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old timers

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:36 am
by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt
Several of us are thinking of doing a rebels style rp for fun. If your interested drop a line here or on Facebook.

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Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:57 am
by Jagtai
I'm in. I'm so in :)

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Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:15 pm
by Pryde
Sure, got loads of free time.

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Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:02 pm
by zephre
Ill be joining in!

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Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:26 am
by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt
We are going into the fortress world of Demon there will be weapons factory.
Who do we have
An opera singer well know imperial supporter turned Reb spy
An assassin droid
High ranking imperial official
An inquistor
A gungan warrior
A young farm kid
So bring your peep your more than welcome but this will be a slow moving thread. Real life and all. So let's have fun. If you want in the messenger discussion drop you fb handle and well add u.

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Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:26 pm
by Xanamiar
I actually absolutely LOVE Rebels... I'd actually be interested in it.

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Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 2:41 pm
by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt
• Mika Torn (stage name)
• Isidora k’Sharyn(birth)
• Watcher (codename)
Born: On her father’s ship the Oldtimer in transit between Alredraan and Corellia
Home world:
• Corescanut officially
• Aldreaan unofficially
Age 30
Eyes: ice Blue
Hair: dark brown
• Royal Arts Academy Naboo
• Coruscant Opera company Understudy
• University of Coruscant (Business and Performing Arts)
• Opera Singer(official)
• Actress
• Business owner (hopefully)
• Spy (unofficially)
• Coruscant Royal Opera Company
• Imperial Entertainers Guild
• Rebel alliance (secretly)
• Translator-speaks many languages due to travel and opera study
• fencing
• Hospitality
• Business management
• Low level slicing mostly with a tablet
• Acting/Disguise
Modified Class 720 freighter-Oldtimer
 Full on luxury (use as a yacht) with windows and a black chrome hull by Mikas dad
 Recently updated computer systems for droid charging and intel gathering jamming by mika
Weapons and tech
• STUN Baton
• KDY-21 blaster pistol
• Tablet
• Naboo style personal shield device.
• Fencing
• Singing
• Collecting Rykk blades
• Socialite
• Fashion

Like many in the performance world there is the stage person Mika Torn who grew up with business people as parents who sent their daughter to Theed University Royal Art Academy where she caught the eye of opera connoisseurs at the age of 13 when she transferred to Coruscant to study under the great singer Made Twinzar as understudy. During this time, she was given full scholarship to the university of Coruscant where she studied Singing and business. After 5 years of understudy, she was offered one of the lead roles in The Healer of the Galaxy (an opera based on the rise of Emperor Palpatine) where she played one of leads as Queen Amidala of Naboo. The performance earned her a commendation from the Empire. In the past few years she has traveled around the galaxy with the Imperial Entertainers Guild doing performances all over the galaxy she is know as a strong supporter of the empire and a favorite of many Imperial officials. Recently she been working on expanding her brand by working on a chain of Hotel/Casino/Spa’s.
Isidora k’Sharyn was born on her fathers ship the OldTimer enroute from their home world of Alderaan to Corellia. Her father was an exporter of fine goods such as high-end fabrics, foods and wines, named Jacen K’sharyen. Her mother a specialty wine maker name Mera. The first 9 years of her life Isidore was raised along the Alpus Coast with her maternal grandmother at the family Vineyard. At the age of nine her parents wanted her to have a larger education so they she traveled with them from place to place on her father’s ship. There she learned a lot about business and fencing a passion of her fathers. During this time, she started singing mainly to pass the time and keep herself entertained. But young kids are not meant to be cooped up on a ship. So, after a year she asked her parents if she could study in Theed University’s Royal Arts Academy, they agreed. She received top marks and her teachers who though she had a great gift for opera began grooming her from a stage life. At 13, when she went on stage for the yearly performance she was spotted by a scout from the main opera house on Coruscant. That was the day Isidora’s life and past fade away and Mika Torn was born. And Mika became not only a starlet but an outspoken supporter of the empire.
The Return of Isidora and birth of the Watcher
When news Alderaan’s destruction reached Mika Torn she had just completed a successful run of Birth of the Republic and she had been on her way home to Aldreaan for the first time in many years to see her family. But in mid transit the news broke, leaving Mika broken.

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Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 3:32 pm
by Xanamiar
Any character restrictions in this story line?... and where are we going to start it at? ... Asking for background creating reasons on a new character.

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Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 3:54 pm
by Pryde
I'm also curious about the date.

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 8:49 am
by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt
as far as posting I'm working on one threw out five into already. Going to try for a simple rob a bad of imps of some weapons.
I am looking at 2 aby as a start date exactly. It gives time to radicalize and train some but still, people still be feeling the loss.

So the first post should be today
Setting the second anniversary of Alderrans destruction. if everyone is on I'm going into it with a theft job of imperial weapons moving through the streets of Denon. I'll be on the watch.

If someone plants to play the imps good
We need our crew. Jr you might want to help in the heist let someone else fly the Oldtimer Modified Class 720 freighter. they can. If someone wants to try to steal it from the rebels they can. Post here to let me know. ooc.

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Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 11:45 am
by PrincessTabetha/BlackHunt
Here's the opening I worked out. Mika could be part of a new cell just come in. The rebels will know her as Isadora, Imps will know her a Mika.If someone wants to take leadership of the cell I'm game. But as of now, the Mika/Isadora thing is strictly high-ranking rebel.


The screen flips on as the headline of GNN Galactic News Network passes across the screen. The face of an older man with ebony hair which was obviously a troupe sit properly as he speaks,

Good evening everyone I am Tom Nightsider and this is GNN News.

We have several reports for you today, but first our lead story. . .

Two years after an accident with a planetary defensive weapon went awry causing the core of the planet to become unstable and self-destruct. This according to Imperial reports, which left many across the galaxy mourning and debating the tragedy that left billions of dead and thousands more homeless. On Courecant, there will be quiet observances led by the emperor over the Holonet this evening from the senate. Several of the Imperial entertainers' guild will do tributes to the galaxy with Mika Torn heading ling an event on Deneon this evening, while several groups will protest what some quietly are calling an attack by the Empire on its own worlds in several places. Imperial officials state that they will be out in force ready to break up any threats to the peace and somberness of this day of Installer mourning. They remind us that this a time to come together and not tear ourselves apart considering rumors being spread accusing the empire of heinous acts upon its people.

Two years. . . . . ....
Two years. . . . . . ....

It had been two years since she had lost everything her home, her history, her family. Now she had nothing but hate for those she once saw as heroes. She had seen the last years of the Republic as a small child, how it brought nothing but death and destruction across the galaxy. She remembered her father talking about it. He had told her how the people never wanted to fight and have armies march onto their lands. How the Jedi who had been charged with keeping the peace showed up with an army and started the war. Make sure he was loyal to the republic and was against the separatist her father thought the war was not needed. If someone did not want to be part of the republic, that was fine. The Jedi had been wrong to force the issue. But then the war started, and he did all he could to help. Thank the goddess for the Chancellor, a man who was sensible and saw through the Jedi. So much so they tried to kill him. It was an agreeable thing the army was more loyal to the chancellor than to the Jedi, turning on their treacherous master and standing with the people of the republic. Well, it was not that anymore, her father supposed.

So the republic became an empire and the people, the people who were no all-powerful, prospered. Sure, you had people like the Orgeanas who some saw as usurpers quietly saying the empire was stealing rights and murdering people. But that was what happened when power changed hands, right? For a normal businessman like her father who had no care for all that the Empire brought prosperity and safety. It also saw a change in society. Now where people were once stuck in their station in life there were new opportunities for people to better their station in life.

But then it happened her home was destroyed. Her family with it and she discovered that it was her heroes, not a freak accident that destroyed her home. They had broken her heart and shattered her faith. She had even begun to question the jedi’s roll in the wars. Guess what they say is true, you can’t listen to someone else truth you have to find your own. ...

As a young woman with light brown hair ice-blue eyes wearing a simple pair of black pants white shirt and a thin blue jacket turned the corner in the busy city street she noticed a giant billboard that said Mika Torn in concert tonight at the grand theatre 7. She crinkled her nose, the great songbird of the empire bet the imps were all giddy that their golden girl had come to sing their worries away. They can watch they birdie as Isadora K'Sharyn worked to take all that the empire loved. Heroes can be villains just depends on who’s is telling the story. Mika was the empires hero and Isadora belonged to the rebellions. Two women very much the same, two women who would never meet.

She stopped at an open-air vendor who was selling nerf burgers and different meats as she started to "haggle" over the product as she noticed the stormtroopers stationed outside the nearby Garrison. She knew today was the day now was the time. The Empire had turned Denon into a fortress world. Granted it was at the center to two trade routes, but that made no sense for them to do that. Why the Golan’s, the never-ending inspections and surplus numbers of troops walking up and down the street. It made no sense.

Until rumours reached the rebels of a secret Imperial weapons factory on the planet turning out high-end military-grade weapons to be shipped to Imperial units all over the galaxy reached the ears of the rebellion.

The rebellion she was not sure if they were the right cure, but they at least seemed to have the ideals and the will to take down these murders. And that’s why she joined. Not because she believed in the idea of a republic. Not because some group of wizards were wiped out fairly or unfairly. No, she joined to keep more innocents from dying. Which was why she was standing across from the Imperial garrisons with other like-minded people getting ready to help unburden the imperial troops of such dangerous cargo?

From the corner of her right eye, she saw it. The imperial caravan pulled out on the street with her rumoured quarry turning right down the busy street toward the starport.

Because of rebel activity on other worlds, the imps had turned this place into a major weapons productions facility with his wares going out in medical creates with a two-armed speeder in front and back and an armed slow-moving boxy looking transport. Isadora paid the owner as she took the goods put her left hand in her pocket signalling the others as she headed down a side alley to her waiting Barc speeder bike and to join the others who were waiting to stop the convey.

Tell me what you guys think is this work able?