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Re: Coming Home *Warning Adult Language*

Post by CEO Raith Sienar » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:14 pm

It’d take most of the trip for Annora to tell Mace of the vision she had of there daughter and the conversation that had taken place. Her captain had gladly taken back command of his ship and upon Mae entering the cockpit had promptly tossed him out and told him to do what most newlyweds would do on there honeymoon.

He’d move to the cockpit only when alarms went off indicateing there leaving of hyperspace. Annora would then head to the cockpit and Mace followed knowing the Captain wouldn’t throw him out then. She’d open the comm. And speak with Theed Spaceport and would find that they were expecting her.

They’d redirect her to Theed Palace’s own private hanger where upon there arrival Mace would see a man he had not seen in years. “Sienar himself awaiting our arrival and looks like he’s got a few RSF and Santhe Security guards to back him up wonder what the occasion is. Not like they’d have the palace on lockdown and allow us to dock here.”

Annora would turn to Mace and place her finger softly on his lips and whisper, “Shush you talk to much and try and look to deep into things. I’m best friends with the Queen. She sent her husband here for a reason along with the guards. It’s standard.”

She’d say this as she herself was questioning why the guards and would lead the way off the ship as the captain finished his checklist of things. They’d approach Raith would smile and speak, “The prodigal daughter finally comes home. A little bird told me you had arranged for a rotation from the station to come to Naboo.”

Annora would look to Raith and her voice had a bit of anger, “Who told you because we made sure the transfer was kept low key. My father isn’t to know of the transfer. ESPECIALLY after what happened on Corellia.”

Raith would smirk, “Your partner in crime told me when she learned you planned on coming here. She’s been excited to see you as are the babies. So excited that they decided to teach her how to worship in the Freasher all morning. You see I may not have oversight of MedStar but I keep my ears open. I am one of MedStar’s top investors.”

“Keep reminding me of that and I’ll remind you that I promised to knock you on your ass for what you did to Allyah Raith.”

“No… You won’t.” Raith would say as he would grin, “Because I’m going to take you the back way. RSF reported the wicked bitch of the four corners of Naboo found her way inside the palace and Annora’s ordered us to take you up through the back way to insure that she can’t find out you’re here.”

“But if she’s in the palace…” Mace would say and Raith would cut him off. “The hallways through the back way have been locked down Master Halcyon. We can get up there without her stepmother knowing. And your arrival just gives us a reason to enforce the restraining order.”

He’d look to Annora’s cheek and whistles, “She did slug you pretty good. Hope you got a good shot in.”

She’d smirk and stare at him, “Are we going to examine me because you couldn’t see in the holo or we going to see Allyah you pompous sex craved bastard.”

“Ouch… You harm me with your words.” He’d lead the way and Annora would be on him, “If you had just listened to what I told you and Allyah we’d not be worrying if she’d make it to see her children grown up. But no you go in and screw up everything for one passionate night so you can get laid.”

Raith would look to her, “Don’t tell me you haven’t. Geez you had a nickname as the Ice Queen the fact you found someone to melt that heart of yours is a miracle in itself.”

The turbolift would ring indicateing the doors were opening and Raith would fly back after being slugged and stumble before falling on his ass in the corner of the turbolift. He’d rub his jaw and Mace would bust out laughing as Annora would glare at him, “Maybe Mace saw something in me that no other man did.”

“Yeah called being the granddaughter of a very powerful Sith….” Annora would go after him only to be held back by Mace and he’d whisper in her ear, “He’s doing it on purpose. I did this with Jerec a lot growing up and I belive Jerec did this to him as well. He’s returning the favor.”

Annora would nod and break from his hold and grab Raith slaming him against the wall of the turbolift, “Imply ever again that Mace married me due to my grandfather’s position or any of my family members positions next I hit I insure you cannot reproduce or in fact get it up ever again without an implant. Are we clear cousin?”

“Crystal.” Raith would look to Mace a moment and he’d smirk but Raith looked to Annora differently before. She’d come out of her shell. Before he’d continuously blow her crap and she’d never respond but now she had no problem retaliating.

They’d arrive at the level and Raith would still be rubbing his jaw as they’d be led to the quarters where Allyah was in. The guards would open the door and Annora would nearly rush in and great Allyah like a sister rushing her and giving her a hug.

They’d begin by catching up and then Allyah would spot Raith and ask, “What’s wrong Raith?”

He’d smile, “It’s nothing just look out for her left hook.”

Allyah would look to Annora, “You didn’t.”

“I did and it should teach him a lesson of not pushing the limits and I have some news.” She’d lean in and whisper into Allyah’s ear and all Allyah could do was cover her mouth as her words were caught in her mouth. “Seriously?”

Annora would nod and kneel before Allyah, “Dead serious.” She’d go back to whispering and Allyah would sit up and have Annora sit on the bed beside her so she could listen better and would stare at her, “Visions? You and the Force? That’s like blasphemy with your doctor training. Is this the same Annora I grew up with?”

“The same just with my eyes opened more.” She’d say with a smile, “Thank my grandfather for the opening.”

“So.. Lucien is your grandfather?” Allyah would ask and Annora would nod softly, “My mother’s father. And I’m a Santhe which means we’re cousin’s by marriage.”

She’d nod and look to Allyah. “There’s another reason grandfather left this on my comm. For when I woke up. He’s bringing Jedi here and needs my assistance when they get here.” She’d pull out a flimsi and hand it to Allyah.

The flimsy would read:


The transfer to Naboo serves a purpose. You have the training necessary to help me do what needs to be done. I have eluded to the Jedi of two Jedi being saved but the truth is there are many Jedi that can be saved includeing Tabetha’s mother and grandmother. I could sense each of there presences in the Force and though they are weak I’d not be surprised if we didn’t show up with numbers in excess of 50 Jedi in Carbon Freeze. I need Naboo prepared to receive these Jedi.
We will provide MedStar funding as well in exchange of payment of you doing this and in this document is a list of coordinates. It will take you to the new home your mother and I arranged for you and your growing family. We will see you when we arrive and love you. Tell the daughter of Hirham that I still remember the debt owed to her father.

“I’m sitting on my ass before a legend. I guess the reports of your death have been greatly mistaken.”

Jerec Ordin speaking to Nich Dreadstar

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Re: Coming Home *Warning Adult Language*

Post by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:43 am

Allyah looked at the message 'The daughter of Hirham? Debt owed her father? What does this have to with my dad? He's been dead nearly 20 years now. "She read over the cryptic message again and again. "So he WAS telling the truth about alot of jedi. . But my aunt . . 50 jedi? What are they all doing there?"Allyah took a deep breath her unborn twins becoming active at the surge of sadness that ran through her at the mention of her fathers name.

As Allayh doubled over looking as if she was going to wretch as the wave seemed to stir something within Annora. As Annora moved to her freind neither woman recognized what was really going on deep with in their wombs. . .Annora just help firm to her friend. "Your suppose to be taking it easy. I though I told someone to see that your schedule was lightened?"She said throwing a dark look to Raith!!!'

Fighting the urge to jump back in case Annora deiced to hit him yet agian "I've tried but it seems like since we have returned home things have been out hand at best. First Renthro attacking the kids, then that Jedi showing up, then the mess in the throne room, Rethro murder the attacks now this. . May I also remind you that your family's little problems at the heart of this. I am doing my best, but between galaxy and my wife's job its been a little hard. Don't you think I'm worried about this too, since YOUR grandfather and YOUR stepmother got into it in the throne room my wife has been extremely ill. She can barley keep anything down and its like something is draining the life out of her."

Allyah grabbed Annora who looked as if she was about to hit Raith looking at her with a deathly look on her face as if to say touch him and die."I'm fine Nora, and quit picking on my husband. We are both doing the best we can. Things. . Wired things have been happening and the twins dont seem to like it. This morning after being ill in the refresher I met Jasmine's cousin Ashin. She came to see the Outha Gunga and strangest thing happened. . I felt something touch me they did something pushed it back. They have been over active ever since.?"

"I think we need to do another scan and check your blood. . How is Rachel?"

"Oh no not you agian? Mommy she just took my blood!!!"Rachel called out from behind. They all looked to see the oldest Sinear child making her way toward her mother not looking happy to see Annora. The girl then opened up a run and ran to Allyah placing her hand first on her other, then as if she was seeing something placed her other hand on Annora belly. . "So your Annalia. . Boy are those three. . "

Mace would look to the little girl and grin as he'd speak up, "The mean ol doctor is going to get a taste of it as well you know that right? She's goign to get a blood draw and examined." He'd wait to see if the little girl would perk up at the mention

"Rachel how did you get here? I told you to stay with the nanny? Allyah said taking the girl into her arms and holding her tight.

Annora then turning to the girl in surprise "How did you know about Annalia?"

Rachel looked to each of the adults in the room"Because that's all my brother and sister ever talk about, when people aren't messing with them. Like the lady this morning."She said folding her hands with a stern look grown ups"And she always takes my blood. . No one will every take enough form her. Mommy?"


"Why does my brother call Annalia my cousin when she is in meanies belly?"She girl pointing agnrily at Annora's stomach.

"Hey!"Annora reorted."I'm not THAT bad!!!"

"You are to Daddy. Even though the twin like you. They will lean better. By the way who is he!!! I like him he wants to draw menaies blood out."Rachel said pointing to mace.

Allyah just shook her head "Master Halcyon forgive our rudeness."as she looked to Annora the red head dcotor shot to getting up and crossing between Allyah and Mace.

"Oh yeah sorry, All. Queen Avonleyh of-(But Allyah cleared her throat loudly)"Annora turned to her "Well you are! Just because your my best friend doesn't mean (but allyahs face just shot daggers) Oh well this is Queen Avonleyh of Naboo which was the worst professional move she could make seeing as she is needed more as Dr. Allyah Nerberrie'-Sienar."Annora said witgh an irritating smirk."This is most wonderful and irritating being alive. Mace Halcyon."
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