NOT Another Jedi Story (DOA): A Smugglers View.

Takes place immediately after the Battle of Yavin
Tales and stories set during the events of Episodes 4-6...

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NOT Another Jedi Story (DOA): A Smugglers View.

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"You know what barkeep." A moderately good looking man sat on a bar stool, barely hanging on the bar as he picked up a the glass that had just been filled and downed it in the blink of an eye. "For every drink I've had today, I think I'll do twice as many tomorrow."

"If you do twice as many as you've done here, Pal, I think you'd die." The barkeep washed out the glass and put it up.

"Give me another, Barkeep!" the man demanded as he slapped down another credit on the bar.

"You're done." The voice came out from behind him. "It's time to go Sal."

"Zack! My main man, how are you doing... Let me buy you a drink, make it two barkeep!"

"I think you better do as your friend suggests, before you end up getting yourself into trouble." The barkeep spoke without even turning around. "Besides, I'm about to close up for the day."

"Well then Zack, where are we going?" Sal stood up from his barstool and caught himself on the bar as Zack put Sal's arm over his shoulders.

"Well, you're going to sleep this off, and we're going to head to Alderaan."

"Oh, I see, you're going to go see that girlfriend of yours. I told you should we be nothing but trouble buddy." Sal laughed as he slapped Zack on the back.

"Actually, we're going to pick her up, and grab whatever supplies we can. We have information that....."

As Zack spoke Sal's mind trailed off as he passed out, drooping over Zacks shoulders.

"Hey sweety." a voice came from behind Zack. "He promised me a night I'd never forget." a woman dressed in a white dress stood up, her white hair flowing down her back, as she turned Zack found himself almost speechless as he saw her bright pink skin.

"And he say's my girlfriend is trouble." Zack said quietly, almost a whisper. "If you really want that night you'd never forget, I suppose you can come with us. But no promises on what kind of memories they will be."

The pink skin woman stood there for a moment, and smiled. "Perhaps when you are back this way, you'll tell him to hit me up before he get's drunk."

Zack sighed a small relief and smiled at the woman. "You've got it, and I'm sure he'll take you up on it." Zack spoke to her, and then lowered his voice. "he'd be a fool not too."

"I heard that." She spoke as she sat back down. "I look forward to meeting you both again."

Zack didn't respond as he drug Sal through the door, and to the ship.
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Re: NOT Another Jedi Story (DOA): A Smugglers View.

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Well don't leave us hanging. It was just getting good.
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