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Birds of Prey

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:14 pm
by Cazzik

Blüdhaven, New Jersey
1:15 AM

The sound of the top performance engine roared through the night sky as the motorcycle went flying down the streets. Water from the wet pavement shot up like a jet stream from the back tire. The headlights illuminated the asphalt in front of the driver, pushing the shadows out of the rider's way. The backdoor of the semi truck in front of her swung open and a large man with an automatic weapon glared at her. He raised the gun and fired several rounds. She let a grin slide up the left side of her face as the projectiles bounced off of the bulletproof windshield, "Come can do better than that!"

She swerved as the man continued to fire, letting a batarang loose from her grip. The weapon sliced through the air and found its mark in the man's right shoulder. She watched him groan and drop his gun. A split second later the bat shaped weapon let out a taser pulse that took the big thug to the floor of the truck. Batgirl smiled, "You get an A for effort, buddy. Technique.....well, you aren't going to like that grade."

Her smile vanished as she watched the two trucks in front peel off from the convoy and head down different roads. She stayed on the third truck which had held the gunman. "Overwatch, I need eyes in the sky. I'm staying on the third truck. Headed down 45th."

A male voice crackled over the com system, "Acknowledged, Batgirl. Launching Talons now. They are en route to intercept."

The smile had returned to her face. A year and a half ago this mission would have been much more difficult. She had started out alone, albeit with an awesome HQ and some bad ass gadgets. Now, however, she and her team were a well oiled machine. Blüdhaven was their territory. The streets belonged to them and every thug around was going to learn that sooner than later. She accelerated her bike, swerving around the back end of the truck and rolling up along side it. She pulled several marble sized spheres from her utility belt and threw them underneath the semi, moving her bike away from the larger vehicles as she did.

The marbles crunched underneath the weight of the tires, releasing a heavy gas that immediately melted the rubber to the road. The truck came to a roaring halt. Two men jumped out of the cab, both heavily armed. They ran to the back of the vehicle, weapons raised. Confusion spread across their face as they saw the motorcycle sitting empty in front of them. The larger of the two screamed out in pain as he hit the ground unconscious. The two batarangs stuck into his back had delivered twice the taser power. The other man swung around to help his companion but was immediately tied up in a high tensile cable. He struggled momentarily before a yellow gloved fist knocked him out of the conscious realm.

Batgirl moved quickly to the cargo area of the truck. She climbed aboard and opened several of the crates. Empty. All void of what they were searching for, "I've got an empty one here, guys. Mine's a decoy."

There was a pause and a female voice chimed in over the com, "Mine too. Nothing here. Sorry, Bats."
Batgirl shook her head even though no one was around to see it, "Don't worry, Bluebird. Two down, one to go. Overwatch, do you still have eyes on the last truck?"

The male voice was heard again, "I've got them. They pulled into a warehouse at the pier. I'm sending you and Bluebird the coordinates now."

Batgirl checked her holo-screen computer on her left arm, "What about our archer?"

A red dot popped up on the screen as Overwatch spoke again, "Huntress is already on the two might want to hurry. You know, for the sake of the bad guys."

There was laughter over the com as Bluebird commented, "We're on our way, Overwatch. Tell Huntress to save some of them for us!"

Re: Birds of Prey

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 6:13 pm
by Cazzik
Jack Delmonico stormed up to the men climbing out of the semi-truck. He was a well built man, muscular. He worked out regularly, keeping in peak physical condition despite his boxing career having ended 6 months earlier, "What the hell happened?!"

The driver shook his platinum blonde head, "Sorry Boss. It was the Birds. At least they only got the decoys and not us, you know?"

Out of the corner of his eye Jack saw something fly past one of the high windows. He pulled out his gun as he saw a second drone zip past, "Damn it! You idiots led them right here!"

The other two men pulled out their own weapons as more of their companions came running from where they were storing the rest of the cargo containers. Without warning four drones exploded through the upper windows of the warehouse. Glass rained down as salty sea air flooded in. The drones zipped through the massive single room, firing rubber bullets from their twin machine guns. Delmonico and the other hired guns took cover and began firing back. A digital voice echoed from the drones, "Drop your weapons and put your hands behind your backs. You will not be harmed."

One of the men managed to hit one of the drones, sending it flying to locate another tactical position. The voice emanated once more, "Cease fire and place your weapons on the ground! NOW!"

An explosion on the front of the building sent the metal door crashing down. A motorcycle carrying a woman wearing a black, white, and purple combat uniform with a hood came roaring into the building, a crossbow in her hand. She began firing arrows with extreme precision, "I'll take it from here, Overwatch."

Another of the men started yelling, "Shit! It's the Huntress! The Birds of Prey are here!"

Huntress leapt from her motorcycle, pulling out a second crossbow, doubling her arrow flurry. The bolts hit their designated targets as she landed, placing another shot into the gun shoulder of the man that announced her named, "Tweet tweet, Bitches."

Re: Birds of Prey

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:45 pm
by Cazzik
More men came running from all areas of the warehouse. Delmonico was screaming orders at all of them, "Kill the bitch! Kill her dead!"

Huntress took cover, returning fire as she had openings. With each shot she took down, or at least injured, one of the thugs. But there were still a lot of them. She turned to fire at another of her enemies that had attempted to come behind her. Before she got the shot off one of the drones took him out. She smiled. At first she hadn't really been a fan of Jackson Ford. He thought he was hot shit, smarter than everyone else. Well, maybe he was smarter than her and Bluebird, but certainly not Harper. Batgirl was a certified genius. Despite her ill feelings the man now known as Overwatch had won her over. He was part of the team now. He was a Bird of Prey and it was nice having him watch their backs. The drone zipped past her to hunt down more targets.

Her grin grew larger as she heard the familiar sounds of two more motorcycles racing towards the front of the warehouse. She stood up and rolled out from behind the crate she had been taking cover, firing volley after volley of bolts. The three Talon Drones formed a perimeter around her, continuing to shoot their rubber bullets and help protect the Huntress from return fire. The two motorcycles came ripping through the front of the warehouse; the red haired leader of their group, Batgirl, jumped from her bike and tackled two thugs. The other rider, in true showmanship style, backflipped from her ride and brought both feet down hard into the chest of one of the criminals, sending out one of her electrified eskrima sticks to take out another as she did. Bluebird and Batgirl had arrived.

Clearly the criminals knew they were outmatched as their leader, some guy the other's kept calling Delmonico, abandoned his position and ran for the nearest car. He managed to escape, with a few others. However, the truck was theirs and 95% of the thugs were unconscious on the ground. The night had been a victory. Batgirl climbed into the back of the semi and cracked open one of the cases. High tech looking rifles and other weaponry rolled out onto the bed of the vehicle. She turned and smiled at the others, "We got'em. Contact the BPD. Let them know we have some bad guys and guns for them to confiscate."

Re: Birds of Prey

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:30 pm
by Cazzik

"Holy mother of God, Jessica! Can you PLEASE pick up after yourself?!" the red head was yelling at her roommate.

Jessica Brooks, aka the Huntress, came walking around the corner, a spoon in her mouth and a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in her hands, "What the hell are you yelling about?"

Harper Reed was standing next to the couch in her sweats. A bowl was flipped upside down on the ground and popcorn was strewn about the floor. In her hand she held a bolt for a crossbow, a look of intensity on her face, "I'm yelling about this!"

She held the bolt up higher, "I just sat down on this! It was hiding between the cushions!"

Jessica walked over to Harper and took the bolt from her and shrugged, "Huh. I forgot about that one. Thanks."

Harper's intensity jumped a notch, "Thanks? Thanks?! Seriously?! Are you crazy? I could've seriously injured myself!"

Jessica pointed the spoon at her and smiled, "Yeah. But you didn't get hurt. So it's all good. I'll make you some more popcorn," she walked out of sight and spoke louder, "What movie are we watching?"

Harper just stared in awe as her friend, roommate, and partner in crime fighting walked back to the kitchen, casually asking what they were about to watch. She shook her head and sat down and searched for the Odd Couple on Netflix. It seemed appropriate all things considered.