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18 years after the Battle of Yavin...
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Exodus Galaxy: State of the Galaxy v2.4.1

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Many thanks to Dark Cleck for putting the original summary together. The summary is now maintained by Balsa.

The Exodus Galaxy's "What's Currently Happening" Thread: Here's everything you need to know about what’s currently happening in the Exodus Galaxy...

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It is now 18 ABY. The Galaxy is in a era of rest and recovery, having been ravaged by the rampaging hordes of Sivter’s Charon. Instead of tearing apart the Galaxy, the Cult of Shadow united the various governmental factions, bringing together old foes and new allies. The New Republic and The Galactic Empire found themselves fighting side by side along with forces from the Sith Empire, the Mandalorians, the Xedael Empire, and others, all unified under the goal to defeat the threat posed by Sivter and his Cult. Now, victorious, the galaxy’s nations are recovering from the horrendous toll, and are exploring further diplomatic measures to ensure a threat of such magnitude never emerges again. However, despite this desire for peace, forces within the Galaxy threaten to stir up trouble, and it’s only a matter of time before conflict rises once more…

  • The Empire appears to be as monolithic and united as it ever was, but a closer examination reveals fractures. Since the start of the War of Darkness, whispers of discontent have been heard not only on Bastion, but also on Coruscant. The old aristocracy has grown unhappy being led by an alien that wants peace with the New Republic. The Moffs would like nothing more than to see Grand Admiral Thrawn fall from grace and be removed as Regent.

    The Moffs seek the return of the Empire to its former days of glory, which means the destruction of the New Republic. They seek war, and are working through nefarious channels to achieve it. They have formed a vile union with the Syndicate, a far reaching criminal organization that has its roots with the Silk Dragon Consortium and Black Sun. They are working together, along with other elements to ferment war between the Galactic Empire and New Republic.

    Thrawn, meanwhile, wants to avoid war at all cost. With the Empire suffering far more losses to Sivter, he is trying to bide time for the Empire to rebuild its Navy, which is barely strong enough to garrison all of its territory. He hears the whispers of discontent and sees the shadows of treason and is taking steps to prevent it. He is separating the Imperial Special Services from Imperial Intelligence and reconstituting it as his own private army. Along with the Imperial Security Bureau, it will soon embark on a shadow war with the Moffs and their Syndicate allies, all the while trying to prevent war with the New Republic.
  • There are various prophecies throughout the history of the galaxy. An extensive series of them deal with the machinations of Zohmaj Hauc and his group of Force Users, the Bringers of Dawn. If the prophecies were to come true, Zohmaj Hauc is the future ruler of the galaxy, creating an empire and a dynasty that would last over five hundred years. However, there are people working against him. Only two copies of the prophecies remain intact. One is held by Hauc, the other is held by a Jedi Master named Joshua Karn. Karn has built up a stable of allies, including the House of Muir, Akain Karna and his Night's Watch, and Devon Vos and his Defenders, amongst others. Most recently, Joshua Karn had a confidential meeting with the New Republic Minister of State, Roman Kato, and explained everything to the Minister. In turn, the Minister gave Karn unconditional and unilateral support of the New Republic. Hauc is not without his own allies and forces however, and the two sides are slowly growing towards a conflict that stands to potentially dwarf the Xen'Chi War in size and scope.
  • In the galactic northeast, the Sith Empire has been steadily consolidating its powerbase, having fought off a wave of mysterious alien beasts with the help of other Sith organizations. As a result, the Empire has incorporated these other Sith groups, giving them land and power as payment for their assistance. Darth Sirena of the Sith Sisterhood rose to power among the Sith Council and was soon selected as Empress of the Sith Empire.

    Recently, the Sith Empire has undergone additional internal turmoil as a coup d’état Empress Sirena, and returned the nation to its prosperous and powerful roots. The Empire is now even more united, with the consolidation of economies, the military and training academies, and rulership has now once again returned to Rashael Koss. Additionally, the Sith Empire is taking steps to reach out to the other nations of the galaxy in an effort to improve its galactic standing.
  • After the final demise of Sivter on Arcanix, Darth Trayus retreated back to Dromund Kaas to recover from his wounds in the battle. During this process, he began to devise his plans to bring the Jedi Order to its knees. As the galaxy recovers from the War of Darkness, Darth Trayus is rallying the forces of the recently-formed Sith Triumvirate and, collaborating with his new allies, has officially instigated a relentless Jedi Purge against the Jedi Order. Concurrently, he is finalizing his long-in-the-making plans to create war between the New Republic and Galactic Empire, thus leaving him and his allies free to their devices. However, all is not as it seems, and the true purposes of Darth Trayus's Shadow War is beginning to come to fruition...

Major Governments

Although the Empire’s territory is dwarfed in size by the New Republic, it still controls a considerable portion of the galaxy, including Coruscant, and can easily rival the Republic in terms of military strength. Led by Grand Admiral Thrawn, it holds to the same authoritarian and centralized power theorems of the old Empire without many of the excesses and tyrannical policies of Emperor Palpatine. Many old prejudices have been officially done away with, notably the bias against women and non-Humans, which has seen a resulting increase in their service with the Empire. A non-aggression pact has even been signed with the Jedi Order. Several important and rather controversial programs have been established under Thrawn’s rule as well, including the Force-using Imperial Knights and the philanthropic Imperial Mission.

However, even as Thrawn works to further solidify the Empire’s power base after the losses suffered from back-to-back conflicts with the Xen’Chi, Crimson Empire, Mandalorians, and the Cult of Shadow, not all within the government are happy with his rule. A group of Moffs have become disgruntled with the path Thrawn is leading the Empire towards and seek to return to the old ways. Towards that end, they are working in secret to engineer another war with the New Republic to keep Thrawn occupied while they attempt to seize power for themselves...

The New Republic, meanwhile, is led by Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and Minister of State Roman Kato. The NR was already in disarray and one of its lowest levels of power since the ousting of Emperor Palpatine 15 years ago when the Xen Chi war began. Now, it stands somewhat stronger militarily since the Empire took greater losses during the Xen Chi war. It grew much weaker with the destruction of the Corellian Commonwealth, a primary ally, during the Damascus wars. Since, Corellia has become a full fledged member of the Republic and one of its most important members. The NR hopes to regain its power and once again push back the authoritarian ways of the Galactic Empire. Join the New Republic today!

Recently, the New Republic was the focal point for the War of Darkness as Sivter attempted an invasion of the New Republic Capital, Mon Calamari. After the subsequent battle, one of the largest in galactic history and involving every important government in the galaxy, the New Republic sent ships to become part of a large task force designed to take down Sivter and the Cult of Shadow at Arcanix, the Cult's homeworld.

There are people at work within the NR who wish for something to be done about the Empire and are eager to pursue a first strike idea against the Empire. As such, due to the nature of the NR, there is much continued debate over how to achieve the goals that are required within the NR Senate.

Minor Governments

The Black Star Confederacy is a millennia-old minor government native to the Unknown Regions. Ruling some seventy (semi-)inhabited systems, the Confederacy is allied with the small, yet formidable, Kartanin Dominion, and are ruled by President Orvarrin and the Confederate Senate.

Recently, peace has settled over the Confederacy after the loss of their capital world, Fuller, but ancient foes are stirring on the outskirts of the Confederacy, and the peace seems destined to end sooner rather than later.

Founded over 10,000 years ago, the Xedael Empire is an empire in the Unknown Regions that spans dozens of star systems, and is the home nation of the Ingr'Nysk. The Empire was nearly destroyed in its infancy by crazed Force users but has since seen many millennium of peace. Though it prefers to keep to itself, the Xedael Empire has now begun to expand outwards towards the rest of the galaxy.

Having destroyed the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium threat , the Xedael Empire played a pivotal role in the fight against Sivter, funding Doctor Granth’s development of an Otherdrive, which resulted in the defeat of the Charon forces. Now, following the defeat of Sivter, the Xedael Empire has opened diplomatic relations with the Sith Empire: the two nations fought side-by-side and found each other’s respective Force-training philosophies intriguing enough to begin diplomatic talks.

Located in the northeastern areas of the galaxy, the Sith Empire is a sovereign nation governed by the Sith. An isolationist and secretive nation, the Sith Empire is nonetheless a powerful entity that is a careful mix of secular and Sith-based philosophies. The Sith Empire has just risen from a dreadful conflict to exterminate an invasion of mysterious beasts, and as a result, has embraced many Sith organizations.

Recently, the Sith Empire has undergone additional internal turmoil as a coup d’état Empress Sirena, and returned the nation to its prosperous and powerful roots. The Empire is now even more united, with the consolidation of economies, the military and training academies, and rulership has now once again returned to Rashael Koss. Additionally, the Sith Empire is taking steps to reach out to the other nations of the galaxy in an effort to improve its galactic standing.
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Prior to the end of the War of Darkness, Darth Trayus led a cadre of his elite forces to KDY, where they stole an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer. Sith Intelligence subsequently leaked information of the event to the HoloNet, and using hinted leads pointing towards a rogue Imperial faction as the source of the heist, put the Galactic Empire in the spotlight. Following Sivter's defeat at Arcanix, the Crimson Empire took center stage, and initiated war between the New Republic and Galactic Empire while following its own war against the Jedi Order.
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Following the supposed Imperial attack on Mandalore, the Protectors launched a full-scale offensive against Imperial holdings along the Rimma Trade Route. Staging their assault from Midpoint Station, the Mandalorians effectively secured Imperial territories within this part of the galaxy as their own, but not without heavy casualties. Following their pyrrhic victory, Mandalore Starfall initiated a "Mandalore First" maneuver after a declaration from many chieftains among the Protectors forced his hand in the matter. Combined with the pressure to call one million Mandalorians back to their headquarters planet, Garen opted to initiate a "rally master" plan, which recruited new flesh into their ranks - whether these individuals wanted to or not - in an effort to bolster their ranks after the disastrous war against the Empire.
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The Kuras Tetrarchy, located on the ice planet Kuras IV in the Elrood Sector, is a peaceful mining colony designed to remain neutral and separate from political conflicts throughout the Galaxy. They provide a safe haven for civilians looking to avoid political unrest. Their primary industry is mining, especially from the voluminous hematite deposits beneath the surface. The planet maintains business ties with Draconis Inc. and the Muir Corporation, as well as a political alliance with the Muir Commonwealth.

Recently, it has escaped the oppression of the Scautus Order, a Dark Jedi group bent on domination and destruction. Although the Dark Jedi's plans are as yet unclear, the Kurasians are attempting to continue their lives in peace. Several members of the colony, including Jedi Knight Kiuwo and his student, the former colony administrator Gideon Corey, are actively pursuing the secrets of the Scautus Order.
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The Federation of the Allied Systems is an independent government that was founded in early 18 ABY. Located near the Galactic Core, the FAS is composed of several systems known as Purse Worlds. Ruled by the Trade Monarch Lork Durd, the FAS is primarily a trade-based nation, focusing on exports to fuel its economic expansion. The FAS military are key elements of this nation, with the Trade Federation fulfilling naval duties while battle droids form the majority of the Army.

Currently, the FAS is trying to eliminate all internal enemies and consolidate its holdings. However, there are numerous threats, both internal and external, including a pro-New Republic secret political organization, the Triarchy created by former government ministers Rune Kaatranay, Mar Turk and Reisond Rodnerus, and the Liberty Union. Additionally, the Federation of Allied Systems has inspired and is organizing the first Midpoint Summit, a gathering of galactic leaders to discuss peaceful relations, and is scheduled to take place on Midpoint Station in early 19 ABY.

A young space power, the Systems Alliance is a representative body of three star system's governments: the Kadian Federation, the Balaurian Empire, and the Imperium. It also acts as their collective military force that operates to protect from hostile invasions. While reclusive, they maintain a strike-first stance when it comes to defending their territory, and maintains several forces that operate outside their space.

Recently the Systems Alliance came out of seclusion, revealing themselves to the greater galaxy, and took part at the Battle of Mon Calamari and the Battle of Arcanix. Soon after, they held back an attack by the Sith Empire, who sought to gain the SA's rarer technologies. While they aren't actively seeking allies, they are open to making new friends.

Force Factions

A noble order of protectors unified by their belief and observance of the Force, the Jedi Order hearkens back to a more civilized, classical time in galactic history. Their order is ancient, spanning over a thousand generations, and dedicated to being the guardians of peace and justice. The Jedi have been through many changes and ideologies since their formation, but their creed of protecting the galaxy has always remained. They are the largest and most well known organization dedicated to the Light Side of the Force in the galaxy. Join the Jedi Order today!

With the War of Darkness ended the Jedi are left to lick their wounds, but time is not on their side. As the Order doubles its effort to recruit more Jedi the pending threat looming over them continues to grow. Now the Jedi are faced with a war on all sides, one they cannot win without help. Fearing for the future of the Order the newest Jedi Grandmaster, Makaera Tor, seeks to bring the Jedi back into the fold of the Republic.

Active Threads
The end of one evil leads to another as the Jedi gear up for war against Darth Trayus. Beaten and bruised the Jedi are far from defeated and Cazzik Wyn has the determination to prove it. With the help of former Grandmaster, Daer'Gunn, he leads an expedition to track down the enigmatic warlord in A Game of Shadows.

Felicity Sage isn't known for her patience but when her impulsiveness lands her in more trouble than she's ever been in she inadvertently uncovers an ancient threat poised to destroy the Jedi Order. A splinter group from an ancient organisation known as the Revanites has arisen. Calling themselves the New Jedi Order these modern Revanites seek to wipe out all dark and light side users of the Force leaving the galaxy in perfect balance. Now Felicity and her friends are the only ones in a position to stop them from acquiring a power that will help them do it, but will Felicity be able to overcome the truths she will uncover along the way? Follow the epic adventure in Legacy.

Facing defeats all across the galaxy with threats looming all around the Jedi have started a large recruitment drive aimed at increasing their numbers. Jedi Knight Elena Connor leads the expedition as commander of the Jedi Praxeum ship, the Skywalker. A simple mission to recruit more Jedi turns deadly, however, as an unexpected evil siezes control of the ship in The Path of Skywalker.

Jedi justice turns renegade when Jedi Master Sylok Krim decides to take matters into his own hands. Skirting the line between light and dark the Jedi are faced with a tough decision. Now a rag-tag band of newly recruited Jedi Shadows have been tasked with tracking down and stopping this Jedi by any means necessary, but will their first mission as a group be too rough for them? Follow the thrills (and the spills) in A Certain Point of View.

Everyone thought Radek Vidar was dead. Even Radek himself might have preferred it, but when tragic events take from him the one good thing in his life the former Jedi turned renegade plots his revenge and the people of Bescane are directly in his warpath. Now everything has gotten out of control and Radek is left to question his motives. In one last ditch effort to undo the damage he has done Radek must now turn to his enemy, Imperial Knight Sierra Pryde, for help. But can he really stop the Empire from obliterating the rebellion he begun? Follow the action in Being Trodden On.

Civil war threatens to leave the Jedi homeless as the people of the Anari Alliance take up arms against their Prince. Now young Jace Vintari must fight to unite his nation and save it from the brink of destruction, but he is not alone. Aided by Jedi Master Ember Rekali and former Sith Mistress, Iara Beorht, Jace struggles to restore peace to Anari. But behind all the fighting a familiar evil waits for her chance to drown all of Anari in a shroud of darkness in Dynasty.

Mikhail Sage never wanted to be special, but after absorbing the power from the Valley of the Jedi in order to stop Sirena the young Jedi got more than he bargained for. In a desperate bid to protect his family Mikhail leaves the Order and heads for the Unknown Regions, but friends and foes alike continue to dog his every move. Will Mikhail learn to control his fearsome power before those who pursue him can attain it? Find out in Beyond the Rim.

Ossus Jedi Temple: The Temple of the Current, a collaborative effort between many light side groups from across the galaxy, has recently joined the Jedi Order and become the Ossus Jedi Temple. Jensaarai, Fallanassi, Baran Do Sages and a dozen more traditions walk the halls.
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The Imperial Knights is a Force based group within the Empire formed in 17 ABY. The Imperial Knights are a highly skilled Force group that are trained in harsh conditions to become the ultimate warriors for the Galactic Empire. The Knights reject the Dark-side of the Force and view the Force as a tool and only a tool to better themselves and the Empire.

Recently, The Imperial Knights have formed under the leadership of Maxus Gerhard. Thier current mission is to build up the order and to protect the Empire from the numerous force groups from within and without.

The Defenders are a para-military organisation sponsored by the Loris Empire dedicated to the policing of Force-sensitive individuals who operate outside of the galaxy's laws. The organisation is organised under the leadership of the Lord Defender (Currently Devon Vos) and operates from the Praxeum System. Enlistment in the Defenders is open to those gifted with the Force and those who are not, those so gifted are trained as Knight Defenders once their military education is complete. The Defenders utilize small squad and commando tactics in their role as hunter/killers of rogue Force users as well as a wide variety of advanced military hardware.

Recently, The Defenders are currently involved in tracking and neutralizing the Cult of Shadow as well as establishing itself and its reputation with the Galaxy's major governments.
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Founded by Darth Invisus, the Sith Brotherhood has been shrouded in its true intentions. It formed an alliance with the now-defunct Shadow Imperium and Cylon Imperium with the intent on reclaiming the galaxy in the Sith's favor and the eradication of all Jedi. These plans never saw fruitition, however, as Darth Trayus, leading his own followers of Sith in a war against Invisus and his forces, as well as a second war against the Cylon Imperium, altered the Brotherhood's objectives in his favor. This would become the cornerstone foundation for the Crimson Empire. Darth Trayus later reconstructed the Brotherhood to allow it greater functionality, as the number of darksiders in the group increased.

The Sith Brotherhood, coupled with the Order of the Sith Lords and the Shadow of the Sith movement, has created the Sith Tirumvirate, and with the three factions' combined might, they have begun a new Jedi Purge against the Order. It remains to be seen what the conclusion of this conflict might be.

Other Organizations/Groups

Darius Malakai is 26,000 year old Sith Spirit, now inhabiting the physical form of a Vankyr or 'Immortal Soul Eater'. He is extremely strong in the force and demonstrates many never before seen force-powers, to the point that he neither requires nor carries a lightsaber. After his recent resurrection, his main goals have been building his already formidable army, completing the construction of the first batches of the deadly 'Forcer Bane' blasters, and infecting his four most important members of staff with the Vankyr infection.

Recently, Malakai is still manipulating events from afar, hiding in the shadows and building his forces. His plans for the reunification of the Sith are underway and progressing well. In addition to this he has begun creating a set of holocrons which hold secrets long lost to the force-users of the galaxy. Enigmatic as ever, he recently spent several weeks training the Jedi Rach Kol Rekali - for reasons mysterious. His relationship with Velok has grown more complex and he is now quite heavily involved with None Whatsoever. These events are unfolding in The Rise of Malakai