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Guide to Heroes Roleplaying

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I. The Concept
Here, we have combined the Marvel and DC comic book universes into one. However, we have eliminated most of the major characters in each universe through means of an alien invasion. This is so those of you who wish to use a specific aspect of the established comic book universe to start a character or group may do so. However, even if you don't know anything about Marvel or DC it will affect you very little because most of the real characters are gone. Start fresh with a completely unique character and join in the fun!

II. The Story Begins
Unknown to the galaxy at large, a massive, deadly fleet from an alternate universe had managed to cross the threshold between dimensions. The Chrell, an alien race of blue skinned, cybernetic humanoids, had discovered a vast new dimension of unconquered territory. They set to work to add this universe to their empire. They engaged the Green Lantern Corps first. They were taken by surprise. Both the Guardians as well as the planet OA were completely destroyed. All Green Lanterns in the vicinity, including all known lanterns from Earth, were killed. The Guardians' greatest weapon, Ion, aka Kyle Rayner, managed to escape in order to warn others of the coming darkness.

Ion reached the Nova Corps and helped prepare them for battle. Believing they were as ready as they could be, he went in search of other allies to join with them before the Chrell made it to the Novas. He located the Silver Surfer, and together they gathered all the known ex-heralds of Galactus. By the time they reached the Nova Corps, the entire organization had been wiped out. The Chrell fleet was there to greet them. All but the Silver Surfer died. He raced ahead of the fleet to warn Earth; the next destination of the alien invaders.

Upon his arrival he met with Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, who spearheaded the organizing of the world's heroes into an effective defense. However, it was not as effective as originally believed. The Chrell fleet arrived outside of Earth's orbit, and sent troops to the planet below. During the first wave hundreds of super powered individuals died, though they managed to push the Chrell forces back. The second wave claimed even more lives. Though they were once again successful in standing their ground, the small victory had come at a high price. Few remained alive, and they quickly realized that they would not survive another attempt on the planet.

Two strike forces of the most powerful remaining heroes were formed. The first, led by Superman and consisting of such individuals as Ms. Marvel, the Sentry, and the Martian Manhunter, were sent to target the Chrell flagship, and to bring down it's leaders thereby defeating the organization of the fleet. The second team, led by the Silver Surfer and consisting of heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Captain Marvel, were given orders to distract the fleet by attacking clusters of their warships. The two teams were successful, and what remaining Chrell ships there were retreated back to their own universe. However, every member of the strike forces had been killed.

Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy, was now left without heroes. They had given their lives to repel the greatest military force they had ever witnessed. It has now been 15 years since the aliens were defeated. It has been a period of change as the new generation of heroes has risen to replace the old.

III. The Rules
1. Creating a Character
You can either create a new character from scratch, or you can create a copy character. Either way, you need to come up with a good background. We don't want you to just jump in and have a billion super powers and say you were hit with gamma radiation in a lab. You may have as many characters as you want, there really is no limit. A copy character refers to any character based on an established character in the Marvel or DC universe. A good example of this is the show Batman Beyond. He was the replacement for the original Batman. That is what you can do here. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to be related to any established character, nor may you lay claim to a copy character already claimed by someone else (see Section IV, sub-section 5).

2. Uber Characters
There are some limits when creating a character, either a new one or a copy. Characters on a power scale similar to Galactus, Thanos, Darksied, the Phoenix, Silver Surfer, etc. are off limits unless special permission is given. Should you wish to do something of this nature please seek permission from the community. The reason for this is because such characters normally involve many people when being dealt with. This would be something of a forum wide experience.

3. Creating a Group
If a previously established group is not claimed, such as the Avengers or the Justice League, feel free to start it up again. However, you MUST reference the past history of the group. Your character cannot claim to have created the group, though they can claim to have established the current incarnation of said group, which is the truth. If you don't know anything about a certain previously established group, you probably shouldn't try to recreate it. However, you can always make your own group as well. Both options are great!

4. Respect Others
Whether it is your thread or someone else's, you need to respect everyone else. This means you are NOT to control or kill another person's character without their permission. If you are engaged in battle, let the other person decide how and if their character was hit. You are NOT to have your character know any information you have learned Out of Character (OOC).

5. Have Fun
This is a place for fun! If you have a complaint or a question please feel free to contact the WoH Coordinator; Mirrodin2nd.

IV. Copy Characters
1. No Blood Relatives: We don't want you to be related to the established characters of either comic book universe. However, if you have a good plan and wish to be related to one, you may discuss it with the other members of the WoH. Provided you receive majority approval from the active members of the community, you may go ahead. In the off chance that the character you wish to establish the blood relation to is controlled by another RPer, you must receive their consent as well. Should that RPer be inactive, then the majority approval from the active members of the community will suffice. (Note: Cadden and Cazzik have prior grandfathered in approval for Wolverine and Dr. Doom, respectively.)

2. Mutants: If you do follow the Marvel Universe you will be well aware of the House of M story arc. At the end of that there were few mutants left in the world. We are ignoring that aspect of the House of M. The more possible mutants the better. Mutants are an easy way to make your character, that’s why we are doing this.

3. Unlimited copy-characters: You can have as many copy characters as you wish, as long as you don't claim a character that has already been claimed (see below). For further information on how to claim characters please see the Copy Characters Claim list and the Copy Characters Claiming list.

5. If you want a copy-character, or someone with identical powers, that someone else has already taken claim to for whatever reason, politely strike up a discussion with the owner of the copy-character and see what can be done about the situation, whether it means making an original character with similar qualities, trading copy-character's, or accepting the copy-character as a gift.

V. New Characters
1. Don't Make them Uber: I know it's tempting to make them completely invincible and able to crush anything and everything with a mere thought, but please, refrain from doing so. Making an uber character may break the rule on uber characters

2. Names: It is almost impossible to come up with a brand new name that no super hero creator has ever used before. Just do your best not to copy and of the major names like Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, unless you are using them as your copy character. If a player does copy a name the player with the copy character has first rights.

3. Same Concept: You may of course want something similar to an established character. This, of course, is no problem. Just make sure if you create someone LIKE Batman that he isn't actually Batman. The general rule we follow is that you will need to justify a Seventy five percent difference in character from picture to powers and everything in between. Any questions

4. Double Copy Characters: Some may really want a copy character that has already been taken. However, there are always other heroes similar. Such as Iron Man and War Machine. Or Captain America and US Agent. Or Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider. If this is something you wish to do, then contact the person who has claimed the character you wish to copy and make sure it is ok with them that there is another hero very similar running around. You can even use each other in your backgrounds, and are encouraged to do so.

5. For claiming new characters see the claims list for details.

VI. Activity Rule
1. A WoH RPer is determined to be active, if that RPer has made at least 5 posts IC in the last 6 months. Posts only count if they are IC, and do not count if they are in the Copy Character Claims thread.

2. Obviously, it goes without saying that if someone steps forward with a legitimate reason as to why they are going to be away, then they do not become inactive. Provided the community has been informed and has been given some kind of timetable as to when you plan on returning, you will not be considered inactive.

VII Inactive Users and Their Lists

1. Should an RPer with a list go inactive, their list is taken from them and their characters released into the pool of available characters. Only new members to the WoH are allowed to claim them via the copy character claims thread. All other members of the WoH have to make a request and receive majority approval from the active WoH Community. Should the inactive member return, they will receive all of their characters back, minus those characters that have been or are being legitimately claimed.

2. A member CANNOT make claims to Copy Characters if they have not made at a minimum 5 IC posts in a 3 month period.

VI. The World of Heroes (WoH) Coordinator

The WoH Coordinator's primary responsibility is to assist in the running of the WoH forums, specifically the locking, sticky-ing, and editing of threads and posts within the WoH forums, with the intent of smoothing the forum's operation. In addition, the WoH Coordinator has the authority to settle disputes concerning WoH matters, while the Moderators reserve the right to overrule any decisions. These privileges are limited only to the WoH forums. The WoH Coordinator does not have the ability to issue formal warnings or otherwise perform moderating duties, even within the confines of the WoH forums.

The following are the proposals threads that brought about the February 26th 2012 changes to the rules. These are being moved here to consolidate and remove the number of stickied threads in the WoH Forum:

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Amended the rules on March 7th, 2009 - Jagtai
Amended the rules again on January 21st, 2011 - Jagtai
Amended rules by adding WoH Coordinatior explanation: April 10, 2011 - Balsa
Amended rules on June 8th 2011 to include minor edits and the new claim list - Halcyon508
Amended rules on February 26th 2012, to include changes to the rules per WoH Proposals - Mirrodin
Amended rules on July 24th, 2013, to list the proposals threads that became the amended changes of February 26th, 2012 - Mirrodin
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