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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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Taya listened carefully as Rassilon spoke to her. She took in everything she could about the Time Lords, and the Shadow Proclamation before the meeting began. She couldn't help herself but get as much information as she could soak in. Every tidbit of information made her think of all the possible things that they could do, that they could have done.

"Why not just go back and stop them from using the weapon?" Taya asked curiously as she wrapped her mind around the possibilities of time travel, not just space travel.
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“Simply put, the possibility of Paradox is far too great, and the repercussions of the newly altered timeline are far worse then what has already transpired.” He said, and leaned on the high back seat, a smile crossing his face.

“Let us say that yourself and Romana took her TARDIS, and went back to the point when the Super Weapon was about to be fired, and you stopped them from firing it. It will do one of two things. One: It will create a reality split, forging a new timeline which will diverge from your point of Paradox, where you stopped the gun, allowing the Daleks to gain full strength, and get a foothold in Republic space, bringing it to its knees and using the raw resourses to attack the rest of the universe..” Rassilon stated, and stood straight. “Two: At worse, it creates a true Paradox, which rips this reality to pieces, and thus causing we Time Lords to need to piece it all back together, if possible.” Pulling the seat back on its rail, he took a seat, bringing his Hologram active. All eyes looked to his direction.

“It is a moot point, as it is. The situation will be Time Locked once the time line has solidified.” He concluded, as he turned towards the assembled committee, smiling. "I am Rassilon, Time Lord of the House of Blyledge, Prydonian Chapter and Castellan of Gallifrey. I represent the Chonarchs and the Council of Cardinals, as well as the Architect of the Shadow Proclamation in this situation under Article 72 of the Cilivized Species Inclusion Act."

Romana leaned to Taya. “It will be locked once the situation with your Brother is dealt with, as we feel that that point is where the variable is.” She said. “I am going to bring my TARDIS up here, and prep for the Link with the Stables on Gallifrey..” and heading towards the main doors. “The Castellan seems to enjoy your company much more then my own, perhaps he will find a…” she thought of the right term. “..use for you..”
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NABOO: Naberrie Estate: Theed

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Anakin nodded again. This Republic officer had this situation well at hand, at least as it stands now. "Indeed I shall. I will take my place inside the main house, close to Leia to ensure her needs are met." he said, glancing to Marek, and back to Vos. "Galen, I need you to work with Captain Vos, and follow his orders as he see's fit."

It will also keep his mind occupied, instead of being filled with worry over Leia.

Galen paused, then nodded. "It shall be as you say, Master.."

Anakin smirked. "A simple 'you bet' would have sufficed, Galen." and his face straightned, and stepped back away from them. Galen looked to Devon. "Shall we get started then, Captain?" he stated. "There is alot of territory to co.."

"That was word from the Theed Starport Authority. The Refugee ships are leaving Tattooine in five minutes, and will begin arriving within an hour.."
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MAF ASTRADA: Hyperspace.. Enroute to Naboo

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“How much longer are we to wait for our orders, Hovvis?” The Quarren mercenary demanded, standing up from the grimy bench on the starboard side Common Area. “We have wasted much time just sitting, when we should have been planning.” He stated, his facial tentacles showing his agitation. “I am not the only one here who feel concern over this..” From around the large common area, several of the hired guns shouted agreement. The Rodian Leader raised both his hands, waving for the assembled to quiet down. “You know as much as I do.” Hovvis said, “I know we’re going to Naboo, and that were supporting the Force users. Other than that, The Master won’t give more information until we arrive at our destination.”

“Supporting the Forcers.. Bah!” One of the Weequay mercenaries scoffed. “Why should we do such a thing..”
Another Rodian pushed the Weequay aside, taking his spot close to Hovvis. “They are paying us to do so, idiot. We don’t support the force freaks, we don’t get our money.”

The Weequay snarled his response to the offending Rodian. “You may not be alive to get yours..” and squared off with her, as the female Rodian reached for her Blaster..

<<Quiet! All of you! >> a voice came over the ships intercom.

The deck plates separated between the two combatants, exposing the hologram projector and ending the confrontation. Bright blue light exploded from the projector’s emitter, and resolved into the form of a Human in a quasi military uniform and floor length cape. He was mature, with a distinctly elegant beard and keen eyes which nearly seemed to shine, even in the image.

He was the man they had come to know as The Master.

The assembled quieted themselves, and focused their attention on the hologram who regarded them a moment before the Master began to speak. The hologram illuminated the dingy common room as the hologram nodded in appreciation to those assembled.

<I understand your trepidation during your time within the Maf Astrada, but know that your discomfort will not be in vein. >> The Master stated, holding his hands outstretched.

<You will find your individual rewards doubled, your wealth assured.> a smile crossing his lips. The assembled mercenaries cheered, nodding and shaking each other’s hands. Once the noise subsided, the Master continued.

<Your task will be to engage the Naboo Security Forces that stand in the way of your objective, whom can be found at the Coordinates you will soon be provided.> and with a gesture, areas of the walls split, and exposed an impressive collection of weapons, many of which were unrecognizable as to manufacturer or even what species created them. A lower drawer opened beneath the weapons lockers in a burst of steam, and exposed what appeared to be a form of In ear communicator.

<EACH of you will take one of these communication devices. They are secure, and transmit on a undiscovered frequency so to not feed information to the Republic. A bit of stolen technology which I have made to serve our purpose.>> The Master stated, smiling broadly as each of the mercenaries took one of the earpieces, and placed them inside their ear canals or what passed for one depending on their species. Hovvis picked one suited for a Rodian, and turned it over in his hand.

It had two ear buds, annotated for each side, with the right ear piece having an elongated outer casing which he assumed was for vocalization. The Rodian who had been picked as the Mercenary leader inserted the ear piece deep inside the large pointed ear, and had to admit, they were very snug, almost as if it expanded once it was inside the canal.

<You will all use these Comm Devices in lieu of your normal communications equipment. This is how you will get orders from me while you are in the field, ensuring victory!>> He stated, bringing his fisted hand in front of him, in a distinct pose meant to inspire confidence, and snapped out of existence. The Mercenaries didn’t seem to take notice at his posturing or that the Hologram had ended, looking over their new toys and gadgets.

Several of them were awkward to handle, intended for a completely different species. Along with the weapons were what appeared to be gauntlets, which would reach their elbows. They were shiny, silver and appeared to be best suited for Humanoids. Hovvis realized that all of the mercenaries were Humanoid, and compatible with the gauntlets.

Hovvis realized that the Master’s hologram was gone now, and with little more thought than that, shrugged and returned to looking over the weapons..

In the Maf Astrada’s port side Common Area, The Knights of the True Order sat quietly, deep within meditation as had it had done of the Starboard side Common Area, the deck plates split, and the Hologram emitter projected the images of the Master. Al’Fattah looked up from his meditation, regarding the blue projected madman.

<You have questions for me, Al’Fattah..>> The Master stated, Looking down his nose at the human, leaving little room for doubt as to his purpose for speaking with the Order knight. Al’Fattah nodded. “Indeed..” He began. “The mercenaries are an unwelcome addition to the mission that you assigned us. They are undisciplined, and will hinder us.”

<They are here on my whim, to ensure that you will complete your task. In short order, these hired guns will be perfect cannon fodder for what is to come. Don’t bring them up again..>> The Master sneered. Al’Fattah stood, staring at the hologram of the Time Lord. “You speak to me as one would a simple lackey. You are warned not to do it again!” The Order Knight snarled, filling himself with the power of The Force. The Master simply raised an eyebrow, looking at the Order Knight askew. Al’Fattah knew the look..

The Master had assisted in setting Al’Fattah and his fellow, like minded brothers and sisters onto the path the True Order of the Force, twenty of the former Jedi leaving the monastic order based on Kurita behind. The Master was fascinated by their studies and application of the Force on the whole, shoving off the ideals of a light and dark side to the force and accepting it as a whole. Al’Fattah had been taught by the Monks, much like his fellow Order knights that were with him, and those same Monks had objected to their following this new path to force enlightenment, saying that their path would break the balance of the Force..

It had ended violently..

The True Order would have ended there, had it not been for the Master and his Renegades. The Order owed the Renegade Time Lords a great debt. Al’Fattah also knew that the Master, or one of his Renegades, could destroy the True Order as easily as they had saved it.

“My apologies, Master..” The Order knight said. “I am your humble servant..”

<Good of you to remember that..>> the Time Lord stated, and disappeared..

In the Control Room, as he watched the events on the monitors, Joklyn Zephre looked over to the small comsole hologram that appeared. “Hello, Sir..” the ginger haired companion smiled. “You certainly took care of that lot.”

<Yes, Yes..>> the Master nodded wearily <These Order knights are going to be more trouble then I had believed..>>

“I can always space them!” Zephre smiled broadly, his hand near the hard wired console. “Can I?”

The Master’s Hologram chuckled. <No, no.. You’ll have to allow your urges to find a new outlet. My mechanizations require the Order Knights.>> the Time Lord crossed his arms. <Now, onto our business.>>

“Yes Sir..” Zephre nodded. “I’ve already made the plans to hyper in at the same moment as the refugees, mixing with them. Once were there, Ill activate the ear pieces, and their plan will be under way. I’ll pass on the..” a sick smirk crossed his face “..Key.. On to the lead force freak, and take my own position on the overlooking hills with my sniper rifle.”

<Make certain your wearing your harness.. If you need to make a fast escape, you will need to use it..>>

“Don’t worry, Master. Once their deed is done, the clothing they are given will flash burn them, and if I am nearly caught, I will use the harness to escape, or at least not allow myself to lead them back to you.”

<You’re a superior companion, Zephre.. We will talk again>> and the holo disappeared. Joklyn retuned to his console, smirking and thinking of the key..

And how the Jedi had screamed giving it to them…

Neberrie Estate; Amidala's Office: Naboo

The holographic representation of Govenor Wilhuff Tarkin was a annoying as he was in person, Senator Padme Amidala concluded as she listened to his views on the IDS Executioner, which had become the root of many problems to late within the Senate. As part of the Armed Forces committee, Padme was required to be here, focused on the issue at hand and not on the fact that her world was about to have over twenty five thousand refugees, her Son was missing, her eldest daughter was in terrible peril and much of the pressure of the situation was placed on the rest of her families shoulders, and she was here listening to the committee decide on the fate of the super weapon that had caused all of this strife.

Her opinion was to point it at a sun, and hit the accelerator.

“It is unfortunate that the events occurred as they had, but it functioned exactly as it was suppose to, and succeeded in destroying the threat of the Dalek Empire.” Governor Tarkin stated, safely from Eriadu “Was there ever any doubt that something of this magnitude would happen?”

“No, Governor..” Padme stated. “That is the issue. There never was a doubt that the weapon would be turned to a inhabited system, as it was only a matter of time before something reared its head to warrant such firepower, and we know now what it can do on its lowest power levels. What could it do on its highest?” she said. “Another method could have been found other than deploy a planet killer..”

Grand Admiral Thrawn spoke. “Governor, I can appreciate your point of view, but I must agree with Senator Amidala. The Executioner is too much power for anyone to have in their possession…” the hologram said, raising a hand as to retract his last statement. “Let me rephrase that. The Super Laser is too powerful a weapon to be in the possession of anyone.”

“There is a difference?” Padme asked.

“Indeed, Madam Senator” Thrawn stated. “The Executioner is a ship, and still viable for use in its intended purpose as a Interstellar Deflector ship . It is the Super laser that is the issue. The Super Laser should be decommissioned, and converted to the much safer repulsors technology as was submitted to the committee some time ago.”

“Admiral, I find myself surprised at your stance on this issue. I would have believed that you of all sentient’s would appreciate the power and usefulness of such a weapon, especially after the impromptu field test.”
Thrawn’s Holo looked to where the representative from the Hapes Consortium sat, glowering. Even over the holofields the Naboo Senator could see the Grand Admiral bristling.

Chancellor Organa, speaking from Coruscant, had kept mostly silent during the short debate that had followed the situation appraisal, spoke up. “My esteemed colleagues, We have lost sight of why this meeting was convened. There is no doubt that the weapon has use, and may even be an advantage of what may come to pass. Keep this in your minds. It has nearly decimated Tatooine, and it is possible that the world will become uninhabitable in a few short years due to the damage of the planet, causing the extinction of the indigenous species, both Sentient and otherwise. This may happen again, if the Daleks have hidden more of their Pyramids on other worlds. From our understanding from the Gallifreyan, the Daleks are a threat that would warrant the loss of a world.” The Republic Chancellor stated, his hologram leaning forward. “Indeed, it is a Super weapon that has brought the attention of the universe as a whole onto the Republic, and its representative here from the Shadow Proclamation, as that august body has concerns of who it may be pointed at next.”

The majority of the Armed Forces Committee was aware of the Shadow Proclamation, at least at its highest meaning as a form of senatorial assembly of governments which were much older than the Republic, and was even in place before the first thoughts of Hyperspace travel. One of its member governments had built the Centerpoint Station in the Corellian system, as well as later discovered the Maw.

Padme glanced over to the Holo of the Gallifreyan who had identified himself as the Castellan, who sat up in his seat. “Indeed, Chancellor.” Rassilon began. “the Architect is indeed concerned over the weapon, as are the Lady President, and my own people on Gallifrey. I have learned as of late that our belief that the agent known as the Doctor was killed by your weapon was in error, and efforts to reclaim him and your citizens that had been lost with him is currently underway.” He said, and looked directly at her. “I have dispatched word to my people that all resources’ will be made available to all interested parties.”

“This is good news, Lord Castellan” Mon Mothma, the Senior Senator from Chandrilla stated. “I’m certain that the Time Lords sudden mobilization in this crisis is completely altruistic.”

Lord Rassilon smirked. “Hardly, Madam Senator.. Following the resolution of this crisis, I will be returning to the Architect, the head of the Shadow Proclamation with my endorsement of the Galactic Republic with recommendation to membership…”

Neberrie Estate; Living Quarters: Naboo

“The interior walls are standard construction for Naboo. Well made, but won’t stand up against thermal detonators or shaped charges for too long.” Master Skywalker stated as he showed Vos and his team around the Estate house, which like most of Naboo’s architecture, resembled a museum more than a residence.
The Estate house was good sized, and was the residence of the Skywalker and Neberrie family when they were on Naboo. It was built more recently then some of the other architectural wonders that Naboo was known for, and with the words ‘working vacation’ in mind when it was conceived. The antenna for the Hyperlink was most apparent on the roof, but covered with bass relief and sculptures which made the communications gear more attractive. The Estate house itself was attached to two wings, and the entire construct surrounded a central courtyard.

“There are a few rooms which are fully reinforced, which includes Senator Amidala’s office, the Gymnasium and the secured Hyperlink.” He stated, taking her down towards the living quarters wing. “Living quarters are down here as is the Gymnasium.” The group turned down the corridor. Galen pointed at the first door on the left. “That would be Leia’s chambers.”

One of the Naboo Royal Guard came to attention as the tour continued. “This is Guardsman Cozime, one of the four which was diverted from the refugee detail to assist in securing the Estate.” The Guard gave a short nod, “Guardsman Sadow has been tasked with leading the Guard here, Captain. I am certain that she will be of help to you.”

Vos nodded, as Navarro interjected. “Are there any other people we should be concerned about here?”

Anakin shook his head. “Other than the four guardsman, No.” He said. “There was going to be a form of celebration before the attack on Tatooine, but with the current situation my wife’s family have been asked to divert to the Varykino Lake Retreat and wait for word.” He stopped in front of the door that Galen had pointed out Leia’s door, and grasping the knob, turned it and looked back at Galen as Vos and his group entered . “She’s been projectinglocally, and it’s been effecting anyone with a even the slightest ability with the force, so you may want to keep your mind closed.”

Galen nodded, and entered..

Galen was almost instantly assaulted by the feelings emanating from Leia in waves, as she spoke of what she saw. Galen staggered back, partially from her projections, but from her appearance. She looked exhausted, her eyes sunken deep within the orbits of her eyes, her skin dull and pale. Her Hair was tied back out of her face, and was stiff from sweat. The Protocol Droid See-Threepio was attending her, wiping her face and ensuring that the medical monitors remained trained on her. Her body trembling corresponded with the monitor spikes showing from her brain wave scan..

Anakin kneeled next to her. “Whats happening…”

“They’ve arrived at Alderaan with the Droids.. Captain Vos got them there ahead of the Empire.. Palpatines Empire..” She said, her eyes milky white and her voice croaking.

“They have the plans to what the Empire wanted, inside the Droids.. Master Kenobi turned them over to Bail Organa but..” tears formed. “A Battle station arrived, I was on board.. Size of a Moon.” and shaking her head violently. “Not me.. Her.. the other me..” she snarled.

“The Me that was tortured by the Sith Lord.. and.. the Time Lords Companion” she stated. “They deployed troops.. Commanded by the Time Lords companion.. They took over Aldera.. Luke, the teenager and Captain Vos are fighting with the Imperial Stormtroopers.. The Doctor is calling his TARDIS..

Master Skywalker listened intently to his daughter as she continued..

“They’re going to shoot the Super Laser.. Luke’s facing the super laser again! Theyre going to fire the super laser with their troops on the Alderaan..” She said through clenched teeth, nearly hyperventilating. Skywalker looked to the Droid. “What’s her status Threepio..”

She stiffened, as she relayed what she saw. “The Doctor has found the Time Lords Companion..”

Leia then spoke in a similar accent that Devon had heard on Tatooine during the Battle of Mos Eisley..

“I am the Doctor, a 903 year old Time Lord from Gallifrey located at constellation of Kasterborous, at galactic co-ordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero Centre. I have no doubt he’s watching you right now, so the Time Lord can hear me, so know this. If he doesn’t cease hostilities right now, I will be forced to stop him..” She said, and calmed considerably…

“They’ve stopped the Superlaser..” she said, and added..

“The Empire now has the Doctor..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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Devon winched internally when he finally laid eyes on the woman that was their mission, she looked... worn down was the best description he could lay his mind on, he could tell that she would have otherwise been a beautiful young woman were it not for the situation. As he listened to the words she spoke images, no it was more than images, experiences visions even began to creep into his perception of the world. They were almost like an overlay or the HUD of a suit of Katarn armor and as equally disorienting. Closing his eyes he shook his head to clear it but removing the distractions of his sight only enhanced what he was seeing and feeling. When it finally ebbed he felt disoriented and excused himself stepping back into the hallway, Rao and LEon were both waiting there already suited up in their new kit,

"You alright sir?" came the question from Rao

"Damned Jedi and their Force dren." Devon muttered straightening himself up and shaking the last of the visions clear, he thought he heard Leon stifle a laugh, "I want both of you inside, split shifts with overlap, the Skywalker lady is never to be alone. I'm going to go check in with command and let them know we're here and then get into my kit. If the General or the Jedi ask they can find me in the galley. Have Gas meet me there when he's done."

Rao nodded and watched the other man stalk off down the hallway, his steps still just a little wobbly, he blinked and switched to internal comms.

"What you think is up with Vos Sarge?" Leon questioned, "He looked completely disoriented when he came out."

"Jedi stuff I imagine. Just stay sharp, I'll take the first split and we'll rotate after that."

With that the two black clad troopers slipped quietly into the room and took up positions on either side of the three Jedi, Rao's bio scanner automatically assessing each of them, the girl really was in bad shape which would be a problem if they had to move her,

"So Sarge if General Skywalker is here why are we? I mean he's the damned Hero of the Republic. He took on whole regiments of CIS by himself."

"If I had to guess Leon it's because we're in deep blue territory right now. Anytime the Doctor is involved things get... weird. Least that's what Niner told me, said if you ever heard the shabur's name you better hold onto your shebs because the world's probably going to turn inside out shortly."


"Bird's secure Captain." Navarro crowed as he stepped back onto the landing pad. The trooper was still in his standard issue phase V armor minus his bucket,

"Good now get kitted up Corporal, you're with me for the duration."

the confident expression on the kids face turned to doubt as he eyeballed the two remaining crates of Katarn kit, "But I'm not rated on this kit."

Devon smirked and he knelt beside the nearer of the two crates to him and popped the locks, "Neither am I kid, never stopped me before and I don't plan to let it now. Goes on just like you regular kit, one piece at a time..."

Chase popped the security locks on the crate and it hissed as he opened it and stared at the dull matte black plates inside for a minute before he started disassembling his own, this was really happening he thought to himself and couldn't suppress a smile...
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Tridikarastarritadastasadow shoved more supplies into the numerous cubbies of the Type 120 TARDIS, unsure how long she and the other Time Techs would spend in the Republic before they would have to send back a supply ship for essentials. Better to have too many supplies than too little. Of course, Gallifreyan could eat the food from the Republic, or at least most of it, and had no issues with alcohol in any form. Part of the Survival courses indicated that regardless where you go, you can always survive off of the alcohol. From her understanding, they were going to Naboo, which was a technologic equal with the other worlds in the Republic. It was temperate and comfortable for the most part.

Medicine was a different matter. Their simple analgesics were poisonous enough to trigger regeneration, and Bacta hampered regeneration, which in some cases may not be a bad thing, she thought to herself. Tridikara hadn’t even regenerated once yet, and wasn’t looking forward to it when it came about. Here in the Citadel, it was considerably easier. There were Zero rooms which make the regeneration easier, almost pleasant and you can pick and choose what you want to look like, in a matter of speaking. Out In the field, it’s completely random of what you’ll look like, or even what your next incarnation’s personality would be. Everything you were before regeneration was gone..

Effectively dead.

She finished her task, and thinking of more pleasant topics, exited the TARDIS into the expansive space known as the Stables where all TARDISes are stored while on Gallifrey, As well as where the various TARDISes were tracked, keeping records of their movement, where they are, were, and their eventual arrival into the safe zones. Tridikara slung her pack into the back of the Chariot, and plopped behind the operator’s seat and spurred the utility vehicle forward, returning to Central control.

<< TARDIS Incoming.. TARDIS Incoming.. Location Pad Alpha TT 1021>> Centrals automated alert system projected over the loudspeakers, and sighing, wheeled her chariot to the mentioned location. The Time Lord who was arriving wouldn’t want to take the twenty minute walk all the way to Central, and by the time she arrived at TT 1021, that TARDIS should be fully phased in. Whoever this Time Lord was, he was travelling against advisement. A Council Decree had come down from Madam President Flavia to limit travelling until the situation on Naboo is dealt with.

She pulled the Chariot around the corner to TT 0121, and sitting there was the outward appearance of a Republic Freighter, from one of their Corellian colonies, she believed. The Time Lord must have been there recently, or spent a considerable amount of time there for it to maintain such a convincing outer plasmic shell. It was impressive, she had to admit. It even had a ramp that led down from the Real World Interface.

The Interface slid open, and the Time Lord strode down the ramp, wearing dark trousers, high boots and a simple tunic under a long black leather duster. He wore a pistol rig on his hip, and what looked like one of the Republics weapons strapped there. Tridikara waved from the chariot, catching his attention and moved her way. He had a young appearance, and quite certain that she had never seen him before. Pulling the duster around him, he flopped down into the single passengers seat, and Tridikara again spurred the vehicle forward
“This is new..” The Time Lord said flatly, crossing his arms and giving her a side long glance. “I usually have a good long walk ahead of me.”

Tridikara smirked. “I was prepping a TARDIS for a mission into the Republic..” and glanced over at him. His hair was blond, like hers, and was classically handsome. “We Techs are going to Naboo to hopefully stabilize the Time Stream.”

The Time Lord nodded, his brows beetling. “I had indeed found the time corridors particularly difficult to navigate. “ he said, rubbing his chin. “What brought this about?”

She looked at him, shocked. “You’re not aware of what happened?”

“Indulge me..” He said, his sharp blue eyes boring into her.

“Well, It stems from the Republic destroying a Dalek Pyramid with a super weapon, and the Doctor, a Jedi and some peasants were blasted though Dimensional skein, removing him from the Time Stream.” She said, as she turned the chariot. “There is only one link to bring them back here, which is the a Twin sibling of the Jedi, who is in meditative contact with him though the hole.”

The Time Lord nodded. “I see.”

“That is why were going, to monitor the time stream, solidifying it.” She concluded. “We won’t know much more until we are there.”

The Time Lord nodded, and looked out as they passed the multitudes of TARDIS landing spots, some empty, some occupied. As they got closer to Central control, Tridikara ventured a longer look. “I’m surprised you weren’t aware of the situation. It’s been all over the Circuits.”

“I’ve been preoccupied with my own tasks as of late.” The Time Lord stated as the chariot pulled to a stop. “Good luck with it..” he said abruptly, and unfolded himself from the passenger seat. Tridikara smiled. “Thank you, Lord…”

The Time Lord smirked “Cavet..” he said. “Styles Cavet.”

With that, the Time Lord disappeared though the bay doors that lead into the Citidel, leaving Tridikara watching after him. Shaking her head, she dismounted the chariot, and walked into the tool shed with her tool bag slung over her shoulder. Shortly, she and her fellow technicians would be leaving the safety of Gallifrey to go into the wilds of the Republic. Tridikara would be lying if she said she wasn’t frightened, but the Chancellery Guard would be there with them, and she honestly didn’t have the energy to spare on regarding yet another quirky Time Lord.


“Calibrate?” Romana said, watching the signal from the Stables on Gallifrey sync with the transponder of her TARDIS. It was an long process, but a necessary one. It was seldom that the Stables focused on one location longer than a few moments, let alone for hours or even days. The fallout from this would be light, she hoped.

<<Calibrate>> Came the response from the Stables. She watched the Absolute Tesseractulator as the Stables synced. <<Calibration offset by three quotients in the positive>>

Romana sighed, and nodded. Manipulating the control again, she spoke into microphone. “Calibrate”

<<<Calibrate>> and finally. <<Calibration complete. TARDIS Location sensor now fixed on TARDIS TT Type 150 Time Capsule registered to Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar of House Tracolix of the Arcalian Chapter. Operator will need to transport TARDIS to target location before operation can begin>>

Romana glanced up.. “I’m to leave sooner than planned then.”

<<It is unknown when your planned time for evacuation>> the computers voice reasoned. <<It is suggested that you move your TARDIS before it becomes impossible to dematerialize due to the fluxuations in ascending temporal line.>>

“Understood..” She stated, and moved around to Panel one. “Please relay a message to the Castellan, informing him of this development and that I will be relocating to Naboo this moment..”

<<Negative. This system does not act as personal assistant to TARDIS operators.>>

Rolling her eyes, Romana blew out her breath through her lips, making a distinct sound. “Very well.” She moved to her control console and pulled up the CT Comm. The panel slid, exposing a handset, and small screen. “Kay Nine, can you hear me.”

<<Yes Mistress!>> Came back the voice of the old T3 Astromech.

“Are you still with the Castellan and the young Jedi woman?” She said, waiting for the answer.

<<I am, Mistress..>> the tinny voice answered cheerily. <<The meeting is in recess for five minutes>>

The Time Lady grinned broadly. “WONDerful. Can you patch me through?”


Rassilon closed off the communication channel with Romana, his face kept straight but he felt the urge to smile. This couldn’t have worked out better had be planned it. He looked over to the young Jedi woman, currently in conference with the Naboo senator, and allowed himself to smile. There was something about this woman that intrigued him. During this meeting, she was a usefull ally, giving information as needed to ensure that he had enough information to make a proper conclusion. She was remarkably intelligent which he found fascinating in a human. If she were Gallifreyan, she would be considered as a initiate to the Deca.

Aware she was being watched, Taya looked over. “Castellan?”

“Romana must go to Naboo directly, So if you will accept my offer, I would be honored to take you there once this convenes.” He said, smiling warmly.

Taya nodded. “Of course, so long as we can take my Star fighter when we go..” She stated, and added a smile. “and not mind my asking a few questions.”

Rassilon sat back. “Your vessel shouldn’t be a problem, nor should the answer of a few questions.” He said. “You have been of insurmountable assistance during this quorum, it is the least effort I can afford you.”

Taya smiled. “Then I look forward to it.”

Rassilon returned the smile with bright perfect teeth. “As do I, young Skywalker.. as do I…”

NABOO: Naberrie Estate: Grounds

“I recognize them, Captain Solo..” Guardsman Sadow said in her calmest voice, leaning on the frame of the speeder. “And I have already alerted Master Skywalker and the Senator of the Lars’s arrival.” Adding, “It’s very nice to see you again, By the way..” giving the couple a pleasant nod, and returned to the Corellian Smuggler. “However, these grounds are shut down presently due to a pressing situation, you may have to go up to the Varykino Retreat with the rest of the family.”

“Hold on Sister..” He said, feeling the heat rising under his shirt. He had been getting the runaround ever since they arrived on Naboo. First, Chewie passed back the Lars money, since they were taking other refugees from Tatooine and Solo could understand that. He gave them the best seats in the Falcon, right in the cockpit. He and the Wook minded their tongues as well, since the Lars were nice people, and probably wouldn’t have appreciated rough talk. That alone was worth the credits.. That and the Falcon got parked at the staging grounds where the refugees were going to be placed instead of the star port was pushing his buttons farther than they normally would. “They just lost their home, their family and pretty much everything they had in the universe..”

“Galaxy..” Sadow corrected the Corellian, more out of compulsion than anything else.

“Sure..” Solo gruffed, Calming down and wishing his Wookie partner was with him. He was much more intimidating. “Whatever you say, So what I’m saying is that they could at least be allowed to check in with their immediate family before I take them off to some remote location where there are a lot of forest beasts to eat them.”

“There are no Forest beasts as you put it to eat them at Varykino.” Sadow said, rolling her eyes, and suddenly stood up straight, giving a respectful nodd. “Madam Senator.”

Padme Naberrie, the Senator from Naboo, had taken a short walk during the break with the arms committee, attempting to clear her head when she had heard over the altercation, and simply came down to investigate. She hadn’t expected to see Anakins Brother and Sister in law. “Its all right, Saria. Let their driver pass.”

Solo looked over to the direction Sadow was referring, and saw the woman whom she called Senator, and had to admit, she didn’t look like the mother of three grown children. The Lars, who had stepped out of the speeder once they saw her coming down up the walkway, moved to meet her. The Senator and Beru Lars clucked and cood, as Owen attempted to get them to stop said Cooing and Clucking and get some straight forward answers.

“You understand, Captain, the situation is delicate.” Sadow said flatly, and Solo noticed that she was rubbing an ancient time piece. The marking on the time piece were unusual, probably a family crest of some form or another.
“You understand that your going to rub off the markings off that thing..” he chuckled. Sadow shook suddenly, and looked at the thing in her hand like it was the first time. She quickly put it back into her pocket, and adjusted her helmet. “A nervous habit.” She waved it off, and pointed towards one of the open spaces. “Park you speeder there, you still may end up taking them to the lake retreat.”

“Sure thing, Sweetheart.” Solo said, giving her his most dazzling smile. “Always happy to…” and cocked his head, in reaction to the sound that was barely audible. He looked around, looking for its source. He glanced over to where the Senator and the Lars were standing, and could hear it as well, as they were looking around for it as well. “Hey, do you hear..” he asked the Royal Trooper.

It was appearing that she did, as she was stearing at the place where he was about to park his speeder.
Her eyes were wide, and her breath came in short bursts. Solo nodded, and hopped back out of the speeder, his hand on his DL and his other pulling his comm, which he hoped was still keyed to Devon’s comm..

The sound got louder, as a flashing light was the first visible indication that something was beginning to take up the space where moments before there was nothing. The sound got even louder as a shape began to form..

“Vos, this is Solo at the main compound. Something is.. materializing up here..” The sound was loud enough that he was certain that Vos could hear it for himself.

From behind the Corellian approached the Senator and the Lars, and glancing over to Sadow, he gave her a push. “HEY! WAKE UP!” Sadow startled as if awoke from a dream, and her hand dropped to her heavy pistol, keeping it at the ready as the shape solidified into what appeared to be a Naboo Royal Security Forces Guard Shack. The Senator came between Solo and Sadow, keeping her eyes on the now fully materialized guard shack. “These may be the Doctors people, so keep calm..”

The doors opened, and a head poked out.. A womans head.

“Oh.. Hello..” She said, giving off a dazzling smile and held out a hand, which contained small candies.

“Jelly Babie?”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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"What do you mean the Jedi can not help me with this situation! If you do not help us, then this will break out into a civil war, do you really want that on your concious?" The Zahn angerly paced back and forth in front of Crystal.

"My apologies Zahn, but according to my research, you've created this mess through the centuries, and then tried to cover it up. That tells me that you knew what you were doing, and knew it was wrong. I will not help you supress these people again. Unless you are willing to help them, I am not willing to help you." Crystal stood firmly in place as the Zahn walked up to her and got a little to close for comfort.

"I will never help them, they are here to help me, just as you are."

"You are wrong Zahn, I am here to find out what the problem is, now that I have, my job is done." Crystal turned around in the large room and begun to walk out as she saw Obi Wan standing at the entryway.

"Are we done here then?" Obi Wan asked in a calm voice.

"No we are not!" The Zahn yelled as he started to approach the two of them.

"Yes Master, we are done here. There is nothing the Jedi can do for them, they are responsible for their own actions and they knew what they were doing, they are not willing to help the situation, they just want us to force it back the way it was. In my opinion that would be wrong."

"A war would be better little girl?"

Crystal completely ignored the Zahn's question. "I believe it is time for us to leave Master."

"We aren't leaving Crystal." Obi Wan gave her a slight smile. "We are going to help these people."

"But he want's us to oppress the people!"

"Yes, he does, that is why we are going to help them." Obi Wan shot the Zahn a smile. "I'd suggest you change your mind on this, you may find it quite a bit more difficult with us involved."

Obi Wan put his arm around Crystals back as they walked out of the room and out of the palace. Once outside Crystal looked over at her former Master.

"Master, why are we staying? We can't get involved in a civil war."

"I don't plan to, but there is something else going on here, something hidden. We need to find whatever it is that is driving this situation. Unbelievably it's not that hot headed Zahn, it's something else, something dark I fear. We need to find it, and see where it leads us."

Crystal stopped and looked at Obi Wan for an instance. "It's the man who told the Zahn to call on us. I am sure of it. He never comes into the open, always in the shadows."

"Perhaps, if it is, we need to find out who he is."


The small empty training room's lights came to life as the two girls entered it.

"I thought they were off limits." Shay said as her and Zhastia entered teh room.

"They WERE off limits, they took out all of the droids, and I got told we could come back in." Zhastia smiled sweetly at her best friend.

"Are you lying to me?" Shay asked as she looked around the room.

"Of course not. If you want you can go ask yourself and find out, or you could just believe me and not waste your time."

Shay smiled at Zhastia. "Whether I believe you or not, I do need the practice."

Shay lit her saber up as Zhastia did the same and they began another long drawn out battle. Without knowing it they were being watched. Xanamiar Knight, a bothan Jedi Master, stood behind the darkened glass watching the girls fight, he watched as Zhastia seemed to always take an offensive position, and watched as Shay retaliated with a defensive position. But from time to time they would switch, and when they switched he could tell how each of them were off their best. As Zhastia planted her leg into Shay's chest Xanamiar flipped over the glass and began to applaud. Zhastia quickly stood and looked to where the applause was comming from, and Shay jumped up and stood beside her, as Xanamiar entered the room.

"You two practice a lot together don't you?" Xanamiar wore almost all black robes, and against his midnight black fur it almost blended in.

"Every day, Master." Shay said back. "Except the last few, since the traning rooms were off limits."

"You should widen out your training with other students. You have learned one another so well, it's almost like a dance between the two of you, rather than practice. I suggest you find other students to practice with, both of you."

"Yes Master." Shay again responded, while Zhastia didn't say a word.

"What are your names?"

"I'm Shay and this is..."

"She does have a mouth, I'm sure she can answer my question."

"I'm Zhastia Master Knight." Zhastia bowed slightly. "My apologies, I was caught off guard by your presense. We heard you may be returning to the temple."

"Yes it would seem that bothan spies have been busy around the school." Xan gave both girls a slight smile. "The truth is, I'm here to be reassigned. But always enjoyed watching the new students as they practice. However, I was informed that I wouldn't have the delight of watching the students, since the training rooms were off limits."

Shay's elbow found it's way into Zhastia.

"I'm sorry Master, it WON'T happen again." Shay said as she looked at Zhastia. "What is our punishment?"

Xan gave a small laugh. "No punishment, I'm glad to have seen you both. However, I'd suggest you leave before someone else finds you here."

Shay and Zhastia gave a slight bow and exited the training room.

"Remember, practice with someone new."

"Yes master!" both girls shouted as they took off towards the cafeteria.
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Rassilon pushed himself away from the console and stood, stretching from the lengthy meeting. Looking around the conference table, each of the holographic representations of the Armed Forces Committee rezzed away, leaving only Himself, young Skywalker and Admiral Thrawn in the chamber. The Chiss watched them closely, as his assistant spoke to him incessantly. Rassilon caught the red eyes of Admiral Thrawn, who had surprised him during the meeting by opposing the continued operation of the Super Laser. The Time Lord has expected such a military figure to be in favor of keeping such an asset. The Admiral broke the gaze, and with his aide, exited the conference room though the commander’s entrance. Rassilon nodded, and looked down at the young woman. “Jedi Skywalker, what is your impression of The Grand Admiral.”

Taya Skywalker, who had been shutting her own console, glanced at the Castellan before answering. “It isn’t the Jedi’s place to make conclusions after a short amount of time.” and returned her gaze uncomfortably back to the now shut down console.

“Such a short leash...” Rassilon smirked, and shook his head. “Perhaps if the question was rephrased...” and cleared his throat. “Taya, what do you think of Thrawn?”

“It’s the same question, Lord Castellan...” The young Jedi stated, from which Rassilon held up his hand, breaking her sentence. “Hardly the same. I referred to you by your personal name rather than your family name and title, which takes the entire subject from official to personal and likewise with using his name rather than Grand Admiral to identify him, the question was altered from an official inquest to a simple conversational inquiry.”

“Very well...” Taya said, appreciating his argument and crossing her arms across her chest. “Admiral Thrawn is held in the highest regard by the Senate, the Jedi and the Republic in general. His argument for the dismantling the Super Laser during the meeting shows his conviction to the safety to the Republic.” She stated, and uncrossing her arms, placed hands firmly on hips. “Otherwise, I’ve given him little thought other than that. I’ve had no interaction with him on a personal level.”

The Time Lord nodded. “I see.” He said, turning away. “I find myself disappointed. I had thought you would have been more involved in the current affairs of the Republic.” And motioning to the Chancellery Officer began to place the Mantle back on his head. Turning back, he gave her a smile. “If you wish, you may ride to Naboo in my TARDIS, as I had promised Lady Romana.” and began to walk out the door, not looking back again.

“He feels responsible for the destruction of Tattooine, and regardless of the reason it was fired, feels that there could have been another course that would have brought about the same outcome, but with less collateral damage. “ She said, stepping forward as he stopped at the door. “He knows for a fact that a weapon can be turned on the weapons owner in short order, and feels that the Super laser is now a danger to the Republic.” She looked to the doors that he stepped out of. “I have a feeling that he doesn’t trust you any farther than he does the Senate, or the Nobility. Thrawn knows that something is coming that is going to test the Republic, and shake it to its core..” she remained silent a moment, and added, not looking up. “The Grand Admirals lack of trust isn’t completely unfounded in the Nobility, and in way, the Senate as well. “

The Castellan nodded approvingly. “Your assessment will be invaluable, you have my thanks.” He said, and motioned for her to follow him. A beat passed between them, and Taya fell into step with the Time Lord.
“You’re not staying for the remainder of the Meeting, to help with the resolution?” She asked, her brows beetling. The Castellan smiled. “Other duties demand my attention..” he stated. “Further contact with the Republic will be conducted through proper channels, by Ambassadors, liaisons and the like sent by the Lady President Flavia and her administration.”

“You feel you learned enough from your short time listening to them bicker back and forth?” Taya said, raising an eyebrow. The Castellan smiled at her statement, and nodded.

“Indeed. They are very like other government bodies I have had the honor of witnessing in my time. I am convinced, however, that they will make a proper choice.” The Castellan said, as the trio approached the turbo lift, followed by two of the Republic troopers, keeping their distance. “I will be interested in seeing the outcome.” He said, and pressing the panel which would call the lift.

A few seconds later, they entered the lift, and following a silent ride, were soon striding across the hanger bay towards the simple chrome rectangular box, nearly two and a half meters tall, and two meters square at the base. A single separation sat in the center of the facing side, which was flanked by two of the Chancellery Guards, their Red uniforms offset with the White mantle and capes, and Red helmets. They stood to rigid attention as the Castellan approached, as the separation in the front of the Castellans TARDIS split, and opened wide, allowing the Trio to enter.

Taya Skywalker didn’t allow her surprise to show as she looked around the inside of the TARDIS, but it was difficult to not. The Chamber they entered was impossibly larger than how it represented itself on the outside of the TARDIS. Wall supports traced up the walls at each of the six corners, and the connecting walls were covered by round glowing inserts, brightening and subsiding in time with the column that was attached to a central console that reached to the remarkably high ceiling, which was pulsating at a regular rate much like a heartbeat would. It had six pilots, one at each section of the six sided console and wearing a similar uniforms as the Guards, except without the capes or mantles that she was beginning to identify with the uniform of the Gallifreyan Military. Directly across from where she stood was stairs that looked to lead directly below the central console, and apparently deeper into the vehicle. The entire ship felt off as well, as if it existed in multiple places at the same time. It would defiantly be one of the oddest sensations she would feel for some time.

The console soldiers stood to attention as the Castellan entered the TARDIS, making a motion that allowed the soldiers to return to their formerly relaxed state as one of them approached the Castellan. He had a hard, angular face and a very pronounced nose, and practically no chin to speak of. He gave Taya a short nod before speaking to Rassilon.

“My Lord,” He stated in a distinct nasal tone, bowing deeply. “We are ready for departure at your convenience; however there is an advisory against TARDIS travel until the Timeline stabilizes.”

“How will it affect this TT Capsule in particular, Captain Ruffo.” Rassilon asked, raising an eyebrow. Ruffo’s face stretched into a wide grin. “Nary a hitch, Lord Castellan, and we have a full crew in the main Console Chamber, as well as the secondary..”

Rassilon nodded. “Excellent. Take us to the overlook, then to Naboo at zero time shifts afterwards.” He said, and then added. “And bring Jedi Skywalkers craft into the hold.” And motioning for her to follow ascended the stairs deeper into the TARDIS. “I think you will find this interesting...”

Taya shook her head, and moved quickly to catch up. “I believe I expressed my urgency to return to Naboo after the meeting.” She stated forcefully. “I don’t have time..” and stopped mid sentence, realizing her miss use of those words in this instance.

“Of course you do..” He said simply, “This is a Time Travel Capsule, a time machine. You have nothing but time.” He took a step towards her, “You are unique among your peers, and highly unappreciated for your talents and intellect by those who are your supposed betters.” Rassilon crossed his arms across his chest. “It saddens me to see such potential go to waste following guidelines set about by those whose intelligence and motives are questionable at best.” Rassilon turned, and continued down the through the TARDIS, passing through chamber after chamber, each of equal size or greater than the last.

The Pair approached a set of double doors, and not stopping, the Castellan shoved the doors open and strode into the room. At the farthest end of the room was an expansive desk, round in shape with a single chair in the center. The desk, oddly enough was clean, with no apparent marks to show pop up screens, or input devices. There were no decorations on the wall, just simply white, as was the desk, chair and mantle stand. The only thing of note, other than the room being completely white, was the symbol that emblazoned the wall in bronze. Rassilon removed his headpiece and mantle, and placed it onto the stand and took a seat.

As he sat, the desk came to life with activity. Holographic images appeared on its surface, streaming information to the Gallifreyan Castellan. Taya watched him scan the output of information for a few seconds, and finally looked up to her. “Soon, once this situation with the Doctor is sorted, one way or the other, I would like you to consider a proposition that I’m certain that you will find mutually beneficial to all of us.”

Taya shook her head. “I’m not interested..” Pulling her hood over her head and turned to exit the chamber, pulling her cloak around her as if closing herself off from the prospects.

“I see..” Rassilon said, nodding. “That surprises me; as you hadn’t even heard the proposition, if for no other reason than to have the knowledge of what the proposition was.”

Taya paused, and looked over her shoulder. He had a good point.

“I’m listening..”

The Castellan nodded, and stood. “Very soon, the Republic is going to be offered a position with the Shadow Proclamation, as I have said before.” He said, clasping his hands behind him and walked around the desk. “Representatives from the Republic will be sought for by the Proclamation, and your people will foolishly send politicians.” He stated as he stopped behind her. “Imagine the sentient who will have that position thrust upon them..”

Taya turned fully, facing the Time Lord. “That is the venue of the Politician, Lord Rassilon.” She said, perhaps with a bit more venom than intended.

Leaning on the desk, he smirked. “Why?”

“Because it’s what they do..” She said, stepping forward. “It’s how it’s done..”

Shaking his head, Rassilon crossed his arms and regarded her for several moments before speaking. “Such a closed mind to realities,” Rassilon said sadly. “Truly a crime what the Jedi Order has done to you.”

Taya looked away, her lips tightening. “And what have they done to me..”

“They crippled you, and you’re potential.” He sighed, and looked up at her. “They’ve clipped the wings of something magnificent. They’ve made you something safe and ordinary, when you are truly extraordinary..” he said, as his attention was caught by an alert on his holodesk. Rassilon’s face pulled into a full grin.

“Jedi are hardly ordinary...” She smirked, looking back at him.

“The Jedi are motes of dust in the grand scheme of the universe.” He said, looking back up at her, as his hand manipulated the holographic controls on his desk. The White Roundels glowed brighter, and the hard wall surrounding them disappeared, followed by the roundels themselves, leaving Taya and Rassilon exposed to the sight before them. They were illuminated by the sudden bright flash in the distance. “This is the Overlook, a quiet spot in the maelstrom of the Grand Scheme of Time and Space. It is where the Time Lords can view the whole of the Universe that we are a part of. The Time Lords maintain a small post here, for various purposes.” He watched as Jedi Knight Taya Skywalker stumble forward weak kneed, seemingly stricken by the enormity of what her senses were telling her. He caught her before she fell to the ground, and could feel her tremble. “I would have suggested stretching out with the Force, but I see you already have.”

As she looked out into the great expanse, The Force told her that they were no longer inside the TARDIS, but inside something else, viewing thousands of galaxies, countless suns and the constant roaring of life forms. The Force told her that she was standing in another time, long before she was born. This was possibly even before the Republic, from what the Force was telling her. Taya’s reaction through the force to the birth of a galaxy, perhaps even her own, began to fade “What is this...?” She said, steadying herself and putting her legs under her. “What are you showing me...?”

“Your potential..” Rassilon whispered into her ear. “Time, Space.. This can all be yours, if you want it..” he said. “If you can keep an open mind..”


“What if I did your extra duties, will you switch with me then?” Jonji Fawkes said to his fellow Padawan, Vivvi Dehn as they approached the office of Master Kota. “Forget it, Jonji..” She said, grinning “Master Fawkes wants you to do ALL the talking to the old Rancor.” Vivvi skipped ahead of him, turning around and continued to skip backwards. “I couldn’t possibly go against Master Fawkes orders, and my master wouldn’t like it either.” She stopped, and turned when he caught up to her and matched his pace. “Besides, you’re the Elder Padawan...”

“Only by a couple of Months, Vivvi.” Jonji sighed, as he continued forward, pulling his jade green cloak around him. The various padawan from the Corellian Jedi were supposed to mingle with the padawan’s from the Jedi Order, while their Masters were meeting with the Masters from the Order. The attack on Tattooine had completely disrupted the entire conference, and even the Padawans had withdrawn at the loss of some recently minted Jedi named Skywalker reportedly killed in the attack. The entire trip will be rescheduled, so they would have to do this all again.

“Are you even listening to me?” Vivvi said, cross. The twelve year old girl had quite a temper, Jonji knew from firsthand experience. “Nope..” He said in return, knowing that his answer would annoy her, and in an odd way was looking forward to her verbal retort. They had passed the Cafeterias, so they were getting close.

“I said what are you going to say to Master Kota..” she asked, rolling her eyes. “You can’t just walk up and throw a data pad at him.”

“Sure I can..” He snickered. “Throw it and run..” He said,

Vivvi shook her head. “You have to bow, give a proper greeting and THEN give him the Data Pad, stating who it is from, and wait for a response..”

The pair turned, and entered the Training paddocks. “Yeah, Yeah..” Jonji said. “I got it covered..” he said, noticing that most of the lights were out, apparently to save energy. There had been a problem with the PROXY droids, he had heard though some of the order Padawans. Maybe this stemmed from that

She moved ahead of him again, walking backwards grinning. “Well, let me hear what your going to say..”

“Your going to trip..” He said, some mirth moving into his voice. Something smelled here as well. They moved through one of the darkened areas of the Paddocks. Something felt wrong.

“I’m not even going to give that a response..” She retorted. “I’m a Padawan with the Corellian Order, as well as a trained dancer. I don’t..” and she suddenly dropped to the ground, landing on her rump with a meaty thud.

“..Trip.” Jonji finished for her, and fished on his belt for his palm light. A short shriek from Vivvi Dehn nearly caused him to drop the light, as he flashed it to where she fell. The Corellian Padawan took a step back as he realized what he was looking at. The body of one of the Trainers, with a single wound in the center of his chest with all the appearance of a Lightsaber wound. Vivvi scuttled away quickly, her eyes focused on the body as she lit her own palm light, shining it on the dead man.

“Its Master Kota.. He’s Dead..” She said, as Jonji moved to the wall, and pulled the alarm..
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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"So, who are you going to get to be your new training partner?" Shay sat down at the table with her food, as Zhastia followed her.

"I don't know if I want a new training partner, honestly. I like training with you, you actually give me a challenge." Zhastia smiled at Shay as she noticed Zach walking up behind her. "Not like Zach here, can't keep his head in the fight."

"I told you before, you cheat." Zach dropped his plate on the table and then slid into the seat. "Why are you talking about our fight yet again?"

"We weren't, we were talking about who we were going to find to replace each other." Shay spoke then took a bite of what she knew was considered food around the temple. "Master Knight said we should find others to train with."

"But Master Knight hasn't seen either of you fight, since the training rooms have been closed since before he got here." Zach looked at both of the girls. "Or has he?"

"That doesn't matter." Zhastia spoke up. "The point is, he suggested we find other students to practice with because we've gotten to know each other too well."

"You could always practice with me." Zach spoke up as he took another bite.

"I told you, you're not good enough." Zhastia smirked at him.

"Who said i was talking to you?" Zach smiled at Shay. "So, what about it, I think you and I would make a great fight."

Shay looked up from her plate and looked him straight in the eyes. "I think I'd prefer someone in my age... Since you'll be sent out of the temple one way or another soon."

Zach nodded his head. "Yeah, that's true, I should be taken as a padawan any day now." Zach leaned back into his chair.

"Hey guy's, what's going on?" Kennith walked up to the table and put down his tray. "Sorry I'm late, I got held up in class."

"No problem, Kennith." Zach smacked him on the back. "Perhaps you should be Shay's new sparring partner."

Kennith looked over everyone at the table quickly. "Why? Did Zhastia get called in as a padawan?"

Zach began laughing. "Like Zhastia would be taken as a padawan before me!" he then choked on his drink, and coughed it up.

"No, I haven't been chosen yet, but I'm sure I will be, and probably before mister high and mighty over here."

"Master Knight told us that we shouldn't spar with just one another anymore, that we have become to well aware of each other's abilities, and we needed to 'freshen up our skills'." Shay took another bite and looked over the kids. "What?" she asked as they all looked at her with a questioning look in their eyes.

"You seem upset sweety." Zhastia said as she patted her on the back. "It'll be okay, you'll do just fine, no matter who you chose. You can keep your own in a good fight."

"As long as they don't cheat like Zhastia does." Zack smiled at Shay, and saw a slight smile creep across her face.

Suddenly a blur of white and brown fur came streaming through the cafeteria. The small bothan boy seemed to be in quite the hurry.

"Zhastia, Zhastia..." he spoke as he tried to catch his breath. "I heard the Masters are looking for you and Shay..." He got the sentence out rather quickly.

"What?" Shay asked as she got up and got closer to the boy.

"The Master of the council are looking for you. I heard it from one of the Masters with my own ears."

"What do they need with us, hun?" Zhastia asked as she leaned over further, since Shay was now using her as a leaning post.

"I don't know, but there is one more thing..." the boy's sentence got broke up by Xanamiar Knight who entered the cafeteria.

"Excuse me students." His voice seemed to bellow through the entire cafeteria, pentrating every bit of all of the students bodies. "We need you all to return to your rooms immediately. You may take your food with you, but you need to do this quickly, and quietly." After Xanamiar was done speaking he began walking towards the Zhastia's table.

"What else did you hear hun?" Zhastia whispered down at the bothan.

"Master Kota... " The bothan's words got cut off as Xanamiar reached them.

"I said to go quietly to your room. Did you not hear me, Thalow?" the young bothan bowed and scurried off.

"Master Knight..." Zhastia began to speak to him, but was also cut off.

"Come with me, both of you." Xanamiar pulled their chairs out and both girls got up, leaving their tray's behind.

"I thought that you said..."

"I need you to trust me Zhastia, please be very quiet."

The two girls and the bothan Jedi Master quickly walked towards the council chambers, as they entered the girls saw Master Yoda, and Master Windu sitting in their chairs.

"These are the ones Master Knight?"

"Yes, these are the ones."

"Let me explain..." Zhastia began to speak.

"Learn when to speak, you should." Yoda got out of his chair and walked towards the two.

"Master Yoda, Shay had nothing to do with it."

"Do with what?" Mace asked as he also walked towards the girls.

"With the whole training room thing. I tricked her..."

"Zhastia, you really do need to learn when to speak, and when not to." Mace spoke up as they approached them. "Master Knight has explained to us the situation. That is why you are here, you aren't in any trouble."

"Need you we do." Yoda spoke up. "Together you all were, when it happened."

"When what happened?" Shay spoke as curiosity got the best of her.

"Master Kota has been killed. Apparently by a lightsaber. Master Yoda and I have put a lock down on all the rooms. No one else knows why, except the murderer, and you. We need your help."

"Master Kota? When did he die?"

"From what we've gather so far, he died about the same time that you were with Master Knight in the training room. That is why we've brought you in here. We want you to find out who killed him, and why."

"Why us?" Shay asked soft spokenly.

"Both of you were with Master Knight, and he with you during the assault. We know you had nothing to do with it."

"Seek out the killer you must. Question other students you will."

"Yes Master Yoda." Both girls spoke simultaneously.

"Master Knight will be working the investigation as well, you will report to him when and if you find anything out."

"Yes Master Windu."

"Dismissed you are." Yoda spoke again. "However, warning you must be given. Darkness I sense in this, keep your sabers with you."

"I haven't made my saber yet, Master." Shay spoke up.

"Take this one." Master Windu handed her one from under his cloak. "You may need it."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by coronhorn »

Devon Vos scowlled as his personal comm-frequency squawked to life in his ear and the voice of someone who should have been anywhere but here came through, "Solo! What the stang are you..."

He stopped mid-sentence as the deep thrumming sound of the tardis resonated through the channel till it stopped, it was a sound one didn't easily forget though this time it was softer than he remembered, killing the channel he motioned to Chase, "Cpl. Navarro you're with me, Sarge maintain the perimeter!"

The two armored men sprinted down the hallway towards the outer concourses to find the small crowd that had gathered towards the main entrance of the estate, the magnifying plate in his armor let him easily ID Solo, though his big wookie partner was no where to be seen which was odd since those two were usually inseperaable, along with the Senator and the Captain of the guard both Solo and the captain had their side arms trained on what looked like a Guard box,

"Delta, I want a level one lock-down of the main building, run a full security sweep!" he grunted as he followed by Chase vaulted the railing easily handling the less than single story drop with the aide of the Katarn armor, he brought his own Dee-Cee up as the two of them scrambled through the slowly spreading crowd of surprised refugees till they came to a halt weapons trained on the box as the head stuck out and offered them Jelly Babies. Vos was the first one to lower his weapon,

"Weapons down!" he ordered his voice coming out harsher through the bucket's electronic voice modulators, Han quickly lowered his but the guard captain didn't, something about her wasn't right, "Captain Sadow, I said weapons down, she's a friendly!"

The amplified rise in his voice seemed to snap the woman out of her state and she slowly began to lower her weapon,

"Lady Romana," Vos spoke stepping forward to meet her, she looked at him quizically till he stripped off his bucket then a broad smile broke, she again made an offer of teh jellies, "You should have commed first."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by zephre »

“Oh, I completely agree..” She said, the broad smile not leaving as she put the candies back into her pocket. “However, the Castellan dispatched technicians to assist in the recovery of the Doctor’s TARDIS, and had little choice but to rush here as quickly as my little sweetie could take me, so they could hone in on my location, and triangulate to create a recovery matrix..” and looked over her shoulder to the now Guard House shaped TARDIS, seeing the bright strobe on the top begin to flash. Turning back to face the crowd, she smiled. “In fact, the Castellan ordered all resources diverted to this issue.” The Time Lady said, “Very soon, the Doctor’s TARDIS will be back with us, safe and sound.”

“..And its Occupants..” Senator Amidalla said, stepping forward to stand next to Vos. Romana wondered if they could see the sweat forming around her lip, or the trickles beginning to trace down her jaw. She was beginning to feel ill, and a hard cramp growing deep inside her.

“Oh.. I certainly Hope so…” She said, the smile now looking more forced. “I’ll do everything within my power to do so, but I am not in charge of this operation..” As her eyes fluttered.. “The repercussions have turned far worse than simply the Doctor missing…” as the hard cramp hit her, causing her to reach out to Devon for support, grabbing his plastron and ended up being supported by Devon and the Senator. “It is affecting our people as well..” she said, panting, her eyes defocusing. “Everything is out of sync..”

“Are you alright, Lady Romana..” The Senator asked, as theGallifreyans body screwed up in a painful cramp. A hard cough brought up what looked like gold dust from her mouth and nose as she exhaled. The Time Lady smirked. “WONderfull..” she said, her normally lyrical voice cracking as she shook her head, and putting weight under her legs again, stood shakily on her own. “Also, unimportant in light of what is coming.” Romana stated, as she removed her long scarf and hat, and tossed them back inside of her TARDIS. She turned back to them, and as if looking past them, she said simply.

“Ah.. They’re here..” and pointed.

All eyes looked out to where she was pointing, and where before was manicured landscaping was a single Silver chromed box, with a bright blue light on the top materializing. Romana stepped next to Devon and Solo, who had moved to stand beside his friend. “Madam Senator..” Solo said. “You might want to go back inside until were sure this is safe for..”

The Senator smiled brightly, and turned back to the young woman. “Saria.. Please take the Lars inside, they know where their rooms will be.” She then turned back to Solo as Sadow escorted the Lars into the estate. “Thank you for your concern, Captain, but I’m certain I’ll be fine.”

A single figure stepped out of the TARDIS that was now fully materialized. The man was older, probably in his late fifties or early sixties, and wore what looked like a heavy work overalls with a single orange stripe down the sleeve, with what looked like a tool belt synched around his waist. He strode quickly and deliberately across the lawns and towards the group.

“Who is he, Lady Romana..” The Senator asked

“That is Lord Cardinal Sengensalmartof.. Lord Sengen for short, which is how he will introduce himself..” She said, as she could make out his features. “He is the Time Lord appointed as the keeper of the Temporal Matrix, as well as the head of the Stables and regulates the use of TARDISes..” She said. “Even though he is a Time Lord, he chose a life of service to Gallifrey.” Romana smiled. “The Chances of a positive resolution has increased ten fold..” and added. “He has a very No Nonsense attitude, and has little patience for..”

The Time Lord stopped in front of the group, and did a quick bow to the head to Romana. “..Fools.” He concluded for her. “Lady Romanadvoratrelundar of House Tracolix of the Arcalian Chapter, I bid you greetings, and offer to take this heavy burden from your shoulders, and will happily accept your limited assistance..” and looked to Vos, the Senator and Solo, his attention away from Romana. “I am Lord Sengen, as the Lady Romana has already informed you as I approached.” He said, glancing at the Time Lady. “I have been sent to recover the Doctor’s TARDIS and close the connection to the most beneficial outcome possible.”

“I am Senator Amidalla of Naboo,” Padme stated, and motioned to Devon. “This is Captain Vos, of the Republic Armed Forces, and Captain Solo. They are ensuring the safety to all those involve in this situation.”

Sengen nodded. “Good.. Madam Senator, once I am convinced on my peoples safety, I will call them to make the journey here. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of travel time, giving the issues this situation is causing to the Temporal Lines..” He said, looking around. “I have thirty technicians, allocated to three connection points which we will set up, as well as ten Chancellery Guards, whom I shall have coordinate with Captains Vos and Solo..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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"Captain Vos." Devon spoke up to correct the Time Lord, "Captain Solo isn't directly involved in the security of this location, all interactions in that regard should come through me and me alone."

He could see the slight flash of outrage pass Solo's eyes for just a minute but the other man let it pass just as quickly, Devon also thought he saw just a glint of respect or perhaps it was amusement in the Time Lord's eye. It was always difficult to tell with Gallifreayens,

"For anything concerning security the chain of command starts and ends with me. We can't afford any... anomalies in that regard. If your people don't have compatible comms have them my men and get them and before any more of your people arrive please inform me first, I'd hate for there to be any accidents with heavy weapons."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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“I shall have Sergeant Aveezell contact you directly, Captain Vos. For expediency sake, I do believe your communication equipment will be most sufficient, as it would take far too long to sync yours to ours.“ Sengen stated, nodding and looking around. “We shall get along quite well, I think.” Sengen then pulled out a reader, and began looking over the streaming information projected above it. “We will require that the following areas be cleared, as to place our TARDISes, and plant the field Nexus Tracker...”

Solo smirked, “Looks like you got everything covered, Captain Vos. If you need me, Ill be back at the Refugee Camp keeping Chewie company.” He stated, and added quietly. “Don’t hesitate to call if you need us, Dev..” and turned, heading towards the speeder. The Corellian smuggler didn’t envy the job his old friend had been tasked.

“I will also need to see the focus point..” The Time Lord stated, looking up at Vos. “I will need to set receptors to transfer the point of recovery.”

Senator Amidalla crossed her arms. “If by the focus point you mean my daughter, then I’d like to know what you intend to do to her.”

Sengen raised an eyebrow. “I see..” he said, nodding. “I assure you, no harm will come to her, in fact, it will elevate much of the pressure that she is currently experiencing. Six receptors equally spaced in the room, with her at the center. We will also set a Nexus monitor so to, in essence, see what she seeing.”

As they spoke, Three of Lord Sengen’s staff approached. A middle aged woman, wearing a similar set of coveralls as the Lord Cardinal, without the stripe led the trio. Flanking her were two men in red and white Gallifreyan Military uniform, resplendent with white riding cape, red helmet and bronze boots, knee and elbow pads. The Older of the two was iron jawed and stern, a true veteran of conflict while the younger man simply looked frightened, a bit too small for the uniform he wore.

Sengen glanced towards them, and gave a nod. “My right hand, Lady Cassentora Ruh, and the Guard Chief, Sergeant Aveezell and Guardsman Rhod’an.” The Cardinal motioned to Vos. “This is Captain Vos, and you are at his disposal. He is assuring the safety of the expedition..”
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by Xanamiar »

Sadow stood silently at guard as her hand continually rubbed the watch that hung around her neck. Her fingers carressing it's face as she started to become more and more aware of it. She looked down at it, and pulled it off her neck, staring at it as she stood against the door. Her thumb moved up the side of the watch and clicked the lock on the top of it, opening it up. A flash of light blasted through the hall, and faded quickly and Sadow was no longer in front of the door.


"Shay, do you think something is... Well, off?"

"What do you mean?" Shay walked up the quiet cooridors of the hallway.

"The Jedi council has just asked US out of all the Masters and Knights in the temple, but asked US to head up the investigation... Really, US?"

"Actually, I'm heading up the investigation, you are only assisting me." The voice came out of a dark corner of the cooridor.

"Master Knight, of course it is your investigation. That's not what I was really saying, I meant that..."

"I know what you meant. Sometimes the Force choses those who seem to not qualify, but in the end they are the only ones who can get it done." Xanamiar placed his hands on their shoulders. "While you speak with the students, I'm going to check out some other parts of the temple that may or may not prove worth while."

"Yes Master Knight." the girls spoke in unison.
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NAR SHADDA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Post by zephre »

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NAR SHADDA<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Master shook his head, as he regarded the eight others represented in hologram whom stared back at him, their faces obscured by large black hoods and cloaks. The message room on his TARDIS was dark, with only the slightest glow coming from each of their holographic projections. His plan was near bearing fruit, and he wouldn’t allow any to stand in his way, not even his fellow members of the Deca.

“The stage is set, Master..” came the decidedly female voice from one of the hoods. “Your companion has successfully completed the test for my Headsets, and conversion of your mercenaries are complete” the hood nodded. “I am interested in seeing my little pets in the battlefield test, though it’s a pity that the Forcers couldn’t be altered..”

“You can watch from where you currently are..” The Master commanded the Rani. “I will need you available when I beacon you, and the Forcers will lose their effectiveness if they succumb to your Transfusions.”

“Again, we are your subordinates rather than your equals..” the second hood spoke out, this one with a deep, harsh resonate voice. “Bowing and scraping to ensure the plans of the Great and Fearsome Master..” Ire deeply seeded in his voice.

“We are hardly Bowing nor Scaping, War Chief..” Came the third Voice, this one more softer tone. “It will be you that will be controlling our soldiers, am I not right?” he said, and pausing for effect. “My agents in the Jedi Temple have now ensured focus is directed inward rather then outward.”

“Well done.” The Master said to the Monk. “As the situation on Zhantou concludes, I may need you to take over the operation there as my involvement will need to be focused elsewhere..” and looked to the War Chief.

“You have had ample opportunity to take control of the Deca from me, but you have sat back on your laurels, working your jaw incessantly to your fellows rather than flexing your muscle to wrest it from my grasp or setting your own plans to bear fruit..” He sneered. “Perhaps you should consider that when next opening your mouth to challenge my authority..” and paused, closing his eyes and breathing deeply to calm himself. “You shall remotely command the Mercenaries, ensuring victory.”

Another of the Holographic Time Lords appeared, also in the heavy black robe. Though the transmission was less clear than the others, the deep voice projected across the chamber, its tone portraying triumph.

“She is ours..”


Navarro watched the last supports were locked into place on the twenty meter tall antenna, dead center in the courtyard of one of the most influential families on Naboo. It hadn’t been long since he, along with Captain Vos and the Senator, greeted the Gallifreyan Lord Sengen, his assistant and the two soldiers introduced as Aveezell and Rhod’an. In under an hour, the quiet courtyard had been converted into what the Gallifreyans called a Nexus point. Directly below the antenna was the TARDIS that Sengen had arrived in, a simple silver box which vibrated along its surface similarly to mercury dancing to vibrations.

A nearly impossible amount of cables and heavy conduits ran from the opened Gallifreyan vehicle and led to the Antenna above. The remaining cables streamed from the TARDIS to the estate, and the three other TARDIS machines which had taken their places at equal distances at three corners of the property, making a form of pyramid.

Running around the courtyard were multiple red suited technicians, taking readings, running diagnostics or whatever technicians did when they ran around frantically. Chase had dealt with technicians before, and he had to admit, these were the most out of touch he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was obvious that they were nervous to be here, especially the younger ones. They wouldn’t make eye contact, and if they spoke to you, the Techs spoke slowly, so to be understood he figured.

Granted, he was a meat headed Republic Trooper, but he could understand what they were talking about, for the most part.

Chase moved out of the courtyard, and into the estate, passing several more of the Technicians who hugged the wall as he walked past them, and had changed since they arrived from the Excellion. The wood and marble décor was now added to by power couplings and other lines which all converged into the room which was designated the Safe room, or otherwise known as the bedchambers of Leia Skywalker. Two of the ARC Troopers, Leon and Roa, remained on watch in the room and the Navarro had learned earlier that Master Skywalker had been replaced from his daughters side by the Jedi Galen Marek. Some crisis at the Jedi Temple had him in his offices, door shut and locked. What it was, Chase couldn’t tell and currently, didn’t care. His duty was to keep tabs here.

“All clear?” He said to the pair of ARC Troopers, who nodded in unison.

“All Clear..” Roa said. “Grounds?”

Navarro nodded. “Busy, but clear. Their Chancellor Troopers are watching the construction..”

“Chancellery Guards..” came a voice from behind some of the equipment which had been brought in to monitor Leia Skywalker.. “You lot are proper Troopers. The Chancellery Guards aren’t a Proper military force.”

“More of a Police Force, then..” Leon interjected.

The young woman connected to the voice came around the equipment, a young, fresh faced woman smiled sheepishly, nodding. “In a manner, though they can be activated if needed by the Castellan.” She said, checking a couple of leeds. Roa shot a look between the young Gallifreyan and his compatriots. “Their pretty disciplined for police.”

“Peace keepers..” Came the voice of Galen Marek, his eyes still closed. “They are more of a peace keeping force, filling multiple roles as needed.”

“Indeed!” The tech exclaimed. “Your very insightful for a.. Um..”

The Three troopers looked at each other. “Jedi.” and took their places back inside the clean room, leaving Navarro to continue his patrol route…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by Xanamiar »

The knock at the door startled the young bothan as his hands raced across the computer console.

"Come in..." he hesitantly said as he finally finished as the door slide open, he turned around quickly in his chair to see Zhastia standing in the door with Shay standing next to her. "Aren't you supposed to be in your room?" He asked as he turned back around and began pulling things back up on his screen.

"Actually we've been asked to assist Master Knight in discovering the truth around the events." Shay spoke first as they both approached him to look at what he was doing.

"Aren't those video of the temple?" Zhastia asked as she placed her hand on his chair. "Are you snooping through the archives again?"

"Of course, a bothan has to have a hobby, you know." The small boy smiled up at Zhastia.

"Okay, so what have you learned?" Zhastia asked as she pulled up a chair next to his.

"Many many things." the boy began to speak as his hands raced across the console. "Such as, this camera was knocked out precisely at the time that Master Kota must have been killed, same with these two." He pulled up three videos all of which were blank. "Now we have this one." He then pulled up footage of Zhastia and Shay fighting, along with Master Knight interrupting them. "Now, we have the council chambers. Empty... Or so it would appear. I did some work on it, and it would seem that someone replaced the real footage with fake footage. I'm not sure why they would do that, but it makes it seem that the council themselves don't have an alliby."

"So, you're saying that someone want's to make it look like someone in the council did this?" Shay paused after she spoke. "What about the council members chambers?"

"I looked at all the footage... according to what I can figure out, with the exception of you two, and Master Knight, no one in the temple has an alliby."

"Why wasn't that footage messed with at all though?" Zhastia asked as she looked over the console.

"Only thing I can figure is that, no one was supposed to be in there." the young bothan looked up at the girls. "Hope it helps."

"It does, somewhat... But how would someone mess with every single camera in the temple?"

"Well..." the young bothan pulled up what seemed to be a blueprint, about the same size as the temple, but unfamiliar to both the girls. "Only way I can see it being done, is from the bottom. There seems to be catacombs underneath the temple, that not many know about. Master Yoda, Master Knight and Master Kenobi have all documented something about them in reports in the past, but no mention of them otherwise."

"So, you believe that someone found the catacombs, fooled all the security of the temple by tapping into them, and skipped the one camera because there wasn't supposed to be anyone in it anyway?"

"That's my best guess."

Zhastia tossled the boy's hair. "Thanks, I think we'll go check it out."

"Ahhh.. it's nothing." he stated as he shut down the console, handing Zhastia a pad. "This has the blueprints on it, I figured someone might need them."

"Thanks again." Both girls said in unison. Zhatia pulled up the blue prints.

"Looks like this is the fountain here." Zhastia pointed out a place on the map. "Looks like there's a secret entrance into the catacombs through it."

"Sounds like a good place to start."

After removing a massively large rock with the Force, the girls slipped under the fountain with ease.

"According to this, there are four tunnels from here." Shay pulled out a small light and shined it down the four tunnels. "Well, there are 4, but we're down to three, since that one is closed off by rubble." Shay shrugged and pointed the light down the other three tunnels. "Which way should we go?"

Zhastia looked over the blueprints and after getting her bearing she pointed down one of the tunnels. "This one goes down by the security room. Probably the best place to start."

"Sounds good to me." Shay shined the light down the tunnel and they began to walk down it.

About mid way through the tunnel Zhastia suddenly stopped and pressed Shay's hand down. "Turn off the light." she whispered quietly, Shay did so. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes, I do. Someone else is down here."

"They are close. Be careful of your step." Zhastia began to walk, listening and stretching out with the force to feel every step.

Suddenly both girls stopped dead in their tracks as they pulled out their sabers, they turned around, flipping them on to meet that of a double bladed lightsaber.

"Hello girls, good to see you found your way down here." Xanamiar smiled at them both, as he pushed their sabers off of his, and then put it away.

Both girls took a huge breath and shut off their sabers. Just as they did so, Xan's saber lit back up into life and came straight at them. The girls both ducked under his blade, and rolled behind him, as two sabers came to life and struck at where they were, but hit nothing but Xanamiars lightsaber.

"Well hello there." Xanamiar said as he heard the girls sabers ignite and clash into another saber. "So, you're not alone?" The man wore something over his mouth, and he could only see the glow of sabers in the mans eyes. Suddenly the man stepped back and took on a stance of agility, with one saber pointed out towards Xan and the other withdrawn towards his body. He could hear as the girls were fighting.

Zhastia and Shay found themselve berated by attack after attack, but by working together they were blocking, or dodging every strike. Without a word to one another, they knew what the other was going to do. Zhastia jumped up and at the same time Shay rolled under her, and tossed her over the head of the young boy they had met earlier. "Why would you do this?" The boy just laughed at the girls as his sabers began to defend easily on both sides. He seemed as comfortable with them on opposite sides of him as he was with them on the same side. Zhastia looked over to Shay, and as if they were reading each others minds they both struck at the boy, locking all four sabers together.

Xanamiar continued to parry and attack as the man continued to strike at him. His doublebladed saber flying in small circles as he fought. The agile style of the man seemed to continue to be more of a dance. Xan's blades connected with both of the man's, and with a small twist the man found his lightsabers clashing with one another. Xan raised his hand as the double bladed saber came to a rest beside him, using the Force to slam the man into the next room. The girls were still struggling under the ease of the young man who was fighting them, Xan could feel them as they started to become slightly worn out. He flipped backwards blocking on of the blows from the boy, and freed up Zhastia to roll, and all three of them ran into the wider open spaced room.

Xan met the blade of the man who came back at him as soon as he had hit the floor. Xan's blade met that of both of his, as they came crashing down on him. Using a bit of Artaru, Xan flipped over the mans head, and landed on the other side, taking a strike at him, as he moved out of the way, Xans second blade came in, and met the two others.

The girls now were fighting side by side as they continued to try and get the upper hand. But it seemed impossible to do so. Almost as if this boy were better than both of them put together. He seemed to effortlessly block every time they tried to strike at him. He seemed to almost enjoy the fight, like he was toying with them. Suddenly, both blades began to move quickly at the girls, they blocked as often as they could. Shay moved in to strike, as the boy turned off his saber, and Force slammed her into a nearby pillar. Shay hit the ground, and leaped back into the fight, blocking a strike just before it hit Zhastia.

Xan grew tired of fighting this man at a standstill, and suddenly turned off one of his blades, taking on a much more aggressive stance. He started forcefully striking at the man, putting him at a complete offense. Xan slid the saber between the two, and in one twist took the mans left hand off, it flew across the room, along with the saber. He then ignited the other side of his saber, and with a second twist took his other hand off. Then using the force he slammed him into the wall on the far side of the room,causing it to fall apart and onto him. Without time to even take a breath he turned around and blocked the boy's sabers as they came in for a strike that would have taken both girls out. Both girls ducked under his blades and rolled behind him, standing at a defensive stand, allowing Xanamiar to take over the fight. The boy smiled at Xanamiar as he turned off one of his blades, putting up his hand he used the force to start pulling the loose ceiling over the girls.

"Guess you have a choice, come after me, or save them from suffocating down here." The boy then raised his other hand to Force push Xan back, but met Xan's hand. They were Force pushing against one another. The boy just smiled as he released his Force push taking Xan's push his body slammed into the same pillar knocking it loose, the boy got up and ran out of the area, as the ceiling began to come down around them.

"Quickly girls." Xanamiar pointed out where the man was laying. "Get him out of here." The girls grabbed the man by the arms and pulled him into the tunnel, just in time for the entire room to collapse.

"Who sent you?" Xan asked as the man came to.

"Heh, wouldn't you like to know." he spit out a little blood. "Heh, all I can say is, the Master is comming." As he spoke Xan heard a small click, and a sudden sense of urgency to get away from him. "RUN!" he shouted as he grabbed both girls and began running. Without any other warnings a large explosion blew them out of the tunnel and into another large room.

"Are you okay?" Xan asked as he stood and brushed himself off. Both girls nodded their heads in unison. "Well, guess you guy's got your practice in after all." Xan smiled at the girls. "I suppose we should alert the council on our findings. Did you recognize either of them?"

"Yes, the boy was traveling with the Corellian Jedi. He was in the room with us when the Proxy droids turned on us."

"Hmmmm.. interesting." Xan pointed at one of the tunnels. "If memory serves me right, there's an exit out this way."
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Naboo: Naberrie Estate

Post by zephre »

Temporal Technician third-class Tridikara breathed a sigh of relief as the Lord Cardinal entered the bed chambers of Leia Skywalker, followed closely by the human woman who was introduced as her subjects Mother. The two soldiers, Roa and Leon, stood straight and tall as they took to the center of the room, the woman moving to her daughter and touching her forehead lightly. What had she been told about her subjects Mother, that she was some form of leader, or representative? Not that it mattered, as she was little more than a local village elder in context to herself or her companions. Tridikara felt a measure of pride that she worked under the Lord Cardinal, who gave this human a modicum of respect.

“Tridikara, please give me a report..” Lord Sengen said, a slight smile on his aged face. The Human woman likewise looked up from her daughter, expectantly but with no hint of a smile.

“Yes, Lord Cardinal..” She began, breathing out as she would during her debriefings with Lady Ruh. “I have attuned the Synapses of the subject with that of the Psychic Modulator, and as concluded from the earlier findings, seems to have relieved the more physical side effects by siphoning off the mental energy from her connection with her sibling.” She said, stepping towards the young human, cocking her head to the side. “It appears that she is in a meditative state, but her synapses are firing at a rate which would rival a much more evolved species..” she looked up at the machine. “She is currently receiving information through her connection with her sibling..”

“We can see what she is seeing, then?” The woman’s mother said, looking up from her offspring. Tridikara glanced at her superior, who simply nodded. “Indeed, Senator Amidala, though you may not be pleased by what you may witness..”

Padme nodded. “I understand..”

Tridikara looked to the Time Lord, who nodded his approval and with that, turned to the Viewer, activating the circuits. The six receptors that surrounded the room sparked to life, pulsing with the monitor that tracked the young woman’s mental energies as images began to form…

Lord Sengens assistant entered as the image formed into a version of the Republic Captain, Devon Vos, moving though what looked like a vessel of some form. “My Lord Cardinal.” Lady Ruh said, offering a short head bow to her elder. “The Castellans TARDIS is arriving..”

Nodding, The Time Lord followed his second without a word from the chamber, leaving Tridikara alone with the humans…


Master Anakin Skywalker walked around the grounds of the estate, clearing his head after the news of a murder in the Temple, and even more surprising was that it was Master Kota. Grandmaster Yoda hadn’t given him much insight into the events leading to the murder, but it was being investigated by Master Knight.

So much had happened in such a short time, he thought to himself as he leaned on the wall, facing the crystal clear lake which reflected the darkening sky in its calm surface, rain threatening to fall from the looks of the clouds. Anakin glanced around the courtyard, and remembered the tranquil surrounding that it had been a short time ago, as opposed to the chaotic buzz of activity it was now. Anakin had at one time been a companion of the Doctor, and had never seen so many Gallifreyan at one time in one place outside of their home planet. He hoped that all of this disruption it would be enough to bring his Son and the Doctor back from where ever they are back to here.

Anakin closed his eyes, recalling his first encounter with man calling himself the Doctor. He had a different face then and a much more serious demeanor when he approached Anakin, demanding that the young Jedi listen to what he had to say. Anakin, at that moment, was about to leave the Jedi Temple to join with Master Windu in apprehending Chancellor Palpatine, refusing the strange man's request stating that time was of the essence. The Man simply told him that he would take him straight to the Senate Rotunda, if Anakin would listen to him while they made their way there. He agreed, stepped into the Doctor’s Blue Box for the first time, and in turn was shown the Monster he would become if he continued his path.

He owed the Doctor more than he could ever say...

A Strong breeze pushed against him, as something caught his eye, breaking him from his thoughts. A small group of Gallifreyan, which included Lord Sengen and his assistant, walked towards the compound as another TARDIS began to materialize slowly, taking nearly a minute to complete its cycle. Anakin knew that he should join them, but remained where he was, watching as the doors slid open. Was it the Force which held him back from approaching the group, or simply intuition, but he knew his place at this moment was acting as an observer. Two red suited Chancellery Guards walked out first and took positions to either side of the opened TARDIS, as a single Man exited, wearing the ceremonial Robes and Mantle of the Time Lords.

This man that walked from the Silver Box had an air about him, one that commanded respect from the Gallifreyans present, who bowed at the waist to him. The sole exception was Lord Sengen, who simply gave this new comer a head bow, who returned it in kind. After a short exchange between the two Time Lords, the entire entourage moved towards the Estate house, the rear taken up by the pair of Chancellery guards who had come out of the Time machine. Pushing himself from the wall, he started moving in the direction that the group had gone when his com rang off.

“Skywalker, go..” He stated into his comlink.

<<This is Vos, Master Skywalker.>> The voice of the Republic Captain responded. <<I received a report from Solo that one of the refugee ships has sent a Mayday signal, and coming in hot.. From what their saying, the ships will cross the Estate on its crash path.>>

Anakin nodded. “Understood…” as the TARDIS doors opened again, and his youngest daughter stepped out of the Time Machine. Romana said that she would be coming back to Naboo with a Time Lord, so this wasn’t much of a surprise and to be quite honest, he felt better with her here. Taya was so much like he was at her age, for better or worse, but he knew she could be trusted. She had been acting distant since her return from her trials, even to her closest friend Crystal Roshia, but at Master Windu’s request, Anakin kept his distance from Taya.

He was a fool to do so..

What did surprise him was one of the Naboo Royal Guard approached her, with a considerable sense of urgency, the guardsman’s blaster held to the side at the ready. He wasn’t close enough to hear them, but he could tell from the body language what the basis of the conversation between the two was. The guards telling her she is needed, to which Taya asked what was so urgent. The guard pointed towards the lake side, where the boat docks and Gazeboes were located a quarter mile from the house. Whatever was happening, it was there.

There was something eerily familiar about the whole thing...

His comlink again rang out.. “Go...”

<<We have an ETA on the flight path of the Maf Astrada. It will pass over in less than a minute…>>

“Understood… Is that the emergency you have one of the guards dispatched to?” Anakin asked.

<<I’ve got my own people on it, but I’ve kept the Naboo forces at their stations to keep the ground secure. Is there something wrong?>>

“I'll let you know...” And shut down the comlink, looking up to the TARDIS, expecting them to still be there.

The Guard and his Daughter was gone.

Moving from the corner of the house, he followed them in the direction the Naboo guardsman had indicated. Whatever the guard had said to Taya, it must have been convincing enough to have pique her interest. Moving across the grounds, the threatening sky made good its promise and began a steady rain shower, disturbing the calm lake as the drops began to dampen his tunic. By the time he found them again, he was drenched, as was The Guardsman and Taya as they stood outside of the Gazebo, its walls still up to keep it secured during the winter months. It was odd he hadn’t remembered much about this particular building on the grounds, but then again, he spent little time here. What was even more odd was that it was spring, and it should be wide open..

The Guard swung the door open, and Taya entered the covered Gazebo as the guardsman looked back at him, remorse on her face.

It was Sadow, the guardsman assigned to Leia. Outwardly, she looked like the Guardsman he had known, but he knew instantly there was something different about her.

He reached out with the Force, touching her with true sight, and her eyes flashed gold, her body gave away the waves of luminous energy emanating from her, constantly shifting in and out of reality..

She was Gallifreyan, a Time Lord. A Time Lord taking his daughter away from them.

Sadow’s face bore a look which spoke volumes, as she mouthed “I’m So Sorry...” and closed the door.

Anakin staggered back, his mind reeling from realization of what was happening, the rain now pounding him as the Gazebo began to make the sound he linked with the TARDIS, dematerializing into the ether..

The Force suddenly urged him to move..


Anakin Force leapt away as the immense cargo module plowed into the spot where Sadow’s TARDIS had been sitting at terminal speed, the ground exploding outward and continued its momentum until it finally stopped at the edge of the compound, creating deep furrows in the manicured grounds of the Naberrie Estate. The module settled as it rapidly cooled in the downpour of rain, steam billowed from the superheated hull. The Jedi Master reached out with the Force, sending out feelers to detect life inside the cargo module, finding that there were no life signs aboard.

Anakin could hear the Republic Troopers and Naboo Guardsmen rushing up from the Estate house, with Vos coming up to stand to his side. “I sensed no life on it” He said simply, “Though I would suggest running your own scans.”
Vos nodded, pulling his comlink back out. “Confirmed, The Cargo Module has crashed at the Naberrie Estate grounds..”

<<The rest of the Maf Astrada crashed a pretty close distance from the refugee camp, and from the size of the explosion, it must have had something pretty unstable. Me, Chewie and some of the other Irregulars are gonna check it out>>

“Understood, We’ll keep you informed of what we find here as well.” Vos stated, and shut down the Comlink. “Blind luck it didn’t shatter on impact, don’t you think?” The drafted commander said, directed at Skywalker but more so to the universe in general.

“Even more odd that it’s not on fire..” Anakin said in response, pulling his hood over his head. “Have someone keep an eye on it until the rain cool its hull down..”


Joklyn Zephre looked through the macro binoculars at the activity on the grounds of the Estate, a wide grin covering his face. The cargo had been delivered, he mused to himself as he watched the focus shift from the Estate House to the Astrada’s cargo container. They would be even more surprised when the containers payload released. The Maf Astrada had been a decent enough ship, but it had served its purpose, as did the Mercenaries who gave their lives for the Master’s plan. The hired guns would have his undying gratitude, post mortem, of course.

He felt himself jerk off the ground abruptly, suspended by an invisible hand above the ground and looking in the face of Order Knight Al’Fattah, whose expression displayed his intent.

“If you find comfort in any deity, or higher power, I would suggest making peace with it now..” Zephre felt that invisible hand grasp his head like a vice, ready to twist it off at the neck. “Your Master’s plan took the lives of half of my Brothers..”

With a sweeping motion, Zephre could see what he meant. The Teleportation Harnesses that they had worn had materialized them submerged in the ground when they activated, killing them instantly. The remainder of the Knights of the True Order had been lucky enough to materialize above the ground. There was movement from a few of them, twitching and the like, but they would soon pass into the Living Force.

“At least you won’t have to burruRGHK!” as he felt his head twist to its limit, his vertebra popping from the strain.

“Do you honestly wish to finish that sentence…” Al’Fattah said, sneering into the companions face. “Perhaps your Master would like to hear your last words..”

“He’s your Master too, remember!?” Zephre retorted, concentrating on the truth of his statement as he felt his neck twisting beyond its limits. “Were all left twisting, mate. All we can do is our parts in this drama, and let it play out and hope to luck..”

He suspended for a few more moments before Al’Fattah released him from the Force Grip, leaving Zephre crashing to the ground. “We shall follow our paths, Pilot, you follow yours” and moved towards the other survivors. Zephre massaged his neck and rose to his knees, “That’s why I’m here.” And looked around for his satchel, and spotting it, stood and recovered it.

It took little time for the Order Knights to recover from their ordeal, saying respects for the dead, and helping those who had not shuffled off the mortal coil to do so. Al’Fattah now only had eight of his Brothers remaining, nine including himself, which would be more than enough to kill two Jedi and one single Jedi Master. He looked around, not seeing the Pilot of the Maf Astrada, and pulled out the small communicator they were given while still in hyperspace.

“Pilot.. Where are you..”

<<Getting onto my Path.. Move to your position, and hide yourselves until I com you.>>

Al’Fattah nodded. One thing he had to admit about this pilot, he had focus. “It shall be done..” He turned to his men, and motioned them to action…


Zephre smiled, and closed the connection to the Idiot forcers. The smell of ozone was thick in the air as he hid the Teleport Harness behind one of the Gazebos, hidden from view. It was odd, he seemed to remember there being another Gazebo, but then again, the plans were hastily put together.
The Master, though he had told those fools that this plan was months in planning, it was only concocted shortly after the events on Tattooine. A plan of opportunity, his Lord called it, and the Time Lord had entrusted its outcome to him.

He pulled his Naboo Royal Guardsman’s uniform around him, making sure his ‘key’ was secure inside its barometric canister, and moved onto the grounds of the Estate house, securing his helmet to his head..

It was time to go to work…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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"I disagree! It is not our life style to be your slaves!" Thaof had been sitting almost calmly the entire time until the Zahn had made an unfortuante slip in his speech.

"Your parents and grand parents obviously didn't think they were being treated unfairly!" The Zahn snipped back at the man.

"How would you know? Did you ever ask them?" Thaof sniped back at the man.

"That's enough." The calm voice of Crystal rang over the shouting voice of the other two. "We're here to discuss a solution, not to make things worse. Thaof, what is it that you and your people are asking for?"

"We want a proper days pay for the work we do. We're tired of living like Rock Crawlers." Thaof shook his head. "We need to actually live. Most of us don't mind mining for a living, but honestly there are a lot of us that would rather farm with our wives then mine something that we don't even need."

"But that mining is what keeps our economy from falling in on its self!" The Zahn spoke up again.

"Not your turn yet." Crystal's voice once again put a hush to the room. Her voice was soft and mild, but had a resonance that could only be explained by use of the Force. "Thaof, what do you and your people require to live in peace?"

"We want the option of not mining if we so chose. We also want mining to pay as well as it should. I don't pretend to know how much the Republic is paying for the elements we take out, but I'm sure it's enough to keep our community happy for a long time, just on one day's worth of mining."

"Zahn, would you agree that if they were to get all the profits that they could live off of only a single day's worth of mining?"

"No. It takes at least a weeks worth of mining to pay for everything we need."

Crystal pulled up a datapad and showed the Zahn how much a single day pays, then showed him a second datapad that showed how much Thaof's entire community spent in a week.

"According to your own records, Thaof's people could live like they are without any changes for just over a year, off of a single days takings. This doesn't seem fair to me."

"It's the way it's always been, and will always be." The Zahn crossed his arms and sat back in his chair. "I don't see where this child is doing any good, Master Jedi." The Zahn looked over at Obi Wan who had been keeping quiet for the entire conversation.

"This isn't my assignment, Zahn. Act like I'm not even here." Obi Wan got very quiet and then nodded at Crystal as he stood from his chair. "In fact, I won't be here." Obi Wan vanished into the shadows quickly.

"Zahn, you do realize if we don't reach a consession here, that the Jedi will have to concede that this is a civil war, and leave things the way they are. Correct?" Crystal closed her eyes shortly then looked over at Thaof.

"What is it?" Thaof asked as he looked into her blue eyes.

"Nothing we need to worry about." Crystal looked back over to the Zahn. "So, what is it that you require?"

While the conversation continued Obi Wan found himself walking the outside of the conference hall. Quietly making his way around it. Something was definately wrong with this place, and he knew why the council had sent the girls to begin with. Something was behind the riots, and behind the Zahn's actions. Something not of this world... Something....

Obi Wan saw the flash of the red lightsaber as his own lit up and blocked a blow. "Sith!" Obi Wan spoke as he blocked the blow. "And I thought we were done with your kind, some time ago."

"You don't know the half of what's going on here, Jedi."

"Perhaps not, but I don't really need to. Once you are dealt with, I'm sure we can settle things down."

"Wow, Jedi are arrogant. Even more arrogant now." The man began to strike down as Obi Wan fell into his Soresu stance and began just blocking every single shot.

"Arrogance is not the Jedi way. It is only how you perceive me that is arrogant."

"Even if you stop me, Jedi, this was all a distraction anyway. You'll hate to see what is really happening." With several strikes, suddenly the man reached out and began choking Obi Wan with the Force. "You see, the Sith are comming back, with a lot of help."

Obi Wan felt the release of the choking as he saw what looked like Taya, but much older, as she slammed the man into a wall. They started to battle it out as they ended up going towards the conference area. Crystal heard the sabers as they clashed back and forth. All the parties stopped and looked at the fight.

"That's him!" Thaof shouted at Crystal. "That's the guy who got us to revolt, he started the whole thing."

Crystal looked over at the Zahn who was dumb founded at this point. "Isn't that your advisor as well, Zahn?"

"It is."

"So, it would seem that we have discovered the truth then." Crystal looked over at the woman fighting, and felt a familiarity with her, but couldn't see her face as they fought. Suddenly they slipped out of the room, as the woman looked over at Crystal and smiled.

"Taya?" Crystal whispered as she saw her face, just as she left. Suddenly Crystal caught the quick glimpse of Obi Wan as he ran after the two who had just left the room.

"Well, I think that settles everything then." Crystal stacked all of her datapads together and pushed them over to the Zahn.

"This doesn't settle anything girl!" The Zahn screamed at her as he stood up.

"You're wrong Zahn. You see, this settles everything for the Jedi. We came to uncover the truth behind these events, not to settle these events. You see Zahn, now that we know it's the Sith, and we will deal with that, we have no obligation to stay here."

"What about these riots?"

"I'd suggest finding a peaceful solution Zahn." Crystal nodded at them both. "And if you don't find a peaceful solution, then Thaof, when you take over the mining, the republic looks forward to dealing with you."

Crystal nodded to both of them, and then ran after the others.


"Master Knight, what have you and the girls found out?"

"I would seem that the Corellian Jedi who were here visiting may have had someone with them who isn't a Jedi at all." Xan pointed out Zhastia who began to speak.

"The boy in the tunnels is the same boy on this data clip of shaina and my practice session. We can't make out his face on the video, but we do know what he looks like."

"Concluded this investigation is then?" Yoda questioned the Master.

"I believe so." Xanamiar spoke. "However, the killer has gotten away. It would seem that the boy may have been the Master, since that is all we could get from the apprentice."

"The Master, or his Master?" Yoda asked.

"What's the difference Master?" Zhastia spoke up, without thinking first.

"Difference is HUGE young one. Of this you would not know, but of these things I take note of."

"He spoke of The Master, not his Master." Xanamiar looked at the girls, and then stood there.

"More have you?"

"I would like the councils permission to train these girls."

"A padawan you may chose but you must chose only one."

"I believe these two young women would not be served well if they weren't trained together as one. They compliment each other as if they are one."

"We will discuss these matters fully when Master Kenobi returns. It would seem that things on Zahntou have ended quite abruptly, and with some news of a Sith Lord."

"Another Sith Lord?" Xan asked.

"Yes, this one not of this time." Yoda answered. "This Sith Lord has been taken care of by someone in a blue Corsec Box. The Doctor it may have been. Great hope this brings to us, of the things happening on Naboo."

"May the Force be with us then." Xan spoke. "Come girls, we'll let the council decide your fate."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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ooc: I've been sitting on this for a bit, so I'm putting it up since its been two months between posts.. Ill pick up the rest this week..

IC: Naboo: Refugee Camp.. MAF ASTRADA CRASH SITE..

Han Solo shook his head, cursing inwardly as both Human and mechanical Fire fighters from the Star port put out the flaming wreckage of the Maf Astrada. Who ever had been on board the old Wayfarer would have been killed instantly, as the ship was no longer recognizable as a ship. The entire hull had destroyed itself upon impact, which Solo knew from experience that there had been an internal fire, destroying the ship from the inside out and leaving only superheated scrap. The Inferno would have to have been hot enough to degrade the superstructure to the point of total collapse, which would have been impossible without some form of chemical enhancement. It would be interesting to see what was on the ships official manifest, if there was one. Most of the spacers out of Mos Eisley, if you read their ship manifests, would read very differently than what was truly sitting in their holds.

From the passenger’s seat of the speeder, Chewbacca ruffed the information that he had brought up from Star Port Authority database on the Maf Astrada.

“Is that right?” Solo said, raising an eyebrow, looking at his first mate. “It was swiped from the Nar Shadda impound in little Duros due to safety regulations?” Solo stated “Must have been pretty bad to raise eyebrows from the Nar Shadda.” Chewbacca nodded, and passed him another pad reader, chattering quickly. Solo whistled after a quick rundown of the ship. “This thing was a death trap. Looks like the Astrada were destined for the scrapheap, or at least the primary hull was, probably why there wasn’t much more of an investigation.” He said. “Doesn’t say anything about a Cargo Module, though..”

Chewbacca shook his head, pointing in the direction where the Astrada’s Cargo container crashed. “We don’t know that, Chewie…” Solo said, crossing his arms. “All though it is pretty convenient that the container just happened to crash at that particular hotspot. Maybe you’re on to something..”

The Wookiee gruffed a comment, and glanced back over the pad reader Solo had returned to him, leaving Solo to his thoughts.


“You cant beat me, Jedi..” Starkiller snarled, the Siths red lightsaber illuminating his path through the access leading from the Death Stars Main Powercore. “I’ll make it quick, you have my word.” He lied.

Luke winced as he touched the deep saber burn across his cheek and eyebrow. Oh yeah, that’ll scar he thought to himself as he peeked around the corner, careful to not show his position to Galen.

No, not Galen. This was the Sith Lord.. This was Starkiller, Galen was at home..

Hurry Luke... You have to Hurry..

Leia’s voice filtered through his head, rattling him…

He was getting tired, as this was now his second full fight in a very short amount of time. His fight against the Sith Lord Darth Vader should have been enough, but no, now he was fighting the Sith Lords apprentice, who was the alternate of Galen Marek. He had to give the Doctor and Raisa enough time to finish their tasks, which would overload and destroy this monster, and he aimed to do just that. Luke has seen firsthand what the Super laser could do, and knew that it was a menace. He looked at the heavy device that was strapped to his wrist, checking the timer that the Doctor had set.

Only minutes now..

“The word of a Sith?” Luke mocked. “That’s an Oxymoron if I ever heard one..” and then smiled. “Maybe its because you a Moron, it came so easily to you..” and frowned. “The Oxymoron, that is.. because you’re a Moron.” Shaking his head, he should have kept his mouth shut. This wasn’t Galen, and he wouldn’t be distracted by Luke’s attempts at humor, even bad puns and simple play on words.

“That’s your idea of witty banter..” Starkiller’s voice could be heard. “Did you run that through your head before you said it? Thought that would cut me to the quick?”

“Did it work?” Luke said, listening to the Sith. A little closer…

“You’re an Idiot..” The Sith retorted, and Skywalker could hear a large piece of machinery rip from its housing, and after a moment of silence, came crashing down the corridor, missing him and the alcove he had hid himself by mere millimeters, and taking a considerable amount of self control to not move or leap out. Starkiller hadn’t intended to hit him, just ferret him out of his hidey hole. Luke breathed though his nose in slow, even breaths, forcing himself to keep calm as the boot steps of the sith apprentice came closer..

Close enough..

Reaching out with the force, he grasped the same machine part that Starkiller had thrown at him only moments before, and flung it back at the one who had thrown it. Luke heard the Sith’s lightsaber strike the mechanical projectile, and the Jedi took that as his moment to move.

Rolling out of his hiding place, he reached out and wretched one of the lightsabre’s that adorned the Sith’s belt from its hook and to his waiting grasp, igniting it in a hair breadths time to deflect the lightsaber slash of the Sith, and using the momentum of the parry to spin, planting a hard blow to the back of the Sith’s neck, just under the base of the skull.

Starkiller rolled forward, absorbing the energy of the blow and back on his feet in a single motion, only to find himself off of his feet, slamming hard into the bulkheads multiple times. Starkiller hit the bulkheads exponentially harder each time under the Jedi’s will as the metal armor of the Sith Stalker armor clanging off the hard durasteel frames and echoing into the distance.

Luke dropped Starkiller, his limp form crumpled to the grated deck plate as Luke reached out again with the force and pulled down the now damaged support beams atop Starkiller, pinning him under immovable debris.

“Stay down..” Luke breathed out, and turned his attention to the large chrono com as it chimed.

On the raised surface of the large wrist piece was the image of the Doctor..

“Starkiller is dealt with..” Luke stated.

“Good... Were all clear..” The Doctor smiled. “Lets blow this thing and go home!”

Luke’s attention was torn away from the chrono com by flashing, and the sounds of raw electricity snapping. Turning, a chill ran down his spine as he saw blue lightning arcing from where Starkiller was trapped under the durasteel beams.

Taking a step back, the Jedi watched as the durasteel beams began shifting, which meant Starkiller may not have been completely dealt with.

Luke broke into a fast trot, heading toward his companions. By the time Starkiller was out from under the beams, He, Raisa and the Doctor would be long gone..


Senator Padme Amidala watched helplessly as her son fought the final sith, her eyes stinging from not blinking for an extended amount of time. Relief flooded her as Luke ran from the fight, but she couldn’t keep from the feeling that it was far from over, and the worst was yet to come. She looked over to Galen, who kneeled near her daughter. The Jedi looked up and met her gaze, a miserable expression crossing his face. Padme knew he had been watching the cube, and she wondered if he felt guilt for putting her son in this predicament..
Perhaps he had good reason to feel as such..

“Are you all right, Senator?” the voice of the Blond tech that was monitoring the machine asked. Padme looked up to her. “No, not particularly..” and stood, “But thank you for asking.”

Tridikara nodded, and returned to her console, “Your welcome, Senator. This will be over soon enough..”

Padme closed her eyes. One way or the other, the Gallifreyan was right. The sounds of footsteps from the hall caught her attention, and she could see Lord Sengen was returning with the Time Lord she had only a few hours earlier been speaking. She took a long breath, and turned to meet the Gallifreyan Defense minister, Castellan Rassilon..

Anakin Skywalker moved quickly through the halls of the Naberrie estate, pushing the wet cold of his soaked Jedi robes out of his mind. The beings that he passed on his way blurred, unimportant to his current task, which was to join his wife in his eldest daughter’s chamber. The Jedi Master could feel the waves of stress and panic coming from Padme, a very unfamiliar feeling indeed.

Turning the corner to her bed chambers, since it was far too large to be considered simply a room, he could see the two Republic Troopers that Captain Vos had left to defend the room, along with a pair of Chancellery Guards that had been trailing the VIP. Several red suited technicians, Gallifreyans he knew, moved in and out of the room, carrying various bits of equipment and cases. Inside the room, from Anakin’s point of view, he could see the Time Lord Sengen with the new arrival.

What were they doing in her room?

He breached to door, and could see the entire scene in full. Leia hadn’t moved, deep in meditation and surrounded by sensors and light points which appeared to connect her to the large translucent cube in the area facing her. A young blond woman was working a console monitor near the translucent cube, looking up only momentarily to realize that someone had entered the chamber. A short distance from his daughter stood Lord Sengen, Padme and the newcomer. Padme glanced from her conversation to motion him to her side. Outwardly she appeared to be calm and collected, but he could feel her nearing the end of her composure. Galen kneeled a distance from them, glancing up from his thoughts, and moved to stand until Anakin shot him a look, keeping the young Jedi in place.

“Castellan Rassilon, may I introduce Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker of the Jedi High Council and my husband.” She stated, nodding. “Master Skywalker, the Lord Castellan Rassilon of Gallifrey.”

Anakin gave a short respectful nod. “Welcome to the Estate, Lord Castellan. That must have been your TARDIS that just arrived.” He was careful not to mention anything further; there was something about this man that didn’t feel right.

“Master Skywalker..” Rassilon smiled. “I’ve had the distinct privilege of meeting your daughter Taya, and look forward to meeting the rest of your children formally when this is complete.” The Castellan smoothed, returning the nod. “You were a Companion of the Doctor for a short time, during the Clone Wars, if I remember correctly.”

“We served together, Lord Castellan. If travelling with the Doctor Makes one a companion, then he had many.” Anakin corrected.

The Castellan nodded, “Of course. That was a very unique span of time, one that we hope to not repeat.” He stated, and turned back to Sengen. “Back to the topic at hand, Sengen..”

“We are monitoring the Nexus, for when the Doctor’s TARDIS drops back into this reality. We have calibrated the Eye of Harmony to a local station here on Naboo to direct the Doctor’s TARDIS here within the confines of this compound.” Sengen stated, looking to Anakin. “I understand there was a crash earlier in the compound?”

“Yes, one of the refugee ships from Tattooine had a catastrophic malfunction, its cargo module made a hard landing in a field just outside of the compound area, near the lake while its primary hull crashed near the refugee camp. It is currently being investigated..”

Rassilon nodded. “I shall make some of the Chancellery guard available for your investigation, if you feel you need them.” The time lords second, Lady Ruh, approached Lord Sengen and whispered something into his ear, and the pair of them exited quickly from the chambers, perhaps to speak more freely.

“I will keep your offer in mind, Lord Rassilon.” Anakin smiled to the Time Lord, and glanced over to his former apprentice, still keeping his vigil. “Galen will be involved in the investigation directly, I will leave the decision whether to use your soldiers to him.”

Galen’s eyes opened, and tracked up to his master, catching his gaze and realizing there was no appeal that he could bring forth to keep him here. “As you wish, Master..” and rolling back on his heels to stand, “I shall go straight away.”

“Good. I came about at the perfect time.” A familiar, lyrical voice lilted through, as the rooms attention snapped to the woman who silhouetted the door, the only sound came from Marek, a short groan. Romana moved into the room, a broad grin sliding across her face. “See, he’s groaning with appreciation.”

“Should you be up and about, Romana?” Sengen asked, moving behind her from the hall. “A short time ago, you were in the throes of Regeneration Sickness, hardly able to move without losing your energy.” He said, pulling a small scanner from his pocket and pointing it towards her. “Perhaps you should spend some time in your TARDISes zero room…”

“Pish, there’s work to be done, and I didn’t regenerate to lay back on my laurels!” she grinned, moved across the room towards Galen, passing the imaging cube and glancing at the controls.. “Check your resonance, the tertiary output seems off..” and finally ending her stride next to Marek, her arm looped in his. “Jedi Marek and I worked brilliantly together in the past, and I have no doubt that we will in the upcoming events.” Tridikara glared at the Time Lady as she and the Jedi passed by again.

Galen smirked, and made his way out of the chamber, looking to Anakin and saying only “It shall be done, Master..”


“This is getting weird, don’t you think?” Guardsman Foveron huffed. “There’s so many of these.. People..”

“You mean the Gallifreyans?” Guardsman Hazzah smirked. “They are peculiar, aren’t they.” He said, checking another of the doors along their route. “They just stare at us..”

“Not them, the whole situation. That tower they built in the courtyard, all of the people they’ve brought out of those little boxes, and what are those things, anyway, and where is Sadow? She just disappeared of the planet face.” Foveron flustered. “It’s just weird.”

“Look, Master Skywalker trusts them…” Hazzah said.

“Ok, so..” Foveron shot back..

“And so does the Senator, and if she trusts them, then that’s good enough for me..” and continued before his fellow guardsman could interject. “So should you..”

“Yeah, yeah.. “ Foveron nodded. “It’s still weird..” as they moved down the access stairwell into the basement level. “I hate it down here, always reminds me of one of those suspense holovids.”

Shaking his head, Hazzah moved past into the front position with a smirk. “I’ll go first..”

“Great, since the first one killed is the one who is second in line.” Foveron smirked, half joking and half serious, checking the readings on his scanner. “We’ve got some movement ahead.” And looked up, flashing his torch’s beam forward. The light caught a familiar silhouette of another Royal Guardsman, who was moving towards them…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by Xanamiar »

"Master Kenobi, it's good to have you back." Mace sat back into his chair. "There are several things we need to speak about."

"I am sure there is." Obi Wan walked over to his chair and took his seat. "I believe the Zhantou situation will resolve it's self very soon."

"A civil war it is now, right leaving was." Yoda sat up a bit as he spoke. "What of this blue box, you saw?"

"Well, I saw Taya Skywalker, at least I believe it was Taya, drag the Sith Lord off into a blue box, then it and she vanished."

"Now that all of that is taken care of, there is the matter of Master Knight's request."

"What request?" Obi Wan leaned forward to hear it. "Master Knight isn't one to usually make any requests."

"Requested training two padawans he has."

"The Jedi code states that a Master can have only one padawan, and Master Knight knows this."

"Knows it he does, but asked for it he did."

"What two students does he wish to take as padawans?"

Mace looked down at a datapad and pulled up the stats of two girls. "Zhastia and Shay."

Obi Wan took the datapad which had every bit of information on the two, since they were brought to the temple. After looking over it, he looked over to Master Windu. "These girls have been training together since they were old enough to hold a lightsaber. Why weren't they ever split apart?"

"According to the records, they were a couple of times. However, it would seem that all the other students posed no challenge to either of them. Zhastia has trained herself so well in the ways of offensive styles, that everyone seems to get dominated by her. Shay has been trained so well in Soresu, that no other student had a chance to hit her."

"Reminds me of someone here she does." Yoda gave Obi Wan a quick grin.

"So, you're saying that no one in this school is as good as these two?"

"Not at all. I'm saying that these two have specialized themselves so well, that they only challenge one another."

"Well rounded they are not, unless together they are."

"So, where does this leave us, concerning Xanamiar's request?" Mace looked over at the other two masters.

"Xanamiar's request can't be given to him, however I may have another idea." Obi Wan stood and walked over to the doors, opening them up. "Crystal please come join us."

"Yes Masters?" Crystal asked as she walked in.

"Crystal, we have a matter that perhaps you can help us on."

"What is that, Master Kenobi?"

"Master Knight has given a very strange request, to train two padawans. However, since we can not grant such a request, how would you like to work side by side with him, taking one of the two as your own padawan?"

"Well Masters, I was actually hoping that I could train my sister as my first padawan."

"Arralynn won't be ready for some time Crystal. And we don't like the idea of family training family, never did. That is why Taya was trained by myself."

"Yes Masters." Crystal seemed a bit saddened by the decision. "Who are the two?"

"Zhastia and Shay." Obi Wan reached out and handed her the datapad. "You will of course meet them for yourself before making your decision."

Crystal examined the pad closely and looked up at Master Kenobi. "When would you like me to meet them?"

"You may go to their room now, they should both be there."

"Yes Master Windu." Crystal bowed before the Masters and left the room.

"Turn out well, I hope it does." Yoda sat back.
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

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Something about this whole situation stank, he couldn't quite put his finger on it yet but Devon Vos had been too long in the saddle not to have learned to trust his instincts and right now they were screaming trap. As he finished the last of his hourly circuit around the compound he blinked open the squad-link,

"Alright Delta's I want you to all quietly pull back to the inner chambers. Something's not right here."

He got back a series clicks back over the tactical channel from his squad, Devon trusted the Doctor with his life but the Doctor wasn't here and as much as he wanted to like this new lady doctor who'd shown up the other Timelords simply rubbed him the wrong way particularly the Rassillion fellow. He'd been involved with the republic long enough to spot a self-serving politician and that's what this fellow struck him as, blinking again he flipped his comms back to the general security channel,

"This is Captain Vos, I want all security personnel to physically check in once every half-hour from this point forward. This includes both Republic and Galllifreian personnel and keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary."
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by zephre »

Guardsman Hazzah help up a hand, both in greeting and command to hold position to the approaching Royal Guardsman in his tracks as Forveron kept looking around the expansive basement of the Naberrie estate house. The basement area was expansive and not only served as storage and engineering for the villa, it was where the supports for much of the structure connected with the buildings foundation. If someone wanted to do damage to the grounds, this would be the place. There were two external entrance points, both locked and only accessible by keycard or biometric scan from one of the residence. As it was practically a labyrinth down here, what Hazzah found odd was a guardsman wandering around, just to approach as they arrived. A comm chirp brought Forveron’s attention away from this newly arrived guardsman.
“What are you doing down here?” Hazzah asked, arms across his chest.

“Looks like you had the same idea I had, gents..” The Guardsman said, his features still obscured in the dark, but there was no mistaking the sunny demeanor. “It’s clear down here, no need to go any farther in unless your fond of dust and chipbugs.”

Forveron glanced up, and shuddered. “Hate those things..” as he continued to listen to the comm.

Hazzah smirked at his partner’s apparent discomfort, and raised an eyebrow to the guard before him. “Appreciate the heads up..” He said, and allowed a pause before continuing. “S’funny, though. There were only four guards assigned to the estate, and you aren’t one of them so unless you have something that says you are supposed to be here, you’re going to need to have a chat with Captain Vos or Dominaul.”

The Guardsman shrugged. “Sure, but I wish command would get their heads strait. I was sent to replace Sadow who was called to Theed for some reason, and when I get here, I see’s the basement hatch on the other side unguarded, so I go and check it out and get lost down here, till I find you lot.”

Hazzah nodded as Forveron looked over to them, closing the comm. “Cap’n Vos just pushed up the alert status, says were doing a physical check on the half...” and focused on the new man. “Seems to think something’s not right.”

“Alright, we need to check in.” Hazzah stated, and motioned for the new guard to follow them . “C’mon, pal, you can check in with the Captain, and straighten this all out.” As if a light bulb popped in his head, he turned to Forveron. “Isn’t this area key controlled?”

His partner nodded. “Either card or biometric, why?”

The guard nodded before the answer could leave Huzzahs lips, as the pair turned to face him, their blasters now held at a loose ready. “Sounds like a plan..” and snapped his fingers. “I forgot to mention I have a key..” and pulled out an object from his belt. “Right here..” and tossed the cylinder to Hazzah who caught it, and almost instantly dropped it, a shocked expression taking hold of his face as he looked at the glowing transparent container.

A hand, a woman’s from the look of it, moved around inside the confines of the canister in a macabre imitation of life as two shots rang out, both from the guard who had tossed it. It clattered to the floor, and rolled against the wall, the hand moving as it attempting to remove itself from the container, scratching and writhing against the glass.

Joklyn Zephre slid the pop out blaster back into its hiding place under the sleeve of his Guardsman Jacket, reached down and picked up the hand, pushed the blue button on the side of the case and flash froze the appendage again in the tiny status field, stowing it back into his shoulder bag once it was complete. The two dead guardsmen lay sprawled across the floor, and he made a mental note to add two more notches to his blaster once his task was completed.. Not that it would matter, since soon there would be more than he could keep track of. It had been fairly simple to get the drop on a couple of rube guards, which he had just proven. Two pops from his holdout after a simple diversion. Pathetic, really..

Republic troops, especially commandoes, would be a real challenge, and Jok liked a challenge from time to time. He put down the Sontaran beacon, the frequency matching the teleport harnesses on the forcers, and activated it. It would allow for a flawless transport for the remaining Brothers into the basement without being detected, and once all of them were here, the rest of the plan would be implemented…
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by coronhorn »

Inisde Liea Skywalker's Sleeping Chambers__________________________

Boss stood quietly at the position he'd set up in after Captain Vos assigned himself and Fixer to watch the VIPs and the Skywalker girl, he had to admit that these Galafreeyians un-nerved him on some level and that wasn't something that very many things did so when the comm from Vos came through for Delta to pull back his position because something wasn't right he felt a little vindicated. When the others began arriving outside teh room he shifted his postion around to put himself in range of the proximity comms...

Hall outside Leia's Sleeping Chambers______________________________

Devon arrived at the doors to the Skywalker girl's sleeping quarters and found the other members of Delta waiting for him, one of them tilted his bucket to the side as he and Scorch stepped out of the gloom,

"What gives captain, everything seems quiet here now?" Scorch questioned over the proximity.

"Too quiet yeah?" came the low gravel filled reply of Sev.

"Always looking at the dark side of the hutt you are." Fixer popped back giving Sev a little elbow in the ribs, Devon could almost hear the smirk on his lips.

"Can it Scorch." Boss came over the proximity comms, "and watch the doors, VIPs outbound."

"Rodger." the three of them gave the doors some space as they swung open and the Jedi Marek and the Lady Time Lord stepped out into the hallway...
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Re: STAR WARS: Lords of Galllifrey (An Infinities Crossover

Post by zephre »

***************************NAR SHADAA********************************************

“War Chief!” The Master's strong voice rang though his TARDIS’s darkened monitoring chamber, its only illuminations the floating screens streaming information endlessly from the Nexus. “You may begin your assault at your leisure.” As the darkened image of the Deca Time lord nodded.

“Most Gracious…” The voice came back, and the image went black.
"Rani.. Your toys wont fail, I suspect.."

The high, cold voice of the Rani returned, her face concealed by the dark cloak. "This will be an excellent test for my Nanomen, they will sweep aside all resistance..

"No surprises.." The leaned in. the was a long, stagnant pause before the Master restated. "No Surprises.. Rani?"

"They couldn't possibly discover the infinitesimally small weakness with ...."

"Lovely.." The Master smiled, and waved her off the monitor. He'd have to hurry..

The Master leaned back, running his fingers though his beard, and brought up his own communicator. “Joklyn, my boy, are you there?”

<<<I’m Ready to move, Master.. Give the word..>>>

“Given..” the old man said, “Pass Master Tano’s key to the Al’Fattah and get to your position..” and shut off his com, grinning to himself at his own cleverness. It was time to set his own part of the plan into motion.

He left the monitor room, and headed towards the command console.

***************************NABOO: Mechanical Level************************************

Joklyn Zephre smiled, and closing his comm, turned to the forcers and tossed the barometric case to the lead forcer. “Take care of that, it belongs to a Jedi Master, though I seriously doubt she’ll want it back.. Might be usefull later..” and turned the dial on his transporter and pushing the stud, disappeared in a flash of light and ozone stench..

Al’Fattah turned to the assembled forcers, and motioned for them to follow and struck for the upper level access hatch..

“My Brothers and Sisters.. we are taking our first steps to liberation from the servile chains of the Jedi and the falsities of the light!” He said, facing the forcers.

“Kill all who stand in your way, but the target is Leia Skywalker..” He said…

**********************NABOO: Estate Cooridoor*********************************

"Devon!" Romana squealed, her face a wide grin as the Time Lady clapped a little too excitedly in front of him, spurring the other Republic Troopers to glance at each other assumedly in quiet embarrassment for the Captain. She was looking more pale than last he'd seen her, beads of sweat appeared above her lip, and her eyes appeared deep set, heavily lidded in exhaustion. She was no longer wearing the long coat and hat which he had come accustomed to her in, but now had on a loose, flouncy shirt and lace choker, which he’d assumed had been hidden before by the long coat. "Don't you look Dashing in your armor!" She said as the Galen Marek moved behind her. He had the slightest hint of a smirk on his otherwise sour face.

"Oh yes.." He said, the smirk quirking higher. "Quite dashing.."

"Were off to investigate the crash site at Master Skywalker's request, would you care to come along?" Romana asked, her smile unwavering, but he could tell it was in genuine to some extent. Stressors around her face showed she was in some form of pain, which she was suppressing with difficulty. Exhaustion showed as well, which she was trying to hide by over excitement and a mask of energy.

Before Vos could respond, Sgt. Navarro's voice came over his headset, sounding as though he was trotting.

<<Captain, this is Navarro. The Chancellery Guard at the crash site reported some activity coming from the wreck, I'm on my way there to get eyes on it with a couple of the Naboo guardsman..>>

"Something wrong?" Marek asked his attention now on Vos. The answer was interrupted by Navarro’s voice again, only moments later, and Vos concentrating on the sergeant’s words and motioning at his headset. The Jedi quickly put on his own rig and activated it, the com net blaring into his ear.

<<It looks like the Jedi were wrong, Sir, there are survivors. They seem to be streaming out of the wreckage in droves, from a seperation in the hull. So far I can see at least fifteen, with more falling from the breach. >> Navarro said, his voice sounding as if he had picked up his pace..

<<<Were going to need medical personnel, from what I can see from where I’m at, they look pretty rough. They’ve gone completely grey and waxy.. Looks like they’re still in their kits, they’ve got on a head set, back pack and some kind of arm rig. That doesn’t look right…>>

There was a sudden back sound of weapon discharge, and the sounds of disbelief from someone other than Navarro off mic, probably one of the guards that were accompanying him. Vos had heard that particular sound of weapon discharge before, but not since the war. Galen began a trot forward, Romana following..

His voice took on a more urgent tone. <<<One of the Gallifreyans at the crash site just exploded in a shower of gold sparks! Something fired on them.. It’s the survivors, their attacking the Chancellery guards! Those things on their arms are disintegrators!>>>

Marek turned to the Romana, not stopping. “Stay with Leia..” he said, and ran towards the nearest access door outside. Romana, not arguing with his forceful suggestion, returned to Devon's side, her hand plunged into her pocket around the light foil she kept for such occasions. She was uncharacteristically silent.

Blaster fire could be heard over the mic, and another scream in the background <<<Blaster fire isn’t working on them, just slows them down.. It blows chunks off, and it grows back!>>> More blaster fire, and Navarro’s voice commanding the troops around him to find cover. More screams were heard off mic as Vos heard someone in the distance yelling Protect the Scientists!

<<<WHAT are these things!!>>>

<<<This is Solo>> A new voice rang over the com net, the sound of speeder engines, Swoops and rushing air blaring the sound as wind blew though the mic. <<Me, Chewie and some of the boys are enroute, under two minutes out from the estate grounds…>> he said, the Wookies voice could be heard over the sound of the rushing air, as was Solos as he spoke off mic. <<Yeah, yeah, I know Partner.. You knew something was wrong with this whole mess.>>

<<< Hold on, kid, Reinforcements are on their way!>> his voice once again clear.
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