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Proofreading Available

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My wife has started doing some proofreading for extra money and wanted me to share the word. Her website is and she has a Facebook page (because it's much easier to share). Her prices are very reasonable, even compared against proofreaders in general and not against full-blown copy-editing or story editing. Generally speaking, she does final-stage editing (right before you send it out the door type stuff), but she will do earlier-stage edits for a minuscule, but appropriate, price increase.

She's gotten very good feedback from the writers she's worked with so far, so for those of you with manuscripts (or who know people with manuscripts), keep her in mind. She's very good at it and, like I said, very reasonably priced. Even though it's not part of the billed service, she usually does some light story editing and checking for consistency, that kind of thing. (She will refuse to read erotic content, though, so be aware of that, too.)


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