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Superboy: Fast Lane

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“One second off the pace, time to pick up the pace…”

The noise of the V6 engine filled the air with a shrill that could be compared to nothing. Eight hundred and fifty horsepower sat at the young mans back propelling him forward at over two hundred miles an hour. Pushing the car faster the driver took a sip from the water tube running to his mouth and pressed the gas pedal down further as he came out of a turn.

“…warm up lap is done, one-tenth back, push it…”

Taking a breath, he slid his eyes to the left and downshifted as he left the fifth turn. As he sped down another straight away, a shorter one he set up to pass a car and watched as it slowed and moved over to the left to let him pass. Pointing his Red Bull Racing formula one car towards the last corner the driver pushed the car to its limit as he crossed the finish line and his team came over the radio.

“…pole by two tenths, easy on the tires were using them to start tomorrow…

Pulling into the pit a hose was plugged into the car, dolly jacks were used to spin the car and it was rolled back into the pit garage adjacent to the pit box. Pulling off his helmet the driver smiled at a brunette woman sitting on a stool off to the side while his crew went to work on the car. Looking up at his racing engineer the driver watched as data scrolled over a laptop screen and he listened to the man speak. After a ten minute debrief and watching a simulated version of his qualifying laps the driver pushed out of the car and nodded in agreement with a few adjustments that the team wished to make for the car for the race the next morning. Feeling hands slide around his fire suit the man smiled and tapped the woman on the leg from in front of her. Pulling ear buds from his ears and pushing his racing gloves in his helmet the man saw the team media manager approaching. “Dillon, we’ve got a few interviews scheduled in about ten minutes, get yourself hydrated and I’ll have one of the carts pick you up.”

“Okay Tara, see you in a few.”

Grabbing a Gatorade the driver took a big gulp of the liquid and then sat on stool for a moment while his fiancé ran her hand through his hair. “Think we’ll be able to get out for dinner tonight or will it be too much of a packed evening.”

Smiling Dillon stood before kissing the woman on the cheek and whispered in her ear. “We’ll see, but you know there’s no rest for Superboy….or his fiancé.”

Winking at the woman he walked out to the cart that had just pulled up out front of his pit garage and both of them sat on a seat as it moved away from the garage.
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