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The Rising Spark

Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu »

“Come on…. come on…. just a few more seconds,” he cursed under his breath

The screen of the datapad lit up his face as he sat pressed against the terminal in the dark, rainy alley. The monitor read 98%, it wouldn’t be long until the files were his. Barely over the sound of the rain hitting the ferrocrete sidewalks he heard footsteps rushing through the stagnant puddles, heading his way.

Finally, with a muted beep, the transfer was complete and he ripped the cords out of the exposed side panel of the data terminal and began to move his way back out of the alley. Trying to stay calm, he made it as far as 5 or 6 steps before he heard a voice call from behind him, “Stop! Turn around!”

“Sithspit,” he cursed as he slowly raised his hands and spun slowly, the squad of three stormtroopers stood in the downpour, the raindrops pelting harmlessly off their almost pristine composite armor. “Keep your hands up!” they barked, “and lower your hood!”

Slowly, Rodusky lowered the baggy black hood of his poncho revealing his face to the troopers, “A Chiss?” he heard one ask, “here?”

“Listen,” Rodusky interrupted, “I’m sure you don’t want to be out in the rain any longer than you already have, this is all a simple misunderstanding-”

“Quiet!” one trooper ordered as they moved closer, blaster carbine raised.

Extending a hand, the trooper barked another order, “Show us your identification, now!”

“That really won’t be necessary,” Rodusky protested, “I’m just on my way home and wanted to take a shortcut through a few back alleys”

The other troopers moved up as the leader shoved their carbine almost directly in Rodusky’s face, “Identification! NOW!”

Rodusky sighed heavily and shrugged, “If that’s how you really want to do this…”

Slowly, Rodusky moved his hands towards his waist, “I’m going to pull my identification card out, please don’t shoot me,” he spoke as he kept an eye on each of the trooper’s carbines.

The troopers looked on edge, fidgety. Either they were newbies, or possibly just wanting to be done with their shift and all out of patience. Honestly, he thought, both work fine.

Reaching slowly, behind his back, Rodusky’s hand softly passed over his blaster along his waistline until he grabbed a small card and ever so slightly produced it, holding it between his fingers high enough for the troopers to see.

As the lead trooper reached for the card, Rodusky let the card drop. With an almost imperceptible slap, the card clattered to the ground, “Oh, sorry,” Rodusky stammered, “wet fingers.” In the next few, tense seconds, the lead trooper began to reach down to grab the card. In an instant, Rodusky saw his moment.

With one well placed kick, the lead trooper was sent flailing backwards and Rodusky grabbed his blaster, firing three quick shots, instantly dispatching the squad.

Holstering the blaster, Rodusky retrieved his card from the ground, policed the weapons and ammo from the troopers and took off into the night. The data drive between his fingers held more than he would need.

The Empire’s grip on this world would weaken soon enough. The Rebellion may have ignored Valoria, or just flat out ignored it, he didn't care. Others might have given up on this world. But he would not. All it ever takes is just one spark. A spark to burn out the Empire and free this world.

One rising spark.
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Re: The Rising Spark

Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu »

The dim, low light of the cantina gave a somewhat sinister look to most of the patrons silently enjoying their drinks or deep in conversation. The music blaring through the various speakers around the room produced a slight thump in everyone's chest with the beat of the song. In his booth, Rodusky took a long sip of his drink and he absentmindedly fiddled with the small data drive in his fingers.

He had easily made it back to the cantina after his run in with the stormtroopers outside the Imperial watchtower. He knew the local district would probably be put into lockdown once the bodies were found so he needed to get the information out as quickly as possible. It wasn’t long until his contact entered the room, a tall, blue skinned Togruta named Nesa Siks.

Nonchalantly, Nesa made her way over to Rodusky’s booth and sat down, quickly ordering a drink, “So what happened?” she asked immediately.

Leaning forwards to keep the conversation as private as possible, Rodusky explained, “I got the info we need, had to tie up a few loose ends so time is of the essence, can you get this to him?”

Rodusky slid the small drive over to Nesa as stealthily as possible before speaking again, “Everything he needs is on there, transfer orders, incoming shipments, training schedules, you name it.”

Nesa quickly pocketed the drive with her right hand as she covered her action by sipping her drink with her right, “This is big, Ro, if what you say is really on there, we can start retaking the city.”

Rodusky nodded, “I know, Nesa, like I said, it wasn’t easy to get so I need you to get it to him as soon as possible, a lockdown could be coming any minute, you need to go now.”

Nesa nodded as she stood, acting as if she was heading to the bar for a refill, “Come with me, he’ll want to see you too. You can’t stay here if there’s a lockdown”

Rodusky smirked, “I’ll be fine, Nesa, just get him that info and I’ll see ya’ll on the other side of this. Now go!”

Nesa nodded as she turned and made her way out a small exit in the back of the cantina. As if by sheer stroke of luck, only a few moments after Nesa exited the door, a small squad of stormtroopers filed in through the main entrance.

They began to spread out into the cantina, weapons drawn but not raised. Eventually the leader, or at least the one Rodusky identified as the leader by his orange shoulder pauldron, made their way towards the droid controlling the music and shut the entire system down.

The second the music faded, a female voice yelled over the silence as the leader spoke, “By order of the Galactic Empire, this entire district is now under lockdown. You will be searched and then you will return to your homes.”

The gathered crowd began to mutter amongst themselves as suddenly, as one, the stormtroopers raised their weapons towards the crowd. “Anyone,” the leader spoke, their hand raised ready to give the fire order, “and I do mean anyone, who does not comply with this official Imperial order will be taken into custody or shot on sight. Your choice.”

The chatter almost stopped entirely as the patrons began to line up as the stormtroopers began to search the crowd. Rodusky silently sighed as he raised his hands and approached the crowd. This wasn’t his first time being caught in one of these searches or “lockdown” so he knew exactly how to make his way through unscathed. One stormtrooper peeled off the group and began to search those nearest Rodusky until he finally made his way towards Rodusky.

“Name?” the stormtrooper began to question as he approached Rodusky.

“Rodusky Marx, people call me Ro, either is fine.”

“Ident card?”

Rodusky nodded and slowly produced his identification card, “This is my ident card, behind it is my permit for the blaster on my waist.”

The stormtrooper seemed to look in the direction of Rodusky’s waistline which Rodusky reacted by turning around to show the outline of the blaster through his jacket and pants.

Seeing the compliance, the stormtrooper’s tone softened and his stance loosened, “Thank you for that, citizen. Everything here looks good.”

The stormtrooper scanned the ident card in his portable reader and after a few moments, the screen flashed green. “You’re clear, stay out of trouble, Mr. Marx.”

Rodusky nodded as he thought of Nesa making her way out of the district and getting the information to the resistance fighters who needed it most, “I always do, sir.”
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