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Akain Wanderer

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Jedi Temple
17 ABY

Caitlyn would have smiled if she was able, but what she had to tell Akain was going to be the hardest thing she's ever had to say. She looked up at him, her eyes searching every inch of his face and as he watched her the Nagai became keenly aware that something was wrong. Before he could voice his concerns, however, Caitlyn came right and said exactly what was on her mind.

"I'm leaving, Akain," she said in a quiet yet determined voice, "and I don't know how long I'm going to be gone. I want you to stay here with Salvatore and keep him safe--for me. It's just too dangerous for him to come with me."

Akain's eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly. There was something going on here that she wasn't talking about. But he couldn't exactly tell what it was. At one point, he and Caitlyn had reached a level of connection where they were able to finish each other's sentences and hear the other person's thoughts. They had lost that and it had drifted away after a while. He wasn't sure why, but it had. Now, he wished he still had it, so he could properly understand what was going on. The only thing he knew was that Isis was at the Temple and Caitlyn was leaving now. It didn't make sense, but what Hauc had told him was ringing in his ears as the truth.

"I don't understand." He said. "Why do you need to leave?" He asked.

"It's complicated." She said.

"But dangerous." He added. His eyes narrowed further and Caitlyn knew that Akain was going into his full on stubborn mode. She also knew that she had to head him off now, before it got too serious, especially if she was going to meet up with her sister soon. "So, you're not telling me what it is, but you are telling me that its dangerous. You don't want me to come either, you want me to take care of Salvatore, when one of our friends could do so, be it Tone or Sona or Renato or Master Dophi or any one of them. I don't see the logic here."

"Akain, please."

"There is one thing that makes sense." Akain said looking away. "We're actually close by to when it happened. Do you remember?" He asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"We're close to where we first met." He said. "You wanted to become a Jedi. You said it was to help you find your sister." His voice slowly began to turn cold. "Well you found her now, or if I'm not mistaken, she's found you. You have your sister and now you're leaving." He said. "Is this only a coincidence or is it something more?" He asked.

"Akain it's nothing like that," Caitlyn tried to assure him, but the Nagai was still not convinced.

"Then what is it like, Caitlyn, tell me what this is about if it's all just a big misunderstanding."

She opened her mouth to answer him almost immediately but faltered before she could even make a sound. "I--I can't," she said finally, averting her eyes. She knew the situation was spiraling out of control and she didn't see anyway she could stop it.

"So, it's true," Akain asserted, "You used me."

"Akain, I--," she started but he wouldn't let her speak.

"Don't start, Caitlyn, I can see where this is going. No matter how much I try you'll just never be able to trust me, will you?"

"I trust you, Akain."

"Then why won't you tell me," he snapped.

"Because the less you know the safer you'll be! I don't want you and Salvatore to be involved in whatever this is and I want little Sal to grow up with his father if I don't make it back."

"That argument is weak, you know that? It sounds like you're just trying to make up excuses."

"Do you really think that's what I'm trying to do?"

Akain gave her a pointed look. "Can you prove me wrong?"

Shouldn't you be able to tell that on your own? That was what she wanted to say, but she could only think it. Instead she turned away, her shoulders slumping slightly in defeat. "You'll just have to trust me," she replied in a quite tone.

Akain sighed. "All the time, I have to keep trusting you. That's what Master Leidias told me and that's what you keep telling me to do. But when are you going to trust me?" He asked. "You won't tell me where you're going, you won't tell me for how long you'll be gone, not even an estimate, nothing." Akain looked away for a moment and then back at her. "I thought...I thought when you told me that you loved me and we...we kissed that you would be able to be more forthcoming with me."

Was Hauc right? had the dark sider been telling him the truth. He didn't know, and that was part of the dark sider's attack. He could trust Hauc and be wrong and completely destroy any chance he had with Caitlyn, and he wouldn't know how to forgive himself. He could not trust Huac and be right and Akain could be setting himself up for a large heartbreak down the road that he wasn't sure that he would be able to return from. Something his parents had taught him years ago, about statistics came unbidden to his mind. He was considering the alpha and beta errors, but the problem was that the outcomes of the different situations were catastrophic at least for his individual life. For what was one of the first times, Akain didn't know what to do.

It came down to one question for him.

"Will you tell me or not?" He asked.

Caitlyn just stared at him in silence. Why did it always turn out like this? Akain wanted her to open up but even after all she's been through with him she still fell back into her old habits of closing herself off. She didn't know why she was like that, maybe it was a defense mechanism, who know? All she knew was that she wanted to tell him everything but for some reason she just couldn't form the words in her mouth. After struggling with it for a little while longer hershoulders slumped in defeat and she quietly shook her head, her gaze falling towards the ground.

Before Akain could speak, Isis appeared, coming around a corner. Salvatore was currently perched on her head, yammering away about some invention of his and whether or not he could fool around with her blaster, promising that if it didn't explode the next time she tried to fire it, it would be able to have an extra twenty five percent worth of blaster bolts per powerpack. He was also telling her about the board game that he had invented and was currently undisputed total and complete champion of. Isis was either not listening or giving it serious thought, one of the two. "Hey, I forgot about the little guy, I think he was asking for you two." She said, a slight look of relief on her face as Salvatore transferred himself to Caitlyn. "He's cute, I have to say, and I don't say a lot of things are cute." She added. She looked over at Akain. "So did you tell him?" She asked.

Akain gave her a look that told her sister to Caitlyn or not, she needed to think about the next words that came out of her mouth.

"Right. Well, I'm going to go find Clara, I'll leave you two alone." Isis said before disappearing.

Salvatore opened his mouth then, about to talk about how he had gained three new relatives and how they all looked a lot like his father and more importantly were actually related to his father, when Akain spoke first. He fell silent, deciding that he'd let his father speak first and then he'd talk about how awesome his discovery was and how cool it would be if they could go meet the three people just like he had.

"So, you won't tell me." He said. "That means, to me, that you don't trust me. If you don't trust me, there's no way that you can love me." Akain said.

Caitlyn looked up at him, a look of shock on her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but Akain was getting on a roll now.

"He was right. You don't love me. You were just here to make sure that you were able to find your sister, weren't you?" He said. "Master Leidias, all of them, they were wrong. She told me that you loved me, that you cared about me, but she lied to me. Renato lied to me, all of them did. All you cared about was locating your sister and well, she's here now, she found you. You don't need to use me anymore, you got what you wanted. Now, you just want to leave." Akain said, his voice getting colder with each sentence. "And I doubt that what your sister wants to do has anything to do with finding Master Leidias. Did you forget about her like you're going to just forget about me? Now that we've outlived our usefulness to you, you're just going to discard us?"

"Akain, listen to-"

"I'm done listening to you." He said, his anger growing. "Listening to you has gotten me nowhere but put in multiple dangerous situations where I then have to bail you out. Listening to you has gotten me nowhere but brokenhearted. Go." He said. "Go with your sister, the only person you really care about." He said. "Just don't expect me to be here when you get back." Akain added, turning and starting to walk away.

"Daddy, wait!" Salvatore said, springing forward and running towards Akain.

The Nagai turned and reacted. Sal was lifted up into the air with the Force and hung there, by the scruff of his neck.

"I'm not your father." He said. "She's not your mother. Get it through your head, Sal. The only person who's going to look out for you is yourself. I thought differently for the first time in my life and look where it got me." He said.


"I'm not your father, damnit!" Akain said, getting close to losing his traditional calm.

Salvatore was tossed backwards. Thanks to his Anuran reflexes he landed on his feet a foot or so behind Caitlyn. He scrambled forward so that he was next to her, watching as Akain walked away. He turned and looked at his mother.

"I…I don't understand, Mommy."
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Re: Akain Wanderer

Post by Mir »

Jedi Temple
17 ABY

It was hard to control. The anger that coursed through him. It wasn't just anger though. It was disappointment. Disappointment with himself for the most part. He should have known. Akain should have realized that there was no way that Caitlyn could actually love him, could actually care about him. How was that possible? It just wasn't. He should have remembered that, really remembered it and then when this had happened, he wouldn't be hurting inside the way that he was. There were no words for the pain that he was going through. What he had told Salvatore was true. The only person who would look out for someone was that person.

Other people couldn't be trusted. They would work their way into your confidence and then they would turn on you and hurt you when you least expected it. They would become part of the core of who you were and then, in a flash, they would rip that part out of you. Now, with out that vital component, you would wither and die. Akain didn't properly understand how, after everything that he had done for her, Caitlyn could do what she had just done to him, but he was already trying to push it out of his mind. He was in his quarters, stuffing what few belongings he had into a pack. He was leaving and he was going to leave for good. He wanted nothing to do with the Jedi Order anymore.

They had been complicit in this and he couldn't trust them anymore. He couldn't be around them and he refused to stay on Onderon any longer. As he moved through his quarters, the job that he needed to do was done quickly. Akain owned few things. But he lingered here and there over things that had become Salvatore's as well in a short span of time. He had been harsh on the little one, Akain would admit that. What he had done was for the Anuran's own good. He had a feeling that Caitlyn would continue to twist the poor little one's mind. He wanted to turn and go back and get the animal, but he knew that the fate that it would have with him journeying all over the galaxy was not the environment for a child to be raised in.

Caitlyn had found her sister and had her family, the one thing that Akain treasured and wished for more than anything. That family would be able to take care of Salvatore. He left the things in the room that he considered Salvatore's and then headed out. He had barely taken a few steps away from the door, never to return to the quarters, when he heard a familiar voice calling his name.

He turned. Any other day, he would have smiled, even a little. But not today. "What?" He asked.

"Did you hear about the volunteer mission that they're arranging, Akain?" Tone said, as she walked towards him. "I'm thinking about going."

"Good." He said and turned away, to start walking.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing. Was that all you wanted to tell me?" He asked.

"No." She said. "I have to give you this." She said and handed him a small box. "I don't know what's in it. There were three Nagai and they said that-"

"They were relatives of mine." He said.

"Yeah, that's it." Tone said with a smile. "They wanted me to give you this because they couldn't find you." She added and then paused, before laughing. "How many Nagai are there in this temple who are above six feet in height, you know?" She asked. "Anyway, I don't know what it is, but apparently, they want you to have it." Tone said. She paused. He was being unusually defensive, which was a hard feat to do, considering it was Akain. "Something's wrong." She said.

"Tone, you've been a good friend. But I'm leaving."

"Leaving, why?" She asked.

"I just need to go. My place isn't here. I found that out all too well a little while ago." He said with an air of finality. Judging that it was time he got a move on, Akain turned once moren to leave.

Tone misjudged the severity of what had happened and how bad Akain was hurting. She reached out a hand, placing it on his shoulder. "Akain, is it something with Caitlyn?" She asked. "It'll be okay, I promise, there's no need to leave. I'm sure that if you just talk to her that everything will work out." She said.

Three seconds later, she was wincing in pain at having her hand bent backward, beyond where it was supposed to go. She nearly cried out. "Akain, what are you doing?" She asked, through gritted teeth. She reached out, unconsciously throwing out massive amounts of pheromones. Her body was trying to protect itself from injury. Tone struck next through the Force. She knew that her body was making the pheromones, but she also knew that Akain was immune to her pheromones. They had never fully understood why. So she knew that her pheromones would be powerless to stop him. He had her hand gripped in his left hand, and he was increasing how far back he was pushing it, a little bit more with each passing moment. The pain wasn't that much, but he could easily break her wrist if he wanted to. She had to stop him before that happened.

She was about to use the Force, when his right hand swung around, clamping down on her throat. He lifted, letting go of her hand. Tone hung in the air for a moment, her comment earlier about his height coming into play. He was six foot three, where was she was only five feet and six inches. The nine inch difference coupled with his extensive arm length meant that she was dangling in the air, her legs moving back and forth in a somewhat chaotic rhythm, trying to find placement on ground that she simply couldn't reach no matter how hard she tried. Her hands came up and gripped his forearm as he squeezed and slammed her incredibly hard into the wall. "Don't lie to me." Akain said, his voice as calm as it always was. He stared into her eyes, disregarding the look of pure fear on her face.

"I….don't….know what…you're….talking about." Tone managed to say.

"Yes you do. You helped her. All of you did. Master Leidias lied to me. She never loved me. I know the truth now." He said. "All of you will pay."

"Let me….go. Please." She begged, but it only made him squeeze harder. She could see her vision starting to go as blood was denied to her brain.

"I'm sorry, Tone, but I can't do that." Akain said.

She was going under, and she reacted upon instinct at this point.


It was all she managed before Akain moved his arm and turned his body. She was thrown full force into the other wall of the hallway and crumpled into a heap. Akain just gave her unconscious form a calm, serene, but incredibly cold and calculating look and then started walking towards one of the hangars, one of the hangars where the people weren't congregating. It was time for him to leave.
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Re: Akain Wanderer

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17 ABY


That was the only emotion that he had. It was the only thing that he could feel at that point in time. Blind, numb, anger. It was overpowering, but it felt so beautiful, so peaceful, so cold as it washed over him. It was so refreshing to finally feel the emotion that he had kept locked up within himself for so long finally come out and express itself. Every feeling was wrapped up within it, if one took the time to look. He wasn't bothering with that right then. No, he was just basking in the glory that it was. It was the only one emotion and the only word that could properly delve into the state of mind that he was in. No, that was a lie, just like the lies that Renato had told him, that Master Leidias, no, that Kalja had told him, that all of them had told him. Anger was not the only word. There was another word, one that better described how the Nagai man was feeling. One word that summed everything up, which was interesting considering he could never sum anything up into such a short sentence or statement. One simple little word that meant so much to him at that point in time. He let the word drift into his mind and he let the feelings that he associated with it course through him.


He walked back and forth in the transport that he had taken from the Jedi Temple on Onderon. His mind was consumed with everything that had happened to him in the past few years. Everything that he had been through, the lives that had been around his, and all the pain and hurt that had happened to him. The things that he had gone through. The peace treaty with the Empire, The Search for Kalja, The battle on Vorzyd V, all of it. More importantly, the people in his life came to him, and he remembered different things that had happened with them in the past. Kalja Leidias, Renato Farani, Tone Krellisk, Sona Nevri, Jessica Sterling, Daria Nevros, Ar'i N'joo, Lyli Var'nio, Rhyana Torshey, Derek Muir, Daer'Gunn, Faarel Blackthorne, Chirushk, Tulsar Leidias, Kail, Anastasya Romero, L'hnnar, Raven Moonlighter, Zohmaj Hauc, Salvatore E. Salmurian, and of course, the one person who had done the most damage, the one person who had hurt him the most, the one person he hated more than any other person in the entire galaxy:

Caitlyn DeVries.

Nothing that anyone had ever done to him could compare to what she had done. Everything else just paled in comparison. The gauntlet of things that she had put him through, the emotional pain and physical hardship, all of it flashed through his mind like a holoseries marathon that he couldn't get away from. The anger and rage that he felt from it moved through him as he hurtled through space at a speed faster than light. It gave every step he took purpose and meaning. As he walked, Akain released a little bit of the Force energy that he was accumulating inside of him. It was being emitted in the form of small balls of energy that exploded shortly after they were released from his palms. He didn't care about what happened with them, and to be honest, Akain barely noticed them. He was too consumed with his thoughts about what Caitlyn had done to him.

He was done with them, that much was for sure. Akain was ready and willing to go back and start killing them all, to make them pay for what had happened to him. At the same time, he just wanted to never see any of them again and didn't want to ever hear about them either. He was torn between isolating himself entirely or going back and taking them all down. He was positive that he would die in his attempt. He knew that he would be able to take almost all of his former friends down and kill them. Renato would be an interesting opponent, but Akain knew that he could beat the man. Kail would also be one that Akain would have enjoyed sparring against because he knew that the man was well versed in his chosen weapon.

But then he would have to face the masters. Master Daer'Gunn would beat him. Master Ward would as well, despite how well he had fought against her some time ago. There were others who would try and would fail horribly. Sona couldn't dream of defeating him, and if Master Dophi tried, Akain would simply laugh.

Akain wasn't one to sit and plot out revenge, especially when it would take years for him to accomplish it. He was the kind of person who thought out a few simple well placed attacks and watched as his enemies crumbled to pieces, unable to defend themselves against what he had devised. This then, would be his plan. He wouldn't start some Force organization and raise a host of warriors to bring down the Jedi Order and raze the Temple to the ground, despite how satisfying it would feel. No, he would follow key members of the Order as they moved throughout the galaxy and he would strike from the shadows. But they would know who it was that killed them, and they would know and understand why, he would make sure of that.

The entire Jedi Order was his enemy. Every person who was affiliated with it was his target. A few of their members had lied to him and had betrayed him, and as such, all of them would be held responsible. Every last one of them would be killed, ending with Caitlyn DeVries. And he would not rest until he had destroyed them all.

The rush of his decision moved through him as he walked. Akain smiled to himself as he thought how sweet it would be to make Tone watch as he cleaved Renato into two pieces, or how wonderful it would be when he finally ripped Caitlyn's heart out. None of them would be able to stop him, none at all.

He hadn't set a real destination when he had engaged the hyperdrive. He had just known that he had wanted to escape. As he walked, Akain's eyes would come to rest on the controls of the large ship that he was in. It was a testament to his ability as a pilot that he was able to control the thing. His eyes found the coordinates that he had plugged in when he had left Onderon. There had been no rhyme or reason to them, and he wasn't sure where he was going. He wasn't sure where he wanted to go, for that matter. As long as it was away from Onderon and away from the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Order, that much would make him happy. Akain was all about making himself happy now. He stopped his pacing and stood in front of the controls of the ship. Akain was fairly positive that he should drop out of hyperspace and set up some kind of proper destination.

As he made his way over to the controls and reached out, there was a blinding light, a light that was even more blinding than the tunnel of light that was hyperspace. His eyes focused, barely for a moment and he got a glimpse of a small, but long object hurtling through hyperspace at a speed that was faster than that of the ship. The object slowed, everything slowed, as though time itself had been frozen. He was able to finally make out what exactly it was. It was a spear of some sort, that's what it was. His eyes narrowed as it seemed his very soul caught fire. The spear reached out to him, called to him. He needed to have it. It would aid him in his fight against the Jedi Order and against Caitlyn. Akain wasn't sure how it was going to do that, he just knew that it would.

It had told him, and so he needed to make it his.

Suddenly, it seemed as though time reverted to its normal speed. The spear gave off a huge glow, a blinding one once more. Akain felt a shockwave coming and braced himself, but it was to no avail. He was lifted off of his feet and slammed into the metal ceiling of the ship. The impact knocked him out cold and he dropped to the ground, as the ship continued to hurtle through hyperspace.
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Re: Akain Wanderer: Part I: There is no Harmony, there is Ch

Post by Mir »

Akain's Ship

Akain's eyes slowly opened and he lifted himself up of the floor. He looked around, shaking his head slowly. He was unsure of where he was, or what was going on. His memory was a little groggy. It came back to him though, he hadn't hit his head that hard. He did remember the spear though. He had seen it traveling through hyperspace with him, and he wasn't sure what system his ship had reverted from hyperspace from. But he did know that he wanted to go after the spear and find it. He didn't properly understand this need for the spear, he just knew that he had to have it, he needed to have it. Akain was in the process of dusting himself off, when his ship suddenly shook. He looked around before jumping forward towards the controls as his ship was opened fire upon once more. It shook again, more violently this time, and he realized that he was being hit by heavy fire. Capital ship level fire. If he took a few more hits like that, his shields were going to overload from the strain and the hull integrity, and his life would be in jeopardy. He sat down in the cockpit and grabbed the controls and looked around.

His eyes narrowed as he reacted, goosing the throttle and pushing the ship forward. He recognize this system. He knew what it was. Coruscant. From what he could see, the planet wasn't as developed as he remembered it, it definitely wasn't as built up. His sensors picked up thousands of capital ships and even more smaller ships, including fighters. They were everywhere, all over the place. The models of the ships were ones that Akain had heard of, but not recently. He had heard of them when his parents had been teaching him about history. As he moved through the battlefield, he didn't understand what the hell was going on.

One thing was for sure, Akain realized as he looked around. He was definitely not in the same year that he had been when he had put his ship into lightspeed.

The ship took another hit and Akain decided that whoever these people were, they were attacking him and that meant that he was going to strike back against them, however they were. It didn't matter to him. He oriented his ship towards one of the larger capital ships. The ship that he was on didn't have much in the way of weapons, but it was decently outfitted. The emphasis had been more on shields than anything. Akain brought his fire controls up and his HUD locked on. He opened fire with his laser cannons, as that was all that it had on it. The Force and his combat training brought his eyes upwards and towards the extreme left. He saw a trio of starfighters coming towards him, their lasers opening up on him. Akain juked the craft, attempting to avoid the fire.

He was only partially successful, with the red beams splashing on what was left of his shields. Akain knew that he wasn't going to last much longer in this fight unless he did something to get him away from enemy fire. He wasn't sure what was going on here, who these people were, and more importantly to his current predicament, why they were firing on him with no cause. He needed information and answers and he needed to get out of this fight as quickly as possible. Which at this point, meant going down towards the planet.

Towards Coruscant.

He increased the speed that he had, the MGLT rating on his shuttle going higher and higher. His ship began to take hit after hit from the enemy starfighters, but he found himself far outstripping them speedwise. His ship was just better than the fighters, and he thanked the designers and makers of the ship that he was in. Warning sounds blared however, and Akain looked down, finding out that there was a projectile on his tail. Akain was in the atmosphere just as the projectile hit his craft, knocking out his engines. The ship began to spiral out of control. He gritted his teeth, letting go of the controls. He knew that it was pointless to bother trying to fight the controls, he had no engine, no method of propulsion. The only saving grace was that the reactor itself was apparently still relatively intact. If that had detonated, he would have been a goner, there was no doubt about it. As it was, he was still pretty sure that he wasn't going to get out of this one with nothing more than a few bumps and scrapes. Akain's eyes scoured the quickly approaching Coruscant cityscape, for somewhere, some place he could try and make a landing.

After scanning the rapidly approaching cityscape for a few moments, Akain thought he saw something that could work. There was a small landing area on top of a building, and his mind raced to make the calculations as to whether or not he would be able to guide his other than gravitationally propelled craft to the spot. He felt as though he could and he started, using what little thrust he could get from the small maneuvering jets on the ship to head for it. It was going to be a rocky landing, though at this point, it was honestly going to be more like a controlled crash than anything. At least, he hoped that was what it was going to be. Anything worse and he had a feeling that he was going to be out of luck when it came to surviving. It was rather annoying considering he prided himself on his ability to survive. At least none of the people that he had considered close to family or at least definite friends would ever see this. Akain's eyes narrowed as the landing pad came closer and closer towards him. He was not going to survive this crash, if he did nothing.

He got to his feet and ran towards his quarters. Everything in the room had stayed packed since he had gotten on board the ship, he had never bothered to unpack anything. This was a blessing now, as he was able to grab everything he owned and get it on his person in a short amount of time. Akain entered the long corridor of the ship and turned, looking over his shoulder. He could see the landing pad fast approaching and he cursed, turning back and running forward. One pale hand slammed on the controls to lower the docking ramp. There would be no second chances on this one. Before the docking ramp had even gotten halfway, he had already leapt out, into the air of Coruscant, numerous kilometers above the city-planet's "surface".

What robes he had fluttered in the wind, and he needed them, to create as much drag and resistance as possible. He spread his hands and arms out, attempting to make as much overall surface area as he could. There was a long ways to go, and he was in no rush to get there. As he fell, Akain tried his best to keep his eyes open, despite the air that was rushing by him. It stung at his eyes, forcing them closed. He heard, amongst the other sounds of battle that he could hear, the explosion of his ship against the landing pad. He was close to the building that the landing pad had been apart of. He reached out with one hand and was able to touch the side of the building, feeling the metal slide past his hands. His eyes were closed, so he wasn't able to see it all, but he knew that it was there. Akain reached out with the Force, knowing that it was going to be his only way to ensure his survival. As he did, he opened his eyes, fighting against the wind. He then saw what would become his salvation.

There was a gunship of sorts, bearing the insignia of the Republic flying near him. He could see that part of it was open and that if he had some means of propelling himself forward, it was possible that he could reach it. Akain had the means though, for the Force was his ally, and it was incredibly strong. He reached behind him and, summoning a wave of Force energy, pushed it, utilizing the force of the blast to throw himself forward and up. He was headed straight towards the gunship. The soldiers on board knew this as well. They didn't know whether or not he was friend or foe, and they had no means of determining whether or not he was going to harm them. They didn't have time to open fire though. Akain had already pulled out his lightsaber and had ignited it, the copper blade springing forward. It moved in front of him, slashing a tear in the metal of the gunship that allowed him to enter, though the metal edging tore through parts of his clothing, and gave him a series of cuts and scrapes.

Akain rolled to his feet, his lightsaber up and ready to be used to defend himself.
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Re: Akain Wanderer: Part I: There is no Harmony, there is Ch

Post by Mir »

OOC: This thread is going to change in format, since Akain has returned to the EG/MBT. Whereas before it was linear in storyline progression, now it is going to become very similar to Beorht's Vignettes thread (Which you should read if you haven't already), in that it's going to be different parts of Akain's journey through time.
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