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Status of People

Post by Mir »

We have a few people who have not posted in a while. Some were moving around the world for work or traveling. Others had personal reasons. But some haven't posted in well over a year. I've spoken to some of you and been told that there would be posts and those posts haven't materialized.

Everyone, regardless of their current standing, has a month to get current. If you're in threads with me, I will do my best to post with you and help you get to where you need to be. I don't want anyone to lose their list.

Also going forward, the 5 posts in a 3 month time period to claim new characters will be enforced hardline, as opposed to the more lax way I've been doing it (if it's someone I know posts regularly, I've added the character knowing they'd post or they were also dropping a roughly equal amount of characters).

Again, I don't want anyone to lose their list and I'll work with you as best as possible. But case in point, we just had someone who posted for the first time in over a year. If you're no longer interested in writing or writing some of your characters, let me know and we'll drop them from the list. Let's try to get and be active and keep building our world of heroes.
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Re: Status of People

Post by RCCrow »

I understand. I know I'm one of the people.
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