Exodus Galaxy History Summary

18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
A divergent, persistent and interactive Star Wars timeline with a rich history and established characters.

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Exodus Galaxy History Summary

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Many thanks to Corsos for putting this summary together. The summary was edited and is maintained/updated by Balsa.

Last updated: 5 June 2012

  • For better or worse, you have arrived here at Star Wars Exodus. You’re a brave soul. Now you are interested in becoming part of our interactive timeline, the Exodus Galaxy.

    Impressive. Your reward? You now get to learn about our history!

    Our history spans over a decade of real time, and nearly two decades in Star Wars time. Some pretty cool stuff has gone down over the years, and now you can be part of it all.

    Some of us are crazier than most and have been here since the beginning. Others have joined up along the way, but everyone is proud to call this place home. If you're looking for an in-depth timeline, please examine the Exodus Galaxy Timeline Wiki article. If you're not in the mood to read through all of that, we understand. :P Instead, a "quick" rundown is below.
Civil War Continues
  • After the Battle of Endor, the Empire was in pretty bad shape, as one might imagine. Death Stars cost a lot of credits, and no one was smart enough to have that Palpatine clone ready to go on short notice. Who would have thought an Aluminum Falcon would have blown up TWO Death Stars? Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.

    Two prominent figures in the Empire, Anasara Bansari and Esran Croft, managed to keep the whole thing from falling apart. The Rebel Alliance, meanwhile, played the role of the mouse with the cat away. They started taking away more Imperial planets, and made friends with a new organization known as the Red Star Alliance (RSA). They should have picked stronger friends.

    Unfortunately for the RSA, the Empire decided to target them instead of the Rebel Alliance. The Empire managed to capture the RSA leader Talon Karde and set a trap at Hoth. The RSA showed up in typical good-guy heroic fashion to rescue their leader, but the Empire was ready. The mercenary Ket Maliss rescued the RSA’s leader, but the entire RSA fleet was destroyed and the organization would never recover.
Imperial Civil War
  • Now, many thought a victory would help unite the Empire. Well, they probably didn’t know that Esran Croft was a power hungry megalomaniac and Anasara Bansari was a Sith that liked to castrate people for fun. Psychos… Not shockingly, those two people didn’t get along too well, so an Imperial civil war broke out.

    As Croft’s and Bansari’s minions warred, Admiral James Ardin hung back with the majority of the Imperial Navy, hoping both maniacs would kill each other. Neither died, but both disappeared after Croft accidentally opened up a black hole using one of his experimental hyperdrives. With both psychos gone, Ardin took the role of Regent. As a nice change from Bansari and Croft, Ardin was a smart, patient officer and ruled the Empire with a steady hand.
Rise of the New Republic
  • The New Republic took advantage of all these internal Imperial insurrections (say that three times fast!) and started taking more and more worlds from the Empire.

    The Corellian Engineering Company (CEC) under Coret Trobane constructed ships for the Republic and Corellia, becoming a competitor with Kuat Drive Yards. Corellia allied with the Republic and became a galactic power. In other words, they painted a huge target on their backs for the Galactic Empire.

    Nichalus Dreadstar was named President of the New Republic, declared martial law, and then war on the Empire. The joke on the HoloNet was that the Empire under James Ardin was actually more democratic than the Republic. In a final great victory, the New Republic seized Coruscant from Ysanne Isard, whom Ardin had charged with protecting it.

    Shortly afterwards, a terrorist known as Black Plague began striking targets throughout the galaxy, both Imperial and Republic. He left hints on the HoloNet using short poems that few could decipher before it was too late. That was one deadly haikou. The Republic and Empire came to an uneasy truce and combined their resources to hunt down this terrorist. The Jedi finally foiled the attacks, but the actual terrorist was never caught.

    The truce between the Empire and New Republic lasted for a year (peace dividends for everyone!) until the leadership of both governments shifted. James Ardin took the rank of Grand Admiral and disappeared, leaving Admirals Ferval and Gandel in charge in his absence. Nichalus Dreadstar stepped down, martial law was lifted, and Prime Minister Mansar stepped in as the new leader of the Republic.
An Unstable Galaxy
  • The two leaders of the Empire aggressively assaulted the New Republic using tactics Ardin never would have sanctioned, including biological and chemical warfare. Ugly stuff. Admiral Ferval was eventually killed and Gandel disappeared.

    In this period of instability, many entities filled the vacuum left by the weakened galactic powers. The Loris Empire, Wild Star Confederacy, and Sith Empire all became wannabe Galactic Powers. Loris even started its own Force academy under the leadership of Emperor Croft’s wife, the slightly less crazy Jade Croft. Corporations such as the CEC, KDY, and Sienar Corporation also increased their military capabilities. Tainer, Commander of Dragon Fleet, was especially annoying and struck all across the Galaxy. He was finally captured by Captain Banner Ton, and brought to trial.

    Back from the Unknown Regions to replace the slain Ferval and absent Gandel, James Ardin tried to unite the Galaxy by holding a public trial of Tainer that was presided over by representatives from every galactic power. The Corellians and Ardin’s own Intelligence Director, Damascus, had different ideas. Damascus allowed two Corellian assassins to infiltrate the trial and they killed Ardin. In the firefight, Tainer and the assassins were killed as well.
The New Emperor
  • Cue more war and chaos. The New Republic pushed the Empire out of the Galactic Core, and the Empire’s new Regent, Kyle Marion, sued for peace. Pretty much everyone in the Empire hated him for capitulating. Just before the peace accord was finalized, Marion was assassinated by Intelligence Director Damascus, who names himself Emperor. He revealed a special project he had been working on with Kuat and Seinar, a third Death Star. He successfully tested the station on Korriban, which weakened the Sith Empire.

    Marshalling his new battle station, Damascus went all “Palpatine” on the New Republic, seizing back the entire Core, including Coruscant. With Delth Ardin having made Corellia’s role in Regent Ardin’s assassination public, the Empire looked to get some payback. A huge battle took place at Corellia, and long story short, the Corellian fleet and the Death Star III were destroyed, Damascus was killed, and Grand Admiral Thrawn became the Empire’s new Regent. The Jedi form their present Jedi Council as well.
A New Threat
  • Unfortunately, Thrawn brought some bad news: The Xen’Chi are coming.

    Who were the Xen’Chi? Think vicious alien race that wants to conquer the known Galaxy. The real problem? They were damn good at what they do. At the peak of their invasion, the Xen’Chi conquered half the known Galaxy. The Empire took the brunt of the invasion. Thrawn and the Republic’s leader, Leia Organa Solo, negotiated a truce.

    Huge battles took place all over the Galaxy, and Grand Admiral Thrawn’s victory at Coruscant turned the tide. Eventually, a combined Galactic fleet under Thrawn’s leadership assaulted the Xen’Chi homeworld of Chil’a’Chin. With the help of the Chiss, the Xen’Chi were annihilated and are never heard from again.
The War of Darkness
  • Though the Xen’Chi threat was removed, forces in the Galaxy were preparing to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the chaos ensuing from war. The Crimson Empire seized the Tingel Arm from the Empire during the confusion of war. The Jedi and Mandalorians clash at the massacre of Necroa.

    While all of this was happening, and while the galactic powers were recovering, the Cult of Shadow began to build its powerbase and prepared to unleash war upon the Galaxy.

    Sivter’s plans began quietly at first, and only became known to the rest of the Galaxy with the Battle of Onderon, which resulted in heavy losses for the Jedi defenders. The raid on Stronghold allowed Sivter access to Otherspace, where he was able to secure the allegiance of the Charon. With the fanatical aliens at his side, Sivter launched battle after battle against the Galaxy. The planet Alsakan fell prey to the Cult forces and was ultimately destroyed.

    The various governments and armies of the Galaxy rallied to face the Cult of Shadow. Military forces hailing from all corners of the Galaxy, including Sith Empire, Republic, Empire, Xedael, Jedi, Jade World, and more congregated at Mon Calamari, where Sivter would be handed his first major defeat. Garrett Granth, with the help of Asemir Lor’kora and his allies, devised a method to annihilate the Charon threat. Sivter, in a state of disarray, retreated to his fortress-world Arcanix.

    The allied forces would not give the Dark Lord any opportunity to regroup, however. Led by Reng Kasr, the allied forces pressed their advantage, and within thirty-six hours, began the operation to end Sivter once and for all. The assault began with the infiltration of Arcanix by a small team of former Cultists led by Asemir Lor’kora and Ashin Varanin with the intent to subvert the Cult and pave the way for the rest of the allied forces. What followed was an incredible ground war as thousands of battle droids, Cultists, and soldiers fought over the lava plains of Arcanix.

    Eventually, Jedi Master Kalja Sairu Leidias defeated Sivter and destroyed his spirit once and for all. The remaining the Cultists were soon killed, destroyed, or captured by the allied forces.

    The Cult of Shadow was no more.
And now…
  • With the defeat of Sivter and the end of the War of Darkness, the Galaxy is all peaceful and safe, right?

    Think again.

    While the galactic powers are at an state of rest and refit, and cooperation between nations has never been greater, tensions mount.

    An InterGalactic Summit has been called with the hopes of preventing another galactic calamity like that of the War of Darkness.

    There is an uneasy peace between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic, but old hatreds simmer, and there are many who would love to see the two nations at war once again.

    The Sith Empire is once again reorganizing itself, and has reached out diplomatically to the enigmatic Xedael Empire. This alliance may have nasty implications for the Jedi Order.

    There is a galaxy to explore and stories to tell, and now it’s time for you to make some history of your own…