Snubjockies: Living on the Edge

Takes place immediately after the Battle of Yavin
Tales and stories set during the events of Episodes 4-6...

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Snubjockies: Living on the Edge

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The twitch that started out down in his toes had slowly traveled all the way up through his nervous system by now. It was currently wrecking havoc upon the muscles around his right eye. As he had previously too many times to count, he lifted up the blast sheild and rubbed at the muscles with gloved fingers. Trying one last time to rid himself of the nervous tick. As he once again lowered his blast shield he took a glance at the counter...

It was a small screen tucked into a much larger board of controls, and the red backlit digits counted down tirelessly towards zero. Sometimes he wondered if he set the meter to count upwards, how far it would go before its programming would not let it continue... Shaking that thought from his head, he forced himself to focus on the here and now. Less than a minute was left before his craft shattered the mottled blue and white tunnel of hyperspace he was cutting through and sprang forth into the endlessness of the void.

The Vunakian took in a deep breath and began to look over the rest of his vessels control pannel, making sure that the various gauges all read correctly, and that all the proper toggels levers and switches were in their correct positions. Everything seemed to be in order... It was up to the force to ensure that his Squadmates were also arriving at their destination in one piece... As he watched the numbers count down from ten, he gripped the flight stick in front of him and prepared to resume control of his starfighter.

Five Seconds until reversion, Sajan.

"Thanks Mel, Get ready to do a preliminary scan of the area as soon as we revert. I want freindly and un-friendly tags up immediatly." Sajan replied to the Artificial Inteligence system he'd wired into his fighter. With the lack of an Astromech pod, and the fairly moderate headache of installing one, the pilot simply opted to hardwire a droids mainframe into his fighters internal systems, the result was Mel.

The proximity alarm sounded and Sajan felt himself pushed into his restraints as the sudden de-acceleration back to sublight speed threatened the composition of the saftey restraints, daring them to give, to snap and send the pilot of the craft into the transperisteel canopy like so much frak.

"Silverblade two, back in the void and ready to rock!" Sajan spoke into the comm as the squadrons Commander, a Twilek by the name of Pe'lehan requested a role call. Sajan executed a snap roll to starboard, pulling slightly behind and to the port of the Commander and awaited further orders. At the far edge of his sensor range, practically on the otherside of the greyish blue moon in front of him, the Imperial Convoy sluggishly moved through the system...
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The stars outside the cockpit sapped back into place as Tarn exited hyperspace and began his sensor sweep. He heard the commander start a roll call which he answered simply, "This is Silverblade Three, what can I shoot at?"

Tarn's Headhunter creaked and groaned as he weaved his way into position, which he responed to with a smack on the side of the control panel, "Come on you bucket of bolts hold up for me and I'll give you a nice tune-up when we get to base."

Tarn laughed quietly to himself and awaited his wingmate to take up position. Suddenly, across the void he spotted the Imperial convoy moving through it's route. "This should be fun," he said to himself.

Patching through to the squad channel he asked, "Orders, sir?"
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Jeana wince slightly as her snubfighter was hurled from the blue swirling tunnel of hyperspace and back into the void. The sudden deceleration back into real space had always made her nauseous, but as she always told herself, I'm probably pretty sure I'll get used to it.

"Nimbus, run a full sensor sweep of the area and tag all friendlies and hostiles, please," the little droid chirped in response, though Jeana could not hear it in her cockpit. Instead, Nimbus' reply scrolled across the data screen in the very center of her control panel.

Jeana's Z-95, unlike most of the rest of the squadron, was modified to carry an astromech. Jeana had been paired with Nimbus during her training and she absolutely insisted that her snubfighter be modified to carry him with her on her missions. After all, the two were best friends and Jeana felt a lot more comfortable with having Nimbus along for the ride.

She pulled her craft up and to the left, swinging in behind her wing leader just as the squadron's commander ordered a roll call. Jeana waited until the others before her responded before saying, "Silverblade eight, standing by."

Her eyes trailed to the grayish blue moon where their mission objective moved sluggishly along on its course. This was going to be her first mission, and needless to say she was nervous as hell. Easy, girl, she thought to herself, trying unsuccessfully to calm her nerves, this is just like training, remember? Besides, the Captain assured us this would be an easy hit. I just hope nothing goes wrong...
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Hyperspace travel is so peaceful… too bad what’s waiting for us when we come out won’t be so calming, Ross pondered as his ship hurtled towards the upcoming mission objective. Although space was a longtime familiar friend, hyperspace was still relatively new to him, as he’d never needed to fly very far in his time with Corellian Security. In fact it was only recently he’d overhauled his ship to include a hyperdrive; although it was a difficult job, the upgrade was gratifying work. Leaving CorSec was one of the toughest decisions he had to make in his piloting career, but after Corellia officially declared their neutrality in the Galactic Civil War, he soon felt it was time for a change. The galaxy was changing, and he wanted to be part of it. Some of the things he’d seen from the Empire while part of CorSec made his stomach churn, and so he was quick to sign up with the Alliance. This was his first squadron with the Rebellion, and he was still getting used to the new and intensive combat he faced against the Imperials…

“This is Silverblade Nine, out of hyperspace and forming up.” The sounds of his flight leader’s voice in his ears brought Ross’s mind back to the present tasks at hand. Pulling up his tactical display and throttling back to come in line with the other three Incom Z-95 Headhunters in his flight, he reported in. “Silverblade Ten, locked and loaded.”

Settling back in his jumpseat for the brief but tense trip to the target area, the former CorSec pilot considered the mission ahead, running system checks on his aging fighter. The entire Silverblade squadron was comprised of Headhunters hailing from across the galaxy, in various states of repair. Ross’ was no different, having several scorch marks of its own from sorties in the Corellian system. Switching over to the flight freq to talk to his wing leader, Ross steeled himself for battle as he had many times before.
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Aron glanced at the hyperspace re-entry countdown, and briefly wondered what if any disasters may have occured within that nether realm. Sure, science had a reasonable understanding of the other dimensional space, but there was always a slim chance something - odd - would happen. Slim - but when a dozen fighters made a dozen leaps - well - sooner or later the odds caught up with people.

Well - what happened happened. In all his years as a pilot - hyperspace had not gone wrong yet, but you hear the tales.

5 seconds to re-entry, and Aron stabbed his hands down onto the power relays for his fighter's sensors. He was flying a Z-95S, a sensor variant on the basic Z-95. It still had the pair of blaster cannon common to this fighter class, but the torpedo system was absent - in its place were additional sensors and electronics. The 95S also included an astromech socket - which currently contained Aron's astronav droid, R1-S7, known as Nosey.

The fighter reverted to real space - the lines of stars fixing back into pinpoints. Immediately, Silverblade lead was voicing over the com, and the other members of the flight sounding off.

"Silverblade twelve, in system and on line" Aron spoke over the com when it was his turn.

Aron patched into the tactical feeds from the other fighters, and got the data link established. Rapidly, the tactical picture began to build up. As new unknown contacts began being reported into the system, the sensors on board his fighter began feeding information on energy patterns and characteristics into the elint database computer. Soon, unknown contacts were being identified, and that information returned out over the data link to the other fighters. As the information on a given contact was collected, it was tested against the threat file, and hostile tags began appearing.

Opposition sensors, clued in to their arrival by subspace fluctuations initiated from their return to realspace, began probing in the direction of the force. The jammer on his fighter was too small to really interfere with a major ship's sensor, but it could produce some confusion when used right. "Heads up - they're scanning us now" Aron reported over the com. The enemy knew they were here now. To put the enemy at a disadvantage, Aron began broadcasting on the tactical frequency being used by the imperials. He didnt have their crypto key, so couldnt inject false information, but he could broadcast false polls, and degrade the effectiveness of the imperial tactical data net.

Aron looked at the tactical picture, noting that contacts were breaking off the convoy to colse on the squadron. "Incomming" he spoke over the com, although he knew it wasnt necessary, as the data link would have already told everyone what was inbound.

Once more into the breach.
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After some time, pilots learn how to sleep while in hyperspace, and wake just before re-entering sub space.

Lt. Dimitri Salandran slowly emerged from the plains of Commenor and, as his eyes slowly opened, returned to the cockpit of the Silent Thunder. The medium-sized SoroSub Freighter was Dimitri's personal ship, a gift from his father once the younger man could work his own ship as a part of his father's business.

Now, three years later, 'Sal', as he was known among his friends and colleagues, operated his freighter for the Rebellion. He still did work for his father, occasionally running shipments when they cooincided with his work for the Rebels.

He glanced up at the countdown timer embedded in the hyperdrive control matrix. Its red laser numerals ticked past 5:37 as he turned back to his main control board. He checked the myriad instrument readings scattered across the board and prepared the ship to reenter sub space.

The Rebel base at Dantoonie was one of the most well established bases in the small Rebel base system. However, because of the planet's lack of technology and production ability, shipments of replacement parts for starfighters, missile shipments, and various other military necessities were brought in via freighter shipments. In Sal's case, it was a shipment of replacement parts for the aging Incom Z-95 Headhunter and Koensayer Y-wing Fighter/Bomber, food provisions, and an experimental Incom starfighter power core. Sal hadn't been informed of the core's addition to his shipment until the last minute, preventing him from potentially getting the word out to the enemy. Such were the practices of gurellia warfare.

He brought the power systems online for the subspace engines and began warming them up as the hydrivecounter dropped below one minute. He brought his shield systems online partially, powered up the sensors, and feeded power to the ship's two automated autocannons on either side of the elogated vessel. He watched the timer on the board continue to tick as he flipped the cover off of the switch for the sublight engines. The timer reached five seconds and Sal flipped the sublight engines on as the starlines began to retreat into the individual dots hovering around Dantoonie.

The timer finished ticking and the ship deccelerated quickly and the lines snapped into their respective stars. The planet of Dantooine hung below him, approximately 30,000 kilometers away. He brought the ship to full speed and scanned the system with his long range sensors. His eyes flittered across the scan of the system and he determined it safe to proceed. He brought the weapon systems down to a trickle of energy fed the power to his engines and began his long burn towards Dantooine.


Approximately 15,000 kilometers above Dantoonie, he was queried by Rebel control for his passcode and authorization number. Once he entered both, the controller cleared him to land on Pad 5, just south of the base's center. The landing went smoothly, and Sal moved down to the pad to meet the dockmaster...
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Cap shook his head incredulously. "You call this a clean deflector shield array?" he bellowed at the techs that ahd surrounded him from nearly the moment he stepped onto the base. He shoved a hand-held scanner into the other techs' faces. "Look at that dirt in there!" he shouted, waving his other hand angrily, "That could cause a shield overload at any time. I don't think our pilots would appreciate that very much when they're in the middle of a battle!"

The former head mechanic had left the base on an alliance recruitment mission, and had left one Frances Tildar in charge. Now that he had returned with a possible pilot, one that had a natural aptitude for mechanics, of course, he had gone through his customary surprise inspection. And, as always, he found something to be annoyed about.

"And don't, " he snarled, "Think I didn't notice that the fuel manifold is two full millimeters out of alignment!" He shot the group a disgusted face. "Two millimeters. right by the HYPERDRIVE GENERATORS, people. That small movement is STRETCHING the material. If this thing flew, it would spring a leak, and blow as soon as someone tried to start up the hyperdrive generator."

It was, Teryn Ofdar thought, a particularly cruel thing for him to do. All of the techs that had been around for a while, when they had heard that their old boss was on his way down, had scrambled to get out of their way, but not before they had pulled the most derelict ship that they had out of storage.

Teryn leaned back against his own personal fighter that he had flown to the planet, and remembered what Cap had told him. It was kind of a hazing ritual, whatever that meant, that all the new techs went through.

After the new techs visited the lounge, and gambled all their money away in their depressed state to the older techs, the latter would inform the former of the pracitcal joke.

Teryn shook his head. He would never understand humans. He could barely understand his own species, Rodians, at times. They were obsessed with what they called The Hunt. Basically, if anyone wanted anything that moved, they would go after it.

Fortunately, he had been saved from that insintcual folly by a genetic illness that left him too weak to participate in the training, and, after he revocered, too weak to endure long in hand to hand combat.

He shoved the past out of his mind as the quartermaster, trying to hide her amused smile, approached him, and handed him a datapad. "All the information Cap sent us checks out, and we just had to run a few checks. Here's where you'll be staying." she glanced over at Cap, who had shoved his way through the disillusioned technicians and went on to the nextt thing that he spotted. A wall communications panel that "someone" had slightly damaged. She shook her head and grinned. "We don't have anything in your size just yet, but I'm sure that our droids can whip something up. Just come to my office in two hours." she smiled, took one more glance at Cap, an waloked away, shaking her head and trying, unsuccessfully, to hide the laughter that bubbled inside of her.

Teryn glanced at the datapad then back to Cap, who was now silent, looming over the technicians like some kind of vengeful wookiee, and glaring at them in the same manner. A sharp shout of command and a sudden gesture sent them skittering into the shadowed corners of the hangar.

Cap swaggered over to Teryn, a satisfied grin on his face. "Shall we?" he asked, grabbing Teryn's datapad and leading the way to the Rodian's quarters. Teryn couldn't be sure, but he thought he saw in Cap's eyes what humans would call a condition known as "twinkling eyes."

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