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Breaking News!!!

Post by PalinSoulForge »

Music plays as the television is turned on and giant black letters of G, N, and N appear on the screen before a man of middle age appears. The man is sitting upright in-front of a desk in a new trim black suit with short cropped black hair. The first thing you notice about the man is his white smiling teeth. Instantly you feel like this is someone you can trust, anyone who looks like that couldn't lie to you. Leaning forward you yearn to hear what the man has to say tonight.

"Welcome to tonight's program, I'm Jerry Walsh and its my pleasure to bring you an in-depth look at the truce between the Galactic Empire and New Republic. The truce which was struck because of the recent Xen Chi invasion looks to be going strong and helping both governments recuperate from their losses and establish themselves on their core worlds. Looks however can be very deceiving. Tonight we bring you evidence from a group of people who say that the truce is a smoke screen for both governments to try and get the upper-hand before launching another invasion to wipe the other off the face of our galaxy."

Moving a few papers on his desk he began again, "We will first look at rumors coming from Coruscant that the Galactic Empire has formed their own Jedi Order, known only as the Imperial Knights. Not much is currently known about the Knights but I assure you our people will continue to dig until we uncover all of the facts. I speculate that the Imperial Knights will be a counter to the Jedi Order, which has given the New Republic a huge advantage in recent past wars between the two giants."

As the camera shifts to the side the man moves his chair to realign himself with the camera. "Lets now take a look at recent reports our reporters have uncovered which have had little to no coverage on the major news networks. To make it easier to understand I will work backwards in a time-line as I lay out what our sources have told us."

As the screen changes to a computer generated image it slowly shifts to Thyferra, the Imperials largest supplier of bacta. The man began to speak again as images of destroyed transport ships appeared on the screen, "Our sources on Thyferra tell us that last Wednesday the 14th a large convoy of cargo ships hauling bacta heading to recovering planets hit by the Xen Chi invasion were attacked. Reports indicate all but one ship were destroyed as the attackers crashed their own ships into the cargo ships before Imperial patrols could intercept them. This act of violence was kept hush-hush as the Imperials locked down the system yesterday to make sure their remaining convoys where safe. Our source reports that the vessels that participated in this heinous act were part of a New Republic group led by Jermiah Bevins who had this to say to our reporter."

The image changes to an office lavishly decorated in paintings and wood furniture. The man behind the desk smiles and begins to speak, "Warriors of Alderaan will continue to hit the Galactic Empire for as long as it takes to crush them under our feet. It doesn't matter who is currently in control the Galactic Empire, it is evil and will continue to commit evil acts as the next Emperor takes his place on the throne. Warriors of Alderaan will do everything in our power to make sure that the Galactic Empire remains at its weakened state. Some might call us terrorists but we believe we are freedom fighters who continue the fight that some people, like Prime Minister Leia Organa, has forgotten. We urge the people of the New Republic to stand up and let your respective Senators hear your voice and that you are not complacent with the Galactic Empire being an ally or even existing as a governing body. Don't forget the men and women who gave their lives during the rebellion and building the New Republic, to do so would be the real crime."

The image fades to black and quickly changes back to the reporter whose know facing the front of the GNN desk. "Are the Warriors of Alderaan a terrorist group or freedom fighters fighting for an ideal that began almost two decades ago during the height of Emperor Palpatines reign, we will let you decide. We have received reports that several major New Republic and Imperial shipyards have been struck from within and without. The shipyard at Bilbringi supposedly had a breach in its hull from an unexpected machinery malfunction last Monday the 12th. Many of you know the shipyard was hit hard in the recent engagement with the Xen Chi and is currently in repair. Our sources report that it was not a malfunction in machinery repairing the yard but a bomb that had been planted by a New Republic saboteur. Luckily no official causalities have been reported. Without official word from the Empire we will have to leave that theory up for debate."

The image changed once again from the reporter to the galactic map as both Bilbringi and Anaxes were brought up on the screen as the man continued his report.

"Last Saturday, the 10th, a Carrack-Class vessel in the Anaxes shipyard exploded causing major damage to the bay it was currently in for repairs. The official word was that a malfunction overloaded the ships engines and they blew, reports estimate that several dozen people were killed. Our investigation seems to point to rumors of even more sabotage."

Grimacing into the camera the man looked as if he was extremely sad and was worried about what he was reporting as he began again, "I wish this was the end of our segment but the Empire is not the only government who has been hit with what seems to be covert missions. A debris field of a small New Republic task force of three ships, a Nebulan-B frigate, a Lancer-class Frigate, and a Corellian-class Gunship were found by a freighter pilot working out of Nar Shadda. Before the New Republic could respond with a clean up team our contacts at Nar Shadda went out to investigate. This is what they brought back."

The image on the screen quickly shifted back to the galactic map and shifted from Anaxes to Nar Shadda, a pinpoint on the map appeared several lightyears from Nar Shadda. "The circle on the map shows where the small group of ships were pulled out of hyperspace near Nar Shadda. As we zoom in on the debris of the pictures that our contacts brought back you'll see what appears to be Imperial issue Tie Defenders and Tie Interceptors in the wreckage. The freighter pilot had this to say."

The screen changed again from the galactic map to a man with dark trousers and overcoat with grease smudges on his face under the side of a small old ship that couldn't be discerned from the angle of the camera. "I just got Daisies engines fixed and taked her out for a test flight when my hyperdrive stopped workin again, this blasted ship is going to be the death of muh." Looking down at the ground the man spit what many took as tobacco out onto the ground. Placing his hand on the ship in a loving embrace showing he clearly cared for the old ship like a family member he continued, "Muh scanners picked up some weird signuls and I wasn't sure what they were, Daisy and I were so far out of scanner range we couldn't narra it down but we figa we had better check it out just in case it was some loot some scared smuggler had dropped. Wuht we found was a bunch of dead capital ships and radioed back to Shadda."

The screen snapped back to the reporter in the GNN newroom as he began to speak again, "We have no official reports from the New Republic but during the first few hours of the recovery reports were recorded being sent to Nar Shadda that it had been the Imperials who had attacked the small group of ships. Neither the New Republic or the Empire were willing to speak with us on this matter."

A picture of a Kel Dor male dressed in above average clothing appeared on the screen.

"If you keep up with New Republic politics you know this face, this is the face of Senator Tos Kiurne of Mon Calamari. Senator Kirune has been advocating for the continued truce between the New Republic and Galactic Empire. He recently submitted a proposal to the Senate that would create several new committees that would work directly with Imperials to forge a lasting bond between the two superpowers on a political, military, and even humanitarian levels. Two weeks ago the Senator was found in his room dead in what appeared to be a malfunction in his breathing apparatus. Kel Dor are unique as they require certain levels of gasses to breath as most atmospheres are poisonous to them. The death was ruled as an accident but rumors have continued to spread of foul play."

The image on the screen changed to recordings of several demonstrators that hoisted signs clearly showing they where anti-truce with the Galactic Empire. As the video continued to roll it showed New Republic forces along with local authorities in full riot gear marching against the demonstrators who were clearly getting out of control. Suddenly gun fire erupted and several demonstrators fell to the ground with red splotches appearing on their chests. As the frenzied crowd saw the blood pooling on the ground they erupted into chaos and panic and rushed the line of law enforcers.

"Three weeks ago at a university on a New Republic world a demonstration of students got out of hand. It is unknown who opened fire first but when the dust settled many students and even a few of the law enforcement officials had been killed. Rumors that the students had been galvanized into action by extremists within the New Republic support the theory that the gunfire was purposely fired into the crowd to spark a panic and stampede. We have dozens of more reports from around the galaxy of similar acts of violence be it terrorist attacks to deaths of prominent officials within both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire but we just don't have the time tonight however this map will clearly speak for itself."

A map appears on the screen of the galaxy which is covered by several dozen pulsing dots.

"As you can see by the dots on your screen reports of activity have been reported from one side of the galaxy to another. Is there a secret war going on between the two superpowers? We report, you decide. This is Jerry Walsh with Galactic News Network signing off, next up is The House Wives of Corellia on GBC."
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Re: Galactic News Network

Post by Beorht »

"Tonight on GNN, Sabakka Fulmarr goes inside the secretive world of Dark Jedi. "

Blurry newscam footage of a hooded figure throwing lightning.

"This program may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised."

Sabakka appears, a purple-eyed, black-haired near-human woman who might be anywhere from twenty to fifty under the makeup. Behind her is a city street, with road repair crews at work. "I'm here on Kothlis, where several months ago, authorities responded to a running battle between the Jedi and the Cult of Shadow, a battle that resulted in the death of the Dark Lord known as Kishkumen. After a confidential Jedi report was leaked, we were able to locate a source within a prominent Dark Side group."

The image cuts to a nondescript apartment, one of trillions. The informant is front and center, looking to the side of the camera; a blur covers the face. He wears a black jumpsuit and cloak, and he is sitting in a simple wooden chair. He is speaking earnestly, in a low voice; Sabakka's voice-over continues. "He says that he is a ranking member of a powerful Dark Side organization...and he has allegations about the battle between the Cult and the Jedi."

The informant pauses to draw a breath. His body language is completely relaxed. His voice is nondescript, his accent inplaceable. "Yes, my Master was the one who arranged for the Jedi to fight the Cult in this instance. They would have done it themselves, naturally, but he wished to provide them the opportunity. We have no love for the Cult."

"How did this work?"

He pauses again. "A bounty was posted, for a cache of stolen Dark Side artifacts. The Cult sent Kishkumen and some of his people to track it down - and he almost had it, which would have been a waste of the entire setup."

"So this whole thing was a pretext, just to kill Cultists?"

"Essentially. As I said, we have no love for the Cult. Others responded, hunting the thief, including several Jedi. The result was better than we'd hoped."

The screen cuts to security cam footage of a lightsabre brawl in the streets. A handful of people with red lightsabres fight Jedi. Bodies and destroyed police speeders litter the road. The Cultists come under fire from surviving police, and are cut down by the Jedi. One Cultist, a stocky man with a long beard who is surrounded by Jedi, throws an indeterminate object to one of his people, who escapes offscreen. The bearded man speaks with the Jedi, and offers his hands for cuffs, one much slower than the other. There is a large dark spot on his shoulder. He is cuffed, then stunned with a blaster. Then a young Mon Calamari Jedi steps up and kills him as he lies on the ground.

"That was the death of Kishkumen," Sabakka says. "The Jedi who killed him, a Padawan named Temap, was pending disciplinary action when he was assassinated in a Cult raid on the Ossus Jedi Temple."

The screen cuts back to the interview room. "And what about Temap?"

"Temap acted on his own. He was a frightened child - about sixteen standard years of age. His actions were understandable."

"How did this affect your opinion of the Cult?"

The figure shifts in his chair. "I have some respect for the Cult," he says. "They train their people well. I don't know what Kishkumen was thinking to get tricked like that, though footage and other sources suggest he was injured at the time. Which is no excuse, really. He was a Dark Lord. Trickery is the stock in trade of the Sith."

"Do you consider the Cult to be Sith?"

"Don't you?"

"And do you consider yourselves Sith?"

He waves the question off. "Semantics. I'm a person."

"Isn't that a double standard of sorts?"

Long pause. "You're a brave person, Miss Fulmarr. Let's change the subject. What did you find on Kothlis, with my information?"

The scene changes. Sabakka stands in a small valley on the side of a mountain, in front of a large boulder.

"Behind me is the entrance to what appears to be a secret Sith training ground , in the Ragnook Mountains on Kothlis." The camera pans down, showing a pit at the base of the boulder. "It has been abandoned for months - and we think there may be a connection between this underground base and that battle. We don't know if this facility was used by the Cult of Shadow, but our source indicates it wasn't."

The interview room reappears. "It belonged to another group - not the Cult, and not mine. My Master was the one who destroyed it."

"He destroyed a Sith training facility by himself?"

"My Master is powerful - but you should understand that he doesn't seek power or destruction in the same way that others do. He hunts other Darksiders; he seeks knowledge above all else. He has been known to help the Jedi on occasion."

"Help the Jedi?"


"Can you give me an example?"

"I'm sorry, but no. Perhaps another time."

There is footage of Sabakka walking through a system of caves, led by a hooded and cloaked figure who never turns his face to the screen. Voice-over: "My contact took me through the training facility, and showed me how his Master defeated everyone present. These scars on the walls are from lightsabre and Force Lightning. Here is the sparring room; here is the lead instructor's room; here are the dormitories, where around thirty students lived in subhuman conditions for a chance to train."

Interview room. This time Sabakka is on-camera. "Why would they live like that?"

"The Force is sweet," the man says. "Everyone craves power."

"What of conventional morality?"

He doesn't miss a beat. "My Master has personally killed more people than anyone I've ever encountered. I still consider him a good man."

"A man of vision?"

"At times. Have you ever met a Darksider with a conscience, Miss Fulmarr?"

"I've never met a Darksider before you."

"Have you heard of one, then?"

"Apparantly, I have now." She says it with a half-chuckle, but it's strained, and the man leans back and makes a dismissive gesture. "Relax, Miss Fulmarr. I have no interest in harming anyone who doesn't deserve it. Like I told you: any question, no matter how offensive. I'm prepared, and I have a vested interest in keeping my temper in check when it suits me."

She pauses. "Would you give me a demonstration for the camera?"

"Now that is a brave question." He stand up, and so does she. With a wave, his chair levitates and moves to the wall behind them. He keeps looking at her, but stretches out his arm to the side, straight from the elbow, away from the camera. Lightning fountains from his fingers and the chair explodes into sparks and kindling. The camera view shakes; Sabakka ducks and yelps. "I'm sorry - did any of that hit you?"

"A little."

"I'm sorry," he says, and it sounds like he means it. His blurred-out face looks at the camera operator and shrugs. "Please - let's move on. I believe you mentioned something when you first contacted me, about how many Darksiders are joining the Cult of Shadow after Sivter's invitation. I've looking into it further." She sits down, slowly, fear evident on her face. "The short answer is," he says, "we don't know. But at the very least, recruits are coming from two dozen different Force-using sects across the galaxy. Some Jedi are defecting, though not many. We suspect that the majority of the Cult's recruits are previously unaligned, students of rogue teachers who have never known allegiance."

"What of the Sith Empire?"

"Despite the recent war with the Republic, they have no interest in cooperation with the Cult of which I'm aware, but we do believe that some of their lower-level people may have defected. The Sith Empire is ruled by people with a vested interest in stability, which is the antithesis of the Cult."

"So if you were to hazard a guess at how many recruits have joined the Cult in the last week...?"

"Hundreds, certainly. Whether they survive is another matter. My Master has interrogated low-level Cultists before; there is mention of training being very hard to endure. Also, every Cultist is brainwashed with the Dark Side of the Force, making it impossible for them to tell their secrets."

"Let me ask you something," she says. "You imply the Sith Empire is opposed in some degree to the Cult, as is your own Master. Are there others who feel this way? Are there Darksiders who would actively combat Sivter and his people?"


"Even to the extent of working with Jedi?"

"Yes. Even to that extent."

Sabakka reappears next on the city street. "And there you have it, straight from a Darksider. Other forces are at work in our galaxy; this is a world that was new to me, and I'm happy to present it to you. This is Sabakka Fulmarr, from Kothlis."

She is replaced by the GNN logo and music. The music cuts out as the screen shows the words 'special bulletin', then a normal news anchor.

"It...ah, while this program was airing, we received word that Sabakka Fulmarr was found dead in her apartment on Corellia. Sources within CorSec report that it is being investigated as a homicide, and the Jedi are on-scene. Our hearts go out to her loved ones; we at GNN will miss her.

"Next up, GBC's latest hit comedy: How I Met Your Hive-Queen."
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Re: Galactic News Network

Post by Beorht »

"...and it appears that the transitional government is in for trouble."

"Thanks, Javiss. And now, more on the case of GNN reporter Sabakka Fulmarr. Sources inside CorSec indicate that the remains found in Fulmarr's apartment are not hers. We go now to Coronet City, where roving correspondent Albarran Gholla is with investigators."

Uniformed CorSec investigators pour into a classy apartment building. A brown-robed Jedi enters too; the camera switches to an apartment interior, torn to shreds. A new speaker starts a voiceover.

"This is Sabakka Fulmarr's apartment on Corellia, where earlier today an unnamed Jedi Knight found sentient remains - remains that were believed to be Sabakka's. Now, genetic testing has conclusively determined that it was not Sabakka's body, though investigators won't release any more information about the deceased, or the state in which the remains were found."

"Is there any word on what happened to Sabakka?"

"Sabakka's whereabouts are unknown, Trent. As you can see, forensic investigators have their hands full here. But I've been assured that her family will be contacted as soon as anything concrete is discovered.

"Meanwhile, CorSec, GNN and the Jedi Order are being contacted by literally millions about these events. Several individuals claim to be users of the Dark Side of the Force; many are taking responsibility for Sabakka's abduction or murder; and some claim to be the unknown Dark Jedi whose interview almost certainly contributed to Sabakka's disappearance. The Jedi Order, still at war with the Cult of Shadow, is sharing responsibility for the investigation with CorSec, and sources indicate that New Republic Intelligence may have become involved."

The camera shows a stern-faced woman in Jedi robes. "We've had several communications that we believe were actually sent by affiliates of known Darksiders. We do not know as yet what bearing these have on the investigation, if any."

"Trent, as you know, we've had investigators in our own studios, examining Sabakka's personal effects. They've told us that Sabakka was probably corresponding with her mystery source over at least the last four months, mostly in non-standard ways - secret meetings, hardcopy data drops and the like.

"Oh - there's a new development here, Trent. It seems that investigators are looking at organizations called the Mecrosa Order, the Sons of Silence, the Fire-Born, and the Brethren of the Sith. Now, these aren't the only groups to take responsibility for some part of this affair, but their communications have some details about the crime scene. More names are coming in...Isen Free Blood, Twelve of Vahl, and Genoharadan Sith Lords. These are more factions of Darksiders that have put their names forward as being partly or wholly responsible, and whose statements include crime scene details. Information on all seven of these secretive factions is sketchy at best."

Footage of Sabakka and her apartment is replaced by Albarran Gholla in a crowd of reporters, trying to get a comment from the stern Jedi woman. "How could they all know these details?" he half-yells; she turns to him and makes a gesture that quiets the crowd. "It is unlikely that seven groups participated in this," she says. "At this point it appears that they got their information from a common source."

"But there is another possibility: that somehow, using the Dark Side of the Force, these groups were able to view the crime scene remotely. Such things are known to happen, but the Jedi on-scene refused to comment.

"Back to you, Trent."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Halomek »

Thrumming, inspirational, and vaguely patriotic music plays across the screen as the giant black letters of G, N, and N fly down in bold print. A booming voice announces: “This is GNN, the galaxy’s most respected source for news.”

The logo and the music fade to reveal a Sakiyan with dark blue skin behind the news desk, wearing an expensive suit; his large bald head and pointy ears typical of his species. In a baritone voice he introduced himself. “Greetings, I am Semaj Obrom. We join our galaxy tonight in a state of crisis. It’s now been one week since Sivter’s chilling announcement to the galaxy. As our viewers may recall, he declared that he would appear again and declare which planet he would, quote: ‘wipe clean of all life’.”

“Experts from around the galaxy at first declared that Sivter and his Cult of Shadow were simple terrorists, soon to be crushed.” Obrom’s voice grew grim. “The massacre of Vorzyd V changed that image forever. Terrorists, yes. Simple, no. I first brought you that story and the images of the citizens of Vorzyd V turning on each other are as chilling today as when we first broadcast them.”

“Since then the Cult of Shadow has struck with virtual impunity wherever they appear before vanishing and largely eluding capture. Those few members in custody either die from an as yet unexplained phenomena or know so little as to be useless to authorities.” Obrom shifted his gaze to look at another camera. “And what of the man behind the madness? Sivter. What do we know about him?”

Obrom paused for effect before answering the question: “Virtually nothing. Other than his many crimes, his past is as shadowy as his very appearance. Although it is claimed that he was born on Af’El, the government there can offer no records of any Defel listed under Sivter’s name. In addition, no reliable sources can be found, or have come forward, to tell us anything about him before he arrived on the galactic scene. Few who are known to have encountered the self-proclaimed Dark Master are still alive today. Of those handful, none could be reached for an interview.”

“Indeed, it isn’t even known how Sivter learned to use the Force, but he is considered, by many accounts, to be one of the most powerful Force-users alive. It is confirmed that he personally killed Jedi Council member Faarel Blackthorne during the Battle of Onderon.” Obrom was somber. “If that wasn’t proof enough, the footage we’ve seen of some of the Dark Lords who swear loyalty to him give silent testament to just how powerful Sivter must be to control them.”

Obrom turned to face the center camera. “Can he be stopped? We here at GNN are doing our part. The management would like me to take the time and assure our viewers that our holofeed won’t be sliced again. We’ve spared no expense in hiring the best to make sure that it is as secure as possible. The Galactic New Network won’t be a party to-”

Obrom’s words and image were suddenly cut off with a burst of static and replaced by an all too familiar image of Sivter sitting on his obsidian throne. His dry, rasping laugh was heard first. “Cute,” Sivter proclaimed, “but pointless. Worry not, loyal viewers, we won’t be interrupted until I’ve had my say.”

Sivter looked directly at the camera, his red eyes burning with an inner flame. “I’d like to clear up a misconception before I get to what I know you all are tuned in for. The supposed report GNN ran earlier this week about Darksiders, and the Cult of Shadow in particular, was nothing more than a pathetic attempt to put you at ease about how real my threat is. Their supposed ‘expert’ was an amateur at best. Perhaps next time GNN will actually try contacting the source. I’ll correct the biggest fallacy of their report right now: the Cult of Shadow hasn’t recruited mere hundreds, we’ve recruited millions.” Sivter smiled. “It’s a big galaxy and we are everywhere.”

“Now, I realize that not all of you are as eager as those who joined the winning side last week, but fear not, because I will provide you with a duracrete example of the folly of defying me.” He held up one index finger. “In another standard week’s time, I will attack a planet and wipe it clean of all life as promised. I’ve chosen a world that will provide a suitable example of the power I have at my command: a vital Core world known as Alsakan.”

“You may wonder why I’m giving the galaxy a week to prepare for my coming.” Sivter smiled again. “The answer is simple: because I want you to prepare. I’ve already demonstrated the ineffectiveness of the Jedi and their allies, but perhaps you people still believe in the power of your militaries? At Alsakan, I will remove that last shred of hope you cling to. Throw everything you can at me.”

His smile became even wider. “Oh yes, to all those skeptical government leaders and military commanders who think I’m bluffing, I’d like to mention that I’m not being metaphorical: when I say I will attack Alsakan, I mean I will personally be there; mind, body, and spirit. You’ll never have a better chance at stopping me, so I suggest you at least try to make the most of it if you expect the people to still believe in that perceived power and security you think you wield.” He shrugged indifferently. “Or don’t - let the people of Alsakan be slaughtered. As I said before, the Dark Side is freedom, so the choice is yours.”

He leaned back in his throne. “I fully expect people to be skeptical of my claims, so consider this your chance to call my bluff – if I am indeed bluffing. One week; I look forward to it.”

The image faded out and then was replaced with Obrom behind the news desk. He looked stunned for a moment before regaining his composure with a clearing of his throat. “You heard it here first. The Cult of Shadow claims it will attack and destroy the planet of Alsakan in one standard week’s time. GNN will endeavor to keep you up to date with this story as it develops. Good night.”

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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Nichalus »

This is GNN Breaking News!

"On the planet Teta today, Sienar Fleet Systems, or SFS, was devastated by an enormous blast that leveled the company's Headquarters and the stately Mansion of Raith Sienar Sr."

"Rumors have begun to suspect that the cause of the blast was Industrial Espionage. Confidental sources say that an unknown suspect was rumored to have entered the compound early this morning. It is unknown what the assailant gained, and SFS Officials are not commenting at this time on the validity of these reports."

"We expect to have a live report as more information comes in. Stay with GNN, and we will keep you advised."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by CEO Raith Sienar »

GNN News

“This is live footage from Lianna minutes ago the main headquarters of Sienar Corporation which has stood at this very location now for over 100 years has fallen into nothing but rubble. This being such a short time since the change of leadership at Kuat Drive Yards one has to wonder if someone is trying to manipulate the events of the galaxies greatest corporations.”

“No news has been released from Sienar directly but shortly after the attack here on Sienar we saw first hand a Venator-class Star Destroyer enter low orbit and is now hovering over the ruins of Sienar Corporation as we speak and has released various ships in the moments of its arrival. What at first looked like an invasion appears to be an offer of assistance as the ship has brought fire ships which are spraying foam and water over the ruins of the building and medical help.”

They’d scale back the camera and show triage centers setup and doctors working on paitiants. “As you see doctors are hard at work and this group was apart of a 50 ship fleet that one of our former reporters had said was a fleet associated with Sienar and due to the various classes was to be an Invasion Fleet but right now and the validility of his previous reports are also in question so we will investigate and report our findings at a latter date.”

“As for the whereabouts of CEO Raith Sienar shortly before the explosion Sienar was reported to have arrived on planet and as of yet him nor his mother have been seen but as you see things are going very smoothly even though the CEO is nowhere in sight.”

He’d then look to someone off camera. “What we’ve found Sienar? Switch to the camera.”

They’d switch to another camera and Raith would be seen sitting on the ramp of a turbostorm gunship and be looking at the ruins from a distance. “It’s obvious just looking that Sienar is in total shock and it appears he’s receiving treatment but we can’t tell by who as the doctor has there back to us. We’ll try and get an interview with him later but for now a recap. Sienar Corporation lays in ruins and the future of this once glorious corporation that employed nearly 90% of Lianna is unknown.”
“I’m sitting on my ass before a legend. I guess the reports of your death have been greatly mistaken.”

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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by xfiend1013 »

[Chandrilla: Council House Prime]

"Are you getting this?" Devin asked. The cameraman nearly swore. She'd asked the question fifty times in the last ten minutes, ignoring blaster bolts, explosions, and people on fire all so she could make sure that he was doing his job right.

All because she couldn't tell if the damn thing was on or not because she didn't know a damn thing about the high-tech cameras that GNN used to transmit live images across unimaginable distances of space and time.

He knew, he told her "yes," for the fifty-first time and he stuck the scope out behind a pocked corner as two Chandrillian Security men pummeled a protester who was pinned against a wall. Tear gas wafted in the air behind them, lit hellish by turned-over, flaming aircraft husks.
They were in full gear, gas masks and ballistic armor. It didn't quite fit, they were obviously new draftees, sworn in under emergency measures to keep the ranks full as the planetary rebellion had spread in a matter of weeks to challenge the very capitol.

Carson kept filming as two Rebel leaders swept in, e-11 blasters firing. They wasted the security troops, the high-powered tibanna-gas weapon tore through the ballistic armor like the crop blight had torn through the Chandrillian economy.

The blight. It seemed so far away, so long ago - it was the reason that Carson and Devin were here, doing a simple nature documentary, with some fidgety biologists and agronomists.

The two rebels on camera were the leaders of the whole thing - Bill Hulnek and Corrina Merck. They were lovers and fighters and they'd been the ones who, after the Blight had resulted in millions of shiftless, unemployed laborers, had set to work turning scattered bits of anarchy into an organized rebellion.

They'd dragged Carson and Devin along with them, using the professional documentary footage as a major propaganda weapon. Carson knew that GNN was under pressure not to air the videos he uploaded daily, he knew that his connection had been under attack by New Republic and Imperial slicers, but that someone out there was keeping the pipes open.

Not someone at GNN.

Hulnek - a grizzled man with a two-week beard, undid the gas mask from the dying men and gave one to the man they'd been beating. He offered Carson the other. Devina would never take one - what good would video be if people couldn't see her face?

Carson strapped it on.

"The next one won't be tear gas." Hulnek said as he motioned for the two to approach. In the distance, set against the horrible fields of blood-red blight, was the capitol building. It was a symbolic structure the rebels were after, but also a strategic one - control of the complex would allow them to access the Planetary Defenses.

Between them and the building was a firefight. Ships zoomed overhead, bombs hit the ground. Pavement turned over, metal bent and went flying. The shockwave threw Carson to his feet, the camera footage took a gut-wrenching spiral and then they were moving again.

"On your feet!" Corrina shouted. She'd lost an eye since the fighting had begun, half her face was a web of fresh burn scars. She'd refused bacta treatments while Devina had watched, the cameras on her as the hard-pressed medics had taken the bacta to men more injured.

The security force soldiers were using outdated weapons, compared to the massive shipment arms smugglers had managed to sneak in. They huddled behind barricades, the massive hovertanks let loose skull-splitting beams from sonic weapons.

Carson remembered what to do at the last second - the rebels had devised an ingenious defense against the anti-crowd weapon.

He activated the repurposed repulsor-lifts he'd been given. Some out-of-work machinist had figured out how to make them cancel out the sonic weaponry that could cripple dozens of men with a single swoop.

Devina did the same, the long-time rebels were all bedangled with the hover-globes, discarded remote droid-drives and other things.

The new rebel had no such luck, he fell to the ground, ears bleeding, screaming in pain as the rebels pressed forward through the cover of a wave of teargas.

Blaster bolts zipped across the torn-up street. Rebels jumped into still-smoking bomb craters and delayed-fuse bombs went off, churning flesh and duracrete into a nightmare grist.

Carson was lying down, breathing hard through the gas mask as more fumes washed across what had once been a street. Now it was a canyon of shattered concrete and steel, broken glass was all around, flaming paper wafted in the smoke-filled haze. He pointed the camera-scope up and out of the crater he was lying in.

Devina was on the ground, convulsing. He just watched through the cameras. "The next one won't be tear gas." He remembered Corrina saying.

The Security Forces were using nerve gas. He hoped this footage made it out. Tears welled up in his eyes, not from the gas.

He watched his best friend die and he sent the video to a trillion people he did not know.

Corrina stood up, hurled a bomb. Bill hefted a shoulder-mounted launcher that had been equipped with a thermal detonator.

He pulled the trigger right as blaster bolts lanced the air around him. One went through his stomach, half the impact ablated by the plate of armor he'd scavenged from a wrecked tank.

Fire boiled on the edge of the craters. Gravel shot through the air, glass a block away shattered, more racket arose from alarms across the city.

Carson tried to get up, but he could not. He fumbled, fell to the ground. The camera scope turned back on him.

His face was torn behind the gas mask. Blood crept out of his neck onto the pavement. The camera watched him die.

Hours of him, laying there, as the battle raged on. He did not stir, occasionally a bit of paper would waft by the field of view, or a blaster bolt would sizzle the air above.

Then, Corrina appeared, her half-burned face free of her gas mask, tears streaking down, soot and blood smeared on her.

"We did it!" She shouted at the camera. "We've won! Chandrilla belongs to the people! We've thrown off our chains, and pledge ourselves to the Cult of Shadow!"

GNN HQ: Coruscant.

"Cut the feed." Hyvoss finally said. He had been in charge of the original Blood Blight documentary, and managed to wile his way into the GNN Heirarchy when the Rebellion had broken out.

No other news network had anyone on the ground - anyone that stayed, that is. Whereas GNN had gotten a two-man crew from the first hours of the rebellion to the final battle.

True, they had not survived. True, he was taking immeasurable heat from above. True, what he was doing was illegal.

True, he had allowed the galaxy to watch a dead man for four hours.

He wanted the horrors of war to sink in.

The comms were off the hook, every signal demanding his resignation, the end of the show - something. The ratings were off the chart.

Hyvoss didn't care. He'd done what he was supposed to do. He ignored the calls, drove home, packed his briefcase, and made sure that his life insurance policy was in order.

The Cult of Shadow paid well. His family would never want another thing. Long ago he'd just been content to help them slice into the GNN feed.

Now he'd won them a propaganda victory. He'd kept that feed going for two straight weeks and ended on a wild, climactic note.

Raw realism. Victory. Avante garde sensibility. A strong message. A real story.

He put the blaster up to his temple...
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Halomek »

The booming opening for the GNN logo faded to show one of the news corporation’s top anchormen, the Sakiyan, Semaj Obrom. As it had been in the past few days, Obrom’s voice and features were grim. “Greetings, I am Semaj Obrom,” he said with his customary intro. “Tonight, our continuing coverage on the Cult of Shadow Crisis otherwise known as the War of Darkness…”

“True to Sivter’s word, the Charon are marching upon the galaxy and have proved to be a nigh unstoppable force,” he began. “They appear out of their home dimension without warning above a planet and wipe it clean of all life before disappearing back into what is known as otherspace. The relative few who manage to survive by fleeing these onslaughts speak of the horror of these attacks and the utter lack of mercy the Charon show for their targets.”

Obrom turned to face another camera. “What’s more, their choice of targets appears to be utterly at random. In addition to the important factory, agricultural, and economic worlds that have so far fallen to their attacks, worlds with seemingly no strategic importance at all have been just as equally targeted. This makes trying to predict where and when the Charon will strike next a frustrating exercise.” Obrom looked down at his notes before looking back up again. “Planets on all sides have been attacked; Imperial, Republic, and even those that are unaffiliated or belonging to a smaller government. There are even reports of attacks in the Unknown Regions and the distant Outer Rim. In all cases, all that remain of these worlds are lifeless husks. No reports of successfully stopping the Charon have thus far been received.”

The angle changed as Obrom looked back to the center camera. “To make matters worse, there are reports across the galaxy of revolts as entire populations fight for control of their homeworlds in order to declare their loyalty to the Cult of Shadow in the hopes of preventing the Charon from attacking them next. Chandrila was just the first of a multitude of worlds to be affected. Some revolts have been suppressed but others have succeeded in overthrowing their governments and allying themselves with the cult. In some cases, the governing bodies have declared their fealty to Sivter without such riots. The Chandrila situation itself is still ongoing.”

If possible, Obrom’s face seemed to become even grimmer. “The loss of member worlds, either through the Charon or a changing of allegiances, threatens to destabilize both the Galactic Empire and the Republic, who are being forced to allocate resources to deal with these riots rather than fighting the Cult of Shadow. Neither government was able to give us a statement at this time.”

“We’ll have more on this situation as it develops,” Obrom promised as he wrapped things up. “Good night and may the Force be with us all.”
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Ghost »

*The sound of dramatic tones and music suddenly overcame the holodisplays around the galaxy.*

"Galactic News Network, your source for Breaking News, When it happens, where it happens or why!"

The holocam zoomed into frame on the blurred image of a New Republic diplomatic vessel breaking through several lines of space traffic and eventually breaking out into open space before disappearing into hyperspace. The words at the bottom of the screen read "New Republic Senator from Naboo murdered by Imperial Assassination Droid". The images faded to reveal a Mon-Calamari female who sat behind a clear desk, clearly looking off-screen to watch the images, before turning to the holorecorder. "We have received word that Senator Alyesa Praxon from Naboo, has been assassinated. Although there has been no official confirmation of her death, Galactic News Network has reliable sources close to the office of the Senator saying she indeed has died from wounds sustained during an attack." The woman paused briefly to look down at a datapad and then back at the recorder. "The attack appears to have taken place during an official visit, one of many visits which Senator Praxon had planned to end at the Imperial captial world of Coruscant a few days later. Sources close to the Senator have confirmed that it was an Imperial assassin droid." Again she paused to look down at the datapad, nodding softly. "We have just received word that we have new footage in." The stills appeared on the screen of the remains of the droid which appeared in shambles, having been shot atleast three to four times. Blood was smeared over it's seamless features in the shape of hand prints and finger smudges. Quickly, the images faded to the Mon-Calamari female who nodded softly. "I do apologize for the slightly graphic nature of these photos ladies and gentlemen. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Naboo at this ti-" The transmission was suddenly cut off but the audio was left on. "Hey, you can't do that! What are you do-"

There was the obvious sound of crashing, breaking and then the logo of GNN appeared and the audio was cut off shortly after, leaving the viewers to wonder what had occurred.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by SmokeMare »

GNN Tonight : Supplemental.

The GNN logo hovers into view accompanied by the usual dramatic music. The studio isn't the usual studio but instead a scholarly looking study, with books and scientific equipment adorning the set. At the front of the set, GNN Science correspondant Gaylan J'Harr sits in his smart pinstripe suit, opposite a rambling, wild bearded, tweed adorned senior - wearing the classic half-moon spectacles of a person who is clearly a professor.

"Welcome to this special GNN Science Supplemental, I'm Gaylan J'Harr and joining me tonight is Professor Argian Valtek, co-ordinator of astronomy at the University of Coronet and head of the Talus, Seismic and Spectro Analysis Observatory. Professor, what exactly has been going on in the galaxy lately that's causing scientific circles alarm?"

The professor adjusted his glasses and took a brief, sweeping glance at his notes, "Well, at the Observatory we are constantly scanning for unusual space phenomena or every kind. The fact is that recently we've been detecting more and more obscure phenomena occurring - to which we have no viable explanation as to what is causing it."

Gaylan, leaned forwards a little, "And what sort of phenomena are we talking about?" Valtek shrugged, "All sorts, for one, what were very rare rifts in space-time, normally detected between once every decade to once every fifty years - we're suddenly getting then popping up all over the galaxy, in the last six months we've detected at least fifty occasions where these unusual and rare phenomena have occurred." Gaylan pressed him further, "Have you been able to detect any pattern in the locations of these rifts? And what exactly are these rifts?"

Valtek started gesturing with his hands, "If you fold space-time and create a pathway between two points, you can theoretically arrive without making the journey - that's what's happening, there are lots of tiny wormholes opening up and closing again, as for where they are - they are never open long enough for us to calculate their exact position."

Gaylan nodded, "So these wormholes, could they be an effect of the current assault on the Galaxy Sivter and his Charon allies?" Valtek paused, looking throughtful, "It could be, but we don't think so - the wormholes have been appearing for longer than the Charon have been invading our space, at the moment though we simply don't know enough about the Charon and the worm-holes to assess whether there is a connection."

Gaylan leaned back in his chair and briefly consulted his notes, "And these other phenomena, what exactly is happening in the galaxy?"

The professor sat a little more upright now, and placed his notes down, "Well, that is where it gets interesting! We've seen stars simultaneously exploding for no reason such as the one at Len'Ceelohan. It would probably have died within the millenia anyway - but previously we expected at least three hundred years of life left in it. The only clue we have to what caused it was the large mercenary fleet orbitting the star - we can only assume they were testing some sort of super-weapon and it went wrong. Then there's the case of the mysterious moving planet."

Gaylan looked puzzled at this, "Moving planet?" The professor continued, "Yes, it was detected on our main broad spectrum photon vortex analyser, for no apparent reason, a planet suddenly jumps from it's orbit, collides with a neighboring planet and smashes both of them into the sun! Shortly after the recordings were taken, the computer spontaneously exploded, killing three members of staff. It's all happened so fast and so recently, that the only record of which planets were even involved is now in my head."

"And which planet is it?"

With a jerk Valtek's head slammed sideways, smashing his ear hard onto his shoulder and throwing his now lifeless corpse off the chair. Gaylan looked stunned at him and signalled to the cut back to the main desk...


Back at the main GNN news desk...

"We're sorry about that, we appear to have lost Gaylan and Professor Valtek due to erm, 'technical difficulties' moving on to tonights main headlines..."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Cadden »

A random viewer on a random world watched in frustration as his favorite show was cut, and replaced by a serious-looking individual on the holovid. "We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you an important message," he said. "This station has just received word that a serious heist went down not long ago in the Kuat sector. An unknown force successfully seized a warship of reportedly devastating power from the Galactic Empire. Inside sources state that the operation was spearheaded by a rogue Imperial faction, determined to root out and destroy the Jedi Order." He looked over his information for a moment before continuing. "What we know of what transpired is minimal, but we have confirmed reports on the casualties of the skirmish. Two Immobilizer 418 cruisers appeared to have navigational issues and collided into each other, and the rogue faction destroyed a Venator-class Star Destroyer to escape the Empire's grasp. It is confirmed that the ship that was stolen was equipped with a weapon capable of destroying a capital-scale warship with a single shot, not unlike that of the feared Death Star. We have received leaked holo imagery of the ship's appearance." An image of the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer came to the screen.

When the image minimized to the top right corner, the reporter continued. "Efforts are being made to retrieve the vessel from this rogue faction's hands. We will have more on that when official statements have been made. In the meanwhile, we advise that, if you spot this ship, to report its whereabouts to the Galactic Empire. Cooperating in hunting down this terrorist faction would be appreciated."

The man watched as his program replaced that of the news update. It was unlikely that such a ship would bother to make an appearance where he lived. Though if the information uncovered was true, he kind of felt sorry for those that the rogue Imperials would be targeting with the thing.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Beorht »

A metrosexual Zabrak, face drawn and tight, stands in uncertain light before a pile of charred stone wreckage.

"Albarran Gholla here, reporting live from Onderon, where the stolen Eclipse-class command ship has been used to raze the Jedi Temple to the ground. Rescue efforts are ongoing - Force above!"

The camera swings away from the stunned reporter and refocuses on what looks like strange architecture, outlined against the sky. Light and colour shift as the camera adjusts for the new perspective. It zooms in on a huge man, effort tensing his body as he focuses on a piece of rubble the size of a small starship. From offscreen a voice calls out: "...duracrete. We have more survivors!"

The man shouts, and feedback whines into the audio pickup. The stone shudders and lifts further, altering the play of shadow across the scene. The camera focuses on broken figures limping out from under the stone; other beings of all anatomies rush in to offer a shoulder to lean on. The man - the Master- is bellowing, telling them to hurry, he can't hold it forever.

The stone falls with an impact which will propel that scene to eighteen trillion HoloNet views in six days. Daer'Gunn falls to his knees.

"Unbelievable." It's the voice of the reporter, but it's not a reporter's voice. He's standing off-camera and it's possible he's forgotten he's broadcasting. He goes silent. After a minute, another voice - a little louder, less smooth - joins in. Urban legend and common sense will attribute that voice to the cameraman. "Healers are, um, healing all over the place. There's injured and dead Jedi - and non-Jedi too, support staff I guess. And there's...look at that, Al."

An Ithorian moves through a group of huddled Jedi children. Blue light seeps from the skin of his left hand. His right dangles, along with half the forearm, from a grotesque compound fracture. He is healing the children, or trying to. Healing energy does nothing when the child is obviously dead. Another Jedi, a teenage Barabel, is begging the Ithorian to stop; a splint and a bandage, ripped from the Barabel's own robe, dangle from his claws. The Ithorian doesn't appear to see the young Barabel. "Please, Master Boolon, let this one set the bone-"

The camera jostles again as Albarran Gholla, quintuple-platinum-rated reporter and part-time anchor, rushes up to help the Barabel. He stops, suddenly awkward, probably because he's just noticed the huddled children are...piled. He circles around the dead younglings, shaking, to join the Barabel. Together they and some of the living children immobilize the Ithorian and splint his arm. The Ithorian keeps trying to heal the dead.

"My momma always told me the Jedi were heroes," says the cameraman. He starts wandering around the demolished Temple, taking in scenes of compassion and tragedy and horror. "I've seen some crazy things, and I've seen Jedi mess up, and who knows if they're gonna get us killed sometime. I've never seen'em like this. That healer there, she can't even stand up and she's still going. Over here some of'em are cutting into this pile, tryin' to get folks out."

The cameraman will subsequently be offered lucrative deals.

"The big guy, Master Daer'Gunn, he's still goin' at it!"

He will decline.

Search and rescue efforts, relief supplies, the efforts of REC and others - he films and broadcasts everything. GNN shunts it to secondary feed, continuous play; at several points over the next few hours, GNN2 rates higher than GNN.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by zephre »

“When its time to call it a day..” the gritty, booming voice spoke over the action on the screen. Sweaty, dirty workers at a Nondescript Star port move towards the local pub. The workers, a mixture of species, sexes and sizes all of whom are unrealistically attractive, pour into the pub with good natured backslapping and boisterousness and take places at the bar, motioning for the barkeep. The Human with the hundred gigawat smile begins passing out Sovits beer from a tap, and breaks out a number of canned and bottled versions as well. The workers take it and begin downing the clear tankards, which just happened to have the light shining through it, icy cold condensation appearing like jewels illuminated though the golden beverage..

“Then it’s time to call for a Sovits!” We are now focused on two cans of the beer, both emblazoned with the Sovits girl, a well endowed Twi’lek holding a pair of Large Frosty Mugs. An empty clear tankard slams down between the two cans, and is refilled with the golden beverage.

“Sovits beer, It’s Good To Drink!!”

The commercial faded out, and back in with the GNN Logo, and the Special Report placard.

The image of an attractive young human female with a pleasant smile sitting in an opulent studio was a clear signal that they have moved to the main offices on Coruscant. The news reader wasn’t one of the anchors, and in fact had the look of someone who was more comfortable behind the camera than in front, but she still offered the audience the standards GNN was known for.

She read, and didn’t stutter..

“With everything that is going on in the New Republic, the Charon’s March, the events on Onderon and the continued coverage of the War of Darkness, some good news comes to us from the Agramar system.” She said, pushing the button on the desk to transfer the feed. “Assylla Boska from our Agramar affiliate reports.”

The feed changes to the backdrop of the early morning skyline of Agramar’s capital as Assylla Boska stood center of the frame. Behind her was a large crowd of sentient’s looking around excitedly. Some of them wore New Republic military uniforms, some in civilian attire. The general felling from the crowd was hopeful.

“Thank you, Cameron..” She said, moving around the crowd as the camera tracked her. “Over three days ago, a group proclaiming themselves to be the terrorist group The Imperial Dawn took possession of transport shuttle NR-571, killing twelve crew members and holding the forty underage passengers hostage. This horrific act was followed by the destruction of the New Republic Administrative building located near Freedom Plaza.” She said, smiling broadly. “We are happy to announce that all of the passengers have been recovered and will soon be reunited with their families.” She then motions towards the assembled in a wide sweeping gesture. The assembled people erupted in cheers and other sounds appropriate to their species. She pulls out a data pad, looking at it against the glare of the morning sun. “According to the information released by the Agramar Ministry of Information, they are whole and relatively unharmed and were given basic medical treatment by their rescuers, though they required little more than flex bandages for minor abrasions and cuts.” She said, moving to one of the crowd, a human in a New Republic officer’s uniform.

“Who are you waiting for, Lieutenant?” She asked the man who was looking up to the sky expectantly. He seemed surprised by the question for a moment before answering.

“My son, Dhonnal. He’s eight years old.”

She moved on to the next person in the crowd. “Who are you waiting for?”

The woman yelled into the mic. “My Daughter, she’s twelve.”

She panned the camera to the front of the crowd as she asked impromptu questions to stop on two people in particular. “Senator Taan Ric of Agramar, who is joined by crown Princess Alyra, representing Queen Eirta are present with the crowd, waiting patiently for his own children to arrive with the transport. It was his daughter, ten year old Catlyn Ric who had been used to deliver the messages from the terrorists in those now infamous transmissions,” And moved closer to the white haired man.

“Senator, would you like to give a statement on today’s events.”

Senator Ric nodded. “I am very grateful to those involved, and thank the Force that our children are safe and are being brought back to us.” He stated. “My wife Raisa has gone ahead and met the vessel that our children are on.”

“So, two ships are incoming, not just one?”

“Correct. Most of the children are being brought by the first vessel, which left several hours earlier. The second vessel, which was where the children who needed more medical attention are being transported, left afterward to ensure the injuries were seen to.”

“So there were injuries that were more than cuts and scrapes.”

“Nothing serious, but there are six that will need additional care and observation for twenty four hours, which was my wife Raisa went ahead to meet them. Their parents have already been informed, and are awaiting their children at the pediatric ward of the Royal Hospital. That is the ship my children are on.”

She then turned to the Princess. “Your Highness, we and GNN have been informed that the Queen has opened her compound for the recovered children and their families, is that correct?”

Princess Alyra nodded. “That, and to the families of the command crew that were murdered in the cowardly attack.” She said. “The Agramar government will also extend hands to those family members of the men and women who were killed in the attack on the Republic admin building.”

The Princess pointed towards the sky, and the camera swung around to view a well worn Consular class vessel making a direct approach, its skids dropping as it centered on the hard point. A number of technicians moved quickly over and attached coolant umbilicals and power feeds to the ship. Four Agramar Royal Marines and a remarkably tall and wide man moved towards the ramp, identified by caption as Ministry Chief Aron Childers, the current head of Ministry of Information.

“This is the first ship that Senator Ric spoke of, designated the Voidhawk according to information given to us earlier which would have the bulk of the passengers from the NR-571. The main ramp is dropping down now, and a number of people are coming down the ramp. These were the people directly responsible for the rescue of the 571, according to my information from the local offices of GNN.”

Three men walked down the ramp, to be exact. The two large men wearing an amalgam of armors, and a Zabrak in civilian attire who seemed to be familiar with the Ministry chief stopped at the bottom of the ramp, and after a short conversation the larger of the two armored men motioned up the ramp.

A line of children were being brought down the ramp, many of the waving the hard bitten soldiers as they passed, which prompted at least one soldier to wave back. Sound was impossible as the people behind her erupted in cheers and surged forward as the parents rushed to their children.

Assyla and her cameraman knew to get out of the way.

GNN caught the moment in time, as desperate parents released wave after wave of relief as they were reconnected with their children, little bodies from various species and races were lifted, hugged and tossed into the air.

Assyla moved though the groups as the children told their stories to their parents, some so moved to tears that they could say nothing, and some that spoke of Jedi fighting an axe wielding Sith. She moved across to where the Zabrak and the Large Armored man were watching as the four Agramar Royal Marines escorted a human in cuffs, his face covered in the telltale signs of a broken nose, at the very least. The four ARMarines and Ministry Chief Childers marched past her, with Childers holding up his hand to keep her and the cameraman back. Once past, she moved to the armored man and the Zabrak. As she moved closer, the armored man give the Zabrak a forearm shake, and turned towards his ship..

“Assyla Boska, GNN.” She introduced herself. “Is it true that you are directly responsible for the rescue of the children, and the capture of the man responsible..”

The scrawl on the bottom of the frame showed his name as New Republic Navel Lieutenant Koden Raster.

“It was a joint effort between myself and the Void hawks, if not for them none of this would have been possible, which also includes the efforts made by the Agramar Ministry of Information. I was sent out to follow a lead and it snowballed into what you see today.” The Zabrak said his tone serious. “I can tell you that it was not the Imperial Dawn who was responsible for the Attack on the Admin building or the kidnapping of the 571 children. A criminal organization that specialized in slavery, and who covers themselves as a legitimate corporation was entirely responsible for the event. The man you saw walked by was the head of that group, and will face charges of Kidnapping, Murder and Slave trade.” He said, and added ”You of course understand that I won’t be able to tell you particulars about the event until everyone involved have been debriefed by the Ministry and the New Republic. “ he said, basically shutting her down from more questions. “Once I’m cleared, I will give you the exclusive.” And moved off and away, speaking with one of the ground crew.

“If course, Lt. Raster. I understand, and with all of the attacks on the Republic, it’s nice to have a good story to tell.” And turned from him, wrapping up the interview, “So many horrible things have happened to the Republic, people wonder if it’s going to survive the War of Darkness started by the Cult of Shadow..”

Raster shook his head, and moved back forward. “Of course it’s going to survive..” he said, his lips tightening. “We’ve beat the Xen’Chi, internal conflicts of too numerous to count, and the Galactic Empire, and were going to beat this Dark Side Dork back to his little hidey hole..” He stated. “Were earning our scars, just as the Old Republic did before us, and were going to come out stronger for it… WOW they got here quick..” and looked up, as another ship streaked overhead towards the Queens compound, to were the Royal Landing pads were located.

Battle damage was apparent on the bottom of the ship, a YT 2000, as it whined its engines to land carefully behind the compound walls. It looked like some one had welded plasteel plates were the ramp would normally be, and it looked like a number of panes of cockpit glass were covered similarly..

Allysa turned back to the Zabrak. “That was part of the transport convoy?”

“Yes, that was the medical ship, bringing the remainder of the children..” he said, and turned and headed towards the compound. Turning back to the crowd, who were being herded by more comfortably attired ARMarines, as was the soldiers of the Voidhawk as well.

She knew when the Story was over…

“For GNN, this is Allysa Boska, back to you Cameron..”
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by DarthYnoj »

The GNN logo flashed in the screen.It was the regular time of the day for the big news show.The main GNN News Show came every day around the afternoon with the biggest news across the galaxy.The screen split in 4 windows.In the first window the central host Kent Feres shown up as on the second a live connection with a reporter before the Neimoidian High Council Palace HDs and two more persons below them in the screen synthesis.

''Good evening Galaxy,this is GNN Central News broadcasting.I am Kent Feres and we will start with the first subject of interest the last days.We will go live to our sent reporter on Cato Neimoidia Alexis Vranjes to here his report from the big 3 press and media day event held by the Neimoidia goverment.''

''Good afternoon to you also Kent and to the whole galaxy seeing the central news.We passed 3 days here,heard much,we have news to give you and rumours concerning the fate of the system.

''We will here everything you have to say Alexis but let me introduce our 2 guests....The Neimoidian Press Representative Regiae Versetilo and the political article writer Mr.Den Durmas.''As the two guests smiled and greeted the host in their turn.''You have the word now for the full reportage of the 3 day event Alexis.

''Thank you Kent.Well lets take the events with order.First day we were called to hear about the NRC work over this 5 years and if you allow me to comment the first day was the most important.It was also the day we had live interfearence with the leaders and were able to ask questions.We heard that the virus was over by MedStar operations and infact we heard that Neimoidians will make a vast donation to the indepedent organzation of MedStar.Also we heard about deals closed with various companies and other more minor anouncements.The bomb shell was dropped though when NRC resigned and jsut after their agreed 5 years ago resignation on end of term reorganazed their selfs into the 1st Neimoidian High Council of the Trade Monarchy.''As Versetilor tried to interfear but on second thought he didnt and waited for his turn.He knew the galaxy had to see good Neimoidians.

''We heard the exact synthesis we can see now on the screen Kent with the new offices and executives.A whole new system as we see with Ministers,Undersecretaries and Delegates.''As the screen split in the half and a diagrama with the offices and persons with the responsibilities over the offices were showned.''If you want me to comment this the big surprise was tha obviously Rune Kaatranay was demised from Gen.Secretary into just Interior Delegate.We do not know the motive of the Trade Monarch Durd to perform this action i am sure though Mr.Versetilor can answer this question when you give him the word Kent.

We then heard about Trade Federation reformation another big chapter of the news across the galaxy even in the last year.It was a blast from the past,thats the proper expression for me.The Trade Federation Board will be top secret as Trade Monarch said and to be exact the only members defined where Lork Durd,Viceroy Gunay,Settlement Officer Rentemos,Foreign Minister Lors and Trade Baron Gracius.As you see 5 of the 6 NRC members are moved from the interior system goverment to the Trade Federation synthesis as Durd gave opportunities to more fresh faces on the interior goverment.A bright example is Mr.Versetilor.

Finally to close from Cato Neimoidia i will say that this new goverment promises many things but has rather intense objections and controversies by certain groups.Many accuse the NRC for over stepping their elected power and others say and protest about terrorist hits soon.Trade Federation though has full army and navy of old CIS designs as we saw after HKD and BIS deals.
From Cato Neimoidia for GNN Central News,thank you.''

''You have the word now Mr.Versetilor to give us the Neimoidia official goverment point of view for the protests.''

''I have studied on Law and Politics Mr.Feres and i know how to battle with badmouths.The protests against the goverment we represent are off the law.You cant judge a goverment for being unligit when you do not know the Neimodian law.''He then took out a book and smiled.''Let me read you the passage where we based our self declared goverment.-Every goverment just before the end of term and when no opponents are on the sight can have a gallop survey over 1000 sample opinions and if the 51% of the opinions is positive with permanent goverment of other form then the goverment is ligit-.We done excactly what the law said then!I have nothing else to say...i hear you...''

''I want to ask a question to the Representative Mr.Feres if you give me the permission.''As Feres signed proceed to Durmas.''Mr.Versetillor i have a two scale you comment the obvious demise of Rune Kaatranay...a vital member of the NRC in the past and the terorrist hit attacks statements by the Red Lizzards....?I dont want to ask anything else but this''

''I will not even enter the procedure to judge or comment the desicions of the Trade Monarch Mr.Durmas but i can answer your second scale of the question.We all know how Red Lizzards was a Gunray fanatics group with the Gunray Citadel as place of meetings.When we took the place for NRC HDs they started an underground war against us and now that we are in the powerfull position with army and navy want to play the last game.They ''warn''us on terrorist attacks.We dont afraid them.We will try the peacefull diplomatic procedure first but if they insist on this hostile point of view we will act hostile towards them also.I want to make sure everyone in the galaxy here this:Neimoidian High Council of the Trade Monarchy is the ligit and permanent goverment of the Neimoidia System having ligit army and navy in its disposal and we are not afraid to use it against organazations inside the system that are off the law.Also i want to close my statements with the following words....Within the next weeks Trade Monarch will come in contact with the N.R. Senate request lift of quarantine having Medstar virus fight cure certificates and request back the Office of the Neimoidia and Purse Worlds Senator as also the Office of the Trade Federation Representative which combine in one office and title....More info by the Trade Monarch soon enough....Thank you for having me here...i will have to close the window now as the terminal time is close to ending.Thank you very much for giving the Neimoidia race word again on such a massive Media group the GNN.''As th windown with Versetillor closed leaving mixed feelings to the goverment.

''You have the word for a last statement Mr.Durmas because time is against us...your political comment as an off worlder....''Feres said and left the last words to the polictical analist.

''As an off worlder i see 2 things.A goverment that tries to bring the Neimoidia race back to glory from the total default and they do pretty good job in this area and of course the NRC was successfull and the other point of view is that they dont help the people insdie the systmem.A tradition if we look back in time all goverments of Neimoidia had.But the good of this goverment is they dont have a week Trade Monarch without word against Viceroy and Senator but a goverment body with strict iearchy,respect to the top,as we saw from Mr.Versetillors word about the Trade Monarch and with total field seperation by Ministries.The Red Lizzards subject is ment to see in the future though,how will end...

Of course if you allow me a comment for the Trade Federation reformation...they brough back this powerfull company but must use it peacefull and like the commerce guild it was formated to be and not as a military power.Thank you Kent.''

''And with this words we thank you Mr.Durmas and Mr.Versetillor.That was the Neimoidia subject from the point of view of an off worlder a report and a official goverment executive.A powerfull commerce guild like the T.F. is back and the Neimoidia ara on the galaxy again....We hold this from default to peak.Coming up after the commercials....''He continued as the most interesting part of the news was over.


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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Beorht »

"The world of Lianna in the Tion Cluster saw an unusual uptick in ship traffic yesterday, as a fleet of over a hundred vessels dropped out of hyperspace. Though some were Trade Federation container ships, the vast majority were of unfamiliar design. They were not treated as hostiles, and the government of Lianna was unavailable for comment. Here we have military analyst Lorxmun Korell'c..."

"Strange news from the Mid Rim world of Mimban, in the Circarpous system. A freighter on approach to the plasma mines picked up this image of a starship apparently rising out of the swamp. The ship type has not been identified, though archaeological experts say it bears some similarity to Quella and Gree designs, and at nearly five hundred metres in length it..."

"And now a message from the Celestan Chamber of Commerce!"

"The Baron Administrator of Cloud City has been murdered. The Twi'lek Bornica'selkis, longtime overseer and majority shareholder of the famous Tibanna mine, was found dead in his own docking bay. Authorities are looking for his wife, a Zabrak named Folai Sejanis, who apparently used her joint banking rights to sell her husband's shares on the open market. Sejanis was last spotted on Manaan, where a bank account in her name was recently emptied after receiving the proceeds of the sale. She and an unknown human male are wanted in connection with the murder of a Manaan citizen named Fewmets, a former operative of the Empire..."

"Well, our airwaves have been humming with the stories coming in from the Xedael Empire. This next piece comes from a nearby portion of the Unknown Regions, the Kartanin Dominion. Based out of the star cluster Ardustaar, the Dominion is populated by a feline species with a strong martial tradition. Sources inside the Celestan government tell us that a Kartanin religious radical has stolen an entire command ship, and kidnapped several employees of Draconis Inc. The Dominion has taken extra steps towards the security of its ambassadors; rumour has it that some have been recalled..."

"Sightings of a large fleet moving south through the New Republic have been confirmed with hard data. A battle group composed of old Imperial and Clone Wars capital ships entered Republic space not far from the Anari Commonwealth, avoided major star systems, and has been traced to the opposite edge of the Republic. Our analysts tell us the fleet probably belongs to the Sith Empire's southernmost province, the Sith'ari Centrality. Its objective is, at this time, unknown..."

"And speaking of the Sith Empire, a major training facility has been established on Ziost, apparently designed to supplant many of the member provinces' own temples and bases. The unified Sith Academy was put into operation several months ago; due to communication difficulties and government control within the Sith Empire, only now are we prepared to bring you images of the renovated temple..."

"A major announcement today: the Trade Federation, in cooperation with the Celestan government and several groups within the Unknown Regions, has completed a string of waystations and beacons which turn the so-called Emerald Way into a viable auxiliary trade route. Although the route is still hazardous, and knowledge of what it leads to is minimal, sources inside the Trade Federation and the Celestan bureaucracy have reported a marked surge in trade revenues. Our sources believe the trade route leads to the Jade Empire and the Kartanin Dominion, and facilitates access to the Black Star Confederacy and Xedael Empire. While we have little more than names for these governments, some of these are names that should be familiar to viewers who have paid attention to our analysts' take on the Battle of Mon Calamari..."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Mir »

The GNN Anchor looked into the screen and gave a smile to the quadrillions of beings around the galaxy that watched. "We come to you live now from the New Republic Senate Chamber, where New Republic Minister of State Roman Kato is going to speak, in the first Senate Chamber meeting since the Battle of Mon Calamari."


"The New Republic still stands."

Thunderous applause.

"The New Republic still stands." Roman repeated. "We have suffered one of the most catastrophic battles in the history of the galaxy. Not since the Battle of Chil'a'Chin have we seen forces of such magnitude marshaled in one place, to do battle. Not since the Battle of Corellia have we seen such ferocity of fighting and such a sheer loss of life take place in one system. And the Republic still stands." He said and paused, the applause coming once more. A floating GNN holocamera came in for a close up. The speech was being broadcasted live around the galaxy. "With close allies, former foes, and those who could potentially harm the Republic by our side, we, the galaxy banded together to face an enemy that threatened the very existence of freedom. This is a testament to the fighting spirit of the New Republic and the Combined Defense Force. I stand humbled by the dedication of the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that liberty would prevail." Roman said.

The holocamera backed off, buzzing nearby.

"We stood, resolute in our convictions and showed Sivter and those who would threaten the Republic that we shall not back down and that we will always fight for what we believe in. To think otherwise is a fallacy. A fallacy of the evidence that has been provided by the blood and toilings of the comrades in arms that make up the Combined Defense Force. As I speak, we are rebuilding the Senate chamber." He said and the GNN and Skye News Network producers cut to outside shots of the Senate Chamber buildings, with Roman relegated to a small corner of the screen. Images shifted to show Mon Calamari. "The devastation of Mon Calamari will be fixed. Our history shows that we will rise above." He said as the producers cut back to the inside of the Senate Chamber, this time panning around to show various Senators and their faces.

"Hate. It is such a powerful word. It conjures up emotional images. In this instance images of things that I confess I do not properly understand. Images of the Force and the ways in which it can be perverted for one being's personal goals. But hate is just a word. Fear. It too is a powerful word. Fear and hate go hand in hand, for often times we hate what we fear and fear what we hate. I tell you that we have nothing to fear. Nothing to hate. Not if we are willing to work together, to rely upon one another in our times of need." Roman said.

"Mon Calamari proved that. Elements of the New Republic worked with sworn enemies the Galactic Empire. The Sith Centrality had vessels in system, and there were Jedi combatants on the ground. The Jade Worlds was here. The Xedael Empire was here. The Muir were here. The Systems Alliance was here. The Black Star Confederacy was here, after having their capital planet scoured of life. Sivter's goal was to spread hate and to spread fear. But did he really accomplish anything? He gave us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that when we stand together, there is nothing that can beat us."

Applause rang out once more through the Senate chambers as Skye News Network cut to images of wounded soldiers of the various militaries that had participated in the battle and GNN cut to images of wounded civilians. Then they came back to Roman Kato as he finished his speech.

"We have taken losses, but every ounce of blood that has been shed was shed for a purpose. And we will continue and we will persevere onwards. The New Republic still stands. Let those who would spread hate and those who would spread fear continue their fight. We will be ready, we will be resolute. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fall. We will rise above."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by SmokeMare »

Terror in Rando XI Space!

The galactic news logo faded in, then out as the news team appeared,

"This is breaking news! A massive kidnap and murder operation was carried in the space of the Republic owned planet Rando XI. Survivors - who hid aboard an escape pod reported jet black starships of unknown origin appearing from hyperspace and attacking without warning. The entire passenger list and crew were either captured or killed and the Transport 'Venata' destroyed."

The female co-presenter took over, "Inter-galactic police are looking for clues as we speak, but they have issued the following advice, if the jet black ships of unknown origin enter your space, make an immediate jump to hyperspace. From the reports given, this organisation - thought to possibly be linked to Sivvters Cult of Shadow or the organisation operated by Darth Trayus clearly have access to advanced weapons and technology and should not be approached."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Beorht »

"The peripheral Inner Core ecumenopolis of Celesta joined the Jade Empire today, a move that comes as no surprise to recent political commentators. After a year of political unrest, the powerful civil service has staged a hostile takeover of the planet and its three hundred and thirty million residents. The new government has called for an immediate round of elections..."

"...yes, Geohrge, Celesta has been a close trading partner of the Jade Worlds and later the Jade Empire since 12 ABY..."

"...civil service has stepped down..."

"...Sith cultists as mistresses...sordid...Parliamentary aides..."

"...historic neutrality...enduring modern conflict...crux point...strategic location...Emerald Way..."

"...yes, the Jade Empire represents a neutral third power that has worked with the Empire and the New Republic against the Xen'Chi and the Charon...old alliances with the Loris Empire...stability and backing for Celesta..."

"...removing tariffs between the Jade Empire and Celesta has increased the Trade Federation's profit margin..."

"...also, the same strange fleet that was spotted over Lianna passed by Celestan space on its way into the Unknown Regions. Derriphan-class battleships are..."
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt »

GNN Logo appears as the music plays in. . .

Breaking News

Dateline: Grizmallt Imperial Core

The image of a tall blonde woman wearing a nice blue suit standing before a burning rubble mixed with charred red and white marble. Crews of different fire, police, and various other imperial agencies from around the city seemingly trying to do do everything from pulling bodies out of rubble to putting out fires. As she got her cute the young 25 year old on the spot reporter began to speak. . " This is a breaking news report Tanda Avery reporting for GNN. Today a tragic turn of events on the Ecumenopolis of Grizmallt today as an explosion rocked the compound of the Imperial Moff Jorn Vardic. Reports at this time are sketchy but it seemed a faulty gas main burst killing the Moff and several member's of is family including the 73 year old Moff's Wife Anna and several other member's of the Moffs family."

The camera angle turned showing a few people being held back in tears as the young woman continued on now fully in view." A native of Bastion Moff Vardic served the empire for nearly 50 years first as a pilot during the clone wars then as ship's captain during the rebellion fighting piracy along the routes. Two years ago he was assigned to Grizmalt as its territorial moff by Grand Admiral Thrawn his tenure was met with relative peace. Even in the fact of Alaskan and the threat of Sivter. However the initial investigation points to a freak accident with no appearance of outside dealings. Yes it is a sad day one this planet will soon not forget. This is Tanda Avery with this breaking news report. Good day may the force be with you."

ooc Corsos this is to let 5th column know hes dead 'll have Cole give you a report at some point. I will assume she will be moving to clean this up. events transpired here:

And a big thanks to Mirr for the help and to C for letting me do this. Like I said I am putting it here so 5th column knows he is no longer in play and can respond as they wish.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by DarthYnoj »


The newly appointed New Republic Federation of the Allied Systems Ambassador stepped forward and spoke before the New Republic Senate Official Center Chamber Session after the agreement of the Head of State and the Diplomatic Corps.

He spoke about the F.A.S. peace and war. What is important to be noted down is we have a proposition made to the New Republic Leadership to organize an inter galactic goverment summit to celebrate the fall of Sivter and be a chance for galactic peace for many years in an attempt to stop all those conflcits. We dotn have ofificial New Republic reply in this... More to come!


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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Mir »

Throughout the galaxy, two majors news networks compete for listeners and viewers. They fight, tooth and nail, keeping the other guys down. Of the two, one is clearly the leader, GNN. The other, is Skye News Network. Both report the big stories and eke out their numbers from the quadrillions of beings that live around the galaxy. Advertisers pay them hefty sums in order to hock their wares in between their programs, and so that they can try to get their message out to the galaxy. But sometimes things fall through the cracks. When you've got people like Ashin Varanin or Felicity Sage who are constantly giving good headlines, or turmoil in the Anari Sector and a Summit for Peace at Midpoint Station to talk about, you tend to forget about the small guy. Especially small little planets in small little systems that has only a small little amount of people on it.

So when the New Republic world of Brevost, which had only a fraction of the population of Coruscant was wreaked and decimated by a freak series of tremors and ground quakes, the two major news networks paid attention. But not in a way that really showed too much care and consideration. There was no holothon with celebrities coming out to help. There was no indepth coverage of a geological wonder, that there were this many quakes of such magnitude in such a short period of time for a planet that had no consistent history of them. There were no interviews with CDF-NR forces sent to help or the Jedi that came to lend their assistance.

It got a blurb, on the running ticker on the bottom of the screen. And it got a short work up on their respective holonet pages, buried under information about a prison uprising on Armitage.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Mir »

The troll bots are evolving.

I choose you, Pikachu.

And by Pikachu I mean Nich or Pryngles.

Jag's lazy.
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Re: Breaking News!!!

Post by Red Dragon »

Between suppose bigger news stories on the GNN a short about the Airam found a spot.

"News from many sources around Airam Space strongly suggests that the Pirate Clans have been at war with one another. While its unclear what started or who ended this civil war, its starting to become clear that the Airam clans have once again started to venture out of their space and conduct raids on neighboring communities."

The image shifted to a recording of an amassed fleet of small freighters and transports surrounding a Airam Dreadnaught leaving Airam Space. While the News caster made it seem like this fleet was likely a raiding party of some sort, those with a keener eye could tell all the ships were damaged in more then one way.

"This fleet was spotted heading toward to core though its ultimate destination is unknown. Local military forces urge civilian traffic to avoid routes near Airam space and assure that they are doing everything possible to contain this growing threat."
"This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then... explode."
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