Dragon Age: Tainted Promises

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Dragon Age: Tainted Promises

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"And so it was done. With the thrust of a blade, the gush of warm tainted blood, and a scream that haunted the minds of men; the might Archdemon was finally slew by the Hero of Ferelden. The remaining Darkspawn quit the field with the last roar of that mighty beast, yet evil is never truly gone, its always there in the hearts of men. The Chantry teaches us that it is the hubris of men that brought the Darkspawn upon us, but it is the Darkspawn that teaches us that the maker never truly left us like the Chantry says. Perhaps the Chantry left him." - Overheard from farmer who fought in the battle of Denerim.

Thaddeus was a man. Thaddeus was a man who kept to himself normally. Thaddeus was a heavily armored man, the kind who would look at home in the elite guard of the king. Thaddeus was strong man, strong enough to lift up a loaded carriage, to aid a refugee returning home to Denerim, to get his spare wheel on his carriage. Thaddeus had a secret.

Thaddeus had once served the Hero of Ferelden's father as a knight, and went on many quests for him. The Teryn had sent Thaddeus to handle trade negotiations with the dwarves of Orzammar to supply them food in exchange for gold, but the untimely death of Orzammar's king through their kingdom into disarray, and Thaddeus into the prisons. Luckily for Thaddeus, one of the things King Harrowmont did was set him Free and finish negotiations.

Upon returning home to Highever Thaddeus found his home overrun by Arl Howe's men and aided the locals in fighting this threat. Few of the locals knew his secret even though he had lived among them for years, but they all knew it now; or part of it. Thaddeus was a mighty warrior who possessed a unique sword; his swords hilt was three feet long and the blade was five feet, upon the pommel was an unusual blue crystal. Thaddeus also knew magic however and could channel almost any spell through his blade. Creating a union of destruction the likes of which Howe's men had never seen. Thaddeus's father had been a templar who was a great warrior like his father before him, and he had fallen in love with a beautiful young mage. One night Thaddeus's father left the Circle of Magi tower, that same night the same mage he had fallen for disappeared. Thaddeus's father served the Teryn of Highever in exchange for protection for him his beautiful young wife and newborn child. Thaddeus's father taught him how to fight and to always stand for what was right, while his mother taught him to weave spells late at night.

The archdemon had fallen and with it Arl Howes head. For the Arls crimes his lands and powers were stripped from his family and given unto the Grey Wardens lead by the younger son of the fallen Teryn. The Teryn's older son Fargus returned bitter with injury and heartbreak, yet he tried to keep hope alive if for no other reason than to keep his peoples morale from falling too low.

"Thaddeus you served my father for several, years and have handled yourself quite well even with no Teryn to command you," spoke Teryn Fargus Cousland.
"I only done my duty sir," came the reply of Thaddeus.
"Your duty? Heh! That makes this all the harder old friend."
"What do you mean?"
"The treasury is spent. It will take decades to find some if any of the riches stolen from us. Then there is the damage from howe and bandits. The king himself promised to help us as much as he can, but a half of Fereldan was destroyed by the Blight, even Denerim is in ruins."
"I know the situation is dire, at least we have the trade of Orzammar."
"Aye, but it is not enough. It will take months to get our holdings back to where they need to be which means this years harvest wont have nearly the surplus we were hoping for if there are no crop failures this year."
"What would you have me do?
"Go! Go to Denerim. In order to rebuild the King's Royal Knights KIng Allistair has offered that any Teryn, Bann, or Arl that gives up a knight to serve the king in dealing with Darkspawn stragglers will receive half the bounty that the knight recieves for a year. We could desperatly use that coin rebuild here. At the end of the year they will either release you or invite you to join the King's Knights."
"Is there really that much gold in killing Darkspawn?"
"There is, if your good enough and have a kings commission. With a commission from the king for every gold you earn we will receive the same to rebuild. Of course you will also be given a royal allowance that is strictly for the hiring of soilders to aid you in your endeavor. The king has given his approval of you as a personal favor to me and my brother, well mainly my brother."
"I suppose this is the charge you have given me to complete?"
"Indeed, you have my leave to go to Denerim and prosper, for all our sakes."
"I will not fail you!"
Thaddeus turned to walk away then stopped and asked, "What of my secret?"
"I will do my best, and the king is a good man......"
"I thought as much. i suppose even the moon must face the sun, so my secret may be no longer." With that Thaddeus left for Denerim.

Once Thaddeus finished helping the refugee he had stopped to help, he looked up to behold the once mighty gates of Denerim. "I suppose there is no point in looking back now," and with that Thaddeus entered the capital of Fereldan.
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