Contracts: Dead or Alive

Takes place immediately after the Battle of Yavin
Tales and stories set during the events of Episodes 4-6...

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Contracts: Dead or Alive

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The humanoid looked over the various hunters assembled in the room. Some were known galaxy-wide, others only locally, and then some he had never heard of, possibly new to the trade, had taken interest in this assignment. The man assigned by his superiors to relay the job information to the bounty hunters was a tall one, standing at about six-and-a-half feet, and looking like the average Sephi, for one minor difference. This particular Sephi adorned three scars, running vertically, from the right corner of his forehead down to his left cheekbone. One eye was blinded, and fancied a patch, unlike the other.

"You were requested here for a very particular assignment," he began, looking over the hunters. "A certain man, by the name of Fall Halbright, has crossed my masters by taking out a high-ranking lieutenant of their organization for the benefit of one of our top enemies. To that end, we cannot allow this man to live." A holo of Fall appeared next to the Sephi informant, showing Fall to be a man in his mid-fifties, battle-hardened, graying hair. "This man is considered very dangerous, but my masters do not wish to take a chance. Thirty-five thousand credits will go to the person who brings him in alive, but if death is necessary, they are willing to pay twenty-five thousand credits. He is a top priority for the organization, and we would rather spend so much and not see more get wasted from his terrorist efforts, than to pay cheap, and get cheap results. You may use whatever means necessary, but remember... we prefer him alive."

OOC: Crappy intro, but I'm just providing us with the backbone. :P 'Kay, guys, let's see it happen.
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The target in question was an inhabitant of an inconspicuous house in an inconspicuous town on a very conspicuous planet.

Chandrila was this planet, and this man Halbright chose it to be a good place to retire. The only problem was that as a bounty hunter it was hard to retire. Pensions weren't a thing you could get working independently, and so when the Markanos Group had contacted him, asking for a certain target's destruction.

It had paid decently, and he expected to help that keep his savings running along for maybe a few years. There was a feeling in the back of his mind that it may not have been such a good idea after all, but generally a bit of light wine was able to get rid of it.

Old bounty hunters generally didn't last very long, either being killed or captured while harmless or dying on an assignment they were too old to take. Physical aging wasn't the only factor; Fall often thought of the days many years ago, when Jedi hunting could pay off, though he didn't participate; others in the guild did, and those great fees contributed much to the Guild funds. And that was a good thing, along with bounty hunting being much more refined, and considered to be a reputable profession.

But now the Guild was falling apart, no one paying part anymore, and Fall had been one of the first to leave. It could have been different; Fall had been considered to be pretty good, and he could have tried what influence he had, but he went independent with the rest, and after thirty-five years of tiring work, he was ready to relax. How much he'd be able to do that in the following days was a total mystery.
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