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Iron Man/Batman: Elseworlds

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Iron Man/Batman

"Alex...seriously. I don't think this is your best idea," Sam Freeman's voice echoed through the faceplate of the War Machine armor. He was standing on the landing pad of Stark Tower staring at Alex Burke who had just suited up in his black and gold Iron Man armor.

"Sam! You have got to relax. I've got this completely under control. Remember who you're talking to." Alex's ego was clearly audible in his words. "It'll be fine. It'll be a quick jaunt through the timestream to make sure the suit works and I'll be back here in time for scotch and cigars on the balcony."

His words did not make Sam feel any better. There was no denying Alex was one of the single smartest individuals on the planet; maybe THE smartest. But that didn't mean he was infallible. In fact, Sam had observed more than one mistake caused by Alex's ego. Iron Man's faceplate slid down into place and he lifted up into the air, "Keep my seat warm for me here. See you in a bit. And for God's sake don't tell Nat what I'm doing."

With those words the armored Avenger flew up into the air, through the clouds, and was gone from Sam's view. The dark skinned man frowned, knowing this was a very bad idea.


Home One
Stark Secret Armory
Current Orbital Location: Above the Atlantic Ocean

Alex was admiring his latest suit aboard Home One, his secret armory in orbit around Earth. Initially, when the armory was launched no one except himself thought it was anything other than the latest Stark communication satellite. Since then he had looped in Sam Freeman and Natalia Pera to it's true designation. This armory held his most dangerous suits, including his Buster line of armors as well as his new Temporal Armor which was made specifically to traverse through the timestream. He had already docked his Black Sabbath Armor, the suit he had arrived in, and was stepping into the sleek, blue and gold time suit.

The armor covered him completely within seconds, and Alex noticed how light it felt. This specific armor was devoid of nearly all weaponry except for the basic repulsor blasts. The tachyon equipment that was needed for time travel took up the majority of the room in the armor and left precious little space for much else, therefore Alex had made sure he crammed in a decont shield projector as his main source of protection. He moved around the lab for a moment, gauging the suit's mobility and getting comfortable. He smiled underneath the faceplate, "What do you think, DATA? Are we ready to rock this new look?"

The digital reply from Alex's A.I. unit echoed in the helmet, "I believe we are always quite fashionable, sir, but if that is your way of asking if systems are ready for launch then the answer is a definitive yes."

Alex's smile got bigger, "Excellent. You know the destination, DATA. Let's hit it!"

A burst of bright blue light erupted around him as the tachyon field ignited and proceeded to expand around the entire armory. Iron Man was captivated by the swirling of light that danced around him, "DATA, how are we looking?"

"All systems are holding. Tachyon field is...," DATA was cut short by a loud thud from outside. Iron Man was thrown off balance and hit the floor of the armory. Sparks erupted from the ceiling and the control panel on the far wall, "What the hell was that?!"

DATA's mechanical voice sounded concerned, "I am unsure, sir. We were hit by a sizeable projectile at the top of the station. Without dropping out of Temporal-space I am unable to ascertain exactly what it was."

Alex climbed back to his feet, "Take us out. Now! We need to know what the hell just happened!"

Iron Man was starting to think maybe Sam had been correct. The light slowed and finally vanished as Alex, DATA, and the armory exited Temporal-space. Iron Man breathed a sigh of relief, "When are we, DATA?"

"According to my calculations we have arrived back exactly 48 seconds after our departure, sir."

Alex nodded. That was good. They were back home. He opened up a communications link to War Machine, "Sam, you may have been right about the new suit. I think it needs some fine tuning before I attempt another launch like that. It can wait for another day. Looks like we can hit the scotch and cigars a bit earlier this evening."

A foreign, female voice responded back to Alex, "Who is this? You are on a secure channel operated by the Iron Empire."

Alex took a second before responding, "Sam...are you screwing with me?"

The female voice responded again, this time a lot more forceful, "By command of the War Machine Corps of the Iron Empire you will tell me who this is! NOW!"

Alex didn't respond. He moved to the control panel of the armory and started pulling up images of Earth. Continents and islands had shifted. Parts of the planet looked almost uninhabitable, scorched and dead. He shifted the cameras back to New York to see Stark Tower and nearly lost his breath. A massive fortress stood in its place and out front was a colossal statue of a figure in Iron Man armor and a cape. It was austentatious to say the least...and so far beyond concerning Alex wasn't even sure his blood pressure would even out again.

Iron Man walked over to the window and stared down at the blue planet below him, "Well...shit."
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