for a few seconds that seemed to last an eternity and then the merc popped the seals on his helmet and tucked it under his arm, the crescent shaped scar around his left eye almost gleaming in the shop lighting,

"Mr. Navarro tells me you're in the need of my units particular skill set?" his voice was gravelly and his grey eyes were all intensity and strength.
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“Mr. Navarro would be correct.” Crash said. “From what I hear, Your unit …” and paused as the old woman entered the room with a rolling tray adorned with a mixture of hot and cold drinks, and a platter of pepper cookies. Reaching under the cart, she pulled a helmet stand, and placing it next to the Mandalorian. Mrs. Cass smiled at him, saying “Yaim’la, morut’yc..” and left the work shop, the light over the door going from red to green. All eyes watched her as she left, there was no movement for a moment or two until Chase reached over and took one of the pepper cookies.

“..Has a reputation for keeping your mouths shut, regardless who you’re working for.” The Corellian finally continued, his demeanor all business despite the ridiculous shirt. “This is exactly what we need for this task, since it’s highly sensitive material.” He motions over to the Selonian. “This is Doctor Ludille, a scholar with the Artemis Institute specializing in archeology, paleontology and.. a lot of other ‘ologys..” and nodded to her. The Selonian female stood, her tail swishing left and right as she grabbed her bundle and pulling a long sheet of plastic from a tube, rolling it out on the table for them to see. The ink on the surface began to glow in the light, exposing the layout of numerous asteroids.

“I am lead archeologist on the Addikus-Mordekai dig sight, which this planning sheet is the representation of” She stated, indicating the unrolled plastic. Several asteroids surrounding one larger asteroid, the largest appearing to be the command area, enough room for the Void Hawk. “It’s a very aggressive sight, which has only a short time before the orbital drift will make it impossible to continue concentrated work on it. We have fifteen academics and forty diggers in multiple rotations searching for pre republic artifacts…” she said, taking a deep breath after realizing that the Mercenary didn’t need to hear this.

“We found something that we believe could threaten the safety of the sight, and the people who work there if information of the find leaks to the public.” She stated, her whiskers twitching as she said it. “The artifacts are remarkably valuable, and the sight is almost certain to yield even more antiquities atop of the object in question we found.”

Crash straightened, speaking again. “We will need to keep the object on a need to know basis, namely those who will be guarding it, yourself and any of your command staff that will need to know.” He said. “Your people will head up security, answerable to Doctor Artemis, Doc Ludille and Myself, but remember that most of these people are academics and need room to do their work, so don’t heavy hand them too much. Downsides are there’s a lot of Vacc suit work, but they already have a transport system to move between rocks, as long as you have a strong stomach. You’ll probably have to use your command ship as your berthing area, unless you want to pitch tents and the foods horrible.”

Crash leaned forward on the table, and grabbed a cup of the caff, bringing the cup up to take a sip. “Contracts over once the object and everything connected to it is removed from the site, and delivered to the Artemis Institute at Corellia” and finally taking the drink, and looked at the cup astonished. “Oh, this is good..” and took a deeper sip. Satisfied by the amount he took into his mouth, he disconnected himself from the cup and pulled out a legal reader, and passed it over to Revan Blackstar. “Take a read over the contract, and let us know by tomorrow, sooner would be better of course. If you descide not to take the job, there's a base kill-fee compensation by the institute for your time and trouble here today.”

Crash took another sip of the caff, and looked at the Mando. “Any questions for us?”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"No, I'll have my ver'alor look this over, but as long as your credits are good," the armored man smirked picking up one of the chilled mugs on the tray, he was surprised to find ne'tra gal, lifting the mug he took a sip and smiled he would have to remember to thank the ori'vod for her kindness, "Which my recent dealings have indicated they are, then there won't be an issue. Artemis' technicians tell me the upgrades to our sensor suites and targeting computers they're installing should be online by the end of the day tomorrow. We can get underway any time after that."

The merc rested his hand on top of his buy'ce and finished off the rest of the pint in his hand...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“That sounds just fine.” Bannon said, finishing off the last of the caff in the cup. “We can finish the contract in the morning, and you can begin once your ship is set up.” Putting the cup down, the Corellian took a couple of the pepper cookies and shoved it in his shirt pocket. “In all honesty, I’m hoping that your job’s going to be easy, and you don’t have trouble beyond breaking up a slap fight between two of the squints fighting over a slide rule.”

Ludille bristled at the term, and glanced at Blackstar. “By Squints he means the archeologist and scientist at the site, and we ‘squints’ can be very intense when..”

Crash nodded, interrupting her interjection smirking. “Right, so it should be a piece of cake.” Crash turned to the assembled, “Well, let’s get out of Mr. Navarro’s hair then, so he can continue his vacation in with his wife in peace.” With that, the group exited the workshop, leaving Chase alone with the fire arms.


“There’s a town just up the road a piece, if you’re interested in so dinner before heading back to the Star port, or maybe heading all the way into the Capital. It’s not too horribly far.” He said, glancing over at the Selonian Academic. Her whiskered face showed all the signs of agitation, and Crash could imagine why. He had cut her off, but one thing he knew was when to leave, and it was time to go.

“Ok, out with it Sweetheart.” He said. “What did I do?”

“Nothing, Mr. Bannon, it is the situation that I find myself at odds with.” Ludille stated, and continued with a sigh. “I dislike the idea of armed soldiers at my dig, that’s all, but I know there are good reasons for it.” She crossed her arms across her chest. “I hope it passes quickly.”

“No doubt it will, Doc.. No doubt it will..” as he punched in the destination, where he had planned to go in either case.

Agramar City Royal Palace:


“Thank you, Master Fawkes.” Luzz Efrus said, shaking the hand of the Jedi. “Your certain that we can take her out of the isolation chambers?” He asked, releasing his hand. Danzi Efrus smiled up at Jonji as well, being held by her mother. “It’s ok, Dad, I’m not going to turn into a Force Vampire.” Which earned a frown from her father, though it was obvious that it was a good natured one?

“She’s fine. There are minute traces of the chemical in her system, and there hasn’t been any signs of the infection since she been in observation. We have a physician coming from the Jedi Temple that will give a definitive answer, but no one here sees an issue with her leaving quarantine.” Jonji Fawkes said, having said the same thing four other times. “It would be best if you remained within the medical wing, but you can be with her.”

“You and your family are our guests.” The voice of Princess Alyra said, moving from behind them. “Please make yourselves at home.” The girls face beaming with a broad smile. “It’s nice having some company here, in any case.”

“You are too kind, your highness..” Luzz Efrus smiled, and bowed to the royal. “Blessing on the Queen and yourself.”

She motioned for him to stand, and a unarmored ARMarine moved forward, and gave a nod. “Allow me to show you to your quarters, and Mr. Efrus, we’ve set up a terminal if you and your wife wish to continue your work..” the soldiers voice could be heard as they walked down the hall. Alyra leaned over to Jonji. “The Efruses are writers, specializing in Horror and Crime Thrillers Novels.”

“That explains a lot about the kid.” The Jedi said, smirking. “She’s got imagination to spare. The other children are likewise placed with their parents in hospitality suites in the medical wing.” He turned once they’ve turned the corner. “Any word back from Master Vos?” He asked.

“No, not as of yet, but I’m sure they will soon enough.” The Princess stated. “However, I do have some news for you.” She said. “Your ship, the Indigo Flame, has arrived. The pilot is waiting for you in the Royal Star port pad. ” She said. “I can finish up here, if you’d care to take care of it now.”

Jonji nodded. He had sent a message before they had left Nar Shaddaa to the purchasing office for Corvella Shipyards on the Smugglers moon to have a pilot, organic or droid, bring it to Agramar and since it was his wife’s company there was little problem in them to agree doing so. He hadn’t used the service often, but it had always gone well. “Thanks, Highness.. I’ll take care of it.” Jonji headed off in the direction of the Royal ports. Alyra watched him go, as another woman moved up behind her.

“You shouldn’t get so involved with them, Highness.” The woman stated. “It’s unseemly, and will not end well.” The blond haired woman stated.

Alyra glanced back at her handler, Ennis Halvah. Her official title was Handmaiden, but what she was amounted to baby sitter and body guard to the young princess. It seemed silly for her to be following her around inside the confines of the palace, since it was safe here. She looked back, but found Ennis was gone. Her mother had two bodyguards, Maya and Anna, who were friends with Queen Eirta and had been their entire lives. She, on the other hand, was at odds with Ennis since they’d met.

Sighing, she pushed black straight hair behind her ear and headed off in the direction of the four families who were their guests.

Jonji passed thought the threshold of the Royal Port, and saw a small human in a greasy jumpsuit with Corvella logo emblazoned on the back and wearing a wide brim hat was waiting with a script pad and case. The human said in a high and definite female gruff voice. “You Jon Fawkes?”

Jonji nearly burst out laughing, but held it. He didn’t want to spoil this..

“That’s me, spacer. You got my ship?”

The spacer nodded, “Yah, just sign this..” and produced the pad. “Fly’s like a dream, that ship of yours..”

“Thanks, glad you liked it. How’d you pick up the gig?” he said, signing the pad.

The woman coffed. “Luck of the draw, I guess..” taking the pad back. “Nice vacation.”
“Probably need one, I hear Elyssa Corvella is a real hard case..” Jonji smirked. “Just a hard nosed Bi..”

The woman whipped off the hat, “Fine, Jon. How’d you peg me?” Elyssa Corvella Fawkes asked.

Jonji smile nearly cracked his face as he pulled his wife into him. “Lyss, You’re the only person who calls me Jon.” After a mutually hard hug, he held her out at arm’s reach. “What are you doing here?”

Lyss Corvella wiped some of the grease off of his face, and thought in hindsight smearing her face may not have been a good idea. “I was meeting some suppliers on Nar Shaddaa when the Purchasing office got your request. I tried to get in touch with you, but you’d already taken off in the Sun. I finished my business and since I have a meeting here in a week’s time, I took a little R and R and brought the Indigo Flame to you.” She said, as the two began walking back into the Palace. “I’ve no idea why you were on Nar Shaddaa, but I figure you were working and can’t talk about it. I’m just glad your whole.” she said as she passed one of the Port droids. She handed the pad to the droid, and after some quick instructions, looked back to her husband.

“Got a place I can get cleaned up?”


Raisa Zephre Ric looked at herself in the mirror, checking the applied makeup that pronounced her eyes, shaking her head as Taan crowded in behind her, looking for mirror space as he buttoned his senatorial jacket. “I can’t believe were doing this, Ric.” She said, scowling at her husband. “We should be watching over Catlyn, not attending some Dinner for a bunch of politicians.” She said, standing up and removing the dressing gown and moving to the full length mirror where her evening gown hung. She paused and examined her visually undamaged and unblemished body in the full mirror, and felt odd to connect what she knew was true and what she was seeing with her eyes.

Taan rolled his eyes, still looking in the bureau mirror. “I know, it’s really bad timing.” He said, buttoning the top button. “Unfortunately, its part of the job,” and brought the belt around his waist, and unsuccessfully latching it. Sighing, He noticed her staring at herself, and moved over to her, looking over her shoulder and looking at her in the mirror as well, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Your still stunning..”

She smiled. “Yeah, can’t see where the old me ends and the new me starts.”

“It’s all you..” He said, smiling. “Let’s blow off this dinner, we can grab some grub from the kitchen and sit with Cat..”

She turned around, meeting his gaze. “Nuh Uh.. I put on makeup and everything, so we have to go support Eirta, Agramar and whoever else who wants us there.” She said, unbuttoning his jacket. “She’ll be fine for a while, and no one will fault us for ducking out.” She said removing his jacket and tossing it on the chair.

“We’ll be fashionably late, as well..”

Amara City Down Port:

Shortly after Night fall______________________________________________

He took another deep draw from the cigarra, and blew it into the night air of Amara City, the spice laced cloud dispersing in the light breeze which was cooling the multitudes of Agramarans and other visitors who visited Amara City for the nightlife.. It had been an expensive trip to get to this quaint little world, but something had drawn him here, and he would need to know soon.

“Hey!” Came a voice behind him, and turning he saw a armored soldier in brightly colored armor stepped up. “You can’t smoke that laced filth around here.. Put it out..” the Peace Officer stated, his hand on his nightstick.

He smiled at the Peace Officer, and broke off the burning end of the tobbac and crushed it onto the duragrete walkway. “Of course, officer..” and tucked the remaining stub in his tailored suit pocket. “Whatever I can do to make the Peace Officers life easier..”

The Officer moved closer. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you..” and turned from the man…

It was faster than the eye could travel; the man’s hand flashed out and struck the peace officer with his fingertips at the base of the spine, just under where the back armor stopped. The Peace officer stumbled forward, as if he tripped, and without looking back walked on down the street, somewhat slower than before.

He watched a moment more before pulling the stub from his pocket and relighting it and continued on his way, towards the hotels that were close to the Star port. He was satisfied that the upstart so called peace officer would be dead within the hour, which amused him to little end. He felt under his long coat for the comforting weight of his lightsaber, and satisfied, hailed a robo-hack with a destination to any of the hotels that would suit his needs..

He would rest, and go out into the night to discover what drew him here..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Agramar City Royal Palace:

MEDICAL WING Recreation room____________________________

“Blue!!” Catlyn said, bouncing in her seat and waving her arms in victory, the wide grin infectious. Kalli Juss smiled, despite how she felt and shook her head, collapsing back in her seat, her pale complexion and sunken eyes looking at her young friend. “Your truly the master of Color Blaster..” and reached forward, pressing the button on the game table to reset the game as Catlyn continued her victory dance. “Why are you still in here, anyway..” She asked. Kalli Juss and Catlyn Ric were the last two greens that remained in active observation in the Royal Hospital Wing, the four other greens moved to regular rooms until they are checked out by the specialist that was coming, according to the Jedi Knight who had been looking out for them.

Catlyn stopped suddenly, and cocked her head. “What do you mean?”

Kalli sat forward with some difficulty, leaning on her knees to support herself. “Why are you still kept in quarantine, Your able to dance around, full of energy...” She said, closing her sunken eyes. “I’m so weak I can barely keep my head up. Playing Color Blaster took everything out of me.” She stated, and suddenly began coughing, wracking her body and bringing up dark fluid into the sleeve of her hospital gown.

Catlyn leapt up and rushed over to the small desk, and fetched water for her older friend. She popped the top, pulling out the drinking tab and held the straw up to her mouth to drink. “You won’t believe me..” She said as Kalli took a deep draw of the cool water. “I wish I could..”

Separating from the straw, Kalli glanced over to her. “I’ll believe you, trust me.” She said, smirking..

Catlyn looked around, and got close to her ear. “The sickness keeps coming back, and I’m imagining the sickness as bugs, and I squish them when I’m sleeping.” She said, and rested her head on her hands, starring at her. Kalli raised an eyebrow, and smiled at her words, then her brows went higher when she realized that her young friend wasn’t kidding. “You’re not kidding?” Kalli whispered. “How? Who?”

“The blue Jedi ghost with the big beard told me…” and began telling her all about it…

Agramar City Royal Palace:

MEDICAL WING Courtesy suites____________________________

<<Take care of what??>> Ahzi said, her voice modulated though the Vacc Suit mic. <<JOK! WHAT IS IT!!>>

“You have a piece of rock in your suit, it made a hole..” He said, trying not to sound as scared as he was. “I’m gonna take it out, and patch you.. don’t move..” and pulling out his own patch, he activated it. When he was ready, he wiped the rock from the hole, oxygen poured from the hole as Ahzi suddenly jerked in alarm, and knocked the repair patch from his hand.. “STAY STILL!!” he yelled, as he grabbed another patch from his kit…

Her vacc suited body suddenly jerked again, and the hole expanded, ripping around the sleeve as red frost began coming out mixed with the waning stream of oxygen.

Ahzi turned, allowing Joklyn to see inside the helmet…

Joklyn Zephre Ric lurched up out of the bed, sweat drenching his mop of red hair as the memory of the dream faded slowly, his heart rate returning slowly to normal. He had the same nightmare every night since they got back, and every night he wasn’t able to go back to sleep. Why was he seeing what could of happened, instead of did happen. He saved her, kept her calm and alive.

But then again, what if he had dropped the patch, or ripped a wider hole in her suit…

He sighed, and got out of bed and went over to the sink, running water though his hair, washing his face clearing out the last of the nightmare. He looked back at the bed, which the sheets were whipped up shambles, and decided to break his routine. He had problems sleeping in strange places as it was, especially in the creepy apartments made available to them while Catlyn was in Quarentine. Dressing, he headed out of his room once he had his pants and shoes on, and began wandering around the medical wing of the palace and beyond. Jok checked his chronocom, and smirked. It wasn’t all that late, he thought. His Mom and Dad were still at the estate dinner, or at least he figured they were since they left late, and Catlyn would be asleep by now and being monitored in her room by the staff.

There had been rumors that the Hospital wing was haunted.. Maybe he’d see something interesting during his walk…

Agramar City Royal Palace:

MEDICAL WING____________________________

“Well, you’ve been practicing, I see.” The old bearded man said as Catlyn shot the glossy oiled bugs with the slingshot, each time one was hit it dispersed into the ground, its corruption dissipated. She drew aim on another one, and fired again. His one was flung into the air, which met its fate with another of Catlyns slingshot rocks. The child looked back over her shoulder, and grinned. Catlyn had concocted a large house with a porch, where she was sitting in a large comfortable chair with a painfully chilled glass of Citrus juice.

“Hello!” she said. “It’s nice to see you again..”

The old man smiled broadly. “You as well, you seem better than last I saw you.”

Catlyn nodded. “I’ve been keeping the bugs at bay, and I’m getting really good at it!” she beamed. “It’s not that hard once you get the hang of it.”

The old man sat, and pulled out his pipe. “Well done indeed, little Cat..” he said, clenching it between his teeth. “But you realize, you’re going to have to rid yourself of the bugs before they do irreparable harm..” he held the pipe in his teeth. “You’re already forever changed from it.”

“Huh?” she said, the sound of another bug exploding in the background bringing him out of his thoughts. “Oh, nothing, just muttering and jaw jacking...” he smiled. “You still seem to have something on your mind..” he said. “So, out with it.”

Catlyn sighed. “It’s my friend Kalli. She’s really suffering from this buggy stuff, and I don’t know how to help her.” She said, firing another shot. “I think she’s in real trouble, unless I do something.”

“You haven’t told her about how you’re doing it, are you?” the old man said, slightly alarmed. The girl’s lips tightened, and looked away. The old man sighed. “It’s alright.” He said finally. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

“I don’t get it. It works for me…” She said, dropping the slingshot into her lap. “Why wouldn’t it work for her..”

“She’s a different person from you, we’ll leave it at that..” he said, and put the pipe away. “You have things well at hand, here, so I’ll leave you to your rest.” The blue ghost stood, and looked back stroking his beard. “Remember what I said. What worked for you may not for your friend, but the choice is ultimately yours..”

Catlyn woke in her hospital room, the large glass window of the quarantine sleeping room was the only light streaming in and witnessed something odd..

An Imperial Stormtrooper walking slowly by the window, glancing in momentarily as it moved past the window. Catlyn got out of bed and walked into the corridor, and looked after the direction it had gone. She could still hear the scuffing of the boots down the shined floor and walked after the armored soldier..

She hadn’t realized she left her body behind, sleeping..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Catlyn moved cautiously down the corridor, her bare feet barely feeling the cold of the floor as she followed the sound of the shuffling boot steps. The light panels flickered and flashed as she scuffed behind the man wearing the Imperial Armor, something that she’d only seen in history books and museums, at least as white and clean as that one. It seemed that she’d catch just a glimpse of the Stormtrooper as she rounded a corner, his white armor turning the corner just ahead of her. She looked at the placards on the doors as she passed, making sure she could find her way back to her room.

She was passing though oncology section and finally caught up to him as she turned the corner to bacta therapy, darkened and cold, well far from the children’s wing and the Quarantine center. The Stormtrooper was standing in the dim corner, facing the wall as Catlyn approached. As she got closer, she could feel the sadness, almost in a wave coming from the armored man and it felt terribly cold. She stared at him for a long time before speaking, not really sure what to say.

“Are…” she started.. the rest of the words catching in her throat as the Stormtrooper kept standing there, not moving.

“Are you OK?” She asked finally, her voice finding traction. She had heard ghost stories before, and she had no doubt that he was one. One thing she knew was that a ghost remains to finish something that was unfinished in their life. What a Stormtrooper ghost would have unfinished was beyond her, but maybe she could help him.

The Helmet shook slowly, No…

She stared at him for a while longer before speaking to him again..

“Do you need help?” she asked, her voice stronger now. “Can I help you?”

The helmet swiveled, and she could see the burn spot on the faceplate on his opposite side, completely destroying the eye piece lense on helmet and leaving a black hole. This time he nodded, yes..

Another moment or so passes, as Catlyn considered her exactly how to help him, and the Stormtrooper hadn’t said a word as of yet. It was possible that he couldn’t..

“Can you show me what you need?” she said, taking his hand, the gloved appendage limp in her small hand. "I want to help you..”

The gloved hand closed around hers, not tight, but secure. The Stormtrooper stepped back from the wall, and together, the unlikely pair walked down the hallway towards the hospital exit, and the main concourse..


He watched the Royal Residence though the Macro Binoculars from atop the building on the other side of the park that had been built in memorial to the Battle of Agramar. He now knew that his reason for being on this rather fetching backwater was inside, but what compelled him still eluded him. The bottom line was he needed to invade the Palace grounds. The populace centers of Agramar was under the legal protection of their district solicitors, barristers and mayors, and directly protected by Peace officers, one of whom he dispatched earlier this evening.

The Palace, like Agramar in general was well protected and safe under the watchful eye of the Agramar Royal Marines rather than the Peace Officers. Looking back through the Macro Binoculars again, he watched the pattern the palace guards were taking during their patrols, the ARMarines altering their routes on occasion. A standard practice for well trained troops, he knew from his Masters teaching, and looked for the best way to enter the building. He didn’t mind killing those who would get in his way, as it was their privilege to perish under his attack, but it would draw attention to him. Attention would hinder his work, he knew, so it would have to remain clandestine.

The ARMarines weren’t heavily armored, which was good for an attack, but they would move more agile and would be able to intercept him easier if he were discovered inside. They were armed with E-19 Blaster Rifles, which gave them range, and he could see a pistol sidearm of some form of another as well as a vibroblade in a sheath on the back of their belts. If enough were killed, then more Garrisoned troops would begin to arrive to stop him, and by that time, whatever he was looking for may be lost.

He had to go inside without being discovered easily..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Senatorial Estate outside Amara City______________________________________________________

Once Crash and the academic had cleared the doorway after making arrangements to meet with him later Revan turned his piercing grey gaze back to Chase, "Was there something else?"

Chase pursed his lips but then shook his head, "Not right now, though I might need to retain your services for something else."

The Mandolorian locked him with a stare and then smirked, "As long it does not involve you being on the bridge of my ship, your credits have been good, so until we depart with your colleague we shall be at your disposal. Besides the locals have been exceedingly grateful for our part in the rescue and my men are taking full advantage of the R&R opportunity. We were granted the use of a compound a few kilometers up the coast."

The other man put the mug down and then retrieved his helmet... Bey'cue he'd called it he remembered from the stand the house keeper had provided, "Till we meet again Navarro." With that he turned and Chase followed him out to the front entrance of the estate. In the distance he could just make out the receding shape of Crash's speeder, Revan moved quietly down his own mil-spec air-bike, pulled it around and jetted off to the south. He scowled as he watched them both rapidly disappear, the house keeper noticed and a slight frown creased her own lips,

"Was there some bad business between you?"

He shook his head, he couldn't put his finger on it but something somewhere in the back of consciousness told him his quiet vacation was about to come to a screeching halt, "No, just a nagging feeling."

"Aye." the older woman added, "I feel it too. I think I'll have the north wing opened up and prepared. Something tells me we might be having more guests in the near future."

Chase gave the old woman an appraising glance and smiled as she started back into the building, he hadn't looked into her jacket but he'd bet if he did he would find she was far far more than a simple housekeeper and cook. There were too many little things about her that said otherwise. Pulling the door closed he started back towards the workshop and then stopped and trudged up the stairs, he needed to make sure he'd be ready if the visitors coming weren't the friendly kind...

Royal Hanger Complex___________________________________________________________________

Jonji gave her a rather un-jedi like feral grin and extended an arm towards the entryway that lead to the night air outside, the hanger complex was only a short stroll from the residences where he and some of the others had been put up while they cared from the "greens" they'd brought back from Nar Shadda. As they crossed the courtyard that separated the hangers from the rest of the estate Jonji felt tingle run up his spine, at first he thought it was the cool air but as they neared the door to the residence it still hadn't gone away, his wife had noticed his sudden distraction,

"Is everything ok?"

The two of them stopped and Jonji took the moment to visually scan the darkened estate around them, and shook himself, "yeah, just a bit nippier than I remember it being out here." he smiled and put on his best corellian grin, "I think might be coming down with something."

"Oh well in that case..." Lyss smiled a smile that he swore could light up downtown Corennet all by itself, "Let's get you back to the room so I can check you out!"

With that she dragged him through the doorway into the building...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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I’m going to die…

The statement ran constantly though Kalli Juss’s mind as she laid on the hospital bed, feeling weaker and sicker by the moment. The poison was slowly and painfully ruining her body, filling her lungs with fluid that she kept coughing up, black and thick on her sleeves. Was the fluid her midi-chlorines depositing waste in her body, since the drug the Marskella people had injected them.. her.. with increased the midi-count to make them more valuable to auction off as High level force sensitive’s in their slave market. Of the remaining six greens, the children who had shown force ability, herself and the other kid, Catlyn, ended up having a severe reaction to the injections, and from the looks of things, the Ric kid was starting to get better because some ghost told the girl to kill the bugs that permeated her dreams when she slept. Catlyn told her about it just before going they were taken to beds, and now she was all alone in her room, feeling sick and knowing that tonight might be the last night.

Unless she tried it, tried killing the bugs..

Kalli closed her eye and tried to go to sleep, thinking on how ridiculous it was to do this, and how silly she felt putting any kind of credibility behind the thoughts of a ten year old and that I’m going to die..

Those were the thoughts that she fell asleep to, a deep heavy sleep that seldom came to her, so deep that the her monitor shifted to warning mode, a yellow light beginning to flash. She never saw the shape that stepped from the dark corner of the quarantine room, and moved towards her, and was drawn into sick body..

From one of the other corners, another shape stepped from the darkness and was drawn to her..

And another…


“It was a pleasure, Mister Gulamo” Taan said, shaking the exceedingly sweaty hand of the Chief Executive from Akrusha-Ves Shipyards, the last of the guests to leave. Gulamo nodded in return, a broad smile on his face as he took Raisa’s hand in turn. “A true pleasure it was to meet you as well, Madam Ric.” He said, kissing the back of her hand and leaving a smear of sweat. Raisa smiled and nodded. “You are too kind, Mister Gulamo..”
The delegate turned and faced Eirta, who nodded in response before he could advance on her. Her two handmaidens flanked her as she held out her hand. “I hope you have a most pleasant flight, Mister Gulamo. You will hear from us again, I am quite certain.” The man took it, and gave it a squeeze. “I look forward to it, your Majesty..” and turned into the cool night air towards the Nubian with their company logo emblazoned across the surface. Eirta watched him board the ramp before turning back to the compound before they caught their death of cold, but she had to admit the clear fall evening sky was well worth the chill.

“Well, that was interesting.” Raisa said as the Nubian lifted slowly off the Tarmat. “That is far too many Corporates in one place for my liking.” She said, wiping the back of her hand off onto her evening gown.

Taan glanced to his wife, smirking. “He wasn’t so bad…” he said. “Though he did linger over the back of your hand for a bit longer than I would prefer..”

Queen Eirta chuckled as they walked back to the Residence. “It went perfectly well, and I thank you both for coming, especially under the circumstances.” Eirta put her hand on Raisa’s shoulder. “How is Catlyn..”

“The kids a fighter, that’s for certain.” Raisa said, smiling. “She’s doing a lot better than the Juss girl, I’m just glad Doc Vos is getting here soon.”

Eirta nodded as they entered, motioning for the ARMarines to at ease as she walked by, into the area designated as secure. “We’ve cleared an area for the Lord Defender and his party to land and conduct any staging the Defenders may need in the..”

“Lord Defender..” Raisa smirked.. “I’m not calling ol’ Devon Vos the lord of nothing…” She shook her head. Eirta frowned back at her long time friend, as Taan shrugged. Raisa could be course at times..

“Well then I guess it’ll be Senator Ric and Myself that will ensure proper diplomatic channels continue to be open to the Loris Empire, The Defenders and whoever else he is affiliated with..”

“All Dev needs is a bottle of Corellian Brandy and he’ll be happy as a clam..” Raisa chuckled. “Where’s he been anyway?”

Taan Ric shook his head. “Clean up on Onederon, after the bombardment there collapsed the Temple..”

Raisa nodded, remembering seeing the GNN report and the subsequent funeral service. Devon Vos was one of her oldest friends, and she’d do whatever she could to support him.

“Uncle Devon is coming too, I just thought it was Aunt Jola?” The voice of Joklyn came from behind them, causing them to jump, and realized he was under the scrutiny of his Parents and the Queen of Agramar..

“What?” He asked innocently…


Is this where you want to go?” Catlyn shivered in the thick fog and looked to the Stormtrooper as they stood in front of the statue that memorialized the Agramarans who had fought and died during the Civil War. The Royal Gardens was nearly a full acre of native trees and vegetation, which included a public park area where the statue was situated, as well as a private area which was reserved for the royal family and their guests. Catlyn looked up at the statue, and realized for the first time she knew some of the seven people that were cast in anvilstone. She looked at the inscriptions, though it was difficult in the thick fog, and could see her Mother’s name as well as the Queen Eirta and Uncle Devon’s among the fighters at the Battle of Agramar. She thought better of mentioning it to the Stormtrooper, however. What if he had been killed by one of them?

That would be awkward.

The Stormtrooper extended a hand, and touched the placard, caressing the raised letters. Catlyn could feel the sadness emitting from him as he touched it, and looked up to him as the emotionless helmet stared blankly forward. The helmet may have been emotionless, but his body language told much, even in the white armor. “Is this what you wanted me to see?”

The Stormtrooper nodded, and looked down at her. Something nagged at her, honestly. The Imperial Stormtrooper’s were merciless soldiers of oppression, according to her Mother, and bullies who had no emotions other than hate and anger towards those weaker than themselves. This didn’t seem true of her friend, as they stood together in the fog and glaring lights in front of the statue. Catlyn wasn’t afraid of him, and if he were the bully that others had told her, she would be.

He was sad about the statue, but why, that the statue exists? Is he sad the Empire lost?

Maybe he was sad about what the statue represented.

“Were you at the battle, and caused Agramarans to die?” She said, carefully speaking to not provoke an angry response from the soldier. Catlyn needn’t worry, as he simply nodded. He had been there, he acknowledged as He touched the placard again. “You didn’t want to , did you..”

The Helmet nodded again, he hadn’t. She nodded, and smiled. “How can I help….”
The Stormtrooper suddenly turned, and looked in different directions, startling the girl. He pointed out into the fog, and pulled Catlyn closer protectively. She looked out into the white thickness and saw something moving, approaching them slowly. They were dark shapes, basically, and all she could tell about them was that they had arms legs and a head. They were indistinct, blurry but she could just tell they were bad. The Stormtrooper grasped her hand tightly, and broke towards entrance to the palace where they had come out. Catlyn’s legs were shorter than the troopers, but she was having little trouble keeping up with him as the dark shapes got closer, and she wasn’t getting tired, which she should be being that she was sick.

They finally reached the door, and yanked on the handle, and to her horror it didn’t open. She continued to yank, screaming for help as the Stormtrooper turned, blocking her and taking a fighting stance as Catlyn looked around him, to see the dark shapes fully..

The dark figures were exceedingly tall, even taller than the Stormtrooper, with distinct arm and leg shapes which faded off into nothingness where the hands and feet would end. Their heads was likewise a distinct head shape but there was no face, only two cold lights that shown though the inky swirling darkness. There were a great number of them as the Stormtrooper began swinging for all he was worth, his fists passing though them as they continued forward..

And passed by them, sound murmuring from them..

The dark shapes entered the palace, through the closed door as if it hadn’t been there at all, leaving Catlyn and the Stormtrooper to watch them walk by, giving them no regard whatsoever. She looked back at her friend, who shrugged his own ignorance at the situation. Looking back up at the tall dark figures, she reached out and touched one, her hand enveloped in the body as if sticking her hand in a Candy Cloud from one of the vendors on the Entertainment Concourse in Coronet city. It was cold, thick and wet, like sticking her hand in thick Ice water. No, not even like that, it was like nothing she had ever felt before…


Catlyn yanked her hand out of the shape, shocked at what she heard. It was a childs voice, she had heard, which sounded so hopeless and desperate. Looking at the now dwindling parade of spirits, she stuck her hand into another one.


She staggered back, and pushed her hand into another one..


And Another!


And Another!!


She suddenly felt herself being pulled away as if on a tether, the Stormtrooper trying to run after her a moment before she lost him in the blur around her. As suddenly as it started, it stopped as she felt herself slam into her hospital bed, and a sudden blinding light!


“Well, hello Catlyn..” Linna, the night medic said smiling down at her, though in her eyes there was concern. “How are you feeling..”

“Sleepy..” She fibbed. She wasn’t sleepy in the least..

Linna nodded. “I’ll bet, you were sleeping so soundly I didn’t think you’d ever wake up..” she said, relief apparent on her face. Catlyn looked down, and noticed a new monitor on her chest. “Whats this for?”

“It’s reading your vitals, honey. We need to have all the information we can give to Master Khalid about Kalli and yourself when she arrives.” Linna stated, pulling the monitor off and placing it in a reader. Catlyn sat up suddenly. “Is Kalli ok?”

“Miss Juss’s still weak, but it seems she’s taken a turn for the better..” the medic said, feeling her forehead. “You can see her in the morning at breakfast..”

Catlyn looked out the observation window into the hallway, and she could see the dark shapes moving past…
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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AGRAMAR CITY: Morning...

Crash Bannon shoved another fork full of hot sauce drenched eggs into his mouth as he looked over the Greenputt scores on his news reader as Ludille approached the table. The Selonian Archeologist slid into the diner booth, her face skewed at the sight of the food on the plate as the waitress brought over a carafe of caf and refilled his mug. Ludille shook her head at the woman, who left behind a menu flimsy. The Corellian washed down the mouthful with a generous swallow of Sovits, and followed it with a sip of caf.

“G’morning Doc.” He said, tipping his cup at her and setting it back on the table. “Breakfast’s on me..” he said, biting into a oversized sausage, the skin bursting and spotting his blue with orange flowered shirt with grease. Realizing what had happened, he dipped the napkin into his water glass and began to dab the spots before they set.

“I can see that.” Ludille said dryly as she scanned the menu, and turning her nose at the mostly fried fair, and placed the menu flimsy back on the table. “You picked a very.. colorful place, Captain Bannon.”

Crash looked up from his shirt, smiling. “There’s nothing better than a Diner, sweetheart. You want to get a gauge on a place, there isn’t a better location. It’s where the common, working sentient is.”

She nodded, accepting his hypothesis. “What have you learned?”

“That Agramar is a pretty nice place, and the people are pretty happy. There’s some grousing about taxes on income and some merchandise, but they know where the money is going so it’s basically passive complaints. They like their monarch for the most part, and feel that she’s got their best interests in mind.” He said, admiring his cleaning job and was seemingly satisfied.

“I’ve also learned that this diner cleans the grease twice a week, scrubs the grill nightly and get most of its ingredients locally, though not the highest quality they’re still within the norm.. “ he held up the sausage. “If I told you what was in this sausage, you’d probably throw up..” and popped it into his mouth, chewing happily.

Ludille shuddered, her imagination running rampant at the thought. “I’ll find some fresh fish later, grease doesn’t sit well..” she said as the waitress approached. “ Juice, please..” and returned her attention to Crash. “Has Mr. Blackstar gotten back with you regarding the contract?”

“Not yet” he said, draining the last of the beer. “He’s probably waiting for Standard Business Hours to make contact. If I know a Merc crew, they pride themselves on being professional.” He leaned back, and scooped the last of the eggs onto the fork and popped them into his mouth as the waitress brought the juice to Ludille. “Why do you ask?”

“I am thinking on asking him to return me to the dig sight if he takes the job. I feel my place is there, and overseeing the extraction of the find.” She said, sipping the drink. Crash nodded, wiping his mouth with the napkin.

“It’s not a bad Idea, Doc. It’s better than leaving Blackstar to guess what’s going on and who’s in charge at the dig sight, and leaves me free to do what I need to do.” He said, pulling out some of the local currency. “That is if he takes the gig, and he’s willing to have you aboard.” Placing the money on the table, he dropped the water glass on top of the cash and bill, keeping it from blowing off the table.

She finished the juice, and stood. “Of course, That makes perfect sense..” Ludille followed him from the diner, who waved at the waitress, who smiled broadly back at them.

“I left her a big tip..” Crash confided as they moved to their rented speeder..


Void Hawks Compound:

Lt. Cuba Riz tapped the stylus against his teeth, thinking on the correct verbiage to use in his report to Captain Blackstar, though the contract was very straight forward and really needed little explanation. A basic work for hire contract with a standard kill fee if the client terminates early. Protection for all involved.

There were some caveats that he should bring forward, however but exactly how to express them was another matter..
He began tapping out the report..

:::TO: Revan Blackstar, Captain and OIC

FROM: Cuba Riz, Lieutenant, Light Weapons Company Platoon Leader and Legal Aide.


I have gone over the contract in some detail, and I find it to be an acceptable and binding document with both the Client and ourselves being protected with an acceptable fee for services rendered. What I have discovered while going over the contract is that it states nowhere in the document the number of troops to be sent to site, nor that it is an exclusive arrangement, meaning the Void Hawks can take other work while on this job. I looked over the plans of the dig sight, and if we took the entire company, there would be considerable down time for our troopers. Perhaps sending a smaller force for the protection detail would be sufficient, which is well within the contracts limits, and in that way the remaining company can be used on other lucrative contracts..

I have detailed it in the brief attached to this correspondence, and forwarded a highlighted version to your readers. Any questions please ask at you leisure..:::

Riz nodded at the correspondence, pleased with his information imparted, and hit the send button….
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“Alright, Children..” Linna said, leaning forward as the greens took seats on the floor of the visitation room. The four children who were no longer in isolation stopped their school work and looked up at the Medic. “I know you all anxious to leave the Hospital wing, and I have a good feeling that you will all be cleared to do so within the next couple of days.” She said, beaming and attempting to soften the blow of more tests. Doctor Khalid would need full labs and workups if she were going to properly diagnose and release the children.

“Let me guess, were getting more tests..” Kevier Lumess said, smirking as he said it. Danzi Efrus flopped onto her back. “We won’t have any blood left when your done!”

Linna smiled, leaning back onto her arms. “You’ll have plenty of blood left, Danzi, Trust me..” and looked at her Chonometer. “We’ll start in an hour, so finish up your workbooks and I’ll get everything ready for you.”

Hannon stared at his book, sighing. “So we can finish these stupid books, or is it because you want to finish with the Ric kid and my Sister..”

Linna leaned back forward. “That’s right, Hannon.” She said, “Were still concerned that they may be contagious to you..” The medic stood, and ruffled his hair. “Your sister was doing considerably better today.” She picked up her med scanner, and headed out the room. The children waited until she was out of sight of the plate window before they erupted in conversation.

“I don’t see why were getting more tests..” Kevier said, leaning forward. “They’ve been giving us tests since we’ve been back. It’s like were still being held by the Marskella’s..”

“No, our parents are here, and were getting good food..” Danzi retorted. “And she said we’re going to go home after the Jedi Doctor checks us out, and were all fine. Master Fawkes is looking out for us too, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to us.” She said, closing her work book with a flourish.

“You trust the Jedi?” Hannon said, scoffing. “My dad says the Jedi are a bunch of hucksters and confidence men whose time has passed a hundred years ago. They used to steal little kids and brainwash them, you know, taking their free will all in the name of the greater good. I think it would have been better if we’d been taken by the Cult of Shadows, at least you know where they stand..” Hannon stood up, his fists balled. Believing otherwise is just asking for trouble, Hannon thought to himself as he puffed out his chest.

Kevier leapt to his feet as well. “Don’t tell me what to believe or disbelieve, I’ll make my own mind up on things and not from a little squeaker like you!”

Hannon got nose to nose with the bigger boy. “Maybe someone needs to tell you what to believe!” he snarled, as the workbooks began to shake in their places on the floor. “Maybe If I hit you hard enough, you’ll change your mind!”

Danzi, who had stood as well, yelled. “STOP IT!!” She said, “Kevier’s going to break his arm if you keep this up!!”

“Has anyone noticed that we’ve changed..” Came the quiet voice of Corben Do Jester, but was enough to bring the other three children to focus on him. “Danzi just said Kevier was going to break his arm.. How’d you know that..”

The ten year old looked sheepish as she scuffed the ground with her foot. “I…” she started, and said barely audibly. “I saw it. I saw him get pushed over a chair and he breaks his arm while fighting with Hannon.”

“I can move things without touching them..” Hannon said, puffing out his chest. “Sometimes things I don’t want..”

“I can hear things that people are thinking.. Not all the time, just when I get mad..” Kevier said, crossing his arms. “I don’t want to, but it just happens..”

Hannon sneered. “Explains why you knew what I was thinking freak.” This brought Kevier to step towards Hannon.

Danzi stepped between them. “Don’t start that again..” she said, holding them apart. Corben looked up from his seat on the floor. “Were showing force powers…”

The four children sat in a circle, and were silent for a few moments before the Danzi leaned forward. “So what do we do?”

Kevier likewise leaned forward. “We tell Master Fawkes, he’ll know what to do..” he said, looking over to Corben. “What do you do?”

Corben looked up towards the door, and swallowed hard at the sight of the ARMarine trooper with a thin trickle of blood on the side of his face, who was staring at them from the other side of the window. The soldier half smiles, and raises a hand in a wave, and turned to walk down the corridor, the back of his head blown off. Corben’s lip quivered as he looked at his compatriots.

“I see dead people…”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Captain Cezar Doras sipped his caf and glanced up from his work screen as the door to his office chimed for attention. Pushing the door release, The Deck officer for the last evening watch stepped into the quarters and took station in front of the captain’s desk at rigid attention, awaiting recognition. Doras waited the customary time and looked up at the young Ensign, smiling. “Grab yourself a cup, Nusha..” motioning to the brewer on the side table. “Thank you, Sir..” Evar Nusha nodded, handed the evening report to Doras and moved over to the table, pouring the hot drink into one of the disposable cups.

Doras inserted the report into his reader, and leaned back into his chair. “Looks quiet..” he said, scanning over the document. En. Nusha moved back to the desk, and took a good swallow. “It was pretty light traffic, just a couple of bulk freighters and a liner for the most part.” He said, pointing to where the communications log was annotated. “We did get some comms from the ministry for incoming to look out for.” The Captain glanced up, nodding, and looked back at the reader. He brought up the communication log, and scanned over that list as well. After a few moments, he smirked. The New Republic was sending marshals to take custody of the 571 kidnapper and the leader of the Defenders is paying a visit.

“We’re having a bonafide Hero paying a visit, Nusha. Get out your blues out, the ministry is going to do an honor guard upon arrival, and were suppose to give High Guard honors.” He said, chuckling. “and on your way to the rack, have the 2IC meet me on the bridge. We’ll need to coordinate with the Amun Latah for the Marshals. They can escort the NRI gents while were escorting the VIPs.”

Finishing his cup, Ensign Nusha furrowed his brow. “Sir, May I ask who the VIP is?”

“Well, before he was the Lord Defender, he was Devon Vos..” The Captain said. “He was a major player during the Battle of Agramar alongside Zephre, Jester, Zwolf, Ric, Kel and the Queen herself. There’s a statue of them in the Royal Gardens, if you hadn’t seen it.”

“No sir, I didn’t put it together with Captain Vos.” He said, nodding. “You fought in the war as well, didn’t you? Did you know him?”

“I did, but not well. I was an ARMarine back then, one of the Heavy weapon troopers that took the ISD Ravage’s bridge alongside Vos and Zephre.” The Captain chuckled. “It was a rough fight, probably one of the worst I was involved in during the war.” he said, and locking the Deck officers report into the ships log, and after a quick update to the daily orders, got up from his desk. “It didn’t say when they would arrive, just an ETA of later today.” He clasped the ensign on the shoulder and walked him to the door. “Get some sleep, I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a very eventful evening.”

“Thank you sir,” Nusha saluted, and headed off down the passageway, leaving Captain Doras alone. He locked the door to his office, and headed towards the bridge of the Ulan Mastif..



The morning sun warmed the butter in the small tray, softening the pad enough to slide the knife and divide a portion to apply to the toasted bread, followed with the Cua-ca Jam added in like fashion. He bit into the bread, the corners of his mouth quirking as his tongue registered the taste, thus sending it to the pleasure centre of his brain. He repeated the process again, until the toasted bread was gone. He poured a cup of tea from the small pot that was left on the table, and added a single spoon of sugar and a drop of milk, and took a sip. It was perfect. He brushed the crumbs off of his crisp linen suit, keeping the cloth pristine and clean.

He looked around the small outdoor cafe that was situated across the street from the Royal Gardens, and considered the other patrons in the provincial establishment. It would be so simple to snuff their light out, he thought. A odourless, tasteless poison added to the ingredients would end most of them well enough, or just one dead would destroy their sense of safety. It would be a satisfactory diversion, but such a thing would bring the possibility of attention he wouldn’t want.

It was better to continue his plan as he had scripted, and patient observance was what was called for..

He sipped the tea, and kept his vigil...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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The Distant Sphere: Roku Plains: Abbey of the Je'hedai
Seven years Prior

“Keep the blade moving constantly; keep the arc clean and strait.” Master Isamu Al’Akahaab said as he walked behind his daughter, his sightless eyes unwavering as he listened to her movements as she spun the scimitar, his cane sweeping in front of him as he walked. “The blade will sing when done properly, your control and your connection to the living force unwavering.” He said as he passed to her opposite side. “No arrow, sword or Un’shappa can touch you when your blades song is loudest. You will know before seeing, and you will understand before knowing.” He stood with his head cocked, listening for the sound he must be there, if Zora had listened to his instruction.

With a sweeping gesture, he reached out and grabbed a flour bag from the pile with the force, and flung the heavy object at his daughter. It hit Zora with resounding fump, white dust exploding around her and knocking her off of her feet, the scimitar skidding away and stopping at the feet of the next student in queue. The young human stared at the curved blade for several moments before bending over to pick it up, only for it to fly from before the youth to Master Isamu’s outstretched hand. He glared down at Zora, how kept her eyes averted, her dark skin and black nubs not showing the embarrassment she no doubt felt. Isamu moved to the center of the teaching circle, where the acoustics would best be heard by all of those who wished to learn the Je’hedai way.

“This is no mere exercise, as lifting rocks or running fast. The Blade Song technique will bind you closer to the living force, which will ensure your life and those under your care more than using it to do parlor tricks.” He heard Zora slowly stand, in his mind’s eye her ebony skin powdered white from the flour. He sighed, knowing that this would make or break many of the students that seek him out over the last few months.

Most of the students at the abbey were human from across the oceans, from the kingdom of Finny and the powerful Regina Empire. All lands that the Syth’Anon had brought the taint of the Foul to, and the young before him want to combat them, purging the Foul tainted from their lands. How ironic that those who had shown the most promise was the children of Vos.

“Why not show them, Father..” came the deep mocking voice, which caused him pain in his heart. “Show them what the connection to the living force looks like when done by a True Master..”

Darth Ra moved though the students, who jumped quickly away from the Syth’Anon, the black Haruchi cloak flowing behind him as he made a straight line to Zora, who stood in the stance of the Maghi, hand clasped behind her back, feet shoulder width apart with her chin forward. Ra stepped before her, and dusted the flour from her face. “Stupid girl..” he said quietly, “You are far better than these Pak, yet you embarrass your family by failing within their sight.” and after flicking her nose, turned again facing Master Isamu in the center of the circle, his back to the shamed girl. “Have you blunted my sister’s horns more so by teaching her your Je’hedai ways?”

“Weakness in your eyes only, My Son..” Isamu said, holding his hand up, stopping the three Magistrates moving towards Darth Ra, saving their lives.

“The Syth’Anon shape the Akesh to suit our will, we are the Masters of it.” He said, his arms outstretched, turning to face the assembled students. “The Je’hedai float along its path, pushed along the eddy’s and flows of the uncontrolled beast, informed of what to do by an uncaring spiritual energy..”

“The Akesh binds us together as one, Ra..” The old Master said, and shook his head. “I shall not attempt to speak truths to one who wallows in the comfort of convenient lies.” And with a smooth motion pulled Three Moons from her sheath, the heavy metal blade held across his chest along his opposing arm. “Perhaps if you showed your power to these young acolytes, you would sway them to your ideology..”

Darth Ra smirked. “Hardly a contest, Master Isamu..” he said, pulling his Un’Shappa from his belt sheath, and willed the blade into existence, the red energy crackling and hissing as it formed. “Will you risk the family blade on so useless gesture of as a fight?”

“Hardly..” Isamu said flatly. “Three Moons has another task in mind for you, Syth’Anon..” and motioned for Zora to his side. She broke into an instant run, and stopped in front of her father. “Do you doubt yourself?”

“I do, Father..” She said, lowering her gaze.

“Well, I do not doubt you..” Isamu Al’Akahaab stated, his impassive face showing no emotion as he placed Three Moons into her hands. “I’ve no doubt you’ll succeed, as you’ll have no other choice..” He turned back to Ra, pulling his Do’Shappa from his own sheath, saying over his shoulder. “Begin..”

Isamu’s daughters began spinning Three Moons, its arcs straight and clean as she opened herself to the Akesh. The living force responded to her and her use of the great Scimitar.

“Your cruelty is deep, father..” Ra said, pulling his hood back from his face. “You force me to harm my own blood?”

“You will attack Zora Al’Akahaab, by whatever means you deem necessary to bypass the spinning blade, and strike her. If it be with fatal intent, then that is your choice and on your head.” Isamu stated, and moved aside, motioning for the students surrounding the circle to sit. He looked to his daughter, who was deep in meditation now; Three Moons was becoming a blur as he heard the beginnings of the sound that would keep her safe. She knew the technique, and now she needed the confidence. This would give it to her.

Darth Ra watched as his sister spun the blade of their forefathers around her body, his hatred for his father reaching heights unseen. He pulled his hood back, showing his tanned face adorned with the black tattoos given him by the Dark Lord Foul, his horns flushed with rage. Just as now, It was Isamu who put Zora into this situation, not he. If she came out damaged, then it was on his father’s head for not protecting his sister. Ra was just following his nature..

There had been a time when he would look to his father with adoration, when he served as a Magistrate to Otosan Utchi with Jonji Fawkes in the Outlanders final days, and he had identified himself with the Je’hedai and he called himself Takjira Al’Akahaab. He spent more time with the Outlanders than he did with his own family, and he blamed them for his ascension to the darkness, at least at first. Later, he discarded that blame, and rejoiced in his darkness.

The last he’d met with the outlander he called brother was violent, and he was certain Fawkes would feel the scars as Ra had the rest of his days. He did, that was certain. It was the day Takjira ceased, and Darth Ra returned, retaking the name he had been called when he was the thrall of the Dark Lord Foul.

He was the Dark Lord now, and he was certain Fawkes wouldn’t approve of his throwing Deh’agasai’s..

The sound that came from Three Moons was high pitched as the pointed throwing blades whistled in the air, streaking towards the adolescent Haruchi, sharp enough to slice though bone and flesh. It has surprised those who watched when the Deh’agasai’s imbedded themselves into the ground, buried deep in the soil. Three Moons began to sing its song, and Isamu Al’Akahaab faced his son. Ra threw more Deh’agasai’s and again they missed their mark, falling harmlessly to the side.

“It would seem the technique works quite well, Syth’Anon.” Isamu said, crossing his arms, keeping his inactive Do’Shappa in his hand. “Have you anything further to add?”

Rage filled the Syth’Anon, and spat on the ground, seething. Two emotions filled Ra. He felt pride at his sister’s ability and skill, and loathing for the Haruch who stood before him, for placing his gentle little sister in this predicament.. “Pak!” he said, and threw his hand forward, releasing a torrent of Dark Energy at the old blind Haruchi, the deafening sound from the torrent giving cause for the students watching to cover their ears.

There was a streak, and the lighting was reflected away from their father by Zora’s intercepting the stream, Three Moons a bright blue blur as the energy was sent harmlessly away. With a snarl, Darth Ra released the energy attack, leaving the only sound the Song of Three Moons..

Blade of Justice: Training Deck________________________________
Present Day

“How long does she do that for?” Knight Defender Aleeta Lu said as she watched the Primitive Zabrak conduct the elaborate sword drill with of all things a metal sword, the sound of the blade cutting though the air a constant whine filling the empty training deck with the sound. It was well into the night in the middle of the sleep cycle, and Lu had been unable to sleep, and woke her rack mate to keep her company as she worked on her Makashi training with the holo-spar. “I was hoping to get some training in before we get to Agramar. Isn’t she the one that works with those two bone heads?”

Ludiy Shik crossed her arms, rolling her eyes and smirking at the reference of the two Knight Defenders who had become known for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. “From what Rij and Fiss said, she can keep that up for hours. It has to do with her teachings from her home world.” She said, looking at her nails, buffing them briefly before examining them again. “From what they said, it’s some kind of primitive meditation, the noise gets really loud sometimes..” Shik leaned on the wall, cocking her head “I hear she’s some kind of protégé to the Lord Defender.” The Zeltron considered, tapping her finger to her temple and raising an eyebrow. “I wonder what that story is..”

Zora Al’Akahaab’s connection to the force was strong, unbreakable as she made Three Moons sing, the heavy Scimitar cut through the air effortlessly. She knew the pair were in the training room, and recognized they spoke of her. Zora cared little for what they said, as she had heard muttering her entire life..

Now, all that mattered was the Blade Song…
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Agramar City
Royal Medical Wing: Quarentine Room one

Raisa’s face held the seriousness of the situation as she watched her target moving quickly across her field of view. With practiced ease, she readied her projectile, knowing that the cost of failure was unfathomable. She cocked her arm back, and threw..

The bean bag hit the games holographic light ball, popping the crimson colored orb into a small burst of virtual sparks and flame as it passed through and hit the wall. It rebounding slightly and landed on the floor with the rest of the bean bags that had been flung at the game systems nodes. Raisa grinned from ear to ear as Catlyn clapped excitedly at her mother’s virtual light ball killing prowess, and rushed forward to pick up the bean bags..

“Wanna play again, Momma?” Catlyn said as she grabbed the bags and brought them back, giving her mother the red bags. “I bet I can win this time, I watched how you did it!”

Raisa held the red bags, glancing down at her child. “’Bet you can’t.” She said, her face holding the serious expression of hard, cold competition. Catlyn raised an eyebrow in an uncanny resemblance of her mother, looking directly into her eyes in defiance. A sudden explosion of laughter from them broke the standoff, hard enough that Raisa had to sit down on the floor of the hospital room. The giggles didn’t subside for a bit, but eventually they did and the two lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling.

“Am I ever going to go home, Momma?” Catlyn asked, holding up one of the bean bags at arm length, one of her eyes closed. She threw it up into the air, and keeping her eye closed, caught the bag in her opposite hand. Raisa put her hands behind her head, and sighed.

“Of course you are, honey.. you just have to be here now until Doctor Khalid see’s you.” She turned on to her side, facing her. “Tell you what, though..” she said, touching her nose. “I’ll be right here as long as you are in the hospital.”

Catlyn looked at her mother, and after a short silence, she smiled. “Right here.. on the floor?” she said, and threw the bean bag up in the air again. “Some one might step on you..”and looked up just as the bean bag smacked her in the face. “Ow..”

Raisa chuckled, and sat up. “Your pretty funny, huh..” She said, and pushed hair out of the girls eyes, and frowned. “Your fever is coming back..” she said, moving her hand down to her cheek, and the back of the neck. “How do you feel?”

“Ok..” Catlyn said, sighing. “I don’t feel sleepy though.”

“Sleepy?” Raisa reared up on her elbow. “What do you mean..”

Her daughter sat up. “I get really sleepy when the fever comes, and I have really weird dreams..” she fibbed. She knew they weren’t dreams, like she knew the Blue Old Man was real, and the Stormtrooper ghost was real, and the bugs… The bugs were the root of the problem. The question was, would her mother believe her that they were real, or just that they’re a figment of her imagination..

“I usually feel sleepy when I have the fever, and then I lay down and dream about the bugs..”

“You mentioned the bugs before..” Raisa said, intent on her daughter’s next words. “Tell me all about them..”

Blade of Justice
Med Bay: Cheif Medical Examiners office

“Of the six children, four have shown signs of improvement after implementation of the antidote supplied by the medic from Marskella Mining. The remaining two are in stable but serious condition, and are quarantined from the other children. All of the Children continue to show heightened midi-chlorian counts, and a slightly elevated fever. The four children who have been cleared from Quarantine retain a heightened midi-chlorian count.”

“The two remaining quarantined children both show signs of chronic high fever, muscle weakness, vomiting and high skin toxicity. The older of the two children’s illness has progressed to the point where it may prove better to place the child into a medically induced coma to prevent death. The younger of the two has proven to be more resilient to the pathogen, although the effects continue to return, she has proven ability to fight it. She remains in quarantine due to toxicity in her skin and sweat, which remains high despite her apparent progress.”

“The sweat from the quarantined children shows all of the markers of pathogens and carcinogens known to be hazardous to most known sentient beings after prolonged unprotected exposure, and great care should be taken when examining either child.”

Doctor Jola’Edana Khalid sat back from the report sent by the duty medic on Agramar, the seat squeaking in protest as she leaned back, rubbing her eyes. Whatever they were injected with was wreaking havoc on them. She looked at the readout from the tox-scan, which added more to the puzzle. It had all the marks of several virulent genetic viruses, nanite steroid therapy and forms of sith alchemy. It was a terrifying chemical cocktail that some sick mind created for the sole purpose of increasing a midi-chlorian count to make their human merchandise more attractive…

And someone injected this into children..

She brought up the files for each of the children, and studied them, their little faces peering out at her from the large screen. The oldest of them was the sickest, Kalli Juss. According to the information given, Kalli and her brother Hannon were being raised by their aunt, Rucell. Their father was a miner on a system near Agramar, and at the time of this report had not been informed of his childrens plight. She knew that situation was going to have to change, and made a note. Jola crossed her arms as she looked at the other four. Danzi Efrus, Kevier Lumess and Corben Do Jester were the remaining group that had been cleared by the staff at the medical wing at the royal residence, leaving the last girl.

She knew Catlyn Zephre Ric, but more so, she knew her mother. She pulled up the image of Raisa Zephre, who was one of her patience in fact. Raisa looked much different in the official New Republic military image, in her dress uniform. She pulled open the file, and the images of the horrific wounds that should have mercifully ended the woman’s life paved the way to some very risky surgery with some very experimental cybernetics created by the Institute. Zephre had died on the table three times during the surgery, and it took a considerable amount of work to get her to a shape where she would be able to rescue her daughter from terrorists. Jola would pay her a visit as well..

She sighed, brought herself back to the table again, and picked up the report again, continuing to read it. No matter how much she looked over the data, it wasn’t getting any better…

The door chime was a welcome distraction, as she hit the door control on the desk…

Agramar City
Royal Medical Wing

Raisa stepped out of her daughter’s room, into the hallway where Taan stood waiting. He was in his Senate robes, which meant he had been working on something she wanted no part of. She noticed that the adjoining room, the one that was holding the other girl, Kalli Juss, was on shut down, Even the large window had been closed off, and the medic was wearing a full protection suit. Something had happened, and sooner or later, she’d need to know what it was.

“How’s Cat?” Her husband asked, snapping her back. “Is she..”

“She wants a freezey, so I’m getting her a freezey..” Rasia said, referring to the frozen drink popular among children on Agramar. “Your look really pretty, Mr. Senator..” she chided, chucking his arm. “You got a date?”

“If you remember, Lord Defender Vos is coming to visit..” Taan said. “I’d like you to be there, since you’re one of the Heroes of Agramar..”

“I thought we covered that.” She said, perturbed at her husband’s insistence. “You’re making an mistake if you want to bring out all the bells and whistles for Dev. You’ll honor him more with a quiet welcome, a bottle of very nice Corellian and I’m sure a nice Steak wouldn’t hurt.” She said, stopping him. “You’re going to put him off doing otherwise. If you’re going to do it, keep it small..”

“Her Majesty is adamant on it, Rai..” Taan stated, looking down at the ground. “She wants to honor him with a lot of pomp and circumstances.”

“Well, I can’t leave Catlyn..” Raisa said, entering the wings cafeteria, and approached the Freezey machine. “I promised I’d be there, and I intend to.. I shouldn’t even have gone to that dinner..”

Taan sighed. “I think her Majesty is going to insist you be there..” he said, looking at his wife, his lips tight.

Raisa whirled on him. “Then she’s going to be disappointed, isn’t she..” and stewed a moment. “Fine, I call proxy..”

“Proxy?” Taan asked. “What does that…”

Raisa waved him off. “Go take care of your politicking, I’ve got a game of Bag Toss to play before the Lord Defender arrives.”

Taan nodded, not sure what his wife had in mind. “What if Your wrong, and the Lord Defender has changed..”

She poured two frozen Freezey’s into tall glasses an looked at Taan. “Then I don’t want him anywhere near Catlyn..”


His arms felt like rubber after the workout, the punching bag still swaying as he heard his comm. bleet for attention. Joklyn picked up the comm., and saw his mothers face.

<<Why are you all sweaty?>> Raisa asked him, her small image on the screen.

“I was working out, Mom.. I’m in the gymnasium.” Jok said, smirking.

The image of his mother nodded. <<Good, that’s good..>> she said, pausing. <<I need you to take my place at the reception for Devon Vos and his family, so I can stay with Cat.>>

“Reception?” He said, taking off the gloves. His knuckles and wrists were still bruised and scraped, which he knew pegged him as a novice boxer at best, maybe even a neophyte at the discipline. Maybe Uncle Chase could show him some things..

<<Yes, Reception… Shower, put on some clean under ware and some decent clothing, preferably not sport related, and meet your Dad at the tarmat later this evening when the Blade of Justice arrives..>> and added. <<See me first, though, I’ve got a note for the Lord Defender..>>>

NRS-43332 Rho Klatta

Corryn Villis leaned back into the conform couch, looking over the documents the Republic Marshalls had left on board the Rho Klatta, and she had to admit, the New Republic vessel was rather pleasant. Perhaps she would keep the pristine YT-2400. She had always been partial to out rigger cockpits. It wouldn’t hurt to have her own ship. Villis picked up the document again, and read the orders for the Marshalls aloud.

“Take the prisoner, Baron Cranston Fokker, and all relevant evidence into custody from the Agramar Ministry of Information, and deliver the prisoner to the New Republic Depot on Tattooine for processing, where you will relinquish custody of evidence and the prisoner to CorSec. ” She said, and laughed. “Pathetic..”

Orin Strum crossed his arms, shaking his head at the woman. “How did you manage to get all this together in such short notice?” The Follower of the True Faith asked, or rather former follower. After the Port Marskella exploded, the Maestro had abandoned him and his fellows to perish on the Station, though his fortune turned when the Baroness offered him gainful employment. He had skill, and with the boosters he had, Orin knew he could stand against any Jedi or Sith.

“Money..” She said, not looking up. “Lovely money, and lots of it. The Baroness wants her brother back, and the contact I used to get on the 571 hadn’t been discovered.” Villis said, looking up. “He sent the crew assigned to this mission off on another, more pressing assignment, which left this job open for last minute roster change.” She said, standing. “He puts four newly minted Marshalls on the case from various Law enforcement divisions within the Republic, and were good to go.”

Kabe Wiste sat forward from his seat, shaking his head.. “So, the real enemy of the New Republic in this instance is the bureaucracy?”
“Exactally.” Villis said, laying down the documents, and pulled out her vibroblade. “You lot are going to get the Baron and secure him on the ship, while I take care of some personal business..”

Xu Rex, a dark green Rodian, looked at the woman. “What will that be..”

She glared up at the Rodian. “I’ll be killing Catlyn Ric..”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Blade of Justice

Devon sat at his desk in his ready quarters staring at the latest reports from the shadow he'd assigned to follow the Sith Lucien, the report was disturbing in that it detailed an entire fleet and that their current location was the Loris system, it had been a while since he'd last spoken with Empress Jade but she'd seemed no where near embracing Sith philosophy. The fact that Daer'gunn was travelling with this sith both eased some of his fears and heightened others, it didn't help that by all accounts Sivter's plans whatever those were seemed to be coming to head at Dac and while he wanted to be there to help put that Defel down for good the threat of a resurgent Foul running amok in the wider galaxy was not one he could let pass and if the reports that Jonji had sent him were accurate they'd gotten their first solid lead on his plans and whereabouts, on his desk the intra-ship comm chimed,

"We're 3 minutes out sir." the youngish voice came from the audio relay when he keyed it open.

"I'll be there." he replied and closed down the link and then his terminal and stood to his feet, the warning light by the door shifted it's hue a visual alert tot he ship's crew that they were about to revert, he could feel them scrambling to alert stations as was standard operating procedure on any Defender ship about to enter a sector of space whose status was unknown, pulling on his cape he secured it in place and swept through the door on the active bridge, the ship's captain glanced up and nodded, he rooted himself to the floor with the Force as the ship plunged back into regular space, outside the view ports Agara shown in the distance it's moderately sized dot of light occasionally occluded by pieces of the brier patch that surrounded Agramar,

"Scans are showing one patrol ship sir." the tactical officer, a zabrak with white skin and a cluster of vestigial horns clustered on his brow piped up, his tattooing making him appear more menacing than he'd learned he actually was.

"They're hailing sir." came an addition by the twi'lek with light blue skin and her head tails draped forward to either side of her neck, one twitched nervously at it's tip.

"Put it on." the captain replied, static came over the speakers mounted somewhere in the ceiling of the cabin,

"This is System Defense Boat RSDB ULAN MASTIF, we've been awaiting your arrival and have been asked to escort your in after the standard civilities have been observed."

The captain looked back over his shoulder towards Devon and he nodded back to the other man, the captain stabbed his console and opened the channel, "This Captain Esseles of the Blade of Justice, cutting thrust and preparing for docking operations on port side."

"Confirmed, docking operations for your port side." the voice came back. Devon nodded to Captain Esseles and then they both moved towards the bridge hatch,

"XO you have the bridge!"

"Aye sir." came a reply from a dark skinned near human with slightly pointed ears. The two men moved down the hall in comparable silence before stopping at the lift,

"Is this standard operations for them sir?" the captain finally asked.

"No, but I imagine we might be a special case."

"Because we're a warship?"

Devon chuckled and shook his head, "No, because I'm a war hero."

"Just so then." the man said after a moments contemplation and then stepped into the lift as the doors opened...

Vos Family Quarters____________________________________________________________

Darien Vos looked up from the datapad he'd been reading when the status light near his small compartment's hatch shifted colors and hitched up his crash webbing, a few minutes later when the light shifted again he popped the buckle and stood, a few seconds later his link chirped, he keyed it open, "Darien."

"Please gather your mother and sister and meet me at the port lock." it was his father's voice on the other end, the channel clicked and then went dead, Darien rolled his eyes and clipped the link to his utility belt opposite his lightsaber and opened teh hatch, "Sister, dad wants us to meet him at the port airlock. I'm going to go find mum."

"she's in the medical bay." her sister called back.

Ofcourse, Darien thought to himself, that was where he'd have started looking anyway since that was where she'd been most of the time she wasn't sleeping or eating since they'd gotten his Master's report on the 571 incident, "Thank sis!"

a few minutes later he was standing outside the small office of the chief medical officer which had been graciously donated to his mum to keep her out of the medical staffs hair, Dairen chuckled at the exasperated look the man had given him when came through the hatch looking for Jola, he hadn't needed the force to see the frustration. He keyed the door chime and smiled at his mum when she opened it,

"Darien!" she grinned for a momment and then frowned, "Is something wrong?"

"Nope." he replied with a smile, "Dad just wants us to meet him at the port airlock."

A puzzled look crossed her features and then she rolled her eyes, "Ofcourse.... should have known we wouldn't be able to avoid that."

"Care to clue me in mum?"

She chuckled and pulled her mane of red back and secured it with something that had been around her left wrist, "You'll see, your sister?"

"Will meet us there."


As the two of them strode back out through the medical bay Jola gave the chief medical officer a smile and a nod, Darien was pretty sure she didn't see the eye roll that followed...

Blade of Justice
Port side airlock

Devon watched as the docking crew did their jobs efficiently and quickly and then settled into the ready positions on either side of the circular opening that would soon be one end of a tunnel connecting two ships, through the hull the deep thunk of a magnetic grapler locking onto the hull reverberated and the light above the lock turned red and the sounds of atmosphere could be heard rushing into it from somewhere in the bulkheads, Darien and Jola arrived followed a few minutes later by Kali and Zora, Kali at least wore a wry smirk that very nearly mirrored her mother's, Darien and Zora each wore masks of confusion. Another deep thunk reverberated through the hull and the light above the lock shifted to green and the deck crew sprang into action swinging the heavy door into the lock to the left and then worked the outter door till it opened opposite the inner one, the air rippled as the atmospherics of the two ships equalized in the temporary connecting tunnel. A minute later a man emerged from the outer door in a full dress uniform...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Zora watched as the human wearing the fitted white uniform stepped through the connection tunnel with the other vessel, followed by two uniformed soldiers whom she assumed must be officers, took positions on either side of the first human. He was larger than the other two, with a look of a veteran in his steely eyes. Each of them wore what appeared to be cutlasses attached to their belts on their sides, and the officer to the right of the older man carried an additional cutlass in scabbard in his off hand.

“Lord Defender Devon Vos, I am Captain Cezar Doras of the Royal System Defense Boat Ulan Mastif, and on behalf of Her Majesties System Defense Forces we are pleased to welcome your return to Agramar.” He reached back, and the soldier carrying the cutlass handed it forward. “As per tradition in such things, I am to present you with a weapon from our Armory, designating you as a defender of Agramar once again, and these two officers to accompany you on your journey planet side. The RSDB Ulan Mastif will take a high guard position to ensure your continued safe travel until reaching orbit..”

Zora approved of the fuss they made over the Lord Defender, as she watched the Captain extend the sheathed blade out for Devon to accept..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Devon nodded and took the sword from the younger man and then pulled it part way from it's sheath exmaining the blad ebefore sliding it back home and then clipping it to an empty hook on his utility belt that appeared to have been made for the weapon,

"I would be honored to have the Ulan Mastif escort us captain. Would you care to join me on the bridge of the Blade or will you be returning to your ship?"

He watched the man hesitate faced with the decision before his features firmed up,

"It would be an honor sir but regulations require my presence on board the Mastif." He motioned to the two men behind him, "I'm sure these two men will do in my absence though. This is Lieutenant Commander Maze and Corporal Finn."

The two men stepped forward as the captain spoke their names, each one snapping to attention with a smart salute. Devon returned them and nodded, "Very well Captain, good to see there's no command bias against ground pounders in the Agramarian Navy."

The younger captain straightened up just a bit at the words, pride from Devon's subtle hint that he remembered him straightening his spine just a little bit more,

"Aye sir." he smiled flashing up one final salute then nodded to each of the two men and returning back through the portal to his ship...

Devon studied the two men in their full dress uniforms for a few quiet seconds before nodded to the airlock crew who sprang into action, "Well no sense wasting anymore time, the bridge is this way gentlemen."

With that he turned with a bit of a flourish, his cape fluttering out with the movement and headed back to the bridge proper...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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The company followed the Lord Defender towards the bridge, scattered slightly into smaller groups. Jola and Devon led the way, silent and intent on their own purpose. Dr. Khalid would soon have her hands and mind busied with the children whom were infected with whatever had been used to boost their Midi-chlorian counts. Just as Lady Jola would be busy, so would the Lord Defender with the affairs of State and Status, as it was never an easy task cavorting with Royalty. The two soldiers from the other vessel followed, just ahead of Darien, herself and Kali that made up the second group, and the Blades security personnel followed behind them in the third, which the young Haruchi was certain was one of the rules for visitors. Everyone was silent, which Zora found odd for the group. Generally speaking, the Vos’s were quite chatty. She concluded that it was the addition of the soldiers from Agramar, mixed with the additional security which held the tongues of her compatriots. The young Haruchi took the quiet time to look over the newcomers.

The two soldiers wore different uniforms, denoting of which arm of Agramarans Military Service they served. Like the Captain who had presented the Cutlass to the Lord Defender, the Officer wore a clean white uniform, high necked and belted at the waist, with long trousers and shined shoes. Numerous decorations adorned the man’s chest, which broke the starkness of the uniform; most notable was a set of wings over his left breast pocket. The other man, who was identified as a Soldier, wore a similar designed uniform but in dark blue, and rather than shoes wore highly shined leather boots. The soldier was younger than the officer by at least a decade, and she could tell he suppressed the urge to crane his neck around in an untoward manner. She could understand his discomfort, completely. Both were highly disciplined, and she had to assume were credits to their service.

They reached the lift that led to the Blades bridge, and took places on the floor pad with the exception of the Blades security, who took their places at the lifts access. The Soldier was nearly first to break the silence in the lift tube as it ascended towards its destination, but was halted by the Officer. The Soldier returned to his reticent demeanor.


The lift opened, and the company exited in an orderly fashion onto the bridge of the Blade of Justice...

“The Ulan Mastif has disengaged successfully and taken position over our ‘blind spot’ in a classic High Guard protective posture.” The tactical officer stated, looking up from his board. “They are awaiting for us to get underway..”

“You are cleared to do so..” Captain Esseles said, taking his position. A flurry of activity began at his word, as within moments, the Blade was underway towards it’s destination.

“A well run ship, Lord Defender, my compliments.” Commander Maze said, an approved look on his face.

“I’m sure your own vessels are as well run, Commander.” Kali said, a most diplomatic smile on her face.

The Commander nodded. “Indeed, Miss. I, however, find my crew to be considerably smaller at any one time.” He said, and glanced over at the Devon. “I command the 12th Assault Squadron off of SyDef Alpha, which fields six GAT 12 Skipray’s.” He said, turning his head back to Kali. “My personal crew is only five at a time, though I do take responsibility for the remaining squadrons combat readiness..”

Kali nodded, and looked to the Corporal. “You’re one of the Agramar Royal Marines, correct?”

The Corporal nodded. “Indeed, Miss. I serve with the 3rd Battalion Heavy Weapons Company, stationed on SkyDef Alpha as well.” He said, shifting his weight to a more comfortable stance. “It’ll be nice to see Agramar again in meters rather than a astronomical units.”

The Communications officer, the Twi’lek, looked back over her console.

“Captain, we have a transmitted holo recording for the Lord Defender..” She said. “From a Artemis Institute Representative by name of Liam Bannon..” and after a moment, she turned to Devon’s group. “Shall I forward it to your console?”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Devon nodded to the communications officer, "If you will excuse me for a minute I need to take this in private, Zora if you would please come with me."

he noticed that the request seemed to catch the much younger Hurachi off-guard but didn't let his ammusment smile slipping into his small ready room just of the bridge he waited for her to follow him in an, the glowing image of Liam "Crash" Bannon floated over the small holoprojector imbedded in the desk. Zora looked like she wanted to ask why she was there but recognition of the man in the holo seemed to quiet the questions...

"Lord Defender.. I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met briefly on the old Praxeum Moon some time ago. Doctor "A" tells me you've got your hands full with Onederon, and the Jedi Temple comes first, but I need your help when you have a chance. Rather, I need my ol' buddy Jay's help with some Hieroglyphs. I can explain more when we speak, and Thanks."

The man looked much better than he had when they've first crossed paths several month prior, he still looked every bit the overweight flame out of a spacer but something in his eyes was different, where as before there had been a look of depression and restless searching now there was a twinkle of confidence and purpose. It seems that whatever Draven had him doing was good for both of them, he look over at Zora who seemed to have a slightly perplexed look on her face,

"You recognize him, yes?" she nodded, her grasp of galactic basic had improved dramatically over the intervening months since her arrival but there were still plenty of the finer details that would often elude her grasp if she hadn't encountered them before, "Good, there's only one reason I can think of that he would need access to Jay 5."

"The Golem's knowledge of the Sphere's languages. You think they have located..." she paused searching for the right words before looking him in the eyes again, "Relics?"

"If Draven is involved then I'd say it's a pretty solid bet, when we arrive I want you to accompany Jay down to meet with Bannon, he's already cleared on the sphere so you don't need to worry about discussing it with him but if there are others do not discuss it unless they show knowledge already. Understood?"

"Perfectly." she nodded and the two of them returned through the hatchway to the bridge just in time to see the first of the series of micro-jumps needed to traverse the brier-patch, he caught a questioning look from Jola and he sent a reassuring touch through the Force that he would explain once they found some privacy. Devon placed a hand on one of the nearby consoles as the inertial compensators surged and faded with each of the micro-jumps till the two ships finally emerged in a reserved high-orbit above the beautiful blue-green jewel of Agramar,

"Orbit locked in." the navigation officer announced from his post as the bridge crew moved swiftly from underway stations to station keeping, the comms officer held a hand to their ear, "We've just received flight path info for the trip down my Lord. Good, have a shuttle prepped with an honor guard with full state dress prepped. Captain I leave the ship in your care."

Esseles nodded as the whole group once again left the bridge for the ship's launch bay and the retrofitted Lambda class shuttle that would deliver them down to the surface...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“Be carefull, you…” Jay-Fivepio exclaimed to the cleaning droid that had nearly toppled the purposefully chaotic stack of data disks and reports from Mistress Jola’s’s desk. “I assure you, it will be your last had you done so.” The blue protocol droid watched as the box shaped cleaner moved away from the area, releasing an electronic sigh of relief. It wouldn’t have been proper for Mistress Jola to place all of her materials back in the order she had placed them in, which deceptively appeared to be a jumbled pile. Jay knew that the Family was going to be visiting Agramar, a place that non had been to in a considerable amount of time, and he personally hadn’t visited, at least not to his recollection.

Jay moved back into the kitchen unit, and put the finishing touches on the lunches for the youngest Vos’s, since he had figured that they wouldn’t have time once they arrived on world to eat a proper meal, though Agramar was known for it’s cuisine. Adventure and danger followed them where ever they went, from his own personal knowledge of the family, but in between excitements and intrigues, they could open their lunch boxes and have properly made food. Until he returned to the institute, they were his charges, and he took it very seriously.

A chime at the front hatch rang out as he closed the last container on the box lunch, and moved quickly to answer.

Jay was surprised to see Zora Al’Akahaab standing in the doorway, in her Defenders uniform and Haruchi cloak, hood down. The young Haruchi gave him a proper head nod, and entered the Lord Defenders domicile. She had access, of course, since Devon had notated Jerrik Fel and Her as family. She was also important, possibly more so, as the last survivor of the Sphere world. He had taken her under his metal wing to teach her the basic language, as well as acquaint her to the galaxy in general.

“Mistress Zora, what a pleasant surprise.” The droid welcomed her, “It is fortunate that you are here, I have your boxed lunch available for you to enjoy at your..”

“Yith me, You must come, Jayfive..” She said, getting strait to the point, a general trait of her people. “A meeting we will have with a mutual friend. Captain Bannon. Asked for you, he did.”

Jay paused as it processed. Master Crash was asking for him personally, for mysterious purposes. “May I ask why, Mistress?”

“It is the Lord Defenders opinion that it deals with Relics from my realm, which need translations. There can be no other reason I can think of.” She said, flatly. “Though you are good company, I must say.”

“Very good, I shall accompany you with the Family then,” And began to collect the lunches from the preparation area. Zora followed him into the kitchen, shaking her head.

“There is little time for that, and as both of you work for the institute, I’d like you to contact him before we leave so to prepare for meeting, yes?”

Jay nodded, “Oh, indeed, I shall do so at once.. This is so exciting!” He said, picking up the boxed food. “I shall deliver the box to the shuttle, and we shall make our way to the communication deck!”

“Jay, time no there isn’t!” Zora exclaimed. “Go now, we must..”

“Mistress!!” He said, scolding. “Think, then speak!” and carried the box out of the hatch into the passageway. “And there’s always time for nutrition!”

Shaking her head, Zora followed her language teacher..


ROYAL RESIDENCE PRIVATE STAR PORT FACILITY:_____________________________________________________________

The honor guard consisted of fourteen ARMarines, seven per side and resplendent in their dress light armor and helmets. They waited for the Shuttle from the Blade of Justice with some anticipation, just as the Senator did. He checked his time piece often, and continuously looking towards the residence. His neck felt chaffed at the high collar of his Senatorial garb, which felt a little tight around the middle as he checked his timepiece, feeling sweat beginning for form under his heavy dress tunic in the muggy afternoon heat. Taan hoped this greeting ceremony would go soon, as the clouds in the horizon was beginning to look threatening, much as it had the evening before when it pounded rain all evening. It wouldn't do to conduct all this in a tsunami.

Well, he thought, perhaps not a tsunami, but they'd be drenched none the less..

It wasn’t long before Queen Eirta and the Princess Alyra arrived, both wearing the royal equivalent of his Senate gear, but they both looked completely comfortable in them, and gave Taan a pleasant nod practically in unison. Where was his wife..

“Hey Dad.”

Taan turned, and saw his son standing there, with a grin on his face. He was scrubbed, wearing what would pass for decent clothing and carrying what appeared to be a Bottle with a note attached. The Senator nodded, knowingly.

“Proxy..” He said, closing his eyes and patted his Joklyn on the shoulder. “You look great, pal.. Whats that..”

“Ah..” Jok said, holding up the bottle and the note.. “Mom said to give this to Uncle Devon if things go south..”

Eirta’s smile seemed strained as she glanced back at the young man. “Raisa said that, then..” She’d have a stern conversation with her old friend.

Taan would diffuse the situation before it started, as Raisa wouldn't react well to Eirta dressing her down for some event that she didn't think necessary. Alyra beamed at Jok as he straightened and addressed the monarch, a woman he had known nearly all his life as and Auntie. She seemed to be perturbed at his Mom's absence, and chose his words carefully.

“Yes, Ma’am. She felt it best to remain with Catlyn, and sends her apologies.” Jok replied diplomatically, and passed the bottle to his dad, who nodded approvingly. “It’s Corellian, alright..” and handed it back, knowing that Raisa had not sent forward her apologies to Eirta. Jok tucked it back under his arm, and nodded. “So, what should I say to him..”

Taan chuckled, realizing exactly how silly this all was. Maybe Raisa was right. It was, after all, Devon.

“Just be polite, you’ll be fine. This isn’t your first event, after all.”

One of the Queens assistance whispered in her ear. “The shuttle from the Blade is coming..” and with that, the small honor guard stepped off, across the Tarmat to where the shuttle would land..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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<<< Aboard the Shuttle >>>

Devon made a final adjustment to the ceremonial armor that he wore as the shuttle dropped onto it's landing pads and the inertial dampeners dropped offline, it was the first time he'd put on the uniform and it was still entirely too stiff and uncomfortable but he mused in the back of his mind that was true for pretty much any bit of formal ware in the galaxy, half it's job was to make you more uncomfortable. Tugging on the strap that crossed his chest holding a shoulder pauldron in place on his left shoulder to which one side of his cape was now attached he looked back towards his Jola and his kids all of whom were dressed in their more formal Jedi robes, the white and tan of Jola's popping in the dimmer light of the shuttle's troop bay,


Her pale Violet eyes met his own and she nodded, "As we'll ever be, never did like this formal stuff, part of why I left the rebellion... well that and this charming young scoundrel with an irresistible grin."

Devon smirked and he could see Kali roll her eyes and Darien press his face into his palm behind him Jerrik Fel finally stood from his jump seat and gave him a wink before straightening his own formal Defender's uniform, it's black synth-leather streaked with crimson trim,

"Ready when you are Lord Defender." he added stepping around his family and taking up his station to his right as his honor guard, he couldn't help but notice the brief touch between him and his daughter as they passed each other. There was a growing connection between those two that he would have to address sometime soon, as if on cue the boarding ramp of the shuttle hissed as the atmosphere equalized the mists from the boarding jets covering it with a artificial fog that rolled out and down the ramp,

"Time to make an entrance." he smiled and stepped down the ramp, he took in the small crowd gathered a short distance away to greet them and smiled, at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been... yet... stiffening his neck just a touch he presented his arm to Jola who after just a infintesmal pause took it as they started across the soft grass towards the Queen and the others gathered to meet them. He wondered just what sort of impression all the black and crimson armor he and Jerrik wore gave those gathered to meet them as it was the first time he'd seen many of them in a decade or more, he was a far cry form the fledgling Jedi Master he'd been during his last short visit...

Chase Navarro shifted his weight and glanced over to where he knew Jonji Fawkes and his wife were at as the dark grey military shuttle settled onto the landing circle in front of them, it was clearly a military vessel and the weapon emplacements clearly visible to all showed had a mouth full of teeth, it sent a very clear message. It was one those close to the Vos Clan were still adjusting to since Devon Vos' return from the grave a year earlier. As Devon strode down the ramp Chase arched an eyebrow, the man in the lead was clearly Devon but the military hair cut and nearly head to toe armor, ceremonial as it was, still shocked him enough that his wife jabbed him in the side with her elbow,

"I never thought I'd say this but it suits him." he heard her whisper through their sub-dermal comm-link, Chase narrowed his eyes and gave the man a second more clinical appraisal letting his instincts and training as a professional solider do the evaluating and he found himself agreeing with his wife. He knew Devon had always had a knack for leading troops in battle but now he very much looked the part, far more than any of the pencil necks he'd been barked at by over the years,

"What do they call him now?" he questioned his wife back over their private link.

"Lord Defender."

Chase nodded, "Yeah, I can see that..."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Jok watched as the group exited the shuttle from the Blade of Justice, and stifled a smile when he saw the members of the Vos clan. Apparently, his mothers thought on how she expected them to show themselves had been under estimated, though vivid memories from the past bubbled up, and settled on his mouth, breaking to a full grin. He looked up to his father, he glanced down and winked. It was going to be ok, but he kept the bottle handy just in case. Vos looked considerably different than he had when last he saw him, with the buzz cut and military uniform and cape, but somehow he still saw the uncle of his extended family behind the new look. Jola looked the same as well, though he’d seen far earlier than Devon. Darien and Kali Vos trailed behind them, and he lingered longer on Kali than her older brother. She was gorgeous, and hadn’t realized how long he had been staring until he heard Alyra ‘s clearing of her throat. Jok shook off the infatuation for the moment to focus as Her Majesty stepped forward, followed by Alyra and his Dad.

“Lord Defender Devon Vos..” Queen Eirta said in what Jok had began to call her royal voice, lyrical and rich in tone, as Devon stepped forward. "Welcome back to the Agramar, who owes much of its freedom and prosperity to your efforts during the struggles against Palpatines Empire. It pleases us to see a Cutlass of Agramar in your possession, as now the people may rest easily knowing that one of its sentinels’ is ready to come to their aide once again.” She said, grasping Devons hand. “Welcome Home!”

The occasional drop of rain began to hit the tarmat, more drops hitting with higher frequency from the darkening sky as a all assembled glanced upwards. Princess Alyra contained a grin as she spoke to the Lord Defender. “Even Agramar weeps tears of gratitude upon your return, Lord Defender..” A laugh rippled though the groups, and even her Majesty broke a grin, though one she reserved when annoyed but was inappropriate to scold someone. Her Majesty and the Princess fell into step beside Devon Vos, as they began a receiving line.

Queen Eirta’s thin smile indeed showed her annoyance at her daughter, and Jok was inwardly pleased that her ire was directed off of his Mother, but as Alyra was his friend, felt some guilt at the thought. The Queen gave a nod to one of her aides, who moved off of the formation and began speaking into a comlink. Probably for a rain shield, he thought to himself. He looked back to the group, where Devon was speaking with his Father, who was sucking in his gut slightly. As they spoke, the drops began to fall in more rapid succession, and beginning to change from a sprinkle to a light rain. Lightning was flashing across the sky on the horizon as Devon stepped infront of him. Joklyn Zephre Ric smiled up at Devon, and gave a nod, about to say his piece.

Alyra’s voice rang out, directed at the Lord Defender..

“Joklyn was instrumental in the rescue of the victims from the 571 shuttle, Lord Defender, as well as the EVA rescue of his Mother and Sister when the villain’s station exploded, As well as kept a young woman alive when they were thown out an airlock on a booby trapped buoy, buddy breathing the whole time until found by…” and stopped, her face flushing. His Dad and the Queen was glaring at her.

Jok looked up at the Lord Defender again, this time his entire speech he had prepared was gone, out of his head and felt his face flush. There was only one thing to do…

He held out the bottle, a lopsided grin crossing his face as he said simply. “Its Corellian!”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Devon had smiled his way through the majority of the greeting line, some of those that waited there were old friends and even though his memories of them were distant to him even now they were none the less fond, when he got the young man in the all too uncomfortable looking military dress and the queen's daughter blurted out her praises for him a small genuine chuckle got away from him as the very light rain that had been trickling down began to come down more heavily, with but a thought he reached for the force and the rain stopped. Many of the guests in the line glanced up the sudden lack of precipitation pulling their attention away from he and the young man who was now holding out a bottle of 15 year old corellian brandy to him,

"Why don't you hang onto that for now, and give your mother my thanks." he smirked gripping the boy's shoulder and then tussling his hair, he glanced up through the translucent sheet of rain water that was flowing over his telekinetic cover then to his wife wife who gave him a affectionate smirk,

"Well folks I hate to be the one to break protocol but I think we should move the rest of this ceremony indoors, it's not easy holding off the rain."

As he spoke a wind gust from the storm carried a wave of cold wet wind through their ranks, he was suddenly very happy for the thick woolen formal uniform he wore, the thought as to why the city's weather control systems hadn't kept this storm at bay did cross his mind but only for a few seconds as he struggled to keep the shield angled to keep most of the party dry...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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HMSyDef Boat 002 Amun Latah___________________________________________________

"They're credentials check out, Captain, There isn't a reason to hold them here.." The Amun Latah's 2IC stated, clasping his hands behind his back as he waited for her response. Suri Movros glared at the transmitted credentials, and as the Latah's captain, it was on her head if the Republic Marshals passed without being scrutinized.

"NRS Rho Klatta, a YT 2400 modified frame, retrofitted for prisoner transport and other various Law Enforcement duties. Four Republic Marshalls are its crew, three humans and a rodian all here to pick up a single prisoner." She said, cocking her head, as if it would help her get a better perspective on the situation. Something was bothering her about this, but to be honest, she wasn't sure what it was. She could feel the 2IC's gaze boring into her, but he would simply have to wait.

"May I remind the Captain that we allow civilian vessels into system with less scrutiny." Commander Aldora said, an edge beginning to show in his voice. He wasn't fond of the young captain of the Latah, and this wasn't endearing her at all. A more seasoned officer would have passed the New Republic vessel without a second thought, with little more than a notation in the log book. She's finding controversy where there was none, pure and simple. Perhaps it was because she was born in privilege, with her family tracing its roots to the earliest of settlers to Agramar, or that her family owned and operated the largest transport corporations in the outer rim.

Could be this kid took the command that was destined for him..

"Let them pass, Commander, and send Ministry Chief Childers a heads up, let him know their coming." Movros said, still feeling something was amiss. She moved away from the situation table and over towards another of her officers who was motioning for attention. Aldora nodded to the communication officer, and took station on the other side of the bridge.

NRS-43332 Rho Klatta______________________________

<<Rho Klatta, you are cleared to pass the Briar patch, transmitting the coordinates now.>>
Came back the voice from Agramar’s System Defense boat. Kabe Wiste nodded and acknowledged the order verbally as Xu Rex spurred the engines of the Freighter into action, moving away from the system bound capital ship. Had the Rodian gunslinger not been desperate, he’d have not taken this job, but Kabe had promised that the bounty on his head would disappear, that the Marskellas would take care of it. The wild card seemed to be the woman in charge, Corryn Villis, who had some kind of vendetta against someone named Ric. That was fine with him as he could understand a vendetta , However what he couldn’t wrap his head around was the timing. It was her job, and she wasn’t going to be there? Hypothetically, they could pull it off without her, as her lead roll stopped at the planning stage, but if it was his Op, he’d be there micromanaging the entire thing.

He knew he could trust Wiste, and he was pretty sure that the other human was some kind of former Jedi or Sith or some such. They didn’t seem to have an issue with Villis’s plan, so he shouldn’t either.

Sure, and he’d be the next Senator for Rodia..

“Looks like there’s some kind of storm front moving in near our landing spot, Xu..” Wiste said, reporting from the Co-pilots seat not looking up from the sensor board. “We might want to take a different route to the Star Port.”

From behind them, Villis’s cold hiss interrupted them, “You can’t land in a storm, Rodian?”

Xu shrugged, speaking in basic for her benefit. “It isn’t an issue, Boss. Just a heads up..” he said, continuing the micro jumps through the Debris corridor. “We’ll keep our scheduled landing time...”

She nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer as the Klatta made its jump free of the zone. Agramar was suddenly dominated the viewport, as did the capital ship in orbit, one that they hadn’t taken into account being there. The Klatta’s war book brought up the information instantly, marking it as a Red Star Alliance XLI Cruiser, USP profile designated Blade of Justice. Villis glared out of the viewport, her lips thinning to a hard line. The Blade was connected to a group of peacekeepers from the Loris Empire called the Defenders, led by a former Jedi Master of who's name escaped Xu at that moment. It rattled Villis, who shot daggers at the Cruiser. His snout quirked into a smirk, as his giant eyes glanced back at the Hard Faced woman.

“Not something you see everyday..” Xu said simply, and plotted the course to Agramar’s down port..

Agramar City: Royal Hanger Assembly Room____________________________________

Princess Alyra stood next to Jok, watching the torrential downpour drench the Tarmac as he toweled off his red hair, a similar act that the adults present were doing with the lush towels brought by the queens attendants. The general demeanor seemed to have changed from the official welcome, pomp and circumstances to a group of old friends meeting again after a long period of separation. Master Fawkes and the young Jedi Darien Vos were off in the corner talking in hushed tones, while His Dad was with Uncle Chase and the Devon, chatting back and forth with each other, probably telling old war stories or whatever old soldiers did when they were together. Something about Devon was nagging him. He seemed disconnected from their conversation, which seemed odd, but maybe that's how you act when you come back from the dead.

Would his Mom be like that?

The Queen, or Aunt Eirta as he normally regarded her, was off to the side, speaking with another of the attendants in calm, though he could tell frustrated, tones. Aunt Chi was standing off with Jola, Master Fawkes wife and Kali Vos, who was perhaps the most fusion girl he'd ever met. As if to punctuate the thought, a great bolt of lightning blasted across the sky, follow by a deep throated thunder roll that rattled the assembly room. He felt hands grip his arm, and a warmth on his side. Jok looked over, and saw Alyra gripping his arm, her eyes closed as the rolling continued to reverberate.

"Sure is raining.." She said, her eyes opening finally, a miserable look in them. What he wanted to do was shout at her for embarrassing him in front of the others, talking about him like he was some sort of hero. He wasn't, of course, as he just did what he had to do. He would have preferred to not have done the things he had done during the whole incident, but he had, and it had turned out. Would he do it again, and thought certain that anyone would have done the "heroics" he had done given the chance..

He smiled, inwardly glad he hadn't uttered the thought process that had just occurred, as no one would have understood it. He wasn't sure he did and he thought it!

Another burst of lightning and thunder rattled the panes, as Aly clutched his arm again, her eyes shut tight, and Jok put two and two together. She was afraid of the lightning, or thunder, or perhaps both. Granted, this was a particularly active storm, the likes he hadn't seen before, but it wasn't dangerous as long as they don't rush outside. Well, that was great, he couldn't yell at her now, and he'd run out of his anger at her later.

"Sure is.." He said, and let her clutch him..

The clear voice of Eirta came across the assembly room, drawing attention at once.

"We have just heard from the Weather Control Towers, and it seems that we are in for quite the storm. The weather control systems snapped off line, apparently an after effect of the New Republic building being destroyed, which had connected to the climate towers to boost some of their singles. I urge everyone to remain indoors until this storm passes, unless you like being soaking wet. I have been assured that the storm is little danger to anyone, but will be quite noisy." She concluded, and after a breath. "Devon, Jola, you are my dear friends, thank you for coming, and you and your family may feel at home here. The Senator and I regrettably have some affairs of state that must be dealt with, so I leave you in the very capable hands of Agramar's greatest treasure.."

Jok was amazed at the sudden shift in demeanor, as storm nervous little fourteen year old Aly turned miraculously into Crown Princess Alyra Movros Borgias. She either swallowed the fear, or had been faking as she stood straight at tall, and regarded her mother.

"Thank you, Mother.." she said, a beatific smile on her face as she moved forward to the center of attention, Eirta taking the moment to slip away with her attendants and Taan.

"The wing closest to the Hospital has been made available for your use, and the Master Suites have been reserved for the Lord Defender and Master Khalid. Attendants have been made available to see to your needs and I will be staying in the wing to ensure you comforts, and the current status of the children have been sent to the Master Suites.." and the young noble looked to serenely to Chase and Chianna, and beamed a smile. "Rooms have been made for you as well, since the storm is far to hazardous for speeder travel, and I must insist you enjoy our..." as another explosive blast of thunder rocketed across the landscape, rattling windows and things not nailed down. She didn't jump, not in the slightest, and her terror was only apparent to those who could sense such things..

"..hospitality." and with that, motioned for the group to follow.
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Chase cringed inwardly for the girl, though he had to admit that she was doing an impressive job of controlling her fear, almost Jedi like and while he didn't like the idea of being stuck in the capital instead of enjoying the comforts of teh country estate it would be good to catch up some with his friends,

"Well then lets get to it shall we? No sense standing around in the hallway."


The princess seemed to flush crimson for a moment and he could swear Raisa's pup shot him a glare, ah... to be that young again. He chuckled to himself and slipped into step next to Devon,

"So... Lord Defender... how's it going?"

Devon glanced over at him with a slightly amused smirk, "Are you actually trying to use titles Captain Navarro?"

Chase chuckled and gave his old friend a nudge with his elbow, "Sorry Dev, it's just too much fun not to pass up."

The slightly older man rolled his eyes as they followed along in the princess' wake, "I gotta say though I wasn't expecting to see you here, I knew your better half was coming but what brings you out here?"

Devon glanced back over his shoulder towards Jonji who nodded back at the brief eye contact, "Old family business."

"Mmmmm... cryptic... now that's the Devon Vos I remember. Is this family business something I should worry about?"

"Maybe... maybe not."

"Kay, just don't wanna end up on the wrong end of one of those shiny jedi glow sticks."

Devon couldn't help but chuckle at Chase's joke, he'd seen some of the more classified reports on his friends activities over the years and it was good to see he hadn't lost his sense of humor, too many beings who had to deal with some of the things he did died inside over time,

"Well you never know, lightsabers seem to pop up at random these days."

"No kidding, ran into a bunch of amped up lunatics running around pretending to be Jedi when we rescued those kids on Nar Shadda. Called themselves the Knights of the True Order or some bantha fodder like that, didn't fare so well against Jonji though."

"I've seen reports on them, we're keeping an eye on them in case they actually become a threat."

Chase chuckled at that...

Jola smirked as Devon and Chase discussed something that had ellicited a chuckle from her husband, "It's good to see some things never change."

"No matter how old they get all men are still just boys." Chianna smiled. "So are you two..."

"Back together?" Jola finished the question raising an eyebrow, "No... well not like we were... It's difficult."

"I imagine, where's his barbie?"

Jola tensed at the question, the memories of the rokugan script scrawled in blood on the floor of Devon's quarters back at the Forge, "Missing..."

Chi started to laugh till she noticed the tightness of her friends features, "What happened?"

"Someone took her... someone we thought was dead."

"Stang... oh stang... tell me that creepy dragon guy isn't back..."

Jola let a half-smile crease her lips and shook her head, "No, Dragon Masque is gone for good."

"You sure? People have a habit of coming back from the dead around you guys."

"No, this is someone else."


Chianna's blood ran cold at the look Jola gave her, there were very few things in the galaxy that scared her friend and whatever or whoever it was they were discussing terrified her friend,

"You're better off not knowing."

She nodded that was enough for her, "Is that why you're really here?"

"The Force," her friend smiled, "arranges our steps it seems."

"Well that's not ominous at all..."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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<<We are on final approach for the Blade of Justice, all Passengers and Crew prepare for landing in three minutes>> came the voice of one of the shuttles officers as the service vessel oriented itself to the ventral landing platform of the Blade of Justice. Crash Bannon tucked the notebook into his front pocket and snapped the fastener to secure it, and pulled out his Artemis Institute ID badge and attached it to the pocket of his grey tactical vest, smirking as he did occasionally at the thought of his employment to the famed scientific think-tank. This little card got him out of more tight spots then all the blaster fire and charm he could field at any given time, he thought to himself, and glanced around the passenger area.

It appeared that there were a number of Defenders returning to the ship already from Shore leave, which struck him as odd, since whenever he got shore leave, you’d have not see him for the duration. He shrugged mentally, figuring that they had duty, or the ripper of the storm unnerved them. It was the problem of modern weather control tech; nobody is use to a little rain and thunder. They’d probably faint if they saw a tornado, or even worse a hurricane. Well, whatever reason, this was the last scheduled shuttle for the night, according to the dock master. The storm wasn’t particularly dangerous, but Agramar issued a safety warning grounding vessels that were not on official business. A ferry taxi from the Blade of Justice taking the troops to shore leave would fall under the auspice of pleasure cruise and Crash was lucky to get a seat, to be honest. He hadn’t liked the idea of taking the Marlyanna out of her nice safe berth and basically doing a short gully jump to orbit. Just didn’t seem right, especially since the Defenders were fitting the bill for the shuttle..

The shuttle entered the atmospheric curtain into the Blades hanger bay, and he watched though the porthole as it was instantly taken up by the bays tractor system, and placed on the hard point where it would settle until it would take the next group of crewmen down to Agramar’s surface.

<<<One minute to disembark, this shuttles next scheduled departure is four hours from mark, given the Agramar Weather Service clears non essential travel..>>

Crash picked up his satchel, slung it over his shoulder, straightened his bright red and yellow flowered shirt under his tactical vest, and waved the other passengers to go ahead of him. He wasn’t in a great hurry, and they probably had places to be, being that this was their ship and all. As the Defenders streamed past him, some giving him a smile and a nod of thanks while others looked to their boots, he noticed one common attribute to them and it wasn’t the dark colored duty uniforms with the striking red highlights. What surprised him was how much younger they were compared to him, all the hope and wonder still flashing in their eyes, or eyestalks, or whatever visual organs they used. Many of them were just starting their lives, while he had more years behind him then ahead.

Shaking his head to clear out the dourness, he followed the Defenders out of the shuttle and into the landing bay and a smirk quirked his mouth when he saw his welcoming committee, whom he’d not seen since that day at the praxeum moon.

Jay-FivePio looked little different than he had when the droid had demanded passage to the old Jedi Praxeum, maybe a little shinier and buffed. The most surprising change was the young Zabrak girl, Zora the jedi primitive. Her black skin looked smooth and had a healthy glow rather than the grey palor when he’d met, the white tattoos that adorned her face, and he must assume her entire body, was in stark contrast. The Zabrak had also packed on some weight, filling out her body to a healthy weight, clothed now in the uniform of the Defenders rather than the dark grey rags which had been her normal attire. She had been subsisting on jerked meat, tainted water and the occasional plant molds from what he’d learned from the Docs, and had been suffering from advanced malnutrition and dehydration. Whatever all had been happening on her home world, be it war, famine or pestilence, she had come out of it well.

The pair saw him at the top of the ramp, and had completely different reactions. Jay straightened and began moving forward towards the ramp, waving his arms in excitement as Zora’s face remained passive as she moved in the excited droids wake, far more reserved than Jay. By the time he reached the end of the plank they had met him.

“Master Crash!” Jay said, excitement ringing from his vocoder. “It’s wonderful to see you again! Your looking most well!” the droid stated as Crash smiled broadly, adding “And colorfull.”

“Jay, It’s good to see you too” the Troubleshooter said, and rapped his knuckles on the droids abdomen “Looks like you’ve put on a little weight, pal! All that compiling of information has expanded your abdominal lubricant relays, eh?” and turned to the zabrak girl, leaving the droid to ponder that, which of course, he did. “You on the other hand look terrific, kiddo, a lot better than last I saw you!”

“A difference readily available food makes, Captain Bannon.” She said flatly, as the droid examined his own metal frame. “Healthier you seem as well.. not so Hruuked..”

Hruuked, huh..” Crash said, raising an eyebrow. “That can’t be good.”

“It is not, but now fear it no need have you..” Zora said, and gave an incline to her head. “The Lord Defender stated had you something for Jay to examine, yes?” She said, her voice raising for Jay’s benefit. The Protocol Droid jerked himself to his normal attentive self. “Indeed, Captain. I am very much looking forward to reviewing what you’ve brought!”

Right to business, Crash thought as he nodded. He reached into his pocket and brought out with a flourish a leather bound tome, around the size of a data pad and had a simple buckled lock keeping it closed. Both droid and zabrak moved closer, to get a better look..

“It’s leather bound..” Zora said simply, “The Script, recognize I do not..”

“It’s a Western Script, defiantly, but a dialect presently unknown…” Jay said, and looked up. “You said a Zabrak male had this in his possession?”

“In his pocket, yeah..” Crash said. “His lower half was melded into the stone..” and patted his satchel. “All the other evidence is in here. Holos, DNA, telemetry, images, and anything else we could think of..” he smirked, leaving off the platform from his verbal inventory. Jay’d have to see that himself when they got somewhere secure..

“Then we should get started right away!” The Droid said, and accelerated towards the lift heading to the upper decks. “Follow me, I know the way!” leaving Crash and Zora to catch up to the excited droid…

(more to come)
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Holding Cells: Ministry Of Information

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"We just got word, Baron.." Raster said from the other side of the energy barrier that kept Cranston Marskella in custody. The prisoner had been kept in bacta since the beating that Captain Navarro had administered to him at the space station that the Marskella's had used for a base, and now appeared to have recovered enough for transport. Marshals from the New Republic had arrived and it wouldn't be long before he's be out of Agramar's Ministry of Information's hands. "You're rides here.."

The noble looked up from his bed. "Ahh.. the ride to my execution, I must assume."

The Zabrak shook his head. "Nah, you'll get a fair trial, I'm sure." he said, smirking as he looked off towards the two Agramaran Royal Marine guards keeping vigil to the sides of the door, or rather referred to as ARMarines, he recalled. These two wore light duty armor, little more than a reinforced body suit and chest and shoulder armor, gauntlets and open faced helmet. He had seen others, who wore a heavier kit which was reminiscent of clone war era troopers, but they were designated the powered infantry and seldom seen when not in training. Agramar maintained a well armed and well trained self defense force, the NRI Agent had to admit. "Otherwise, we'd have just shot you here.."

"My fair trial then, will it be held on Coruscant?" The Baron asked, leaning back on his bunk. "I've not been there in some time. Didn't it get bombarded or some such nonsense?" he said, cocking his head to the side.
Raster half sneered and half smiled at the prisoner. "I'm not privy to your route, Mr. Marskella. All I know if you'll be in the hands of the Republic Marshals, and they'll be taking care of you from this point on." and leaned in. "Are you familiar with the Marshals?"

"I'm sure you'll enlighten me, Agent Raster.." The Baron smirked.

"Their Bounty Hunters, sanctioned by the Judicial branch, and have the annoying habit of being single minded in their pursuit of justice and I'm sure they won't be as gentile as Agramar has been." Raster paused, taking a few deep breaths remembering the faces of the children in the pits that this man had kidnapped, the twelve frozen faces of the NR 571's crew left floating in space. "Justice which you can't buy your way out of." Raster said, stepping forward to stand just before the energy barrier. "You're going to swing, Baron Cranston Marskella, so will your sister Trianna when she's caught, and I assure you, she will be." The Zabrak backed from the cell, away from the stick of corruption that occupied it. "The Marskella stain of the galaxy will be over.."

The Baron's response was a simple, heartfelt chuckle.

"A stain that you bequeath my family with that has gone unnoticed by the galaxy at large, and there are by far greater transgressors than my family, as I'm certain you will find in your career however short that will be." Fokker stood up, and watched him through the shield. "You couldn't possible believe that we came up with this plan all on our own, and You'd be foolish to believe that my sister and I don't answer to someone else. Someone who now knows who you are, and that you are one step closer to perhaps finding the truth behind all of this, someone with their claws deep inside the new republic.." he said, locking eyes on the zabrak. "Enjoy your victory while it lasts, Agent Raster, as it won't last.." and turned and sat back on the bench. "Or my Dear sister and myself planned the whole thing, and you've cut the head off the snake. You're a hero of the Republic, to be lauded in song and story.. " and paused.

"Or rather, it was the other two agents who did all the hard work, infiltrated Port Marskella and your taking the credit for them. You're a opportunist at best, or... " he clapped, slow and . "You're a scapegoat. Either way, well done. I'm sure your parents are proud of you.."

Raster exited the cell bay, back into the admin area without looking back..

He was going to accompany the Marshals when they take Fokker to trial, and he'd not take no for an answer..

(more to come)
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Examination Room..

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"Do you think Master Khalid has ever seen a Force Vampire?" Danzi Efrus said, laying flat on her back on the examination table as the sensor lights keeping her vital signs monitored on the screen above the bed. The other three greens were likewise inclined on examination couches spaced around the room as medical droid kept vigil over the children. "Or do you think she's one of those Jedi that just sit around and study." She tossed a ball up with one hand, and catches it with the other as she waited with Corben, Kevier and Hannon. She tossed the ball to the table next to her, caught by Kevier. "She's a working Jedi, you haven't heard of the Vos family?" and tossed it back to her. It was a new game, where you couldn't talk unless you had the ball. They'd been playing it ever since this morning, and even Linna the Medic had participated.

"Her name is Khalid, not Vos, nitwit.." She scoffed, and tossed the ball to Corben Jester on the opposite side of the room. "She can have two names, just like my mum's sister." He said, tossing it up in the air and catching it. "And from what I heard, her kids names are Vos too." He noticed that Danzi had her hand up, signaling she wanted to talk and he tossed the ball to her. She caught it, and started tossing the ball into the air. "Where did you hear that?" and tossed the ball back to Corben.

"Medic Linna was talking about it with the main hospital lady, I guess and she was reading off some kind of authorization list and she mentioned her assistant as being her daughter, Kali Vos."

Danzi waved for the ball, to whit Corben tossed it to her. "She's got the same name as Kalli." She said, keeping the ball in the air. "Bet that means something.." and tossed the ball back to Kevier. "You're the nitwit, Danzi. Just cuz they have a similar name, doesn't mean their connected somehow.." and tossed the ball back to her..

"But it would make a great story.." she grinned, and tossed the ball in the air to catch it again..

The ball streaked suddenly away from the happy little group of them into the hands of Hannon Juss, who threw it into the trash bin. Danzi, Corben and Kevier sat up abruptly, scowling at one who'd ruined the perfectly good game. "What's the big idea.."

"I'm sick of your stupid game.." He shot back. "Don't like it, go get your little ball.." and smile maliciously. "See what happens then.."

The ball suddenly tossed to Danzi, and everyone in the room jerked their heads towards the trash bin.

The Janitor had appeared from nowhere, and was collecting the trash from the bin as he glanced at them. "Sorry, kids.. didn't think you'd want that thrown out.." he said, tying off the bag and tossing it into his trash can attached to his cart. "Lucky for your they use live cleaners rather than droids, huh.." he smile an off side smile, like half of his face had been frozen. His eye on that side wasn't tracking with other, and his stooped shoulder looked pained as he lifted she sweeper from his place on his small cart. "Granted, they usually have the droids out when they need the place sterilized, but for just simple cleaning, they call on me"

Hannon snarled at the janitor. "No one asked for your nose to butt in, Nerfhead."

"Oh.." the Janitor thought a moment, then nodded. "Well, I'm bigger and stronger than you are, so what are you going to do about it?" and looked back over at the rest of the kids and winked. The others giggled as Hannon simply sneered. "Get bigger and stronger than you, I guess.."

The janitor nodded, seemingly impressed. "Good answer.." and swept around the room. "I'll be out of your way in a few moments, just gussying up the room before the Jedi people come in."

Kevier breathed out a sigh of relief. "So it's almost over."

"Sure is, and you'll all be home.." the Janitor said, smiling. He appeared to be missing a couple of teeth, apparently from bad dental hygiene. "And a few weeks from now, after the Jedi have had time to really look into your case, you'll be able to go back to your normal lives." he said, shrugging. "At least I hope so, for your sakes.. you youngsters got a real raw deal, and I hope the Jedi take it seriously, especially those two little sick kids in isolation." and gave a sad smile to Hannon, who bristled at the comment. "Such a shame."

"What do you mean?" Danzi asked, concern covering her face..

The janitor shrugged, stopping his sweeping. "Well, think about it.. The Jedi just had their temple destroyed, The Senate on Mon Calmari was bombarded, and their looking for that Sivter fellow and his Cult of Shadow whos tearing up the galaxy. Not to mention all of the other crazy stuff that's hit the New Republic. It's a mess out there...." he started mopping again. "All I know if it were one of the other force groups besides Jedi, you'd take high priority." he said, pushing around the chemical mop, cleaning the floor as she swabbed it around. "For instance, Kids trump everything else in the group I follow."

"Are you a force user?" Corben asked, surprised. "You don't look like someone who used the force.." the other two kids near him tried to sush him, but the Janitor smiled at them, waving them off from scolding the boy.

"Nah, its fine, kids.. No, I aint no Jedi or forcer, but I believe in it. Oh Boy do it.." and leaned on his mop and rolling his eyes, or rather the one that still worked. "He'd fix you right up, I'll tell you, if you want it bad enough." and as if he suddenly remembered the most important thing in the galaxy, fished out some trickets from his pocket. "I was going down to the board walk to hand these out to tourists, but you kids can use them.. " and handed each one.

Danzi looked at it, and admired the work. It was a little man made out of black sticks, tied together with thin twine. It was a simple little sculpture, and looked like it was done to look like it was made by ancients. "This is really wizard."

"It's the symbol of my belief. If you want something bad enough, just wish as hard as you can and burn it." he said, putting his mop back on his cart. "Well, good luck, kids. It'll all work out I've no doubt." and started to leave the room as Hannon looked at him. "Are you full of dren?"

The Janitor looked back. "Try it and find out, it might be the only chance your sister has..." and disappeared behind the hatch...

Hannon ignored his roommates talking about what just happened, and stared at the little wood man..


Ra pushed the cleaning cart back into the closet he had gotten it from, and moved deeper into the hospital wing, but not too far as he felt his presence would be needed there soon. The disguise had been quickly thrown together, but had to admit he was pleased with how well it pulled off with the youngsters.

The master was giving him alot of slack to his leash to conduct this project, and he didn't wish to disappoint him. He took a risk possibly exposing himself so soon, but If all went well, His master would have a new acolyte to keep Sarah Solo company..


“She’s going to wake up, isn’t she?” Catlyn said to the Old Man, watching Kalli Hannon sleep, or whatever it was she was doing, as she couldn’t really tell just by looking at her. It looked like she was breathing, but it was so shallow that it was almost imperceptible. She had changed much since she’d last seen her a day or so ago. It was almost like she'd been undergoing some kind of metamorphosis, one that wasn't for her betterment. The Stormtrooper kept vigil at the door, the ruined helmets face shield turned away from them as he watched for something that was apparently unnamed but completely consuming to the spectral imperial. The old man clasped her shoulder to reassure her. “I’m sure she will, Little one..” He said as he stroked his impressive beard with his translucent hand. “It’s far worse than a simple infection, I’d say.” He said, shaking his head. “It has to have come from Dromund Kaas’s most twisted minds.”

“What’s that mean?” Catlyn asked, looking up at the Old man, as even the Stormtrooper glanced back at them. The old man sighed in response. “It was a the seat of power for the Sith Empire, and a place where the Sith would create horrible things best not said before bed time.”

“Oh..” Catlyn said, pouting as she looked to her friend. She hadn’t known the older girl long, but since she’d been sick, they’d visited often, just as the other greenies had come visiting. It was odd that it took a terrible event for her to find friends. The old man touched her shoulder. “You should go back soon, things are going to start moving very quickly now, and you’ll need your rest.”

“I’m resting now, if you really think about it.” Catlyn replied, and moved closer to Kalli’s bed and was able to see her better. She skin had turned grey, like when you stay in the snow too long, and your take off your boots and your feet are super cold and damp. Framed around her mouth, eyes and nose looked like spider webbed veins that looked to be just under the surface of her skin. She'd overheard the Medic say her skin was toxic, and even the air around her had soured to the point of being poisonous. She had seen the medical personnel come in and out wearing environmental suits.

“Are you my Grand dad?”

The old man smiled. “Why would you ask that, little one?” He said, stroking his beard as he regarded his young charge. Catlyn crossed her arms in a passable mimic of her mother. "You look like us, or at least like mom and Joklyn.." and furrowed her brow. "Except the beard.. Mom doesn't have a beard.. "

"Does your brother?" The old man chuckled, his blue spectral image brighting as he did.

"No, he doesn't yet, but he keeps thinking he has one.." She shrugged "Just look at the bacta pads on his chin after he comes out of the fresher.."

This brought a longer laugh from the old man, who wiped a nonexistent tear from his eye. "Ohh.. I've not laughed in such a long time." and composed himself. The old man felt he owed her at least something for that chuckle. He kneeled in front of her, and regarded her for several moments before speaking.

"No, I'm not your grandfather, but I am an ancestor.." the old man said. "Very, very far back in your lineage. That's all I'll say.." he said, straightening her tunic. "The rest is for you to reveal for yourself."

Catlyn rolled her eyes. "Well, that was helpful, but I know your family of some form, like I said before. You look like us. Your obviously a Jedi of some form or another, and you must have been a pretty good one since you look old." she said, squinting. "Like you've seen and done lots of stuff, and things you'd like to forget, kind of like mom and dad. There's a lot you want to tell me, but you can't, or wont for some reason. It's like you don't want to influence my decisions in any way.." and after seemingly struggling from the next words, simply ended the analysis with a shrug.. "That's all I got.."

The old man nodded, smirking. "I see.." and stood up. "Your remarkably perceptive, which will lend well to you in the near future. Keep your head, and you will do famously." and looked up to where the stormtrooper was looking out. The spirit was motioning for them to leave, and quickly.

"Time for bed, little one." the Old man said, and passed through the unopened door, into to hall way. Catlyn took a look back at Kalli, and moved to her side, "I won't leave you, I promise.." and rushed out the way the old man had gone..

Her blue spectral body passed through the bulkhead, and into the hall where she looked up and expected to see either of her new friends, but instead stared at her uncle Devon and aunt Jola.

She closed her eyes and felt a sudden rush as she sat up in her hospital bed, eyes wide as she wondered if they'd seen her while she was out walking...

And if they did, she hoped they wouldn't be mad..
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