S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

S.H.I.E.L.D. God Save Us Everyone

Theme Song:
God save us everyone,
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?
For the sins of our hands,
The sins of our tongues,
The sins of our fathers,
The sins of our young.

OOC: Chronologically, this takes place after the events of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and directly after The Catalyst (One Shot)

S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, off the coast of Long Island, NY
Hospital Wing

Katherine Ansley frowned as she looked at the medical charts.

“I’m fine.”

“I know you’re fine, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get a post operation check up.” Katherine said, with a happy tone and face, looking up over the charts on a clipboard in her hands at her patient. “Stop being grumpy.” She said.

“It’s just annoying.” Tiffany said, leaning back on the bed.

“You sound like Derek. He hated check ups.”

“Unsurprising.” Tiffany said, grumbling. “You doctors just like to poke us with things.” She said, and Katherine smiled, reaching out and poking Tiffany in the arm. She threw up her hands in response. “You have proven my point. Doctors are evil. There must be a rebellion.”

“You watch your tone, or I’ll make this place a frozen wasteland.” Katherine said, her fingertips getting icy.

“We are not building a snowman.”

“I totally wanted to build a snowman.” Gabrielle said, from where she was laying, in a bed next to Tiffany. She had been taken out of the fight, back in Brazil, and they had transferred her to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters here outside of New York City. Her vitals were recovering nicely, considering the beating that she’d taken at the hands of Winter Chandler. “But I’ll settle for some croissants and butter. Some tea as well.” Gabrielle said as she lay back, closing her eyes and stretched.

It was good to get some rest in, considering her busy schedule, both within S.H.I.E.L.D. and outside of it. Though she wasn’t that happy about how she’d managed to get the time off. Gabrielle hated losing, and the fact that Winter had such a smug looking face didn’t help matters.

“She’s going Frenchy on us.” Katherine said, with a smile. “Though, as a good upstanding subject of Her Majesty’s Royal Crown, I can’t, in good faith, say no to tea.” She turned when the door to the room opened and the One-eyed King walked into the room, lit cigar in hand. Katherine sighed. It was like this everywhere, why did he keep doing this? “This is the hospital wing, Nick. You can’t smoke in here.”

“My building. I smoke where I please. Don’t get uppity with me, British.” He said. He looked at the two women in the beds. “How are my girls?” He asked.

“We’re fine, Dad.” Tiffany said with a good natured smile. But then the look on her face changed as she remembered that she was supposed to be pissed at him. Very pissed at him. “You just had to send him, didn’t you?” She asked, the look still on her face.

“You needed help. He helps people.” Fury said, and then flexed one of his hands. “Besides, he and I came to an understanding. Look, he got the job done, didn’t he?” He asked, rhetorically. “That’s all that matters. It’s good that you guys aren’t hurt. I’d be worried otherwise. Get rested, there’s always plenty to do around here without people being lazy.” He added, and turned to leave. Then he stopped. “Speaking of which, though, where did he go?” He asked.

“Not sure.” Tiffany said. “Why did you want to give him a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge?” She asked, with a smirk.

“Maybe I did want to give your boyfriend a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge.” Fury said and walked out.

“He’s not my….boyfriend.” Tiffany said, though it was only for the other two women in the room as the door had closed and Fury was gone.

“He’s totally your boyfriend.” Gabrielle said, eyes still closed. “Where are my croissants?” She asked.


S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, off the coast of Long Island, NY
Director Fury’s Office

Christian Sommers walked into the office of Nick Fury and saw the Director sitting in his chair, looking at some reports. There were always more reports. He saw that the Director was also in the process of lighting up yet another cigar. “You know, those are going to kill you.”

“Infinity formula. Doubt it, Sommers. Something has to kill me eventually though, so I might as well enjoy life.” Fury said, blowing out smoke as he looked up at Christian. “What can I do for you?” He asked.

“Nothing, just wanted to give you the latest numbers regarding that Shaw Industries funded excavation you wanted us to track.” Christian said and dropped another stack of papers onto the desk. “You ever get tired of this kind of stuff?” He asked. When Fury gave him a questioning look, he elaborated. “All these reports, all these numbers and facts. I mean why did you have us look into this excavation in the first place? It’s just an archeological dig in Africa.”

“No, it never gets tiring. I didn’t sign up for this as a part time gig. If S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to monitor the threats, then the guy in charge of it has to be on his game all the time.” Fury said. “You can never afford to take your eyes off the ball. The investigation in to that Africa dig is about Shaw Industries itself. I don’t trust Barrington St. Germaine.” He said.

“Is there anyone you do trust?” Christian asked, partially as a joke.

“Three people. One of which is dead.” Fury replied, deadpan.

“Derek.” Christian said and Fury nodded. “It’s been almost a year. So much has happened.” He said, and looked out of the window of Fury’s office. “The Manhattan situation, that Watchtower, the drugs in Brazil, so many different fires around the world that need to be put out.”

“Knowing what’s going on can stop something like what happened to Derek happening again.” Fury said. “That’s why I do what I do.”

Christian nodded and turned, heading out of the office. From the looks of things, Fury was getting into a mood. Better to leave the Director alone when he was like that.


Space Station Project Dyrnwyn, Geosynchronous Orbit of Earth, Positioned Roughly over the Indian Ocean
Command Area

“Sir, the long range scanners are picking up something unusual.”

The commnder of the space station, which was still being constructed, and was the first S.H.I.E.L.D. station since the Chrell Invasion, walked over to where the technician was. Even though they were only partially constructed, only about twenty five percent of the way done, life support was up and running, which for Fury meant that people could be working and getting things don. Never one to rest on his laurels, that man.

“Could it be because of the construction?” The commander asked.

“No, sir, it’s not that. This is far enough out that it’s only the long range sensors.” The technician replied.

“What exactly are you getting?” The commander asked, and the technician started pressing buttons. Soon, the main video display of the station had a data feed from the technician’s terminal. The commander looked at the information presented to him, frowning. It was a fast moving projectile of sorts that appeared to be navigating. It seemed weird, because the arc that it was on came across as generic, and not focused, but there were tiny, minute adjustments. There was a yellow, goldish glow about the whole thing that made it impossible to see what exactly it was. His eyes widened as he saw the projectile move around a large asteroid and then slam through a smaller one.

“Get the Director on the phone.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

“What do you mean it’s a moving projectile.” Fury said, frowning. “No, no, I know what a moving projectile is, dumbass, I’m asking how do you know it’s a projectile.” He said and then rolled his eyes. “Look, give the commander back the communicator, technician.” He said and waited a moment. “Alright, commander. You have no readings on a warhead or anything like that, correct?”

“Not at this moment, no, sir. However, overall shape would lend credence to it being a projectile of sorts.” He said.

“Well, assuming that someone shot that thing into our solar system, we don’t know if those peoples’ missiles look like ours.” Fury said. “What’s the current trajectory? Is it headed towards earth?” He asked.

“Yes, sir.”

Fury shook his head. He didn’t have any really space capable people. Tiffany would be his go to, but she was just coming off of a mission and he didn’t want to put her back in the field, if he didn’t need to.

“Commander, here are your instructions. Bundle the data together, and get a live feed going. Send it to Brian Grace at Vanguard.” Fury said. Then he hung up. Sitting back, he pressed a few buttons and soon he was looking at the face of Brian Grace, the director of Vanguard.

“Nick, how are you doing?”

“Gracie boy.”

“He calls you that too?” Someone said in the background and Fury’s eyes narrowed.

“Is that Burke?” He asked.

Grace nodded. “We just finished dealing with that Atlantean thing.” He said. “What’s going on?” He asked.

“You should be getting a live feed from the Dyrnwyn station that we’re building.” Fury said. “Take a look at it.”

“What is that?” Grace asked, looking at the data in front of him. “It looks like a missile or something like that.” From the look on his face it was obvious that Grace was as concerned about this as Fury was. “Do you want me to have someone check it out?” He asked.

“There’s no need to send Thor or Wonder Man.” Fury replied. “Not yet, anyway.” He added and when Grace gave him a look, Fury smiled. “What? You don’t think I’d know who is on your little team? I watch the news, dumbass.” He said and Grace grimaced, realizing that a cursory glance at the news would have told Fury everything he needed to know, considering the news teams that had been covering DC during the Atlantean attack. “Now, what you might want to do is…” He said, but he trailed off, as the live feed from the Dyrnwyn had cut off. “What the hell happened?” He asked, looking around.

“Problem with your toys?” Grace asked with a smirk, glad to have finally gotten one up on Fury.

Nick looked at his computer and then his eyes flicked back up to Grace’s. “The station’s been destroyed. People just died, Gracie, and you’re making jokes.” Fury said, rising and grabbing his jacket.

“That’s not what I meant!” Brian replied.

“I’ll call you when I have more information.” Fury said.


Fury was running through the hallways of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, when it happened. He heard the crack as something slammed into the building. Okay, so whatever it was that was coming towards earth, it was directed towards S.H.I.E.L.D.

What the hell?!

The entire building shook, and people were thrown to the floor. Glass shattered in different places and Fury got to his feet, quickly, moving around people, and yelling at them to get their asses in gear. Instinct had caused Fury to grab the pistol that was in his holster as he ran through the building. He stopped at the elevator and looked at the door, before deciding that the stairs would decidedly be safer. Furthermore, he didn’t know how long the power grid was going to hold out, especially since he had no idea what was attacking them.

As he entered the stairwell, he reached up and pressed the button on the side of the headset that was almost always present.

“Sitrep.” He said.

“Not sure.” Francis Kyle responded. “Cameras have displayed a huge crack on the roof of the structure. Whatever caused it has disappeared.” He said. Suddenly the transmission became garbled, as the building was struck again. Everything shook all over again, and Fury had to hold on to the guard rail in order to keep his balance.

“Son of a bitch. What’s happening?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, Director, but there appears to be a man floating outside of the building.” Katherine said, patching into the channel.

“This had better not be that damn Kryptonian.” Fury said, breaking out of the stair well and onto the hospital level.

“No, this guy is wearing blue and yellow.” Katherine said, turning to look at Fury who had entered the room that she was in. “I can’t make out his face though.”

But Fury could.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

The dirty blond haired man held Katherine Ansley by her throat. Her legs kicked in the air as she struggled. His wrists were frozen, covered in ice, because Katherine had her hands on his arm, trying to break his hold. He held it though, unwavering, as he stared into the eyes of Nick Fury. “Hey there, Nick.” Derek Sheppard said.

“I thought…I thought you were dead, soldier.” Nick said, standing there. It was the first time anyone had ever seen him frozen in shock.

“I was.” Derek said, holding a now unconscious Katherine Ansley by her throat. He tossed her and she bounced against a wall before settling on the ground. Floating forward, he passed by the unconscious bodies of Francis Kyle, of Roy O’Grady, and of Christian Sommers. “But I got better.” He said, as Fury took steps backwards. “You need to understand, Nick. I need you to understand why I’m doing this.”

“Why are you doing this, soldier? The Derek I knew would never think of doing-“

“Shh…do you hear it?” Derek said, cocking his head to the side. “It’s beautiful, like the gentlest of music.” He added, closing his eyes and moving his head from side to side.

“Christ, what the hell is wrong with you?” Fury asked, before he too started hearing it.

God save us everyone….

“You see Nick, when I died, I died, because my body was rejecting the Super Soldier Serum, had been for a while.”

when we burn inside the fires of…

“And all Fury’s horses, and all Fury’s men,” Derek said, turning and looking at Katherine, since Frostbite had been his doctor at the time, “they just couldn’t put Fury’s toy soldier back together again. But you weren’t surprised, were you?”

“Of course I was.”

For the sins of our hands

“Don’t lie to me, Nick. Not now. Not in the final moments. You knew. The variant of the Super Soldier Serum that you gave me was a bad one. There was something wrong with the formula, a fundamental flaw.”

The sins of our tongues

“But you gave it to me anyway. Because that’s what you do. You lie and you manipulate. You do whatever you want to, you say so yourself. You will kill and murder, and exploit anything that you see fit to achieve your goals.”

“You’re God damned right I will!” Fury suddenly yelled. “Listen kid, my job is to protect the world from every threat imaginable. What’s your fucking imagination like? Because mine’s really damned broad. We needed to beat the Chrell. We needed S.H.I.E.L.D. We needed…needed a symbol.”

“So you gave me a messed up version of the serum and handed me the shield of Steve Rogers.”

“What choice did I have?” Fury asked. “America, the entire world, they needed something to rally behind. There weren’t any God damned boyscouts from another planet anymore. I couldn’t make a Superman. But we could make a Captain America. So I did what I could to give them that symbol. Someone they could believe in.”

“What about my life?” Derek asked, his voice quite. “You never asked me what I wanted. You didn’t tell me that the serum was-“

“You don’t have a life.” Fury said. “None of us do. When you sign that contract, when you take that oath, you become property. And you do as you’re told.”

The ringing in Fury’s head was starting to get worse and worse. The chanting was getting louder, and suddenly, Derek snapped, launching forward and grabbing Fury by the throat.

“You’re not going unconscious like the rest of them.” Derek said. “You see, when the serum overloaded, it gave me…new powers. Someone taught me how to use them. You hear that ringing, those voices, because I’m implanting those words into the hearts and minds of everyone on this planet. Everyone is going to know about your deception. All your dirty little secrets, Nick. Once the world knows them, once they’re clamoring for S.H.I.E.L.D., your little empire, to be destroyed, that’s when I’m going to kill you.” He said.

“Screw you, Sheppard.”

“All you have to do is confess your sins.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

“Confess and you shall receive forgiveness.” Derek said, as Nick’s legs dangled in the air, kicking back and forth.

“I don’t apologize for anything I’ve done to anyone. Even you, kid.” Fury managed to gargle out. “You want to kill me? Kill me. But you’re not getting the satisfaction. You’re not my soldier anymore. I only trust three people, and you were one of them.” Fury said.

“You’re still trying to mess with my head.” Derek said. “Even in the end.” He added, shaking his head, and closing his eyes. As he opened them, he saw the blur coming towards him, but it was too late.

Tiffany hit him, coming in at his mid section. He was forced to drop Fury as the two of them blew through a side of the building. She floated just outside of the hole that they had created, as Derek went tumbling backwards. Turning, she looked at Nick. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“I’m fine.” He said. “Listen, I need you to get out of here.” He said, and he saw the frown that came over her face. She hadn’t recognized Derek or this would have been a much different conversation. Her reactions would have been different, so very different. “Get to Vanguard, and let Grace know what’s happening.” He said. “Go.”

“But you’re by yourself.” She said, reaching up to her head. “What’s that chanting?” She asked, shaking her head.

“I’ll be fine.” Fury said. “Go..”

She turned to fly away, but Derek was right in front of her. Looking into his eyes, everything slowed down. There was a rushing sound in her ears, as her eyes widened. “Derek?”

“You’re looking good, Tiffany.” Derek said with a smile, and he leaned in, kissing her.

“Tiffany, you have to trust me.” Fury said, from where he was lying on the ground. “You have to trust me. It’s not Derek. It’s not really him.”

Tiffany looked at Fury and the confusion was evident on her face. She wanted to believe Fury, but this was Derek in front of her. Her Derek. He reached a hand out and slid it through her long, black hair, cupping her cheek. Closing her eyes, she sighed, having missed his touch for so long.

“Damnit, Michaels, I said move.” Fury said, his voice getting as harsh as he could make it. The growl cut through to her and she opened her eyes. Reacting upon instinct, she did Fury’s bidding, flying away.

Derek looked down at Fury, as he hovered, the hole in the building a unique and destructive frame to his presence. His eyes hardened as he looked down on the man who had been his mentor, his friend, and his father figure. “Its time for that confession, Nick.”

“I told you, you’re not getting the satisfaction.” Fury said, and pressed a button on his belt.

He disappeared.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

It wasn’t as if Fury could disappear forever. Derek smiled as he stopped floating in the air, landing gently on the ground. He turned and stared out of the hole in the S.H.I.E.L.D. building. Closing his eyes, his telepathy threw his mind around the planet, moving at a terribly swift speed. Connected to everyone, to everything, the last person who had had a stronger connection to the minds of everyone on the planet had been Julius Rapa’s fiancé, the woman that Nick Fury had killed, Michelle Crawford. While Derek lacked the ability to do what the Phoenix could, he was still exceptionally powerful. Everyone around the world was hearing the chants now, either in the back of their heads, or loudly and overpowering.

A frown flitted over his face. Fury wasn’t on earth.

Now that was strange. However had the good Director managed to do that? He wondered about it for a moment, before expanding his telepathic search. Then he smiled. There he was. Fury was not on earth, but he was on a space station, floating in orbit of the planet that so many billions called home.

That wasn’t going to stop Derek, not at all.

The man’s eyes opened and then he lifted off the ground, floating out of the hole in the ground. Before Fury, he had a pit stop to make. It wouldn't take long, but he needed to know who Tiffany had gone to. He heard the footsteps coming around the corner.

“Derek, freeze.” A man’s voice said, and he recognized it. From countless briefings and countless talks. This voice belonged to a man who had been complicit, sometimes silent, and sometimes vocal, with Nick Fury’s betrayals. The next sound was the safety of a pistol coming off. When Derek continued to move, the next sound after that was the pistol firing. A .45 caliber round, designed by the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists and researchers at SARD-Alice Springs to knock out supers with Class 3 durability bounced harmlessly against Derek’s back.

He turned and fired yellow beams of energy from his eyes, boring two holes into the chest of the man who had dared to fire on him. Turning back around, he started flying, not bothering to watch the smoke drift out of the holes.

The smoke was lazy as it curled outwards, and then upwards, as the body of the now deceased Francis Kyle, Deputy Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., dropped to the ground.


“Wait, wait, slow down.” Black Widow said.

“We don’t have time for that.” Spectacular said. She was standing on a landing pad at Vanguard headquarters in Washington, D.C. Though she had known that she was fast, Tiffany had had to push herself a bit in order to get to D.C. as fast as she had. But the look on Fury’s face had compelled her to move quickly.

Not as much as the look on Derek’s face had.

She wasn’t going to stop to deal with the rush of emotions that was coursing through her, as the closest thing she’d ever had to a real relationship, the closest to love she’d ever known had just appeared, coming back from the dead, and trying to kill the man that she considered a father figure. That was for later with a sofa and a bottle of Evan Williams.

“Start from the beginning.” Iron Man said, standing next to Black Widow. “Someone attacked the-“ He stopped, turning to see the doors open and Brian Grace walking towards them.

“Come inside, Tiffany.” Brian said.

She only nodded and walked into the building. Grace didn’t say a word until they were in the room with the rest of the Avengers team. “Alright. What happened?” He asked.

“S.H.I.E.L.D. just came under attack. The entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. One has been incapacitated, with the exception of myself. Director Fury’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he was not taken captive by the assailants. I saw that much when I headed here.” She said. “I don’t know where Fury went to, but the….God, I can’t believe I’m going to say this…the attacker will find him.”

“Who is the attacker?” Captain America asked, and she looked at him, from where he stood on one side of the table that they were standing around. She saw the shield in his hand, and it was almost too much. That had been Steve Rogers’ shield. Then William West’s shield. Then…Then it had been Derek’s shield.

She looked at Brian. “It was a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” She said. “It was Derek Sheppard.”

Three people’s face changed expressions: First Grace, then Black Widow, and then Captain America.

“Bullshit.” Grace said, his eyes turning hard and hot. “Bullshit. Derek is dead. I went to his funeral. That’s my brother you’re talking about.” He said, venom in his voice. “That man is…” He said and then stopped and eyed Davis, “…was Captain America.”

“I saw him with my own eyes.” Tiffany said. “Fury told me to come here and get you and your team. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” She said, as tears started to swim in her eyes. “But you have to stop him before he kills Fury.”

Grace’s eyes narrowed. He looked at the team. “Burke, find Derek. Use whatever scanners you need. King T’Shon, Burke’s going to need your help. We may need Wakandan resources. Quinn, get your Waldoes patched in and see if there are any video recordings from the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in New York. We need to know how powerful he is.” He said. He was about to turn to Thor, when the entire ground shook.

“What the hell was that?” Wolverine asked, claws coming out. “Sheppard coming here?” He asked.

“I don’t know. Nick seemed to be the one that he was after.” Tiffany said.

That, was a localized sonic boom.” Burke and Quinn said at the same time. Quinn was the faster speaker and continued. “Flyboy was just here, listening to us, probably. Kinda cah-reeeeeepy.” He turned to Thor. “Should Thor do his Thor thing?” He asked.

“Yes.” Burke said, the faceplate sliding over the suit. “Now would be a good time for the ‘Thor thing’.” He said. He looked at Grace. "Just how dangerous is this guy, Brian?" He asked.

"He's probably the single biggest reason we won the war with the Chrell." Widow said, as Grace had turned around and was looking down at the ground.

"Well, shit." Wonder Man said. "Thor, I've got your back."

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Foxx »

Thor nodded at Wonder Man. "Aye. Thou art a true ally of the God of Thunder."

"You guys better move." Grace said as the two of them left the room. From the ready room, they watched as Thor and Wonder Man stood outside on the landing pad for a moment and then they were gone.

Toretto had heard of Derek Sheppard. But he hadn't known the man the way that so e of the others in the room had. Definitely not the way that Grace did. It explained why Grace was so antagonistic towards Ben Davis now. As far as Grace was concerned, this Derek Sheppard was Captain America. Hell of a family situation.

"There he is." Sean said and Thor nodded. They were able to see Derek as he flew through the air. "Let's see how tough this guy is." He said and accelerated to his maximum speed. His arms were outstretched to wrap around Derek.

But Derek suddenly turned and everything seemed to slow down, like they were in bullet time. Sean saw Derek's hand lash out and then he was grabbed by the neck and being choked. The ionic energy form that he was had a very durable and strong shell. The shell had withstood everything Doom had thrown at them as well as the Atlantean army.

Sean screamed, as he felt the outer shell start to crack.

Derek let go of him and he started to fall towards the ground. Then he turned and looked as Mjolnir sailed at him. He smiled and closed his eyes, taking the blow directly to the chest. It knocked him backwards and he tumbled downwards back towards the surface of the earth.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Nichalus »

Spider-man leapt into the air, throwing his arms out as his webbing sprayed out on the ground forming a large blob of webbing which cushioned Torretto fall. Looking at where Sentry fell, Spider-man saw Thor coming down from the sky. "Be careful Thor, from the readings that I got from the station, he's..."

"Felled by the mighty blow of mine hammer." Thor cut off Quinn. "The will of the Son of Odin is not to be ..."

"Oh shut the hell up." Came Sentry's voice from the hazy depths of the crater as he flew out and landed a brutal blow across Thor's chin, knocking his silvery winged helm up into the air, and sending him skipping and gouging across the landscape, for several hundred yards, from the blow. Mjolnir fell to the ground where Thor once stood.

"...as strong as Superman." Spider-man finished as his waldoes caught Thor's helm as it was about to sail over his head.

"Well, well. The Itsy Bitsy Spider-man." Sentry stepped over to Spider-man, his imposing physical size comical in comparison to Spider-man lean shorter form. "What do you think you're going to do to me little man?"

"More than you think, you over-confident fucktard." Spider-man stated with such confidence that even Sentry was taken aback. The waldoes lower Thor's helm down on Spider-man's head, creating at even more laughable sight, as the helm was much to large for Spider-man's head, as it tilted to the side of his head. Raising his hand towards where Mjolnir sat. "To me Mew Mew!!"

Sentry turned and looked at where Mjolnir was, and noticed that it didn't even so much as twitch.

"Got ya lookin' dumbass."

Spider-man chuckles as his waldoes suddenly splayed out like a giant spider preparing to strike, lifting his body into the air, where the sight looked like the spider emblem on his chest. Webbing from his wrists sprayed out, hitting Sentry in the eyes effectively blinding him, while the upper waldoes wrapped their titanium arms around Sentry and binding his arms to his side. The waldoes brought Spider-man close to Sentry's bound form, and he reared his fist back and struck Sentry in the face with all the strength he had, snapping Sentry's head back...but also shattering the crimson armor around his hand, not to mention the bones underneath.

"OW...OW...OW...OW!!" Spider-man grasped his broken hand as he fell to his feet.

Sentry flexed his powerful muscles and the two waldoes holding him shattered like crystalline glass, then reached up and ripped the webbing from his eyes like tissue paper. "Impressive, little man. You get the honor of dying first."

Undeterred by the threat. "Oh yeah, well I got in the first shot in, you fucking windbag."

Spider-man stood defiantly as Sentry raised his hand to deliver a murderous fist at the upstart wall-crawler, but just before his blow lands, a red-white-and blue blur streaks over Spider-man's head striking Sentry directly on the bridge of his nose, sending a surprised Sentry several steps backwards.

"That will be enough Derek." Captain America stated as he caught the famous shield on its return arc. "
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Derek’s eyes glimmered with some kind of emotion as he looked at the man walking towards him. He could see the repulsors of Iron Man in the distance, as well as the shapes of Black Widow and Black Panther. “You must be Benjamin Davis.” He said, gesturing with his index finger. “You know, I read the whole file on you, a couple times, when I decided to give up the shield. Wanted to know whom they were going to give it to. Smallville, farmer parents. It’s like you’ve got the life story of some Kryptonian guy. Not very original.” He said.

“It’s just a life.” Captain America replied. “Doesn’t matter where I came from, all that matters is that I’m here, asking you to stop and listen to some reason.”

“Of course where you’re from matters.” Derek replied, as he saw Wolverine join the rest of the team that was still approaching, in the distance. Everyone, but Thor, Wonder Man, and Spider-Man. Wonder Man was broken, and Spider-Man wasn’t too far away, his armor cracked, and knocked out from the pain of his hand and possibly arm, breaking. “Our past dictates the present and the future. Fury betrayed my trust and now he has to accept the consequences.”

“There’s still a choice involved.”

“No, there’s simply justice. Fury’s like that magician you see on the street, spinning plates on sticks. Maybe your dad watched it on the Ed Sullivan show back in the day.” There was a ripple around Derek, so subtle. As if the only thing that happened was his blue cape shifted slightly in the wind. “That’s Fury. He knows that one day all those plates are going to come crashing down. He can’t stop it. He can only keep them spinning as long as he can, and he’ll lie, cheat, steal, kill, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them spinning.” Another ripple around Derek. “But in his haste, sometimes, he sacrifices one plate for another, and then he’s scrambling to fix his mistakes.”

“You’re one of those mistakes?”

Derek smiled, as another ripple appeared around him. Captain America’s eyes narrowed. Something was going on. The ripples were like little blurs.

“You could say that.”

“If you’re going to make the choice to harm Fury, instead of using reason and settling the matter in a fair and balan-“

“Fair? Balanced?” Derek asked, cutting off Benjamin, and Benjamin could see Derek’s face start to change, the eyes start to change to an angry reddish yellow, before slowly shifting back. His skin had started to get dark spots on it as well. “After what he did to me, put inside of me, I am being fair.” Derek said. “God save you everyone-“

“For the sins of our hands and all that.” Cap replied, pointing at his head. “I can hear it.”

“Everyone can hear it. All of…Tokyo right now, has shut down. They’re starting to chant it. Moscow will be next, so will Beijing. The entire world is being mind controlled by me, and I’m going to save them all, by telling them, educating them on Fury’s lies and deceits. The One Eyed King will be no more.”

“Destroyed by you, the….’God’ in the poem?” Captain America asked, pointing at Derek who obligingly smiled. “Yeah…that’s really not going to go over too well with Thor.” He said. “That’s besides the point though. You see, if you try to hurt Fury, myself, Thor, and the rest of the team will stop you.”

There was another ripple.

“What team?” Derek asked.

Captain America turned to look around.



“Why are approaching slowly?” Wolverine asked, sniffing as they walked towards where Cap and Sentry were. “We should be rushing the guy.”

“You’re renowned for your tactics, Wolverine, but you’re not thinking this through.” Burke said. “This guy basically just took out the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s offense in one shot. He got a direct almost full hit from Mjolnir, and he’s walking less than a minute afterwards.” He said.

“Yeah, well S.H.I.E.L.D. ain’t me.” Wolverine said, popping his claws.

“Grace asked us to let Davis talk to Derek. I think he thinks the Captain America uniform and shield will do something to Derek.” Widow said.

There was a blur.

The group stopped, and turned, as Sentry slammed into Black Panther. T’Shon was carted off and they saw him get pummeled, until he lay there, a battered and bruised mess. The King of Wakanda had been neutralized.

“What in the fu-“ Wolverine said, and then looked back.

Sentry was standing in front of Captain America still. Wolverine could hear their conversation thanks to his powers.

“…That’s Fury. He knows that one day all those plates are going to come crashing down. He can’t stop it. He can only keep them spinning as long as he can, and he’ll lie, cheat, steal, kill, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them spinning….”

His head whipped around, as thanks to his mutation, he barely saw the blur of Sentry, before Derek’s shoulder tackle impacted against Black Widow’s ribs. Blood spurted out of her mouth. Iron Man reached up to shoot a repulsor blast, but Sentry was gone. “Jesus he’s fast.” Iron Man said, but then, Wolverine saw Burke’s right arm. He could see it, because the armor had been ripped off. Iron Man spun, lifted up into the air by Sentry, and then Sentry’s fist impacted against the faceplate of the suit, driving him down in the ground.

Wolverine was grateful the claws were out. He charged, but Sentry was gone again. With a growl, Wolverine sniffed and then his eyes narrowed. Every time, Sheppard was returning to continue his conversation with Davis. Turning, Wolverine swung.

The claws created a shower of sparks as they grated down the front of Derek’s chest. He was standing directly in front of Wolverine now, with a smile on his face.

“What the hell is wrong with your eyes?” Wolverine said, staring up at Derek who had the reddish yellow eyes.

“Nothing. I’m just becoming more and more clear.” Derek said.



Captain America watched as an unconscious Wolverine slowly crumpled to the ground in the distance. He turned back to Derek.

“I know everything about you.” Derek said with a genuinely concerned smile. “I know your history, I know your training. I know everything you can do with that shield.” He said. “Thor can’t stop me. He’s an Asgardian with a hammer and that just hammer isn’t strong enough. You’re a man, a mortal, with a shield, and you’re out of your weight class right now, Benjamin. All I want is to help save the world. All I want is Fury. Justice must be done. You need to take a step to the side and realize that this is bigger than you.” Derek said, and his eyes narrowed. “Now…move.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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Ben didn't move, though a change came over the expression in his face. It was not fear nor concern, but determination. Determination derived from the fact that he had accepted his fate, his duty...even if he was to meet death this day, he would do so standing tall and unafraid of even the powerful being that stood before him.

"Take your best shot."

Even Derek was taken aback by the bold statement, but then again, a part of him understood what Davis was about. The living embodiment of Justice, the red, white and blue, and the standard of Freedom that the United States stood for. Then he remembered how Fury had turned that standard into a perversion, a paranoia that all things he did, he did for the betterment of the US.

Ben sensed rather than saw the blow come, and even then he barely got his shield up. Even with the shields kinetic absorbing material, the blow rocketed him across the landing area where his nearly unconscious body slammed into something unyielding. Trying his hardest to shake the cobwebs from his mind, he reached out blindly for something to help him stand. He chanced a glance towards Sentry, and saw that Derek's face was devoid of all expression, his eyes were glowing brightly with tiny tendrils of crimson energy bleeding away from the corners of his eyes. Sentry stepped up to him, and reared his fist back. Ben reached out for something to help him up, something to defend himself, and his hand found purchase on something and he grasped it and then everything disappeared in a brilliant flash of light.


"Of all the beings in the Multi-verse, 'tis is the Midgard species that always surprises mine eye the most. So frail, yet determined. Weak, yet strong enough to break Valarian steel. Infuriatingly arrogant, yet when one pledges his honor, he will die for his oath-bound word. You are those thing Ben Davis."

Ben stood in a golden throne room, who's very ceiling was so high above him that white clouds formed in it's opened dome, where winged humans soared in and around the vast area. Above and before him at the top of gleaming golden stairs, sitting on a rune-encrusted golden throne, Odin, the All-Father of Asgard and the father of Thor, looked down upon the man standing below him with a single piercing eye.

"Am I...am I ...dead?" Ben looked up quizzically.

Odin suddenly burst out laughing causing his two ravens Huginn and Muninn to squawk loudly and take to the air. "Dear boy, while the Halls of Valhalla would indeed welcome a honorable warrior like you within it's walls, it is not your place...nor your time."

"Then why am I here?! I need to stop Sentry!" Ben stepped angrily up the first set of steps.

Odin raised his hand to the Asgardian Sentries that drew their gold and silver swords at the audacity of the Midgardian to approach Odin in anger. "I know of the danger on your world, I have foreseen it and know of its outcome...and how that outcome will effect 'your' future. Time 'tis as ephemeral as the air, it is there, and always will be. It can be moved with the wind, or as still as a fawn wanting for the fox to pass." Odin makes a slight gesture and looks to the white cloud above him. Within the cloud, Ben can see Derek with his fist reared back, and himself in a crouch position with his hand reached back and grasping the hilt of Mjolnir. Ben gasped as he realizes that the mighty hammer is now tilting, he was actually moving the hammer, which all knew that it was impossible. Ben looks at Odin in complete surprise.

Yes, my son. Mjolnir has weighed you, hast looked into your very being, and found you ...worthy. Odin allowed a thin smile to form on his lips. "Ye are but one of a very small group of beings that may wield the mighty hammer. But with such an honor, there comes a great burden of trust, and thou must take an oath upon yon hammer, and swear allegiance upon it's honor and code. With this, thou hast but a chance of defeating the powerful enemy before you...but 'tis only a chance."

Odin rises from his throne and steps down to Davis, who's face is one of shock and awe. His mind is almost too overwhelmed by the realization as Odin places his hand upon Ben's shoulder. " Doest thou swear upon the Oath of the Hammer? A breeze is rising on your world, and Time will not be denied any longer. Speak the Oath now, or forever be denied its use!"

Ben looks into Odin's eye, determination once again fills his expression, hope rises in his heart. "I swear!"


The massive lightning bolt seemed to have come out of the clear blue sky, and the power of it is enough that Sentry is thrown back several yards to the ground. As the flash of the bolt dissipates, standing in the small crater it formed Captain America emerges, his uniform is replaced by Asgardian armor much like Thor's, but the colored in red, white and blue, his leather mask replaced by a asgardian steel with smaller more pronounced wings than Thor's helm. Ben steps out of the crater and strikes a defensive stance with his shield held forward and Mjolnir held poised to strike.

"Let's do this."
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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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Derek had no response; he simply smiled slowly, as Captain America stood there, in his new Asgardian armor. Lifting an arm, he made a beckoning motion, instructing Davis that he should advance. Captain America ran forward, bringing Mjolnir down towards Derek’s chest. The other man moved out of the way and brought his knee up and into Davis’ lower stomach. The motion carried Davis into the air and he tumbled over himself, landing on his feet and swinging the hammer around. This time he caught Derek, in the back, sending the other man stumbling forward.

The former Captain America turned, his eyes shooting concentrated beams of light at Davis, who yanked the shield up to block the attack. It pushed him backwards, but the shield held. As the current Captain America held on, Derek leapt off the ground, the surface cracking under the weight of the movement. He slammed into Davis, who wasn’t expecting the motion, hunkered down behind the shield. But he turned the attack into a counter, rolling backwards and planting his feet square in the chest of the blond haired man.

Pushing upwards, he flipped Sentry, and that man fell onto his back. The two rolled so that they stared at each other.

It made sense that so far they were an equal match for each other. Both men had received similar training in hand-to-hand combat, and both of their minds worked the same way. This meant that Derek would have to rely on the other things that had brought him to the dance. The blood that coursed through his veins was on fire with the power of a million exploding suns. That had happened because the Super Soldier Serum had gone wrong. His brute strength was much higher than Davis’ own.

So the pummeling commenced.

“I have speed, I have power, I have every advantage on you.” Derek said, as he appeared in three places at once, moving so fast that Davis didn’t know which was the real one. When all three went to strike, Captain America pushed outwards with the shield, and swung the hammer at another.

But that left him vulnerable to the third.

“All you have is a shiny hammer and a shield that I let you have.” Derek said, as Davis took the punch to the back of the head. He turned and swung the hammer. It connected with the side of Derek’s head and he was thrown far away, slamming into the ground, and causing a small mountain of earth to be pushed upwards towards the sky.

“Yeah? Well, never thought I’d have to use it againstyou.”

He looked into the distance at the giant cloud of dust. Davis sighed, seeing the darkened form of Derek walking towards him. He could hear the other man chuckling. Letting his hand slide into the leather strap, Benjamin started swinging the hammer in the method that he’d seen Thor do in the past.

The dust started to swirl around the shadowed form of Sentry. All the dust hung in place for a moment, and then seemingly exploded as Sentry shot forward. At that same moment, Davis threw the hammer, letting the motion of the hammer carry him forward. It dislocated his shoulder in the process, but the pain was ignored, replaced by the pain caused by crashing into the super powered being that had taken out the entire Avengers team by himself. The two men dropped to the ground, tossed backwards.

Sentry rose, wiping blood from his mouth. He saw that Davis was starting to rise as well.

It was time to end this.

The speed was incredible, and blood sprayed from Davis’ mouth as Sentry shot in close and hit him with an uppercut. Then he was on top of him, bringing both of his feet straight down into Davis’ chest. He hit the ground on his back, a splintering of the ground appearing all around his body. Ribs broke under the weight of the attack, and Davis’ eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“Power beats everything. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” Derek said, walking off of Benjamin’s unconscious form.

He looked up into the sky, and though a normal human wouldn’t have been able to, he could see his destination. Then he closed his eyes and shot up off the ground.


“Jesus Christ.” Nick Fury said, looking at the computer screen on the Watchtower.

This wasn’t good at all. He had teleported to Superman’s Watchtower, knowing that should Derek pursue him to the Watchtower, that Superman would intervene. Outside of the whole Boy Scout thing that the Kryptonian had going on, Superman would undoubtedly not want Derek destroying the Watchtower.

He took a step back, his good eye narrowing as he tried to work out what his next move was. Sentry had gone through the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. One, and now the Avengers. Maybe Superman wouldn’t be enough? He took another step back, and stopped when he came up against someone’s chest.

He turned, to see Derek standing there.

“Can you hear the voices, Nick?” Derek asked. “Soon the whole world is going to be chanting. You can stop it, you know what you need to do.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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Before Fury can respond, there is a blue and red blur of motion that even Sentry has trouble following and suddenly he is crashing through the large viewport in the Monitor Womb from the well placed blow of Superman's fist. Automatic force fields immediately activate preventing the explosive decompression. "I don't recall inviting you either." Superman smirked slightly.

"I just got this place fixed Fury, I don't need your problems crashing it again." Superman looks at Fury sternly. "Get down to DC and help your people there, and i'll try to put a stop to this guy."

"Listen Blue Boy, Shephard is crazy and damn near, if not as, powerful as you. The Super Soldier Serum he was given was tainted. He needs to be stopped ...permanently. "

"I'm not one of your assassins Fury."

"No, but he is, and one of the best ever."

"Damn you Fury, if any innocents get harmed by this I'll make sure that Sentry is the last of your problems, and you'll answer for it."

"You know what Boy Scout?" Fury stated. "If you defeat him, then I might just do that."

Superman glanced out the viewport and saw that Derek was slowly regaining his senses and he soared through the Watchtower and exited out the hangar bay force field. Even in the depths of space the impact of Superman slamming into Derek would be felt by the Earth in the form of disruptions in the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. Even some satellites would be thrown off course due to the gravity wave that it causes, as well as disruptions of tidal forces that would fluctuate for months due to the very Moon itself to wobbled in its orbit.

Both of them streaked away from view in the blink of an eye as Superman exerted his speed to well past that of the speed of light, and within a matter of seconds found themselves nearing Mars. Ree knew he had to get as far away from Earth as possible to combat this being. He knew that Derek Shephard use to be Captain America some time back, but he relinquished his shield to the new one and disappeared. He had no possible way of knowing the extent of his powers that he had gained through the super-soldier serum Fury mentioned, only the fact that he had single-handedly beaten the Avengers who chief among them was the Demi-God Thor, and even Captain America 'with' the power of Thor. This alone told him he would be up against perhaps one of the most powerful beings he had ever faced.

Not wanting to give Sentry a moment to recover, Superman slowed slightly allowing a still stunned Sentry to advance ahead of him with their momentum, he then cocked his fist back, kicked in a burst of super-speed and hit Sentry with a straight punch that sent him streaking down through the atmosphere of Mars and creating a hole in the side of the solar system's largest mountain Olympus Mons. The concussion wave from the impact sent a tsunami cloud of red dirt in a giant concentric circle around the planets entire landmass. Superman sped down to the side of the mountain where Sentry's body created a huge tunnel that seemed to burrow into the very center of the planet itself.

"Well, that should...."

Before he could finish his sentence the very mountain seemed to shutter with a slowly growing rumble. Suddenly half-way between the top and base of the gigantic mountain, a ripping tear began to form, slowly spreading around the sides of the mountain. Explosions of long trapped gases held deep within the mountain blew outwards as incredibly the entire top half of the mountain parted and slowly began to rise. Using his special telescopic vision he searched and found Sentry at the center of the crumbling top-half of the mountain, his eyes glowing and a strange smile on his lips.

"So, your the new Boy Scout." Sentry said, his voice carrying in the low atmosphere of the planet. "Nice move getting us away from Earth so we can have this little meeting. We don't want to hurt the innocents, now do we?"

"Listen, I don't know what your beef is with Fury...I'm sure I can guess, but there are better ways to settle this." Superman replied. "I don't particularly like his methods, but its not my place to judge."

"Not your place?!?" Derek replied incredulously. "You truly are a fucking Boy Scout. Fury has some debts that need collecting, and I'm the collector. Get out of my way Blue boy, or face the consequences!"

"I can't allow....." Superman began and then the world, or at least the top half of Olympus Mons came suddenly crashing down on him, burying him under thousands of tons of rock and dirt.

"I knew you were going to say that." Sentry stated as he clapped his hands together to wipe away the dirt.

He turned to begin to return to Earth, but the sound of moving Martian soil and rock made him turn. Superman burst through the mountain of dirt and rock and again, slammed a powerful fist into Derek's chest. Derek found himself flying backward, only due to the fact that aerodynamic physics means when you get hit with the force of nuclear bomb in mid-air you cannot hold your place in space. But the blow, while painful, did not affect him as much as the first blow back on the Watchtower, when he was caught by surprise. Shephard knew that Superman was trying a 'shock and awe' assault on him, pounding him unmercifully and not giving him time to catch his breath. As if to confirm it, he could see Superman speeding for him for another blow, but this time he would be ready.

Superman reared back for another blow, but at the last second Derek pivoted to the side and landed an equally powerful blow to Superman's mid-section, this time sending the Man of Steel tumbling back towards the Martian soil and gouging a mile long path in the dirt. Derek flew down and stood before Superman as he was getting to his feet.

"I'm not going to allow you to get back to Earth." Superman stated.

"You're not going to be able to stop me Blue Boy. You're nothing but a nuisance that is preventing me from getting the Justice that I want."

"Justice for what 'you' want, doesn't mean a damn thing if your brand of Justice will harm innocent people. And let's face the truth here Derek, from what I've heard and seen of your records, you didn't seem to have much justice in mind during your last days as Captain America. Whatever Fury has done to you, I promise you I will do everything in my power to fix it."

Derek's eyes glowed a brilliant red. "You need to mind yourself Superman. You don't have a clue as to what Fury has done, or is capable of doing. He's going to answer for what he's done, and nothing and no one is going to stop me...not even you."

The fight began as most do between beings as powerful as them, each one attempting to find the limits of the other. Their blows were like nuclear bombs exploding against their invulnerable skins, but the only casualty was the surface of Mars as each blow sent out concentric waves of concussive force. Each of them would throw or strike the other, sending each other skipping for miles across the surface to slam into outcroppings, or gouging deep grooves through hills and mesas that dotted the barren landscape. At one point Derek was flying back towards Superman and spotted an object in the soil and snatched it up and he passed by, and when he reached Superman he crushed the Mars Rover Spirit over Superman's head and then spun around in a devastating back fist that sent Superman careening backwards and falling down one of the many massive canyons on the planet. Derek gave Superman no opportunity to recover and sped after him hammering Superman with hundreds of super-speed blows that kept him on the defensive. Derek finished the flurry of strikes with a massive over the head hammer blow, that drove Superman through the martian soil like a nail through jello.

"Stay down Superman!" Derek yelled. "You can't stop me."

Derek's answer came in the form of a powerful ground tremor as Superman soared out of the hole, and planted his fist under Derek's chin that sent him flying backward into the air.

"Your starting to irritate me Shepard." Superman said as he hovered over Derek. "Don't make me take this up a notch. My offer still stands, we can settle this peacefully." The look of confidence of Superman's face, in fact Superman's whole demeanor appeared calm and in control, took even Shepard by some surprisel. There wasn't a smudge of dirt or scrap on his uniform, nor was his face bruised or cut.

Superman took advantage of the momentary loss of confidence in Derek's face and launched his own brutal assault. Like a door opening, Superman unlocked a mental inhibitor within his mind. The power of Sentry was on the level of Doomsday, if not even higher. He could not afford to let him get back to Earth, and needed to match Derek's level of power since he was not dealing with an average or Elite super-human being. Sentry was what he called an 'Omega' threat, one that could bring about the end of all things. Few beings were in this catagory, and for good reason.

Derek waited until Superman closed with him and threw a blow directly into the 'S' of Superman's chest. To his amazement, the blow did not even seem to phase, slow or even slightly slow Superman's forward momentum, while Superman's fist slammed into Derek's chest which caused another planet wide concussion field that rocked the entire planet. For the first time Derek was on the defensive, as Superman continued his unrelenting assault on him. When Derek thought Superman was going to hit him with his fist, Superman would suddenly blast him with his heat-vision eyebeams that burned with the intensity of hundreds of suns and forced him backwards with the impact of them. When he thought a fist was coming, a well-placed kick would take him by surprise. Now it was Derek that was looking for some way to slow his opponent down, to get the upper hand.

It soon came to him, and suddenly Derek smiled, his eyes glowed brightly, and as Superman leapt towards him for another attack, Derek found his opening and caught Superman with a flying knee to his face. Superman tumbled backwards in the air, and then Derek suddenly clapped his hands together creating a seismic shockwave that flattened any mountain or mesa within a mile radius. The debris from the devastation of the martian soil rained down in the air, but then mysteriously with in the falling sheets of dirt, streaks of the dirt began glowing a bright emerald green and they peeled away and raced towards the still tumbling Superman. The bands of glowing green dirt wrapped around Superman, coalescing and encasing his body in a skin tight layer of what Superman suddenly realized was...Green Kryptonite.

Superman slowly floated to the ground, his entire body covered in the fine layer of Kryptonite, the effects of which were already beginning to drain his abilities, but Superman stood stoically as Sentry walked towards him. "We all have our weaknesses Superman, I just remembered yours."

Sentry said nothing more, and Superman tried in vain to dodge the thunderous blows, but the longer he withstood the onslaught, the more drained he was becoming, until the inevitable darkness fell upon him.


Back on Earth, at the S.H.I.E.L.D Base, everyone was busy trying to help the fallen Avengers. Fury stood talking with his people when all of them hear the curious far off whistling sound. Everyone looked around trying to find the source of it as he grew steadily louder.

"There!" Someone shouted and pointed to the sky.

A bright green speck appeared, trailing a dark black contrail of smoke. The object began growing larger and larger, while the high-pitched whine of its re-entry created several massive sonic booms that rattled the entire area.

"Get the cover!" Fury yelled and leapt out of the way just as the object slammed into the ground creating a huge smoking crater. Fury slowly crawled to the edge of the crater, coughing from the fumes of the smoke and debris. As it cleared, his eyes widened as he made out the body of Superman, parts of his uniform still covered in the Kryptonite dust. He did not move, and Fury wasn't even certain he was breathing.

"The King is Dead...Long live the King."

Fury looked up, and Derek hovered over him like a vulture about to pounce on it's wounded prey.
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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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Fury stared, his face an unreadable mix of emotions.

Derek just smiled, floating in the air. “You know, you always said I could beat Superman.” Derek said. “Aren’t you just peachy that I proved you right, Dad?”

The Avengers had come, piecemeal, to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Africa, and had met up with the remaining members of S.H.I.E.L.D. One. Katherine Ansley, S.H.I.E.L.D. One’s medic and team leader was being overwhelmed in the medical bay of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and so she had not come with them. She was coming close to risking subjecting people to hypothermia by using her powers to stop the blood, just so that she could have time to get to all the patients.

Fury finally spoke. “You killed Francis.” He said, his voice even. “You killed Francis.” He said, his voice finally taking on some emotion.

“Did I?” Derek said, his brow creasing. “Oh man, that sucks. One of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Deputy Director. Should I kill Matthew Hunt next?” He asked with a smile. The yellow and red in his eyes was prevalent, starting to spread and dominate his pupils. Derek looked over Fury’s shoulder to see Wonder Man and Iron Man, Burke having repaired part of the suit.

There was still deep scaring in the metal, a testament to the battle damage that it had undergone during the fight with the Asgardians, the Atlanteans, and now Sentry. One of the arms was still missing, and DATA was running query patterns to see if they could get the necessary materials to conduct the repairs or whether Burke needed to go to California to get another suit. Derek merely scoffed at the newcomers, but then his demeanor changed when he saw the next person to come outside. Tiffany Michaels, also known as Spectacular, walked outside and looked him dead in the eyes, her own gaze one of anger.

“Or should I just kill you and get it all over with?” He asked, leveling a finger at Fury.

Everyone who was standing there, the civilians and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents slowly buckled to their knees, as suddenly they all started hearing the voices in their heads. It was loud, seemingly coming from everywhere at once.

The chants. The God Save Us Everyone chants.

“You see, it’s finally reached its peak.” He said, closing his eyes. “I can hear them, in Burma and Hong Kong. In Moscow and St. Petersburg. Athens, and Rome. Even in Wakanda. Tell Black Panther when he wakes up. His people are screaming it at the top of their lungs, Panther God be damned. They believe and understand. The whole world knows your secrets now, Fury. Nothing left for you to live for.”

Fury merely opened his arms, in a welcoming gesture.

Sentry shot forward, to take Fury, to finally reap the rewards of his labor, and found himself tackled backwards. He looked up, at Tiffany, whose eyes were glowing yellow with her own powers. She blasted away at his face, reaching down and picking him up under the arms. Lifting, she tossed him backwards and up into the air. Then she hit him with another tackle, but this one, a super sonic boom of a tackle.

“What the hell did she just do?” Fury asked.

“I think she’s trying to save you.” Burke said.

“Damnit, go after her, stop her. Derek will kill her, she can’t fight him.” Fury said, and Burke merely nodded.

He knew that there was no other option. She was stupid for not waiting for backup, but when you thought about it, what backup was there that would be successful against Derek? Nudging Wonder Man, he took off, followed by Toretto. Fury reached into his pocket, to pull out his phone. There was only one solution left that he could think of. As he held it in his hand, it went off, and he answered it.

“This is not a good fucking time.”

“I figured we could talk about that deal that we were working on. I’m at your headquarters, but it looks like something happened.” John Isaiah Muir said.

“You really don’t watch the news, do you Mr. Muir?”

“I’m usually in the news, so no.” Isaiah, said. “Where are you?” He asked.

“Outside the back, with a comatose Kryptonian.” Fury said, his mind on other things. He hung up, figuring that someone would run interference on Isaiah. He really didn’t have time to deal with the billionaire industrialist at the moment. Fury was debating whether or not to call in his final trump card. Still debating it, when Isaiah walked into view, his eyes not on Fury, but on Ree.

Isaiah knelt next to the Kryptonian, brushing some Green Kryptonite flakes off of the emblem on the man’s chest. “Who did this?” He asked.

“Derek Sheppard, the Sen…wait a minute.” Fury said. “You’re not hearing the voices?” He asked. “I thought everyone was.”

“Oh, I hear them. I just have practice at tuning things out I don’t want to hear.” Isaiah said, his eyes, which had been narrowed, turning mirthful. “You know, people can be so talkative sometimes. I’ll have a Wayne Medical team here, we’ll take Superman.” He said. “Wayne Medical has a medical facility that can handle someone of his class.”

Fury was a bit surprised. He knew that Muir was a dick, but he’d never seen the man be so unrelenting, and deadlocked. “Whatever.” Fury said, waving him away. Superman wasn’t his responsibility. He needed to see what was going on with Tiffany, and he turned, walking away.

Isaiah looked back down at Superman and shook his head. "You stupid idiot. You are not that good. This is why you need friends that are better at this than you. Don't you have people you could call to help you with these things?"

"They don't...always pick up." Ree said, his eyes starting to open. "Also, they're dicks."

"Name calling. Very mature."


Derek was laughing, as the two of them hurtled through the air, crossing over ground at an astonishing rate. He wasn’t even trying to stop Tiffany, allowing her to pummel him repeatedly in the stomach. They slammed into ground finally, and Derek realized that they’d taken a good trip, in a completely different part of Africa. Rising out of the crater on the ground, he looked at her, with a sad smile.

“I’m going to stop y-“

“Please.” Derek replied, shaking his head. “You can’t stop me.” He said, holding up his hands and ticking fingers off as he continued to speak. “Frostbite, Colossus, Feather, yourself, Wonder Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Wolverine…Iron Man…Captain America….Thor….and Superman. There isn’t anybody left.” He said. Then he shook his head and closed his eyes.

This woman, no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t just beat on her. Not Tiffany. “You’re really going to stand up for him, after everything he’s done.”

“We’re family. We all were, all of us on the team. How can you just forget all of that?” Tiffany asked, her eyes filling with tears. “You were our leader.” She said. She knew, she knew that if she could just talk to him, if she could get to him, that she could stop him. Tiffany had done it before. The only difference now was the level of damage that he could cause. “When there was no Avengers, no Thunderbolts, nothing. S.H.I.E.L.D. One was the first actual team formed after the Chrell Invasion ended.” She said, her voice rising. “We were the best of the best and you…you were Captain America.”

“You’re right. I was. And then we were blown to pieces.” Derek said, turning and starting to walk away. “She died. Fury let her die. He knew…he knew that terrorists were going to try to bomb the headquarters, and he let it happen because it gave him more leeway, more room to do what he needed to do. Innocent people died. Mary died. I was getting my yearly physical. I was in the room with her when the bombs went off. You don’t know what that’s like, when you’re reaching for the woman you love, and your reach isn’t long enough. You’re not strong enough to get to her, to save her.” Derek said, speaking of his fiancée.

Mary Sommers had been a doctor who worked in S.H.I.E.L.D. medical. She had been in charge of the medical division, and Katherine Ansley had worked for her during her off time with the team. Her younger brother was Christian Sommers, the man who had worn the War Machine armor before giving it back to Alex Burke.

“I know.” Tiffany said. “I tried to fill the gap, I tried. I know I wasn’t her, but I tried. You…you needed me.” She said. “You kept drinking, and you couldn’t get drunk, and you used to get so angry. Christian had to argue with Nick to keep you on the team.”

“Screw Fury.” Derek said, heat in his voice.

“You needed me then, and I was there for you. I brought you back.”

He nodded. “You did. Until there was nothing you could do.”

The tears fell then, as Iron Man and Wonder Man approached from a distance. “You said I don’t know what it’s like to feel helpless when the person I love is suffering. I do. I was in the hospital room with you, don’t you remember?” She asked. “When the serum killed you.“ Tiffany said, as Iron man and Wonder Man reached her, both of them holding their arms up, to show that they weren’t going to hurt anyone.

Derek didn’t move, he only listened to her.

“You had tubes in your arms, and I couldn’t do anything. Katherine was the doctor, and she didn’t know what to do. I’m not…I’m not a doctor, and the man that I loved was there, hurting and there was nothing I could do, damnit. I tried to take care of you and they said that there was nothing that could be done and I didn’t believe them and then…you died in front of me.”

Spectacular wrapped her arms around herself, and dropped to her knees. “Don’t kill Fury. Whatever his mistakes, he tries.”

“Screw Fury.” Derek said, getting angry. “The world needs to know what he’s done.” He said, and turned, to walk away. “Burke. Toretto.” He said. “Fury has to pay, but she doesn’t need to. I know her. She’s going to try to stop me. If she tries to stop me, I won’t be blamed for what happens.”

“I think he’s serious.” Wonder Man said, grabbing Tiffany’s arm, as she tried to get up. Burke reached out and grabbed her other arm.

“Let me go.” She said, shoving past them.

“No, wai-“

A split second later, Toretto and Burke were out cold again.

Derek Sheppard and Tiffany Michaels stood toe to toe, facing each other.

“I loved you, once.” She said, her fists clenching.

“I loved you once, too.” Derek said, the first time he’d ever said it to her. “But you’re not going to stop me.” He said.

She threw the punch. It didn’t connect, hitting air as Derek moved around her and threw an elbow that connected sharply with the back of her head. Stars invaded her vision as Tiffany stumbled forward. He had trained her, taught her all the fighting styles that he knew, but none of that could prepare her for the speed and power that Derek now possessed. Tiffany had fought the Phoenix, but that had been frontal assault, not hand to hand fighting. She turned and found her wrist caught in the superior grip of his left hand.

He twisted…and yanked. Biting back the scream, she felt her forearm snap and her shoulder dislocate. The motion pulled her in towards him, and he slammed his shoulder into her upper arm, breaking her upper arm. Another elbow was thrown, this to the side of her jaw, and blood spewed, her jaw breaking. Derek let her go, spinning her outwards and his fist found purchase, kidney punching her. Her response was to stagger back, clutching at her midsection with her good arm. This allowed him to kick her, with such force that her sternum cracked.

Falling backwards on the ground, Tiffany clutched at the ground and the dirt, trying to push herself away from him. She tried to use her feet to keep him at bay, but she couldn’t. His foot came down on the side of her own, causing bones in her foot to break. Her knee jerk reaction, to lift her foot up, gave Derek the opening he needed to kick her in the underside of her thigh.

So she rolled, onto her good shoulder, away from him. The reactions were spontaneous, controlled by the fight or flight mechanism that understood that she was woefully outclassed by the man she was up against. There was no scenario that would allow her to achieve victory and there were few scenarios that would allow her to survive this beating.

That’s what it was, a beating.


Fury stared at the computer screen, the satellite image showing him as the woman he considered his favorite daughter was being beaten to death by the man he’d considered his favorite son. Few times had Nick Fury ever felt powerless. This was one of those times. He sank backwards in to a chair, bringing his hands over his face. His phone was in front of him, waiting for him to dial the number, to make the call.


He turned at his name. Christian was standing there.

“We can’t stop him. I don’t know what we can do.” Christian said.

“We’re going to need a fucking miracle.”


Derek waited, until she struggled to her knees, staring at him, while she spit out blood. Then he beckoned her up, and she tried to rise, lifting her good arm up, fist clenched. His booted foot lashed out, connecting full force with her kneecap, shattering it.


Tiffany dropped to the ground, finally letting the scream out. Stepping forward, Derek grabbed her, putting her into a one arm, under the shoulder headlock. He didn’t complete the move however, when he saw the man who had stepped through the portal.

“And who might you be?” Derek asked.

“Name’s aren’t important.” The man said jovially. “I have an alert set up, so whenever my beautiful Tiffany is injured I can find…” He said and trailed off, seeing her. Walking over, he crouched and started to check on her. Jason’s smile had barely diminished, and he looked up at Derek from where he was, crouched next to her.

“I guess, I should be asking who you might be, then.” Jason said, rising.

“My name is Derek Sheppard.” He said, and recognition went off on Jason’s face.

“Ah, my good fellow, so you’re the one who’s been causing all these problems when it comes to me successfully wooing Tiffany.” Jason said, the smile widening on his face. “You, the long lost lover, returned to cause a fresh wave of pain and longing.” He said. “I’ve worked very hard to help her get over you and here you come and do this.” Jason said.

“Wooing Tiffany?” Derek asked, his voice getting rough, and his eyes shifting in color again. “What the fuck do you mean, wooing Tiffany?” He asked. Then he shook his head. “Woo this, cupcake.” He said. Staring straight into Jason’s eyes, Derek closed his own eyes and dropped backwards, driving her face first directly into the ground.

“No one stops me.” Derek murmured, brushing her jet black hair. “Not even you.”

He hadn’t seen the smile, which had been on Jason’s face since he had gotten there, quietly depart his visage. Derek rolled and rose, the action causing Tiffany to roll over herself, so she was face up. Jason could see that Derek had broken almost every bone in her face.


But Mother wasn’t just showing concern for Tiffany. Jason’s eyes had started to change color, similar to Derek’s own.

“So, let’s try again. Because she belongs to me, until I say so. Who…the fuck are you?”


“Who am I?” Jason asked, with a short, humorless laugh. “I’m Mr. Miracle.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Nichalus »

Jason stared at Derek with a smile that looked like it could cut glass. His once strong control cracked, and the crack widened. Jason fought hard all his life to control the desire to tap into the limitless power of the Anti-Life Equation. His father and mother taught him, fought with him, trained him to never use the power even to save them from Darkseid himself. But seeing Tiffany battered, broken and so callously abused by Derek was more than he could stand.

The crack widened, the energy coursed through his body, and Jason's very being was flooded with the power of Anti-Life. Omnipotence was his for the taking, all knowing, all seeing, all...Jason pauses... as the true knowledge hits him. He looks to Tiffany lying motionless on the ground, his eyes finally opened to the truth. Jason smiles.

Unseen by anyone, the Anti-Life powers flow from Jason to Tiffany. It's powerful energies course through her very being. Genetic locks, placed their decades ago, break, allowing her true genetic structure to begin to reform. Her shattered bones begin to mend and elongate as her true genetic makeup begins to overtake the locks placed there. Jason smiles.

There was mirth in the smile, but it was one with a malicious undertone, a smile that spoke of satisfaction that retribution was soon to come as he turns his attention back to Sentry..

"You're far too uptight Mr. Shepard, you need some happiness in your life."

The song by Derek that coursed through the minds of everyone in the world and more, sudden stops. The silence was almost painful after the bombardment, and then a song returns, but it is a far cry from the ominous tune from before.

People all over the world suddenly start dancing in their homes, in grocery stores and department stores. Heads nodded and swayed to the rhythm while driving their cars. Workers at desks from small businesses to large corporations spontaneously leapt up on their desks and chairs and started dancing and singing to the words. It was a Flash Mob on a planetary scale.

'Because I'm happy
clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you fell like happiness is the truth
Because I'm happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I'm happy
clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do'

Derek could only stare at Jason in shock as his power suddenly seems small and insignificant. "You can't...It's...it's impossible!"

"No...it's a Miracle." Jason's smile widens, his eyes flare brightly. "And you...sir." Jason's head tilts down, his eyes narrow into slits and his smile no longer has a meaning of happiness. " Have pissed me off." Golden beams of light lance out from Miracle's eyes, and only because of Sentry's fantastic speed, the beams zip past his shoulder, but then suddenly turn 180 degrees and slam into Derek's back and pass through his chest, leaving no physical damage, to repeatedly turn around and slam into Derek relentlessly over and over again. The pain is intense as the energy literally shocks every cell, burns every organ and sends wave after wave of its alien energy into his brain. Derek is battered over and over again until he is finally driven into his knees screaming in agony and despair.

-Pingping...PING!- The Mother Box tones loudly in the air around Jason.

"Oh no Mother, I shall not stop. For too long I have held my feelings in check. Too long I have watched helplessly as those around me died, listening to words to forbid me to use my given right to use the power that I possess!"

-Pingping, ping ping!- Mother cries out in the air around Jason.

"Oh, but I can Mother." Jason replies.

Tiffany's swollen and blood-filled eye flutters open. Her vision blurry and her body racked with overwhelming pain from both the vicious assault by Derek and her continuing transformation, can only stare in a combination of agony induced shock as her body goes through a slow transformation, and terrifying awe as she tries to comprehend the bleary sight from her prone position on the ground.

"None may touch my destiny Mr. Shepard!" Jason screams as he fires a continuous pulsing beam from his eyes that batters Derek mercilessly.

"Tiffany is not and has never been one of you pathetic, arrogant and egotistical humans! She is a New God! She is a direct descendant from my mother's family! She is Highborn and Fury trained!"

The beam stops and Jason steps over to Derek and grabs him by the throat, aerodisks deploy on his feet, and with effortless ease lifts Derek's slack body into the air.

"She.." He raises his fist and Derek's head snaps back from the power of Jason's fist.

"is.." He brings up his knee and delivers a blow to Derek's groin that makes every male watching cringe in phantom pains.

"The Barta!!"" Jason screams the last word into Derek's face, as the Alpha Beams explode from his eyes, which are wide open in chaotic fury, and strike Derek's face at point blank range. Jason's smile is no longer a smile, but a maniacal grin that no longer holds humor, but malicious intent, as the power of the beams literally begin melting through Derek's invulnerable skin.

"...Jas...Jason..." Tiffany says, raising a shaking hand towards him. "..no.."

With Jason's attention fully on Shepard, Fury begins a quietly, but hasty retreat towards the S.H.I.E.L.D. base entrance.

"Where do you think you're going Fury?" Jason says, the beam from his eyes still plowing into Derek's face, but another beam splits, racing sharply over Jason's shoulder, neatly zig-zags through the gathered Avengers and personnel and wraps around Fury tightly and whips him back to Jason's side. "Feeling a little guilty suddenly?"

"Listen, what I did, I did for the best...*urk..*" Fury begins but is cut off as the glow band that holds him squeezes tighter.

"Spare me your 'for the best' platitude Fury. You knew....you KNEW, she was one of my kind! You withheld this from me, and more insultingly, from even her!" He stabbed a finger towards Tiffany. "The woman whom you professed you loved like your own daughter!"

"She is like my own daughter!" Fury says as he gasps for air. "I raised her... from the time... that she was found!"

"You taught her nothing but death and deception." A wicked smile etches his lips. "Perhaps that is why your real daughter has found loftier goals, and stays away."

Fury's eyes widen in realization, his struggle against the bands of energy stop. "Don't you even ..."

"Oh, have I finally touched upon something that you truly care about Fury? Tapped upon most likely is the only thing in this misbegotten universe that triggers a true emotion?"

The bands tighten even more preventing Fury from even attempting to speak. "With a thought I could erase you from the universe, all that you have done, all that you have brought into this world would suddenly cease to exist!"

"Fear! Fear is all everyone one of you knows." Jason lashes out, dropping Fury unceremoniously to the ground, with his finger pointing to everyone present. "And what you fear, is what you destroy!"

"Let me show you all!" The Alpha Beams explode from his eyes. The beam slams into all people present in the area. With each impact it's target flashes brightly and disappears.

((OOC: Everyone needs to post their character living through their greatest fear please. I don't want to have to guess on something like this for your characters. Thanks. ))
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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Foxx »

Suddenly, he was pinned down, under enemy fire. He was back in Afghanistan, being shot at. Sean Toretto looked down and saw that he was dressed in Multi Cam, and his M4 was at his side. While that gave him a sense of comfort, something that had been lacking ever since Captain America had told him to ditch the weapon, he wasn’t too thrilled about the bullets that were flying by over his head. Why the hell was he back in Afghanistan? He had been in Africa, trying to stop that Derek Sheppard guy from killing everyone and now he was here. There was definitely a sense of fear, a sense of dread that coursed through him. But he wasn’t sure why. After all, he had bee deployed numerous times, and had been in combat numerous times as well. It was just something that happened at this point.

He still felt the fear, but not as strong as he did in this moment. Usually the adrenaline was pumping way too much to feel the fear.

Toretto looked around the cover that he had, and saw that there were three tangos running towards his position. They all carried some kind of assault rifle, natives to the region, and he lifted his own weapon. Squeezing the trigger, he looked down as nothing happened.

A weapons jam?

He started going through the basics that had been drilled into him for years. Slap, Pull, Observe…all of it. Nothing was working. He pulled the mag and checked. There were rounds in the mag.

It shouldn’t have mattered though. He still had his powers. As the three men came on him, he swung his fist as hard as he could. The fear that hit him then was the most powerful, as the result was decidedly not what he was used to. It was the punch of a normal man, not a man enhanced with Ionic energy. A rifle butt slammed into his stomach, and he doubled over in pain, something that would have never happened before.

He’d lost his powers. Somehow, someway, Sean Toretto was a normal man. And that scared him the most. Suddenly, he was flat on his back, and he looked up as the rifle butt came crashing down towards his face.

Then everything cut to black.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

Black Widow opened her eyes and confusion came over her features. Something was wrong. That much was obvious. She was sitting, in her combat uniform, on a couch, in front of cameras and an audience. The cameras were rolling and the audience was staring intently at her, trying to peer into her soul, as it seemed. Turning, Katarina looked at the two men sitting behind the desk. She knew these men, knew this show. It was a show that had both a liberal and a conservative host, providing perspectives on both sides of the aisle. Right now they were providing perspective on her.

She didn’t sweat, not intentionally. It wasn’t a habit that Katarina encouraged. For one, it definitely showed weakness. Another issue was that often times it made whatever it was that she was attempting to accomplish that much more difficult. But Katarina would have been lying to herself if she said that her palms didn’t start to get a little sweaty as she heard the two talk show hosts discuss her.

They were talking about things that there was no way they should know. Missions that had been deemed classified, above a top secret clearance. How on earth did they have this information? All of the particulars had been redacted. All of the information had been sealed, and she herself had hacked into more than a few databases to erase the information altogether. But they knew.

They knew.

They knew what kind of person she was, deep down inside. They knew that she wasn’t who she said she was. That Katarina Volkov wasn’t even her real name. That….

She wanted to curl up in a ball. Weakness.


She shook her head slightly, muscles in her cheek twitching from muscle memory. Alexei would have smacked her, scolded her. This was not how he had trained her to be. When she tried to rise, tried to get off the couch, she realized that she couldn’t. At that moment, the rhetoric changed, the tone changed, everything changed. When Katarina looked up, she realized that the media wasn’t crucifying her anymore, with questions asked about her past and what she had done and who she had killed.

No, now she was in front of a panel of United States senators and congressmen. They all were angry, especially the one or two of them she’d had dealings with in the past. They were the angriest, happy that they would be able to use her to scapegoat and hoping that they’d be able to cover up instead of being exposed.

Her worst nightmare.

Actually it wasn’t. Katarina blinked and realized that she needed to be fully honest with herself. Her worst nightmare wasn’t that the world would know everything that she’d done. Her worst nightmare was that the world would know everything that she’d done when she couldn’t remember everything herself.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

T’Shon walked through the hallways of the palace in the heart of Wakanda. Statues of his family had been overturned, a statute of Bast shattered. He would have expressed outrage at this, but a king did not stoop to that level, at least not visibly. No, the cold demeanor remained on his face, though on the inside, his despair was great. Special clasps were around his hands, the manacles keeping him contained. The King of Wakanda was a prisoner in his own home. Ushered by two soldiers carrying high tech weaponry, T’Shon walked through the large double doors that gave entrance to the throne room.

If he had despaired before, now his heart simply gave way and dropped.

Sitting on the throne of Wakanda, a throne that belonged to the Black Panther and to Bast for generations was a man in a metal suit, with a metal mask, and a green hooded cape.


“I told you.” He said, rising from the chair of Bast and walking down the hallowed marbled steps. “I told you what would happen, T’Shon and you refused to believe me.” Doom said, as T’Shon was brought in front of him, and then forced to drop to his knees. “Have you anything to say?” Doom asked.

“Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But you will be removed from the throne of Wakanda.”

“Will your Panther God claw at me?” Doom asked, mirthful eyes barely visible behind the metal mask. “It certainly won’t be you, you declawed failure of a king. Wakanda deserves better than you can give, T’Shon. Consider yourself retired in favor of someone better.” He said. “You gave it a good shot. But you, like all others, will fall before Doom.”

Doom took a step away, but then turned back, slamming his gauntleted fist into T’Shon’s face. Blood spurted from the King of Wakanda’s nose and then Doom grabbed onto T’Shon’s head and channeled an immense amount of electricity through his suit.

“Your worst nightmare…come to life.” Doom said with a smile, as he killed the King of Wakanda.”

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Ninzi »

Alexander Nicholas Burke sat in a chair, remaining quiet. For him it was a hard feat to do. But he sat, doing as he was told, because if the truth was told, he was scared. He reached up and fidgeted with the tie that he wore, and was grateful that at least the wooden pews had upholstery. Looking up, his eyes took in the image of Christ crucified, looking down on him with no sympathy, and only pain in his eyes.

He really wanted a drink.

Burke’s eyes were everywhere in the room, except for being on the activity that was taking place in the front of the room. However, he couldn’t complain that it was because he lacked a good view, he was in the second row of the church. When he reached up again for his tie, his hand was taken and set back down in his lap. Lookin over, he saw that the woman next to him, was a conspicuously out of uniform Black Widow. Katarina Volkov had to be one of the hottest women he’d ever seen in his life, and she was doing the dress justice.

“Calm down, Burke, it’ll be okay.” She said.

“Easy enough for you to say.” He replied. There was a nasty ball of fear in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong with this picture. Very, very wrong. “I’m having difficulty breathing.” He said.

“You’re fine.”

“I’m hyper ventilating. Woman, I am having difficulty breathing and you are doing nothing. Hardly the actions of someone who claims to be one of earth’s protectors.” He said.

“I’ll avenge you.” Katarina replied, dryly.

Then the music started playing.

Alex stayed seated, as everyone else rose. His eyes finally settled, on the man in front of everyone, framed between the arms of the people in the row in front of him. Though he couldn’t make out the man’s face, nor could he recognize anything about him, Alex hated him. Deeply. Katarina reached down and grabbed Burke’s arm, lifting him up.

As he rose, his eyes caught those of Samantha Walker. She glared at him, and mouthed a word that seemed akin to “behave.” That’s what he thought it was. Here too was another fine specimen of a woman, in her lavender dress. Burke swallowed and turned, finally looking at the one thing he’d never wanted to see.

As long as it was from this perspective, this vantage point.

Natalia Pera was walking down the aisle, resplendent in her bridal gown. In that moment, no matter how good looking Volkov or Walker ever could have been, nothing would ever let them come close to how beautiful Natalia Pera looked, to Alex Burke. Natalia had been his closest confidante, his trusted partner. The woman that he had, deep down, always wanted to impress. The one who was able to challenge him to be a better person and the one woman who had forever been unattainable. Though he couldn’t remember the exact moment, Alex had, if he was willing to be honest with himself, been in love with his personal assistant for years.

She called him childish and immature, he called her a domineering old maid. But if there was one woman who was at simultaneously his Irene Adler and his Mrs. Hudson, it was Natalia Pera. Her opinion had been the one that he’d constantly been trying to alter, when it came to his actions as Iron Man, as if to prove to her that he wasn’t immature, that he understood responsibilities. They’d often clashed, but they had been a great team.

He’d never told her how he felt; he’d been too scared. Fearful that she wouldn’t think of him the way that he thought of her. Now that fear had manifested itself into it’s only logical conclusion.

She was marrying another man.

He really needed that drink.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Nichalus »

Ben Davis stood before the Tribunal, his shoulders straight, his eyes stared forward into the face of his accusers, one of whom was Director Fury's. Leaning against the tribunals wooden stand was the iconic red, white and blue shield...his shield. It's metal seemed dull in the courtrooms lighting, the gleam of its proud heritage somehow soiled and dirty.

"Ben Davis, you have been accused of Treason. Murder in the First Degree and the Assassination of the President of the United States. The evidence brought before this court has been heard and we find you.....GUILTY of all charges!!"

"It's a LIE!!" Ben screamed. "Director Fury told me that the President was a collaborator with Hydra and that he needed to be stopped! He falsified records, provided false documents and videos to prove this to me!"

Davis turns to Fury, looking at him in shock and dismay. "Why?! Why did you do this to me?! How could you do this to the nation?!"

Fury leaned forward in his seat at the table, his singular eye narrowing, while his lips began to smile.

"Because I can..."


"THOU ART CAST OUT OF ASGARD!" Odin screamed from his throne, the anger in his voice caused the very walls and streets in Asgard to tremble with his fury.

Thor stood at the bottom of the golden steps that led up to the throne, looking up at his father, his eyes wide in stunned shock at his father's words.

"Father...please!" Thor said. "Tis mine only feat to live and serve your very words, to make you proud of me!"

"Thou art a poor excuse for a son!" Odin spat back. "You are wreckless and think only of thine own self importance. Thou art unworthy to hold the might and honor of Mjolnir!"

Mjolnir sat on the ground before Thor's feet, it's hilt pointing into the air before him. He reached down and grasp the hilt, but the mighty hammer would not budge from it's spot no matter how hard he tried.


"Get thee from my sight, and ye shall rue the day mine eyes should ever set upon thee again!"

"Nooooo...." Thor screamed as he was forcibly dragged from the throne room by Odin's guards.


Brady Quinn stood in nothing, if you could even stand in nothing. He existed, but nothing around him did. There was no past, no future, there was just....nothing.

"Well...shit. That's disappointing..." Brady said to nothing.
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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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The wind blew gently over her face, moving strands of her hair across her vision. She blinked, trying to make sense of what was going on. The flat sands of Africa dominated a lot of her vision, at least, whatever part of Africa they were in at the moment. The rest of it was blinded by the sun, which beat down upon her. Tiffany Michaels, known as Spectacular, blinked a few times, not knowing that her eyes had changed color. Before they had been black, but now they were a murky black and blue, like drops of ink mixing in water. That was what her pupils look liked now. Her face scraped against the ground as she moved, slowly trying to rise. As she did, she heard strange sounds, the sound of a man in pain, but it was different than anything she had ever heard before. Despite that though, she could recognize the voice as Derek's voice. Only when she rose from the ground, did she realize that things were different. The first thing she noticed was the most obvious.

She was much, much taller. Tiffany had been just under five feet and eight inches tall only a few moments ago. Now, she felt as though she was towering, and when she looked down, she had to guess that she was far closer to seven feet tall. Her skin looked the same, but when she lifted her arms and looked at them, Tiffany felt an immense amount of raw power. That too, was strange. She was strong, ridiculously so. Before, S.H.I.E.L.D. had clocked her base strength around being able to lift sixty tons. Tiffany had the ability to absorb various energy sources and use it to bolster that strength, and then, the upper limit had never been known.

Now...now she felt as though she was far stronger. It wasn't something that she could qualify or quantify, it was just a feeling. A sense of power that pervaded her. An old power, but one that was new at the same time. She had her back turned to the two men, and she took a step forward, still not sure of her balance and sank down to her knees, coughing. She felt weird and felt...wrong. Wrong was the incorrect word though. It felt...foreign. Foreign, that was it. Nausea hit her like a strong wave, and Tiffany felt as though she was being dragged down by an invisible undertow.

Suddenly, she started coughing again, blood coming up. Her body was fighting back against something, but she couldn't tell what it was, she just felt like she was going to die. Looking up, Tiffany looked into the sun as she fell sideways, back on to the ground.

-Pingping, ping ping!-

"Not now..." Tiffany managed to say, but the Mother Box did nothing but bathe her in an orange light.

The nausea passed as the light faded and she struggled to her feet, turning to look at Jason and Derek.

“Jason.” She said, her voice clear now and thankfully, unchanged. She liked her voice. Still unsure of what had happened to her, she knew that she needed to get Jason to stop whatever it was that he was doing. Not that she actually cared what happened to Derek at this point. He had made his bed. “Let him go. He’s not worth it.”

“He hurt you.” Jason said. “He hurt my Barda.” He said, not taking his eyes off of Sheppard. “In more ways than one. He needs to pay for that. He needs to feel the pain that he's inflicted on others.”

“Jason, I’m okay.” Tiffany said, not fully understanding what he meant, but figuring that he was referring to her when he said “Barda”. She reached a hand out and placed it on his arm. “Please.” She said.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

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Her touch was like cold water on a fresh burn. His eyes seemed to clear as he turned his head, now looking up into her eyes. Awe filled his gaze, a love as pure as any that could be said between man and woman. It was the look of a man that had placed the last piece of a million piece puzzle in its, a completeness and relief that cannot be put into words. But Jason did not need to speak a word, his face said all that needed to be said.

"There you are!" Jason said, his grip on Shepard faltering slightly. "By the Gods of All, I was right. They didn't believe me when I said you were here somewhere on this self-serving world of humans...I was right!"

Tiffany could sense that Jason was on the edge, she knew that she had only moments to change the deadly course that he was on. She grasped his hand, softly squeezing it, coaxing him to release the anger and hatred that fueled the desire for him to use the Anti-Equation energies surging within him.

"Jason, let him go. He can't hurt me anymore. You've shown me more love than he ever did, and I'm sorry that I didn't see it sooner. I see him for what he is now, for what he has done to me. Please...I...I want us to be together, I want you to show me...show me...aww dammit Jason! I love you!"

Jason drops Shepard to the ground and steps towards Tiffany, who now looms over him by several feet. She wraps her arms around him, and he her, and they embrace one another tightly. Jason, his smirkish smile returning to his lips, looks up to her. "I found you. I really had no doubt, that I would." His swarmy humorous tone returns to his voice.

"...fucking...bitch..." Comes a muffled and nearly comprehensible voice from the burned and charred face of Shepard, who is now standing, his eyes blazing yellow.

Sentry roared in unequivocal rage as twin beams of energy surged from Sentry's eyes with malicious flare of power. The beams crossed the distance between him and the couple in a fraction of a second, but Jason moved between the seconds, time had no meaning to him, his quest had been fulfilled and he was not to be denied.

"NO!!" Jason and Tiffany screamed in unison, but both for much different reasons.

For Tiffany, she knew, feared, Jason will fall over the edge of the abyss to protect her. For Jason, he leapt over the abyss with a profound joy to protect Tiffany.

The Alpha Beams struck Sentry's beams mere inches from Tiffany and much to Sentry's dismay, they began to push his beams backwards. Sentry screamed in rage at being thwarted again, pushing his beams against Jason's. The two energies crackled and flared greatly as they came together, with each pulse of the Alphas meeting Solar energies the ground shook with cascading shockwaves, but neither men gave a damn. If the Earth should crack, billions died, neither would care. All that mattered was triumph over the other. One fought for unequivocal love, the other for vengeance.

But it was evident that Sentry was draining his vast reserves of power, it was only pure hatred and fear of losing that sustained his beam, while Jason appeared to be gaining strength and his Alphas were soon pressing Sentry's beams backward. With each pulse from the Alphas, Jason's face seemed to drain of emotion, his smile faded, his eyes grew dimmer and took on a reddish hue, even his skin began to take on a greyish texture.

All the while Jason's Mother Box is pinging repeatedly, frantically, the pings coming so fast that they sound like one singular tone.

"You thought to deny me." Jason spoke, his words and expression coldly emotionless. There was a tone to it that rang familiar to Tiffany. "None shall deny me my rightful place. None shall deny me my love. Not your people..." Another flare from the Alphas pushed Sentry's beam back towards him. "...not your insignificant world..." Another pulse, and the Alphas are mere feet from Sentry's head. "..and most definitely not by ...you."

There is a final flare from the Alpha beams, but then suddenly the area is rocked by the now familiar sound of a Boom Tube opening directly behind Jason and Tiffany. Roaring out of the shimmering tube a man wearing a gleaming silver helm, on what appears to be some type of alien harness that propels him forward. A shimmering globe winks into existence around him as he moves between Jason and Shepard, the Alpha beams explode against the shimmering field. When the initial flare of the explosion dissipates, the man in the harness still floats in the air, while the unconscious form of Shepard lies on the ground behind him.

Jason stares at the newcomer, at first his demeanor doesn't change. He looks almost disdainfully at him, as if annoyed that this being had taken is victory from him.

"This is not the way things are suppose to be Jason." The stranger states as he steps from the harness and stands before Jason. The stranger is physically larger than Jason, but of the same height, the helm over his head reveals that his eyes appear to be the same color as Jason's.

"Who are you to deny my rightful retribution?" Jason asks scornfully. "Stand aside or I will be forced to destroy you, as I shall destroy the man that dared to threatened my Barda."

"No." The stranger states simply.

"Very well....then die." Jason lashes out suddenly and without any mercy with a suddenly glowing fist, but the stranger moves, almost without effort, and spins around, so that he is now behind Jason and has him in a Full Nelson.

The stranger suddenly turns his head to the side, addressing Tiffany and he directs his gaze down, where she notices a rod-like device tucked into the small of his back. "You are The Barda, you must help me stop Jason before its too late. Strike him ....NOW!"

Tiffany can only stare at this stranger in shocked confusion, he has no idea of what to do, whom to trust. All her life she has been taught to never trust anyone, and when she has, she has paid dearly both emotionally and physically. But there is something in the stranger's voice, while it is courser and deeper in tone, it holds the same tone.

She reaches out tentatively, still unsure of what she should do, and then Jason rolls his shoulders forward, grasping the strangers hand, and slams him into the ground with enough force to cause a small tremor. Jason then begins to pummel the stranger in the chest with blow after blow, and still Jason's face remains completely impassive with each strike.

"Jason....STOP!!" Tiffany screams over the den of Jason's crushing blows.

Jason stops and turns to look over his shoulder, to see Tiffany holding the rod-like object in her hand, pointing it's gem tipped end towards him, which now has a growing glow as if building a charge.

"Please Jason, you have to stop!"

"I am merely protecting you my dear." Jason replies, the cold emotionless tone still in his voice. "These humans cannot be trusted, 'we' will show them how they should properly be subjugated and controlled, so that they cannot cause further harm to themselves and others."

"Who the fuck are you?!? You're not Jason! He wouldn't even know what the word 'subjugate' means, much less try to rule over anyone!"

"You are wrong my dear Barda." Jason steps over the strangers battered body towards Tiffany.

"Who, or what the Hell is a Barda?!?"

"...shoot...him..." The voice of the stranger wafted weakly up from the ground.

"You, are the Barda." Jason answered.

"What?...No...I..." The hesitation in her voice told all. Memories began cracking the surface. Pain, sweat....heat....fires. An image of a large solidly built old woman in shocking white. One moment so caring, so understanding, then suddenly there was cruelness, ever pushing her to her limits. 'You will be my greatest Barda' the old woman would say.


"You...must...shoot....HIM!" The stranger screamed at her.

"Yes, you 'are' the Barta." Jason placed his hand over the end of the scepter, slowly pushing it down. "And you will rule these fleas like the Queen that you are."

"....no....Jason...please come back to me..." Tiffany looked at Jason pleadingly.

"There is no other way. Jason stated unemotionally.

Tiffany straightened up, her lips forming a thin line. "Yes, if there is one thing that you have taught me Jason...there is always another way. I'm not going to lose the man who taught me how to love again."

The blast from the rod was hardly expected for such a smallish device. But suffice to say that illumination from the intensity of the energy could be seen for hundreds of miles. When Tiffany's eyes cleared from the effect, Jason laid at the end of a trench several dozens of feet long that had been gouged by his body skipping across it.

"Jason!" Tiffany screamed as she ran to, and knelt by his side carefully holding his head in her lap. Tears streamed down her face, tracing dirty tracks down to her chin. "What have I done?!"

"What you had to do." The stranger staggered over to her, and fell to his knees, causing the silvery helm to fall from his head and roll away on the blasted out ground. What Tiffany saw caused her to gasp audibly.

The face that she stared into, was the nearly same face that she was cradling in her lap. Though it was scarred from what appeared to be a lifetime of pain and battle, sorrowed by loss and wrecked with weariness, Jason's eyes stared out at her.

"Yes, I am Jason's twin brother...O'Beron." O'Beron looked down at his brother and placed a hand on his chest. "What I'm about to tell you, you can 'never' tell Jason. To do so, there would be nothing that either one of us, nor very few others can do to stop him."

"He's...he isn't dead?" Tiffany looked at O'Beron, hope rising in her eyes.

"No, the Meta-Rod is empowered with great energies, but even at full-force it can only be used against someone like...Jason...to temporarily render him unconscious. So we must be quick."

"You see, Jason and I are the product of desolation and pain. Our creation was ment to aid Darkseid in conquering the Universe. It was through him that we came to be."

"But, Jason said that Scott Free and Barda were his parents." Tiffany looked at him, confusion growing in her face.

"In a sense, yes. But the truth is, Darkseid is both mine and Jason's father."

"...no...but who...who is his mother?"

O'Beron looks up from his brother into Tiffany's eyes. "Barda is his mother..."

"But...but...that would mean that Darkseid...oh my god." Tiffany gasped at the ramification of her putting it all together.

"Barda was captured during the Chrell invasion by Darkseid and taken to the darkest pits of Apokolips where she was tortured and made to do...unspeakable...things, all at the whim of Darkseid. It was his vengeance for all the times she and Scott got in his way. It was only years later that Scott found out that she was still alive and braved the entire world of Apokolips...alone, to rescue her."

"You can imagine his despair when he discovered Barda with twins in her arms. But Scott, being Scott, didn't care, his love for Barda was greater than any being in this universe could possibly understand. Even the Highfather himself said that if there was a greater power over their love for one another, he had never seen it."

"But...but how did he...and you..."

"Get separated?" O'Beron finished

"During their escape Granny Goodness unleashed her Furies on them. It was during that final battle that I was left behind...much to Barda and Scott's despair, but I understand...they had no choice. But there is something about us New Gods, in that our memories form from the moment that we are born, and we remember everything. It is 'seeing' their love that is perhaps the very thing that saved me from being under the thrall of Darkseid. But that is a story for another time."

"Oh my god, I'm...I'm so sorry."

O'Beron waved a dismissive hand. "It is the way, it is the destiny. Which brings me to you. You are not here just by some random coincident, you are indeed a New God, as a matter of fact, you are the last Fury that Granny Goodness trained before she was destroyed." He let that sink in for a moment. "I know this because I am the one that destroyed her and sent you to Earth."

Tiffany could only look at him dumbfounded. "But..how?"

"The particulars are not important at this time, but suffice to say, you are the last Barda. Barda is the highest rank of a Fury. You were born on the same day as we were, and you and I trained under Granny Goodness together, but I never forgot my mother and father and what they tried to do for me. It was that alone that allowed me to rebel, and when the time came I did what I knew had to be done. Using the Meta-Rod, I was able to erase your memories and implant new ones...for that I am sorry, but the good of the universe it had to be done. I knew that Destiny would carve a path that would put the two of you together."

"Jason was given the power of the Anti-Equation, a power that...as you can see...cannot be used. Scott and Barda took great pains to prepare Jason for the day that Scott could pass it on. But they also knew that Jason would need...well...you, that last Barda to keep him calm. His love for you is not implanted, nor a falsehood. His love for you is a pure as the love between Scott and Barda. Destiny itself placed this within you both, and once you two are together, the truth would surface."

"Jason can never know about me Barda, the truth would shatter his hold over the Anti-Equation. Nor can he know the circumstances of how we came to be." With that, Jason suddenly groaned loudly.

"Our time is up, hold him tightly Barda. His love for you is unbreakable." O'Beron stood shakely and stepped onto the flying harness of his. Touching several dials on the controls a beam that looked strikingly like the Alpha or Omega Beams shot out from the front of the vehicle, zig zagging across the area with several bright flashes, all the members of the Avengers suddenly winked back into existence, each of them looking dazed and confused.

Turning back to Tiffany. "Fair well Barda. Until we meet again, hold my brother for me, and give him the life that he always wanted. I promise you, he will give you all, and ask for nothing but love in return. The choice is yours...as always."

The Boom Tube opened and without another word O'Beron disappeared within its swirling confines, and leaving Tiffany with a universe sized decision to make.
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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Ninzi »

Wonder Man and Spider-Man stared at each other, and then both spoke at the same time.

“I need whiskey.”

“I need tacos.”

They looked over at Burke. “Burke, we’re making whiskey tacos.” Wonder Man said.

“I am…definitely in.” Iron Man replied, knowing that there was a conversation that he needed to have with Natalia, one that he couldn’t put off for much longer. He turned to where Davis was. “Captain.” He said.

“Mr. Burke.” Captain America replied. “We need to have a heart to heart with Mr. Fury.” He said.

Iron Man nodded. “Agreed. Whiskey tacos after that?” He asked.

“I’m not even sure how you’re going to pull that off, but something tells me you’ll find a way.” Davis replied, not saying whether or not he would participate and Iron Man smiled in response, understanding the deflection.

Captain America turned and looked at the woman who was cradling the head of the man who had saved them all. Fury had said it; they’d needed a miracle. They’d gotten one. But the cost of the miracle had been great.

He and Iron Man walked over to where Sentry was on the ground, kneeling, his head bowed. His hair was matted all around his face. Captain America’s shield was in his hands, just to be on the safe side. Reaching a hand out, Davis tipped Sentry’s head back, so he could see his face. The damage was slowly starting to heal, but it would probably take a few weeks before Sheppard looked like his old self.

Iron Man lifted his hands, the gauntlets warming up, in case they needed it. Hopefully they wouldn't.

“Talk.” Davis said.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

Jason’s eyes opened slowly and he blinked, looking up at the sky. He wasn’t sure exactly how he had gotten to this point. The last thing he remembered was Derek Sheppard attempting to kill his Barda and he had stopped him. Now he was on the ground, his head in Tiffany’s lap. He looked up at her, and though he felt that something was off, as soon as his eyes linked with hers, Jason knew that everything was alright with the world. Her eyes still looked like ink dropped into water, dark clouds swimming in a blue ocean, and they were the most beautiful things that Jason had ever seen.

“My Barda.” Jason said, with a smile. “You’re alright.”

“Yes, yes I am.” Tiffany said, reaching out and sending a hand through his hair. “How…how are you feeling?” She asked.

“I’ve been worse, I’ve been better.” Jason said. “But I’m amazing now that you have had your potential unlocked, my love. What happened to me?” He asked.

“Uh….” She said, and looked at the Motherbox, which was silent.

Now it wants to shut up.

“You were going to kill Derek and I couldn’t let you have his blood on your hands.” She said. “So…I hit you, with this.” Tiffany said, holding up the Meta-Rod, an innocent smile on her face.

“But how did you get that?” He asked, his brow furrowing. He turned and looked at the Motherbox.

Feel free to chime in with a ping right about now.

-Pingping, ping ping!-

Tiffany sighed as the Motherbox finally joined the conversation, telling Jason what he needed to hear. She could have sworn, that the floating box turned and looked directly at her. But she wasn’t sure.

“You should have let me stop him.” Jason said, looking over at where Iron Man and Captain America were with Sentry. “He wanted to hurt you so desparately.”

“Why should I let you have his death on your hands and conscience?” Tiffany asked. Then. “Besides, you’d stopped smiling. I like it when you smile.”

“That’s one of the few nice things you’ve said to me.” Jason said.

“Oh shut up.” She replied, shoving him off of her.

Jason got up, the Motherbox floating around and checking on him from various angles. Tiffany got up as well, and the height difference between the two was laughable, almost…comic.

“Remember, I’m bigger than you now.” She said and Jason smiled.

“Marry me.” Jason said.

She blinked, the proposal coming a bit randomly out of the blue. Not that it was that surprising, considering the man that it was coming from. Jason wasn’t the kind of person who wasted time or anything like that. “Levels there, Free, I think we’ve skipped a few.” She said with a laugh and a shake of her head.

“I’m only going to keep asking.”

She sighed. This was true, very true, knowing him. He wouldn't stop until she gave in. “I know. Let’s go see what they’re talking to Derek about. It might be important.”

“Not as important as our upcoming nuptials!” Jason said with a big smile on his face.

“Miracle, you’re going to need a miracle if you keep this up.” Tiffany said, shaking her head. But then she reached out and grabbed him, pulling him in for a long, deep kiss. “I love you.” She said.

“I love you too. I love that you’re marrying me.” He said and she squeezed tighter. “I love it when you don’t crush my ribs.”

OOC: Sheppard part coming soon.

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Re: S.H.I.E.L.D.: God Save Us Everyone

Post by Mir »

Sheppard’s eyes still burned a dull yellow, different than his normal eye color of brown. But the look on his face was that of a beaten man. He knew that he had been beaten.

“What do you want me….to talk, about?” Derek asked.

“Preferably how you’re really sorry, that you’re a jerkwad, and that you’re going to pay me back for messing up my suit.” Iron Man said.

Derek just glared at Iron Man, a look that was partially shared by Davis, but his had a healthy dose of exasperation mixed in with it.

“I’d like it if you would tell us who it was who helped you and made you think that you should come back here and hurt us all.” Captain America said.

Derek started laughing then, a loud, hearty laugh. His gruff voice carried well, and he slowly rose to his feet. “Why should I tell you, Benjamin Davis?” He asked. “Are you going to offer to help me? To keep me safe from a being that can survive the outer limits of space?” He asked. “Let’s be honest here. You got lucky. If it wasn’t for the magic man over there, you wouldn’t be alive.”

“I think you’re missing the point.” Captain America said. “He was here. You did lose. You’re not helping me help you. Who is it who taught you and why were you sent back to earth?”

Sheppard shook his head. “I was sent to soften you all up. To take stock and see whether whatever protection earth had could actually stand up to the test. That’s the point. You don’t get it do you.” He said. “It took everything you had to beat me. Fury used Superman and I made him look like a punk bitch on a school ground. You guys are no match for him.”

“For who?” Iron Man asked.

“You’d call him…Thanos.” Derek said.

“The Chrell didn’t kill him?” Captain America asked and Derek shook his head.

“You can’t kill someone who Death won’t allow into her realm.” Derek said. He shook his head again, this time more ruefully. “I didn’t believe him and he let me try in order to prove himself right. He’s looking for some little stones.” He said and then smiled when Davis and Burke looked at each other. “Oh, so you’ve heard of them, these Infinity Gems. You know what’s going to happen when he gets them all. End of the world. End of the universe.”

“Why are you telling us?” Iron Man said. “It doesn’t serve any purpose to warn us in advance of what he’s doing.”

“He told me to tell you, after I’d killed Fury. He got what he wanted and I got what I wanted.” Derek said. “Obviously, that Miracle fellow is going to stop me anytime I try to kill Fury, so it makes sense for me to do it when Miracle isn’t watching. He can’t be around all the time.” Derek said. He looked over at Davis. “Thanos wants you to know because it’s a game to him. This is all a game, and it’s not in good fun for him if he doesn’t give you a heads up.”

Derek rose then, and turned, looking like he was going to leave.

“Wait, there has to be more. You have to know something. If Thanos gets the gems, he’ll destroy earth.”

“Davis, does it look like I care? I can find another world.” Derek said. “Besides, if he destroys earth, Fury dies. Mission accomplished for me.”

“You know, despite Fury’s manipulation and underhanded tactics, you did a lot of good in the world.” Captain America said. “It was an honor to know that I had been chosen to walk in the same footsteps as Steven Rogers and Derek Sheppard. Director Grace refuses to hear a bad word spoken about you, and he and I are going to have to work out our own issues sooner or later, because he can’t stand the fact that you retired. You said you read the files on me. I read the files on you. You were unstoppable, a true American hero. You still can do that. Tell us what you know.” He said.

Derek stopped. He looked past Captain America and Iron Man, at where Tiffany was, with Miracle, walking towards the three of them. “There are six gems.” He said. “One was in Asgard, but it’s gone missing.”

“This we know.” Iron Man said.

“That leaves five out there.” Sentry said. “One of them, Thanos already has. The others, I had to work to locate. I wasn’t able to get to them directly, but I know the general location of where they are.” He said. “One of them, you already have, sitting in Vanguard headquarters. I recognized it when I was passing by. There are two others on earth.”

“Well that makes that easier.” Iron Man said.

“The other is in Kree space.” Sentry said and turned to leave again. “No, I’m not going to help you. If Thanos catches me helping you, he’ll kill me and self-preservation is the name of the game for me.” He said. He turned, when he was hovering off the ground. “Davis.” He said, drawing Captain America’s eyes. “You said I did great things.”

“Yeah, you did.”

Derek nodded. “Do better than me.” He said and then flew up into the atmosphere, and then into space, leaving earth behind.

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