SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

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SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

Shau'li sat quietly as she learned about the many things of the timeline. She had spent her life learning as much as she could about what it was, looking forward to the day when they would bring her into the room to look into it. There were three ways all Gallifrey's reacted to looking into the timeline. The first was staring deep into the timeline, and becoming so overwhelmed by what they saw that they would lose their mind. The Second way was being so frightened that they would run from it. The third was being inspired. Shau'li didn't know which she would do yet, but she knew that she had to see it, something deep inside of her made her want it, no.. not want it... NEED it. In her studies she learned of the Doctor and many other timelords, and how they traveled through the timelines to correrct large paradoxes. To set the timeline straight.

"Shau'li, come please." Her father entered her room, and put out a hand. "It is time, the Seer has said to bring you in today."

Her heart started to pound, her mind wrapping around the possibilities of her own reaction. Scared, yet firm and determined. Her father lead her into a large dark room, she looked around to see what she could. As they approached the circle of light in the room a voice beckoned out from the dark.

"Is she ready?"

"She is." her father replied as he lead her up to the woman who was standing next to what she could only assume was the timeline.

"Who sponsors this girl?" The Seer Dahla spoke.

"Actually, I believe that would be me. Sorry that I am late, had some things I had to look into. And I guess she's looking into things now." The Doctor smiled at the Seer and then took his place by the father.

"Shau'li, please, look into the vortex."

Shau'li turned on her heals and peered into the Vortex. Several seconds passed by as the girl stood peering into the vortex. The expression on her face was one of curiosity, of contentment. Suddenly she turned and looked at the Seer.

"Girl, are you here with us?"

"Yes Ma'am I am."

"What is it you saw?" her father asked.

"No, do not say what you saw. Instead tell me, how do you feel?" the Seer bent down looking into the girls eyes.

Shau'li looked up at her and smiled. "I feel accepted."

"Accepted by what?" The Doctor spoke up as he took a step towards the child.

"Accepted by the vortex, as if it needs me."

Dahla stood back from the child and took her in for a moment. "This child is blessed with a gift of sight unlike any others. She is to be called Shadow, for she will cause what she is."

"Is she to become a Time Lord?" her father spoke up again.

"She is to become something that no other could be. But yes, she will be trained as a Time Lord." The old woman leaned down and looked deep into the childs eyes. "She is, and yet she will be. Very exciting, very exciting indeed."
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

(The Following post was written by Zephre)

6 Years Following…

“Mind your position within the Casallastan Peaks, Shadow.. too much closer and you’ll find yourself scrapping the Temporal Barriers..” Tosser said to the young Time Lady hopefull, leaning on the Roundels of the Type TT 430 TARDIS trainer as the six cadets conducted navigation studies. “Last hopefull that did that ended up coming back as an infant, had to do his entire studies in diapers..”

Pascqell, a young male hopefull, looked up from his position. “Lord Tosser, there is a message coming through the Wire, from the Temporal Saftey Board.”

“Well, go on then..” Tosser snarked back, “Be quick about it..”

The boy nodded. “Oh, right sir..” and cranked the small switch.. “We are being recalled back to the stables, as there has been a Paradox Ripple reported.”

Tosser nodded, his heavy jowels jiggling. “Agreed… Shadow, turn us..”

The TARDIS pitched wildly, as the six students were pitched about the Command Console. The Roundels lost their illumination as for the slightest of moments the Time Machine was put out of sync with the Time Matrix. Pascqell attempted to stand, and looked over to where he had believed he had seen their teacher fall…

Time Lord Tosser lay across the deck, appearently unconscious…

Pascquell attempted to stand, but was pitched back to the deck, as another heavy ripple shook the TARDIS. He was at least able to look up, and see that there was still one of their class at the controls…


The Time Lady Cassentora Ruh ran into the TARDIS stables, as the Type TT 430 finally appeared in the space provided, surrounded by emergency crews and Chancellory Guards. It had its default appearance, a simple Rectangle shaped silver box with a single door on one side and Strobbing light on top, and looked to have been through the fires of Tattoo I and II. The Real World Interface opened, and the students streamed out, carrying the Time Lord Tosser with them, unconscious.

Ruh stopped one of the boys, a young thin man with green dyed hair. “What happened, explain this..” she shouted, pointing at the TARDIS..

Pascquell’s lip quivered, as in a quavering voice he answered as best he could…

“We got hit with the Paradox Wave, and it slammed us into the Temporal Walls. Lord Tosser was knocked out, and most of the students were knocked unconscious…”

“Most?” Ruh asked. “Who wasn’t..”

The boy pointed, as the Chancellory guard assisted Cadet Shadow from the TARDIS. Ruh pushed his off and moved over to where the two Gallifreyean Soldiers cradled the girl. Black blood ran down her cheek as she looked up at her. “How did this happen..”

“I turned the TARDIS into the winds..” she said, somewhat dazed. “It seemed to work..” as they moved her passed Ruh, and towards the Hospice wing of the Stables. Ruh’s eyes followed her as she was taken from sight..

That was a very old term used by the earliest Time Lords for traversing the Time. In basics, it was rough riding a TARDIS manually though the Temporal Streams, which was never done in this day and age, except by a very few, and very experienced individuals, like the Doctor, Rasillon, or the Master.

What it meant, The Time Lady Cassentora Ruh was uncertain, but she would keep an eye on this young Time Lady hopefull…
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

6 years later....

The scream echoed down to halls, as another student peered into the vortex for the first time.

Shadow just happened to be walking by as the child screamed and ran out of the door. She smiled to herself as she continued to read the rather large sized book.

"Shadow." The voice came from the room. "That is you, isn't it."

"Yes it is, Seer Dahla." Shadow bowed to her. "For some reason it seems everyone has forgotten my real name, thanks to you." Shadow smiled at her and closed the book.

"You are not yet a timelord?"

"No, not yet. But I am being assigned as a partner today." Shadow looked over towards the vortex.

"Do you want to look into it again?" Dahla motioned for Shadow to come in.

Shadow paused for a moment. "Is it okay to do so?"

"For you, yes." Dahla answered.

Shadow walked up to the vortex and peered into it. She began to feel accepted again, as if something needed her. She started to watch as the vortex seemed to call out to her, then she pulled herself out of it and looked over at Dahla. "I see now why some continue to look into it."

"Why do they do that?" Dahla asked.

"It's enticing, addictive, and it actually calls out to you."

"Then why did you pull away?"

"Because I was done seeing what I wanted too." Shadow gave the old seer a slight smile. "Besides, nothing has control of my mind, but me."

Dahla smiled and showed Shadow the door. "You will do fine Shadow, just fine indeed."

"Thank you." Shadow said as she walked out the door. She lifted her book and opened it back up, and began reading it again.
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Time Lord Academy, That Afternoon..

Post by zephre »

“It is our hope that you will never need to utilize this particular function of Gallifreyan technology, but it is necessary for you to understand its uses, and its hazards.” The Time Lady Cassentora Ruh said to the wide eyed Hopefuls. “I will start simply by informing you on its intended purpose, the materials required completing the procedure, the dangers and finally I shall answer your questions on the subject.” And moved across to the central podium, and as the assembled hopefuls opened their texts, removed the Time Lord Mantle and skullcap from her head and shoulders, and placed it on its stand next to the podium, and rubbed manically her fingers though her short blond hair. Ruh glanced across the auditorium, as the children opened their texts, and began to look at her expectantly. The face that she was most expecting to see looking back wasn’t. A few more moments, just a few more..

The upper doors opened, and a single hopeful entered, and with a quick bow, took her seat. Several of those around her whispered to the Hopeful Shadow, updating on what she had missed. Meeting the instructor’s eyes, Shadow found her page, and then looked up at the podium as Ruh nodded.

“The Chameleon Arch will be one of the last pieces of Gallifreyan Technologies that will be brought to your attention, and hopefully you will never need to use it.” She said, and leaned forward on the podium. “It changes the cellular structure of the Gallifreyan to that of a natural, healthy member of the species that the Time Lord resembles, completely undetectable as a Gallifreyan any longer and in effect has hidden themselves among the natives of the species. While under the Arch’s influence, the Time Lord will pass almost any test that can be put forth, even the most invasive. The procedure is painful, and according to those who have gone through with it, relate it is the most pain they had ever felt.,”

Ruh takes a sip of water, and continued “The Chameleon Arch was conceived during the second treyarch, and to this day continues to be used by Time Lords in the field under extreme circumstances. Once the procedure has started, it cannot be stopped without the recipient instantly going into a regeneration cycle. The Arch mechanisms include the Head Set..” to with she reached back behind her, and pulls out a largeish framed head piece with three contacts, one at the forehead, and one on either side of the cranium. Ruh extended her other hand, and allowed a flattened brass hued Spherical Timepiece with a covered face attached to a similarly brass hued chain to drop to its length.

At the sight of the object, the hopefuls leaned forward. “As well as a Mechanical Time peice, with a perception filter added to detract attention to it..”

Cassentora Ruh held out the pair of objects, and continued as she showed them to the assembled. “All of the Time Lords genetic information is held within the mechanical watch, which once closed, cannot be opened by anyone other than the Time Lord who owns it. Once the timepieces face cover is opened again, the Time Lord reverts back to their Gallifreyan physiology.” She stated, and turned back to the podium, and placed the pair of objects on the small table next to the Time Lords mantle.

“The Time Lord under the influence of the Arch is completely unaware of his Time Lord, or even Gallifreyan heritage consciously..” She began. “However, while the Time Lord is asleep or when the mind wanders, their former glory will reveal itself in the form of dreams, and nightmares.”

“Most under the influence tend to keep journals of their dreams, to the extent of drawing images they had seen. It is believed that this is a form of mental release valve built into the Chameleon Arch’s mechanics to keep the Time Lord from losing themselves in their new mundane lives completely.”

“These dreams will become more frequent the closer that the time for the Time Lord to regain their Gallifreyan, and the perception filter will begin to fade from the Time piece, or Fob watch as its been dubbed, drawing attention to itself. Up until this point, the Time Lord will have considered the watch broken, unable to open it and simply leave it in a drawer, or a mantle. However, now the Time Lord will have figured out how to open it, triggering the change, and causing a form of Regeneration. “

Ruh smirked. “It is painful as well I hear..” and with that leaned again on the podium. “The Time Lord is also very Mortal under the influence of the Arch, and as vulnerable as any others of their species. There is no chance of regeneration while the Genetic information of the Time Lords true self is trapped inside of the Fob watch. In closing, the Chameleon Arch is not to be taken Lightly…”

Ruh moved back to where she had laid the Mantle and Skull cap, and placed them back onto her head and shoulders, and looked over the crowd. “If there are any Questions, this would be..”

From the back of the Auditorium, the double doors burst open, and several of the Chancellery Guard streamed in, their white capes flowing behind them, and followed by the Watch Commander, Konnarvasterabaggan and the Time Lady Castellan Ablesaberastaradza, and surrounded Lady Ruh. The students stood, unsure what to do next as the Chancellery Guard escorted her from the auditorium.

Castellan Ablesaberastaradza, or Ablesaber for short, turned to the class. “Your teacher will be returned to you once she answers some simple questions. There is nothing to fear, so please be seated and continue your personal studies for the remainder of your time in the auditorium..” and began moving to follow the Guard..

Shadow remained standing. “Lady Ablesaber.. What had Lady Ruh done to warrant such treatment?” asking the question which had plagued the mind of all of the students.

Ablesaber spun on her heel, and glared at the hopeful, about to dress down the one who spoke out against what had just occurred and halted. “You’re Shadow..” she said, her cold black eyes focusing on her. “Your to be partnered, I understand.”

“Yes, Lady Castellan, I am to be as of tomorrow.. I can simply ask them..”

The Castellan shook her head. “Lady Ruh’s house of the Arcalian Chapter is suspect in an attempt to create a Paradox against the Jedi Council in Republic space. The Celestial Intervention Agency was able to stop the Paradox, but at the cost of the lives of the three Renegades that made the attempt. Certain questions can only be answered by Lady Ruh.. This is by order of Lady Chancellor Romanadvoratrelundar herself, so I would suggest not expecting to see your instructor too soon..” and with an rather fake smile, turned and exited the auditorium, leaving those still inside to think on what had just occurred..

“I can’t believe that Lady Ruh would be involved in such an affair.” Pascquell said in a hushed whisper. Lindafornashalla shook her head. “They wouldn’t have arrested her if it wasn’t true…”

Shadow watched as the Castellan disappeared from sight, something was wrong with this whole situation. House Arcalian was more focused on Academics, rather than open revolt. If it had been her own house, Prydonian, well known for producing free thinking Time Lords such as the Doctor, as well as a few Renegades, chiefly The Master, she wouldn’t have thought it so odd.

Something was indeed not right about this…
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

Shadows mind started going over the events that had just occured. Nothing seemed right, almost like everything was misplaced since 6 years ago, when she rode the paradox wave back. Since that point, everything seemed surreal, like a dream. Shadow looked around the room, watching the other hopefulls as they talked among themselves and some studying. Shadow just couldn't ignore everything, and didn't want to talk about it. Shadow got out of her chair and walked up to the podium. Taking the FOB and Arch she walked quitely out of the auditorium, and began heading towards her room.

"Hello." the voice came from the hallways beside her, and suddenly she felt an arm swing into hers. "Glad you brought those with you." She looked up and saw that it was the Doctor and he had now sidetracked her and they were on a completely different path.

"I..." Shadow began to talk to him as he pushed his finger against his lips.

"Save it." The Doctor smiled at her as they entered a large room, with what appeared to be a rather unique looking TARDIS, it was his TARDIS, and next to it sat another that looked similiar, but more high tech. The Doctor opened the door of the more high tech TARDIS and showed Shadow into it. Without a word he began to work around the control room. The TARDIS purred to life and Shadow could feel that they were now in the vortex.

"Where are we going?"

"Nowhere." The Doctor gave her a light grin. "And Everywhere. And look, we're here." As the doctor finished speaking Shadow looked over as a door opened up and Seer Dahla walked out.

"Seer Dahla." Shadow said surprised at her presense.

"Shadow..." Dahla said as she walked around the controls of the TARDIS.

"Shadow, we need to talk with you, and we have to do it here. Everywhere else we may be being listened too." The Doctor checked his coordinates in the vortex. "We need you."

"For what?"

"I once told you that you are, and yet you will be." the Seer spoke up. "It is time for you to be."

"To be what?" Shadow asked and looked over at the Doctor.

"To be what you were meant to be. A TimeLord, and we need you to untangle a paradox that only you can."

"Why me?" Shadow asked as she began looking over all the controls.

"Because, you can navigate the vortex without the assistance of a Matrix." The Doctor moved out of Shadows way as she continued to look at all the controls.

"Which this one doesn't have."

"Corect!" The Doctor said somewhat excitingly. "It also doesn't have many of the safety features of the new TARDIS'. However, it is the only TARDIS that can do what you're going to need it to do."

"You can pilot it though."

"Yes, but I'm already where we need to send you. I can't be there twice, it would cause a new paradox, one that could not be fixed."

The Seer looked up at Shadow, "No other students can do what you can, and even if they could, they would lose their mind in trying to do it."

"Yes, that is why you have been chosen for this assignment." The Doctor picked up a device and put it into the display. The display kicked to life. "This is a recording of an incident that happened many years ago. We didn't realize that it would have such a large effect on the galaxy as a whole when it happened, but we need to fix the problem."

Shadow watched what seemed to be a security video of a room with a woman sitting in the middle of it. Then a man wearing dark clothing walked into the room. A fight broke out, and as the mans lightsaber came down, a woman jumped in the way, taking the lightsaber in the chest. Then a TARDIS appeared behind them all, and a young man came flying out of it, lightsaber ignited and plunging it into the would be assassin, followed by several others comming out of the TARDIS. Then a young woman flies into the room grabbing ahold of the woman who was stabbed, and a brightlight blasting out from the woman.

"A Timelord?" Shadow asked as the video turned off.

"Yes, to be exact that is Lady Chancellor Romanadvoratrelundar, or Romana for short." The Doctor walked back over to the vortex, and realligned them. "It turns out that Lady Romana's transfiguration seems to have caused some problems with Taya Skywalker, the young woman who grabbed ahold of Romana just before the change."

"Taya Skywalker? Isn't she the head of the Shadow Proclomation?"

"You are quick." The Seer spoke up. "She is indeed. She became very powerful, very quickly after this incident."

"We believe that during the transformation of Romana, Taya took on some of Romana's new personality. A personality that want's power and control. We believe that this incident caused a paradox to form which hit us..."

"About six years ago." Shadow spoke up, interrupting the Doctor. "Which is why nothing seems right."

The Doctor looked over to the Seer and smiled. "I believe you've chosen well."

"She is, and she will be." The Seer said back.

"What is meant by that?" Shadow asked the Seer. The Doctor walked over to Shadow.

"The explanation is a long one, but to shorten it. You see what is, no matter what reality you live in. Basically, you live in whatever reality it is that hits, but you can see that there is soemthing wrong with it, when there is. It's a very unique ability, everyone else merely excepts reality for what it is. You question all reality, unless you feel right in it, it's what makes you so unique."

"So, what you're saying is, no matter what paradoxes happen, I will always feel the change?" Shadow walked over to where the Seer was sitting and sat next to her. "Does that mean that when the paradox is fixed I should feel better than I do now?"

"When untangled, you'll feel untangled. While tangled, you will feel tangled." The Seer motioned towards the Doctor.

"We need you to go back, and stop this from happening. We need you on the inside, so we're sending you several months before the event as a royal guard of the Naboo. You will be assigned to the Skywalker household. There you will wait, not knowing who you really are until the few moments before my TARDIS appears, where you can stop the death of Romana, so that her personality can be dealt with in a better way when she does die."

"That's all I have to do?"

"We hope so." the Seer spoke up. "Ever running time is, and changing one thing may make things better, may make things worse."

"It's the only hope we have though." The Doctor looked back into the vortex and began to bring it back into the timeline. "All the information you need is here. And you've been instructed how to use the Arch and FOB."

"I have to use these?" Shadow asked as she held them. "But Lady Ruh said it is very painful."

"It is, but it's something you'll have to do, to keep yourself hidden from the Celestial Intervention Agency. This may be the most important thing you'll ever do. You may be the only thing standing between the entire galaxy being ruled by one person, bent on power and control. All the instructions you need are right here." The Doctor handed her a datapad. "It's in your hands now, and I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Shadow asked as the Doctor landed the TARDIS and opened the door. The Doctor just smiled.

"Just remember, I did apologize."

The Seer followed the doctor on the way out the door, leaving Shadow standing in the TARDIS all alone as it continued to purr.
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

"Every change you make, may require further changes, to accept the change you made." The lecture was running through her mind as she began putting in the coordinates needed to get back to the time the Doctor had given her.

"If you save one life, another life may be sacrificed due to saving the one." She heard the words as if they were being repeated to her as the TARDIS began to hum in a very unique way. Unlike any other TARDIS she had ever been in. With a flip of a switch she could feel the TARDIS starting to shift through time and space.

Shadow picked up the Chameleon Arch head peice, took a deep breath and placed it on her head. Took another deep breath as she held the timepiece in her hand, setting the time and date on it. With the flip of a switch she heard someone screaming as if they were being tortured, and in the breif moment realized it wasn't someone else, but it was herself. The pain ripped through her body as if every cell in her body was being ripped apart, every bit of her mind hurt like someone was stabbing her in the head with a sonic screwdriver, ripping apart every bit of her. And then the pain got worse.

********Zzzzzzrrrrooooooommmmmmm zzzzzzzzzrrrrrrroooooooommmmmm**********

The box landed perfectly on Naboo, near the Skywalkers homestead. Saria Sadow awoke in a Naboo Security guards uniform, sitting in a gazebo near the Skywalker homestead, and immediately dusted herself off and ran to the headquarters.

"Who are you?"

"The name is Saria Sadow, I was sent by the Queen to aid in guarding the Skywalkers, here are my credentials." Saria handed over a badge along with papers. "I believe you will find them all in order."

"That they are, Ms. Sadow. You may take your first shift right now. You'll be assigned to Leia Skywalker whenever she is on planet. Other than that, you will be working with Padme. I believe you'll find yourself quite comfortable in the accomadations they have for the guards."

"Thank you sir. I look forward to serving the Skywalkers." Saria saluted and left the building to go find her new assignment.
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

The commotion around the palace started to step up quite a bit as Saria stood her post at Leia's door. She stood silently as she began to rub her neck, twirling what felt like chain. She had noticed the watch a few times in the past few days, but for some reason it seemed to start bothering her, almost as if it was calling to her. The Gallifreyians were showing up left and right and the entire place was bustling with people, but the watch seemed to be getting loud, as if it was thumping against her.

Saria looked around her as if she felt uncomfortable, as she began to palm the watch in her hand. It seemed to be getting heavy as she began to wonder about what the inside looked like. No one was watching her, she stood against the door leaning into it as she clicked the watch, and it opened in her hand. A wash of memories over took her as she realized who she was and why she was there. Immediately she took off towards the closest exit, making her way slowly around the palace, trying to keep out of view of all of the Gallifreyians who were now all over the palace.

She watched through Leia's window as suddenly several men busted into the room, at the same time Romana, and Taya Skywalker busted into the room. Her mission was clear, save Romana's life so that the paradox would vanish. The lightsaber came down towards Romana, and with a flick of a Sonic skrewdriver it flickered out, and Taya finished off the rest of the men in the room, as she heard the loud sounds of the Doctor's TARDIS as it started to materialize.

With her mission done she found her way to her own TARDIS and vanished back to her own time.

Zzzzzzrroooooooommmm Zzzzzzzzzzzrroooooooommmmmmm

"Shadow!" The Seer's voice came out as she opened her door of her TARDIS.


"You've failed?" The second voice was a famililar female voice, but one she wasn't expecting to hear.

"I succeeded in my mission." Shadow walked out of the TARDIS and caught sight of her. "I saved your life." Shadow said as she looked her over. "But something isn't right here."

"Yes... Yes there is, you must go back again..." The Seer approached her. "Your mission did not work at all. We have a new mission for you, one of great importance."

"I'm not sure what you did exactly to save my life, however, I guess I wasn't the real problem." Romana walked around a large console, and towards Shadow. "Let's go somewhere more private to talk, shall we?"

Shadow nodded and opened the door of her TARDIS and welcomed the Seer and Romana on board, then took the TARDIS out of time.

"The mission is all on this chip." Romana put a chip into the TARDIS and it immediately booted up an image of woman, wearing the traditional robes of the Shadow Proclomation.

"Who is she?"

"This is Taya Skywalker." Romana paused as she saw the expression on Shadow's face. "Odd, I know. It is her though."

"She's not Taya Skywalker, she looks nothing like that."

"That's the problem. Some how, we're not sure how yet, but some how Taya Skywalker became a timelord. If we could figure out how, we wouldn't have to go to such drastic measures, however, since we can't we'll have to have you go back into the timeline, and either straighten Taya Skywalker out, or take her out."

"I'm not an assassin."

"I'm not asking you to be one. But you will need to convince Taya Skywalker that her path is not a good one, no matter what it takes."

"I believe I understand. But where is the Doctor?"

"Unfortunately, the Doctor is at the right hand of the Shadow Proclamation, he became as dark as Taya Skywalker, and that is the reason this can not happen."

Shadow shook her head, and returned the Seer and Romana to their time.

"That means another stint with the arch, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does." As Romana spoke suddenly several men broke into the room.

"Under the Shadow Proclamation you are all under arrest." The men shouted as they broke in. Immediately Shadow jumped into her TARDIS barely missing the fire of the agents.

Zrrrrooooooommmmmmm zzzzzzzzzrrrrroooooommmmmm
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

Post by Xanamiar »

Go here for what happened next.

Shadow shut the door behind her as she looked at Taya who was looking over the TARDIS.

"What am I doing here? I should be out there helping get my brother back."

"You have more important things to tend to young Skywalker." Shadow walked around the controls slapping several of them down, flipping others. "Much more important things to tend to."

"Like what?" Taya looked over the controls and watched as the woman seemed to be quite busy around them all. "What could possibly more important than my family?"

"The entire universe." Shadow plainly stated as she continued to fly the TARDIS.

"The entire Universe?" Taya softly laughed at the idea. "And what do I have to do with the entire Universe?"

"EVERYTHING!" Shadow slammed down a control, and the TARDIS came to a rest. "Here put this on." Shadow handed her a necklace. "This will keep us from being seen, but we can't draw attention to ourselves. Understood?"

"I think so..." Taya took the necklace and slipped it on. "What exactly are we doing?"

"I'm showing you something very few ever get to see." She paused and noticed a lack of interest from the girl. "Your own future."

"Like what my father saw?"

"Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about there. But, I do have many things you need to see."

Shadow walked over to the door and opened it up, motioning for Taya to walk out of it. Taya shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the Tardis. In front of her was a large room, full of people, with a woman standing before them.

"What's this about?" Taya asked Shadow, Shadow quickly shushed her, and then began to whisper.

"This is about ten years into your future."

"Where am I?" She looked around the room taking in every single face in the crowd.

"That's you." Taya pointed to the woman who was standing over all the others in the room.

"That's not me, it looks nothing like me!"

"You've been in power for about two years at this point in the Shadow Proclomation. You have just made yourself Empress of basically the Universe."

"But that's not even me. How could I be in power if it isn't me?" Taya started raising her voice slightly, until Shadow put her hand over her mouth.

"It is you, and I can prove it. But I brought you to this moment first, to show you something, and we have to be quick. I don't know how long it will take for certain people to track us down. Take in this moment, and remember it."

"I declare that all Time Lords are to be considered as dangerous to the Universe. They shall be hunted from now, until they no longer exist." The woman spoke as the crowd began to get into a roar of applause. "I am determined to straighten out the entire universe, and make everything peacefull for all citizens of the Shadow Proclomation." the crowd continued to get louder with cheers. "I will also make sure that all those that do not wish to be part of the Shadow Proclomation will pay for their crimes, and erased from time forever!" The woman turned and snapped her fingers, a door behind her opened up and a man welcomed her inside of it, the doors soon disappeared.

"FREEZE!" a loud voice came from the distance. "You are under arrest for breaking the Shadow Proclomation law 14.25834. Don't move!"

"What do we do?" Taya asked the woman standing next to her as she saw a rather large alien standing in front of her.

"We do what Time Lords do best..." Shadow took the girls hand. "RUN!"

Both of the women dived into the TARDIS and the doors slammed shut behind them. "Well, I didn't know how long it would take. Guess it wasn't really long enough." Shadow spoke as she quickly ran around the controls flipping switches and pushing buttons as the engines came to life.

"So, you can prove that that was me?" Taya asked quite smuggly.

"I can, and that's what is next." Shadow slipped a lever down nice and slowly as the engines stopped. "This is kind of gruesome, so I hope you don't have a week.... well nevermind."

Shadow opened the door and allowed Taya to walk through it first, and followed her out. They walked into a large observation room, where they saw Taya lying on a table, with several instruments stuck into her from all angles.

"What are they doing to me?" Taya asked as she saw herself.

"What you told them too. They are experimenting with you. They are making you half human, half Time Lord."

"Why would I want that?"

"You let Lord Rassilon convince you that you would become more powerful than any other living thing, in the universe. He was right, but I don't believe that it's what you really wanted."

"Power isn't such a bad thing." Taya kind of smirked at the woman.

"But absolute power, corrupts anything." as Shadow spoke Taya watched as a man walked down to the room.

"She is ready my Lord!" One of the men said as he backed away from the table.

"Good, good.." The man pulled out an all black blade and walked up to Taya, putting the blade over his head."

"What is he doing?!" Taya yelled out at Shadow, who quickly covered her mouth and pulled her close.

"We're here to observe only. I told you I would show you the proof you needed, and this is it." Without uncovering Taya's mouth she let her watch as the man's arms dropped, plunging the blade into the chest of the woman on the table, as he pulled the blade out the body began shaking softly, then it began to glow. As it glowed what seemed to be light started to pour out of the womans arms and head. Taya screamed but was muffled by Shadows hand as the body change slowly from what Taya saw in the mirror every day, to the woman she didn't recognize before. Taya's body went limp into Shadows arm as she began to shake uncontrollably.

Shadow quickly drug Taya back into the TARDIS, lying her on a soft couch, she quickly set the control of the TARDIS and then returned to Taya who had stopped shaking, but was now weeping uncontrollably.

"Why, why would you show me such a thing?" Taya cried out to her as she got close.

"Because this isn't who you should have been, this is what someone else made you. I needed to fix that. He had no right to make you something you weren't." Shadow put her arms around the woman and sat down with her. "You aren't safe in your own time line right now. This is what will become of you, is it what you want?"

"Of course I don't!" Taya shouted out. "That's terrible! Why in the world would I let that happen to me. That isn't even me!"

"No, it's not. That's what I'm here to stop. Do you trust me?" Shadow asked as she pulled Taya's head up from the pillow she had rested on.

"I don't know... I suppose I have no choice at this point."

"You're right, you don't. But I do, and I have to make it now."

"What choice is that?" Taya asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

"To take care of you."

"In what way?"

"I have two choices, I can take you out of your timeline, and leave you with someone who will keep you safe."


"You don't want to know what my other choice is." Shadow helped the girl stand up. "And I need you to look your best, take your time, and get ready to meet someone who can take care of you, and keep you safe."

Taya nodded and made her way to the direction that Shadow was pointing. "Where is the refresher?"

"If you walk down that hallway, it's the second hallway on the right, then the fourth door down on the left."

Taya began the long walk down the hallway.
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Re: SW: The Shadow of the Gallifrey's

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Taya came back out, with her hair brushed out, and her stance was somewhat firm. Her eyes were still a bit red, but altogether she looked ready to go.

"Are you ready to see your new home?"

After taking a deep breath Taya sighed. "Yeah, I think so. Where are we going?"

"Not going, we're here, and not really where as much as when." Shadow opened the door and this time didn't wait for Taya to go first, but instead walked out, as Taya walked out, she quickly took the necklace off of her, and then removed her own. "Welcome home. Well for a while anyway."

Taya took a step outside and looked around a most beautiful world. "Where are we?"

"Tython." Shadow simply stated as she began a walk towards what seemed to be some buildings in the distance. "Home of the Jedi."

"Heh, not for thousands of years." Taya said as she looked around. "Besides, it's location has been basically lost for at least a thousand years."

"Lost for you, not for me." Shadow simply stated as she continued to walk, leaving Taya looking around the area. "Besides, in this time, it's just been found, again."

Taya paused at the womans words. "What time are we in?"

"I'd say about 3,600 and some years before you were born, give or take a few hundred years." Shadow smiled and then looked over at a large building. "We're here."

"Excuse me." A man walked up to Shadow with a rather large pike in his hand. "This is the Temple of the Jedi, not just anyone can come and go as they please here."

"My name is Shadow." She stated as she flashed what appeared to be a blank sheet of paper. "I've been requested to be here by Master Satele Shan."

Satele Shan, the name seemed familiar to Taya, but she wasn't sure why, she began to think and think, but it just wouldn't come to her mind.

"What's your business here?"

"My business is this young one here." Shadow said as she pointed out Taya. "Her name is Taya, and she is here to train with Miss Shan."

"Okay, you may enter." The Jedi could feel the Force flowing from Taya, and knew that she was very powerful in the Force.

The women entered the bulding and Taya ran a bit to catch up to Shadow. "What's with the blank piece of paper?"

"Psychic Paper, it shows who ever I'm talking to, whatever I want it too." Taya smiled at the young woman. "And it gets me in places, where they aren't expecting me at all."

"Who is Satele Shan?"

"Should have paid a bit more attention in some of your history courses." Shadow opened a set of doors, that lead into a large room with a large table. "Welcome to the Council chambers."

"May I help you?" A voice came out of everywhere at once.

"Yes, you may. Grand Master Satele Shan, I have a favor to ask of you."

The young Grand Master walked out of the shadows and stood at the head of the table. "What is it that I can do for you... " Satele paused for a moment. "Actually, who are you to ask a favor of the Jedi?"

"My name is Shadow, you don't know me, and you probably never will. But I have here a student who needs your assistance."

"I'm a Jedi Knight." Taya whispered over to Shadow.

"Not anymore, you are now a padawan of the new order of Jedi."

Satele walked over to the two women and took a look at Taya. "She is strong wth the Force, but I really don't have the time to take a padawan at this moment."

"I guarentee she will be worth your training, Master Shan."

Taya stood quietly as the two women talked, biting her tongue.

"I can have her trained, but as I stated, I really don't have the time personally."

"It is imparitive that she learns from you, Satele. She needs your personal touch."

"How is it you know so much of me?" Satele asked as she now began studying the woman who called herself Shadow.

"You would be surprised at who all I know, whom have no idea who I am."

"She has some unruliness to her." Satele stated as a fact. "She may prove to be more than I can handle."

"If you can't teach her, Master Shan, no one can." Shadow looked over at Taya then back at Satele. "She needs you, and I believe you need her."

Satele wasn't sure what to think of either of these women, but somehow she felt the Force tugging at her to accept the woman as a padawan. "Very well, she will be trained by me. Say your goodbyes, and we will beging immediately."

Shadow bowed respectfully and Taya followed suit, as they walked out of the council chambers.

"I've been trained as a Jedi already, how dare you..."

"What? How dare I have you trained by probably one of the greatest Masters of all time? How dare I save you from a dark fate? How dare I keep you safe from harm, hidden where no one will ever look? How dare I what?"

"How dare you make me a padawan again, I proved my worth."

"NO!" Shadow said with quite a strong voice. "You proved you could survive, nothing more. You wiggled your way into being a Jedi Knight, before you were ready. You proved nothing to anyone, even Master Windu could sense something wrong. This will prove your worth. This will truly test you. You must become humble, and teachable, if you can't do that, then you can't exist!"

"But I do exist."

"But if you can't become humble enough to be taught, then you won't for very long." Shadow looked the woman deep into her eyes. "I promise you, if you become teachable, you will learn more than you ever thought was possible, and you will become the Jedi that I know is in there. If you do not, you will have to be taken out."

Taya saw the seriousness in the womans eyes and thought for a moment about everything she had witnessed, all of the things Shadow had shown her, in such a short time. She didn't want to become what she saw, and she didn't want to be the downfall of the entire universe.

"So, can you become humble and teachable Taya?"

"I believe I can."

"Good, then goodbye."

"Will I see you again?" Taya asked as Shadow turned to walk out.

"Perhaps, perhaps not. But I will return you to your own time, in time." Shadow grinned to herself as she left the room. "Remember to be teachable, and humble, become what you were meant to be Taya." Shadow passed through the large doors, that slowly shut behind her, and was out of her life, for now.

Shadow walked back to her TARDIS and opened the door, taking a deep breath she put in the coordinates for Galifrey, home...

The TARDIS began it's trip, and rather smoothly approached Gallifrey, when suddenly she saw something she never expected as a ribbon of time suddenly went missing. The TARDIS began to rock and shake as the time stream began to collapse around her. She quickly slammed the controls of the TARDIS to ride the collapse rather than fight it. The trip was hectic as it through her back and forth, up and down. She began to feel like a rubber ball bouncing around without any control as the TARDIS finally stopped shaking so badly. She studied all of the controls, picked a destination and landed the TARDIS.

Continuing this Story Here. Will come back here when Shadow goes back into her own timeline.
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