A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

Post by coronhorn »

Kali Vos was floating along behind her brother who was himself floating along with Aunt Raisa's son in the wake of the adults, just about everyone but her were involved in various conversations as they moved through the hallways towards the wing of the Agamarian hospital where the kids from the kidnapping incident were being held under the watchful eyes of the medical staff. She caught occassional snippets of her brother's conversations and there would be semingly random chuckles or bursts of laughter from the adults who were following the princess whom she was fairly certain was the center of the discussion between the two in front of her. It had been ages and since she'd been on Agamar and since there were no preceived dangers lurking about in the royal palace she was pretty the much the only one paying any sort of attention to the world around her and as they rounded the last curve in the hallway she almost stopped as she saw three translucent blue ghosts for the lack of a better word look towards the oncoming group and then scamper away through the walls like startled nunna,

"What the blast was that?" she asked in startled surprise at the sight.

"What was what?" Darien asked distracted from his dilberations of the eligibility of the agramarian princess with Jok,

"I think I just saw a... ghost."

The two boys glanced at each other smiles breaking out between them and Kali suddenly realised what a mistake she'd made in speaking those words,

"Awww... is my little sis getting scared?" Darien smirked slowwing so he could place a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry, Kali, only a totally insane jelly brained nutter would attack us here."

Kali shrugged off his hand and shot him a glare that would have melted the armor off a star destroyer and the both of them just laughed, Kali just clammed up till the small group came a halt between a pair of large transpara-steel observation windows, in each room was a single medical suite with a single girl on the bed in the center though the two girls were studies in contrast. One she recognized as Jok's sister was healthy and appeared to be quietly sleeping, the other was visibly not well, her body was pale and skin almost grey and there was a visible pall about her. Standing there looking back and forth between them something occurred to her and a slight smile creased her lips as her gaze shifted to Catlyn, all of the others had been to busy to notice it but apparently her "cousin" had somehow learned to at the very least asterally project or as the Jedi called it, flow walk. For now she kept that knowledge bottled up, as Catlyn started to stir on the bed she gave the younger girl a knowing smile...

Devon stared through the window into the room of the Juss girl, he'd seen alot of things in his life but the sight before him was near the top of things he never wanted to see again,

"Gruesome," he whispered, "who or what would do something like this to a young girl."

Jola who was standing next to him holding the medical chart one of the nurses that had met them had handed her awnsered without looking up, "I think we BOTH know the awnser to that question."

Devon paled at the thought but then as he calmed his emotions and began to slip into investigor mode he saw the very clear signs and while he wished he didn't he could now see the similarities between the illness plauging this girl and one he'd seen before in a place very far away. One which held only the most tenuous of connections with the here and now,

"It's some sort of variation on his lich plague isn't it?" he finally spoke.

"It seems he's learned some new tricks though, this one is far more advanced and aggressive than the last one we saw. It does things biologically that we've never seen any sith plague do."

"The Far-outlanders." Jola nodded beside him, Zora had given her the full story of the destruction of their adopted home shortly after the group had arrived on the Praxeum moon.

"The far-outlanders?" Chase asked from the window where he'd been watching the girl who wasn't his niece, "Sounds like some cheesy band name from the expansion period."

"If only, there are somethings that not even you guys know old friend." Devon replied with a tight smile, "That's the name Zora's people gave to a group of apparently extra-galactic invaders that destroyed her home."

Both Chianna and Chase paled almost immediately at the words extra-galactic but neither put forth the normally immediate response that a phrase like that usually solicited from an educated and knowledgeable citizen of the galaxy, it was the princess that did so,

"That's impossible isn't it? My tutors told me that there's a great hyperspace storm that is raging at the fringes of our galaxy that prevents all hyperspace travel into or out of it."

Devon held his tougne for a few beats as he pondered how to proceed, but before he could reply Joklyn Zephere beat him to the punch,

"Your highness," he smiled, "if there's anything I've learned from my recent adventures it's that nothing is impossible, just highly improbable."

Devon nodded, "As I was saying, these far-outlanders appear to be extra-galactic in nature but it wouldn't be the first time that some previously unknown alien race of immense strength and otherwise unknown knowledge sprang onto the galactic stage."

It was an obvious reference to the all to recent bout the galaxy had suffered through with the previously unknown and immensely power Xen-chi, the princess nodded at the reference,

"So you think that perhaps whoever was behind this... plot, is some how in league with these far-outlanders?"

"It's possible," Jola responded, "or it could just be that our mastermind has simply been studying them so that he can use thier knowledge for his own ends. Either way it's not good."

The solemn pronouncement by one of the most skilled healers of the new jedi order was much like a bucket of ice water on the small group,

"I'll need to do some more specific tests to see if I can isolate and expunge the various elements of the plague before I'll know if I can clear it out of her system."

The princess took that as her cue and motioned further down the hallway and the group started it's journey back up, "The lab we've prepared for you in right this way."

Kali hung back for a few ticks as the rest of the group moved on and fixed Catlyn with knowing grin then followed after the rest of the group...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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MINISTRY BUILDING: Desk of the Sergeant of the Watch

“Your credentials are in order, Marshal Wiste..” The duty sergeant said, and passed the credentials and the triangle shaped badge back and tapped out some information on the screen in front of him. The Marskella thug breathed a sigh of relief mentally as he put them away, as did Villis, Strum and Rex . “Your prisoner is cooling his heels in the holding cells, you can find him in the Ministry of Information’s wing, under heavy guard.” He pointed down the hall, “Your going to need to head out of this building, and across the concourse. One of the Windowpeepers will let you in after you check you weapons at the desk at the checkpoint.”

“Window peepers?” Strum asked, raising an eyebrow, pulling his long coat around him, careful to keep his weapons hidden.

The soldier shrugged. “It’s a name we started calling those in the Intelligence Analyst and Admin service over in the Ministry building, sort of a answer to their fun little nicknames for us in Her Majesties Army.” The Duty sergeant said, smirking. “Just a laugh on them really, nothing as bad as they call the Marines of the Navy ..” and after realizing that the people at his desk couldn’t care less, “You’ll have to wait until the electrical storm passes before you lift off, however.”

Wiste raised an eyebrow. “Hows that?”

The Sergeant leaned back in his seat, and pulled up the weather report. “Weather Service has ordered all but official vehicles grounded until the storm passes..” he said, checking his time piece as a bright flash lit the duty shack. “Around two hours from now, according to their time tables.” As the following giant thunder roll shook the windows of the small office.

Villis moved forward. “We’re Republic Marshals, it doesn’t get more official than that..”

“Not my call, Marshal.” The sergeant said, smiling. “You can take that up with the Ministry, right across the courtyard.” He stated, pointing in the direction of the Building, barely visible from the torrential downpour. “Maybe you can convince them that you can’t wait for a safer period of time to take your prisoner. Or..” and then pointed to another, smaller building. “You could sit and have a nice hot cup of tea and slice of Pie at the Canteen. The buildings is being kept open to facilitate the people stranded by the storm, and I feel you’d be better served there and wait an hour instead of strong arming the Ministry, which will get you nowhere...”

Villis sneered, and nodded. “You’re probably right, Trooper…” and took the visitor badge provided, “The pie’d better be good..” After all, the Ric girl wasn't going anywhere, and before the dawn, the brat would be dead, along with any other witnesses and Baron Fokker would be back where he belonged..

In the Chairman's seat..

CONSULAR SHIP Zal Argonus: ten minutes to launch window

<<...What do you mean, Dun Neudan is dead?>> Raisa image exclaimed from the holo-com the news taking her aback. <<Was it an accident? He always struck me as the healthy type.>> She asked, her image taking a sip from the freezy straw and making a face. She was wearing a set of hospital scrubs, probably to keep the Juss girl company. <<What do kids see in this.>>
"It looks like a terrorist attack on the senate building on Mon Cala on its first session since the planetary assault, with allot of casualties, or so it appears." he said, pausing to find the right words to tell his wife he was abandoning her with a sick child to play Politian.

<<Just be careful, that area's still hot, I'm sure..>> Raisa's image stated. <<One terrorist attack is seldom an isolated event. Your taking more guards, I hope.>>

Taan Ric smiled. "Yes, love, there's a full platoon of ARMarines coming with me for additional security and to help with the cleanup." and sighed. "I have to leave immediately.."

Raisa's holo nodded. <<I figured that, since your already on the Zal Agronus..>> and shook her head. <<Duty calls, I understand that. How many times had I taken off on you and pups when there was some crisis that needed the Republic to deal with it.>> she said. <<Just make sure you come back..>>>

"I don't think it'll be all that bad now.." he said, wondering how she had known he was already on the consular ship, but knew it was better to not ask such questions. "The danger is over, now is the cleanup. The worst part will be taking care of Dun and filling his shoes. Her Majesty is appointing me to his position, and looking for someone to take the junior seat. Ule Movros is going to want one of his family in that seat, I sure."

<<So?>> His wife said simply. <<Is that a problem?>>

"His motives are questionable at best.." Taan shrugged.

<<So are most of the Senators..>> She said. << It's not such a bad idea. Maybe they can put some of the bad blood behind them..>> and her holo graphic image sighed. <<You should go, once you've dealt with the business there, and Cat is cleared, we'll book passage and meet you there.>>

Taan raised an eyebrow. "Why, use your ship.." referring to the Wynonna, the ship that he acquired for her as a welcome home gift..

He had told her, hadn't he?

<< I have a ship??>>

Royal Hospital: Labs and ICU

One thing was for certain. Generally, when Agramar did something, they did it right...

As labs go, it was impressive. Every form of meter, sensor and measure was present, and the six workstations were equipped with state of the art machines. They stood in the main room, and there were three adjoining room, labeled Clean Lab, Zero G Lab and Hazmat. Each of the adjoining labs were likewise stocked with key pads and airlocks to ensure whatever would be researched there wouldn't inadvertently escape into the populace. Three medical assistant droids were busying themselves in setting the preparation for the rooms use. The labs designer had followed the theory that neutral grey walls would be conducive to the work, as well as give the most accurate representation of color without eyestrain. The grey walls would also hide the countermeasures if something did escape, which would probably be fatal to anyone inside the room. The standard was fire, though carbonite, frost and acid wasn't unheard of. The Artemis Institute made use of disintegrators, while perhaps would be considered overkill by some, there has never been an outbreak from the Institute.

All part of the dangers of research, of course..

"I do hope this will meet your needs, Master Khalid." Princess Alyra said, moving towards one of the work stations. "If there's anything that you find lacking, we can have it to you in short order." She moved across the room and stood next to the central work station. "We've compiled a list of researchers with corresponding CVs who are excited at the opportunity for you to decide on, though if you have others in mind, then we will accommodate of course.." She said as another woman entered the labs. She was nearing middle age, and was adorned in well worn hospital scrubs. On her hip was a low slung med scanner, which was likewise a common practice for medics around the galaxy and generally denoted that the medical professional had seen action somewhere. Her short cropped hair pegged her as military somewhere in her past, as did her demeanor.

"May I introduce Medic Officer Two Linna Mir, of the Agramar Royal Navy and the duty nurse on this wing since the children arrived. MO2 Mir, may I introduce Master Jola'Edana Khalid.." and before Alyra could continue, Linna handed a data pad to Jola. "A pleasure to meet you Doctor.." she said, "I am looking forward to working with you. I have the four children ready for your cursory examination, and I'm certain their parents will want a word or two.." She paused. "Kalli Juss and Catlyn Ric are in isolation and quarantine, and we'll have them ready on your word.."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"I am certain of it, My Master.." Darth Ra said as humbly as he could muster, his eyes averted from the small image that stood on his hand so to not look directly into its eyes, the swirling dark energy forming into the creature known as Foul. "What we seek is here, on Agramar. It is only a matter of time before all reveals itself." He said, as the storm raged around him in the tiny apartment, its power bolstering him as he awaited the response.

The dark image paced, never taking his eyes off of his slave. Ra was right, he was sure of it. There could be no other explanation, but now he had to convince his Master that his task had merit, and was imperative to their future endeavors.

~~~Indulge yourself for now, Ra. I will decide if your efforts bear fruit of not. You feel it is these children are who beaconed you there.~~~

"I do, My Master, as least subconsciously.. Especially the Juss siblings. My investigation has brought up interesting findings that will serve us in upcoming conflicts."

~~~Do tell..~~~

"My Investigation is still ongoing, My master.." Ra smirked, feeling amused at his masters insistence on knowing what he knew before he had completed his search . "You will be first..." as his throat was suddenly caught in a silent scream, as the unimaginable pain gripped his flesh which crossed from physical to mental. If he had ever wondered what it would feel like if all of his nerves were caught on fire all at the same time would feel, he now knew. The kindest turn would be to perish, or to succumb to unconsciousness.

However, he was awake

Gloriously awake..

It stopped moments later, and he looked once again to Foul. This wouldn't be the last time he'd be punished, he had no doubt. Eventually, he'd become use to it.

~~~Do Tell..~~~

"The older girl's illness is virulent, perhaps fatally so, and possibly contagious. She is kept quarantined from the remaining children, and the medical personal are exceedingly careful around her. The other girl in quarantine seems to have discovered a way to avoid its worst effects. The remaining four who have avoided the worst of it seem to enjoy heightened force ability."

~~~Their Akesh strengthened as an indirect result, I'm certain~~~ the dark lord stated, somewhat distracted.

~~~ I begin to find this intriguing. It mirrors past machinations on the home realms very closely, more so than I feel is a mere coincidence. ~~~

"Then I may continue, my Master?"

~~~Indeed, follow your leads to their eventual conclusion, but do not neglect your ongoing tasks~~~

"Indeed, My Master.." he said, looking into the small plastic box in front of him. "I may have a possible candidate among the children present."

~~~Excellent, Ra.~~~ the black toothed creature's mouth twisted into a gruesome equivalent of a smile.

~~~Miss Solo and I will keep ourselves occupied until then...~~~

The form of the Dark Lord image receded back into Ra's hand, and reformed into the dark Tattoo onto his wrist as he looked back into the plastic box that was under the floorboards of the small apartment. The six little dead things lay in varying stages of decomposition, the little furry creatures were more than probably from overly friendly strays or precious pets from his neighbors children. The Syth'Anun placed the lid back onto the box, and placed it back into its hiding place and replaced the floorboard.

Ra walked out into the common area of the apartment, pulling the rain slicker around him and picking up the hat from the chair next to the rooms dresser as the Juss children's guardian, a black haired woman named Rucell Juss, sat on the long sofa facing the holo viewer, which was currently playing one of the more insipid game shows.

"Satisfied, Inspector?" the woman said, not looking to him, probably still annoyed that a public safety officer was standing in her common areas, when she was far more interested in the spice laced tobbacs she had hastily hidden in the cushion of the couch. It annoyed him slightly that he put the effort into his disguise, only to meet possibly the most apathetic person he'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. He had planned to remove the caretaker, leaving the children alone with no other form of guardian. It was now painfully apparent now that leaving them in her care would be far worse than anything he could do..

"Absolutely, Miss Juss." the ersatz Inspector said, smiling as he shoved his hands into the pockets of the slicker. "Everything is in order. Any word from their father?"

Still showing considerable disinterest, she waved him off. "He's on his way, I'm sure." and under her breath, he could make out the words bout time too. Her disinterest worked to his advantage, of course, but he was playing a role and no one would ever say he didn't put a hundred percent into a part. He put the hat on, and moved to the apartments front door, ready to push the activation knob.

"I am returning to Royal General, Would you care for a ride to the hospital, Miss Juss? It's the least I can do for putting you out like this.."

Rucell Juss shook her head, muttering and waving him away again. He could see her head shaking slightly, a fairly common tell tale sign of spice addiction, and the need of the next fix. He knew it well..

"I'll let myself out then.." and after a beat, moved out into the storm..


Raisa Zephre carried the blankets through the halls of the ICU, still feeling the after effects of the headache she'd acquired from these accursed beverages the kids like so much. Granted, she'd drank it far too quickly, using the drink as a crutch to hide her annoyance at the situation she and Taan were in. Firstly, she was beginning to find her husband's position as the Senator of Agramar grating, especially when she was dragged into the politics of it all. Granted, she knew that it was petty as well as selfish for her to feel as such, as Taan's career was as important to him as hers had been and it wasn't that long ago that she was the absent parent, rushing off on the orders of the Republic Navy to some troubled hotspot in the galaxy. Now, she was planet bound, while he was off on important business for Agramar.

The roles were reversed, and she didn't like it on bit.

Was it fair? No, of course not, and she knew her feelings were irrational. Taan was a Senator, and occasionally there was need of him to go to the Senate or on some other task that his position would require of him. For most of their children's lives, they followed Taan from where ever the Senate convened to Agramar, leaving her to continue her duty in the Republic Navy unencumbered by Jok and Cat.

That sounded horrible when she ran it through her head..

Event s had happened so fast, and now she was playing catch up. She had just gotten out of the physical therapy which taught her how to function again, after having a good portion of her body replaced by cybernetics. On her homecoming, her children are kidnapped, and now her youngest has some form of biotoxin in her system that's making her sweat black grease. Now she was delivering blankets to a group of children who were waiting for a Jedi doctor to clear them of a horrifying virus which Force Powers were the side effect.

Shaking off the glum thoughts, Raisa noticed a group being led by Alyra though the intersecting corridors ahead of her, heading towards the labs, and smiled. She saw Joklyn chatting up Darien and Kali Vos, taking up the rear as Dev Vos, Fawks, Jola and her Sister in Law taking up lead behind the young princess. They were in good hands, she knew, as Alyra was a great kid. Hopefully, Dev would remember her, as she understood it may be an issue. He was the Lord Defender now, which made her a little nervous. They'd all changed after their disappearing act all those years back, and after the reports of Devon being dead proved to be premature made things somewhat difficult to maintain a close relationship.

She'd ran across Fawks and Darien in official capacities, as she had Kali as Jola's apprentice and assistant during her own time in the hospital. Devon, however, she'd not need hide nor hair from in years, and he had been one of her closest friends..

She had to admit, she felt a little apprehensive..

Well, she'd deal with that shortly. She'd pass on the blankets to the greens, check in on Kalli and Catlyn and go say Hiya. What was she worried about anyway..

what could possibly go wrong..
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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As the young princess and the medic gave their speeches Devon studied the space around him, it seemed rather secure but he could feel an underlying current of darkness layered underneath everything, something felt off but he couldn't quite put his finger on what. As the group came to a stop in front of the observation windows he thought it odd most of the children inside the room were standing along windows but not staring at them. As he watched them one of the children squinted and something down the hall toppled over and then began rolling down the hallway towards the small group rattling on the tiled floor as it bounced past them, it was then that he spotted the other person coming up the hall to their left a pile of blankets in their arms as the small canister rolled right into their foot path, the result was what some might consider comical as the person's foot landed on the cylinder and they seemed to roll on it for a fraction of a meter before spilling over backwards the pile of blankets in their arms being flung into the air. His reaction was almost pure reflex as he reached out with the Force stopping the woman inches from the floor and then letting her softly drop as she was covered in a shower of blankets, he heard a snicker of amusement from the kids in the window as well as a wail of embarrassment from the princess as she rushed to the now blanket covered person, Devon felt his anger flare as he turned back to the windows and locked his gaze on them, all but the one who'd been the instigator of the incident shrunk away, that one just stared back definate,

"Oh my, Captain Zephere!" shrieked the Princess behind him, "I'm so sorry I don't know what happened! Thank the Force Master Vos was here or there's not telling what kind of harm that fall might have done!" Devon felt his wife's hand on his shoulder as he turned from the observation windows,

"Vos?!?" the woman who emerged from the pile of blankets questioned as the princess helped her to her feet, "Devon?"

"Raisa?" he questioned as the thin but still well muscled woman with shocks of grey running through her hair stood and habitually straightened her scrubs as if they were a military uniform, the fire in the eyes was the same but she didn't feel at all like the same woman he'd crossed paths and swords with many a time in his previous life. She nodded back the answer to his question,

"You've changed."

"Said the Tralian kettle to the Corellian pot." she smirked.

"Sorry I didn't stop that before it happened."

"What do ya mean? I tripped... didn't I?"

"More like you were tripped, of the kids did it."

The princess looked back at him in shocked dismay, "With the Force?"

"In a way." Devon turned his eyes back to the child still standing in the window now wearing a disturbing smirk before turning and walking off. "The longer I live the more wisdom I see in some of the policies of the old Jedi Order."

"Still..." Jola added, "It is amazing that he has enough control to pull off a stunt like that, espeically considering just a month ago he had no talent for it at all, it's quite amazing..."

"Or disturbing." Raisa added, "They planned this, they asked me if I could bring them some extra blankets. Just what was that stuff they were given Jola?"

"That my dear is just what we were about get started on figuring out." Jola smiled and gave Raisa a hug, "I'm glad to see you've recovered so quickly, the rehab people were saying you'd still be in rehab for another 6 months."

"What can I say, " Raisa smirked, "I'm stubborn." The three of them chuckled as Kali and the others stood and awkwardly smiled. Finally the Princess cleared her throat and motioned down the hallway in the direction Riasa had been heading,

"The secure lab is this way..."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“We are in so much trouble!” Danzi Efrus said, wringing her hands as she and her coconspirators moved away from the window, her eyes the size of platters. “Captain Zephre could have cracked her skull open, and it’s our fault just like in Evil’s Holiday!” she shook her head, trying to get the thought out of her head, and glared at Hannon. “You were just going to knock the blankets out of her hands.. you should have just done that, not to trip her!”

Hannon Juss kept eye contact with the man they called the Lord Defender, said simply without looking over his shoulder. “You should have seen it coming.”

“You changed it at the last second, and now were all in trouble..” She whimpered. “I’ve never been in trouble..” she said, her lips tightening as she thought of what they could do or even worse, tell her parents! “I don’t get in trouble..”

Kevier Lumess nodded, hopping back on the examination couch that he’d been assigned for the examination. “Everything’s going to be fine, just calm down. No one was hurt, and It might actually be good that Hannon was a jerk.”

Corben Do Jester looked to the older boy. “How so?” The youngest boy moved away from the wall where he’d taken to hiding when the Lord Defender glared into the room.

He leaned back on his elbows. “Doctor Khalid and her team are going to test us, to see how much damage the injections did to us, yeah?”

The children, including Hannon, said in unison “Yeah?”

“Well, they’ll take us a lot more seriously when we show them our force powers, and how well we work them.. And yes, Corben, you should tell them you see ghosts..” He said, “I’ll tell them about hearing people think, and Danzi about seeing the future..”

“It’s not really all that great..” She said, looking down. “It’s not like I can control it or anything.. it’s just flashes in and out and it’s only a few seconds..”

Kevier sat up again. “And that’s why it’s good to tell them…”

Danzi nodded, moving to her own couch. “Yeah, I see what you’re saying.. What if I’m at a crossroads with a bunch of other people, and down one way are force vampires…”

Hannon rolled his eyes and took his own couch. “Again with the vampires..”

“Shh!” Kevier hushed him, and urged her to continue. She took a breath, and continued.

“..And the other way was safe, but I had no idea about which way to go, and I get a flash.. I could get all the people to safety without having to fight the monsters. That’s good, right?” Danzi stated, nodding her head quickly. She just as quickly changed her nodding to a severe shaking. “No NO NO! I can’t control it! What If I was just imagining it, and not getting a flash. All those people would be vampire food!”

Corben shrugged. “That’s why we need to be taught how to use our…” He thought, and shrugged. “Whatever it is..” He took his seat on the exam couch. “I’d really like to not see the ghosts when I don’t want to.” he said, staring at the window. The woman they’d assumed to be the Jedi Doctor was speaking to a younger woman, who was not too much older than they were, and passed a medical scanner to her. It appeared she was receiving a lengthy set of instructions, some of which she clearly didnt agree with. The girl finally nodded, understanding whatever her task was, and followed them out of window view.

“Do you see one now?” Danzi asked, cocking her head to the side.

He nodded, looking out the window and sighed. “When don’t I..” and gave a little wave out through the now empty window. Whomever it was that he was looking at, it couldn't have been all that horrible, or he was simply getting use to it. The spookiest one he had ever mentioned was the Stormtrooper from the old Empire days, who's helmet had a giant hole in it, but there wasn't anything under it, just nothing! He'd said he'd seen it mostly around Catlyn Ric, along with another blue blur, whom he couldn't make out features that was with her occasionally. The Stormtrooper seemed to follow her around, almost as if on guard, protecting her.

The young woman returned, carrying some additional gear, and entered the exam room. She smiled at them, and moved across to the exam console, and placed the bulk of the equipment down on the flat surface. She then turned to them, smiling.

"I'm Padawan Vos, with the Jedi Order." she said, moving across and removing her brown cloak, placing it across the back of the chair. "I'm going to conduct a pre interview and screening to assess the situation before Master Khalid administers the needed tests.." She said, and thought a moment as the four children looked at her wide eyed.

"That sounded awfully official, didn't it" She said, a earnest look overtaking her features. She looked back and forth between them and the large diagnostic machinery in the room, and shrugged.

"Lets start that again.." She said, and pulled the cloak off the chair, folded it carefully and laid it in the middle of the polished floor, and took a seat on it. She motioned for them to take places around her, which they did after a moment of apparent confusion. They seemed to relax a bit as they settled in around her now more or less on her level, or she on their level, rather..

"Let's have a chat about what's going on with you all. My name is Kali, what's yours.."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"The subject is a thirty four year old male, of the Zabrak subspecies designated Haruchi by the Artimus Institute, possessing similar traits as twin hearts, well formed head horns and a remarkable nervous system with the Zabrak common to the galaxy.. " The voice of Jay-fivepio stated as the forensic projection built the muscle system atop the bone structure, layering it as if building the man from scratch. "Deep tissue scan results shows that the subject came from an industrial world, with higher amounts of toxins and pollutants trapped in the fat cells and hair follicles on his body, namely coal, petrolium and acids associated with manufacturing and production facilities on lower tech worlds." The muscles knitted together, as male characteristics began to develop, as did skin and hair. The head horns altered color as the skin completed its growth and what stood before them was a brown skinned Zabrak nearly 1.9 meter tall floating above the ground, slowly revolving in place.

Crash Bannon took downed the last of the caff, and leaned forward. "Well, that's great, professor.." he said, raising an eyebrow. "Doesn't really tell us anything of why he's in an asteroid melded with the stone." Zora Al'Akahaab likewise looked to Jay, head cocked to the side. They had been waiting for Jay to complete his assessment of the artifacts and evidence that had been presented to him nearly three hours ago. The droid had made short work of the materials the Captain had brought, and took the longest of the small leather bound book, spending an exorbitant amount of time per page. She had looked at the book, and while she could recognize some of the symbols as the western alphabet, the text made no sense.

If the droid could smile, Jay would have one ear to ear. "All in due time, Captain Bannon. Reveals such as this require a sense of occasion!" He said, and moved over to the forensic reconstruction projector. "And there is so much to reveal!" Turning back to the projected zabrak, Jay regarded him a moment before speaking. “He is, from all intents and purposes, a Haruchi, though farther along the evolutionary chain than previous subjects..”

“So he is from my realms?” Zora asked, standing to move closer to the zabrak.

Jay manipulated the controls of the projector without speaking, and another image appeared, though this time not spinning on its axis, or unclothed. The new subject wore loose, dark garments with high boots and a voluminous cloak, similar to Zora’s, though it appeared to be far more worn. The heavy red tattoos covered his features, as did numerous of scars from a hard life of conflict. Peering from under heavy brows were white, expressionless eyes, pupils and cornea clouded from blindness. He stood shorter than the other man, but somehow appeared far more imposing.

“Base subject is a Male Zabrak-Haruchi, fourty seven years of age at the time of the sample being taken, from the planet Rokugan.” As he spoke, the other mans nude frame was now clad in a reasonable facsimile of the attire that was in chronicled in the death chamber on the asteroid, simple trousers, shirt and shoes, with the trouser being held up by suspenders. He had stopped spinning, and gravity took hold of him, planting him on the ground. The projected subject now stood idle, moving slightly and looked about occasionally, giving the forensic model the appearance of life.

Crash whistled, and raised an eyebrow as he looked at the one in the cloak. “that’s one grizzled looking zab.” And turned back to Jay, “What do you call this guy.”

“Called, He was the Grandmaster, as well as the Isamu the Wise, or the Mighty, occasionally the Great.” She moved forward, to stare at the projection of the cloaked figure. “Also called he was Pirate, Thief and the Begger. He was called Je’hedai by every other peoples of the realms, but he was called Abomination by his own because he was blind at birth, a name that would haunt all of his young.” She was amazed how exact this sculpture of light was, how exact it was to detail. “My Mother called him Old Fool, and I called him Father. He led the Al’Akahaab tribe for many years until the post he took and held until the end of his life.”

Crash moved to stand next to her, shooting Jay a dirty look before placing a hand on her shoulder. “Maybe we should switch out to a different sample, what do you say..”

Without looking back at the Corellian, she brushed the hand off of her shoulder, staring at the first forensic image. “My tears I have shed, Captain. My horns are not blunted by sentiment as you assume. Isamu serves the Akesh aside Lady Sun and Lord Moon now, as do my kin.” She looked over her shoulder to Bannon, a thin smile on her face. “Appreciated, your thoughts are however.”

“Master Isamu was the first sample of the Haruchi race that was encountered, and submitted to testing and scanning consistently. This was based off of the last scans we took before we left the Sphere.” Jay stated, as he moved to another console. Information began streaming across the screens, as the two forensic models moved in a semblance of life.

“You said all his young were called Abomination..” Crash said, crossing his arms.

“It is true.” Zora stated, turning to face him. “You wonder why I would be called as such.”

“You don’t look all that abominable, kid.” He said.

“I am a Geesu, born with black skin and white hair. The name comes from a creature called a Guruchia, a dark being that resides in the darkness and steals the souls of the young.” She said, flatly and a matter of fact, and absently adjusted her head wrap. “Kept hidden, I did before I came here. A curiosity to be sure , though It is not such a stigma in the outlanders realms, I have learned. .”

Crash nodded. “Not so much, no.” he said, leaning on a console as Jay looked to them from his place at the console. “So the tats an answer to that?”

Zora pulled the sleeve back on her Defenders uniform jacket, exposing her arm. “All of the castes are Tattooed from the earliest of ages in accordance with their place in the Tribes, . The tattoos I bare started before my seventh year, and completed shortly before the end war. They would have differed greatly had I been chosen to follow my mother’s path of the Magai, but I proved to hold sway over the Akesh.” Zora said, looking at her hands and forearms, the thick white tattoo pattern contrasting against her black skin. “Red, mine were to be, but they paled within days, and turned as white as my hair within short span following that, as did any other pigments the skinmarkers used on my body. My people saw it as a harbinger of darkness, and Father took me away to train with him at the Ja’hedai Seminary before I was killed as an ill omen. I never returned to the Tribes after that, at least not as their kin..”

She let her sleeve down, and crossed her arms as Jay moved around to join them, the leather bound book in hand.

“Miss Zora’s genetic anomaly is relatively unheard from her world, and is in fact remarkably rare among the Zabrak and Iridonians. The gentlemen whom are hovering in the forensic holograph are both of Miss Zora’s genus, though have none of the markers of her peculiarity.”

Bannon smirked. “That’s your way of getting back on topic, right?”

“Indeed.” The Droid stated, and moved past the two, stopping in front of another bench monitor. “As I had stated earlier, It is my belief that neither man had entered the Portal willingly. As you can see here..” He said, as the additional figures disappeared from the screen, leaving the Zabrak the only remaining figure on the Holograph. The Subject bent and moved into the same position as he was found in the asteroid. The actual image and the deep scan of the area appear to either side.

“From the evidence before me, He was alive when he was thrown into the vortex, though he wouldn’t have been for long.” A light appears on the holograph. “This is one of three 12.5mm balls of lead that was used as a projectile from I must assume a large firearm. It struck our Haruchi subject in the chest, puncturing his right lung before hitting a rib and shattering, spreading into the other soft internal organs. The other two were in his human companion, who was nearly completely submerged in the rock, who was alive at the time as well, as he was attempting to pull a breath when the portal closed, encasing them in stone.. “
“Happened to me, that could have..” Zora stated, staring at the images from the site.

“Had the Portal been inverted, such as the one we see at the site, and then yes.” Jay stated in his matter of fact tone. “Though the one that linked to your home was placed properly at the Temple, while the one in question has been inverted and would act as a hole, as gravity would drop the subjects into the environment still in the vortex field. If the subjects field was submerged in rock, it would be as if you were swimming in mud, until the field ended, and the area solidified.”

“They never had a chance.” Bannon said, shaking his head. “Pity we can’t let their families know what happened to them.”
The Droid swiveled his head at the smuggler. “How are you aware they had families..”

“That Tin image we found in the book, It’s of those two.” Crash stated, and took the book from the droid. He rifled through the pages, and pulled out the small metal square that held the image. “Surprised you missed it, Professor.”

The Droid took it, and returned to the scan bench, and within moments the image showed on the screen. It looked to be a family portrait. The two men stood unsmiling, standing with a pair of women of their respective species. Two children, presumably theirs, stood next to an wild haired old man, who sat dead center of the photograph, apparently the patriarch. The images sepia tone was strangely clean, with no pixilation as would be expected. The droid turned to Bannon and Zora, motioning to the holofield.

“I can see you point, they appear to be a family unit, and however we do not know the familial bonds. Perhaps the women are their mates, or sisters. The children could belong to the women, the men or the old man. Perhaps the Old gentleman is married to both women, and our subjects are simply employees. There isn’t enough information in the image without proper study. I am going to have to visit the site personally to be able to tell more.” The Droid stated simply, picking up the leather book again. “In the meantime, I will study this book in its entirety, as it is the cartilage that will put all of the pieces you’ve given me together..”
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Observation Office

Devon watched the various monitors that showed the three occupied rooms around him, the two on the left showing Katilyn Ric and the Juss girl in the other with the last one showing the other four children now all sitting around his daughter. Slipping one of the various headsets into place he keyed up that feed and listened in...

Katilyn Ric sat up slowly on her bed and glanced around the room her eyes finally coming to a stop on one of the holocorders in the corners of the room. The sensation was similar to when the blue man visited her but more familiar to her...

Kalli Juss woke from a fitful dream, it was one of a variation on a theme that plagued her as of late, being chased through a dark forest by a dark blood red pair of eyes. Looking around the room it was almost as if she could still feel the presence of the thing that had been chasing her. Her eyes eventually settled on one of the darker corners of the room where the illumination from the open observation window didn't quite reach, she could swear something moved there in the shadow...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Temporary Quarters of Chase and Chianna Navarro_______________________

Chase streched out on the comfortable conform couch that dominated the main sitting area of the rooms the Queen had arranged for them for the night outside the massive transparsteel windows the thunderstorm raged, this was always the downside to any planet that used weather control systems in any serious fashion. Everything was fine until something wasn't and when you finally let the old gal off teh leash you'd be in for a serious bout of rage. The entire window lit up with a particularly intense flash of lighting that struck one of the nearby residential towers. The light flickered but didn't go out,

"So what do you think?"

"Huh?" Chase replied tearing his attention away from the massive display of power being put on for them by nature.

"Figures," his wife smirked and settled on the couch next to him, she'd changed out of the more formal attire and into one of her usual jumpsuits with the zipper pulled all the way down, her pink and white sports bra on display with a glass of wine and a sovits in hand. She handed him the beer, "Devon you knuckle head, you really think he's as mixed up as the wire-heads back on Mon Cal seem to think?"

"He's different that's for sure and I'm sure anyone who crossed him would be in for one serious world of pain but he's still Devon, maybe a little sharper on some of the edges and a little less forgiving in other places but it's still him. The core of the guy who saved me from a life under a bucket and showed me the galaxy is better off free is still there. So no, he might be crazy but it's like a Nek or Volsker, not like that nut job Fokker and his sister but that said he's probably dangerous just not to the Republic." Chase took a pull from his bottle, "Unless of course the Republic were to get taken over by another Sith Lord or a crazy Jedi or something."

"Like Raisa's kid said... nothing's impossible..."

"Don't we know it." Chase chuckled and kissed the top of his wife's head after a long bit of watching the lighting in companionable silence Chiana's communicator chirped from the table at the end of the couch, she sighed and slid out from under her husband's arm to check it,

"Well seems the marshal's are here to pick up Mr. Crazy. Though it seems our friend Raster is making some demands that aren't sitting well with them."

Chase arched an eyebrow at his wife, "And they needed to inform us of this why?"

"Well it appears we... and by that I mean YOU are the ranking NRI official on the planet, which means YOU have to go deal with his demands to accompany the marshals back to Mon Cal."

Chase rolled his eyes and finished his beer, "Now? In the middle of the storm?"

Chi just gave him the stare and he muttered a few choice words under his breath aimed at Raster's linage, setting the bottle down on the end table next to his wife he gave her a kiss and strapped on his gun belt,

"You really going to bring that? You know they'll just make you check it at the front desk."

"Not with my security clearance they won't."

Chianna just chuckled and keyed open the door, "Just don't get struck by lighting."

Chase grinned and slipped through the open door, "Keep the bed warm for me, I'll be right back."

"Sure you will." she laughed in reply as the door slide shut and she headed back to the kitchen for a refill...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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“Agent..” the voice of Sgt. Pundis roused Koden Raster from his sleep. “The Marshalls are back...” He stated, and placed a disposable cup of caff on the side table in front of him. “We brought Fokker up from the holding cells, and his transfer packet is all ready to go.” Raster had taken the liberty of using the cot furnished for the Duty Officer, and only intended to take a short nap. He could still hear the storm raging outside, though he had to admit, it had subsided considerably. “All you need to do is sign the release.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.” The Zabrak said in a graveled voice, rubbing his eyes as he woke up slowly. He grabbed the caff, and took a couple of good chugs of the hot beverage before setting it back down on the side table. He looked over to the far corner of the room, where his ruck sack laid. He’d put on a clean shirt before departing Agramar with Marshalls. He was going to see this through to the end, following Fokker all the way through trail to execution if it went that way.

The sergeant stopped at the threshold of the door. “The Marshalls took issue with your accompanying them to Mon Cal, so Chief Childers had us call Agent Navarro to negotiate it.”

Raster looked up, somewhat perplexed. “Navarro?”

“He is the senior most NRI Agent on Agramar, and the duty falls to him. I’m not sure if he was even kept in the loop on the prisoner transfer, but my understanding was that he was on vacation.” The Sergeant stated. “It’s nothing personal or reflection of yourself, I’m certain.”

Nodding, the Zabrak stood, He took another sip off the caff and reached for his ruck sack. “Can’t be helped, Sergeant that he was left out of the loop. Navarro’s involvement was limited.” He stated, keeping up the façade that Chase had instructed him on, as in keeping his name out of it as much as possible. “Will the Ministry Chief be joining us for the transfer?” Asking as he opened it, and pulled out a clean shirt and tossing it onto the cot.

“Negative, the Chief is remaining on the Sky port until the storms pass. He will be returning tomorrow.” He said, and with a short nod, headed back towards the holding annex. Raster watched after him a moment before taking up the cup one last time, and downing the contents. So the Marshalls had a problem with his escorting Fokker all the way back to Mon Cal, were they? He wasn’t horribly surprised, of course, since inter-agency conflict and rivalry was fairly common. It would have been preferable if the Marshalls cooperated, of course, but that wasn't about to happen today. Navarro would negotiate with them, and he'd be travelling to Mon Cal in short order.

He cleaned up quickly in the water sink, dried off and put on the shirt. There was little chance of being posted as a field agent he knew, now that his face was plastered all over the holonet, something he should have clued in on when Navarro declined center stage at the private star port.

Well, at least his dad would be happy in any case. Vastole Raster had wanted his only son to remain in the Republic Navy as a medic, rather than accept the position with New Republic Intelligence service as a security specialist and analyst. It was beginning to look like his father was right after all. As a field agent, he'd done little more than give support and information to Zephre and Navarro, though acting as the adult holo producer was indeed a highlight.

It was as member of the emergency response team working with the voidhawks that he felt as though his contribution to the operation made sense. He wasn't cut out for the hide and sneak of it all, he was far better at being on the front line, whether that be as a medic or soldier.

Well, there would be time later for such introspection. It was time to take down a murderer..

Agramar City
Royal Medical Wing

"I think it's Uncle Devon, Grampa." Cat sat, looking up at the camera. "I doubt it's Aunt Jolla, or my cousins." She smiled wide, and waved. "What do you think?"

The Old Man smile, and placed his arms behind his back. "You put a lot into the concept of family, even those who've no relation to you." he stated, his translucent form taking up space along the facing wall. "Even to me, whom you've named Grandpa.."

"You are my Grampa, there's just too many greats to say at one time. Kat stated, moving across the room to the Stormtrooper, who blankly stated down at her. She stuck her tongue out at her ghostly friend, who answered by changing his stance to a more relaxed one and shaking his damaged helmet. She faced the camera again, and waved up at it.

"I'll give you that.." the old man smiled, his beard showing the smile. "You call the Vos children cousins, though you've seen them less than a handful of times in your life. Similarly so the Vos's themselves. They are no relation to you in the slightest, but you give them such a high status."

Catlyn shrugged. "I know that.." She said, crossing her arms. "We Ric's don't have an extended family like a lot of people do, and I like the idea of having one, and besides, they are connected to my real aunt and uncle, which makes them family by default.."

The ghost nodded, rubbing his beard at the Childs logic. "I can relate to some extent , little one." he said. "I had a close friend who was raised in an orphanage within the borders Sith Empire. Duul made his way to the Republic, and forged himself a life there, albeit it was a life of crime. His brother wasn't as lucky, and remained within the confines of the Empire." The old man shook his head, cutting off her question. "They weren't brothers in blood, or even species. Duul Fortune was a Twi'lek, while Tangho Fortune was a Rattatak. They were separated by space, politics and the most base ideology and they remained closer than any blood relative." he said, smiling at the memory.

"No different than Me, Jok, Kali and Darien. your friends family was brought about by circumstance, just like ours. Mom and Devon became family here, on Agramar when they fought together in the war, the experience of it forging them as brother and sister, and even though they don't see each other every day, the bond is still there.."

The old man nodded, smiling. "Your certain you ten years old?"

She smiled. "I read alot.." she said, and glanced back at him. "You never did answer my question.. Do you think its Uncle Devon on the other side of the camera?"

"It would be my guess, yes.." The old man smiled up at the camera


Kalli Juss huddled on her bed, knees under her chin as she stared into the corner of the dark room, the dark shape standing in the farthest recess. Was she imagining it, had her fever burned out the last of her sanity? Granted, that would be so Sith, but she didn't really want to go insane from fever. Whatever that was, it scared her. It was wrong, whatever it was..

"You need to feed, little one.." the shape said, in a wet, whispery tone. "your anguish will fade if you feed.."

She didn't speak, she just shook her head. She didn't know what it meant, but knew she wanted no part of it.

"The little red haired girl.. she is an banquet for you.. do as you did before.. call the lost spirits of Agramar to you.. devour them.."

Kalli's mind raced, she'd devoured nothing, at least not what that shape was suggesting.

"You'll die if you don't.. you will fade to dust... dust.."

She burried her face into her knees, muttering a single word..

"Dust... dust... dust..."


"Captain Navarro will be here shortly.." Sgt. Cambus said, passing the pad to Corryn Villis, who snatched it from the man's grasp and looked it over, and passing it to Wiste . "He's the highest ranking NRI on Agramar at the moment, since the NRI liaison building was destroyed." he said, turning on the seats pivot to the other side of the round desk and reached for another data pad. "None of my business, truth be told. I just want the bastard off Agramar." He returned to his console, continuing the release procedures for the four marshals to take possession of the prisoner. Soon, Baron Fokker would be gone, and everything would be back to normal.

"My good Sergeant, that's hardly the way to speak of a guest.." Cranston Fokker said, a wide grin across his face, which was nearly completely healed. "Especially one of noble birth.." The two troopers who escorted him from the holding cells positioned him near a bench, and gentle pressure on his shoulder made him sit.

The desk sergeant smirked, and pulled up a couple of data pads. "You're a noble where you're from, Baron. Here, your just a criminal." and considered. "Master Criminal, perhaps?"

"I appreciate the thought, Sergeant." Fokker stated, rolling his wrists against the restraints. "I'm surprised there's not more security for such a Master Criminal,.."

"With this storm raging, and the ARMarine barracks a stone's throw and one big red button push away.." motioning to the panic button on the wall "..plus were smack in the middle of the palace grounds and the head of the Defenders are on planet, not to mention more Jedi than you can shake a stick at." he said, looking back to the baron. "I don't anyone would be crazy enough to attempt a rescue on Agramar."

Fokker smiled, glancing at Villis. "You have a point indeed." who smiled back at him though the face cover she wore.

"There nothing here stating that we have to take the NRI Agent with us, so forget him, were going." Wiste said, "We'll deal with the interagency grumbles after we get the Baron to Mon Cal."

"Wait.." The sergeant said, eyebrow raised. "Mon Cal?"

"That's what I said, Trooper.." Wiste stated, as lightning dimmed the lights a moment. "Is there a problem?"

"Your orders say the Depot on Tattooine, not all the way to Mon Calamari." The man said, bringing up the orders that was passed to him when they arrived. "Yeah, this says Tattooine.."

"Slip of the tongue.." Kabe Wiste said, smirking. "He's going all the way to Mon Cal, by way of Tattooine.." and gave a slight nod to Orin Strumm, who moved to the wall, to the left of the hall that led to the duty officers sleeper . Xu Rex took a spot near the entrance. Corryn Villis took a place near Wiste.

"That's some slip of the tongue, Marshall.." Cambus said, and tapped a few things into the console. "Something isn't right here..."

Villis pulled the face cover from her hat, leaning on the desk, speaking carefully and softly. "Look, pal.. It's nothing, he was talking in general terms. We know our involvement stops at Tattooine, but it'll be Marshalls and the NRI that will be taking him into custody, so it's like we're doing it. See?" She said, smiling. "No conspiracy, nothing untoward.."

The Sergeant considered for a few moments before nodding. "I suppose I was over reacting to a simple miss quote. Anyway, Captain Navarro will be here in short order, and he can deal with all of this.." he said, and glance towards the duty room. "Ah, here's Agent Raster now." and glad of it. These off world would be gone, out of his office and out of his life, and good riddance.

The Zabrak NRI Agent entered, and glanced around. First at Fokker, the Rodian at the door and the two Marshals at the desk. The trooper who had woke him stood near Fokker on his left, along with another who was on his right side. Raster's eyes fell on the only female marshal, and it didn't take a moment for him to realize who it was. It took about as long for Villis to realize that she was recognized by the Zabrak.

"Hit the ALARM!" Raster shouted, and went for his blaster, and was stopped as he felt a hard object hit his back, and a bright white burst of light exploded out of his chest, following the sound of a Snap-hiss. His legs gave out, numb and dead as the saber blade snapped off, but not before it severed his spine and ruptured one of his hearts. He didn't feel the impact when he fell to his knees, watching as Villis slashed a wrist mounted vibroblade across the neck of Sgt. Cambus, arterial blood spraying the wall. The other two Marskella, the human and the Rodian, fired on the two other guards, striking them in the chest and head. None of the troopers had gotten their weapons out of their holsters. The Rodian and the Human male rushed over to Fokker, releasing him while Villis stuck her vibroblade into the two troopers, finishing them off.

His view was suddenly blocked by the man who had killed him, standing in front of him, lightsaber in hand, Raster looked up, and through the now opened long coat he could see the round canisters that the techno Jedi had used to inject themselves with the poison that increased their force powers. He remembered how ingenious he thought it had been, making the harness that would boost their powers, enhancing them beyond normal. It was a true talent to know just how much to inject from the belt mounted controller..

What would happen if he overdosed.

"All too easy.." The Techno jedi said, and raised the blade to strike..

Raster shoved both hands onto the activate stud on the belt control, the light running green to red an mere seconds. The techno Jedi fell away, pushing Raster off with his foot, the Zabrak falling to his side on the cold floor, still facing the group of killers. He watched the Techno Jedi fumble with the control, panicked as his skin began changing from a pale white to black as the poison spread through his capillaries, screaming his eyes turning blood red and bulged out before he fell to the ground, his body spasm violently before is stopped, apparently dead.

Villis moved over to him, and decided not to get too close. She smirked as she was joined by the other two killers and Fokker. She began stripping off her clothing down to her undergarments, and slipped on medical scrubs and a pair of static free shoes.

"Daring Escape, my dear.." the Baron stated, picking up one of the blasters from the dead soldiers. "But we should be leaving now, don't you think, Mr. Wiste."

"We have an escape route planned, Baron, no fear of that." The human stated. "The Rho Klatta is humming on the tarmac right now. We just need to get there.." He said, and yelled to the Rodian. "Xu, Grab the evidence, were leaving.."

Villis headed for the door. "I'll meet you at the rendezvous point, got to get rid of witnesses and evidence." and ran out of the bay, followed by Fokker and his group. The man called Wiste paused. "What about him?"

Fokker looked back a moment, "Leave him, he'll provide an excellent, though unintentional, diversion..." and they were gone.

Raster was dying, he knew it. He just had to stay alive long enough to give Chase information. What he wondered how he'd be a diversion. His information wouldn't slow Chase down much.. Then he realized that he wasn't referring to him, but to the techno Jedi. The man's body had increased in size, straining against the long coat, as his skin bubbled and stretched under the growth. The Techno Jedi sat up, then stood on unsteady legs. He picked up his lightsaber and moved through the offices, and left the same way the other had exited..

He had to stay alive.. long enough to warn Navarro...

keep breathing...

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Just before it hits the fan!

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Examination Room: Royal Medical Wing:

"Everything seems to be working ok, yeah?" Raisa asked as Jola ran another scanner across her prone body, down her torso and legs, and back up again. "I noticed that my legs didn't change color when I took a theatrical pigment.. is that normal?" She'd been talking since they started the tests nearly 30 minutes ago, which is a long time to be laying naked on a cold metal table.

Jola motioned for her to flip over onto her stomach, and ran the scanner again down her back, buttocks and legs. "Not that Thats important, of course.. how often do you take pigments like that.." Raisa continued her one-sided nervous banter. "Practically never.."

The Jedi Physician smiled, and put the scanner on the tray next to her, and grabbed another instrument, which came to life as soon as it came in contact with her skin. Small pinpricks needled the area Jola had placed, making her leg jump. "Can you feel that?"

"You didn't see the leg jump?" Raisa said, rolling her eyes at the doctor. The silence was apparent that Jola wanted a response..
"Yes, my leg jumped and I felt the pinpricks .."

Satisfied with the answer, Jola placed the sensor on other areas of her body, asking the same thing each time, and each time, she felt the pinpricks.

Jola Khalid smiled, and gave a nod. "Excellent." and finally removed the sensor and placed it back on the table. "You can put you clothing back on, Raisa.." and tapped some information into the data pad.

"Thanks. I was starting to feel butt numb from the tabletop.. Do they refrigerate that thing?" as she slid on her shorts and sports bra.

"The table is designed to be chilly, keeps the blood moving quickly, and the instruments picks up the temperature to keep the patient from falling asleep during procedures." Khalid said matter of factly.

Raisa raised an eyebrow. "You're not serious.."

"Of course not..." she said, smiling. "You were naked on a table, and the room isn't warm. naturally, you're going to feel cold." Jola tool the scanner and placed it back into the impact container. "Your very chatty when you get nervous."

"Yeah a real motor mouth." Raisa said, pulling on the pants and tank top. "So what did you find."

Jola glanced at her as she put away another piece of equipment. "Well, you didn't stress you mechanical components, which I wasn't concerned about, honestly. You also didn't stress damage your organic body either, which pleases me to no end." Khalid stated. "I would have preferred you'd not have had to go out before I had a change to better look you over, but it seems your taking to your new body parts quite well."

"Great! Test drive complete!" Raisa said, putting the non slip shoes back on. "Sounds like I'm ready for action."

"Well, not quite yet. all your internal parts are working properly, but your flesh be an issue. You said your skin didn't react to skin pigments?" Khalid asked.

"Yeah, stopped right where the grafting point was." Raisa said, leaning back against the wall. "It's basically synthflesh, right?"

"Actually, it's your skin, vat grown and introduced back to your body. It may be a slower grafting process than we'd thought. Its reacting properly to the stimulation tests, and showing no signs of rejection, but there may be some side effects that we'd never considered.. such as pigments.."

"So no tanning either?" Raisa said, aghast.

"Nope, pasty pale for you.." Jola said as she closed the case, the symbol for the Artemis Institute emblazoned on the front. "I'm please your doing so well. I want to check you again in 3 months, make sure you haven't broken anything. Make sure you don't overtax yourself until then. Exercise will do you a world of good now, and help you become more accustomed to your body."

"Gotcha" she said, and followed a few steps behind her doctor. "How soon are you going to look over Catlyn?"

"Probably not till morning, it's starting to get late for the kids, and I have Kalli basically doing my job, running the scans on the children. I'm afraid I'm going to have ask their parents to take them to Temple for a period of time.."

Raisa cocked her head. "Why so?"

"They are showing signs of force ability, and they are going to need to learn to control it..." and Raisa read the pregnant pause.

"I'll think about it.."

"Didn't she blow a droid out an airlock with the force?" Khalid pressed.

"If it comes to that, I'll take her... no one else..." and with that, left the room, leaving Jola'Edana Khalid alone...


Corryn Villis followed the corridors of the Ministry Building's labyrinth of passageways, moving away from the guard station where they had liberated the Baron, keeping track of the time it has taken to get from where started to this moment, which was something that she knew she had little of. It wouldn't be long before Navarro or more of Agramar's troops arrived at the scene of the crime and ordered a lockdown of the entire grounds. The Spike she had would deal with a lockdown, but she had to get to the consoles for it to work properly. The Ministry Building was build in the usual grid pattern that most bureaucratic monstrosities that littered the governments and agencies of the galaxy, putting as many offices, cubicles and workstations in the smallest space possible with no thought to the corridor layout. She glanced at the data pad from time to time as she came to a new intersection and following the directional flash that would lead her to the connecting hallway that would take her into the Royal Hospital Wing engineering section.

The former NRI operative kept a brisk, steady pace, which would look as though she was simply passing through to her destination on the detection devices she had been passing as she walked. She would avoid the most unwelcome eyes by taking the longest route possible and once at her destination, she'd activate the spike with the data slice imbedded within its code base that had been created for just this situation, shutting down all power to the Royal Grounds and to the Hospital wing in particular. The storm raging outside would be blamed for it at first, Villis figured, until the ministry did a full investigation, and by then it would be too late.

What Villis found interesting that there hadn't been any alarms yet, The lack of activity showed that the massacre at the holding pens hadn't been discovered as of yet. Wiste and Xu would get the Baron out and away from Agramar, and she would escape during the confusion the slice would bring about, locking down all rooms in the quarantine ward, trapping the occupants until unlocked from the outside, which in this case it would be her. It was a flaw with the system, and one she was happy to exploit. Then she could join Fokker and leave this planet, back to the Corporate Sector.

After the Ric kid was dead..

She turned right at the next corridor, nearly at the connection. Villis looked down at the data pad, and nodded. The fourth door on her right side was the access to level engineering.. It wouldn't be long now.

MINISTRY BUILDING: Royal grounds Access Point 2

"I can't believe this storm!" Sgt Kam Jastins of the Public Safety Division said, taking off the soaked rain slicker and boot covers. "One for the ages." His partner, Cpl Lena Tembet was already putting her weapon belt back around her waist, and arranged her truncheon and clipping the blue helmet to her belt. They both wore the standard uniform style as the other Agramar Royal Forces, the main difference was the Public Safety Division had bright orange reflective epilates and pocket flaps, with a strip across the back to make the peace officers a more visible presence. Jastins put on his own equipment, and put on a the standard issue PSD flat cap.

"It's not the rain, it's the thunder and lightning that's got everything in an uproar. I hope they get the weather towers up and working again, my kid is a complete wreck over it." she said, shaking out her own flat cap and putting it on her head. "Wakes up every time a roller shakes the apartment. " she said, chuckling. "His dad is staying with him tonight, but I can't keep having Aggar sleep over all the time.."

Sgt Jastins raised an eyebrow.. "Why not?" and headed towards the airlock at the end of the hall.

Tambet smirked. "We'll end up with another kid." and straitening her uniform as she followed Jastins down the corridor. "I hope Pundis has the caff on. A good hot cup is just what I need."

"That stuff will stunt your growth, you know that.." Jastins chided. "They make it out of old spent coolant and Tookas leavings."

"But its tasty tookas leavings.." She said as they arrived at the air lock. "Keeps me awake during this shift." and yawned to make the point.

"There's a good caff shop that makes a really excellent cup, and you don't lose enamel from your teeth." Jastins said, thumbing the airlock. Airlock was a general term, as it was simply a sally port room that would trap anyone who didn't belong there until the proper authorities arrived. another level of security for the Ministry building, just as having peace officers poke their heads in a few times a night. A few seconds pass before the second door unlocked, allowing them to enter the Ministry.

All in the name of planetary security.

"I'm not a fan of all that high end caff." Tambet said simply. "All caff needs is a cup, maybe some sweetener and a spoon and that's it. Keep it nice and simple, No clotted cream, or ammar milk, or.."

"Hallways kind of a mess, don't you think?" Justins said, his hand on his pistol, and motioned to the drippings on the ground tracing down the hall from the Holding cells. There were three entrances to the Holding Cells. Two required bio metric identification, and the main was controlled by the duty officer. The drops headed out of the are towards the Main desk.

Tambet nodded, and likewise put her hand on her blaster. "blood?" and moved along the hall, careful not to step in it.

"Maybe.." Jastins said, as he checked his head com, and pulled his eyepiece down for tactical information. "No Chatter from their comms, something's wrong..." as footsteps came from the bend at the end of the hallway. The two peace officers pulled their weapons and waited as a tall man came around the corner, who halted upon seeing them. He held up a hand to halt him, and pointed to the access port to the holding cells.

"Central, Sgt Jastins: Badge-ARPO2737, possible trouble in ministry building.."

<<Understood, proceed with caution>> the two peace officers heard in their ear pieces as the man pulled his own sidearm, holding it at the ready. The Sergeant motioned for his partner to take position.

"Who's He?" Tambet asked quietly, taking a position on the other side of the door.

"On our side.." Justins said as he thumbed the door actuator.

The hatch opened, and the two officers looked into the aftermath of the massacre...
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Agramar Secure Transit System______________

Chase sat quietly in the small transport pod as it moved through the vacuum that surrounded it, it wa s five minute ride from his temporary residence to the Ministry Building on the grounds of the Royal Estate. He was glad he hadn't had to slog through the thunder storm outside and could instead ride int he relative climate controlled comfort he was enjoying now. Checking the charge one last time his blaster he secured it one more time in it's holster as the notification panel showed the pod was entering the underground station for the Ministry building. Standing to his feet he reached the entry hatch as it slid open onto a mostly deserted station, there were a pair of guards standing watch near the stairs leading up and another at a podium near the lift. Pulling his ID from his inside jacket pocket he flashed it at the guard,

"Sorry to drag you out of bed like this sir." The man spoke after a second verifying his credentials, "just take the lift up to 2, it should drop up right where you want to go."

The lift doors parted and Chase gave the man a grin and stepped in, "Thank you kindly, but it wasn't bed I was dragged away from."

Chase enjoyed the somewhat shocked look on the man's face before the doors hissed shut and the car started the quick two level trip, it chimed and helpfully announced he was on the detention level as the doors opened. The scene was not was he was expecting and his blaster was in his hand before he knew he'd drawn it,

"Sithspawn..." he cursed as he took in the destroyed space wearily, he moved quietly to the small podium that should have been manned by the duty officer, the sturdy edifice was stained with blood of a green shade though there wasn't a body to go with it, "Just signing paperwork... right.."

Around him the only barely functioning lighting flickered, letting loose a low growl he crossed to the secure door behind the podium the ruined door was easy enough to navigate as did the short hallway that connected it to the security office where he found a familiar zabrak sprawled on the deck in a slowly creeping pool of blood along with three others, given the fairly recognisable pattern of the wounds it was clear most of the blood belonged to the other dead men, for a second he counted Raster among them till a wheeze of a breath escaped the man,

"Chase, good, Folker..." the Zabrak stilled as Chase took in the wound, single lightsaber blade through the chest, at least one of his heart's was a charred mess and given the location there was probably also a link now missing in his spine, "Escape... techno jedi... overdose..."

Chase holstered his weapon and quickly took in the disheveled space looking for a med-kit, "Can't even follow basic emergency protocol either I guess."

Standing his pushed out into the hallway through the other door into the office and found two very nervous looking security officers eyeing all the blood and gore with weapons drawn. The man appeared to be talking to someone on the other end of his comms while the woman held her weapon on him,

"Who's he?" she asked clearly not trusting a stranger in they found wondering around in the middle of what was clearly a slaughterhouse, "Our side." the man responded as a growling noise came from somewhere else to them through the walls, Chase again pulled his blaster and thumbed the switch on it's side, a slight whine filled the air as the power cell changed modes, he caught the blanched look on the man's face as he caught a glimpse of the carnage in the office,

"I need a med-kit."

Chase growled, eyeing the roof as if something might come crashing down through it at any moment, he knew it wasn't likely but with the insanity of the last few weeks he wasn't discounting anything, experience had taught him that if nothing else. The man glanced at the woman who nodded,

"Someone's still alive in there?" the disbelief was clear in the man's voice.

Chase just gave him a curt nod as the woman pulled the kit from it's dock on the wall and started past him, he heard her gasp as he turned to follow, "I need antiseptic foam and synthflesh patches." as the woman cracked the case open on the bloody deck, she produced the requested items,

Chase took the foam and got Raster's glassy eyed stare locked on him, "This is going to hurt Raster."

Pointing the nozzle of the canister into the cauterised wound he depressed the trigger filling the wound with the foam, it should stabilize things and staunch any bleeding.The zabrack clinched and grunted in pain as the cavity left by the lightsaber blade filled. Pulling the synthflesh bandage open he slapped the first one on the man's chest and then motioned for the lady,

"Help me roll him onto his side." he casually wiped away the gore and slapped the second patch on the man's back, "That should stabilize him, get on the horn and call the medics... and reinforcements. ARMarines preferably..."

"Done," the man announced as he stepped into the room, "What in the seven hells did this sir?"

"Don't know, though it'll probably be really bad, and honestly don't care. Whatever it is, it's a distraction, Folker is trying to escape and I imagine he has help. The systems here have been slagged so they clearly know what they're doing."

Again the lights flickered ominously, "Get on the horn and tell space control to shut things down."

A tick passed as he checked raster's pulse but he didn't hear the man talking, "Sargent?"

"Sorry sir, just lost comms..."

Chase reached up and pressed his finger to the subdermal activation key by his chin, the comm system integrated into his head just hissed static, "Palpatine's black bones..." Down the hallway he'd come in through he heard gasps followed by the thump of boots down the hallway, a pair of med-techs grunted again,

"Get him to the trauma center, he's got a lightsaber wound through his thoracic cavity probably missing at least part of a vertebra too. Careful with him, he's a genuine bloody hero of the Republic." Turning back to the two officers, "you two are with me, where was the Marshal's transport?"

"Pad three."

"Bloody figures," Chase grunted, so much for staying dry, "Lead the way."

As the two turned to head back the way they'd orginally come, "Wait, weapons?"

The lady smirked and made a left near the door pulling open two shuttered panels revealing two rows of heavy blaster rifles and flechette guns, all top of the line,

"Now THAT'S what I'm talking about." Chase grinned as he pulled one of the long dangerous looking weapons from it's place and slapped home a substantial power back, "Remember, in the rain blasters have reduced ranges so don't waste ammo at range."

Slapping the door release he cursed and bolted out into the storm, as the three of them skirted the building lighting flashed and everything went dark...

Observation Office___________________________________________________

Devon quietly watched Katilyn as she calmly carried on a conversation with someone else in the room about who was watching her through the cameras, the fact that she knew he was there was testament in and of itself as to her newly found potential, it was both troublesome and fascinating, he knew the history of attempts at creating an artificial force user well. None of the attempts had ever ended well for the volunteers. The Folkers had apparently decided that perhaps age was a factor and had used children. Katilyn and the others that had recovered all appeared to be successes with the exception of the Juss girl. His eyes drifted to her screen where she was rocking back and forth, the audio shifted in his ear and he could hear her muttering the word dust over and over again. He shook his head, he still couldn't shake the disturbing feeling he got from the girl, it was both familiar and completely foreign. The security comms squawked to life drawing his attention announcing something was wrong in the ministry building, just as details started the lights died along with the comms and everything else in the small observation office and the hairs on the back of his neck stood straight on end, he turned the chair and stood to leave but quickly found the door wouldn't budge, the control panel beside the door was flashing red with the words security lock down, he smirked and his hand dropped to where his lightsaber usually rested but it wasn't there. The memory of handing it over to the security guard at the entrance to the section mocked him and he growled and was tempted to attempt battering the door open but he shook his head and sat back down in the chair and closed his eyes,

"Let's see how well I remember those lessons of yours Isamu ..."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Jok Zephre leaned back in the wood chair at the chefs table, happily chewing on the bite of the meat pie that Goff Minden had made for them in the staff mess kitchen. He had tossed his high collared jacket off in the corner, and was enjoying the freedom of movement in his short sleves. Across from him in the booth Alyra was likewise chewing on the end of one of the pies, by far calmer than she had been earlier, and much happier. She had likewise changed clothes in favor of more comfortable attire, and was now in hospital scrubs. Goff brought out another pitcher of rue apple cider and poured measures into pewter mugs.

The staff mess hall in the Royal Hospital was a safe area, used as a secure zone for civilians if case of emergency. It was thick walled, double lined with plasteel and pretty much sound proof, enough that the raging storm was barely registered. Goff Minden reached for another flakey crusted meat pie in his oversized hand, and bit it in half, chewing and rolling his eyes in his head in thought.

"I think it needs more garlac, not enough of a tang." The large boy stated. He was the son of the Royal Chef Darv Minden, and had inherited an amazing palate and culinary skills. Goffs father was napping in the office, knowing Goff would be more than capable to feed whoever was on the night shift. When Joklyn and the Princess came to the mess hall to grab something to eat and get away from the storm, all were pleasantly surprised to see him working and spawned the meat pie party. He had been Jok's and Alyra's closest friend since before either could remember, and loved to feed them. He was the same age as Jok, but he was a good three inches taller and hundred pounds heavier, thick heavy muscle under the deceptive soft covering of fat. His shock of blond hair stood nearly strait up in a severe crew cut, shaved on the sides.

"MhmMnn.." The Princess stated, swallowing the bite. "It's delicious, Goff." and taking a swig of Rue cider from a pewter mug. "You shouldn't change a bit."

"Or a bite" Jok said, smirking g at his own pun while downing his own mug. "This yours or your old mans?"

"My Grans, at least at its base. Instead of roasting the meat over wood coals, I marinade it in Drizza over night before I roast it." Goff said, popping the other half into his mouth, and followed it with a swish of cider and held it in his mouth. "Salts perfect.. sweet and savory always wins.. just more garlac."

"Drizza?" Alyra sat up, alarmed. "Isn't that liquor?"

Goff smiled wide, pouring more cider into his mug. "The alcohol bakes off, leaves only the taste."

She looked at meat pies, and shrugged, taking another from the cooking sheet and continued to eat. "Thanks for making them, Goff.."

Jok nodded his agreement "Yeah, thanks allot. You can only take so much official business in one day, and my cousins were all busy with the kids, though I'm sure Darien and Kali would love these."

Goff nodded. "I have more in the oven now, feel free to take them over to them.."

Jok looked over to Alyra, and put his hand on her shoulder. "Ill take them, you can stay here where its quiet." He could still feel the death grip on his arm while the storm was raging. He still didn't know why the storm affected her so severely, but she'd tell him in her own time. Sometimes it was best not to push.

She smiled back. "I'm ok now, I.." she said, pausing as if weighing the issue before speaking. "The thunder and lightning reminds me when my Father was killed.." she said, taking a deep breath. "At least thats what I think of anyway. It sounded the same." Alyra shrugged "Anyway, storms have bothered me since then. Now its your turn, why are your knuckles all wrapped up and bruised." She poked Jok in the side. Goff nodded.

"I was wondering that myself, who have you been fighting with.." he said, "And do you want help?"

Jok waved them off, trying to look as wizard as possible. He ended up looking sleepy and slow. "Nah, nothing like that.. I've been doing some boxing, that's all." he said, looking at his knuckles . "I found some instruction holos, and I've been training pretty hard on it."

Goff leaned forward, grinning. "How long have you been training?" he said, and before Jok could say anything, he interrupted "Including today!" Jok stretched, and yawned as he answered.

"Bout a week. It's a lot more about physical conditioning than fighting at this stage." He ended the stretch, and picked up the mug of cider. "I was thinking about asking my uncle about it, but he's not going to bad around for long'"

"Still doesn't mean you can't ask him. Chase would probably be thrilled."

The trio turned to see Jok' s mother comming through the kitchen doors, and waved. She approached the chefs table and grabbed one of the pies, turning it over in her hand. "Even if he's not going to be around long, he'd be glad to point you in the right direction.." and popped it into her mouth.

"I'll talk to him, I guess." He paused before continuing on "So you saw aunt Jola?" Jok asked, leaning on the table.

Raisa nodded, taking up the pewter mug in front of him and taking a swig before he could grab it. "You bet, doc gave me a clean bill of health, though she wants me to take it easy for a bit."

"Right, so no kidnappings or terrorist attacks for a while. Take two pillows and call her in the morning." Jon grinned up at his mother. She returned the smirk and noted the giggle from the princess. Goff shook his head, pinching between his eyes in mock exasperation.

"Ok slugger, I got it, sit on my butt and eat candies." Raisa said, rolling her eyes. "Or I know, I'll follow you around all day, looking over your shoulder at everything you do, maybe spit comb your hair every few minutes. What do you think?"

No answer came back, as Jok feigned horror at the amusement of his friends. The jovial attitude subsided, and Goff brought Raisa her own mug and another pitcher of cider before padding off to tend to the ovens.

"I'll be glad when everything gets back to normal." Alyra said, sipping from the freshly poured cider in her mug. "Or as normal as it gets.."

"Look, Fokker is in custody, on his way off world. Most of the kids are clear and everyone is in one piece. Even the storms blowing itself out. " She said, tussling her oldest child's hair. "It's smooth sailing from here on out.."
The power shut down with a audible thumb as all of the freezer compressors, kitchen sensors and other culinary devices lost energy. Emergency backup lamps came on, flooding the kitchen with pale red illumination. The door that lead to the hallway made a loud thunk, and the door panel went from green to red. The mess hall was locked down, so Raisa checked her com, which was connected to the main communication center, and heard nothing but static. Goff rushed through the kitchen to the office to check on his father while Jok, Alyra and his mother looked at each other.

There was a long silence before Raisa said to her son "Not a word.."

Alyra interjected. "Before the power cut, I heard there was some problems happening in the Ministry building, but I lost all signals."

"Yeah, where shut down, and locked out. Whatever is happening, It's going to have to happen without us. Luckily, the hospital will be locked down as well, so their all safe, All we can do is sit back and wait it out...


Kali Vos laughed along with the children as she logged in the medical scanner information from the girl called Danzi, who turned out to be a remarkable story teller as she regaled the group with the heroics of Arwyn Starr, heroine of the Galaxy. The girl had been talking pretty much nonstop since Kali had said the words 'You tell stories? I'd like to hear some..' in an attempt to create a rapport with them. Little did she know the Danzi Efrus was not only a talented storyteller, she also loved an audience.

The boys, to their credit, allowed her the floor with minimal interjections of "yeah right" and "suuurre" and "well, at least it's not vampires?" Kali took that moment to move her gear to the table she was using to stage her equipment, and she had to admit she was enjoying her flights of fancy.

It was apparent that Danzi took after her parents in imagination, and it passed the time for the kids. Kali took their vitals, took blood and skin samples and according to the medical scanner supplied by her Mother they were in good physical condition. She also got a chance for the children to show her the burgeoning abilities, which she took holos and scans while they did it. Some of them were harder to confirm, such as Danzi's ability to precognition, or Corben's ability to see ghosts, but the scans proved that the areas of the brain that show activity when younglings use the force were highly active. There was more than enough data to warrant the youngsters a trip to the Temple.

She was certain that Catlyn would be going as well, since Kali knew she saw Raisa's daughter flow walk.

The Juss girl was another matter. The girls illness was horrifying, but was it safe to move her and was it something that the Jedi could treat. This was new territory in the realms of the force. The Sith were known to create horrors, but this was even beyond them, or at least as she understood it. Was Kalli Juss some kind of Sith Monster?

She heard Danzi gasp, and glance around nervously while the other children looked at her, confused.

"Whats wrong?" Kevier asked, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"It's about to get..."

The door made a sudden heavy sound as the magnetic lock slammed into place, the doors lock spinning into locked position and turning red, showing it inactive. A moment later, all power shut down , plunging the room into darkness for nearly a second before the emergency light activated.



Lt Jorl Do sprinted through the ministry's manicured courtyard heading towards the statuary gardens, the downpour soaking him to the bone as his boots splash through the deep puddles as he advanced. Behind him sprinted six other ARMarine troopers from the 6th Light Infantry platoon armed with heavy blaster rifles and wearing light armor and hopefully whatever the situation was it would be enough. He, and he assumed his fellow 6th LI troopers, were about to hit the rack when the power cut out, and had the bare minimum of equipment at their disposal in the barracks.

They were lucky they had their rifles..

No more than five minutes earlier, after the power cut, a trooper from the ministry rang the alarm at the barracks. All he said was incident at the ministry and all hands needed before sprinting off towards the VIP residence to collect any of the visiting Defenders, Jedi or officers he could find. Jorl was now hearing some small arms fire and screaming. Whatever was happening, it was going on now.

The small group of ARMarines splashed into the topiary gardens, as a trooper from the ministry's ERT smashed into a marble statue, thrown like a rag doll by a impertinent child. In this case, the child would have to be a giant.

Jorl wasn't far off..

It was nearly three and a half meters tall, and horribly misshapen and covered in black oily slime where the skin had split and tore away. The upper torso was grotesquely muscled with what looked like the remnants of a marshals longcoat hanging off the left normal sized arm. The right arm was like the torso, muscled to the grotesque while the left was more or less human looking. His lower body was proportionately off, smaller than it should be to support the bulk of the upper body.

The creatures head was just as disturbing if not more so. The skin hung in tatters on the face, showing muscle and skull. The predominant skeletal grin shown bright white against the ruin of the face as it emitted a scream as it slammed the large right handed fist into the ground where a trooper had rolled for safety. It suddenly pushed its smaller left art out as if by using the force pulled a rock and flung it at a different trooper.

It could use the force..

The thing was cause for pause as the seven ARMarines took the scene in. The ministry soldiers were using blaster pistols, which appeared to do little damage other than to split the creatures skin, opening more lesions. Jorl Do took a fraction of a second to formulate a source of action. He grabbed the least armored and pulled him close.

"Get to the com center and get the Heavy Armored units here asap, we cannot let that thing off the grounds and into the city." And pushed the trooper off on his way. "We thing doesn't leave the grounds.." and advanced towards the creature, firing.

"Light it up!"
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Years before, The Distant Sphere

"Locks are a product of the mind Vos. They should offer no more hindrance than an open window." Isamu Al'Akahaab stated, watching his friend pondering the elaborate locking mechanism. Devon and he had been speaking of his time as a thief, and how he used the akesh to release the tumblers of extensive mechanisms. The Harchi offered to show him.

"So let me get this strait, you bring this lock which in essence is a bank vault lock.." Box stated.


"So I'm going to trip the tumblers in succession to pop the lock from the inside.."

"Indeed, you will. It will take practice, and once you've done it several hundred times you can learn the technique without trouble." Isamu said. "Every lock is a mechanism at its most rudimentary level, regardless of complexity. Each lock has a trip mechanism that opens it, you just have to find it.."

Devon Vos chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, looking over the lock. He picked up the mead and took a sip before he set to work..


Main Control Room hospital wing

Devon looked at the control rooms locked door, pondering on its complexity. With a smirk, he had enjoyed the memory of his friend. He sighed and set to his task.. "Didn't take into account magnetic lock, did you Isamu..." and crouched in front of the door..

"One thousand, Eight hundred and thirty five..."

quarantine rooms, hospital

Corryn Villis slipped through the fire door access from the engineering corridor, and looked down the emergency lit hallway at the closed doors each with a dull red indicator. The spike had done its work, the power was shut down throughout the level and all of the doors were locked only accessible from the outside. Anyone in an room was out of the way.

Villis checked the floor plan from the emergency information on her pad, and nodded. The kids were situated at this end of the corridor, with the master control room and the exam rooms farther down. She put the pad away and pulled her blaster tucked in the back of her scrub trousers and fitted the silencer to the barrel. She had considered using a knife, but the Ric kid had that force talent that tossed her and everyone else around at Marskella Station.

Better to shoot her and be done with it..

Finishing this off shouldn't take longer than a minute, and the back into the engineering tunnels, change clothes into a maintenance overall and slip off the grounds scott free. It was a decent plan, though not fool proof. They hadn't planned on Strumm the techno Jedi ending up dead, or what ever he was now after taking all that poison into his system. That was a huge mess there, but at least Wiste and Xu had the baron and she could clean up this part..

She moved down to the first quarentine room, and pulled the door release tool from her pocket, and inserted it into the lock release, and turned it, cranking the mechanism one revolution to unseat the mag field allowing the door to be released. Villis slid the door and entered the room, leading with the silenced blaster and fired at the shape on the bed. The target rolled off the bed, and poked her head up.

It was the Juss kid, looking really worse for ware and literally growling at her. She fired again twice, both missing as the girl ducked behind the bed.

Snarling, Villis left the room and moved to the next quarentine room, admonishing herself for her foolishness as she saw the lock on the master control room beginning to unlock, the same mechanism she used to open the door operating on its own. She was running out of time.

The popped open the door, and slid it open as the sound of growling came from behind her. She spun around and saw the Juss girl standing, her face death grey as the dead with vein covered black lips and long stringy hair hanging down in her eyes. A burn spot was on her shoulder where she had been hit by the silencer, but appeared to give her little discomfort. Villis shifted the blaster to Juss, as the girl screamed and leapt on the assassin...


Catlyn watched as Kalli leapt on Hard Face, and enveloped her mouth over the older woman. Only moments before she had believed she was being released from the locked room, only to see the Marskella woman holding a weapon, and all she had wanted was to get away. Hard Face was going to kill her.

That was untill Kalli leaped on her..

Hard Face fired the blaster wildly, thrashing around in attempts to get her off, trying to break the hold that Kalli had on her. Catlyn felt something was wrong, something horrible was about to happen, and moved out of the room though not taking her eyes off of what was happening.

Hard Face' s struggles became weaker as Kalli continued what ever she was doing, until the finally stopped. Kalli Juss released the woman, and Catlyn gasped at the dead visage illuminated in the dim glow of the emergency lights.

Her face Looked like thick grey wax, her sunken open staring eyes expressionless and dead. The mouth was gaping, lips pale against the grey skin and tinged blue. Hard Face was a stark comparison to Kalli, as her skin now showed a more healthy, if not pale, completion and it appeared go fave healed her. Her eyes, however, looked glassy and just as dead as her victim. Catlyn took a tentative step forward, keeping an eye on the girl she'd been friends with since they had gotten back. Kalli looked up from the body, and regarded her.

"Thanks for saving me, Kalli.." Cat squeezed out, but Kalli apparently heard and nodded.

"You look better.." Catlyn took another step forward. "How do you feel?"

Kalli Juss didn't answer for several moments before responding.

"The darkshape said I'd feel better if I..." pausing as if looking for the right word "ate."

Catlyn could hear her ghostly mentor screaming for her to run, but it wasn't going to happen. She was blocked escaping by Juss. A Chileang down her spine.

"I'm sorry this happened to you, and none of this is your fault. It's theirs, but not you'res. They did this to you.."

Kalli gave her pittying smile "I can't expect you to understand...the shape was right...your all just food.... " and started to move towards Catlyn.
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Observation Office

A slight smirk tugged at the corners of the Devon's smile as he finally found the answer to the riddle of the door, the magnetic locks disengaging with thunk, at the edge of his consciousness the Force flared in distress even more than it already was, he pushed through the door and bolted up the hallway pulling up short as something flew across the hallways from Juss' room into Catlyn's. As he cautiously moved the door a disgusting shiver reached him, his jaw involuntarily tensed at the sensation and his hand automatically went to where his lightsaber normally hung. When he entered the room he did so just in time to see the Juss girl stand up leaving an emaciated corpse on the floor, he didn't even catch the words she was nearly growling at his niece he just reacted when she leapt at the girl, his hand shot out and he snatched the slip of a girl from the air and slung her against the observation window. Her oily black eyes glaring something that more closely resembled hunger than anything else, she kicked and hissed and growl as he held her there suspended. Sparing the corpse on the floor not much more than a glance he stepped over it to Catlyn,

"Are you OK? Did she touch you?"

The young Ric shook her head slowly from side to side her gaze fixed on the other girl, Devon could imagine some of the questions that might be going through her head, his own gaze turned back to the Juss girl and then scanned the room till they found what he sought, on a ray against the far wall of the isolation cell was a hypo with what he hopped was a sedative, he reached out with his other hand and the small device leapt across the room into his hand, he checked the contents and was pleased to find a rather effective and large dose of sedative loaded ready to be administered, with a flick of his wrist and thought the injector found it's mark in the girl's thigh and then dropped to the floor, Catlyn started to rush over to her but he stopped her,

"WHAT DID YOU DO!" she shouted, he could feel the force responding to her emotions around them. He pulled it to him and let it add weight to his words,

"I sedated her, now calm down, she's infected."

"Infected?" Catlyn questioned as she wrapped her arms around herself but backed slowly away, "Infected with what? We were all dosed with the same stuff, is that going to happen to me? What is it?"

"The taint."

A racket came from the hallway, the sounds of doors being slung open followed by the rapid beat of boots pounding the hard deck, Devon glanced over and smiled as his wife came to a halt with a thump against the door frame. Her eyes widened as they found the Juss girl pinned against the window then the corpse and then Catlyn,

"She didn't?" came the short question.

"No." came an equally short reply, "Though it was a close thing."

Juss gave another hiss drawing Jola's gaze back but the sedative was rapidly taking hold of her system and she was soon just a limp doll hanging where Devon held her pinned, his wife stepped into the room and knelt next the body for a moment and then stood and wrapped their adopted niece in a warm hug, after a few seconds the sobs began,

"Take her down to the observation room."

Jola nodded and then shepherded the young woman out of the room. He look around the room then settled on the bed that occupied on of the walls, he quickly found the controls for the inbuilt restraints and secured the girl in place using the max level restraints. Some might have considered it overkill for containing a human teenager but he knew better. Stepping back over to the dead woman he pulled out his pad and pressed her dead hand to the input plate. The pad linked back to the Blade of Justice over a miniaturized short range hyperlink and the pad soon chirped with the woman's identity. Shaking his head he keyed open the communications channel to his ship in orbit,

"Lord Defender." The bass voice of Captain Esseles came through the pads audio, "How may we be of service?"

"Seems we've had a breech of security on the planet's surface, local communications are down and I've located at least one known associate of a criminal due for transport back to the core. I suspect that any ship that attempts to leave the planet on such a mission has been compromised. Coordinate with local space forces and prevent any departure on my authorisation."

"Understood sir, is use of deadly force authorised?"

"Standard rules of engagement Captain."

"Aye sir."

Returning his pad to it's holster he gave the restraints on the bed one last check and then headed back to the Observation room but he paused at the entry to the other girl's room, there was a subtle ripple in the force, stepping inside his eyes swept the room till they came to the corner and there in the shadows a pair fiery red of eyes stared back at him and then were gone, Devon's hand clenched and then released, Jola's concerned head popped out of the door way down the hall,


He let loose an old Davorian curse and closed the distance only deepening the look of concern, "What is it?"

"More like who."

Jola's features darkened, "You think he's here? On Agramar?"

Devon ran his hands through his short hair and growled in frustration, "He could quite literally be anywhere if he's managed to find himself a nice little nexus of power to syphon off and given the state of the galaxy that could be anywhere."

Jola glanced back into the room where Catlyn was sitting in the large comfortable observers chair with her knees pulled up to her chin staring blankly at the dark bank of monitors, "He tried to get me too, the shadow man, he tried but my Grandpa helped me stop him. I tried to help Kalli but it didn't work."

Both of the Vos' looked at the girl at the same time as she once again started sobbing and buried her face in her knees, Jola turned her eyes on Devon then off into the distance, "I'll keep an eye on both of them, you need to go see what you can do, if that woman got in there's a way out. If he's involved in this there's no telling who or what else is on the loose out there."

Devon nodded and kissed his wife on the cheek, "Keep the Juss girl sedated."

His wife gave him a stern look, "Go!"

He cracked a lopsided smile and started up the hallway, he found the first open door at the other end of the hall...

Royal VIP Guest Quarters________________________________

Darien Vos' eyes snapped open and he found himself on his feet in the ready stance looking for trouble before he even realised he'd gotten to his feet, the door to his room hissed open and Jonji Fawkes pushed through saber hilt at the ready his master's eyes scanned the room seeming to linger on the shadows longer than they should have as if searching for something in them before settling on him, there was an old fear lingering in his eyes,

"You felt it too then?" he finally spoke.

"The disturbance?"

The other man nodded, outside a lingering clap of thunder sounded, "Let's go."

Darien pulled on his tunic and strapped on his utility belt over it, "It's not him is it?"

Jonji gave him a stern look and then shook his head, "Not exactly."

Darien pulled poncho from his bag near the door and was pulling it over his head when he heard the door open and his master's lightsaber snap to life, followed by some shouts of put your weapons down, in the nearly 6 years Darien had been apprenticed to Jonji he had never seen the man this on edge. It gave him a sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach,

"Come on, seems there's something on the loose in the ministry building that the locals can't get a handle on, a force using monster of some variety." The usual snark in his master's voice was more brittle than usual but he got it,

"Oh goodie, just the way I like to start my day, slaying a fargin monster! In the rain..."
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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"I would be glad for your involvement until the situation is resolved, Captain Esseles." Captain Doras's said to the blue holographic image of the ship's master of the Blade of Justice, and tapped information into his pad, sending coordinates for the area that would have the weakest coverage.

The image of Esseles accepting a pad from off screen, and after regarding it a few moments nodded.

<<<We will cover the polar region and support your defense screens.>>> and after a few moments more of consideration and looking off screen, handed the pad back off screen and glanced at Doras.

"It's much appreciated, Captain. We are patching your tactical into the defense network, and logging you as Defender one. The Blade of Justice will receive all incoming and outgoing tactical signals and messages." Captain Doras stated, and after a nod salute, shut down the holo link.

"I hope this is the right thing to do, Minister Childers.." Doras crossed his arms, speaking to the tall thin man who was standing off to the side. "They are not Agramaran, and accepting them into our tactical net is a remarkable breach of security." and moved across the bridge to the command seat.

"The Defenders are good allies to have, Captain. There will be a time that Agramar may have need of them again, and there may be a time they may have need of Agramar." Childers moved to stand next to the command seat. "Remember as well that Devon Vos leads them, thus placing them firmly within the family."

"I agree, Minister, but including them into search and seizure operations for the Rho Klattah moves them from guests to auxiliary combatants. We don't know if they will capture or destroy the fugitives, and if they do we cannot hand them over to the Republic. I had believed that we wanted to remain in good faith with the Republic."

Childers nodded, and crossed his hands behind his back. "Good points, Captain, but I am no longer interested in handing Fokker and his Marskella rescuers over to the New Republic. Their agents have failed twice now on our behalf, and I tire of it." he blew out his breath through his nose, a slight whistle from a broken septim not healed properly decades earlier. " We will handle this internally as it should have been from the first moments of the 571 incident."

Dora nodded, as the 2IC handed aim a pad. Looking it over briefly, he motioned for the tactical screen situation board to be brought online. Minister Childers attention shifted from his own pad to the screen. The tactical officer began droning his report.

"A situation has arisen at the ministry compound. The 5th Heavy Weapons Company are enroute and there are reports of weapon fire. So far no fatalities, but several casualties.

5th HWC Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT/i) Jerbecca: Enroute to Ministry Building

"One minute thirty to drop" Sgt. Hyth shouted to the assembled ARMarines on one of the two LAAT/i assigned to the 5th Heavy Weapons Company, who pulled their helmets off the helmet racks behind each of the drop points, and locked them into place as the internal lights went from blue to red. The connection of the helmet activated the monitors at the med station, which showed the vitals of each heavy weapons trooper at a glance. Satisfied, Hyth locked his own helmet into place, and activated the link to the med station. He did one final glance at the one trooper he didn't know, a last minute replacement for the ailing Cpl. Sull, the second fire team leader on this LAAT/i.

Everything looked fine on the monitor, and Hyth checked up on the young Trooper. The kid was on leave when he was activated, using the company barracks as a crash pad. Personally, Hyth thought, he would have rented a nice hotel room and keep as far from the barracks as possible while on leave, but other than having questionable interests in sleeping arrangements while on leave the kid got high marks.

"Our objective is to incapacitate the combatant before it can leave the ministry grounds. Under NO circumstances is it to evacuate. Our Mechanized infantry have closed off the areas around the Ministry complex in case it makes a break for the population center. My fire team will lead in the assault on the combatant using Z-9 Rotary Cannons and Heavy blasters. Cpl. Finn, your fire team will be the second line with Z-9s and missile launchers in case we fail." he checked his helmet chrono, and received updated intel. The troopers pulled their respective weapons, and readied them, ensuring charges and for proper operation and pulled the fast slide from the winch above their heads, and giving them a tug to put the foot hold at deck level.

One of the troopers spoke, his voice coming over the tac net. <<What about the other LAAT/i>>

the voice of Cpl. Finn was loud and clear. <<They'll be doing EVAC operations on high level personnel inside the ministry building, clearing rooms of other hostiles and the like. The courtyard is our show..>>

"Some light infantry Troops are keeping the thing busy, using what ever they could scramble together since they were caught flat footed at in the blackout, so check your fire. There are also reports of Jedi being present, so keep that in mind." and with that hit the drop doors, the deck of the LAAT/i showing the first real look at the battlefield.

The battle was taking place in the Statuary garden of the Agramar Ministry, which was now littered with rubble of what had at one time been marble statues and honorifics. The horribly deformed creature they were fighting was something out of a nightmare, and appeared larger than earlier reports. It was surrounded by ministry guards, public safety officers and half naked ARMarines, firing blaster pistols and a few heavy rifles all into the inky black monster with little effect.

"There, Sarge.. The Jedi's" Finn pointed to the fast moving fighters in the field.

Moving around the battle field were the two Jedi, the lightsabers they were carrying the tell tale sign. It appeared they were trying to keep the things attention on them, pummeling it with heavy chunks of statuary with the force, while the other attacked from a different angle. It appeared to Hyth that the monster knew what they planned before they did it, like it could sense it.

From appearance, it seemed to be healing as fast as it was damaged as well, but it was possible that it simply wasn't enough firepower.

That was about to change...

"DROP!" and each of the ARMarines stepped onto the foot lock, and dropped to the ground.
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Agramar City: Old Agramar Down Port: Pad Three

The stolen Public Safety speeder approached the YT-2400 vessel NRS-43332 Rho Klattah, registered to the New Republic Marshals as it sat in idle, ready to make a fast exit as planned. Steam poured from the heated engines as the rain continued to pour down. The vehicles doors opened, and Cabe Wiste rushed to the ship, weapon drawn and at the ready as he approached. The Marskella employee examined the access hatch, and satisfied he cycled the access and motioned for the other passengers to join him. Xu Rix and Baron Cranston Fokker rushed through the rain and into the now open ship access hatch. Wiste hit the secure lever once they were on board, closing the hatch.

The rodian rushed to the cockpit, and took his spot in the pilots seat, followed by Wiste and the Baron who took a place at the communications station.

“This vessel has a hypercomm, yes?” Fokker asked, aquainting himself with its layout.

“It does, Baron. Once were outside the storm you may use it at your leisure.” Xu stated, his accent thick but understandable. Fokker nodded and brought the console online.

WIste looked out the cockpit, and saw the emergency lamps in the distance. “Were going to have company in a few moments, Xu..” and prepped his own station as he felt the sudden stomach dropping sensation of the Rho Klattah launching straight up three hundred meters in a few seconds, the engines whine deafening, before turning the craft towards the clouds and shot forward at full maneuver speed..


The public safety speeders pulled up to the now empty pad three, the Rho Klattah’s blue engine glow disappearing into the clouds as Chase and the two peace officers got out of the enclosed speeder.

“We missed them..” Jastins cursed, “by seconds.”

“They had a head start on us, it was a longshot that we’d catch them on the way.” Navarro stated, and motioned for the vehicles comm set. Tambet handed him the interface, and pulled up the vehicles computer and attempted to access the private starport cameras. Chase handed Jastins the comm.

“Let em know their coming, and let em know the pilots got combat experience, probably give em a fight..”

Jastins nodded, and activated the comm “Central, Sgt Jastins-ARPO2737, to orbital command, the Rho Klattah eluded capture at the starport, and is moving into orbit. Be advised, pilot appears to be combat trained.” and handed her back the comm unit.

<<Understood, message relayed to Orbital command>> came back the dispatch voice.

“How do you know the pilots combat trained?”

“That was a evac launch, and not taught in very few if any civilian flying schools..” Chase explained, and got back into the vehicle. “They'll make orbit in a few minutes, so It's up to them now..”

<<Attention all Units, be advised All units are directed to the Royal grounds to assist in apprehending the giant Force Monster..>>>

Agramar: Orbit

<<<Look alive, we got confirmation that the Rho Klattah is enroute to orbit>> the comm officer from the Ulan Mastiff reported. ensign Cargillis Vix adjusted his scanners, and responded to the message as telemetry markers showed the most likely vectors the renegade marshals ship would take.

“Understood, Starting the hunt.” and wheeled the ARN-21 Thunderhawk back towards Agramar, extending his sensor sweeps to catch the YT-2400 before it could get out into the briar patch. There was a common misconception of the briar patch, and it’s impassibility. The sentient made asteroid field intermixed with magnetic mines and interdictor stations made it nearly impossible for a capital ship to enter into Agramars firing range, but small ships with really good pilots and a lot of nerve could pass through, usually having considerable combat experience.

<<Be advised: Reports are the pilot has combat experience, proceed with caution>>

“Understood..” Vix said, and off mic under his breath "figures." He throttled the Thunderhawk towards the projected vector, and gunned it to speed as the remaining members of his squadron reported in. There were twelve in total in the Wasps squadron, including himself and led by commander Hyla Melstom, Wasp one, a veteran from the civil war and had flown with the republic. Comparatively, his own combat experience was rather thin.

<<Keep a sharp look out, Wasps.>> the commander's voice echoed in his helmet. <<These guys killed our people down planet. Let’s not let them get away with it..>>

“Wasp six, Understood.” Vix chimed into the mic, and took the wing of Lt. Jerr Dan. “Lead On Wasp five.”

<<Keep and eye out, Five>> Dan said.. <<Take a look at what a 2400 is armed with..>>

Vix pulled over his fighters computer, and pulled up the basics of the ship in question. “According to this, it has two cannons stock, and space for countermeasures and additional components. Looks like there are a lot of variations, all to the interest of the owner.” and added. “The Rho Klattah is a marshals ship, which tends to add concussion missiles tubes and heavy cannons.”

<<Good to know..>>

A female voice blared in his helmet whom Vix identified as ensign Hunto, Wasp four..

<<Rho Klattah punching through the cloud cover at coordinates N55.W30., Moving to Intercept>>

Vix snapped the Thunderhawk and stuck to Wasp five, <<Enroute, ETA twelve seconds>>

<<We are moving to support intercept..>> The voice of the Ulan Mastiffs comm officer could be heard over the chatter on the combat channel.

<<Attention Rho Klattah, Your are ordered to turn to, and surrender your vessel on the authority of Her Royal Majesty's Navy.>> Hunto ordered the offending vessel.

Vix could see the Rho Klattah streaking out of the agramars stratosphere and into the thermosphere in the distance, the outrigger design a distinctive silhouette aside the flat wedge of the thunderhawks that were moving up on it. They needed to be careful, as heavy cannon fire would shred the armor of a ARN-21 thunderhawk. They were fast, maneuverable and deadly but they were a little less fragile as a TIE fighter. The ships was a gun, engine and a seat..

<<Don’t get too close, Wasp three>> Wasp one warned: 8 seconds..

<<Shut down your engines, we will take you..>> as the top gun flared to life, turning Wasp three into a gas ball and turned on wasp four, firing as it accelerated away. The blaster fire struck the thunderhawk square, blowing it to pieces but not before Hunto ejected, a bright strobe showing her position in the pilot's seat..

More fire streamed from the Rho Klattah, tracking wasp seven as it evaded. Wasp five accelerated after the corellian vessel, the twin cannons firing an unrelenting line of fire at the offending vessel. Vix split left and took a fire line on a different vector, the thunderhawks cannons impacting on the Rho Klattah’s shields.

“Thier vectoring away from the Mastiff..” Vix stated as he passed the enemy ship, splitting right and down under the ship, only to catch fire from the lower turret. It wasn't tracking however, and in fact seemed to be locked in a forward positional arc. He could make a run from behind coming up from underneath and gut it, figuratively speaking. The ship suddenly gunned its engines, and made a break towards the briar patch. Vix wheeled his thunderhawk over and took chase, as did the rest of the Wasps.

Coming out of the briar patch, four Skipray blastboat cut off the Rho Klattah, causing the vessel to vector back towards Agramar, the top gun firing back at the blast boats which splashed against the powerful shields. The Skiprays answered by firing ion cannons..

<<Wasp One, this is Nexu leader, We will be at your position in less than a minute…>>>

Vix kept his eye on the tactical boards, and realized that the Rho Klattah had little place to run, and was currently on a heading to the Defenders flagship Blade of Justice..

Its was only a matter of time..

Agramar Orbit: Rho Klattah

Xu wheeled the ship again, narrowly evading the skiprays ion blasts, and had to instantly snap left to avoid another phalanx from Agramars fighter squadrons. He was running out of room to run. His hands danced across the console, keeping the vessel rolling and snapping to keep from getting hit again. Shields were already getting to the point of no return, and the engines were starting to head, probably from damage that he hadn't had the opportunity investigate. The rodian looked back to see the Baron working feverishly over the communications console, his cool exterior possibly rattled by what was happening.

The rodian wondered how he’d like going back to jail.

“Keep it steady, Rodian..” The Baron snarled. “I am nearly ready to send my message..”

Xu answered by pulling the Rho Klattah into a dive and a snap right to avoid another salvo, wheeling again to vector away from the Ulan Mastiff, which was begining to loom large in the viewport. He could hear Wiste firing the heavy cannon from the top turret. He had the lower turret locked onto the pilot's station, and fired whenever a craft entered his field of vision. The ship suddenly lurched, and engine lights showed critical damage.

<You need to hurry, Baron, I wont be able to hold them off much longer.> Wiste’s voice came through the headsets. <Maybe you could take the lower turret, if you want to survive..>

Zu wheeled the vessel again to where the Blade of Justice was looming before them as the Baron announced loudly “Survive? We were doomed when you hired an alien to do a humans job..” and pulled the pistol given him by Wiste, and fired three times into the Rodian. “There was little chance to escape with our lives, there is only freedom long enough for revenge..” as he took the co pilots seat as the smoking holes in the rodian subsided, and locked in the vector at a collision course with the Blade of Justice, and gunned the engine to its highest output. Heat levels and radiation began rising within the engines. Warning klaxons wailed as the shields dropped below twenty percent, and a good portion of the agramar navy was on their tail.

“I have just sent vengeance against those who thwarted my plans..” the Baron wedged the cockpits bottom firing button, keeping a constant stream of energy firing directly to the fore section. “I choose my fate by birthright, and I have no desire to spend time in prison or execution by commoners..”

“Get away from the console Baron..” Wiste said, his pistol leveled on the fugitive royal. “It’s over.. time to get into the pod..” Wiste watched him a moment, calculating the next few moments.

The baron snapshot his blaster, catching Wiste square in the neck but not before firing his own, wounding the baron chest and shoulder. The eridani royal collapsed in the seat, the blaster dangling from his grip..

“...hardly..” and watched as the Rho Klattah sped towards the hull of the blade of justice, warning sirens showing fires had started in engineering, and the shields had dropped..

Agramar: High Orbit...

Vix watched as the now burning Rho Klattah was on a collision course with the Defenders flagship, its forward firing canon now constantly blasting the shields of the Blade of Justice. The YT-2400 wasn't much longer for this universe, but an exploding starship that may have missiles could do considerable damage to the capital ship..

<<This is the Blade of Justice..>> Vix could hear the defenders ship over the tac net. <<your vessel is on a collision course with this ship. Turn away now, or we will be forced to open fire.>>

“I think he’s suiciding” Vix said into his mic, surprised.

<<Back off Wasps. Its up to the Blastboats and the Blade now..>> and with that, the thunderhawks pulled back as the Skiprays streaked past, streaming fire on the Rho Klattah.

The Blade began firing its turbolasers on the Rho Klattah, and within moments, debris and superheated gas impacted the shields. The skiprays wheeled off in separate directions, avoiding the shield themselves. They had succeeded in stopping the mad baron from escaping..

Baron Cranston Fokker was dead….
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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Blade of Justice: Bridge_________________________

Captain Esseles watched main tactical holo as the small YT-2400 streaked at his ship across space, he heard his comms officer deliver the warning to the ship. One he knew with the certainty born of a long career as a fleet officer, first in the old Republic and then the Red Star Alliance and now as a Defender,they wouldn't heed. His tactical officer was watch him intently from the other side of the display and he gave the man a nod,

"Locking targets with all batteries, fire at will when target breeches the buffer zone."

Esseles watched the synthetic display as the ship accelerated towards the red sphere that surrounded his ship and then breached it. He could feel the deck begin to vibrate as the ship's turbo lasers opened up. In short order the indicator for the Rho Klattah changed from hostile to that for a navigational hazard. He could hear the distant peppering of the armored hull by some of the ship's remains.

"Compile all the appropriate after action reports XO and have them forwarded them to the appropriate authorities."

Agramar Surface: Star-port______________________

"Giant Force Monster," Chase sighed as he climbed back into the security speeder and heard the report, "Well that's a new one... kinda."

The odd looks that the two officers that he was working with did not escape his notice as he settled into his seats and pulled out his personal comm-link, the two officers watched as he calmly waited for the connection to be made,

"Sir shouldn't we be headed for the ministry building?" one of them questioned.

Finally a gruff sounding voice came from the link, "Revan here, go."

"Evening Revan, this is Navarro, know how I said I might your help later?"

"We'll be wheels up in 2 minutes, I assume the drop zone is that cluster over at the local ministry building?"

"Roger that."

"Standard Fees plus hazard three." It was a statement not a question.


"Good doing business with you again."

The channel clicked closed and Chase looked at the man behind the wheel, "Well what you waiting on?"

Agramar: Ministry of Justice Compound___________________

Darien Vos feinted to the right and then pushed with the Force as he rolled left just barely clearing the space before the massive deformed fist of the beast obliterated the pavement where he'd just been standing, one chip of the plascreet cutting through the right sleeve of his tunic and drawing a searing line of pain which he pushed away with practiced ease. Though he was quickly nearing his limits while the monster was showing no signs of even slowing down. At this point he could feel nearly every cell in his body pulsing with the Force, coming to his feet he bolted for the far side of the rooftop he and the beast had been dancing on gathering the Force again for another leap to another rooftop when the familiar thrum of a LAAT/i filled the air and a pair of missiles sparked to life and streaked across the night sky, the explosion was deafening and completely shattered his concentration just in time to throw him from the roof's edge, as his world spun Darien exhaled just in time to avoid having the breath knocked forcibly from his lungs as his Master intercepted him and they both barreled through a shattered window into the interior of the building he'd just been fighting in,

"Seems the cavalry has arrived." Jonji Fawkes quipped as his glanced back up to the roof. "Armored Heavy Assault if I'm not mistaken."

"They won't slow it down..." Darien paused as another explosion reverberated through the building and air around them and then a massive dark form hurtled past them the window they'd just entered through, "Much..."

The ground shook and Darien pushed himself back up to his feet his lungs heaving air like the bellows of an old fashioned blacksmiths pit and moved to the window just as a several more smaller dark shapes dropped through the harsh lights from the other side of the massive courtyard that stood at the center of the Ministry's compound. The sound of heavy weapons openning up reached his ears as he reached the windows. Below several heavily armored troopers with large caliber weapons were triangulating their fire on the monster. Their weapons doing significant damage to the thing that was healing almost as quickly as they dealt it. Above them the dark storm clouds roiled just as the monster roared and the entire courtyard seemed to erupt in lighting. Darien turned away shielding his eyes,

"Emperor's Black bones." Jonji cursed as he looked back into the courtyard to find the six armored troopers all laid out and the monster sizzling with electrical energy,

"Did it?"

"No... at least I don't think... down!"

Darien felt his master shove him to the side as a massive chunk of pavement crashed through the space they'd just been standing, the hunk of debris was followed shortly by the monster itself. Darien closed his eyes, he was nearing his limit, he could feel the effects of it on his body as his nerves flared in pain. The thing roared and then searched the space it's head swinging side to side. As he was getting ready to ignite his lightsaber again he felt it, a massive disturbance in the Force, the creature clearly felt it too as it charged into the hole it's makeshift missile had made into the next room. He felt the pulse a split second before he heard his master yell something that was suddenly unintelligible in the rushing winds of a massive telekinetic pulse that flung the monster back through the room and out into the gardens again...


Devon Vos felt the creature seconds before it shattered the massive slap of plasticreet that was embedded in the floor in front of the lift as the doors opened, it was a singular mass of gnarled darkside energy, energy that carried an all too familiar taint to it. Time seemed to slow as he gather the Force to him, cracks suddenly appearing the middle of the slab and slowly spider-webbing out from the initial point of impact on the other side. Devon's right hand drew back and then snapped forward as the thing's fist pushed through, his open palm meeting the creature's closed fist, the two seeming to spot for just a moment before the creature and nearly everything else in the small lobby were hurled back the way the monster had come. Massaging his hand he strode forward after it through the hole into the next room there he found his son and his former pupil,

"Master!" and "Dad!" both met his ears at the same time as he strode up to the window in time to see the creature climbing to its feet in the courtyard.

"Let's but this poor tainted creature out of it's misery."

"Not to be rude but what do you think we've been trying to do?" Jonji growled.

"Tainted?" Darien questioned.

Devon nodded, "It's burning through his cells already we just have to burn through the rest of it."

He glanced up at the roiling sky as the rain started again.

"But how?" Jonji questioned stepping up next to him and following his glance, "Orbital strike?"

Devon gave the younger man a sideways glance that he usually reserved for new recruits fresh off the transport back at the Forge, "Right... self-defeating that would be. Then how?"

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Re: A Fork in the Road (Semi-closed)

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Darian drew his eyes in the same direction that his Father had been staring, the rain pelting his face as he took in the destruction of what had once been an architecturally sound and elaborate Agramaran Ministry building. The creature had done considerable damage to the Ministry building, nearly collapsing the fourth floor passage connecting the building and the government offices that were in the adjacent during his rampage and more than probably with some help from the Agramaran Marines below. The overhanging duracrete structure was still solid despite the condition of the walkway, which was a testament to the ones who built it. Above the overhang was an immense decorative point topped statue of duracrete and metal being utilized as the top of the cornerstone of the building, which appeared to have been jostled during the fight, as the slightest nudge would send it toppling to the floor below, which wouldn't be near where it would have to fall for gravity to take effect.

He looked down at the Agramaran troops, and watched as they quickly removed those too wounded to continue from the area while the heavy armored were keeping the force monster covered. They were brave, these troops, but a renewed battle with the creature would end in fatalities and he was certain they knew it. The thing was too powerful, for them as well as himself.

It may be too strong even for his Dad, who was the strongest force wielder he knew, and he looked at this monster like some wounded animal that needed to be released from its suffering.. His heart was still pounding as he flared his nostrils to help catch his breath and clarify his thoughts, he had to get this right, or a lot of people were going to die and it would be on his shoulders. What if it got out into the populous and began wreaking havoc ...


He was scared..

In his young life, he had faced evils before. The Foul even before he was a teenager, the second sacking of Coruscant, and the Cult of Shadow come directly to mind. Each time he faced them, it was his family that was at stake. Now, he looked to the soldiers, and felt the fear in his chest that any misstep would end spell disaster for them. They were innocents, in a way, as dealing with a rampaging force monster wasn't a common situation that they would be expected to handle. It was what his family did with alarming regularity..

“It’s Twitching!!” as the snarl of dark energy began to flare again, the things pain and rage radiating from it.

The Vos family were among the exceptional. His Parents were powerful Jedi Masters and even his geeky little sister was and exceptional Padawan. His extended family included a Capital ship Captain, A spy, one of the Slicer elite and for good measure he was raised on an ancient planet creating Mega-structure. There was nothing to extreme that they couldn't and wouldn't face.

The soldiers however, were far removed from where he came from in this life. They were normal, did not have special powers to help them and still threw themselves into the path of a creature to protect the people of this city.
The least he could do was not be afraid. How could one truly be afraid when the force was your ally.

“Get on line!”

He closed his eyes and centered himself, his fear washing away like the rivulets of water down his face. He opened them and could see the troopers moving in to take up the attack once again, the force monster beginning to move, readying itself to stand. He could see Jonji and his Father preparing themselves for the next onslaught as his eyes continued upwards to the stone statue, and it was apparent what needed to happen. His Alley had once again shown his path..

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” He screamed out, and with a smooth motion ignited his light saber and threw it at the overhanging duracrete supports, the spinning blade cutting a large gash through the supporting structure causing it to snap but not collapse to ground level. His light saber returned to his hand and he threw out his other, reaching out to the statue with the force and pulled..

The statue toppled over, hit the fourth floor duracrete, crushing the supports and in essence redirecting the energy of the statue to fall pointy side down as the behemoth looked up at the sound above its head and roared in rage as it recognized its fate.

The troopers scattered in all directions away from the thing as the heavy statue impaled the monster through the head and chest with the sound of what could only equate to rotting wet cabbage being hit with a cudgel, collapsing it back into the place it had just been laying and recovering its energy as the now loose tons of superstructure followed from the second floor and buried it underneath. Darian could still feel residual darkness, but the energy that drove it was dead. There was dead silence for a several seconds, and then cacophony of celebratory cheers and clapping after the sensor tech announced the all clear.

“Gravity..” Darian heard, and looked to his Father, who was smiling at him warmly.

“Great shot kid, that was one in a million!” Jonji said, and punched him in the arm, something his Master did when he forgot himself and acted like a big brother.

Devon frowned, and looked at his former apprentice. “Did you just quote Han Solo?”

Fawkes shrugged “Maybe..” and jumped from their vantage point to the ground.

“There was a Holomentory on a while ago about the Battle of Yavin and they played transcripts from the tactical logs.. I think he was waiting for the right time to say it..”

“Well, he’s right..” Devon stated. “and I think you have some new admirers..”

Darian looked down at the troopers, who were collecting the wounded, ensuring the area was secure and other duties that would be expected. the conversation that he could hear was what caught his attention.

“So it was the Jedi Kid?” he heard one old gruff voice say.

“Yeah, threw his light saber and brought down the building on top of it.” a younger voice was heard.

“Good Call” The gruff voice, “Glad he said fire in the hole too, got us out of there but sweet.”

“Is he seeing anyone?” A feminine voice now.

“How should I know, I don't even know his name.. Just Jedi Kid.”

The power suddenly crackled to life, and they could see the damage to the courtyard, which was
beyond what they had believed. it would take a very long time to recover the area, especially all of the sculptures that had been here. Darian jumped down from the second floor area, and instantly was met with back slapping and congratulations as medical personnel flooded the area along with his mother, how paused a moment, and raised an eyebrow at her son.

“We're fine, Mom…” he reported back, and with a stroke of the cheek, she was Master Khalid again.

“Listen up!” She commanded, to which the assembled personal suddenly focused on the red haired Jedi. “I want the entire creature recovered and bagged, no pieces left behind. I also want the soil as well.”

“Ma'am, we have fresh trooper in bound..” The sergeant stated, and Jola nodded in response.

“Excellent, If you could just keep the area secure until they arrive.”

“Yes Ma'am..” and moved off into the cluster of troopers…
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