My how the time has flown!

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My how the time has flown!

Post by PrinceKirin »

It feels like forever since Ive been around, but a decade feels like forever in most circumstances. Ive had so many things happen and was simply swept away with life. For a long time Ive felt the need to write but there was never time. Since the last time I can remember logging in, Ive had three daughters, been a portrait photographer, a hospital corpsman in the US Navy, a cardiovascular technician and am recently returned to university to chase an old dream of becoming an astrophysicist.

I was drawn back here by the least likely of things I could think of. In a writing class I was asked to write a short essay on something someone did that helped develop my literacy. I selected an incident from back in '03 or '04 where good ol'e Vox helped me straighten out my writing style. My description of Exodus lead my professor to ask me to due my second project paper, one on discourse communities, on what I remembered from Exodus then. I honestly hadn't thought about these boards in many years and decided to see if they were still up.

I couldn't have been more pleased. Not only did I see names I know and remember well, such as Jag, Tabetha, Cadden, and others, but my log in still works. Lets ignore the impossible chances of me remembering a password so old.

I am entirely motivated to start writing here again! Of course as my class and work schedule permit. I'm just glad to be home.

I guess Ive years of catch up reading to do here too. Any recommendations?

Also what is with the Zeta Board version?
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by Pryde »

Don't know about the Zeta board thing but technically you only have about three weeks to catch up on. That's about how long ago we opened our new main board timeline. It's set 2 years before TFA or 28 years after RotJ.
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by Cadden »

He's probably referring to Ghost's attempt to "upgrade" the boards from phpBB.

If the new canon isn't your thing, you should be able to get mostly up to speed through the main timeline on the wiki. It wouldn't take much to fill in the gaps.
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by PhantomFury »

From what I have read, it seemed that you are a returning RPer, and I feel obliged, as the newest member to the group, to welcome you back!
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by Jagtai »

Good to see you again, Kirin :) Long time no see.
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by Nichalus »

Welcome Back K. In the immortal words of Corsos "they always come back." :)
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by VagueDurin »

Nichalus wrote:Welcome Back K. In the immortal words of Corsos "they always come back." :)
Great to see you back!
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Re: My how the time has flown!

Post by coronhorn »

Sadly they don't always come back... but mostly they do eventually... for short spurts... then they leave again for a bit... usually...

wonders off to ponder on whether he wants to reboot Devon in the new timeline
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