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The Lucky Star Casino on Nar Shaddaa (Open to All)

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:38 pm
by coronhorn
The sounds were always the first thing you notice when you walked into any given casino, whether you noticed them first or not the sounds are always what you first pick up on and when you first walk into the Lucky Star Casino what you almost always heard was winning. The acoustics of the place were phenomenal, if there was just one person in the place winning it sounded like everyone there was, there were rumors he'd heard that it was an illusion that the first and most infamous owner of the casino had crafted using the Force of all things but Jason Starlighter knew better than that, it was simple geometry that made this place sound like it did. The main hall was shaped perfectly so that every sound generated a rich echo that bounced around the room. Being the trained engineer he was he'd noticed it the first time he'd walked into the place, back then it had been a struggling bar for the less desirable with rooms for rent and as well as beings to help you warm the bed. The owner was a down on his luck Twi'lek that was up to eyeballs in debt to the local hutt syndicate whom it was rumored had ties to the Black Sun. He'd come here on a tour of sorts of his own design, having just been "retired" from the Imperial Navy for his less than sympathetic feelings towards the great emperors plans for the galaxy, he'd set out to visit all of the famed gambling halls of the "old" republic. None so far had managed to live up to his expectations, none except this one, so he'd done some nosing around here on the Smuggler's Moon and found out just how much the Twi'lek owed and to whom he owed it, not an easy or safe task, and had then put out some feelers. It hadn't taken long for the local hutt crime lord to present him with the honor of an audience. That meeting went well and with very little trouble he was soon the proud new owner of his very own casino. It had merely cost him a small percentage of "tax" each month, a percentage he'd never had trouble providing, a percentage that as low as it was won him all of the protection he wanted or needed from the Hutt. Leaning back on his bar he smiled and pulled a long drag on his tobacc and took a sip of his rare corellian brandy.

Yes, life was indeed good....

OOC: As the title says this thread will be open to all, if you're interested in running a character that works in the bar just PM me and give me a run down, unless it's absolutely horrible I'll probably say yes.

IC wise there is a large display near the main entrance that lays out the rules, they're simple

1)No gun play on the premises, ever, failure to abide will result in your character being set upon by the Casio's security which is provided by the Hutt Crimelord who's the sponsor. This might or might not result in your character never being heard from again.

2)Cheating is highly frowned upon, anyone caught cheating will be treated just like anyone attempting gun play.

3)The first drink is free for ladies unless they're accompanied by a gentleman.

4) Have a good time, and if you want an even better time there are rooms for rent, though you have to provide your own entertainment.

5) Don't touch the dancers, touching the dancers will forfeit whatever appendage used to touch them.

Re: The Lucky Star Casino on Nar Shaddaa (Open to All)

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:04 pm
by coronhorn
Ures Kyr'arm stood outside the doors for a long minute breathing in the air, in all his long years Nar Shaddaa hadn't changed much, it still stank but it was one of the few places that in all his time had remained mostly free. It had never gone legitiment like so many other of the galaxy's many ports. Running his fingers through his now blonde hair he smiled and then pushed through the two swinging doors into the Lucky Star, this place though, this place had changed quite a bit since the last time he'd been here. Sauntering over to towards the bar he settled onto one of the bantha hide stools and waited, within a few minutes a natolian appeared,

"What'll it be?"

"Something old and Corellian."

The natollian nodded and moved silently off returning a short time later with a short squat glass of brown liquid, "200 credits"

He slotted his cred stick in the nearby reader and it beeped, the Natolian smirked, "That's the most expensive thing we have, 1500 years old, enjoy."

Ures smiled, that was a good year, lifting the glass he took a slow pull savoring the burning sensation and the flavor of the whiskey, it brought back quite a few memories. After a few minutes another man settled on the stool next to his and Ures could help but notice him eyeing the drink,

"That's quite the expensive drink."

Glancing over to the younger man he nodded and smiled, "One has to have things he enjoys or life ceases to have shereshoy!"

The other man nodded in a knowing way, "It's not often you meet a one of the mando'a not wearing his beskar'gam."

Ures smirked, "Not often I meet a aruetii who knows Mando'a."

The other man nodded, "When one runs in the circles I have one learns things. I'm Jason..."

"Starlighter." Ures finished for the other man and then extended his hand, "You don't live as long as I have and not learn things."

The other man took his at the elbow and they exchanged the traditional handshake,

"What brings you to this Nar Shaddaa and the Lucky Star?"

"Memories mostly. I had heard that you were also looking for help."

At this Jason sat back and studied the him, "Well you obviously don't need the credits..."

"Let's call it nostalgia." Ures smiled, "Plus the list of drinks I know how to make is longer than all of the lists from all the other bars on the smuggler's moon. All I want is a place to stay."

Ures could see the wheels turning in the other man's head, before he nodded to himself and leant forward,

"Just don't bring any of your work home."

Ures smiled, the man obviously thought he was a hunter, assassin, or other chakaar,

"The only thing I might bring home would be a mesh'la dala!" he chuckled. Starlighter smiled,

"There's a suite on the fifth floor that hasn't been used in ages, has all the modern amenities one can ask for, even a live holonet link though that's a bit on the pricey side if you want to use it. You can start in the morning if you like."

"Vor entye."

The other man nodded and then slipped quietly away, smiling to himself Ures finished his drink and then ordered a second...