Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

2 years prior to The Force Awakens...
A persistent and interactive galaxy set shortly before the events of Episode VII

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Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

This thread follows the adventures of the Crew of the Veiled Bedlam, as they navigate a galaxy on the verge of monumental tidal shift.

Part I can be found here.


It was early morning when the Pursuer craft finally set down inside the hangar of COS Tailring. Vague wasted no time in gathering the others for an emergency meeting. They met inside one of the containers that had been repurposed to serve as a conference room, or a place for debriefing. The Oracle they brought back with them sat atop the table at the center of the room. Rossi and the others all stared at it with a look of disbelief.

"Are we sure it's the real one," Orev asked.

"It is," Micaiah answered. "The Orb is radiating power. I can feel it."

Orev cast a sidelong glance over to Vague who simply nodded. If Durin trusted her judgment then all he could do was accept it as truth. "So what is so special about this thing," Rossi asked suddenly, "Why are those guys looking for it?"

No one around the table had an answer for that. Orev finally reached out and picked up the Oracle, turning it over this way and that in his hands. "I don't see any buttons or switches or anything, how do you turn it on?"

"It is an artifact imbued with the Force," Micaiah explained, "Only the Force can activate it."

Rossi sighed, "And the only person who can do that is still in a coma." She glanced over at Micaiah. "I don't suppose you could activate it?"

The Sylarian shook her head. "No, I don't have the talent for it," she answered, then she turned her gaze to Tsivoin, "But he does."

Ever since he’d entered the conference room, Tsivoin felt unnerved. As was his custom, the young Zabrak kept to the outskirts of the room. He was still struggling to identify his place within the group and without Nova to follow and/or hide behind he found it best to stay out of anyone else’s focus. He leaned against a storage locker, his violet eyes unnaturally focused on the Oracle in the center of the table. The odd sensation he felt had started around the time that Vague had removed the orb from its carrying case, but Tsivwasnt entirely certain that it was the cause of his unease. He couldn’t imagine what the rest of the crew would’ve thought had he tried to explain it. They’d think you’ve gone barvy he thought to himself.

The teen tried to focus on the edge of his conciousness - there was someone, something, there... just beyond his reach or awareness. It, he, felt familiar, comforting, but... wrong. He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he failed to process what Micaiah had just said, so too did he fail to recognize that all of the rooms occupants - except Rossi - had just turned their focus onto him.

The Kessurian, in contrast, struggled to keep her jaw from going slack and her eyes widened as she looked first at Tsiv, then Vague, then ultimately at Micaiah. Frak, frak, frak... oh Nova, I’m sorry. she thought to herself as she frantically tried to think of any way at all to derail what was about to come to pass. She was so keyed up and caught off guard by the Sylarians matter-of-fact outing of Tsivoins curse that she couldn’t stop a nervous giggle from escaping her lips, “Come on,” she asserted anxiously. “If that we’re true, surely Nova would have done something about it.” She tried to put an emphasis on her last words and shot a subtle look Micaiah’s way, but Rossi didn’t expect the Sylarian to understand. None of them could... thanks to the secrets you’ve been keeping. she admonished herself.

"It is true," Micaiah pressed. She caught the strange look from Rossi, but couldn't understand its meaning. Perhaps it had something to do with her previous coverup the last time Micaiah brought this issue to light. Either way they were pressed for time and whatever game they were playing would have to wait. "The Seldari--the Force," she quickly corrected herself, "flows strongly around those who can feel its influence the most. I cannot speak as to why Nova hasn't trained him yet, but he is Force-sensitive and for the moment your only shot at activating the Orb."

SlackJaw tilted his head and turned his yellow-green photoreceptors in the Sylarians direction. “You’re certain that our young Jedi-to-be would be aware of this... sensitivity?”

Rossi interrupted before Micaiah could respond. “The force is mystic, isn’t it? We can’t know that for sure. No matter how long we’ve been around the galaxy.” She spoke eyes narrowing just a smidge in Micaiahs direction. Rossi wasn’t even sure why she was still struggling to put Novas secret back in the bag. The Sylarian had dropped the truth on the proverbial table, after all. She knew intellectually there was no going back now. The Kessurian just wished that Nova was around to defend herself... and to deflect the blame.

Both Vague and Orev took a moment to regard Rossi - whose pink toned skin was going pale and who seemed to be stammering as if she were searching for some kind of a lifeline - then exchanged a knowing glance amongst themselves. Vague’s eyes narrowed and he turned his scrutiny towards Tsiv and Micaiah. By this point, Tsivoin had caught up with their conversation and was standing near the corner of the room with a completely dumbfounded expression on his face, and an unhealthy amount of fear in his eyes.

“You’ve known this whole time.” Vague spoke, his brown eyed gaze pointed towards Micaiah, though he spoke the words as both statement and question, and Rossi could tell that one of those two was aimed directly at her.

"Since the moment I met him," Micaiah answered back with a shrug. "I did ask him about it before, but he seemed to take offense at my choice of words."

Vague frowned slightly, and ultimately turned his focus to Rossi. He didn’t speak further, just sat very still and waited. Rossi couldn’t force her honey tinted gaze to meet his. She finally stood and tossed her hands up in the air. “Okay, fine! Yes. I knew,” she blurted out suddenly. “Nova confided it to me when we were preparing for the Chandrilla mission, alright. But she swore me to secrecy.” She ran a hand ough her light brown hair in exasperation. “It’s not like you think, though, ok- she couldn’t, didn’t...” Rossi stopped and spun around, turning her back to the rest of the occupants in the conference room.

“I’m sorry, Campo.” She said softly, looking over her shoulder at the disturbed looking teen as she recounted the terrible events that had unfolded back on Cantonica as Nova had described them, revealing to the whole room hat Tsivoin had done. “Nova didn’t want you to find out this way. She... she just needed more time to figure it out.”

Tsiv’s knees nearly buckled beneath him when she’d finished. “They'll fear you too after what you did on Cantonica.” it all came flooding back to him, like a succession of percussive waves one after another. She’d asked him about the events in the Tangle once or twice before... and he recalled how she’d treated him like the plague on Chandrilla... “She warned me that he’d tapped into a dark power, because of his emotions or something-“ Tsiv could hear Rossi still going on, telling the others about him. Visions of his home torn asunder, bodies wrenched and tossed aside, the cries and screams of the survivors... His hearts started to pound in his ears, and his breath shortened into hyper panting as he brought his hands up to either side of his head and squeezed against the pressure suddenly building up there.

The conversation continued oblivious to how it was affecting Tsivoin. After Rossi finished recounting her story Orev turned to look at Micaiah. "What do you know of this," he asked.

"Very little, I'm afraid," she said, "I know the Jedi had a view of the Force that included two opposing sides but my people do not share that belief. We don't see the Force as two parts of a whole but rather one supreme being, the Seldarin. Or, as it translates into your tongue, the 'Divine Authority.'"

Tsivoin slammed his violet eyes shut and clawed at his temples. It was as if a dam had suddenly given way, and strobing in and out of his minds eye were traumatic moments of his past. All the times when he’d been pushed to the brink and apparently had lashed out with the force unwittingly. In captivity, during his escape from slavery, on Cantonica... moments he couldn’t recall yet knew somehow that they’d happened.that he’d made them happen. There was a slight screech as he pushed backwards against the storage locker, causing it to shift against the duracrete.

Rossi was the first to notice, and without thinking she rushed to his side, noticing he was hyperventilating like he’d been when she and Nova had saved him from getting sucked out of the airlock. “Shhhh, Tsiv, Campo. I’m sorry. It’s going to be ok let’s just calm down and talk through this.” She whispered to him. Now would be a great time to come save the day, Nova she thought to herself sarcastically. The Kessurian then reached out and rested her palm on Tsivoins back, hoping to reassure the teen that things would be ok.

“Those people, the monsters, I.... Quiet.” Tsiv stammered. “Quiet, just be quiet.”

“Rossi, I think you should come back over here.” Orev spoke from where he, Vague, and SlackJaw had shifted to... but it was too late.

Without warning, Tsiv’s body began to warm up and vibrate beneath Rossi’s hand, and then suddenly he went very stiff and a shockwave of invisible energy struck out from him in all directions. The concussive force sending Rossi head over heels and forcing the rooms other occupants to stagger backwards. The Oracle was similarly effected, rolling swiftly off the table where oddly enough instead of following it shot up into the air about at eye level and began to glow from within. Tsiv, meanwhile, crumpled to the ground trembling and in a cold sweat. “The force shall free me.” He half whispered where he lay still virtually vibrating with agitation.

Micaiah was caught off guard by the sudden outburst of power. Other than Rossi she was the only other person standing close to Tsiv. The shockwave had affected her as much as the Kessurian. She was thrown backward into the wall, the force of the blow stunning her. By the time she had clawed her way back up to her feet the others, short of Rossi who had taken the brunt of it, were staring at the Oracle as it floated in the air before them. Little pinpoints of white light began to dot its surface with three of them lighting up gold. "It's a star map," Orev announced as he reached out to take the Orb. Before he could, however, Vague caught him by the wrist and pulled his arm back.

The aged freighter captain turned his gaze to Micaiah as she leaned against the wall trying to catch her breath. "What was that," he asked.

Micaiah stared at him helplessly. She wasn't quite sure. "I--," she started to say then another voice suddenly cut her off.

"It was the dark side," Nova announced from the doorway. She leaned heavily against the door jam, her left hand unconsciously covering the wound she had sustained from Wes Napal. "The dark side of the Force is fueled by raw emotion and Tsivoin has years of anger and grief built up inside of him. Until today he had no idea what he was doing and when I asked him about Cantonica he could not remember. I should have told him then... I should have told all of you, but I was afraid."

"Nova, I'm sorry, Micaiah knew some how." Rossi tried to explain. The Kessurian had been blasted the opposite direction from the rest of the crew and was seated with her back leaning up against the wall, one hand resting on her head as she struggled to recover from the force of the blast.

"Rossi, it's alright," the girl assured her, "They had to know." Then she paused a moment before adding, "And she knew about me also... Somehow." She grunted a little as she pushed off from the door jam and started to stagger over to where Tsivoin lay on the floor. She made it only a few steps, however, before Micaiah intercepted her first.

"You shouldn't be out of bed," the Sylarian told her, "You've only just recovered from your wounds."

"I'm fine," the Jedi answered forcing her way out of Micaiah's grasp and continuing her journey towards Tsiv. She all but fell to her knees next to the Zabrak and placed a hand on his forehead. With her eyes closed she concentrated and a moment later Tsivoin's body stopped convulsing. He turned his violet eyes to look up at her then suddenly pulled her into a hug.

"Ow, ow, ow," Nova cried involuntarily and Tsivoin quickly pulled away.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly.

Rossi stared at them curiously. "What exactly did you do?"

"I used the Force to calm his mind," the Jedi explained. Then she stood and turned to look at Vague, supported on her feet with the help of Tsivoin. "I know I have no right to ask this of you. When I boarded this ship I had no idea that my past would come back to endanger you all. I know how you feel about your crew, Captain, and I know this isn't your fight, but I need your help. I need everyone's help. Richter and the others are trying to revive the Sith and they must be stopped, but I can't do it alone."

She half-turned to Tsivoin then gently took his hand into her own as she stared into his violet eyes. "I need you now more than ever," she told him quietly before placing into his palm the broken hilt of the lightsaber she found back on the derelict ship...

It was like a cool drink of water after baking in the hot sulfur mines of Oko E. He could almost feel Nova's touch inside his mind as she quickly but carefully sifted through the horrors that he was being suddenly forced to relive. The young Jedi had little experience dealing with this sort of thing, but she knew from terrible experience that she had to calm the Zabrak down quickly, or things would get much, much worse. She did the best she could, individually forcing each of the painful memories backwards and down into Tsivoin's subconscious where they'd previously been sequestered away. Were it not such an emergency, she might have been curious about what seemed to be some sort of advanced coping mechanism, most likely an involuntary response by Tsiv's own mind to deal with his past trauma's and the coinciding with his random outbursts of Force use.

Soon, the teen had recovered enough to look up into Nova's face and the relief in his violet eyes could have powered a sun. He immediately leapt up to his knees and threw his arms around her, only to have her cry out in pain. He quickly apologized to Nova and helped her up to her feet before listening intently to her as she spoke to the group, then to him in particular. He wasn't sure what she was doing at first, but then she placed a long, cylindrical object into his hand. He looked down at it, startled. The Zabrak recognized the cool, blackened metal. It was the lightsaber he'd wielding in those strange dreams aboard the Venator. It had belonged to that young Jedi. He blinked away the surprise and looked again into Nova's emerald eyes. His lips parted slightly and he took in a half-breath, about to speak when a voice spoke from the other end of the room.

Vague was clutching the side of his flank protectively and his face was twisted into a grimace of pain as Nova spoke out her plea. Micaiah's nano-tech had done a surprisingly thorough job patching him up after that grindhouse they'd been through back on Nar Shaddaa, but some of the body still had to heal the old fashioned way, and his had been damaged thoroughly in the fight. He straightened his shoulders and for a moment he simply stood still and silent, regarding his rag-tag collection of crewmates. A short, controlled breath in and out, then as if a switch had been flipped, he sprang into action.

"Mic, are you alright?" He asked first. He'd seen how hard the Sylarian had been tossed into the wall. She nodded her head, though her her features were quizzical. She couldn't place it but his demeanor seemed in-congruent with their current situation. "Good," He continued abruptly. "Take those three back to the med-bay and look them over."

He motioned at Tsiv, Nova, and Rossi on the far side of the conference room as he spoke. No sooner had the order escaped his lips, he'd turned his focus to the still floating Oracle. "Orev, EssJay, get some equipment brought in here. I want to these points plotted five minutes ago. We need to know every--"

"Vague..." Rossi interjected in a sympathetic and pleading tone.

"Everything that this orb is able to tell us and we need to know it now. There's no telling how long it's going to remain ac-"

"Vague?" Rossi interrupted again, slightly louder this time.

"Active." He finished the sentence, then took a quick breath to continue on.

"Vague!" Rossi finally shouted forcefully, her eyes wide both with shock at her own boldness as well as in surprise at her Captain's willful ignoring of what had just transpired. Durin finally broke his focus off of the Oracle and turned sharply to regard the Kessurian, causing her to flinch involuntarily.

"I know, Roz. I know, and I'll deal with it later. Masilda is running out of time." He reminded her grimly and a flash of understanding shone through her honey tinted eyes.

It was Nova's turn to interject. "Masilda? What about her?" She asked, a slight bit of flippancy working it's way into her fatigued tone as she recalled her last meeting with the Ryn.

Vague sighed slightly and forced his eyes to track over to the young Jedi's. "Your hooded friends kidnapped and tortured her." He replied matter-of-factly. "They're holding her ransom in exchange for that." He flung a hand back over his shoulder in the direction of the Oracle.

Tsivoin, who was still trembling lightly but doing his damnedest to help Nova stay upright pipped in, his voice was shaky and unsure. "Richter gave us a week. We have less than two days left."

Two days... Two days and then they were going to confront Richter again. It was too soon. She needed time to train Tsiv and time to figure out what Richter was planning. Currently she only knew the what but she didn't know the how. "Vague, the Richter I knew before was a kind, honest person. He took me under his wing when I first arrived at the temple and gave me encouragement whenever I felt afraid. I don't know what happened to him after the temple fell but the man we saw on the Wanderlust is not the same man I knew. He is twisted by the dark side, full of anger and rage. There's no guarantee he'll honor his bargain with you."

Vague held her gaze, his expression was passive and his eyes were hardened. “If you have an alternative, I’d be happy to hear it once Mic has finished looking you over. If you don’t have an alternative, then we’re wasting the little time that Masilda has left.” He replied. “We don’t know why he wants this... map so badly and we don’t know where he has Masilda. We’re drowning in things we don’t know. You should be able to access the recording of Richter’s message from the medbay, maybe you’ll see something there that we can’t.”

"I do have an alternative," she pressed, "Richter wants the Oracle. All you have to do is make him believe that harming either you or Masilda will cause him to lose everything he's after. Rig the Oracle with an explosive. Program it to go off the second it's tampered with and give the detonator to one of them." She gestured towards Rossi and the others. "Richter will have no choice but to let you go."

Vague’s jaw set, and Rossi’s eyes flickered with nervous energy as she saw the telltale signs of her Captain reaching his limit. She hurried to her feet and shuffled between Nova and the Captain.

“Mic. Med bay.” His tone was flat and sharply edged.

The Sylarian said nothing as she led the trio from the room. Tsivoin continued to support Nova with Micaiah's help as they made their way back towards the Bedlam. "He looked angry," Tsivoin said quietly as they walked, breaking the silence between them.

"I lied to him," Nova answered in a flat, serious tone. "Even after I promised I wouldn't. I put the crew in danger by not telling them about you and I put you in danger by not telling you the truth. If he doesn't forgive me I can live with that. It doesn't change what I have to do."

Micaiah glanced over at the Jedi, giving her a curious look. She seemed--different somehow, more determined. Not at all like the directionless, overly cocky young girl she had met aboard the Wanderlust. What exactly had changed since she woke up?

Rossi spoke up before Tsivoin could reply. The Kessurian was following sheepishly behind the slow moving trio of Micaiah, Tsivoin, and Nova. "We lied to him." she corrected, though her tone was far from accusatory. Instead it was mostly remorseful, with a hint of uncertainty.

Tsiv turned his head to the side a bit so he could look back at her. It'd all been so much, the Zabrak hadn't really had a chance to process anything. Secrets, lies, the Force. His violet eyes shifted once to glance at Nova before they returned to Rossi. He decided then, that he didn't resent the Kessurian for keeping the secret. He could see clearly that she was drastically effected by the deception and he certainly knew how persuasive Nova could be. "He'll understand, though, won't he?" He asked finally as they headed up the ramp and into the ship towards the medbay. "I mean, he lies all the time, right?"

"Maybe, we'll see," Nova said with a shrug, wincing slightly at the effort. "In the meantime you need to learn how to control that noggin," she said, turning awkwardly to tap him on the forehead while giving him a smile. Then she gestured to the lightsaber in his hand. "I don't know how comfortable I'll be about you using that thing if you can't control your emotions."

The foursome walked through the opening door to the med-bay and Tsivoin helped Micaiah lower Nova down onto the exam bed she'd been occupying since they'd escaped the Wanderlust. The Zabrak obediently sat next to Rossi on the edge of the other exam bed where Micaiah had directed him to and looked down at the damaged saber hilt in his hand. He turned it over twice, then his eyes focused on a space somewhere between the lightsaber and where Nova lay. He was recalling the nightmares he'd had aboard the Venator as they were training for the Oracle heist. "It belonged to Joc Sah." He muttered to no one in particular.

"Who is Joc Sah," Micaiah asked. The young boy had been acting so strangely she was concerned he might be delirious.

"A Jedi Padawan, from before the fall," Nova answered for him. "We found his body on the Venator we used to plan the heist on the Wanderlust. I brought his lightsaber back with me and shortly after Tsivoin started tossing and turning in his sleep. He was bonding with it."

"Bonding... With the lightsaber?" Micaiah sounded a bit skeptical. She paused in her examination of Rossi to tilt her head back towards Nova.

"A Jedi's weapon is his lifeblood," she answered simply, as if that explained everything. "While we were on the Venator the Force guided me to Joc Sah's body, I was meant to find his lightsaber just as Tsivoin is meant to have it." She shifted her gaze over toward the Zabrak. "Our encounter on Cantonica was no accident. Neither was our escape. The Force brought us all together for a purpose. I'm sure of that now."

Meanwhile, back in the conference room Orev's voice cut through the silence left behind by the rest of the crews departure. "She's not wrong, you know," the Duros spoke as he returned to the center of the room to better study the map that the Oracle was projecting. SlackJaw returned with some data-capturing equipment and the pair began to set it up on the table. "After all that collateral damage aboard the Wanderlust, we know this guy's in it to win it."

Vague sighed sharply, sending a short jolt of pain up his flank as a result. "I don't give a rot if she was right or wrong," Vague said sternly. "This deception because she feels she knows better has become a pattern, a trend. I can't have it on this crew." He crossed his arms and focused on the bright dots floating out in the air. "What I care about right now is figuring out what in the nine circles of hell this map is for, and what else this shiny sphere is hiding."

"You are debating the virtues of handing the Oracle over to the Hooded Three." SlackJaw said as he plugged in the last of the cords and fired up the device.

Orev's lipless mouth smirked slightly in response to the statement. That had not occurred to him.

Vague raised his hands out to his sides slightly. "Look I'm not saying one way or another without some data ok. I'm just saying, this is a real bad dude, who has gone to a helluva lot of trouble to track this thing down. I just want to know what the gorram thing is and what it's capable of before I just hand it over like a galactic delivery service and go about our way-- Not to mention, that we still have our client, and the Obsidian Cartel to concern ourselves with, as well."

Then, without warning, a coughing fit struck the Captain and he covered his mouth with the inside of his elbow, backing away from the table. With his other hand, he motioned for the pair to stay put. "Just- Figure out what - it is." He struggled out between coughs and exited the conference room. He needed to find his tumbler quickly.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Sometime later, Vague Durin was striding purposefully through the camp, heading for the lowered ramp of the Veiled Bedlam when his comm unit trilled at him from a vest pocket. The Captain fished out the unit and keyed it on. "Go ahead." he said.

"Just thought you should know boss," Orev's voice came through. "Whatever Tsivoin did to power this thing up finally wore off. We've captured as much data as we can for now. Going to get to work trying to analyze it all."

Vague nodded his head along to Orev's message, then replied. "Copy that. I'll check in in a bit." He replied, not explicitly telling the Duros to not interrupt him, but the message was conveyed all the same. He came to a stop just outside of the med bay and took a deep, centering breath before keying the door open and stepping inside.

He hadn't expected to find all four of them still inside, and paused mid-stride, taking in the scene briefly. He focused his attention on Micaiah. "Prognosis?" He asked simply.

"Banged up and a little worse for wear but otherwise they're fine," Micaiah answered back, her tone clinical and lacking emotion. She held a datapad in her hand as she examined Nova's x-rays. Fortunately, the girl hadn't managed to tear open her wound again.

Durin accepted this information with a nod. He'd hoped and expected as much. He could sense the trepidation in both Rossi and Tsivoin's posture and expressions but ignored it. Ultimately his gaze then fell upon Nova - who in contrast to the others demonstrated a calm, maybe even content, resolve - as he spoke to the rest of the occupants. "I need the room."

Tsivoin glanced over at Nova with a look of uncertainty in his eyes. Nova simply responded with a shake of her head at his unspoken question. Reluctantly the Zabrak got up and followed Rossi out of the room. Micaiah lingered for a moment, waiting for the others to clear the hallway outside before stepping past Vague. She paused momentarily just a step behind him and spoke in a low volume that only he could hear.

"I know this is your ship, Captain, and your crew. And I may just be a stranger here, but before you punish that girl for keeping such a dangerous secret try to remember that you have dangerous secrets of your own, Mr. Ward."

She didn't bother to wait for a response after that and continued walking. Nova, meanwhile, had pushed herself off the bed and tried to stand as straight as she could. She turned to look at them curiously and for a moment a dark visage passed over Vague's face just as Micaiah left the room. Nova glanced between him and the Sylarian with a puzzled expression on her face.

"What was that about," she asked. Her voice sounded a bit strained but she did her best to control it.

Vague pressed the thumb of his left hand into his forehead between his eyebrows and held it there for a long moment as he contemplated a response to Nova's question. "Uhhm, do you remember when you thought I was going to auction you and the kid off as soon as we landed on Ord Mantell?" he asked, still rubbing at his forehead.

Nova made a face at the strange segue but thought back to that day all the same. She nodded her head slightly and replied since she could see his eyes were still closed. "I do."

He finally reopened his eyes and took his hand away from his face. "Same sort of deal. I find there's something about the way I live my life that makes newcomers assume the worst about me." He explained, an eerie, bleakness to his tone that was almost uncomfortably genuine. The Captain stepped further into the room, then pulled a stool along on it's castors until it was centered between the exam beds and straddled it with the kind of slow deliberateness that Nova would expect from someone twice his age. When he instructed her to make herself comfortable as well, she couldn't help but notice the mangled edge of his right ear, a deformity that had not been present prior to her coma.

"You guys have been through a lot," she said quietly, a strange kind of sadness seeping into her tone, "How long was I out?"

Durin’s lip twitched for a moment before his expression returned to neutral. “About six days, give or take,” he glanced back at the door where the others had retreated, “The kid could prolly break it down into hours and minutes, though... he hardly left your side.”

Nova cast her eyes to the floor. I'm not sure I deserve such devotion, she thought to herself. "You wanted to ask me about Richter," she asked quietly, glancing back up at Vague. When she saw the slight hint of surprise in his expression she gave him an apologetic look. "Sorry, ever since I woke up it's like I can see things more clearly now."

Vague could tell that wasn't the only thing that had changed while the young woman was out. Time would tell if the growth she'd undergone during her recovery was positive or not, but for now he had more pressing concerns. "There's quite a bit I want to ask you about," he began, "But at present rescuing Masilda is all that matters."

Without preamble, he rolled the stool he was sitting upon over to the wall and keyed up the recording of Richter's transmission for Nova to review:
"I have a proposition for the man you call Vague Durin," Richter continued, "A trade."

Richter's image blinked out of existence and was replaced by the image of a female Ryn chained up and hanging from the ceiling. It looked like she had been brutally tortured. As soon as she saw her Micaiah drew in a sharp breath and covered her mouth. A second later Richter appeared again. "I will trade the life of this woman for the Oracle. You have one week to deliver. Contact me again on this frequency when you're ready to trade."

Then the call blinked out of existence...

A renewed fire burned behind his dark brown eyes as the recording finished and he turned back to Nova. "You and I have a lot to set straight," He started, "But right now, I need you to help me understand who these people are, what that thing in there is, and whether or not its safe give it to them." He couldn't be sure if she was surprised at the last bit or not, but he'd gotten used to folks assigning a lack of morality to him so it wouldn't have been a stretch for him to imagine she would be surprised to hear him considering the greater good outside of his crews orbit.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by Pryde »

A shadow was cast over Nova's eyes as she considered his words. She could tell him stories of her past life with them but none of which would help them now. "Honestly, Captain, I don't know how much help I'm going to be. Richter was kind of like my mentor in the past but he's not that person anymore. Back on the Wanderlust I could feel his anger and determination. Had those security guys not shown up he absolutely would have killed me."

Vague nodded. "Fine, what about the others?"

"Misu and Wes? Fellow students at the temple, but I didn't know them all that well," she hesitated a moment then looked away. "I don't build bonds easily, Captain. Richter was the first person I ever made a connection with. Well, until...," she left the rest hanging in the air but Vague felt confident she was referring to Tsivoin and the crew of the Bedlam.

Vague frowned for a moment, then tilted his head slightly and tried again. "How about that Skywalker of yours," He spoke, hoping to come at the problem from a different angle. "If I've gathered things correctly this Force thing is like a chance cube. There's a red and a blue side to it all. Surely you all were taught about the... Dark side?"

"Warned is probably more accurate," Nova replied, "The dark side is an easy path to power. You probably know as well as anyone that people crave instant gratification. That's what the dark side gives them. Master Luke warned us about its seductive nature but we weren't really allowed to study it."

His eyes narrowed slightly. “You said the kid used it, can he-“

Nova was afraid this question might come up. It was a concern that was also first and foremost in her mind as well. "He could," she admitted, which was tough for her to say. "Until now Tsivoin's use of the dark side has always been an instinctive reaction to something happening to him or someone he loves. Normally with anger alone one wouldn't be able to tap into that kind of power, but Tsivoin's connection to the Force is strong. With the proper training he could become a greater danger than even Richter."

"Yet you intend to train him anyway." His tone didn't sound accusatory, but she could hear the nervous caution that it held.

She nodded. "I know it's a huge risk, but I don't have much of a choice. Richter and his followers have me outnumbered three to one and no one else aboard this ship has the potential to become a Jedi. Plus," she added with a slight hesitation. She knew that Vague would never be able to understand her reasoning, but as Master Skywalker would say there is a purpose behind every meeting. "I have to believe that the Force brought him to me for a reason. I might be the only thing stopping him from falling to the dark."

The Captain appreciated her response and explanation, but the young Jedi had misjudged his intent. What Vague had really meant to find out was if the teens pre-established connection to these, dark powers, could be exploited for the good of the crew and their mission. He considered her response carefully and ultimately decided that right now likely wasn’t the right time to check underneath that blind.

Instead, he offered her a knowing smile. “You may call it the Force, whatever it is, we are strong believers in the lack of coincidence here. Micaiah called the Oracle a ‘force imbued’ object.. do you have any experience with them? It’s returned to dormancy and if what you say is true, I don’t suspect that Tsivoin will be able to reactivate it.”

"No, he couldn't," Nova agreed, "but I could."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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The last thing Tsivoin had wanted to do was leave Nova's side. Not only had she just woken back up from her week long coma, but he'd just learned a devastating truth about himself and his past and the young Zabrak was not ok with it. As he, Rossi, and Micaiah entered the commons area of the 'Bedlam he saw from the corner of his eye that the Kessurian was about to leave the ship entirely.

"Rossi-" He started, then winced at the raw unrgency he heard in his own tone. When she paused and looked back towards him he found it hard to meet her gaze. In his imagination, she looked at him fearfully, as one would look at the boogeyman from their childhood nightmares. He turned his horned head towards the ground and sighed heavily. "I'm so sorry, about earlier. I- I didn't mean to hurt you. Either of you." He added belatedly, glancing briefly over at the Sylarian.

Micaiah glanced over at Rossi before answering. "Your friend Nova mentioned some kind of past trauma," she said. "If that's true then I don't think you had much control. I should probably be the one to apologize for revealing to you a truth you weren't ready for."

Rossi watched as Tsivoin regarded the newest member of their group and the Kessurian's heart broke a bit as she took notice of his youthful features and bright eyes. Maybe Nova was right, and the Force had arranged for the two of them to meet. Maybe it even saw fit to put them on the 'Bedlam... If that's the case, then this Force can't be all that good. she thought grimly. What had they shown the kid since he'd stowed away, besides law breaking, deceit, danger, and pain?

"I'm sorry too, Campo. I knew all about your... gift, and I stayed silent." She glanced over at Micaiah. She'd tried so hard to keep the Sylarian from outing Tsiv to the rest of the crew, and that was a big step further than just staying quiet about it... She'd need to find a way to make that right with them later. "Nova wanted to be the one to tell you, she had a plan and it made sense at the time, but..."

"Now you're not sure," Micaiah finished for her, "Didn't sound like she was, either. I haven't known her for very long but even I could tell that something's changed. She seems--different somehow."

Rossi partially agreed with the Sylarian, but at the same time she found herself wondering idly, how well had any of them really known Nova before? She nodded her head all the same, then looked over at Tsiv. "Well, I'm going to go see Orev, see what kind of help I can offer, you want to come along?"

Tsiv shook his head, maybe too quickly. "No. I uh, I'm going to wait here, for Nova." He replied, then set his jaw as if either of the two women were likely to instruct him otherwise.

"Suit yourself, Campo. You know where to find us." Rossi told him and with one last glance at Micaiah, she turned and bounded down the ramp off in the direction of the main encampment.

Tsiv glanced over at Micaiah, who seemed to be impatiently watching the door to the Med Bay. When he decided it didn't seem like she'd be adding anything else to the conversation, the young Zabrak simply shuffled over to a chair near the bulkhead and slumped into it with a sigh. He, too, was watching the door... not with impatience, though... only uncertainty.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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Tsivoin's patience was soon rewarded when the door to the med bay suddenly opened. Vague stepped out first followed closely behind by Nova as they headed towards the ramp. As soon as he saw her Tsivoin practically shot out of his chair. He almost ran over to her but the doc reached them first. "What are you doing," she asked.

"Activating the Orb," Vague answered simply.

"Well, can't the Orb be brought here? She needs to rest."

"It's fine," Nova assured her, "I'm fine. Besides, Vague doesn't want the Orb aboard his ship until he knows what it's capable of."

Micaiah looked like she was about to open her mouth to protest but decided against it. The girl had a point. The Captain was rather protective of his ship. With a sigh she followed behind them a few paces back. Tsivoin, meanwhile, had fallen into step beside Nova. He had a thousand questions he wanted to ask but he wasn't sure where to begin. They were down the ramp and halfway to the conference room before he finally turned to look at her and open his mouth.

"Later," Nova said quietly, interrupting him before he can speak. "First we save Masilda then we can talk."

Tsivoin looked disappointed so Nova rested a hand on his arm. "Watch me closely, okay? Try to feel what I'm doing, don't just rely on your eyes."

He looked up at her, a slight hint of confusion in his expression, then finally he nodded. Vague led them into the conference room where Orev and Slackjaw were still packing up the equipment they'd been using. As soon as they saw Vague and Nova enter they stopped. The Oracle sat on the table in the middle of the room. The Orb had gone dormant again since last Tsivoin activated it. Vague stepped to the side and allowed Nova room to get closer. The girl crossed over to the table and set her hands down gently on the Oracle's base. She closed her eyes and concentrated, focusing her power into the Orb. For a moment it seemed to do nothing then all at once the Orb separated from the base and began to float into the air. Again the surface of the Orb lit up with little pinpricks of light that got brighter and brighter until suddenly it exploded in a flash of light, projecting an image all around them of a massive star chart. The others stared in wonder as their eyes tried to take it all in.

"This is certainly a lot more information than we were able to gather before." Orev admitted as he glanced over at Nova who still had her eyes closed. 'What are these systems, though? The names I don't recognize."

"No one does," Slackjaw interjected, "It's an ancient language, one that hasn't been spoken for thousands of years. And this region of space, it's not on any star chart in my database."

"The Unknown Regions," Micaiah said quietly and all eyes turned to her.

"What do you know of it," Vague asked.

"Very little, I'm afraid," the Sylarian replied with a sigh. "Even my people have had trouble navigating the Unknown. The physics of hyperlanes just doesn't work the same somehow. We haven't ever been able to explain it."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Far across the galaxy First Order Raider Abbot stood at the position of attention, facing the long conference table that dominated the ready room. His eyes focused straight ahead, looking out the view-port into the bleak star field that surrounded the Nebulon K Frigate, 'Inexorable'. It'd been several days since the mission aboard the Wanderlust had gone so sideways, costing half of Sable Detachment their lives. His remaining functional troopers had collected their comrades, injured and fallen, and had reported back to their assigned vessel. In the days following the mission they had been left to their own devices and Abbot wondered if it was intentional, or if the Commander truly had other pressing matters to attend to.

At any rate, he had finally been summoned and now awaited the arrival of the Commander Amory Shaw, the leading officer aboard the Frigate and his most immediate supervisor. The Raiders technically fell under direct command of Kylo Ren, but when assigned to a fleet vessel they indirectly reported to it's commanding officer. Abbot had not been around Shaw long enough to formulate an opinion about her one way or another, but the trooper was no stranger to bureaucracy, having served for both the Empire and New Republic prior to his allegiance ot the First Order. He was a guest aboard her vessel and he would award her at least the courtesy that that demanded.

Finally, he heard the doors hiss open behind him and the footfalls of at least three individuals enter the ready room. Standing perfectly still, he maintained discipline and did not turn to look at the newcomers. Shaw appeared in his vision first, followed by two individuals he'd not seen before. Like him, they wore sterile black dress uniforms with no rank or affiliation insignia to show, Curious. He thought to himself.

When Shaw settled in at the head of the conference table, he snapped a quick salute. "JL-8953 reporting as instructed, Commander."

Commander Amory Shaw had raven colored hair, bright green eyes, and stood nearly three inches taller than Abbot. She laid a datapad down onto the conference table, then returned his salute smartly. "At ease, Raider. Please, have a seat." The Commander motioned towards the chair at the far end of the conference table as she took her own seat at the tables head. The other two individuals remained standing off to the side at a relaxed position of attention.

"Ma'am." Abbot replied and sat as instructed, his posture rigid, hands crossed atop each other on the tables surface.

Shaw scrolled through some information on the datapad momentarily, then looked back up at Abbot. "I want to keep this is brief as possible, I know that you and your team are still recovering from the engagement aboard the Wanderlust." She started. "Firstly, please accept my condolences for Sable Detachments losses. Each of your Raiders will be sorely missed. Secondly, High Command has reviewed your after action report and considered you recommendation, however at this time it is my duty to order you and your team to cease your pursuit of the fugitive Elena Connor and her associates."

Abbot's jaw tightened severely and his eyes widened in both surprise and anger. The trooper swallowed audibly, then took a deep breath and took a great risk by responding out of turn. "Commander, with respect, Auden Ward is a considerable threat and a defec-"

"That is quite enough, JL-8953. Your report on this individual was received and considered. At this time, the Order is not concerned with tracking down a traitor to the New Republic." Shaw rebuked. "Now, that being said, based off of your report and the data we have obtained from the Wanderlust, command has seen fit to overlook Sable Detachments recent shortcomings and has reassigned your unit with the task of locating these three individuals." The Commander tapped a button on the conference table and a holo image of Richter, Wes Tapal, and Misu Nim.

Abbot said nothing. He remained seated stiffly and regarding the image with a detached professionalism expected of someone in his position.

Shaw seemed to approve of his reaction and nodded slightly, indicating the two other beings in the room. "Raiders GN-4606, and JT-444 have been sent to bolster your Detachment. It's my understanding that your injured should be fit for service by weeks end?"

Abbot couldn't stop his eyes from narrowing in response. Raiders were drafted into a Detachment by the members of the squad, selected from the pool of new recruits as needed. It was highly irregular to have Command insert themselves into the process and circumvent procedure like this. He knew, though, that he'd already tested the Commanders patience and would need to keep his opinion to himself. "Affirmative, Commander." He replied, his tone frosty.

"Excellent. That should give you plenty of time to integrate them into your team and for you to prepare to embark on your new assignment. Dismissed."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Tsivoin stepped back beside Vague as Nova walked up to the Orb and the young Zabrak watched on as his... friend? Mentor? Closed her eyes and seemed to distance herself from the here and now somehow. At first as he watched, nothing happened, then all at once the orb rose up off the table and began to float in midair. It spun slowly clockwise as it began to light from within, and Tsivoin gasped audibly when it erupted in a flash, suddenly filling the entire conference room with what seemed to be some sort of star map. He hadn't really seen it the first time around, having been so frightened and anxious about his outburst and the sudden truths that had been forced upon him. Now he chided himself for being taken in by the bright lights, as he was supposed to be watching Nova instead. As the others began to discuss what the lights may represent, the teen began inching forward towards where Nova still stood perfectly still in concentration.

Vague had hoped that perhaps Micaiah would have been able to provide more information regarding the map given what she'd told him about her societies advanced technical prowess. He thanked her for what she'd offered, then he and Orev began to talk back and forth about the various rumors and tall tales they'd heard over the years from two-bit smugglers and con-men in cantinas all over the galaxy. Vague directed SlackJaw and Orev to get the equipment set back up so that they could record the new, more detailed readouts that Nova had just unlocked, as he slowly circled the room himself, studying both the starpoints as well as the ancient language denoting their names. He slowed to a stop on the opposite side of the table and turned his gaze to Nova.

"Is this everything?" He asked, trying to ensure that his tone implied that he knew this situation was new to all of them.

"It's not like there's an owners manual tucked away in there." Nova's reply came out a bit terse, her eyes remaining closed. It was obvious that she was focusing very hard on the orb.

Vague could appreciate the challenge and took her comment in stride. "Fair enough, but we need to know. Is this thing just an information repository? Is it a weapon? The Oracle has been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years and it's never once been recorded or mentioned to be anything more than a pretty rock. Richter learned about it somehow, somewhere, and risked exposing himself and his followers to get it."

Vague ignored the hard stare he was getting from Micaiah and kept his focus split between the orb and Nova. He knew what the Sylarian was likely about to object to, but at the moment he didn't have an alternative. Nova had told him herself that Tsivoin was unlikely to be able to replicate his results, meaning the young woman was his only hope to identifying just how dangerous this thing was even though she was still recovering from her very serious injury.

Nova had been lying to the doctor and using the Force to help her body move more naturally. Now that she was concentrating the bulk of her power into the Orb she had stopped focusing on herself. The strain in her voice was born from the pain she felt creeping up from her gut.

"Not a weapon," she managed to say through gritted teeth. "Navigational charts hidden away by..."

Images started to appear in her mind of an alien species with a narrow, skeletal like face and a broad, flat head. She could see many of them kneeling in prayer, pouring energy into the Orb. They were preparing for a journey deep into the unknown. Then all of a sudden the door to the chamber opened and more of the alien species entered, violently slaughtering the others. As the last of them fell she felt a dark presence behind her. She turned to look, both in the dream world and physical reality. There stood one of the aliens looking directly at her. He was consumed by the dark side, his hands radiating power as he lifted his spear and plunged it into her chest. Nova cried out in alarm and fell backwards, somehow narrowly missing the table on her way down. Meanwhile, the Orb continued to float over the table displaying the map, but probably not for long now that Nova was no longer powering it.

Tsivoin had been standing directly beside Nova when she had turned in his direction, seemingly looking right through him. At the exact same moment that she cried out, the Zabrak had felt an immense power course through his body. It left him feeling cold, scared, betrayed... He recoiled in the opposite direction that Nova did, watching on but unable to brace her fail as he could only barely control his own descent to the deck.

Micaiah was the first to move, rushing over and kneeling down next to Nova. The young Jedi had difficulty pulling herself up into a sitting position and when the Sylarian saw the pained expression on the girl's face she forced her to lie down.

As Micaiah rushed to Nova's side, so Rossi did to Tsivoin's. The Kessurian knelt next to Tsivoin, the palm of her right hand resting between his shoulder blades while the palm of her left pressed flat against his sternum. She could feel the rapid beating of both his hearts reverberating up her forearms and winced as she recalled the pain from the shockwave she'd been hit with earlier that day.

"Hey... easy Campo." She whispered. She'd barely gotten the words out when she heard the demanding and authoritative tone of Micaiah's voice cutting through the silence. Rossi's head snapped around to look over at the Sylarian, her eyes wide as she processed the way the doctor was barking orders at Vague.

"That's enough, Captain. She needs to be taken back to the medbay. Help me carry her."

Vague watched out of the corner of his eye as the Orb slowly dimmed and ultimately settled itself back down onto it's base on the table. The corners of his eyes twitched for a moment as he considered the Doctor's rebuke, but he ultimately stepped forward and scooped Nova up into his arms. He could tell, now, that the young Jedi had mislead both Micaiah and himself into believing she had recovered much further than was the case.

The Captain cradled her, one arm behind her knees, the other supporting her shoulders and neck and sighed slightly. "Atta girl, hazynam" He whispered, wanting to chastise her for the deception but not finding the resolve to follow through with it. Durin walked forward to the conference rooms doorway, then turned his head just slightly and looked over at the remainder of his crew.

"I've seen enough. Once you've secured the data, Orev I want you to get to work rigging the Orb up with our little... insurance policy. Richter's going to want to confirm the Orb's authenticity so be sure we can still make that happen. EssJay, take a look at archival starcharts in the 'Bedlams mainframe. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of the previous owners found their way into the Unknown. Rossi," He paused and looked down at the Kessurian whose expression was a mix of all sorts of emotions. "Dig around on the net.. see if you can find us an accessible archive that might have some data on these unstable hyperlanes." With that, he turned and left the room, heading back towards the Med Bay with Micaiah in tow.

The trio walked in silence for a bit, but Vague could tell that Micaiah was steaming. He was considering having a chat with the doctor later about who was in charge when she suddenly stepped forward and gave Nova a stern look.

"You lied to me," she said.

Nova smirked, but it did take some effort. "Yea, I did. Sorry," she said in a strained voice. "I just--wanted to help Masilda."

Micaiah glanced up at Vague with a helpless look in her eyes. The girl's stubbornness was somewhat frustrating and routinely led to her taking unnecessary risks. But her heart was always in the right place even if it meant aggravating her injuries even further. That made it somewhat difficult to want to chastise her.

"What did you see," Vague questioned, changing the subject.

Nova frowned. "I'm not entirely sure," she said, "I saw a massacre. There was an alien species kneeling around the Orb."

"You saw them making it," Micaiah asked. For the moment she set aside her concerns in favor of her curiosity.

Nova shook her head. "I don't think they created it," she told them, "But they planned to use it to escape."

Vague narrowed his eyes. "From what?"

"Others, like themselves," the Jedi explained, "They wielded the dark side, I could feel it. Then one of them saw me and tried to kill me. That's when I... Well, you know...," she left the rest hanging in the air.

Vague's head spun for a moment. He had a hard time understanding this Force business. The things from the past, saw Nova snooping on them from the future, and then tried to kill her? His head visibly shook in response to his confusion.

They'd begun walking again and had arrived at the med-bay. The Captain very carefully laid Nova down on the gurney and for a moment he stood still, slightly bent over at the waist. He wanted to thank her for her bravery, berate her for her stubbornness, and tell her how proud he was of her selflessness all at once and for the briefest of moments the amalgamation of all those emotions swam across his face and behind his eyes. It was fleeting, and ultimately the passive mask re-solidified itself and he stood up straight and stepped away, allowing the doctor access to her patient.

"It should go without saying," He spoke once he was sure his voice would be steady. "You're confined to medbay until the Doctor has cleared you. Again."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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"Technically, I didn't clear her the first time," Micaiah said in a flat, level tone as she began her examination of the young Jedi. She had the girl hooked up to conventional medical tools that were available in the medbay rather than using her bracelet. She did a cursory scan of the girl's body then frowned. "You've opened the wound again," she told her, "You're going to need some bacta."

As the doctor stepped away to go prepare the bacta tank Nova reached out and tugged on Durin's sleeve before he could leave the room. "Vague, I'm sorry," she said quietly, "For everything. If I could go in your place...," she let her words trail off, but Vague understood her meaning. Whenever any of the crew members were in danger she was always the first to spring into action. It was in her nature to act the hero in lieu of placing anyone else at risk. Now, though, she could only rely on her friends. "Please be careful," she finished. The look in her eyes plainly told him that she had so much more to apologize for when this was over.


Lyshani glanced up as Raav entered the room. She gave the Zabrak an expectant look but the man simply shook his head. She groaned loudly then threw the icepack she'd been holding to her forehead across the room. Somehow Vague had managed to trick her and she had yet to figure out how. The young Arkanian woman who was with him had something to do with it, she was sure, but she didn't know what. She'd never before seen a technology that could mimic the Clawdite's shapeshifting like that. As far as anyone was concerned there was no reason to suspect the Devaronian was anything but that.

How did he do it, she grumbled to herself, and where did he get that technology? "Were you able to find the contact," she asked and again Raav shook his head.

"Durin's contact left Nar Shaddaa just before the deal went down. Clearly, Durin didn't want us catching him and using him as leverage."

"Clearly," Lyshani muttered quietly under her breath. She wasn't aware that Vague had contacts on Nar Shaddaa. She would have vetted him more closely if she had. Either she was losing her touch, a thought she adamantly refused to entertain, or the contact wasn't Vague's. The Arkanian woman then? She was clearly more than she pretended to be. She managed to take out Raav in just a few strikes with a style of martial arts he'd never seen before so she was clearly trained. Posing as the ship's doctor on the Wanderlust is a pretty good cover for a spy or a thief. No one would think twice to question a medical professional.

"Come on, Raav, we're leaving," she told him as she stood and headed out through the door he'd just entered. Vague would be selling the Oracle soon, there was nothing she could do to stop that. Fortunately, Vague had access to something far, far more valuable and eventually he would have to head back to Ord Mantel to pick up another job. She would just use the opportunity to pick up his trail then...

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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Vague flashed Nova his trademarked smirk and nodded his briefly. "Always, hazynam." he replied sincerely, then made his way out of the made bay with purpose. Nova could see his face and demeanor psychically shift as he turned into that expressionless mask he'd worn the day they'd met Lyshani back on Chandrilla. He passed by Micaiah on the way out the door and for a moment, almost paused to address her, then thought better of it and continued on his way. Once outside the med bay, he headed to the cockpit. Richter may have the frequency for the 'Bedlam, but there was no sense in letting providing him with their frequency here on Dosuun as well.

Vague settled into the pilots seat and closed his eyes gently, running through an exercise to calm and settle his nerves, to bury his emotions, and to steel himself against the call he was about to make.

After inputting the frequency Richter had used to contact him Vague waited until the holocom sprung to life. He used the moment to flip a handful of switches, and quickly shoot a message off to Orev to let the Duros know he was making the call. Richter's shimmering blue image appeared just above the console and Vague reached up above him and threw one final switch.

"Your time grows short," Richter said curtly, "I was beginning to think you did not care for the girl. I take it then, that you have it?"

Vague narrowed his eyes slightly as he lowered his arm and focused on the image of the darksider in front of him. "Not that you'd care or acknowledge, but finding one small, shiny red sphere in a galaxy the size of ours is no easy task. Especially when it's being held by a barvy Zeltron and her harem." Vague replied carefully, purposefully trivializing the Oracle as a rock in an attempt to disguise the fact that he and his crew knew more... "I have obtained the Orcale, at great cost. I am prepared to provide it to you in exchange for Masilda's safe return to us."

Richter narrowed his one good eye at him and for a moment the two sat in silence, an invisible battle of wills commencing across the vastness of space. Vague could feel tendrils of something creeping into his mind, but doubled down on his resistance to them... The Captain struggled to bury everything but his surface thoughts in an attempt to resist Richter's probe. "Your effort is noted, perhaps even admirable to the lesser-beings, but Captain, I assure you, I will reduce your mind to so much dust to achieve my goals." The Darksider threatened.

Memories of Richter's complete command of the Casino floor during the botched heist were still clear in the Captain's mind, and so too was the cyberneticly enhanced man's response to Vague calling his bluff. The Captain was gripping the armrests of the pilots chair so tightly his knuckles had gone pale and his vision was darkening around the edges. Ultimately, he relented. "So you have seen it then," he said finally, "The map?"

He didn't bother giving Vague a chance to answer. "It matters not," he said, keying something into a console Vague couldn't see. "Bring the Oracle to these coordinates. And, Captain, don't be late."

Then the image flickered out of existence before Vague could respond. The Captain was merely glad that Richter had been concerned only with what he expected the Oracle to display, and had not probed further to learn of Nova's vision.

"I don't sound like that when I do it, right?" Vague asked into the empty cockpit without turning around, he was rewarded with a hearty, if a bit forced, chuckle from Orev who had arrived mid-call. "Is the Oracle ready?" Vague began the pre-flight sequences as spoke. "It's going to take us a while to get to the meet."

Orev grunted and set the steel case down on the console next to Vague. "Not my most attractive work, but I showed it to the hotshot. She seems confident that it'll do the trick." He replied.

Vague nodded as he keyed the reactors to start warming up, then turned to look at Orev. "I want the kids to stay here." He spoke plainly.

"Doubt they'll be happy to hear it."

"No, and I'm sure that the good Doctor will insist on remaining behind as well." The Captain leaned against the bulkhead for a few moments. Before he continued. "The four of us can handle this." It was as much a statement to convince himself as it was a question for his second-in-command.

"What makes you sure she won't rabbit?" Orev finally asked.

Vague's eyes narrowed a bit and it took him a moment to understand the question. "As long as Nova needs patching, she'll stick around. After that..." The pair left the rest unspoken. Vague sighed heavily. "Get Three and Four geared up and ready to fly. I'll go break the news to the rest."

While the rest of his crew underwent what had now become mundane and routine preparations for a high risk mission into unknown territory, Vague donned an altogether different sort of armor and strode into the Med-Bay once more. A cursory scan showed that Micaiah, Nova, Tsivoin, and Rossi were all present. He and the Kessurian exchanged a non-verbal signal and the left without making a sound. Then Vague steeled his nerves and turned to address the group, though his focus was on Nova.

"I've received coordinates from Richter for the meet, the Bedlam is being prepped for the trip and we'll be departing as soon as you two have disembarked."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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"You want to leave her here without proper medical facilities," Micaiah asked, she sounded incredulous.

"We have facilities here," Vague pointed out and Micaiah crossed her arms disapprovingly.

"I've seen your facilities," she said, "They're hardly adequate."

She kept her tone neutral, but it was clear she was against leaving Nova here to recover. Vague looked like he was about to say something else before Nova suddenly spoke up. "It's fine, Doc," she told her, "I prefer to stay here."

Micaiah looked at the girl helplessly then shook her head. "Fine," she said, turning back to look at Vague, "Then if you don't need me, Captain, I would like to stay here as well and tend to my patient."

Both Tsivoin and Vague looked over at Nova with surprised expressions, though to his credit the Captain's was contained only to his eyes. It was safe to say that both of them had expected the resistance to this particular mandate to have come from the firey and independent Nova, rather than the Sylarian Doctor.

The Zabrak had been prepared to protest alongside is friend but now he wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to go help Masilda... He hadn't known the Ryn for long, but she was nice to him and treated him like an equal. Being the youngest and least experienced member of the crew, he'd appreciated that greatly. He'd also secretly enjoyed how she got on Nova's nerves. All that being said, however, if Nova planned to stay here on Dosuun, then Tsiv felt he should too. They had a lot to talk about, and something was bothering her... he could feel it.

Vague tried to meet Nova's gaze but she'd averted her eyes. He bowed his head slightly in her direction and instead turned back to Micaiah. The Captain would have preferred the Sylarian come along with he and his crew, there was no telling how this was going to play out and having a surgeon with a stash of life-saving nano-bots on stand-by was a major advantage. But Durin understood. He recalled the fierceness that Micaiah had shown back on the Wanderlust when she'd demanded to come along with them in order to care for Nova and he knew this wasn't a battle he was prepared to fight. "We'll make do without you, Mic. Do you need anything from here removed? The rendezvous is a good distance away and we need to depart as soon as possible."

Micaiah pointed at the flexpoly bacta suit she had been preparing for Nova. "Nova needs bacta for her treatment," she said, "More than a patch. I'll need help carrying this equipment off of the ship."

Meanwhile, Tsivoin had sidled up next to Nova. He still felt uncomfortable about not protesting staying behind but that had to be nothing compared to what Nova was feeling right now. "Are you sure about this," he whispered quietly.

Somehow Nova was able to manage a shrug. "It's simple math, kid," she told him, "I'm in no condition to face Richter again and he's in no position to leave me alive. He knows how dangerous I can be and if he can't turn me then he'll try for the next best thing. Hate to say it, Tsiv, but Vague's right. Leaving me behind is the best option."

"And me," he asked, that uncertain look returning to his eyes.

Nova had a feeling this question might come up. "You're not ready," she told him simply, "Your mind has only just been opened up to the Force but you haven't learned to control it yet. What do you think is going to happen if you see Wes Napal there?"

It was a pointed question and one she didn't feel right about asking, but he needed to ponder it. Wes Napal was the one who put her in the med bay. He was the one that nearly killed her. He was also the one that nearly killed Tsivoin. As much rage as he may have for Richter harming Nova that must pale in comparison to the anger he's built up for Wes. Tsivoin fell silent with a perturbed look on his face so Nova continued. "I know how you feel about Masilda," she assured him, "I feel it too, but right now isn't the time for you to try and save her. You're at a tipping point, Tsiv. You can go either way with just a push. Question is, do you want the one pushing to be Richter? Or me?"

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Tsivoin's fist balled up, tightening around the thin blanket that covered the gurney in the med-bay, as memories of the Lasat carelessly throwing him into the bulkhead came flooding back to the teen. His eyes danced with fear, uncertainty, but mostly anger as he considered seeing Napal again. The teen took a deep, shuddering breath and turned his young eyes back towards Nova. His grey and black marked face twisted with a frustration he wasn't sure she could relate to. He wanted to protest but deep inside he knew she was right and images of the Ryn's damaged body warned him of what fate he would likely meet if Richter decided to keep him. "Ok," he eventually relented. "Let's get you ready to move, then." The teen took a half step back and reached out to help her off the gurney.

Nova allowed him to help her down from the gurney then leaned against him for support. Despite his frail body the Zabrak was surprisingly strong. "I'm sorry, Tsiv, that was a low blow," she said, "Wes was never a friend but he intimidated me... He still does. What you did on the Wanderlust was incredibly foolish, but it was also incredibly brave. You acted without hesitation and nearly paid the price for it, all to save a friend. You have the heart of a true Jedi, Tsiv. I'm sorry I couldn't see it sooner."

The pair followed Vague and Micaiah out of the med-bay and down the ramp of the freighter. Tsiv wasn't sure quite how to respond to Nova's commendation and apology. This new world had only very recently opened up to him and he didn't understand much about it. One thing he did understand, however, was what he'd overheard Rossi explaining to the others in the conference room... about the dark side and about the destruction he'd caused back on Cantonica. He shuddered violently beneath the support he was providing to Nova and replied under his breath. "You saw something else first."

"That's not your fault," she told him firmly, "You had no control. Sometimes the Force can just manifest itself unexpectedly. You're not the first."

She didn't elaborate what she meant, of course, but Tsiv suspected that she may have been hinting at having a similar experience.

They walked the rest of the way to the medical container in silence, though unbeknownst to the teen Zabrak, he continued to give off cool, dark tendrils of pain into the Force as he was unable to shake off the memories of that night. When they were able to get Nova settled down, Tsivoin pulled over a nearby crate to sit on and rested his forearms against the edge of the gurney. “I... hurt a lot of people, didn’t I?” He finally asked in a shaky voice.

Meanwhile, Vague watched on from the entrance to the container as he conversed with Micaiah. “You’ll keep an eye on them?” He asked her.
Nova sighed. "Yes, you did," she said quietly, "And nothing I can say will ever take that pain away from you. But you can continue to dwell on it and let that pain control you or learn to accept the pain and strive to do better. So yeah, you screwed up, kid, no two ways about it," she added with a shrug. Then she gave him a sympathetic look. "Question is, what do you plan on doing now?"

Meanwhile, Micaiah cast a weary glance over her shoulder at Tsivoin. The memory of his power picking her up and throwing her still fresh in her mind. "Well, of course," she told Vague, "But I'm not a Jedi. I mean, I don't know if the kid is dangerous or not but if he..." She left the rest hanging in the air, a slight shudder running down her spine.

Tsiv turned around just in time to catch the fleeting edge of Micaiah's weary expression as she regarded him and his chin set a bit in response. It was the same sort of look that Rossi had given him earlier, too. "I.. I want to stop scaring people." he said finally, when she started to respond immediately, he reached outward and rested a palm on her forearm to stall her. "Nova, we've seen what you can do and we all look to you with hope, astonishment, pride... They've seen what I've done... They look at me with fear, nervousness, uncertainty. Help me change that?"

Vague nodded his head towards Micaiah. He understood what she was saying, and in her place he'd be feeling the same way. If Nova couldn't keep the kid from hurting others, it'd be a job left for the rest of them to finish. He'd been pretty out of it on Nar Shaddaa but the efficiency with which the Sylarian had disabled Raav told Vague that if push came to shove she'd be able to protect herself. Still - He wished he had someone else he could leave behind.

"I'm sorry I can't offer more support." He spoke in a lower tone, suddenly aware of Tsivoin and Nova's attention in their direction. "But we'll hurry back." he added.

Nova was a bit taken by surprise. When Tsiv drew his arm back she unconsciously rested her own hand on her forehead. Is that true? Is that how they really feel about me?

"Um, y--yes. Of course, Tsiv," she stammered, trying to regain her composure. "When the Doc's ready to let me walk out of here we'll see what we can do about making that work again," she added, pointing to the broken lightsaber he still held in his hand.

Micaiah finally tore her eyes off Tsivoin and looked back at Vague. "Be careful out there," she told him and at the slight hint of surprise in his eyes she shrugged. "I'm not saying I'm ready to pick out curtains, or anything, but you're growing on me."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Across the galaxy on the industrial planet of Bonadan in an abandoned warehouse near the edge of Spaceport Southeast II Misu Nim was pleading her case to Richter. “But I quite like this little starfly,” she told him. “She makes the dreamiest noises. Let me keep ‘er?”

Masilda was a few meters away, chained to a durasteel plated wall. The Ryn has bruised and battered, she whimpered against the rag in her mouth and wondered when this would all end.

Richter growled, he hated having to repeat himself. "That's enough," he hissed, "I need the girl cogent for the trade. You know as well as I do that Vague Durin is a cautious man. He won't hand over the Oracle if it appears we won't honor our end of the bargain. Once the trade is done and we have the Oracle you may do as you will."

The Cathar backpedaled a bit at the roughness of his response. She wondered just what this Durin guy had said or done that had Richter in such a mood though she dared not ask. She bowed her head slightly and turned back towards her captor, rechecking the restraints on her arms and legs. “Between you ‘n’me starfly, I dunno what is so special about this Oracle. But once we’ve got it,” she paused and made a slicing motion across her furred neck. “It’s back to the force for your friends.”

Meanwhile about a klick away the Veiled Bedlam was cooling down from its reentry sequence. Vague and his crew gathered in the commons, each moderately armed and armored. Though the Captain wondered what good it would do for them if Richter snapped.

“We’re sure about this?” Rossi asked.

Orev shrugged his shoulders. “Near as I can tell, the force can’t effect a droids actions, so SJ’s our best bet for the trigger.”

“We’re not sure about any of it.” Vague finally spoke up. “But we owe it to Masilda to try. Come on. We don’t wanna be late.” The Captain carefully picked up the Oracle in its carrying case and the four of them filed down the ramp and out of the ship with a grim resolve etched into their features.

It took about fifteen minutes for them to traverse the distance between where they’d landed and the location that Richter had specified for the handoff. Vague could hear Rossi gasp slightly as they entered and she saw the state Masilda was in. Vague and Orev’s expressions merely hardened. With an unspoken signal Vague instructed his crew to stop where they were and he continued forward, eyes fixed on Richter.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by Pryde »

Wes grumbled softly as Vague approached. "Left his little pet Jedi behind," he muttered quietly to himself. "Maybe she didn't make it."

"Elena's alive," Richter said simply, then he turned a sharp gaze back over his shoulder towards Wes. "You should have been more thorough."

The Lasat simply grunted. "Whatever, I'll get another chance."

Richter narrowed his eyes. "Don't underestimate our little starchild," he snapped at him, "She's more skilled than either of you."

Wes and Misu shared a dubious look with each other before Misu turned back to Richter. "You serious? No joke," she asked.

Richter said nothing, he didn't need to. Most of the other students at Skywalker's temple were familiar with one lightsaber style, maybe two. Elena had somehow managed to learn three, Shi-Cho, the beginner form every young student learns. The fifth form of Djem-so and Shien and lastly form three, Soresu, the most effective defensive form there is. Either Master Skywalker had lied about not showing favoritism or Elena had been getting extra training from elsewhere. Either way it didn't matter. Her power still paled in comparison to his own and once they had the Oracle...

"Is that it," Richter asked, nodding to the case Vague was carrying with him. Vague said nothing, but took a few more steps forward before setting the case on the floor and opening it. Richter had a somewhat puzzled look in his eye. The good captain was up to something but he couldn't quite see what it was until Vague had finally moved out of the way.

"The frell is that," the Lasat cried out, stepping up beside Richter to get a better look at the bomb.

Richter stared daggers at Vague. "A double cross," he asked in an icy tone.

"Insurance," Vague answered simply.

Richter's anger flared for a moment. "You don't think I can disarm that bomb," he asked hotly, one hand half raised ready to do just that.

As Vague took another step backward, a low whine emerged from the case. The bomb activating. He raised his hands just slightly to either side and shrugged. “I can’t. And I’m particularly good at that sort of thing. Here’s the deal: bombs tied to my crews vitals. Kill any one of us, boom. It’s also on a remote trigger, any further harm to Masilda, boom. Now, I’ve delivered the Oracle of Vidunatru, as requested. Hand over Masilda like we bargained for, and the five of us will leave this place. The bomb is also proximity linked to my ship. Once we’ve traveled far enough away from here, it will disarm and dismantle.”

Wes chuckled lightly in spite of himself. "He got you, Rick," he said and the other man scowled.

Richter was not happy. He had hoped to be rid of Vague and his crew. They were so close to accomplishing their goal, they couldn't afford any hindrances. It was bad enough they had a First Order strike team dogging their steps, the last thing they needed were some plucky heroes thrown into the mix.

"Let her go," he growled.

"But you said--," Misu started before Richter interrupted her.

"I said let her go," he roared, the look on his face sending a clear message that he wasn't going to ask a second time.

Misu Nim was beside herself. The Cathar Dark Jedi stared menacingly at Vague Durin and his crew with brilliantly green eyes, as if a pair of laser blasts were about to erupt from their irises. Richter had promised, and she'd put so much work into this particular Starfly. When Richter shouted, she flinched and hurried back to the bulkhead where Masilda was chained.

Once she was there, however... the temptation to simply reunite this one with the Force before she could be stolen away became unbearable. The Cathar spared a glance back towards the others as she considered the ideation. She could sense the fear and trepidation from the Kessurian. That would be her second target. Oddly, she only sensed a deep seated resolve in the human and Duros, though. These were not the usual lowly beings that she and her fellow darksiders encounterd out here in the Rim.

Finally the temptation simply grew to be too great and the Cathar swiftly drew Masilda's own techblade form it's sheath. The blade had nearly reached the Ryn's exposed throat when her green eyes enlarged with a fear she'd rarely known.

In the instant between Misu Nim making her decision and the blade stopping mere millimetres from Masilda's throat, several things happened. Vague and Orev were the first to draw their weapons. A Relby V-10 Blaster Rifle and a EE-4 Carbine respectively. SlackJaw wasn't too far behind and as Vague and Orev trained their rifles on Misu Nim, the 79-series droid aimed pair of TL-50 Heavy repeating blaster rifles one at Richter, the other at Wes Napal.

Concurrently, Richter had reached behind him with the force and tightened an invisible grip around both Misu Nim's weapon arm and her throat and was squeezing with deadly force. The Cyborg ignored the response from the Bedlam's crew, turning completely away from them and trusting that his Lasat companion would keep him from harm. He heard Wes' lightsaber activate in response to the weapons being drawn as Richter yanked Misu Nim violently towards him with the Force.

Misu hit the ground hard right at Richter's feet. The cyborg ignited his red lightsaber and stabbed down towards the Cathar's head. Misu closed her eyes just before the inevitable end but when nothing happened she opened them again. Richter was leaning over her, his blade stabbed into the ground mere inches from her face.

"You are alive only at my mercy," he told her, his voice taking on an icy tone. "Do not forget your place."

Then he straightened and threw his lightsaber in Masilda's direction. The Ryn cried out through her gag though the sound was muffled and she closed her eyes. A second later the crimson blade of Richter's lightsaber sliced through her bonds, freeing her.

"Go," Richter told her firmly, before tossing the Ryn's techblades at her feet. It took a moment for Masilda to realize he was talking to her.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Vague was sorely tempted to make a comment about Richter and his house being in disorder, but the veteran spacer knew better than to push a bad hand. Instead he flashed a pair of signals which instructed SlackJaw to keep his weapons trained on the two standing darksiders, while Orev shadowed Vague from a distance. The Captain then walked a slow, deliberately cautious path around Richter and the fallen Cathar, he slung his rifle as he neared the far bulkhead where Masilda had crumpled down to her knees in tears. Up close he could more clearly see the damage that she'd endured and Vague's jaw clenched in barely bridled rage. He reached out and quickly freed her of her shackling, looped her weapons belt around his neck, then helped her steady her feet. With one of her arms draped over his shoulders Vague took on most of the Ryn's weight and the pair started a slow shuffle back towards the others. His eyes narrowed as he crossed by Misu Nim and Richter once more. Had they not been powerful darksiders... Well- He still vowed to avenge Masilda. Somehow, someway.

Once he and Masilda were back with the rest of his crew, he spun around to face Richter. "Today may not have gone how you'd preferred, but we upheld our end of the bargain, a fair deal, just business." He offered, then glanced towards the door. "We'll be leaving now, don't follow. Once we've traveled far enough away, the Oracle will be yours."

"Enjoy your victory for the moment, Captain," Richter told him in a chillingly calm voice, "Do yourself and your crew a favor and stay away."

Vague merely bowed his head slightly in response, then as one, his crew collapsed their positions and moved out of the warehouse, SlackJaw not lowering his weapons until they were completely out of sight from the darksiders. "EssJay, take Rossi on ahead get the ship and the med bay prepped. I want off this rock and out of this system as soon as possible." Vague spoke in a low tone. The pair did as instructed, hurrying on ahead to prep the ship while Orev fell back to keep an eye on their surroundings. Masilda tried to say something, but Vague stopped her short. "Save your strength, ezizim. We'll talk about it later."

At her injured pace, it took them nearly twenty minutes to make it back to the freighter, all the while Vague and Orev expected to turn a corner and find the darksiders there ready to slaughter the lot of them wholesale. Once they'd boarded and gotten Masilda safely onto the gurney in the med-bay, Vague allowed himself a smug half smile at the thought that the trio had to sit around that long and wait for the bomb to disarm. "EssJay, get us airborne." Vague called out over the comm link then settled down near the side of the gurney as Rossi started to tend to Masilda's wounds.

Back at the warehouse, almost thirty minutes to the second after Vague and his crew left with Masilda, a whirring noise started to come from the apparatus surrounding the Oracle. It lasted for several seconds, then a pair of micro-bursts went off in the collar surrounding the gem. Nothing so powerful to hurt anyone or cause damage to the jewel, but enough to let loose the hinges and the remainder of the device fell free to either side, revealing the Oracle of Vidunatru in all of it's glory....

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

The 'Bedlams return trip from Bonadan seemed to take forever. Rossi and Vague did what they could for Masilda but the damage that she'd sustained at the hands of the darkside trio had been severe and comprehensive. In the end, they'd opted to give the Ryn something for the pain and something to sedate her slightly and prayed that SlackJaw could coax just a bit more output from the drives.

As soon as the struts touched down in the hangar, Rossi's boots were clanging down the deck as the Kessurian sprinted off into the bases main section, heading towards the medical container but also calling out for the Sylarian doctor as she went...

As it turns out Micaiah wasn't in the medical area. She'd been keeping a close eye on Nova after she had finished her treatment. Forty-eight hours in a bacta suit and she was feeling much better. The wound in her gut was still a bit tender but she could move around more.

After getting out she wasted no time in advancing Tsiv's training. Over the last couple of days the best she could do was to give him some basic advice on meditation so he could focus on opening his mind to the Force. Now, though, she had him working on some more advance techniques. With the help of Micaiah she was able to cobble together a makeshift training drone from various spare parts that had been lying around. Tsivoin was now facing off against the drone wielding Nova's lightsaber.

"Don't just follow the drone with your eyes," she was telling him, "Try to feel it's movements. Let the Force guide your hand."

Tsiv was doing his best trying to follow her instructions. None of the three were ready when Rossi burst into the area practically screaming Micaiah's name.

The Sylarian was quick to get on her feet and didn't waste any time. "Where is she," she asked as she ran past Rossi in the direction of the Bedlam.

Rossi had skidded to a halt as she entered the room where she'd heard noises and now she stared blankly at the scene before her. It took a moment or two for her to process it all and she felt some heat rising to her pink toned cheeks as she realized she probably had a fairly fearful expression on her face at the sight of Tsivoin handling the lightsaber. With concerted effort, she closer her mouth and tore her eyes away from the Zabrak to look over at Nova who was leaning against a container wall nearby. Her eyes narrowed a bit with an unspoken question, then widened as she recalled what had brought her here in the first place. She distantly heard both Tsivoin and Nova ask her how Masilda was but she didn't have the time to respond. Instead, she spun on her heels and chased after Micaiah. "Med bay, gurney two!" She hollered as she ran. "Micaiah it's bad."

Tsiv's expression darkened as Rossi left and as he dropped his guard the training remote took the opportunity to sting him with a couple of well placed blasts. This only managed to rip the lid off of Tsivoin's temper and he found himself snarling at the remote in response. The teen took a couple of wildly, poorly aimed slashes at the remote, nearly losing his balance in the process, before he heard Nova's voice ring out through the room.

"Tsivoin stop!" Her tone was still strained, but she must have used the force to amplify it as he felt like it was deafening at the same time.

He froze instantly, panting heavily and hunched at the shoulders as his violet eyes glared first at the droid, but then at the point where Rossi had been standing a few moments prior.

"I know," Nova told him in a calmer, more empathetic tone, "But you can't lash out in anger everytime something bothers you. You'll only end up confirming their worst fears. You said yourself you want to change how people perceive you. If that's true then you need to focus, calm your inner mind. Use the breathing techniques I taught you."

She spared a glance back over her shoulder to where Rossi had just left the room. "Maybe we should take a break," she said turning back to look at Tsivoin.

Meanwhile, Micaiah practically skidded to a halt as she entered the Bedlam's med bay. Rossi was not selling it short when she said Masilda was in pretty bad shape. "I need everyone out," she said, speaking to everyone in the room.

Rossi, Orev and Slackjaw were the first to file out. As Vague passed her Micaiah gently reached out and grabbed him by the arm, just above the elbow. "I'll need you," she said quietly. There was an odd tone to her voice. She was absolutely horrified that another being could do this to someone.

Vague nodded quietly then Micaiah let go of his arm and slipped the bracelet off her wrist, ready to get to work.

The door sealed shut behind Vague and he sighed softly as he looked over at Masilda. He walked around to the opposite side of the gurney from where Micaiah stood and his brow furrowed. "Should have gotten there sooner," He muttered, "Shouldn't have let her be taken in the first place." there was a lethal edge to his tone that caused Micaiah to pause momentarily as she placed the bracelet over Micaiah's left wrist. Vague noticed and vigorously shook his head. Now wasn't the time for that.

He cleared his throat and spoke up. "Severe soft tissue damage up and down her back, multiple lacerations from... claws, I suspect... fractured fingers and tail... maybe skull too?" his voice had lost it's edge, had lost any sort of tone whatsoever, in fact. "She had trouble communicating with us could be brain trauma, could just be... well, trauma." He finished and looked up as the readout glowed its way into existence above the Ryn's still body.

He heard Micaiah draw in a sharp breath and looked up from Masilda to see the Sylarian covering her mouth with a shaky hand as she took a quick step backward away from the gurney. Vague was no surgeon, but the usually neon green image was showing a staggering amount of orange and red. Vague crossed over and placed a strong hand down on Micaiah's shoulder. "Mic. Hey. What can I do? Doctor!" he raised the volume of his voice but kept the tone neutral. "Masilda needs us."

That seemed to do the trick. In a handful of seconds, the Sylarian seemed to compose herself and as she stepped forward to the edge of the gurney, her hand shot up into the projected readout and orders started flowing from her lips and at least in this instance, Vague was only happy to follow them.

Back in the base proper, Tsivoin shut down the lighstaber and slumped to the floor, crossing his legs he sat, defeated and held the hilt out for Nova to take back. "I just-" he started, then looked down and away from her. "I thought she was my friend." He realized, deep down, how foolish that sounded. Besides Senna, he'd never had another friend in his life. The Zabrak liked to think that he and Nova were, but in the end, what did he even know about friendship? Obviously not enough.

"You scared her is all," Nova said, sitting down next to him. That was unusual, normally during meditation she would sit across from him so they could see each other. "That incident earlier in the conference room probably didn't help matters much, but that wasn't in your control. Rossi just needs time. The others too. You just focus on you right now, okay? The others will all come around eventually. You're still a valuable member of this team," she added, punching him gently on the shoulder before flashing him a genuine smile.

Tsivoin followed along with what Nova had to say and deep down he understood it. A huge part of him, though, just wanted to go back to the way things were before he knew anything about this force stuff. But, he reminded himself, Rossi had known about what he'd done since all the way back on Chandrilla. He'd been so distracted by the way Nova had been treating him then, he'd not even noticed the change in the Kessurian's behavior. He was about to respond to her when she cuffed him over the shoulder and hit him broadside with a kind of smile he wasn't sure he'd ever seen her share before. The teen felt his breath hitch as he looked over at her and to cover that up he playfully covered his shoulder with one hand and feigned some pain from the blow.

Then, something struck him. The way she'd worded her sentence just then... He tilted his head to the side in contemplation, his violet eyes locked onto her emerald ones. No, he hadn't imagined it. That was the first time he'd really heard her refer to the team as if she belonged to it. In light of the most recent events, Tsiv hadn't been very sure that the pair of teens still did. "What uh, do you figure happens now?" He asked suddenly, reluctantly looking away from her radiant expression. "You really think we'll be able to stay?"

Nova shrugged. "Of course he'll let us stay, because if he tries to kick us out he knows I can kick his ass."

She meant it as a joke, but she could sense that Tsivoin wasn't looking for levity right now. Her expression softened and she laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Look, kid, I don't know what the future holds. I don't know if anyone does. We take the hits we're given and if life gives us a few more we take them together, okay?"

The grey and black markings on Tsivoin's face somehow managed to twist into an even more serious and somber expression for a moment, then he reached up across his body and placed a hand overtop of Nova's on his shoulder. "Nova, there's something you should know- about Cantonica." he started, a sour pitch of fear and uncertainty tainting his voice.

Nova was confused what else was there? "What is it," she asked.

A shudder worked it's way through Tsivoin's frail body as he recalled the nightmare. There seemed to be a spark behind his eyes just before he closed them tightly. "I should have told you right away. I'm sorry, everything happened so fast and then we were breaking into prisons and-"

"Tsiv, just tell me."

He paused a moment, then tried to explain. "That, guy... the one with the axe that you fought. When we saw him in the casino something happened to me," He took another shuddering breath, then continued. "It was like I got transported back in time, I was home in my village, he was there, they were all there."

"Kid, you're not making much sense here."

"I'd seen him before, Nova!" he told her, eyes snapping back open with a wounded look deep within them. "When my village was attacked, when they rounded up the survivors and sold us off world. He was there, and there were more like him. They were searching for someone, or something."

Nova paused to consider that. Could the Knights of Ren have been looking for him? It wouldn't have surprised her, they'd spent the last four years trying to chase her down and wipe out the last of Luke's Jedi. Then again if they were there for him then why didn't they kill him or recruit him when they rounded up the survivors? Why sell him off into slavery? It just didn't add up, but then again if not him what else could it be?

"The Knights of Ren sometimes recruit young Force sensitives into their ranks," she said, her voice taking on a clinical tone. "Or they kill them. I would say you were lucky but considering what happened next...," she left the rest hanging in the air. She wouldn't exactly qualify being sold into slavery as lucky. The scars all over his body were a constant reminder of the pain he'd endured.

Tsiv's hand withdrew from overtop Nova's and instead his fingertips traced the particularly brutal scar that crossed his chest and often peaked out the top of his collar. "Yeah..." he uttered distractedly. He was, like so many other times before, trying so hard to remember what that village on Feldrona had been like before the attack. He was sure he had had a family there. People who cared about him. Why couldn't he remember any of it? "Do you ever wonder about them?" He asked, a cautious tremor in his voice. "Your family?" He knew it was a sore subject. She'd told him the night they met about how she'd never known her father, and that her mother had abandoned her...

Nova froze in place when Tsivoin asked about her parents. It was a subject she didn't spend much time thinking about. Her father walked out before she was born and her mother left her alone in a bus station at the age of seven and never came back. After that she ended up in a foster home with an abusive drunk for a father and a mother who cared more about herself than her kids. Benefits from the state is what they got out of Nova. That was all they cared about.

"We should--probably go see what the others are doing," she said finally, her voice catching in her throat.

Tsiv knew immediately that he'd crossed a line. He saw how Nova's body tensed and all expression voided from her face in response to his question. Idiot He thought brusquely to himself. What were you thinking? The silence drug on for a painful string of moments, and he'd finally opened his mouth to apologize when she abruptly responded with a suggestion that clearly shut-down any further chat. Tsivoin closed his mouth, his lips forming a slight frown as he nodded and rose to his feet. "Yeah. Sure." he offered lamely, and the pair headed off towards the ship in a tense and awkward silence.

The emergency treatment going on in the med-bay had been intense, to say the least. Once Vague had managed to steady Micaiah's nerves the Sylarian doctor got to work analyzing the readouts her advanced nano-bots provided to her and with that information she was able to accurately diagnose Masilda's injuries and prioritize them by severity and duration of treatment required. They'd been at it for almost an hour when Vague looked over at the Sylarian as he changed an IV fluid bag hanging from the ceiling of the bay and asked, "What do you think, Mic?" The doctor had been unusually quiet thus-far, and while Vague was a solitary man of few words himself it was less than comforting to him coming from Micaiah.

"Fractures are easily set, soft tissue will repair itself, a process accelerated by the nano-bots," She started, voice still that tinny, clinical tone. "I'll need to review Ryn physiology to determine what long-standing effects the severing of her tail may hold - You can imagine that there is not a lot of recorded data on a nomadic species such as hers. But-" She stopped and blew a strand of hair out of her eyes before looking up at Vague with a carefully composed expression on her face. "Captain, I'm seeing a pattern of damage at the nervous system level that simply isn't consistent with any type of injury or ailment that I'm familiar with. Without an MOI, I'm just not sure how to proceed with further treatment."

Vague let that sink in for a moment. If Micaiah's advanced Sylarian technology couldn't make heads or tails of it, then he doubted any conventional sort of cause would be to blame. In all likelihood, what the doc was describing must have had something to do with that damnable Force. He sighed forcefully, but offered Micaiah a joyless smile so that she understood his frustration was not directed at her. "Maybe we ought to have our resident practitioner of the mystic arts give it a look?" He offered, raising his comlink to call for Nova to join them in the med-bay.

Micaiah glanced between him and the green glow of the holographic image floating above Masilda. Removing the bracelet now would disrupt her treatment, but she couldn't allow Nova to come in here while she was running Sylarian technology.

"Captain, I don't think...," she started before Vague interrupted her.

"Is keeping your secret more important than Masilda's life?"

"What about Nova's," she asked. "You care for her, right? Anyone who learns the secret of Sylarian technology is in grave danger. That includes you, but I have a feeling you live with grave danger. Are you comfortable sharing that burden with Nova? Or your crew?"

At least she's found her voice again He thought sardonically. Vague ran a hand roughly back through his short cropped hair and looked down at Masilda. He had to assume that there wasn't a way to pause or hide the the work the bracelet was doing, because if that was the case then Micaiah wouldn't be protesting as she was, but if there was damage all the way to her nervous system then what good would it do for them to heal everything else around it? The Sylarian was right, though, Vague certainly had no intention of putting Nova or any one else aboard his ship into the cross hairs of what seemed to be a lethally isolationist society with tech light-years beyond the known galaxies. "No. Of course not." He answered, hoping he kept most of the frustration he felt from his voice. "But I cannot allow Masilda to suffer any further than she already has. Surely there's another way."

Micaiah shook her head sadly. "No, you're right, there isn't. Whatever happened to Masilda is beyond me. We need Nova to examine her. Call her in, but no one else."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

When Nova entered the medbay she had no idea what to expect. Given the urgency Rossi had shown earlier she suspected it had to be pretty bad. She wasn't ready for how much of an understatement that was. As soon as she entered and saw the condition Masilda was in she let out an audible gasp, covering her mouth with both her hands. It was then she noticed the green glowing readout above Masilda's body, hologram technology the likes of which she'd never seen before. She glanced at both Vague and Micaiah with a puzzled expression.

"We'll talk about it later," Micaiah told her. "Masilda's nervous system is damaged in a way I cannot understand, we need you to take a look at her."

Nova quietly nodded then took a moment to steel herself before stepping forward and placing a hand on Masilda's forehead. With silent trepidation she closed her eyes and opened herself to the Force.

What met Nova on the other side of the bridge between her energy and Masilda's was a raging inferno. The initial shock of the blast and the searing pain it carried with it buffeted the young Jedi and caused her knees to buckle as she quickly withdrew her hand from the Ryn's forehead. Vague had been quick to steady her and helped her regain her footing. "I'm fine." She answered the question before either of them could ask, then closed her eyes once more and reached out, this time with both hands. She placed one over Masilda's forehead, the other rested against her breastbone. Nova took a deep, calming breath and once again connected her essence to the Ryn's, this time better prepared for the onslaught to come.

It struck once more with the same devastating strength, but Nova focused on allowing the fiery hot waves to draft over and around her, rather than attempting to bat them away. In time, she was able to see past the shimmering distortion caused by the heat and what she saw chilled her to her core. It was as if a terrifying firestorm was trapped within Masilda's nervous system, constantly scorching nerve clusters as it coursed through her body on an invisible wind. She'd heard rumors about ancient darkside practices, whose only purpose was to inflict the most pain possible on another, but she'd never imagined that the force could have been capable of producing something this awful.

Her body trembling, Nova slowly withdrew her hand. The others in the room both looked at her expectantly. She shook her head, a single tear trickling down her cheek.

"I can't help her," she muttered quietly, both Vague and Micaiah had to strain to hear.

Micaiah looked crestfallen, never before in her medical career had a patient been beyond her help. "Is there nothing we can do," she asked.

Nova wiped a tear from her eye and turned away. "We have to go back," she told them.

Micaiah and Vague exchanged puzzled glances. "Back where," Vague asked.

"The Jedi temple," she answered and there was a slight tremble to her voice. She hadn't been back in four years. "I'll give you the coordinates but we need to go now."

Vague exchanged a quick look with Micaiah as Nova struggled to compose herself, his expression was meant to convey an apology for what he was about to do: namely, drag the Sylarian half-way around the galaxy, again. The pair seemed to communicate what needed to be expressed without words, and then Vague keyed his comm open to the team frequency. “Pack it up, we’re breaking atmo in twenty.” He ordered. “EssJay re-fire the drives. Orev, make sure the auxiliary tank is full. Tsivoin, Rossi you’re on provisions. Move out!” He was halfway through the medbay door when Nova asked him what she should do. Vague paused and turned towards the young Jedi.

“Rest, hazynam. You can get us the coordinates once we’re clear of the planet.”

Nova silently nodded as Vague left the room. She felt like she should be doing more, but he was the captain. A moment later Micaiah stepped up beside her.

"Nova, about what you saw in here. We'll talk later when we have more time but for now, for everyone's safety, don't mention it to the crew."

"Alright," she answered quietly, her voice sounded dry.

Micaiah gave her an empathetic look. She didn't know much about the Jedi, but she could guess from her body language that wherever Nova was taking them was a source of great trauma for her. "Do you need anything," she asked her gently.

Nova shook her head. "I'm fine," she said, "I just--need to be alone right now."

She left the medbay heading in the direction of her bunk. She had a lot on her mind right now, memories of the destruction of the temple rising back up from where she had buried them. She never once suspected that some day she would be going back there.

Perhaps some other crew might have balked at the sudden and unexplained instructions, but not the crew of the Veiled Bedlam. In half the time that the freighters Captain had demanded, the ship was refueled, the reactor and main drives were primed, and a trio of provisions pallets had been loaded into the secondary hold. Vague's crew trusted that if their Captain needed the ship prepped for launch, then he had good reason. Now he walked to the cockpit, and sat down in the pilots seat. A nod in SlackJaw's direction and the tan and olive colored droid kicked the repulsorlifts on and guided the ship towards the mouth of the hangar.

A deck below, Tsivoin was just approaching the quarters he shared with Nova. The young Zabrak had endured the awkward task of loading the pallets with Rossi who was still visibly uncomfortable around him and while he'd managed to not to lash out at the frustration and embarrassment, he was hoping to talk with Nova about it some more. Somewhere deep down, he knew it wasn't fair - That he shouldn't be so reliant on Nova for all the answers... But interacting with others and being part of a family was foreign to him. As foreign as space travel, he thought, as he felt the ship rise off the cavern floor. No sooner had the teen recovered from the surprise takeoff than the door he'd been about to knock on opened and Nova nearly ran over him on her way out of it.

"Oof, Hey-" Tsiv said as he cleared himself from her path. He watched her blink somewhat surprised to see him, no doubt... There was something - haunted, in her expression that struck a sour taste in his stomach. "Nova whats wrong?"

"Not now, ok?" She replied, brushing by him and heading for the ladder.

"Is it Masilda?" He asked, concerned. "Did everything go ok in the med-bay? Do you know why we're taking off so fast?" She'd climbed a few rungs up the ladder and stopped just short of losing sight of him at the edge of the next deck.

"Tsiv, I...," she started then she stopped and breathed a heavy sigh. "We're going back to the Jedi temple," she explained at last, a haunted look in her eyes.

Tsivoin was confused. "I thought it was destroyed."

"Yes--it was," she said simply, then she disappeared up onto the upper deck.

In the cockpit both Vague and Slackjaw turned around the second Nova entered the room. "So where are we going," Vague asked.

Nova shook her head then stepped between them to access the navigation console. "Master Skywalker kept the location of the temple a secret from everyone but members of the Order. After we do this I need you to purge these coordinates from your nav com," she told them as she typed in the coordinates for the for the remains of Luke's Jedi temple.

Vague held eye contact with Nova for a few breaths, then simply nodded to indicate that he would comply with her demand. For starters, he couldn’t imagine what he’d gain from retaining the location, and more importantly he could sense the immense gravity that had befallen his young crew member regarding her return to the Temple. The Captain looked over at his droid copilot and SlackJaw’s photoreceptors blinked an affirmative in response.

“Alright,” he spoke, tapping a couple buttons on the console in order to study the optional jump solutions. “Let’s head for Koda Station. We can jump the ‘Spur, button-hook into the Nothoiin Corridor and ride it up to Darkknell... take the Triellus route the rest of the way in.” Vague sighed just slightly. The downfall to an out-of-the-way hideout like Tailring was a lack of an established hyper lane nearby. They’d lose hours on the way to Koda Station as a result of that, but once they were able to tuck into charted lanes he was confident SlackJaw and Orev could make up the time.

Before he could follow up, a fit of coughing struck and he turned away from the console to cover his mouth with his forearm. When he was able to finally take a drink from his tumbler, the Captain jerked a thumb at the view port. “Get us gone, EssJay.” He spoke, ignoring the look Micaiah gave him as he slipped by the Sylarian. He nearly bowled over Tsivoin as the Zabrak was heading for the cockpit, pausing to cough again, then sliding down the ladder to the crew deck below.

“Probably looking like at least twenty, maybe thirty hours passengers.” The middle aged Duros said as he slid into the seat Vague had left empty. “Best make yourselves comfortable.”

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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Micaiah arrived in the cockpit just in time to catch another of Vague's coughing fits just before he made a very hasty retreat. She gave him a look that spoke volumes, but he completely ignored it. Of course, she wasn't going to let that go so she followed him down the ladder to the lower deck. "It might be easy for you to ignore the results of that scan," she said after she hurried to catch up with him, "but it's a lot harder for me. I can't imagine it's easy for your crew, either. They're not blind, you know? They can see something's wrong with you. How long do you plan on hiding the truth?"

Vague stopped still in the corridor and spun to face the Sylarian with an agitated look on his face. His lips parted to respond but he then heard the heavy bootfalls of a teenage Zabrak hitting the ladder. Without hesitation, he reached out and grabbed Micaiah by the shoulder and effortlessly relocated the slender Sylarian through the still open door to his quarters. The Captain followed, and once the door was shut behind him, he let go his grip.

"Help me out here, Mic," Vague spoke, his tone low. "Because I was under the impression that we'd put this issue to bed back on the Pursuer?"

When Vague grabbed her Micaiah had to suppress her instinct to fight back. Instead he guided her into his room and closed the door behind them. "You put it to rest, Captain," she told him, "I'm a doctor. I'm concerned about your health. I'm also concerned about the safety of your crew. When I first met you, you and your crew were stealing a precious gem. What happens if your condition worsens during one of these 'jobs' of yours?"

The outlaw sighed heavily and turned away from the Sylarian for a moment. She wasn't wrong about the risks, but that wasn't the point! The serum that Orev had synthesized for him helped - So long as he retained access to it. It was only when he was unexpectedly separated from access to the serum for extended periods of time that he had these flareups. He turned back to face the doctor and shrugged, tossing his hands up at his sides a bit. "That's all my condition can do, Mic, is worsen. Ok? Certainly wasn't part of my plan but I have to live with it now and I'm doing the best I can. You, or any of the others find out what did this - who did this - and you'll be signing you're own death warrants!"

Micaiah averted her gaze from him. She hadn't the faintest idea of the danger he was so afraid of, but she couldn't imagine it was much worse than the fate that awaited her. With a sigh she turned back to look at him. "I can't just sit back and watch you kill yourself, Captain, and I don't particularly care about how dangerous it is, either. It's not the threat of death that scares me," she told him and Vague could see that haunted look deep in the depths of her eyes again. "Whatever the risks, I want to help you."

Meanwhile, back in the cockpit, Nova half-turned to look at Tsiv. "Do me a favor, kid," she told him, "Go grab the training drone from our room and meet me below. I'll be there in a minute."

Tsiv looked at her curiously, there was still a strange tinge to her tone. The horrors of her past were obviously still weighing down on her, but he could sense that now wasn't the time or place to talk about it so he simply nodded and headed back down to the deck below. Nova followed him for a bit then split off as he headed towards their shared room together. While Tsiv went off in search of the drone Nova found Rossi in the common area and sat down across from her.

"Rossi, we need to talk," she said softly.

The Kessurian had been lost in thought, her honey colored eyes focused on the med-bay doors but her gaze distant. She hadn't even heard Nova approach until the young woman spoke. Blinking rapidly, she looked over at the auburn haired Jedi, then subconsciously glanced around to see if she'd been accompanied. Once she saw that the two of them were alone, she nodded her head slowly. "Okay." she managed. So much had happened so suddenly, Rossi wasn't sure what Nova was looking to address. Rossi had told everyone the secret about Tsiv, afterall - Nova had seemed to take it well at first but...

"See that? That right there, that's what we need to talk about," Nova said and Rossi gave her a confused look. "You were just looking for Tsivoin," she explained. "You have to stop looking at him like he's a thermal detonator about to go off, because he's walking around here thinking everyone hates him and it's getting loud."

"Loud," Rossi repeated and there was maybe a slight hint of fear in her voice, "Is he...," she left the rest hanging in the air.

Nova shook her head. "No, not like that," she answered, "I've just been like, really in tune with people's thoughts since waking up and I kind of haven't been able to turn it off. It's almost like Wes knocked something loose, or whatever, I don't know. Anyway, point is you gotta stop, okay? It's distracting him from his training and I can't keep him anchored to the light side if he's constantly fuming about how everyone is treating him. So please, just...,"

As she spoke she slowly began to realize that her words were coming out a bit sharper than she had intended, to the point that Rossi had started to shrink away from her like a frightened animal. Nova stopped mid sentence and gave the Kessurian an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Rossi, I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm just a little on edge right now."

She breathed a sigh and tried to regain her composure. "Look, I know what happened in the conference room was probably scary as hell. Tsivoin's unstable, his power out of control and he's got a lot of pent up rage and anger inside of him. If you had lived his life you would feel the same," she added with a shrug. Then her expression grew serious again. "But his power is no different from mine. Whatever he can do I can do better and much worse, but you're not scared of me? Are you?"

Rossi inhaled deeply as she tried to once again relax in her seat across the table from Nova. Logically, the girl had a point. Rossi had seen the incredible feats that Nova was capable of first hand, and had never felt towards her the way she now felt about the Zabrak. She didn't knock you across a conference room with her brain, though, either. The slicer sighed and pressed a palm to her forehead. "I, Well no, Nova. You've never given me a reason to be." She said finally. "Well, except for when you exposed me to that thing you call a fashion sense back on Chandrilla. That was truly frightening."

"Hey, I...," she stammered, stopping and starting again and again. "You don't... You don't really mean that, do you?" She paused a moment and her face blanched. "Oh my god, you really did mean that. My fashion sense does suck."

"Nova, I," Rossi tried to say but Nova held up a hand and interrupted her.

"Shshsh, I need to process this," she answered back with her head in her hands. After a moment she squared her shoulders and looked back at Rossi with a different sort of look in her eye. A softer look, one that seemed to come so easily to her. "Okay look, I told you before that fear, anger and hate are all emotions that fuel the dark side, right?"

Rossi nodded so Nova continued. "Well, do you know what the Jedi use to counter them," she asked, pausing for effect. "Love, Rossi. Love and compassion. That's what Tsivoin needs right now. He needs the love and support of his friends. He needs your forgiveness. I mean, put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Tsivoin has only ever had one friend before joining this crew and she died. Now he has a family, one he's afraid of losing. I'm trying my best here to help him through it, but he cares about you Rossi. Of everyone on this boat you're the one that has the greatest impact on him. So please, for me. Go talk to him."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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It hadn't taken Tsivoin very long to retrieve the training drone and he was headed through the galley at a quick clip to go find Nova when he heard her and Rossi's voices carrying through from the commons area. The Zabrak slowed to a stop just before the bulkhead that lead from the galley into the commons and listened as Nova declared to Rossi that he was unstable, out of control. The teen felt his stomach tighten and all of a sudden the starship felt like it was closing in around him. Yeah, I'm full of rage alright. He thought to himself, but even as he slunk further away from the commons he heard the rest of what Nova had to say.

He found his head tilting to the side slightly as he listened to Nova describe the turmoil inside of him in such a way that for once, didn't make him feel like a monster. It was true! He had finally been shown what it was like to be a part of something, to belong... and the teen was absolutely terrified that all of a sudden, some invisible power he never even asked for was going to land him right back in a puddle of starship fuel on some forgotten tarmac, scared and alone. Tsivoin shivered and instinctively wrapped his arms around his midsection as the memory of his first few weeks on Cantonica threatened to devour him.

Tsiv was too busy fighting his inner demons to hear the end of the conversation, but Nova must have sensed the disturbance because the next thing he knew was the sound of her voice drifting through the darkened galley and meshing with the memories.

Vague wiped at his stubble wearily, his narrowed eyes locked with Micaiah's. It was becoming obvious that the Sylarian wasn't going to drop the subject. Short of kicking her off the boat, Vague imagined that she would continue to pursue this course indefinitely. As the leader of his merry band of outlaws, he had a responsibility to keep them safe, from their work, from the outside world, occasionally from themselves... but especially from his demons. The longer he drew out the battle of wills with the doctor, the more likely one of the crew members who wasn't privy to his secret would catch wind of it... He shook his head almost imperceptibly then sighed. "Mic, I appreciate it - truly, I do. Frankly, I don't think there is any helping it... but, I won't entertain the option until Masilda has recovered and the crew is back on even footing. Okay?" He declared, hoping she would appreciate the sizable concession he was making.

Micaiah leveled him with a stare and for a moment Vague thought she might continue the argument. Finally she nodded. "Alright," she said, "but promise me you'll actually consider it and that this isn't just a brush off."

"Rogue's honor." Vague replied, touching his palm over his heart briefly. "Will Masilda be ok under until we can find whatever it is that Nova's looking for?" He asked, gently shifting the subject.

"As for as I can tell Masilda's body is in stable condition," Micaiah replied, her tone sounded clinical but Vague could sense the worry that was hidden beneath it. "I don't know what they did to her mind. I ran the examination again but I just can't explain it medically."

Meanwhile, back in the commons room Nova could sense the turmoil from Tsivoin. Not from her words but from his memories of being alone. The images appeared unfiltered in her mind and she had to concentrate to retain her composure. She had no idea the Zabrak's past had been that bad. Well, that's not entirely accurate. She knew it was bad she just couldn't visualize it until now.

"Just think about it, okay," she said, turning back to Rossi and ending their conversation. Then she stood and called out to Tsivoin. "Hey, kid, go ahead and come in here."

The teen reluctantly did as she asked and she tossed him her lightsaber. He fumbled with it for a moment before catching it and she directed him over to an open area in the common room. "Try not to cut anything," she told him, "Vague might take it personally."

It took Tsiv a moment to process that she was cracking a joke, and despite the turmoil underneath the surface the teen couldn't help but crack a wide grin. He hefted the hilt in front of him as he shifted over to the area that was least likely to be damaged by his novice from. He spent a few moments studying the lightsaber, trying to shake the memories away, then looked up at Nova with eyes that reflected just a portion of the terror he'd experienced while on the run. He couldn't quite articulate it into words, but his facial expression showed that he was grateful for the distraction. "Yeah, I'll do my best." he replied, thumb hovering over the activation switch on the saber.

Nova quickly held up a hand before he thumbed her lightsaber on. "Just one more thing, kid," she said, slipping her scarf from her neck and stepping behind Tsivoin. "We're going to add something new," she told him as she tied the scarf around his eyes. When she was sure he couldn't see she took a few steps back.

"I don't understand, how can I fight if I can't see," Tsivoin asked.

"Your eyes can deceive you," Nova answered, "Don't trust them. Trust in the Force. Now concentrate and stretch out with your feelings."

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

Tsivoin felt his twin pulses quicken a bit as Nova slipped behind him and affixed her scarf snugly around his eyes and forehead. He trusted her, he trusted all of them really, but the feeling of vulnerability at being blindfolded and denied his sense of sight was overwhelming to the teen. Instinctively he shifted his stance in order to point his back towards what he thought was the corner bulkhead. Alot of fat good it'll do you to face outward if you can't see anyway he chided himself.

He listened carefully to Nova as she told him not to trust his eyes, but to instead trust in the Force. Trust in this invisible magic that he'd only found out he possessed a week or so ago. Were it so easy. Yet, he took a deep breath anyway and began to search for quiet. Nova seemed to believe that he would be able to do this and the last thing he wanted to do was let her down, especially in front of Rossi.

"You've got too much going on up in that horned head of yours. Really it's a mess up there. If you're going to be able to hear the Forces call, you'll first need to learn to flush out the distractions." He recalled her words the first time she'd asked him to seek out the Force. It had been a frustrating exercise and Tsivoin, who wasn't all that sure he wanted to commune with the mystical energy field in the first place, was getting fed up. She'd explained to him that the force didn't have a switch that you could flip on and off. It wasn't a component or a tool, but more so a living entity in it's own way, by it's own definition.

Tsivoin returned to the present. The abrupt recollection of the terror and strife he'd endured upon arriving at Cantonica hadn't done much to bolster the teen's chances of finding his calm. He took a very deep breath and closed his already obscured eyes out of habit.

Calm. He wasn't going to find that in that puddle of fuel. After another breath, there was a shift to the landscape around him. The starships and the clang of heavy equipment blurred and faded into the background, yielding to a bright and serene presence before him. It was Senna, of course. She'd found Tsivoin there shivering in a pair of ridiculously oversize and threadbare coveralls. He'd been hiding out in the spaceport for a few weeks at that point, surviving off of scraps of trash and small varmint that he'd been able to corner and kill. Tsiv winced a bit at the memory, he'd lashed out at her in fear and desperation. She'd had every right to put him down or turn away and never come back.

He couldn't remember her saying the words, but he would never forget feeling them in his head. "Easy, Breathe, Friend". He wasn't sure what language she'd used, but deep below his feral exterior he'd understood the meaning. It'd been like a cool rain shower on a blisteringly hot day, his rage, hatred, and frenetic manner melted away, leaving behind the frightened and vulnerable ten year-old survivor.

Tsivoin's breathing slowed as he focused on the feelings that those words had stirred within his younger self. First he focused on setting aside his concern for Masilda, his apprehension about how the rest of the crew felt about him, and his fear of failing Nova. Then, he slowly began to become hyper-aware of his surroundings. The bulkheads around them, Nova a few paces away to his right, Rossi a handful more to his left, the deck underneath his feet. Another breath. He could now sense the vibrations from the ships strained engines as they hurtled through Hyperspace towards the next relay on their journey. He took one last breath in and out, then let go off all of that, dumping his awareness into the vast ocean that was the Force and then wading into the water himself.

In an instant, the drone seemed to come alive, raising off the nearby table and spinning a rapid circle around Tsivoin. The teens eyes snapped open - the scarf still obscured his vision, but he wasn't seeing through them anymore, he saw an orb of light, bright pink in the darkness of the still water around him, gentle ripples radiating out from it as it hovered. Tsiv ignited Nova's lightsaber and raised it into one of the defensive positions of Form I, and waited for the drone's next move.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

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Rossi initially felt the urge to leave the commons when she saw Tsivoin sulk his way in and over to Nova, but the Kessurian heard the young woman's words over again in her mind and eventually convinced herself to stay. Now she sat at the table and watched on as the Zabrak stood with lit lightsaber in hand, blindfolded and facing off against a training remote that looked oddly like some cobbled together parts from COS Tailring.

The bright gold blade put off a harsh glow in the commons area and as Tsivoin shifted it about, sharp shadows were made on the floor and bulkheads. Rossi gasped audibly as the first shot from the drone rang out and her honey colored eyes widened a bit as it struck the teen in the side of the neck. She could hear him growl low in his throat as he took a second to rub at the now slightly discolored spot on his neck, before getting reset at Nova's instruction.

The Kessurian watched on as the next three blasts found their way through his defenses. From her angle, it seemed like the task Nova had set out for him was impossible. Rossi watched Nova step forward and stand close behind Tsivoin. She couldn't hear what the girl said quietly into his ear, but when Nova backpedaled away, she watched Tsivoin reset his stance and raise the saber up in what seemed to be a more confident motion.

To her amazement, the Zabrak sidestepped out of the way of the next blast, the lightly powered laser striking harmlessly into the deck. He caught the next two blasts, one high, one low, on the blade, then sidestepped a fourth one.

Nova spoke again, but Rossi was no longer paying attention to the Jedi, her focus was fully on Tsivoin and the drone, the latter of which seemed to start bobbing up and down more quickly. In the next moment, while Tsivoin was still replying to Nova, it fired off a rapid succession of blasts. Tsivoin blocked or dodged them all, and Rossi couldn't help but shout out in congratulatory glee. Then the next three blasts broke through, stippling their way over his flank and as his still blindfolded face turned back in her direction she shrank back into the chair in silence.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by Pryde »

Nova felt elated when Tsivoin succeeded in his trial, but that elation soon faded as the boy grew overconfident. His taste of success went straight to his head and he immediately lost his focus. With a sigh, the girl glanced over at Rossi who a moment ago congratulated Tsivoin, but now the Kessurian was trying her best to hide her face. Nova was beginning to think her little speech didn't help at all. She half expected Rossi to leave, but she didn't. For a moment she thought she might have gotten through to her. Now, though, it felt as though the other woman was too scared to leave even though she really wanted to.

Nova breathed in momentarily then stepped forward and placed a hand on Tsivoin's wrist, gently nudging him to lower his guard. "Let's try something else," she said, taking the lightsaber from his hand before reaching up behind him and removing the blindfold.

Then she half turned and stretched out a hand. Much to the wonderment of both Rossi and Tsivoin a pair of sparring sabers floated up from a nearby chair and gently soared across the room to her waiting hand. She handed one to Tsivoin and kept the other for herself. Tsivoin looked at the wooden saber with a puzzled expression on his face. "Where did you find these," he asked.

Nova shrugged. "In a box shoved away into a storage container back at the Tailring," she explained, "Micaiah and I found them while we were scavenging for parts. They're a bit shorter than a lightsaber, but they'll do."

She clipped the hilt of her lightsaber to her belt, tucked her practice sword under her arm and then reached up and blindfolded herself. After tightening the knot around her eyes she grabbed hold of the practice sword and stood calmly, facing half towards Tsivoin and half away. The tip of her sword pointed at the ground beneath her feet. "Attack me," she told him.

Tsivoin gave her an uncertain look. Fighting the drone blindfold was one thing, but this... Nova had only just recovered. What if she missed a parry and he struck her? "Nova, I--," he tried to say but the girl shook her head.

"It's fine, Tsiv. Trust me," she assured him.

The Zabrak glanced over at Rossi who was still averting her gaze from him. She had a worried expression on her face, as though she knew Tsivoin was going to harm Nova. With a low growl he turned back to look at Nova and raised his weapon. He appraised the woman for a moment before reaching his arms up to strike. Nova stood completely still until the very last second when she moved faster than any of them could see, swatting aside Tsivoin's blade and causing him to stagger forward off balance before gracefully slipping behind him. The Zabrak quickly recovered then half turned to strike again. Again Nova parried the blow, knocking him off balance while at the same time dancing around him with such grace and precision.

"The lightsaber is a precision weapon, Tsivoin, you don't have to swing it like a club," she told him.

Tsivoin's face flushed slightly and he spared an embarrassed glance back over his shoulder at Rossi. The Kessurian still refused to meet his gaze but she stared at Nova wide-eyed in wonder. "Ignore Rossi," Nova said sternly, as if she could see him looking at her. "In this space there is only you and me."

She lunged forward, striking at him quickly and testing his defenses. Tsivoin was hard pressed to block each of her moves and on the last strike she battered his weapon aside before stepping behind him and lightly striking him on the back with the flat of her blade. The blow didn't cause him any pain, but it did throw him off balance. He stumbled forward and fell to his knees, his weapon clattering on the floor beside him. Nova deftly removed the blindfold from her eyes then knelt down to rest a hand on his back.

"Nobody becomes a Jedi Master in a day," she said to him with a gentle tone, "but you've made some incredible progress. You just--need to focus more."

As she said that she reached her other hand over and tapped him on the forehead with the tip of her finger. "You let Rossi distract you from the drone. That's not her fault, but yours. When you hold a lightsaber in your hand the last thing you should be thinking about are what-ifs and maybes. Focus on the moment, act. Trust in the Force and it will guide you."

She reached out her hand to him, offering to help him to his feet. Tsivoin accepted and with a heave she hoisted him off the floor. She gently brushed off his clothes then reached down and picked up his discarded sword before handing it back to him. When Tsivoin reached out and wrapped his fingers around the handle she stopped him by placing her other hand over the back of his. "Tsiv, it doesn't matter what other people think of you, it's how you view yourself that's important. Try not to forget that, okay," she asked, tilting her head slightly to look him in the eye.

The boy nodded silently and Nova straightened up. "Is it time for that chat, Captain," she inquired without turning around. Behind her Vague Durin stood in the open hallway with Micaiah by his side. She felt them enter awhile ago while she had been sparring with Tsivoin.

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Re: Star Wars: Remember Tomorrow

Post by VagueDurin »

"Tsiv, it doesn't matter what other people think of you, it's how you view yourself that's important. Try not to forget that, okay,"

The Zabrak frowned mentally at the thought. She didn't understand - he thought nothing of himself. All his live the teen had been treated as less than a being, at least as long as he could remember... until Senna, anyway. Maybe Nova couldn't understand, maybe as bad as she'd had it she'd still never seen the worst of what the galaxy could conjure up for it's inhabitants? His violet eyes glanced down to where her hand lay overtop his own and he tried momentarily to imagine himself as the brave friend she'd described him as, the one with the heart of a Jedi... He was lost in that thought when she turned away form him to address the newcomers.

Vague shot a glance around the room, taking the scene in post-sparring match and almost added in a quip about the amount of luck Nova would need to get a fourteen year old boy to 'focus more' but ultimately decided against it. Instead, he took a half step forward and turned to look over at Micaiah. There was a not-so-insignificant amount of tension between the pair but both parties were doing an admirable job of not letting it show. "Are you up first, or am I?" He asked her politely, knowing that the Sylarian had mentioned that she needed to debrief Nova regarding what she'd witnessed in the med-bay.

"By all means, Captain." Micaiah replied. "This is your ship, and your crew."

The Captain could tell that she'd chosen the words deliberately but after their confrontation in his quarters he wasn't fancying a second round. He merely nodded an acknowledgment and turned to face Nova. "Step into my office, then?" He requested, then headed aft to the maintenance room where he favored having these sorts of discussions.

Tsivoin moved to follow Nova but she steadied his advance with a palm to his chest. "Nuh-uh. This one's on me, kid. Besides," She smiled slyly as she glanced sideways at him. "You've got homework." She studied his face as the slightly confused expression crumpled up his markings. "Find someplace quiet on board where you can meditate and continue working on your communion with the Force. A Jedi's connection to the Force needn't be ever-present but it must be instinctual."

Before he could reply, she'd followed off in the direction Vague had gone. Leaving Micaiah, Rossi, and Tsiv in the commons. The Zabrak subconsciously raised a hand up to touch his chest briefly as he considered what she'd told him. Then, without preamble, he simply walked off in the opposite direction determinedly.

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