Skiftallya sector- Corellian Bar on Phantom's Cape

Takes place immediately after the Battle of Yavin
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Skiftallya sector- Corellian Bar on Phantom's Cape

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OOC: This can be a bar thread, but understand we are on a ship, and we are in the same sector as the other thread , the one Kytross started. This a continuation of a thread I did way back when on the old SWG boards, however since I can remember literally everything about that thread except the names of the characters. I will perhaps change a few things, but I think I still have a hardcopy of that thread somewhere, so I won't mention the captain/ owner's name til then.
OOC thread is here ... php?t=7075

IC: A Corellian Corvettedropped out of Hyperspace in the Locaca system of the Skiftallya sector. A young man sat in the Captain's chair, one of the many odd things about this voyage. The Captain and owner had taken a long overdue vacation and appointed the young first mate Camoc Chaosi as acting captain for the next six months. Camoc had been suprised and honored. Suprised, because he had heard the captain say on more than one occasion that he would sooner fly the ship into a cave of mynocks, than let anyone else captain her.

Though over the last few weeks he had heard more and more interesting stories about the Captain and his son, Sean. Apparently Sean was a member of the new resistance gaining in power throughout the galaxy. And the Captain had taken time off to spend with his son, and convince him of his stupidity in joining such a cause, Sean on the other hand hoped to convince his father to turn the ship over to the resistance, or at least agree to shuttle operatives across the galaxy .

Camoc shook these thoughts out of his head as they approached the world of Locaca prime, the bridge crew had things well in hand. The luxury shuttle should be prepped and only awaiting the word that a high orbit had been reached before they started ferrying passengers down to the planet, and hopefully picking up new ones, or at least some faces for the day. Some of the planets especially the backwater ones were full of people willing to pay not only good hard credits for a shuttle ride, but even more good hard credits to drink lominale as they circled their own planet.

Camoc took the turbolift down to the lounge area where the SE-7 service droid poured out the complimentary glasses of wine for the departing customers, this was one of the many changes he was proud of, he had been able to increase the ticket price by a hundred credits a pop by adding in '2 complimentary wine toasts' into the deluxe package. One when the rich snots got on board, and one when they left. Not that all his passengers who got that package were rich snots, but enough were that he was happy to take their money every chance he got.

Camoc grabbed his own glass from the bar and approached the crowd in their evening dresses, formalwear, and one crisp Lieutenant's uniform he recognized as being an Imperial army officer's.

"Greetings gentlebeings, it has been a wonderful voyage from Chandrila to here, " barring you looking down your noses at me , "and I am sorry to see you go, and not just because i want you to spend more money in our beloved bar..." he got a quick chuckle from the room as he waved the glass around the observation deck. The bar had been decorated in the black and greens of Corellian security, with Adansji wood paneling which had an appealing allure to most people who had spent any time on corellia. It stocked only Whyren's reserve wiskey and ale, and any other Corellian alcohol they knew of or could get their hands on.

"I hope you all have a pleasant stay here on Locaca prime, and remember if you need another vacation we ask you to consider Phantom's Cape for that one as well." He raised his glass high, "to clear skies and safe travels!" and he added under his breath..."and more money."

As the crowd disbursed he noticed the Lieutenant gabbing a drink over at the bar. Military types always seemed to be the most pleasant to his crew and passengers, and the stories they tended to have were nothing short of awe inspiring, so Camoc took his wine over to the bar and sat down.

"Why so down soldier?"

The younger man nodded to Camoc as he sipped down his thick green liquid." Not down, just comtemplating my new assignment, sir"

Camoc laughed, " Don't call me sir , I'm only a Captain of a private ship, not military. Where you assigned to?"

"I'm to be in charge of a few army squads on detached duty on the Interdictor Once I hit planetside they'll be shuttling me over to Skiftallya. so I'm merely trying to enjoy my last few moments as a free man."

"Who's in charge over there?"

"Captain Crassus is captaining her, I've heard mixed reports about him, but typically we Army officers don't get along with Vac-heads... begging your pardon sir."

Crassus......"Darius Crassus?"

"I believe so....." the young man raised his eyebrow," you know him?"

"not personally, but the last time I saw him he was sitting where you are. about 6-8 months back he was on leave as we did a little core worlds run. He semed pleasant enough... if you ever get a chance to talk to him tell him he's still got a free drink on credit here for keeping that kid occupied . The Captain said that little boy was smiling for the entire week after Captain Crassus disembarked. The boys mother was afraid he would cause a ruckus on board, turns out Crassus' good example kept the kid on good behavior, wants to be a ship captain when he grows up."

The soldier released some unsen tension in his shoulders as Camoc continued to talk and describe Crassus. When the time came for him to board the shuttle he was smiling and shaking Camoc's hand

"Thanks Captain Chaosi, If I ever get a chance, I'll be sure to give Captain Crassus your message." he said as he walked out the tavern door.

"Have a pleasant flight and a good post Lieutenant Ringram,"Camoc sighed as he sat down on a bar stool. "Why do they always insist on calling me Captain, Kaibaset?" Camoc rolled his eyes as the servant droid came over...

"I don't know Captain, would you like your usual?"

Camoc Chaosi smacked his head then lay it on the bar, "make it a triple....."
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