Just saying Hio

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Just saying Hio

Post by Ghost »

Hey, hey.

Checking in on you folks - seeing how everyone is doing?

I, for the most part, have retired from writing due to Chaos and the drama that unfolded over the years there. Tried other places and genres but nothing ever stuck.

Still enjoy it, just don't really feel welcome about it.

Anyways, ya'll on Discord!?
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Re: Just saying Hio

Post by Mir »

Everyone knows "Pops and Junior = #Ratings"
Everyone knows "Cazzik and Mir = #Wynning"

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Re: Just saying Hio

Post by VagueDurin »

Sup. Still here, still kicking. I made an account on discord once for a Ghost Recon group, didn't enjoy the interface or the high speed of it all and decided it wasn't an app for me.
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