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Heat raising on Geonosis

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:04 pm
by StefanTheGreat
''Heat raising in Raxus Prime''

Skako Spacebook,
Early 22 ABY

Wat Tambor...Emir Wat Tambor...Foreman Emir Wat Tambor of the Tecnho Union, the infamous lead engineer and head of the special unit of the Tecnho Union working with the Confederacy of the Allied Systems entered the small room and looked around. There he saw various Skakoans working over random projects concerning the Union's newest B2 Type Super Battle Droids. With his clothes reaching for the floor and only be stopped by a huge, heavy metal ring, the Foreman and once a great ally to the Republic now looked down at them and rejected yet another letter asking him to reconsider his choice and not travel to Geonosis to meet with Count Dooku aka Darth Tyrannus. This was of course Republic's Top Intelligence information not given to anyone -that many famous people all over the galaxy are coming together in a top secret prohibited to journalists meeting with a possible Sith Lord pretending to be just an idealist- not even to Chancellor Palpatine of the Old Republic.

''You can report now Engineer No.2.'' Tambor spoke the words through his mask and watched via his glassed to the Skako engineer looking at him wondering how to reply to the Emir's demand since he had nothing new to report.

''Nothing yet I am afraid sir, the tecnhitians are working hard on getting the rear gear on the right hand of the model ready but we will need some more time. I am also confident that until your trip to Geonosis you will have some top class Battle Droids to present to the slimbags of the Trade Federation and impression this Count who will try to get a deal from your gracious hands. '' He concluded and returned back to work following Tambor's hand motion.

There shall not be any further delay after this week I sincirely hope. Otherwise we will have to change our timetable and return to the original idea of not creating this droid and I shall go with no new toys in my hands in the meeting with Count of Sereno, the most powerfull of the Nine. Wat thought to himself and looked outisde to face the surface of Skako facing his eyes down from the space station.

Re: Heat raising on Geonosis

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:04 pm
by StefanTheGreat
OOC: Okey this is going to be slow moving but if you like Clone Wars stories this would be a good one :-D Just keep some patience working in to a word and will be posting parts ;-)