Star Wars: Concord's End

2 years prior to The Force Awakens...
A persistent and interactive galaxy set shortly before the events of Episode VII

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Re: Star Wars: Concord's End

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"It will be painful, but I am certain I will manage, yes." Ossica replied to Felicity's question. The medic who had wrapped her leg shook her head slightly.

"The more you walk on it, the longer it will take to heal. There's some muscle damage that can't be fixed except with bacta and time."

Ossica waved off the comment. "I will rest when it is safe to do so."

The man who oversaw the safe house frowned in Felicity's direction. "Your best bet for rest is right here. This is the most hidden safe house in the city, and they'll be swarming all over the city right now. At least wait until we can set up another place to move you to, and get a plan together."


Seraphine's walk down the ramp of her shuttle had more in common with a fashion model's strut than that of an approaching dignitary. She used sensualism as a practiced weapon, and it was seldom that it missed its mark.

Her step faltered ever so slightly, however, as she reached the bottom of the ramp and looked at Leland's face. It was not an expression of happiness at seeing her, nor a cool professionalism, but was more a dourness as if he had been forced upon with a bitter brew.

His name was barely off her tongue before a detachment of troops flanked her from all sides, making it quite apparent that fleeing was not an option.

Her two bodyguards sprung into action, imposing themselves between the danger and their mistress as best they could. They were trained warriors, but their function was much more ceremonial than practical, and even were that not the case, there were too many opponents to make such a fight worthwhile.

"Stand down. Stay with the ship." She signaled her guards, who backed away to the edge of the ramp.

Seraphine turned her attention to Leland, trying to glean as much as she could from the situation, suppressing a tremor of fear that passed through her body.

Betrayal? From Leland? Of course it was not out of the question, she had known going in to their little arrangement that betrayal was one of the more likely outcomes, but this did not feel quite right. Leland seemed legitimately unsettled by what was happening, not to mention that if betrayal had been his intention, he was jumping the gun by striking so quickly. It would have been much more beneficial for him to wait until she had passed some truly useful information along.

She looked Leland in the eyes as his guards approached her, putting her hands in binders behind her back.

"What is the meaning of this, Sir Leland?" She spoke as calmly as she could, but there was so keeping the edge of fear out of her voice. "I come bearing aid in the name of House Borrocor, and I am to be treated as a criminal?"

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Re: Star Wars: Concord's End

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Leland sighed and looked away for the briefest of moments. When he finally resolved himself he looked her directly in the eyes. "Forgive me, Lady Seraphine, but I have misjudged my father. I invited you here under the pretense of friendship but my father had other ideas. It seems he believes that Lord Borrocor was somehow implicit in the attack that put my sister in the emergency room."

He cast a glance from her back to the two guards standing behind her. He absolutely hated having to do this but he could not defy his father. "Please have your guards lower their weapons and surrender themselves and if you would be so kind inform your pilot that he is to disembark unarmed."


"Whether we leave now or not it won't make a difference," Felicity said, glancing back at the man behind her, "The only way out of here is the spaceport on top of the central pillar, correct? Charles knows that and as long as he can guard it he can take all the time he wants looking for us cause where else are we going to go? At the very least if we leave now there's a chance his people won't be in position yet."

The overseer's frown deepened further. "The turbolift to the spaceport is likely to be heavily guarded," he said, "There's no way you and your companions will make it to the top."

"Not from the inside," she answered simply, "Is there a way we can get in from the outside?"

At first no one answered her and Felicity looked at each person in turn, imploring them to help her. "Is there a way," she repeated.

Again there was silence until a moment later a small voice spoke up from the back. "There is," a man near the entrance of the room said quietly, "There's a platform above the pillar just below the dome. You'll find a maintenance hatch there that will lead directly into the spaceport. I've used it several times back when I used to work there."

"Do you know where this maintenance hatch is? Can you lead us to it," Felicity asked and the man nodded in response. "Now all we need is a speeder," she said, then she turned to look back at the overseer, "Do your people have access to a vehicle?"

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Re: Star Wars: Concord's End

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Seraphine swallowed, fighting back a gnawing sense of fear. This was a mistake. This was madness. This was a political blunder...

Unless Lord Ducant had evidence that her father had been involved. If that were the case, then she had just practically walked in as a sacrificial lamb for whatever retributions were to take place. She half considered running for the shuttle, but she knew that was beyond pointless. Even if she could make it to the shuttle, there was no chance of escape.

"I..." She tried to think of something to say that would change her situation, but there was none. She would just have to ride this out until the political situation between her father and the Lord Ducant came to some sort of resolution.

Signaling to her guards, she gave a slightly jerky nod. "Lower to your weapons." The guard were quick to do so; any loyalties aside, they knew a hopeless situation when they saw one.

A minute or so later, the shuttle crew likewise was on the landing pad, unarmed and at the mercy of their captors.

"Please tell your father that I am an emissary of peace with humanitarian aid. This treatment will not get him either sympathy or advantage." Seraphine's voice had a slight waver to it, much to her internal annoyance, but she managed to at least sound halfway composed.


The man nodded. "Yes, we can get a speeder once the patrols have died down a little. I will make some calls." He moved to excuse himself and Titus approached Felicity, lowering his voice to speak to her more privately.

"This is a bold plan, Fel- my lady." He corrected himself, noting that Felicity looked slightly uncomfortable at her new found title. "Operating outside of an atmosphere is a difficult task, even for someone who's trained. Putting someone who hasn't developed that discipline in that environment..." His eyes cut meaningfully over to Autumn. "Could be disastrous. We both need to make sure she is as focused and mentally prepared as possible before we attempt this."

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