The Hunters Reborn

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The Hunters Reborn

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Ok, I know the other thread didn't go anywhere, which I expected.. I hope all of you enjoy the ride and the read on this one. Its a story, later on it may go further.. but for now.. read on.

The plains stretched out ever farther, the closer they got. The mountains in the background never seeming to get any closer, just staying on the horizon with each step forward, it seemed one step back. The sun was at its apex, and the shine was blinding. The snow-covered ground sparkled from the sun, and no matter how hard you closed your eyes, you could still see it.

“Do you think we will make it?” the large man said ever-trudging forward effortlessly towards the horizon.
“We had better; I didn’t come all this way for nothin’. We had better get there soon as well.” said the smaller of the two as they walked onward.

The mountain valleys teemed of life. Bears, wolves and other animals stirred to life and disappeared as fast as the men walked past, then everything turned back to normal once again in their passing. The goblins were terrorizing anyone they came upon that they knew they could, but for some reason, they didn’t find the courage to face the men as they walked past non-chalantly. The undead were about as well as had happened lately when the world changed. You could never get to used to them, but they did nothing to interrupt, they were mired well in their own business.

You could tell that some men were born for certain purposes, some are destined to hard work their whole lives, some to tend to others needs and some had the easy life. These men had neither..

One was very tall and rugged looking. He was roughly looking, some scruff on his face and strange markings indeed. Scarring of sorts possible but inking is what it appeared to be, making him one of the barbarian types from this area. He was clothed in furs and leather accruements and carried a bag as well. It rested easily on his back, and several hung from his belt as well, he was adorned with a leather helm to top it all of with. He carried honor, it radiated from his very being.

The other one didn’t belong here by any means, you could tell by his attire. Metal had no place in these lands, except in the weapons, this silly being had it covering his body. He walked with an eerie grace, always on balance and walking like the icy footing had no effect at all. With a cat’s grace he climbed effortlessly, he jumped like it was nothing. The metal was blacked so not even the piercing sun made a glimmer; it just took in the glint and absorbed it so to speak. The smaller one left no tracks to speak of. His hair was settled on his head under the chain helm, and the blackened tunic was almost settled in his walk as well, this was one to be wary of for sure. They were as different as night and day, those two were; one big and beefy, one small and scrawny among other differences. One had a light almost angelic complexion but he was far from an angel, the other had a hardened face, but not a hard man by any means. They were here at this moment together, for the world was about to change, and fate had brought them together.

The wolves could be heard in the distance as it seemed to come from all around them. Bears and other wildlings were about as well, but they disappeared in their arrival as well. The sun continued to beat down and even as hot as it felt the temperature was still a bit under freezing, or would be this night.

Shelter was the thing they had to find or they would certainly perish, many a hard night had taken beings from this desolate place. The northerner did in fact know of a tribal village close at hand, still a walk but they should make it. From there they would trudge on into the mountains and try to find the dreaded being they came to hunt. The villagers would see them through the night and pass them onto the morning to whatever gods they saw fit. They reached the village a bit after dusk. But the short one knew, the village was expecting them, he had seen some of their runners, even though they were well hidden, and didn't want to be seen. They left tracks that were not supposed to be seen, big barbarian tracks indeed. The villagers welcomed the large one as he entered since he was one of their own; the smaller one was welcomed as well.. like a vagrant or a leper. The short gaunt elf (that’s right I said it) was not spoken to, looked at and generally dismissed before all.

"Welcome to the village large one.. You are welcome to go where you will.." casting a glance out the corner of his eye, the village elder said "stay where we can see you, untrusted one.." The battle of words went on like that for a bit until the larger man grew tired of this..
"Do you welcome a member of the Vanguard? Are they not protectors of the north, and those of all good people? Do you welcome you own family members? You say I am a member of my family as well, thus you treat me well... No disrespect high chieftain, but by the Six Hammers, this is one of my family as well, in heart, in blood in spirit. You ALL need to welcome him, or you need to despise me, you choose. But beware of the Northern Vanguard, they have eyes around you, this you know, this you feel." He walked out of the fire light to his friend, "All will be as it should.. we will find a spot here, not a home but a nights rest at least." "Yeah, let’s count our blessings," the elf retorted with a sly smile. The village in itself was not large by any standards, but the food was hot and it kept the snow off you. Granted the villagers were not willingly welcoming the newcomer and the other, the newcomer they could deal with. The other one was totally different, he was not from the area, they had not seen one of his ilk before either, for this one had no painted face or broad shoulders. He did have pointed ears and wore a chain shirt and leather greaves. This was one with nature at least, as were the villagers.. At least in this they stood firm.

The huts were a bit cramped but they were warmed by the small fires inside, the community food pot was bubbling as well in the center of the huts. The weapons rack and alchemy bags/items were close as hand as well. The village elder went about his business and left the others to their work as well.

"We have a long road ahead of us you know.." said the big man as he entered the hut.
"As soon as it is over, the better.." said the other man, preparing for rest, but knowing it would be long in coming.
"Then I can get back to my people and some greenery at least, far away from this desolate place," he muttered under his breath. They set out the next day, before the sun could even be seen in the horizon; they knew they had a long way to travel.

The elf hoped ahead as a scout of sorts trying to find the enemy, before the enemy found them. He knew there were others about, but could never quiet see them even with his keen elves eyes. The gray eyes sparkled with mischief as always when he was on the road, looking as far as he could..

“I can feel them watching us,” he said just loud enough for his companion to hear him, but none else.
“It is the eyes of the Northern Vanguard that is what you feel, they have been with us since we came into the snow lands, but they are always with me. You will get used to it, they never leave.”
“I still don’t have to like it..” the elf mumbled as he walked. “I just wish they would show themselves.”
“You will never know they are there, but I always will.. It is the way of things..” Mayric said as they moved on once again towards the horizon and their destiny.

Many turns of the clock Mayric was born into these desolate wastes, into the cold harshness of the North. He was born or a small family, but he was one of great heart, the other, the elf.. His story will come as well.. later. Mayric was a man of valor, at a young age his village was razed, and his life took on a different meaning. His life took on a meaning for the end… the end of a wyrm as old as the world of Norath, as old as life itself. The name of the beast was Voxx, mayhap you have heard of her…?

Wearing the armor of the spirit callers, his was quested armor, made form the knowledgeable barbarians from the coast of the Lake known as Rathe. He was knowledgeable in the arms of blacksmithing and hand made armor called totemic.

The elf had on ring armor, but unbeknownst to the watchers, it also made no sound as he jostled it to and fro. His feet left no mark in his passing, for he was known to the arts of the wilderness. His arms were of blackened iron; his breastplate was darkened as well.
His feet were covered in broken in leather coverings, he was in tune with the wilds, be it snow or be it jungle. The elf was always a cautious one, for where ever he looked, someone was there following him.. Usually it was not from what he did either. This one was a nice type, he was carefree as well, and lived each day to its fullest. Everyday was a celebration for him.. as it should be to all of us. "It never fails me as to how we met that fate filled day so many moons ago," the large man said to the other a few feet from him, walking at his side. "Many times have I thought about that day, we met on the lakeside. I was coming from a quest set to me by my elders, you were hunting up some gnolls for a.. what did you call it a lesson in foolishness..?" the larger man asked.
"Well it was... I was there to show them the misuse of the air they use, and a misuse of my skills, A parry here, a backstabbin there.. all for naught," the elf spoke. "A use of ones skills should be used in comabt, not flowery." he spoke and continued walking.

"Do you see them?" the elf asked of his traveling partner 2 hours later after a long walk in silence. "Where, and how far?" the larger man asked removing a small belt pouch containing some herbs, and assorted other items.
"Due East, the base of the mount there, looks like 10 or more.." the elf said squinting as to see better and cut some of the icy glare. "Stop," said the large painted man, stooping and cupping a plant in his hand, placing it into a stone bowl and mashing it into a paste along with some brownish plant bark. Adding a drop or two of water, it looked absolutely sludgy. Being of a kind nature, the large barbarian offered the mixture to his elven friend, "Drink this.." he said extending his arms.
"Um, you first, you made it, I insist." snided the elf.
Shrugging, the man turned up the bowl to his lips and brackish liquid spew down his chin. Removing the bowl and handing it to the elf whilst licking his lips. "Now you.." he added.
"Ok," drinking plentifully from the bowl and seeing the other smile. "How does it taste?" the large man smiled and the elf understood its meaning. "Taste.. You did supp of it yes?" the question hung. "Um, or is it rather why did you not..?"
The tall man started waving his arms and his eyes turned white. The air started to taste of copper as the air turned warmer around him.
"That is why.." the man stated simply, "I can cast it on myself, on you I cannot. Thus the potion.."
"So, what was it supp..." elf pointy eared one gasped, holding his arm covering his eyes. "Ok, make that 15 and 3 mounts, grey in color and they are a bit closer than i first thought.. But now that I can see.." he said through a slight smile. "... I can actually see, or course the downside," he said squinting "is that everything is bigger, and brighter as well. Not that I mind, but perhaps some tinting is in order.."
"Sorry small one," the large painted man said, "but I do what I can do. You can not have everything," he simply stated.
"They look to have outriders as well, mayhap we should tarry not and deal with them accordingly," Mayric soundly said.
"In time, in time my friend they will fall to the quick blades of the Shadowwalker," his friend patted his ever preasant sword, "in time they will be ours, but we must prepare. i need to make some arrows, and restring the stinger... then they will meet their doom." Grabbing the ever-present small box hanging from his belt, he opened it slowly and carefully, not doing so would be disastrous and careless.

The elf was neither... um make that he wasn't disastrous.

The box produced arrowheads sharp, shafts true and fletched and many small vials of multi-colored fluids. Painstakingly attaching the heads and dipping the tips, making sure not a drop was lost of touched the skin, the shadowalker almost vanished in the light and crept ever forward to his goal for the day, the ruination of the hunters.. Who have now become the hunted. He slowly crept forward...

Minutes later

"Elf friend".. said aloud the painted man a little above a whisper since a whisper actually carried farther anytime.
The majic man saw a commotion in the distance and a arrow shaft protruding from a chest of the hunting pack.
"Never mind..," the barbarian said as another fell swiftly from the fated stinger of yore, "and good work as well," he said with a smile. He works well enough, I have been fated to him since my beginnings, this I know. I can feel it in my heart, and so can the shadowwalker me thinks the painted man thought to himself, as he watched yet another one fall. Peering under his hand resting at this forehead, he notice one of the hunters slow creeping up on the elf a few meters to his rear.
Lowering his head in prayer and slowly chanting the words of power a form began to appear close to his side, that of a big furry pet, filled with smokiness and lithe with anticipation.
More words fell from his mouth as he garnered speed of the Wolf and strength from the bear, his totem animal and surrendered it to his traveling companion.

"The meal is yours dog, take it," the large man said and sent it bounding onward into the melee that would start soon with the unsuspecting target...

"Eat well indeed." the man whispered to his faithful pet bounding tirelessly to the intended victim. His fate coming towards him at blinding speed, the man was none the wiser.

Slowly walking towards the combat, and casting an even larger shadow it seemed, the man trod slowly to view what remained of the enemy camp. "Such anger and courage to be found in the short one," Mayric spoke. Bodies were strewn about and not one left alive to tell his tale of the hows and whys. "Phae," he said resting his hand on the shoulder of the elf, "are you injured?" he asked of the elf.
"A little cut is all," he spoke slowly and dumbly and promptly passed out as he fell to his side with the blood flowing forth.
Mayric again gathered the magic from the air, combed it from the sky and healed his friend through the aid of the mystical power of the Tribunal and their teachings.
"Rest easy my friend," Mayric spoke as he covered his friend with a blanket and made camp for the night.

It was fate indeed that brought us together so many seasons ago, but friends will stand out for a long time. I am thankful of my friends... Friends, there through the thick and the thin.. to the end they go, to the end.. no questions asked, they give freely of themselves, as do I for them..

Stirring slowly on his makeshift pallet, the shadowalker groaned and rolled onto his back, covering his eyes with his bloodstained arm. "Are you ok.." he asked of the bigger man not thinking of himself or his benefit. "Aye, rest easy friend.." he spoke through a tear stained smile. "Regain your strength, for tomorrow we will be where fate has destined.. the lizard will fall."

"She will indeed.." the voice on the wind as the two stepped into the light of the dwindling fire. A human who was soft of foot and a long eared being calmly walked behind her to keep her protected.
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