For Liberty (New Republic)

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For Liberty (New Republic)

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Office of the Senator of Naboo

Alyesa had been a busy girl – well – more busy than normal.

There was so much going on in the Chommell Sector since the elections had just finished up and once again, Alyesa remained Senator for the Chommell Sector. The New Republic held a firm hold on the entire sector and the Queen herself supported the New Republic and its beliefs without a question – which left Alyesa a lot of room for maneuverability within the Senate for opening new avenues of commerce and wealth to the planet. She had to admit, it wasn’t just about credits but ensuring that the people of Naboo were taken care of – just as much as her ancestors did before her.

Contracts had been extended out to Incom Corporation and other entities for them to produce environmental products on the planet – so long as they followed Naboo’s strict environmental policies and procedures to keep the planet free from debris and other harmful matter that came with industrial production. Having dropped the Nubia Star Drives contract – the Royal Security Forces were looking into negotiating for a newer model into the Royal Defense Fleet, something that would enhance their ability to protect the monarchy – and her delegates whenever they traveled.

The issue on Kuat also brought up the need for enhanced security, more enforced measures to ensure that nothing like that would ever happen again.
The thought of her near-death experience on Kuat caused her to shiver behind her desk, making her adjust behind her desk, a bit uncomfortable. The memories of the machines hovering over her, the whirring noise of the respirator, the bright light of the operating room. She could smell the rich iron in her nostrils and even see the crimson liquid that stained her hands from her wounds. She shivered once more and set the datapad down, rising from her desk to gaze out the window – elsewhere.

Those were horrible times, times she wished she had listened to her instincts.

Kuat Drive Yards had been a great deal for the Republic – and it had cost her dearly. She had paid with it in blood, her own blood. It was something though that the Republic was grateful for, she remembered Organa-Solo visiting her, and she remembered the kind words the woman spoke to her. She remembered Roman Kato being sympathetic to her as well, and vowing to ensure that at all costs the Republic would find out whoever committed the crime would be brought to justice.

To this day – the killer remains free though, but Alyesa doesn’t fault the Republic. They’re too large to be brought in for means of justice and a peace deal was brokered with a defection. An uneasy peace deal at that. It is only a matter of time before it all falls apart and then what? They’re back where they started. Everything sacrificed would be for nothing – to include her desire for justice.

She didn’t worry though – when all things were said and done. In the face of potential death, she showed courage and strength. She continued to press on, she had to. Everything she did, was for liberty and for the Republic that she loved dearly.
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