Mouse Guard: 1155

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Mouse Guard: 1155

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Lockhaven, Early Spring 1155

Silence is starting to fill Lockhaven. Over Winter the sounds of work, training and camaraderie were near constant. And last night the city held its Vernalstar celebration. The entire guard was in high spirits, and full of spirits as well. But today, the day after Gwendolyn issued patrol assignments, the great halls lie silent and empty.

The Guard has left their home.

Not all of course, there are still cooks, scholars, tradesmice hard at work in the bowls of the fortress. Tenderpaws still deemed not ready for life on the road sit in their rooms, second guessing their choice to join the guard. Guardmice injured in the Fall or Winter tend their wounds and look out the great windows, willing themselves to recover faster.

And there are also the odd mouse who does not have a regular patrol.

Gwendolyn looks up from her desk and stands as two of these mice enter. The Matriarch looks as regal and put together as always, despite the fact she had drunk as much as the next mouse.

“Ivy. Brand. Please have a seat,” she gestured to the chairs opposite her. As the two mice seated themselves she worked on clearing her desk of paper and then unrolled a map of the Territories.

“I’ve called you two here because I have a rather...unique mission.” she said, sitting herself behind her desk. “We have just received troubling news from Dorigift. It seems that shortly after winter set in last year, a deer crossed the Scent Border and ransacked the town’s granary. Poor mice have been near starving for months. They have requested relief and Lockhaven was lucky enough to have a surplus at harvest time so we’ll be sending a shipment immediately. Unfortunately the request was received only after I sent most of the patrols out. I’ve had to bring old Bernard out of retirement to escort the shipment. He’s from Dorigift and knows the trail well but he’s fairly stubborn and he’d bristle at my sending anyone to help him.....” Gwendolyn paused, choosing her words carefully. “He has served the Guard for a long....long....time. I had hoped he’ll see you two as a compromise. You are not a full patrol and he would be in charge, at least nominally. Of course should anything happen that Bernard could not handle, feel free to act.”

Gwendolyn looked down at the map. “Getting to Dorigift should be simple enough, even in the Spring. Once there, poke your noses around. If the Scent Border is damaged, we’ll have to give it the highest priority.” she glanced up at them. “Any questions? If not you should pack and meet Bernard by the gates, he’ll be hooking up the caravan and he won’t wait long. “

Ok so you guys are free to post reactions, ask Gwendolyn and questions, get any mission specific gear you can think of, or meet Bernard at the gates.

Also at this point I’d like you guys to choose your goals. I’ve tried to give you lots of possible objectives. Here. Remember a goal can be mission specific “I will make sure every mouse in Dorigift is fed!” “I’ll repair the sent border” or they can be more personal. “I’ll impress Ivy with my map making!” whatever you want.

We'll be using Invisible Castle for rolling.
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