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World War Z

Post by Ninzi »

Benedict Black walked into his apartment building. He was taking deep breaths, and he was finally starting to calm down. His nerves were still a bit fried, but after all, he had completed something few people ever did. He had met the Avengers. Wolverine, Black Widow, Spider-Man. On top of that, he had met Superman. But what completed the craziness was that he, Benedict Black, had met the Dark Knight of Gotham. The Batman. That had been the craziest thing of all. All of those people, standing there. They had asked something of him, and he had given it to them. His fingers unconsciously reached up and touched the spot on his necklace where the gem on the necklace used to be.

Used to be.

He had given them the necklace and the gem. While Benedict had a reputation as an arrogant prick among the residents he had worked with at Gotham General Hospital, he wasn’t a complete asshole. More importantly, if they needed the gem, whatever exactly it was, it was probably for something bigger than him.

He stood now in the lobby of his building, waiting for the elevator. The lights started to flicker, but that didn’t bother Benedict. He had opted to save money by living in a relative shit hole. It wasn’t as if he was being paid a lot of money to begin with. So he saved where he could. The lights flickering was a common thing for him. Not only was he used to the building not being in the best condition, but he was used to being poor and broke in general.

The debt collectors had never stopped. That necklace really had been the only thing he’d gotten when his mother had passed away. As it turned out, it was good that he had never sold it. He looked up suddenly, as the lights had started to flicker green and purple. Now that was weird. His eyes narrowed. What was going on?

The elevator doors opened and he stepped away from them. It would probably make more sense to take the stairs. The last thing he wanted was to get stuck in an elevator. He took the stairs two steps at a time. It didn’t take him long to get to the third floor. Fishing for his keys, Benedict unlocked the door and stepped inside.

The apartment was dark and he reached over and flipped the switch.

Nothing happened.

He sighed. Well, that was annoying.

He walked over through the kitchen and to his living room. There were windows there and he started pulling up the blinds. Benedict had completed opening the blinds on the three windows, when he turned at the sound of a noise.

He heard it, the scrap of one of his wooden dining chairs across the floor.

He turned.
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Re: World War Z

Post by Mir »

The black haired woman coughed a little, before settling down in the chair. A faint smell of something burning pervaded the apartment. Benedict stared at her, speechless. She was wearing some kind of black leather jacket that covered a white tank top and black leggings. Her Doc Marten boots scrapped against the floor as she moved around in the chair a bit. She looked up at him, and he could tell she’d been through something harrowing. Her eyes were a bit bloodshot, and she looked like she hadn’t slept in a few days. The woman lifted a hand up as if to forestall him from saying anything. She opened her mouth, to speak, but then she coughed, slumping down in the seat. It took her a few moments to catch her breath.

“Who…are you?” Benedict asked.

“Hey there, cowboy.” She replied.

“I…have a weapon in this apartment.” He spoke cautiously, trying to inject what sternness he could into his voice.

He had no weapon.

Better for her to think that though. It might go away in telling him who she was and just what she was doing in his apartment.

“You’re a doctor, right?” She asked, and he nodded. “I need your help.”

“I feel like you should answer my question first.”

She nodded, closing her eyes for a moment. “Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve had to use that teleportation spell and I’d forgotten how much fun it is to use it.” She said and he merely raised his eyebrows. “That was sarcasm, doc.” She rolled her eyes. “Gosh, you’re a tickle. My name is Camilla Alvarez, commonly known as Zatanna.”

“The stage magician?” He asked. “I’ve heard of you.” More importantly than that, he’d seen her, pictures of her. They didn’t do her justice now that he thought about it. He’d seen those pictures for…reasons. “How did you get here?”

“I did just tell you. What kind of a host are you, to not welcome a girl in and offer her water or something to drink.”

He paused and considered. “Well, that is something I’d do, if I had actually welcomed you in. But you appeared out of thin air.”

“Yet you asked me how I got here. I told you a teleportation spell.”

“A teleportation….you’re a stage magician. Everything you do is a trick or sleight of hand.”

“Sslag fo retaw raeppa erofeb em, hcneuq ym tsriht I erolpmi eeht.”

Also out of thin air, a tall glass of water appeared and hovered in the air. Zatanna reached out and grabbed it, bringing it to her lips. She drank the whole glass in one shot pausing barely for air, as if she needed the water to live. Lowering the glass, she held it up as if she was giving Benedict some kind of salute.

“I need your help or someone is going to die. Stage magic my ass."
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Re: World War Z

Post by RCCrow »

Havana, Cuba

Alicia Casos gripped the Styrofoam cup tightly. She stared intently at the pattern on the cup, getting lost in the banality of it all. There was nothing she could do. No way for her to be able to solve the problem she found herself in. Her aunt was dying. The cancer was eating away at the older woman’s body and no amount of treatment would save her. Even if Alicia had the money to pay for the treatment, there was nothing that could be done. That’s what the doctors had told her. Cancer rarely lost and within a few weeks it was going to win again. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to hold back the tears.

Her aunt was the only family she had after her father had been killed during a hurricane a few years ago. Her aunt had taken her and her father in after her sister, Alicia’s mother had passed away when Alicia had been a child. She loved her aunt and there was nothing she could do to save her.

If there was one thing Alicia hated, it was this feeling of powerlessness. How could she comfort the woman who had helped her through so much? They said her aunt wasn’t in pain, which was the only consolation.

She opened her eyes and stared at the cup some more. As if a Styrofoam cup from a hospital cafeteria had the answers. Alicia looked up as she realized she was not alone in the primarily abandoned cafeteria. A man stood in front of her, dressed in an all-black suit. He had no tie, but the buttons on his black dress shirt were done all the way up. He didn’t look like he was from around here. He was definitely Caucasian.

“Alicia Casos?” The man asked and she nodded. “I heard you’re having some problems. Your aunt, she’s very sick, from what I’ve been told.”

“Yes.” She said. “I’m sorry, who…who are you?” Alicia asked.

“My name is Ravenstone.” He said. “I have the ability to help you with your problems. I can offer you a solution.”

“What solution is that?” She asked.

He pointed down at the seat across from her and she nodded. Ravenstone sat down. “I have a need for an assistant. You have a need for your aunt to be healthy. We can solve each other’s problems. What do you know of magic?” He asked.

“It’s a fairytale. I need something real if you’re offering to save my aunt. I can’t believe in fairytales.” Alicia replied and he smiled.

Ravenstone looked down and slid his hands over the table. “Magic is very real.” He said. “Magic can help your aunt. These doctors aren’t going to be able to do that. Maybe I’m lying and it’s all a crock of nonsense. But maybe I’m not. Are you going to turn your nose up at it because you think it’s not real? I’d think your aunt’s life is worth a little bit of faith, don’t you?”

He had her there. She looked down at the table. “I suppose. Tell me.”
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Re: World War Z

Post by Ninzi »

Benedict stared at her, incredulously. “You’re out of your mind. I’m out of my mind.” He said.

“That is a possibility.” Camilla replied. “On the other hand, your eyes might not be deceiving you. But I really don’t time for that. Like I said, someone could die. A dear friend of mine. I can’t allow that to happen. So, will you help me?”

Benedict held up his hands. “Assuming all of this is true, and you can say words backwards and water...I hate to use word, but magically appears...Why me?” He asked.

“You’re a doctor, one of the best and brightest Gotham University has had in years. You only recently completed your residency and so you’re bound to be interested in new challenges. I have one. I’ve got a man who’s dying and it’s sensitive and I need you to look at him.” Camilla said. She held a hand up. “I promise I will not use the same teleportation spell to get you there that I used to get here. It was a bit gnarly, I can admit.”

Benedict closed his eyes and shook his head. This was definitely not how he’d expected this day to go. First the Avengers, and now this? “What’s wrong with him?”

She stared at him. “He’s dying. I don’t know how. If I knew how, I wouldn’t need a doctor, now would I?” She said. “Look, he told me about you and said you were the one I needed to get. Now, are you going to help me or not?” She asked.

Things were getting even more confusing now. “He asked you to get me?” He asked and she nodded, pointing at him. “Specifically me?”

“Yes, sweetheart, specifically you.” She said. “Something to do with your manipulation abilities.”

“My manipulation abilities? I have steady hands, and I can make precision cuts with a scalpel, but this is still a bit much.”

“You ever wonder why things seem to work out for you, Benny?” Camilla asked, getting up off of the chair and slowly coming towards him. “There were hundreds of applications to the Wayne Foundation, why did yours make it to the top of the list. You’re good with a scalpel, sure, but talent doesn’t always rise to the top. You have to get noticed, and that doesn’t happen to everyone. Not all the time, at least.” She smiled, holding the glass of water out to him.

He took it and held it in his hands, as she placed her own on either one of his shoulders. She was starting to lean in close and he could smell the perfume. It was light, flowery, but with enough hints of exotic in it that it could tempt a man. Not that she needed help there, anyway. Her piercing blue eyes were boring a hole through him, and at the same time, he couldn’t stop himself from continuing to stare at them.

“No, that doesn’t [/i]just[/i] happen.” She said, quietly. “You gave them the stone, didn’t you?” She asked, her eyes darting down to his neck, where his necklace used to be. “Did they tell you what it was?”

“An Infinity Stone.”

“You, sir, had the Reality stone. The ability to warp reality all around you. You were doing it too. In small increments, of course. That extra five dollars you’d find in your pants when doing laundry. Your application through the Wayne Foundation finding its way to the top. The little things in life. But you can’t use an Infinity Stone unless you’ve got some serious ability yourself.”

Benedict blinked, as things were starting to compute with what she was saying. “You mean…”

Camilla closed her eyes and nodded somberly. “Brace yourself.” She said.

“You mean…”

“You’re a fucking wizard, Harry.”
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