Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Shaggy »

the sensation of having an artificial intelligence getting plugged into your head was something Val would not wish on the worst slaver in the galaxy. However, having it know her personal thoughts and feelings, that as much as it said her personal thoughts were irrelevant to it, still made her extremely uneasy. She pushed those feelings to the side and focused on what was in front of her. She took a deep breath and looked over her scanners. Pinpointing what was coming at them she began to give out orders.

"Green flight one, you have five ships coming in at fast. Turn your group to intercept at mark five Green One. Use their speed to trap them." She flipped over to the next set of targets coming in. CALABAN had already began to feed her information on what was incoming. "Flight two, you have six slower targets making a looping run to try and allow their frigate to get into position to open fire on our port side. Take your group and cut them out form behind. Bring your flight to mark 2.6 and hit the accelerator. If you can cut them off from the frigate, you will leave that frigate open to our guns without having to deal with the flies around our nerf steak."

"Flight three, those assault shuttles are yours, disable them and get them off the field. Use your digressions on the field of fire, any of those targets are worthy of going out first. They are trying to make their way across the field slowly so we don't notice them. Make them regret it."

She took a breath and was about to start up again when the computer began to speak.

" Your relay of instructions are not fast enough or are you giving adequate coordinates to achieve the optimal results."

"I am speaking as a pilot, to pilots. I will speak however I see fit to get the point across!" Valexia however didn't realize she said it out loud. Commander To'ran gave her a look and she pointed to her temple and he nodded back towards her.

"You'll get used to that. Well not really but arguing with it will become less audible. Keep it up Lieutenant, let's mop the deck."

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by TalRaimi »

The warning alarm made Alek jump. This wouldn’t have been so bad had his head and shoulders not been stuck inside the B-Wing’s dorsal maintenance hatch at the time. He slid out from underneath the fighter, cursed, and rubbed the back of his head where he’d banged it. He stared uncomprehendingly around the hanger for a moment, watching as pilots and techs began to scramble, until his brain finally caught up with the reality of what was happening.

We’re being attacked? Someone is seriously stupid enough to attack us?

‘Attention Red Dagger Crew! Attention Red Dagger Crew! All hands to action stations! Green Squadron report to your ship!’

Well that answers that question.

Surging into motion Alek shut the maintenance hatch and rushed to the cockpit ladder as two techs approached to help prepare him for launch. Scrambling up the ladder he slid into the cockpit of the B-Wing and busied himself with his flight suit seals before firing up the ships reactor and brining her systems and engines online. He felt the ship come alive beneath him as the gentle hum of the reactor grew to a low growl.

One of the techs heads appeared at the top of a ladder and he thrust a flight helmet towards Alek. “Ground checks are done; you’re good to go, Sir.”

“Much appreciated,” Alek gratefully accepted the helmet.

“Good hunting, Sir,” the tech waved, before shimmying back down the ladder and detaching it from the B-Wing.

Cycling the cockpit closed Alek donned the unfamiliar helmet, wishing he hadn’t left his own red and black design back in his quarters. He brought his repulsorlifts online and flicked the comm over to ask for launch clearance which was duly granted. Almost reverently he reached out for the flight stick and throttle, hesitating only a moment before lifting the big fighter into the air and rotating her towards the magnetic shield and the blackness beyond.

The B-Wing surged forwards, following a pair of X-Wing’s out of the hanger, where Alek then kicked in the engines and accelerated into space.

Keying his comm to the squadron’s frequency he reported in, checking his scanner for his Flight Leader, Otsoa. “This is Green Six, weightless and ready to go.”
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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by VagueDurin »

--Attention Red Dagger Crew! Attention Red Dagger Crew! All hands to Action Stations! Green Squadron report to your ships! Green Squadron report to your ships!--

In what seemed to be becoming a trend, Otsoa's slumber was violently broken as the Klaxon erupted throughout the ship, calling all stations to alert. The Urmaellian made a less than graceful exit from the makeshift hammock he'd built between the wing and tail sections of his craft. R6-L1's function light flickered to life and it emitted a sharp, sarcastic bleep before letting go a sign-song I told you so warble.

Otsa's seinale flared but even the fishhead couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the predicament. "Yeah yeah, whatever." He tapped a booted foot into the astromechs side. "Get the ride spooled up, I'll grab my gear. If those youngsters beat us out the shoot I'll be holding you responsible."

Lonny bleeped an affirmative, heading off for the droid compartment of the ISV.

Lt. Dutari was already in his flight suit, in swift but practiced movements he popped the small cargo compartment in the ISV's hull open to find his helmet, gloves stashed inside of it. The Urmaellian secured the compartment and tossed the helmet and gloves into the now opened canopy before bounding up the ladder.

Once inside, he punched the ladder withdraw controls with one hand, and the canopy closure control with the other. Lonny already had the Kuat Systems Engineering powerplant warming up and the Narmox avionics were halfway through their automated pre-flight checks.

"Well done, my Fleek." R6-L1 warbled a mournful tone in response. "Well whatever it is, good going now get me clearance." Otsoa snapped, feathering the repulsors to bring the ISV up off the deck. The pilot fed a surge of power into the starboard Exelbrok drive which swiftly brought the fighter craft around to port, facing the void. "On your mark..."

Lonny offered three staccato beeps followed by one long note, and Otsoa punched the throttle.

The main Fusial Thrust engines on the ISV's wingtips produced an eerie howl as they propelled the craft into space. Otsoa rolled the craft before gaining relative altitude from the hangar before sounding off.

"Green 5 is on station, Commander."

"5... I know we don't stand on regulations as such here in the green machine... but, I'm afraid I don't see the tactical advantage of bringing your bunk to battle?"

"Err..." Otsoa's seinale quivered for a moment in concentration before his eyes widened. |The Hammock| Lonny's text read on his HUD. "Well, for your information, I sometimes tire of these boring skirmishes. I might pop in for a bit of shuteye."

"Green Eight ready and itching for a fight."

“This is Green Six, weightless and ready to go.”

"Flight two, you have six slower targets making a looping run to try and allow their frigate to get into position to open fire on our port side. Take your group and cut them out form behind. Bring your flight to mark 2.6 and hit the accelerator. If you can cut them off from the frigate, you will leave that frigate open to our guns without having to deal with the flies around our nerf steak."

"Right, Six, Eight, fall in on the hammock! These trespassers want a donnybrook, two flight'll serve it up!"
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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Vaemar »

As much as he would've liked to check out his fighter, maybe even start customizing it, he was tired. He hadn't gotten any sleep in what felt like days, fighter command being as busy as it is. Wonder what they'll do without me, he thought. Putting his case down in his room and removing his flight jacket and hat, he got into his cot, closing his eyes.

Suddenly, he was returned to a new world. His eyes opened, not crusty and slow as he thought, what with how he usually does with the amount of sleep he gets, but instead like separating two pieces of silk. He didn't feel tired, hungry, hurting, anything. He scanned his surroundings, realizing he was in what appeared to be the master bedroom of some kind of alien mansion. But the walls weren't there. Well, not really, for they were blue, swirly, like water, but yet thick and tough like brick. At first he thought it was a hologram, but then he began to think otherwise. Well... I'm not awake, I think. This is too supernatural.

He pondered for a bit, wishing he had a nice chair, and a glass of blue wine. Before he could even finish the thought, it happened. Suddenly, he was sitting in what felt like a chair that was giving a constant massage, moving and expanding to compensate for his spine and size constantly. A small wine table appeared as well, and a fine glass of wine appeared. Still, however, these things were made out of the same strange swirly-blue material as before. Cautiously, he took a sip of the glass. The blast of taste made him smile like he had never before. Even though he had never tried blue wine, it tasted exactly like how he imagined it. Hell, even better that he had previously imagined it. Is this... some sort of... what, super reality? Before he could think any longer on the dawning question, a flash of blinding light struck, and he was pulled from his little world.

--Attention Red Dagger Crew! Attention Red Dagger Crew! All hands to Action Stations! Green Squadron report to your ships! Green Squadron report to your ships!--

"Bantha shit." Sliding out of bed, wiping his eyes and donning his flight jacket and cap, he set off in a jog towards the hangar. Thankfully, he kept his flight suit, socks, and boots on in bed, so he didn't have to take so long to get out there. Shit... wasn't there a meeting, or a briefing that... oh whatever. He tossed the thought out the window, turning his mind to more important things. At least, things he thought were more important.

By the time he arrived, ships were already taking off. He watched a few x-wings fly off, a b-wing following. Hustling over to a fighter, he examined it, confirming it was his. Climbing in the cockpit, he donned the helmet sitting in the seat, placing the flight cap near his feet, under the chair. Pulling up on the throttle, then accelerating out of the hangar, he steadied the fighter, moving it around a bit to get a feel for it.

Clearing his throat, he spoke. "Black Leader, standing by -- I mean, uh, Green... Green standing by." As if an introduction could get any worse... great. He tried to hide his embarrassment, even though in a cockpit. He felt like it was burning out of his chest, searing into the cold space.
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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Mir »

Speed was one thing that the X-wings had in abundance. Jax goosed the throttle, slicing through the void. His eyes picked up the enemy fighters a few moments after his scanners did. They weren’t trying to be inconspicuous at all, and the onboard targeting computer was already telling him that the slant angle they were coming in on his flight was for a direct confrontation. Throwing his shields into a null loadout, Jax’s grip on his flight controls went lax for a moment. He closed his eyes.

Mate's words rang through the cockpit, the droid using the speaker function. Boom.

He opened his eyes.

He started firing.

The red lasers shot outwards, daggers in the starry night. He had the speed as Valexia had pointed out. But now he had the firepower. The laser cannons, overcooking on the joules of electricity pouring through due to the lack of shielding, shredded through one of the oncoming six fighters. Now he was burning through durasteel and titanium alloys, and Jax knew he was going to win out.

An explosion, a reward for the dangerous ploy, bathed his cockpit in light, as his fighter moved past the rest. Almost unconsciously, on muscle memory, he reached down, flipping the switch to a more balanced shielding loadout.

He was risky, not suicidal.

“As usual, lowest scoring pilot buys a round for everyone else.” He said over the Green Squadron Tac com. He smiled. With Jessica and the twins with him, the four of them began to engage the remaining fighters.

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Shaggy »

Green One's pilot takes too many chances. His attempt to prove he is better is foolish and will set a bad example for the rest of the squadron. CALABAN spoke to Valexia's thoughts.

"I can't disagree with you on that but it does take guts to do that and can also have a debilitating effect on your enemies. If you survive it."

Yes, IF you survive it.

Valexia admired the commander's guts but she kept that part to herself. She was locking away memories and feelings in parts of her mind. She was calling out information to the squad but in the down times, she was determining to keep CALBAN out of her mind. It didn't matter if it said that her thoughts were of no concern to it, they were still hers. Also, if others were to get plugged into this monstrosity, she didn't want them to access to her inner most secrets. She could feel small probes into parts of her thoughts and she would quickly put up as many mental blocks as possible before they could get in.

Your concentration is being divided. The more access I have to your thoughts, the better we can function.

"Not on your life. I told you already once to stay out of certain places in my head. Do as you're told and concentrate on the incoming information instead of poking around my memories." Val spit back at the AI.

I can perform billions of tasks at one..

"I don't care you piece of scrap, stay out of my head!" Val said this out loud which drew the attention of Commander To'ran. Hes tarted to make his way over towards her.

"Is everything ok Lieutenant?"

"It will be when this griffing thing stays out of my memories. If it doesn't, you can find yourself another information relay and transfer me someplace else... sir." Val did little to hide her displeasure with CALABAN. She was also acutely aware that she was emitting heavy doses of pheromones into the ship. She moved her hand over to a set of switches and turned on some auxiliary fans that are normally used to dispell smoke in the ships cabins. She was pulled back into the battle grid by CALABAN and began to shout out orders over the coms again.

"Flight One, once your targets are finished, switch over to any torps that you have and let their frigate know you are at their door knocking. If we can divert some of their other ships into protecting that frigate, they won't see the bug guns coming in for a surprise. However Jax, use your shields, they are there for a reason. No use for to have to get evacted by the pod patrol on our first mission."

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Mir »

I think she's mad at you, bro.

"I didn't do anything to her." Jax said, trying to hold a conversation with Mate as he flew through the void of space. "I didn't, I swear."

Did you like...not re-rack your weights before you left the gym and she had to do it for you?


Did you like...borrow more scoops of protein powder than you needed from her?


Did you like...make her show her face to the rest of the squadron when obviously privacy is something she treasures and did you do it in a dickish way?

"No. Wait. Yes."

Totes rude. You're a jackass.

"It wasn't my fault." Jax said, maneuvering through a hail of laser fire from an enemy fighter. The fighter exploded a few moments later, as Tykol lit it up, taking out the fighter that would have killed the Green Squadron Leader.

Of course it was your fault. You told me it was your fault. Mom taught you to apologize to people. You should apologize to her.

"We talked about this. I did it for squadron safety. I wouldn't have put her in that position if I didn't have to. It's for her safety too." Jax said, shaking his head. He was not the bad guy here.

I believe you. I've always got your back, bro. Mate said as he assisted Jakob in taking the T-65B through a tight loop. Still say you gotta apologize. Totes gotta brosizzles.

"Alright, alright, calm down."

I'm totes calm. I'm calm. I'm the epitome of calm. I'm- A laser cannon shot got too close to Jax's fighter. Oh my God, Bro, they're all over us. Get that crazy chick to help us out more. You reckless monkey licking-

Jax silenced Mate and the rest of the message spilled across his computer in text format.

"Noted, Valexia." He said. "Shields good. Dying bad. I'll work on it."

"Do that." She said, before moving to another group.

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by Pryde »

Jessica's hand was shaking as the two opposing forces drew nearer. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she became aware that the sensation she was feeling was very similar to the fear she felt just before firing upon a transport full of Bothans only this time it was exponentially worse. Back then it wasn't clear whether or not the Bothans were a threat but this time it was different. This time the enemy craft arrayed before them actually meant to do them harm. This time she, along with the rest of the squadron, would be fired upon and the thought of that sent a jolt of shivers down her spine. The shaking in her hand had gotten so bad that she had to take her other hand off the throttle just to hold the stick steady.

"Green Two, are you alright? Your velocity is decreasing. Accelerate to attack speed and join the rest of the squadron," a man's voice spoke into her ear. Was it Jakob? Someone else? She couldn't tell, right now her mind was racing.

Biting back on the rising tension in her gut she forced her other hand back onto the throttle and accelerated to catch up with Jakob and the twins. The closer she got to the enemy the worse the shaking became, so much so that it was starting to affect her flying. Her X-Wing bobbed and weaved ever so slightly as she tried desperately to get control of her nerves. Then all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Red laser flares lit up the intervening space between her and the enemy squadron as the rest of the Greens opened fire. Green laser blasts answered in kind, flashing past her cockpit, paralyzing her in fear. For the first time in her life Jessica realized she was no longer in control of her future and that frightened her to no end.

As the rest of the squadron pushed through the furball to the other side, dodging and weaving through laser blasts as they went, Jessica just flew straight through, barely in control of her craft as she went. All she could do was watch as an explosion lit up her cockpit followed quickly by another. Nimbus had been screaming at her to snap out of it to no avail and then the worst should happen. Something struck her craft, a laser blast from one of the enemy craft. It glanced off her shields and jolted the X-Wing to the side doing little damage, but the impact was enough to break her. Without even thinking she veered off away from the rest of the squadron and accelerated to full speed. Seeing an opportunity two enemy fighter craft fell in behind her, firing as they went.

"Green Two, you're accelerating away from the battle! Green Two!"

Jessica ignored him as she went, trying desperately to get away. The voice in her ear came again. "Green Two, you have two enemy fighter craft on your six! Bank left and come about to 022.5!"

Again Jessica ignored the order, but her voice was inadvertently picked up over coms. In response to the command the rest of the squadron heard, "I can't do this, this is insane! I can't do this!"

"Of course you can do this." Jakob said, busy himself and unable to hit the switch to shift them to a private comms channel. "This is what you trained for, Jessica. It's what we all trained for." He goosed his throttle turning his fighter towards where he thought she was. Mate in response highlighted her friendly icon on his scanners so that he could map out a trajectory that would get them closer to her. "I know this is tough, but you've got to pull through this. Talk to me. Tell me what's going on around you right now."

"I--I... I don't know," she said, her response delayed by only a second, "I just..."

Another bolt struck her craft eliciting a scream that echoed across the coms.

His eyes closed for a moment, as he scrambled himself. The role of a commander, of a leader, was about this very moment. A commander was only as good as two things: The number of people they brought back alive and whether they accomplished their objective. Unfortunately, one could not be done at the expense of the other. A harmonious balance had to be struck. It was one of the things that his father had tried to drill into his head when Jakob had become the commander of the family unit. He'd had moments like this in the past. But Jakob had never had to pull a pilot back from the brink while in the middle of battle.

"Okay. Okay. Jessica, I want you to listen to me. Just listen to the sound of my voice." He said, while, typing a quick message to Mate, instructing the droid to interface with Nimbus to keep Jessica flying as safely as possible.

"I don't know if I can."

"Sure you can. It's like listening to Otz drone on and on about cigars." He took a deep breath. "You are a fighter pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Corps. You were chosen. You made the choice to join, but you were chosen to be a pilot. Your instructors didn't choose you without reason. They're not idiots. You have all the qualities and all the skills. You ever wonder why Damus' fur is so soft and fluffy?" He asked, breaking on a tangent.

"Soft and...what?"

"Fluffy. Have you ever touched it? You should touch it. It's really soft and fluffy. You know how we just use shampoo and conditioner on our heads? He uses it too but everywhere. You gotta try to touch him next time you see him. He'll glare at you, but deep down, he's okay with it, because he knows that you know what he knows. His fur is glorious."

Jessica's X-Wing jerked up and to the right to avoid another salvo of laser fire. Jessica was only barely aware that it wasn't her in control of the craft. Her mind right now was too scrambled to focus on anything going on around her and Jakob's words only served to confuse her even more.

"I--I don't understand," she said quietly, there was still fear in her voice but some of the edge was gone.

"The fur." Jakob said. "You have to be paying attention," he said, as he came up behind the enemy fighters, "but you can notice how the breeze will sift through that softness. It's almost like pillow soft. I bet he could shave himself and put the fur into a pillow. Can you imagine Damus shaved? Picture it for a moment, it's okay."

Jess had no idea where this was even going but still she couldn't help but think of the idea of a shaved Bothan. The thought of it made her giggle softly and her death grip on her controls eased up slightly.

"See?!" Jakob replied to Jessica's laugh. The targeting reticle lowered onto one of the fighters and Jakob depressed the trigger. His shots were surgical and he used them sparingly. There was no need to get Jessica more bothered than she already was. The first fighter detonated in a brilliant explosion. "Now, you're thinking of a shaved Damus, but what I want you to also remember is that Damus would be willing to shave himself if it meant getting us home alive. Because that's what we mean to him. And I'd do the same."

"You'd shave yourself?"

"No, I'd shave him. Far more productive for my growing pillow and comforter business." Jakob replied as he moved the recticle to the other fighter. At that moment the pilot, realizing his time was running out, was trying to get a good bead on Jessica's X-wing, but Nimbus threw her into a tight weave, forcing, by effect, both the enemy fighter and Jakob to follow.

Lining up his shot, he took it. The shot sliced through a wing, throwing the enemy fighter into a free fall.

"We're only as strong as we can be when we work together." Jakob said. "I would die, or shave Damus, before I let any harm befall any of you. You're all family to me. Because we're all pilots. Each of us have the skills to succeed. Each of us have the ability. The battle you're always going to be in is not the one around you. It's the one in your mind. But I can't help you there. I can only show you the steps. That fear isn't going to go away." He said, as he pulled up alongside her and he turned and looked at her through the oxygen-less void. Jessica turned and looked back at him. "Mastering that fear, keeping it controlled, that's the true skill of a pilot. These are death machines, I'll concede that." He said and shrugged. "But they're not coffins. Not unless you let them be."

Jessica watched Jakob's X-Wing for a moment, the fear slowly subsiding. Whatever it was he tried to do it was starting to work. "Thank you," she said quietly, but there wasn't much time to reflect on everything that had happened. A third enemy craft fell in behind Jakob and peppered his rear shields with a volley of green darts.

In response Jakob banked hard to the right away from Jess thinking the enemy fighter would follow him through the turn. Much to his dismay, however, he did not and instead locked onto Jess as she kept flying straight. Now Jakob was out of position and unable to help Jess for several crucial seconds as green laser beams flew past the girl's X-Wing. Jessica was now in control of her craft as she bobbed and weaved through the onslaught. She had an eye on her gauges as she kept track of Jakob's position. His turn had taken him further and further away from her leaving her to fend for herself. Much closer, however, was an opportunity for her to lose her pursuit. She shunted her forward shields into her engines and kicked her X-Wing into high gear.

There was another voice in her comlink only this time it was Valexia. "Green Two, you are accelerating towards the debris field. Pull up now, at those speeds you'll be pulverized!"

Jessica ignored her and continued on course, blasting into the densest part of the debris field at full speed. The enemy fighter craft pursued her recklessly, firing as he went. Explosions lit up her cockpit around her as several stray laser beams incinerated the debris. Jess bobbed and weaved her way through long defunct ship hulls and various debris as the enemy craft pursued her. There was an alarm, collision detected ahead of her and no time to dodge. Reacting quickly she powered up her weapons and swept the targeting reticle over the debris before depressing the trigger. Red beams cut the debris apart allowing Jess to pass right between them unharmed. Another salvo of green laser fire alerted her to the fact that the enemy fighter was still on her six and still as persistent as ever. She was going to need more to shake this guy, that's when her eyes swept over the burnt out husk of an old Star Destroyer.

Gunning her engines to full she made a beeline towards the Star Destroyer, flying up and around a large piece of debris along the way. The enemy craft followed her through the climb, ricocheting off the side of the debris every so slightly but not enough to jar him away from his pursuit. Jessica blasted through the large engine of the old Star Destroyer deep inside its hull while traveling at an incredible speed. Somewhat surprisingly the enemy craft did the same, determined to take her out. Various conduits and machinery blocked their path and both craft expertly maneuvered through them as they went. Another alarm sounded inside Jess' cockpit alerting her to the fact that the tunnel she was flying in was quickly coming to an end. She ran a quick scan of the ship's husk and found an opening in the hull leading out into space. The problem was the turn to fly through it was at too sharp of an angle to make at this speed. Still she carried on, her throttle pushed to full until at the very last possible moment she cut her engines completely and rotated her craft ninety degrees. Her momentum continued to carry her dangerously close to the bulkhead but with a sudden and powerful burst from the maneuvering jets beneath her X-Wing she managed to slow herself just long enough to make the turn. There was a sickening sound of metal screeching against metal as she kicked her engines into full gear again and blasted towards the hole.

Behind her the enemy craft, spurned on now that Jess' X-Wing had presented a larger silhouette towards him, continued to fire in Jess' direction, peppering the shields above her ship and burning scorch marks into her forward hull. Then all of a sudden she had blasted around a corner he couldn't see and unable to stop himself in time he flew straight into the bulkhead and exploded in a fiery brilliance. The resulting fireball continued to expand in the tight space, nipping at Jess' heels as she went. The explosion erupted through the hole in the side of the ship's hull just moments before Jess' X-Wing rocketed out into space. Breathing a sigh of relief Jess finally slowed her craft and maneuvered back towards the battle, accelerating again to rejoin the rest of the squad...

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

Post by PhantomFury »

In the littered void that lies beyond the fiery orbs of battle, a Wayfarer-class transport exits hyperspace with a deep rolling crackle. The weathered starship seems to blend in well with the carcass of metallic behemoths that shared its space. Within its cockpit, the pilots tried their best to suppress their awe as they eyed the pulsating buttons before them, and before long the First Officer was finally able to collect himself to make contact with the comms toggle.
"Dagger's Edge, do you copy?" he calls out as his head bobbed to the left as the starship veers to the right, narrowly missing the mingled husk, "This is Bloated Dart, identification code KCD-36002, requesting escort and permission to land."

As his partner continue to hail the Venator in the distance, the Captain gave a gesture for the other to take control of the craft as he takes his attention elsewhere. Keying his side of the communication console, he passed on the message to their "cargo."

Within the hanger module permanently affixed to the vessel's port side, a small starfighter was amiss its start-up procedure. The actuators within the four sublight rang out in the otherwise hollow enclosure as nozzles flared and contracted.

"... arrive on the Dagger's Edge in five minutes," the Captain's voice rang out through the cockpit's speaker clearly and resonated with the limited space within the starfighter. A series of filtered clicks replied back - sounding more like a comm malfunction than a valid response. As seconds of silence passed, the message was repeated in a form of a short burst of muffled chirps from an astromech behind the cockpit. The droid's message was relayed to the transport's display: "Let us sortie."

"Negative, we need to-" the man started before getting cut off as the deflector shield squealed from a glancing hit and the ship to violently jolt downwards. Realizing that even the revered Green Squadron can have their hands full, he came to a silent agreement with the First Officer. "Opening airlock, please stand by."

By then, the small portside power generator was online, humming away as it supplies the ship's components with the electric lifeblood. It wasn't long before starboard generator kicked in, drowning the cockpit in a stereophonic drone as it powered the rest of the starfighter. The targeting computers notified their existence as the progress bar elongates across the screen before the window vanishes altogether, only to appear when the pilot demands it. As the systems gave various beeps and twitters as it boots up, a range of hushed hiss could be heard before it was drowned out by the high-pitched whine of the sublight's turbines.

Out in front of the starfighter, a set of red illumination light came on, casting its crimson glow down the hangar bay. Gaps appeared as the blast doors parted, letting in the sight of the debris-filled space beyond. The atmosphere in the module churned like a cornered beast before letting out its mighty bellow as it floods out into the vacuum. Moisture in the air condenses into ice crystals, giving this monster a ghostly form as embraces the dark nothingness of realspace, only leaving behind frost that streaks across the canopy like vicious claw marks.

Clicks of varying pitch rose rang through the comms once more and before long, the violet hue flared from the sublights and the extensively modified Z-95 Headhunter careens out of the transport and the R5 astromech announces their presence to the New Republic squadron: "Green Eleven, reporting."

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Re: Green Squadron: Title to Be Voted On But Maybe Negating Order

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To’ran smiled as he listened to Valexia try to deal with CALABAN. The Artificial Intelligence took some getting used to, that went without saying. She was doing her best and he could tell. But his concentration was getting taken away from the task at hand by the overwhelming feeling rushing through him. He wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but if he had to guess, it was from Valexia. He had the dossiers on everyone in the squadron and he’d read them multiple times. He knew what she was capable of. It was one thing to read it on a datapad and another to experience it however. It was a wave of…pleasantness. That was the best way he could think to describe it. It was like floating on a cloud and…

He shook his head. A futile gesture, as he knew that it was not going to clear everything that was going on.

“Valexia, I need you to get a grip on CALABAN.” He said, trying to keep them flying in an arc, despite everything that was happening to him. “Otherwise, we’re not going to be looking pretty soon.”

As if to punctuate his request, the craft shook from an attack by an enemy fighter. To’ran threw them into an arc, trying to get away. “We need to end this now.” He said, toggled the communications channel with his much larger ship. “I want that capital ship of theirs gone. Now.” He said. He spared a glance back towards where Valexia was. “Get in touch with the Greens. Let’s mop this up shall we?”

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