The Boy Who Had It All (One Shot)

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The Boy Who Had It All (One Shot)

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OOC: Mirrodin has been convincing me to do a one shot for weeks. Here goes:


“Did you speak to Muhammed?” The man asked.

“Yeah, I-I did.” Benedict said. “He said that I could take over the lease, once you leave.”

“Cool.” The other man said and then walked back into his room, ending the conversation.

Without a thought, Benedict went back to what he was doing, namely studying for another one of his exams. He was a medical student at Gotham University, entering his final year. Soon, he’d be starting his residency, and he was progressing faster than anyone had anticipated that he would. Anyone, except for the people at the Wayne Foundation who were paying his way through college. One of the few good things that being an orphan had done for him. He unconsciously reached up to the little jewel that hung around his neck. The dull yellow gem had been pretty much all that he had gotten in the will that his mother had left behind.

Everything else had gone to the debt collectors. Benedict had no knowledge of who his father was, and he didn’t care about finding out anything more. The man had left a year or so after he was born, and all he cared was that the man had been a pretty decent sperm donor. As far as he knew his genetics were good. His mother had been broke and penniless after that had happened and she had lived her life trying to scratch out a better existence for her son. Benedict hadn’t lived the cushiest of lives, like an Isaiah Muir or a Alex Burke, but he was going to be rich like them one day. He was going to be one of the greatest surgeons in the history of the world, and he didn’t care who thought otherwise.

Many people had labeled him as arrogant and that was fine with him. They didn’t know who he was and if they wanted to judge him that was their problem. All he cared about was making his way in the world and making a name for himself. The rest of it didn’t matter.

His instant messaging service alerted him that he had a new message and he clicked on the application on his computer. It was from a fellow classmate asking for help on something. He started typing back.

“Hey, Ben, I was wondering if you had anything for the cardio thorassic notes that we had a few weeks ago. It’s been a long semester and I skipped that class.”

”Sure, I’ll send them to you.”

”Thanks. You’re a lifesaver. I bet you probably get a lot of these, people asking for help, lol.”

”More than you know.”

He took a note of the person’s screen name and then went to his email. Attaching the documents to the email he sent it out.

His supposed arrogance had cost him much in the way of companionship. In all of his years as a pre-med student and now as a med student, Benedict had never really been on a date. If that had been on his list of priorities, then he was doing something wrong. Women would come to him. They loved money and a man with power and that was what he would be. He’d have his choice of women and he’d be able to pick and choose whenever he wanted. Whoever he wanted.

Life was good.

Being alone meant that no one could bother you, no one could mean enough to you that if they left or died, that your heart would be ripped out.

No one could do that to you.

His hand went up unconsciously and clutched at the dull, yellow gem.

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