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Green Arrow

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:53 pm
by Cazzik

Los Angeles, California
LAX International Airport
10:30 AM

Connor Queen adjusted his leather jacket as he stepped through the rotating door of LAX and out onto the sun soaked sidewalks of Los Angeles. He smiled as he slid his aviator sunglasses onto his face. He always liked visiting this state. It was warmer than Washington. And L.A. had a much more positive feel to it then Star City or Bludhaven ever did. He was here under the guise of checking on Queen Industries' L.A. Offices. It needed to be done anyway, but it wasn't his true purpose. He found something in a letter addressed to his late father. Something that needed to be investigated personally.

Seemed like a good time to go. Bludhaven didn't need him. The Birds of Prey and Nightwing seemed to have that city on lockdown. Star City was under the competent protection of Red Arrow and his team. Taking a break from the heroics to handle a personal matter appeared to be exactly what was needed. A limousine pulled up and a driver hopped out, greeting Connor with enthusiasm, "Mr. Queen! My apologies for my tardiness. Where can I take you, sir?"

Conner stepped up to the vehicle, "No apology necessary. Take me to Queen Industries. Might as well get this show on the road."

Re: Green Arrow

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:10 pm
by Cazzik
Connor took a swig of his beer as he watched the television at the hotel bar. His visit to Queen Industries had been absolutely boring, as most such visits always were. A menu sat next to him on the bar top. He had given it a quick glance but wasn't overly hungry. The bartender, a beautiful, darker skinned woman, approached him and cocked her head to the side with a slight smile, "No appetite, Handsome?"

Connor sipped his beer again and placed the cold beverage down on the cherrywood table top, returning the slight smile, "Not right now. Still full off of that awesome airplane food."

The bartender laughed, "Long flight? Where do you call home?"

Queen shrugged, "Born in Bludhaven but I've called a lot of places home over the years. Last couple have been Star City. How 'bout you?"

The bartender stopped pretending to polish the same glass and put it down, "Las Vegas, actually. Came out here to be closer to family.....and of course to be an actress," She took a glamorous pose and giggled, "Decided real quick that wasn't the scene for me. Now I work here and go to school part time."

"Well, Hollywood and the world certainly lost out during that decision," He extended his hand and she took his in greeting, "My name's Connor."

She smiled, "Karen. Nice to meet you, Connor."

Before he could respond a news story came on the television. The anchor was talking about a gun battle downtown. An apparent three way fight between two separate vigilantes called Spartan and Vengeance, and a gang called the Black Light Tribe. He motioned toward the news program, "Who are these guys?"

Karen shrugged, "Super heroes and bad guys. Spartan seems like the real deal. All about saving people. The other one, guy calling himself Vengeance, has racked up a serious body count. Seems like he is more interested in taking out the bad guys through any means necessary."

Connor frowned, "And the gang?"

She looked right in his eyes, "The Black Light Tribe? Seriously? You've never heard of them? They're the single biggest gang in L.A. now. Makes the Bloods, Crips, and SureƱos look like bullies who want your lunch money."

Connor's eyes didn't leave the television screen, "Never been a big fan of bullies."