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TotB:Dust and Shadows

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19 BBY,

The red sand of Geonosis whipped into the air as one of the behemoth star ships lifted off from the scarred desert floor of a once quiet planet. A great battle had just been waged and those that thought they fought for the side of good had just won the day; the enemy’s army was in retreat with their leader no where to be found. The day showed promise, but for one man, there was no joy in this victory. To him, there could be no victory when so much has been lost. It was indeed a dark day, a day that will be written off as the day that sparked the Clone Wars, but to the Jedi Knight that stood before the ruins of what was once a great gladiatorial arena by those that built it, it was the beginning of the end for the Jedi.

“Master,” a hurried voice called out to the Jedi from behind, “the transport is gearing up to go.”

The Jedi wasn’t alarmed or even turned from the horrific scene that lay before him, he kept his stance, and there was no need for haste as the Jedi recognized the voice. It was a voice of a young man, the young Jedi he knew all too well. As the young Jedi came up on the steely eyed man, he walked up next to him and peered over the ledge at what his master was staring off to.

The young Jedi’s voice became somber as he remembers the days earlier events. “Was this right?”

The question echoed through the Jedi’s mind as he asked the very same question over and over again in his head as it uncoiled and grew in his thoughts. Was this right? The Jedi really couldn’t say. So much has been done and yet so much has been lost…so much will be lost until a definitive outcome can be reached.

In a solemn voice, the Jedi spoke, “I don’t know.” The Jedi gingerly shook his head at the question.

“Many Jedi fell here today, Master, even some on the Jedi Council.”

“Yes, I heard about Master Trebor, it’s a shame.” The Jedi bowed his head low as he remembered his fallen brother.

“I over heard Master Yoda speak about finding another Jedi to replace him, your name came up.”

“Humph. I doubt they would allow such a fool as I to be on the Council.”

“Don’t say that Master, don't think so humbly of yourself, Master. Your not a fool.” The young Jedi had a sincere look about him.

The Jedi just chuckled at the young Jedi response and placed his tired and callus hand on the young Jedi’s shoulder. “Come, it’s time for us to go, Vaniph.”

“Yes, Master Cantrel.”
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Re: TotB:Dust and Shadows

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Days later,

Cantrel leaned over the banister over looking the great hall of the Jedi Temple watching the Jedi come and go. Next to him, Cantrel’s past Padawan, Marcos Vaniph stood with his arms crossed staring the opposite direction as they waited patiently to be call into the Council chambers. The reasons why they were being called to go in front of the council was still unsaid, but Cantrel’s tuition eluded him to the idea that it had to do with some things he said about the battle at Geonosis and the role the Jedi took during it.

As they waited they heard the faint hiss of the lift doors opening and soon after the clatter of a female Jedi feet against the temples hard floor as she exited the lift and approached the two waiting Jedi.

“Cantrel, Vaniph, they are ready to see you now.” The female Jedi informed them.

Cantrel and Vaniph took the lift to the Jedi Council chambers in one of the towers situated on the base of the temple. As they made it to the top of the tower they exited the lift and entered the council chambers through two large doors. Many of Jedi walked through those ancient doors, some great and some not so great, whether Cantrel and Vaniph were the former or the latter, only time could tell. As they entered the council chambers the detailed of the room came alive as Coruscant’s star set on the horizon. It gave the room warm heritages feel to the place. Every inch of the room had some kind of history about it; whether it was the culture of the Jedi or the history it was an honor and a privilege those doors.

Cantrel was called to the center of the council chambers by one of the occupying council members.

“Do you know why we have called you here, Cantrel?” Master Windu spoke. Windu’s gaze was piercing as he never took his eyes off of Cantrel, almost as if he was trying to read his thoughts, it was quite intimidating.

“You called me here because the council is concerned with some of my comments I made after the battle on Geonosis.”


“Why do you feel that way, Master Cantrel?” Another one of the Council members asked.

“The Jedi are not soldiers for the Republic to do what they please. We are to protect the weak and bring justice to the galaxy, not fight the Republics war.”

“Isn’t that what we are doing, bring justice to these separatist.” Mace Windu replied.

“I do not see justice in fighting a war against those that want to pull away from the Republic. This is not a war we want to get involved in; they are twisting our beliefs for their own means and using it against us. Also, the Republic has created an abomination of an army. To twist and manipulate nature into something as evil as an army to do what they please without normal repercussions is uncivilized. I cannot support such a thing.” Cantrel could see that many of the Council members were trouble by the idea of a Clone army.

“The Confederacy, led by a Dark Lord, it is.”

“Yes, Master Yoda and that’s why I believe we should not concern ourselves with this war and focus solely on Count Dooku.”

“I can see your concerns are true and with good intention, but this war is more complicated than it seems. We have been asked by Chancellor Palpatine to lead the Republic’s army in the fight against Dooku and his Separatist army, I ask that you fight along with us. Your leadership skills and military prowess is greatly needed in the coming months; will you protect civilization while it wavers in the coming storm?”

“I will not lead an army of abominations into battle; I cannot trust what I do not like.” Cantrel could see that the Jedi were disappointed in Cantrel’s answer.

“Masters.” Vaniph address the Council. “If I may make a suggestion.”

“What is you suggestion, Marcos Vaniph?”

“How about Cantrel and I raise an army of citizens of the Republic, I am sure many people will want to fight in this war, this will give them a chance. With all the supplies and resources backing up Cantrel, I am confident that we can raise a suitable force of the Republics own countrymen.”

The council was silent for a moment until one of the council members spoke up. “We will consider your suggestion, Marcos Vaniph and bring the concerns to the Republic, but the main question is, does Cantrel feel comfortable doing this.”

“I do.” Cantrel gave Vaniph an assured nod.

“Then we will discuss this further, you are dismissed.”
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