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The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:12 pm
by Nichalus
Bullets spewed concrete shrapnel along the rooftop ledge following on the footsteps of the gleaming gold and crimson figure that ran along it's precarious edge without seeming a care in the world. The gleaming form of the man, who at a glimpse appears to look like Iron Man himself, but is much too slender, reaches the corner of the building and without a hesitation he leaped from the edge and into the abyss between buildings at least 50 yards apart and that fell away some 10 stories below.

The figure seemingly, and impossibly, leapt through the gap, bullets streaking in his path and missing him as he twisted his form making them whiz by him by the merest of centimeters. Suddenly the figure throws his arm out and with the faintest sound of ...twhipp...a thin twisted stream of substance spews from the top of the hand. The thin line streaks through the air and attaches to corner of another building on the opposite side of the street, and just as another barrage of rounds streaks towards him, he grabs the twisted line and swings on it in the opposite direction of the deadly flight of bullets.

As the figure reaches the downward side of his swing, using his other hand he fires another stream of the apparently sticky substance to the other side of the street, releases his inital strand, and begins his upward swing using the new line. At the top of the swing, he extends his other arm again to repeat the swinging action but instead, he is greeted with a hissing spurt of substance that creates a sputtering sticky glob that flies back into his rounded eyepieces on his crimson armor faceplate....

"Oh shit...." comes a voice behind the mask.

The slim armored form reaches the apogie of his swing, as he tries to wipe the hardening substance off his eyepieces..but actually just smearing it, and making his vision though the eyepieces worse. But not quite as bad, as he realizes, that now he is falling. A HUD display appears on the interior eyepieces within his mask, and gives him a CGI image of his surroundings, and sees that he is falling near the side of a building.

"Deploy the Waldoes!" He speaks the command, even though he did not need to due to his interface with the armored suit.

Suddenly, three mechanical arms with armored and pointed tips seeminly unfurl from a round device on his back. The talon-like tips thrust themselves into the concrete sides and glass windows of the side of the building trying to find a something to grab onto, and nearly succeed, as the figure suddenly jerks to a halt, causing the armored man to crash...painfully...into the side of the building still several stories high.

"Hmmph...and they said the waldoes couldn't take the strain." The voice inside the mask states with a hint of smugness. "That will teach those assholes to second guess me..."

The smugness leaves his voice as there is a sudden snap of metal as the waldoe's arms break at the talons. "Oh hell...this is going to hurt." He plummets nearly five stories, the waldoes trailing behind him as if waving goodbye to their hands, and lands on the roof of a car with an impressive crash of bending metal and shattering glass.

Several men clad in body-armored run up on the stoved in car, their weapons trained on the motionless gold and crimson armored form within. "I would call that a epic failure, Brady." One of the men states with a hint of a smile on his lips, as he raises his gun to rest on his shoulder.

The crimson mask suddenly parts and then retracts behind the head, revealing the face of man, or more likely a teenager. Brady blinks his eyes several times and shakes his head as if to clear the cobwebs that have invaded there. "Oh really Matt..." Brady moans as he tries to sit up in the remains of the caved in vehicle. "...your wife said that very thing about your performance in bed last night, didn't she?"

Several of the other officers snicker slightly, and Officer Matt Johnson looks at them, his smile disappearing quickly. "Why you little son of a bi..." Matt lunges at Brady, but is stopped short by the other members of the group and dragged away. "Your time will come Quinn, you just fucking wait and see you little punk!" Johnson screams as they others pull him around the corner.

"You really shouldn't piss off Johnson like that Brady." Came the voice of a lab coat wearing man that stepped up to the smashed vehicle and offered a hand to help Brady out. "He is, after all, one of Stark's Security Chiefs."

Brady accepted the proffered hand, and managed to remove himself from the wreckage. Finally standing upright, his slender form can be seen covered in a nearly skin-tight glossy armor that almost appears liquid in the light, but one could tell due to the several scratches and cracks from the fall, that it is not so. "Whatever Andy..." Brady waves his hand in a disregarding manner. "...he's still pissed off that I cocooned his new Charger with the new webbing formula. I was I to know that it's acidic properties were enough to eat the paint off?"

"Right..." Andy stated, trying to hide to smirk on his lips. "Anyway...what the hell happened? I thought we fixed the problem with the nozzle jamming up like that."

"Really, I don't know." Brady replied, as his well educated mind began running over the sequences within his head. "The suits stablizers and agility programs are working great. I was running along that 1 foot ledge like a acrobat, and I could feel the suit keeping me balanced perfectly with each step. And let's be honest, I can't dance worth a shit. But the suit made me feel like I could have been running on a tightrope, and not have to worry about each step."

"The radar and agility programs merged perfectly. The suit could detect the bullets trajectories, and then activated the independant Flex Servos that twisted me around with automatic precison to make the bullets pass by, without turning me into a pretzel."

Turning his head slightly, he saw the limp waldoes lying on the ground behind him and he frowned at them. "We 'have' to find a way to make the waldoes a bit more stronger. They shouldn't have snapped like that. Maybe if he added some titanium to the mix."

"Brady, you know that the protein mix won't accept a dense material like Titanium." Andy retorted back. "The real problem is the web nozzles. It's either that or there is something in the web mixture that is causing it to gunk up like that."

Brady sighed heavily, and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I don't know Andy, but if I can't get this figured out, the Iron Spider Project is going to get shelved by Mr. Burke, and then he's going to start wondering if I was a good choice to join his 'Stark Elite'."

Re: Along Came a Spider...

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:46 am
by Nichalus
As Quinn was contemplating the latest failure, a large semi-truck pulling a long enclosed trailer arrived. As it came to a halt next to Brady and Andy, the back end slowly opened and a retractable ramp unfurled, which allowed them to walk up into the trailer. The interior of the trailer was filled with all manners of computer stacks and a large console that spanned the walls. In the middle was a circular platform, which Brady stepped up on, and suddenly several mechanical arms emerged from the platform and began to carefully remove the thin skin-tight armor and hold the pieces into place until Brady stepped down, wearing only the mesh-like underarmor that was underneath.

"Hmm, looks like a few of the rounds caught the armor." Brady said with a bit of surprise in his voice, as he examined the suit and noticed several obvious impact points in the chest area. "I really didn't feel them, but due to the situation and adrenaline, I probably wouldn't have."

"Well, your did design the armor to withstand a .223 round." Andy corrected him.

"Yeah, well...with the suits enhanced agility and tracking programs linked to work to evade incoming fire, the rounds shouldn't even have been that close." Brady stated as he subconciously felt the areas on his own body where the rounds had impacted on the suit to make sure he had not sustained any injury.

"Well, the evasion system is based on the wearers own natural abilities of movement and reaction times, and then augments it." Andy countered. "And let's face it, your not exactly in peak athletic condition, or have the reaction timing of Captain America, or even Spiderman."

Brady smiled whimsically at the mention of Spiderman. "I know, but even at my human-normal levels, the suit worked like a charm. I mean, could you imagine what it would do 'if' Spiderman and his enhanced abilities were being augmented by it?"

"Keep dreaming pal." Andy snorted. "Even before Spidey officially retired, you tried to get him to come and test the suits abilities with his enhanced abilites, and never even got so much as a 'get bent, moron', from him."

With a low droning sound, the back doors to the trailer slowly begin to close, and once shut, the automatic lighting and air conditioning units come to life within the trailer. With a slight lurch the truck begins moving down the street of the Stark Urban Test Area, which is a small city sized testing facility built on Stark property, complete with several empty highrise buildings and store facades for testing Stark inventions.

"Well, he'll be back someday." Brady stated with a hint of disappointment in his tone. "After what happened, everyone needs to take a bit of time off. I mean, Metropolis has Superman back again, Gotham has Mr. Gloomy-Puss Batman...New York just wouldn't be the same without Spiderman swinging around."

Re: Along Came a Spider...

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:41 pm
by Nichalus
Nearly 8 hours after the truck had delivered Brady back to his own personal lab at the heart of the Stark Complex, Brady was still hard at work pouring over the schematics and technical readouts of the latest test run with the suit, which now rested on a raised pedestal in the center of the large lab. Several cables were attached to the suit that led back to several consoles with monitors playing back the events of the test, graphs overlaid on the video showed spikes and scrolling numbers.

The sound of light snoring was coming from somewhere behind one of the far side consoles where Andy was blissfully sleeping, while Brady stared at the readouts, his brown hair standing up at all points of the compass, and his brown eyes red and gazed over from the constant flow of information on the screens.

But this was nothing new for Brady. Ever since he started Kindergarden, he had an almost unquenchable thirst to learn. He wanted to know why the sky was blue, the grass was green and all things inbetween the two...and beyond and below them as well. By the 3th Grade, he was already reading and comprehending High School Math, Calculus and Science. By 6th Grade, he surpassed all Honor and Advanced Courses for his age...hell, he surpassed High School courses in these studies. By the time he had reached High School, there was nothing they could teach him, and he was accelerated to College Level courses and attending Manhatten University at the tender age of 15.

It was at MU that he had met Andy Jenkins, the gentleman that was drooling blissfully on his wadded up Lab Coat who's snoring sounded like a diesel engine running on 4 bad valves. Andy would also wake up in the morning with a large penis drawn on the side of his cheek in black ink, with the words 'Enter here' and an arrow pointing to his mouth. Brady had made a mental note to be out of the lab before Andy woke.

Even though Andy was 7 years older than Brady, the two of them hit it off right from the start. For Brady, Andy was the big brother that he never had. They played Halo and Modern Warfare into the wee hours of the night, watched movies and ate only the best geek food that delivery drivers could bring. By their fourth year together, both graduated with their Masters Degrees, Brady taking only 4 years to Andy's 6. Brady's Thesis on The 8th Sense of the Arachnids, or the nearly precognitive sense of Spiders, won him top honors, and his Science Professors still use it's conclusions to this day.

Brady had always had a nearly unhealthy attraction to insects, more to the point...Spiders. He found their unique presence in the world fascinating, their abilities to create intricate designs with their webs without the aid of rulers, levels and technical aids incredible, and the fear that their tiny fragile bodies causes full grown humans as one of the most ironic jests in the universe. This of course made him one of the greatest Spiderman fans in the known Universe. Brady was fascinated by the friendly neighborhood hero. Following his every exploit in the news, on the web (the internet web, that is). His room was decorated in posters, newsclipings of the wallcrawler in various action poses, not to mention the multitude of action figures and models posed on several shelves.

It was also the one thing that his surrogate big brother thought was Brady's worst habit, and it was unnatural to revere such a flamboyant figure. Andy thought that Spiderman was the worst of the heroes, that he was too egotistical and far too cocky for a young man like Brady to look up to. But this difference, or the sometimes heated discussion about it, were never enough for the bond between them to be shaken.

It was soon after their graduation that, quite unexpectantly, that one night their was a knock on their door. Instead of the pizza delivery driver that was expected, they opened the door and none other than Alex Burke the CEO of Stark Industries, was standing there in a silk suit and tie.

Burke had explained to Brady that he had been following Brady's path for some time, thanks to his program of locating and hiring the brightest young minds from around the world. He was fascinated by Brady's meteoric rise in aptitude tests, his research studies and theories..all of which were sent to Burke through his contacts with the university. But when Stark offered Brady a position in his 'Stark Elite', Brady was nearly floored by the offer. An offer he only accepted when he was guaranteed that Andy would be allowed to come with him.

Blinking his eyes from his thoughts, he looked at his watch and realized that it was now 7am in the morning. "Oh shit...where does the time go."

Re: Along Came a Spider...

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:23 am
by Nichalus
2 days later...

Brady stood on the platform that held the Iron Spider Armor making some last minute adjustments in the web nozzles on the right forearm.  It turned out it was indeed the webbing mixture that was gumming up the mechanism inside the glove.  Thus causing the liquid to stick to the interior surface of the nozzle and eventually clogging.  Of course he got the obligatory "I told you so.." from Andy.

"Open."  Brady stated as he stood before the suit, and the glossy chestpiece and leggings parted down the their middles with a slight hiss of compressed air.  Brady turned around in front of the suit, holding his hands horizontally.  "Merge."

The suit suddenly flowed forward almost like a crimson liquid that quickly flows around Brady's shape, taking on every nuance of his body like a glove fitting over a hand.  Only his head was not covered, as he lowered his arms, and took several tentative steps to ensure the movement sensors were registering properly in the legs.  He twisted at the waist, windmilled his arms, flexed the arms, and once he was satisfied that all sensors were responding properly, the crimson armor liquid suddenly covered his entire head.

Brady peered out of the orb-like eyepieces, mentally called up the HUD system, who's data began listing the suits initial diagnostics on the sides of his visual display within the mask.  Once all the systems had run through their checks, three golden appendages, or Waldoes, slowly unfurled from the golden disk-like micro-thin pack on his back.  The talon tips on each waldo gleamed in the lab's lighting, each seemingly looking around the room in individual directions.  In actuality they were merely going through their own diagnostic checks, calibrating the micro cameras within them, checking the speed and integrity of their growth programs.

Within Brady's HUD, 3 camera views popped up at the top of the display, each one showing the different views of the room.  There was a sudden buzzing from one of the consoles.  Waldo 1, suddenly spun around and elongated until it reached the corner of the corridor that lead to the entrance, and then it's talon peered around the corner and gave Brady a view from it's camera.

Standing on the other side of the heavily secured glass doors in the reception area of his lab, a gentleman wearing the delivery uniform Stark Industries stood at the desk holding a electronic delivery pad in his hand.  he was mistakenly waving at the security camera in the corner of the reception area, which made Brady smile, as he mentally commanded Waldo 2 which stretch behind Brady to the console and gently depressed the comm button.

"It's the weekend dude, I thought there weren't suppose to be deliveries on the weekends."  Brady stated with a bit of irritation in his meek voice.

--Sorry Sir, Special Delivery for Dr. Quinn.  It was marked urgent and for immediate delivery.--  The delivery man stated apologetically.

Waldo 2 closed the the comm, and returned to it's neutral length.  "Dammit.." Brady said, as his irritation grew.  Usually these types of deliveries meant he would be wasting precious time on something that had nothing to do with his Iron Spider armor.  But, looking on the bright side, he could test his newest addition to the armor.

Concentrating, suddenly the armor began coalesce around Brady's body.  The color of the armor began to change, multiple colors began mixing within the flowing armor, like an artist pouring different hues into a paint can to create a new color.  The texture of the armor began changing as well, already the high gloss sheen mutes dramatically into a light bluish color, and where once was gleaming crimson armor, are now a pair of what appears to be faded blue jeans.  The same startling transformation happens on his upper torso, as the armor seemingly reorganizes itself, elongating and turning a bright white as it transforms into a long lab coat, complete with a red t-shirt underneath.

Brady couldn't help but smile with satisfaction as he looked in his reflection on the large glass security doors, then keyed his code and opened them.  Stepping to the delivery man, who held out the datapad that needed Brady's thumbprint for authorization, he couldn't help but be slightly aware that the delivery man stood nearly a good foot and a half taller than him and twice as wide.  Granted Brady stood all of 5'5", and all of a meekly 140 lbs, and that was pushing it.

"Jesus, Burke feeding you guys steroid feed now down at the Complex Trough?"  He stated with a wry grin.

"No sir, but maybe if you came outta the lab once in a while, you could see what the sun looks like, and eat some more healthier foods than Hot Pockets and Jolt Colas."  The man snickered back as he looked down at Brady.

"Spare me the sardonic ravings copulating homo iron wrangler."  Brady looked up at him defiantly, and saw the blank expression on the man's face as he tried to decipher what Brady said.  "Let me help you Brutus...'Shut the fuck up, and go shove some iron up your ass."

"You got a big mouth for a little guy."  The man leaned down to get in Brady's face, trying to intimidate him.

"And you need your job, to keep you in supply of all the steroids that you take."  Brady merely smiled back, allowing him to see the look as the delivery man made the connection, and straightened back up.  "Now, wheel my delivery into the lab, and beat it Man Bull."

Brady walked back into his lab, still glancing at his reflection and the armors camouflaging ability.  Returning to the console, and small data cable unfurled from his waist line and jacked into the console in front of him, and he studied the power readouts and stability systems of the suit, and hearing the delivery man wheel in his package.

"By the way little man...."  The man stated as he was leaving the lab.  "...get bent, you sawed off runt."

Brady merely laughed without looking up from his readouts, but when he did look up to see the security doors close, he then noticed the package, and it was not the small box he was expecting to see.  Sitting near the platform, was a large capsule-like metal tube sitting on it's bottom, standing a good 7 feet high.

"What the..."  Brady said in surprise, as he stepped over to the capsule.  He circled it twice, looking for any marking, but he held none.  The only thing on it's surface was a small control panel on the side, which he looked at and depressed a red blinking button.  The front face of the capsule slid away, revealing frost covered glass.  Brady could see that there was a form, or shape behind the frost, which was now beginning to create a cloud of condensation as the cold behind the glass met with the labs warmer temperature.

Brady reached up and began wiping away the frost near the top of the glass, and suddenly let out an involuntary gasp, and stepped back from the capsule, as he suddenly recognized the masked face that stared back at him.  The red mask, and pointed orb-like eyes were instantly recognizable.


Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:31 am
by Nichalus
Brady looked at the iconic masked face for several stunned moments.  As one of his biggest fans, Brady had watched every video clip, newsreel, movie, animated series, and even once caught a glimpse of Spiderman swinging through the streets of NYC...but he had never actually met the man in person.  Now, here he was standing..well...frozen in all his glory a few feet in front of him.

"Damn, I didn't realize he was so small."  Brady murmured to himself.  "Now...let's find out what the hell your doing here frozen like a Popsicle."

Brady grabbed several towels and began wiping the frost-covered glass of the capsule so he would get a better look at the interior of the capsule.  When he finished, he almost wished he hadn't looked.

Spiderman's crimson and blue clad form was covered with a thin coating of frost, and various wires and glowing tubes.  They were connected to his body in the general medical positions..temples, chest, inner thighs, neck.  The tubing glowed a bright blue, and appeared to have some sort of liquid substance flowing through them.

Suddenly a urgent beeping sound was heard in his ears.  Holding his ears, he looked around the room for the cause of the alert, and then in embarrassed frustration, he realized that he was still wearing the Iron Spider suit and it's external alarm was going off about something.  "I'm an idiot..."  He chided himself, and then mentally commanded the helm of the suit to reform over his head, and the HUD display promptly appeared.

Radiation Alert...Radiation Alert

Almost immediately the suit suddenly flowed around his entire form, and all it's defense and alert systems came online.  One of the perks of the suit was it's protection against radioactivity.  Holding his hand towards the capsule, Brady began to take readings from the entire unit.  Perhaps there was a leak, or a broken valve but as he looked at the readings, he realized that the radiation was coming from 'within the unit, and the levels while high, were not of a lethal nature.

Prompting his helm to withdraw within his suit, the Waldoes came to life, and each of them began taking slow, methodical tours around the capsule, their cameras training on each and every crease, and line of the unit, while one of them focused on Spiderman through the glass of the unit.

Each of the Waldoes were running the camera's filters through all the the various spectroscopic ranges, and then relaying the images and readings through Brady's HUD.  From the appearance of things, it appeared that the radiation was being emitted from the glowing tubes that were attached to Spiderman's body.  But the spectrographical analysis breakdown of the radiation was like none that he had ever seen before.  It wasn't Gamma, X-Ray, Neutron, and any of the other known emissions.  From the perplexing readings the emissions

"What ...the fuck!?!"  Brady said with a confused exasperated gasp.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:41 pm
by VagueDurin
"Roger that, control. Strike team is green. ETA Eighteen seconds."

The voice was robotic, filtered through a microphone embedded inside a full faced helmet and then reproduced by the speakers in his own armor. He didn't know who the voice belonged to. The HUD glowing in front of his face showed that it originated from the being designated as Hunter One.

And make no mistake about it; these men were merely Hunters, at best. They fancied themselves Soldiers.

He'd led men into combat that had left more courage and honor in the latrine before they rode out than any of these 'Hunters' carried in their entire body. But those times were behind him. Literally a lifetime ago. Now he was... Well it didn't matter. What mattered was the sequence of events that was approaching. Five seconds. Three... Two...


*Thud, Thud*


The tiny explosive charges were fired into a reinforced window plane and detonated on cue, weakening the glass mere milliseconds before seven beings fell from the sky, (Technically they'd leapt from an aircraft), and tumbled into the corridor amid a cascade of shattered glass.

One of the larger pieces of glass spun its way along the tiled floor and came to a stop against the boot of a very surprised looking delivery man. Rising to their feet before him were 6 armed and armored men, dressed in a dark green with golden accents.

As the Hydra agents raised their automatic weapons and trained them on the befuddled Stark employee, the seventh member of their merry band rose from the crouch he'd landed in, clad head to toe in non reflective black ballistic armor. Adorning the armor were a varied assortment of pouches and tools, the most recognizable of which was a sword sheathed over his back.

"You just crashed through a window twenty stories high!" The delivery person exclaimed, finally gathering enough of his faculties around him to speak.

The all black figure merely shrugged as he stepped forward through the tactical formation of Hydra Agents and approached the delivery man. "One does not simply walk into the Stark Complex." He replied, his voice deep and rich and not the least bit muffled despite the full faced mask of his armor.

The delivery man paused momentarily as the pop culture reference dawned on him and for the briefest of moments his tiny brain ceased to process the fact that he was facing down and armed strike force. The dim light behind his eyes illuminated ever so slightly and a smirk started to tug at the corner of his mouth.



That was when the alarms kicked in and the reality of the fact settled back in. His face contorted as he realized exactly what he was looking at. "Hey so what do you think you're doi--"

"Freeze!" a shout came from the corridor behind the group. The rear guard made quick work of it, the piercing staccato report of an assault rifle set to burst rang out in the narrow corridor and the guard fell lifeless to the tile floor.

The figure in black hadn't even glanced backwards. His off hand was clenched around the delivery man's throat. "..Never... *cough* Away with... This. Do you *cough* any... who owns... *cough* place? Mr... Burke... Your... Ass."

"Former Colonel Bryce Jaxton. Where can I find him?" The being in black spoke, slowly."

The wheels inside the delivery man's head slowly started turning. Colonel Jaxton was supposed to be some sort of war hero. Retired and consulted for Mr. Burke now here at the complex. An American hero. "You’re just... Terrorist."

"Colonel Jaxton. I won't ask again."

"I'll never... Betray... Country."

"That's too bad, it'll sure betray you." The figure spoke, his voice reserved for just a moment.


"Can your boss fly, boy?" He asked, voice hardening once more.

The delivery guy nodded. "He can... Alot more than that."

"You'd better hope he can catch, then." his deep, intimidating tone had gone raspy with a sudden chill as the being chucked the delivery man out the whole in the window panel with no visible effort at all. The delivery guy's screams slowly faded away into the distance... Terrorist...

There was an almost undetectable shudder that ran over his body, and then he hardened his resolve and looked back towards the Hydra strike team. "Three and Four cover the elevator, the rest of you take your counterpart and start searching." He instructed before spinning away and stalking down the corridor.

He had to find Jaxton. The former Army Officer was the first link to tracking down those responsible for what had happened to his men... and for what had happened to him. He heard the sentry’s rifle sounding off and knew they were steadily running out of time, that's when the radio crackled to life. "Wraith, this is Six. We've got him."

Wraith sprinted to their location with superhuman speed. "Out." he ordered and the fire team of Hunter's Five and Six left the office, closing the door behind them.

The Colonel was at his desk, and his brows furrowed as he watched Wraith approach. "No markings, rank, insignia... You arrive with Hydra but you are not one of them. So who, then? KGB? Massad?"

"The name is Wraith. Formerly known as Captain Tracy Costello, US Army Special Forces, Seventh Group, the Devils Brigade."

This gave the aging retired officer some focus, but not the reaction that Wraith had been hoping to see. "So what is this about, then, Captain?" Jaxton asked irritated. Like the delivery man before him, the man seemed to invest far too much confidence in his security merely because of who he worked for. "My time is in high demand these days."

"Yes I imagine it would be, Colonel. You've obviously done very well for yourself. How many of our guys did you put into coffins in order to get here?"

"I can assure you I don't know what you-"

"Save the bull shit. I want names. I want the names of ever single fat, lazy, arm chair commanding mother fucker that was involved in Operation Washout."

"Washout?!" The Colonels face began to blanch somewhat. "How do you even know about that Op? It was classified Top Secret even before it was closed and sealed away."

The seams around Wraiths helmet hissed slightly before parting and sliding away from his face, revealing the orange glowing semi-solid nuclear radioactive energy form that he was forced to exist in. "I know because I was there. On the fucking ground following god damned orders like all the rest of my men when you sons of bitches dropped a nuclear warhead on us!" He shouted, picking the desk up off the floor and smashing it into the wall.

"Good God." Gasped the Colonel as the realization washed over him. "The report said there were no survivors. You don't understand, son. The pressure to keep that situation contained... the strike team was set back, delayed... We had to be absolutely sure... My god... What did we do?"

Wraith was barely able to control himself. The only thing stopping him from shredding the aging man in front of him was the fact that he needed answers. It had been so long, as he recovered from his transformation, embraced it, and then trained to achieve his revenge. In all that time, nothing he'd done had prepared him for coming face to face with one of those responsible.

The Colonel calmly rose from the chair and walked through the space where the desk used to be, to a picture frame on the far wall. He removed the frame slowly to reveal a safe which he immediately set about unlocking it. Jaxton removed a small electronic memory device from the safe and turned, tossing it to Wraith who caught it one handed.

By the time Wraith looked away from the device and back to the Colonel, the man had a pistol in his left hand and was pressing it against his temple. With the other hand, he threw an abbreviated salute in Wraith's direction. "Godspeed, Captain. I hope you find what you're looking for." And with that, before Wraith had any time to react, the Colonel pulled the trigger and dropped to the deck.

Wraith took a moment to process the outcome, tucking the data device into a pouch on his belt, and then turned to leave. He paused halfway to the door, shoulders visibly slumping as he sighed. He moved back to the Colonel's body and took the pistol out of the man’s hand, tucking it into one of his waist pouches. "They don't need to know every detail." He barely whispered.

"Wraith to Hunters, target is down, we're finished here." He spoke, turning his back on Jaxton one last time and opening the door to the corridor before finding himself staring down the barrels of three security guards pistols.

It was nearly instantaneous. The first Guard's expression told Wraith that he was fixated on the black armored man's glowing orange visage, the other two immediately lit upon the sight of Colonel Jaxton dead on the ground behind him. There would be no talking around this one. In less time than it takes to blink, Wraith unsheathed his sword and struck. By the time he'd exhaled, three heads hit the ground.

He re-sheathed the sword and drew an automatic pistol from its holster as he moved towards the staircase, his helmet re-sealing itself. The HUD blinked back into existence instantly and while he did not have access to the buildings schematics, the elevation level on the Hunter's designators told him there were a full eight levels below him.

*Bang Bang*

Another Guard had appeared. Wraith didn't pause in his sentence as he dispatched the man. "Hunter One, what are you doing on level twelve and why the hell is level twenty unsecure?" There was a long pause before a reply came through the helmets speakers.

"Conducting the secondary objective." Hunter One replied.

"What secondary objective?" Wraith's voice dripped with icy hostility.

"That’s... Classified."

Only static responded.

"Shit. He's-" Hunter One's exclamation was cut short by a sudden wash of hot, bright orange light. The Hydra Agent's shielded their eyes against the flash.


When he came to, Wraith was kneeling between them, shoulders and chest heaving under the strain of the teleportation he'd just completed. The Hydra agents all turned from their circular security formation and brought their weapons to bear on Wraith. Hunter 1 was attempting to hack into the floors security to open the door to the lab he had been ordered to enter.

Wraith felt queasy. He always did after teleporting. His vision blurred at the edges and his strength ebbed and waned as he slowly took stock of his position. He switched his radio frequency over to the higher Hydra channel so that their command element would also hear. "I... Order you to stop whatever you are doing. This was my mission. My objective-"

"Negative. Hunter One this is Hunter Actual, proceed with secondary objective. Wraith, stand down."

"This goes way higher than me, freak." Hunter One replied, obviously confident in his men's superior tactical position. "My orders come from command, not a human glow stick." He added as he continued to type.

Wraith took one more steadying breath, even as his body swayed slightly from the vertigo. The words of the delivery man from earlier re-entered his mind. Terrorist... he paused momentarily... Is that what I've become? By aligning myself with this... wannabe world power? With a grim determination, he stood straight. No. He'd become a tool. To be used not by the US Government, but now by Hydra. That would not stand.

"Then consider this my resignation." He replied on the Hydra channel.

"Kill hi-"

The first of the agents never heard the rest of the command. Wraiths pistol fired, the bullet striking true. The rest was very much a blur. He systematically dispatched the entirety of the Hunter team, save for One. Some of their rounds had managed to catch in the weak points of his ballistic armor; he was slowly leaking a neon orange fluid from a handful of tiny holes around his torso. The pain wouldn't stop him. One was in his sights, running through a suddenly opening door into some sort of lab. Wraith took off at a sprint to give chase.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:14 pm
by Nichalus
Before Brady could contemplate further on the radioactivity within the capsule, the alarm klaxons suddenly began sounding throughout the building.

--Warning...Intruder Alert...Warning...Intruder Alert. Hostile forces have breached the building defenses. All civilian personal are advised to remain where they are. Security Protocols have been activated, and Security Forces are enroute.-- The calm voice stated over the communication system.

"What the hell?!?!" Brady looked around the room, as the red emergency lights began blicking. Running over to the comm and video console, he called up all the security cameras in the building, going floor by floor until finally he found movement on the 20th floor. Surrounding the delivery man that was just in the lab, who had apparently stopped there for another delivery, were several heavily armed men wearing green/yellow military-styled gear, they wore strange looking helms that looked like large top hats without brims, with a black mesh-like retangular piece where the eyes were.

"Holy Shit! Who did Burke piss off this time?"

He then noticed the 'odd man out' of the group. A menacing looking fellow clad head to toe, in some-type of black armor, and all the bells and whistles that apparently could fit on it, including what appeared to be a nasty looking sword on his back. "Well, I don't think they are reps for Publisher's Clearance House giving good news that someone won a Million Dollars." Brady stated into the video screen, and then watched as the man in black grabbed the delivery guy by the throat. "And that most defiantely isn't Ed McMahan."

Suddenly the green clad soldiers wheeled around, and Brady could see on the screen, and hear the muted sounds of automatic gunfire through the walls, as they opened up on a lone Stark Security officer came around the corner. The officer with thoughts of bonuses and hero status in his mind, suddenly didn't have a mind left to think about it any further.

He didn't even have time to think before the black armored man suddenly, almost casually, tossed the delivery man out the window.

Brady followed them with the cameras as they made their way through the hallways, and ended up near the doorway to Bryce Jaxton's office. He had met Mr. Jaxton, known that he was a former military man...which is not an odd thing when considering Burke had 'many' military types working for him, all he knew was that Jaxton was a advisor of some sort. He could not follow them inside the office, as their were no cameras in there, but for a moment there was a brief orange glow that came from the doorway.

It was then that he noticed movement from the cameras right outside his own lab. Another group of the green/yellow clad soldiers were at the console in the reception area, and several of them were working on the panels, in an apparent attempt to access the lab. "Oh shit...this can't be good. Well, they aren't going to be facing a delivery man in here."

Suddenly his suit came fully online with a mental command. The suits mask flowed over Brady's face and body, and took on the well recognized colors and design of red and blue, only the legs and body of the spider emblem on the chest was much larger and more sharp edged. He paused a second and looked at the frozen form of Spiderman in the capsule. "Sorry Spidey, I hope you don't sue me." He smirked under his gleaming crimson mask.

He turns back to the monitors to take a glimpse, and he sees three Stark Officers lying on the floor near the doorway to Jaxton's office, but there was something wrong with took him a moment to realize that their heads were now lying 'next' to their bodies, like a kid's bag of large marbles had spilled on the floor. A flash of orange lit the screen to his reception area monitor, and he had just enough time to see the black armored man cut down his own soldiers there, with the exception of one of them, who had somehow gotten the doors to his lab to open, and was now running into his own lab.

Without thinking, and mainly out of sheer terror, Brady leapt upwards to the ceiling of the two-story room, the adhesion units in the pads of his fingers and feet working perfectly, and clung to the surface. The pressurized interior of the suit immediately compensated his equiliberum of being upside down.

"Welcome to my parlor, said the Spider to the fly..." Brady said as he flung his arm out and triggered his web shooters with a faint ..thwhipp "...guess who's the fly, dumbass."

The sticky webbing struck the soldier in the middle of his chest, and with a forceful jerk of Brady's suit augmented strength, the soldier was snatched from his feet, and was flung against the far wall with such force that the soldier smashed through the wall and disappeared into the void beyond.

"Oooh, guess I don't know my own strength." Brady chuckled in his best Bullwinkle impression.

Quickly, Brady leapt from his position, and landed on the wall above the doorway and waited for the man in black in enter. "Oh jesus, what the fuck am I doing? I hope the internal systems don't short out when I piss myself." He whispered to himself.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:55 am
by VagueDurin
Wraith burst into the lab as a blur. His superhuman speed was still impressive even though he was slowed slightly by the injuries he'd sustained dispatching the Hydra agents. He slowed to a stop a few meters through the entryway and scaned the area, searching for the final Hydra agent, the final loose end. I will not allow myself to become another faceless entities tool... Never again. He thought to himself.

The agent was nowhere to be seen, and about the time that fact roused suspicion in Wraiths mind, there was an impact on his right bicep. He turned quickly to investigate and found his gaze traveling up a line of webbing and ending with a blue and red being clinging to the wall above the entry way.

"I'm sorry, we don't serve you're kind here." The being mocked before yanking on the web.

Wraith felt himself being pulled backwards and in response he steadied himself, setting his feet against the floor of the lab and with a mighty heave he yanked his arm in the opposite direction. His strength was simply overpowering and resulted in Brady being pulled free from the wall and tossed through a cabinet of some kind. Once his attacker was safely out of sight, Wraith reached over and ripped the webbing free of his armor before dropping it to the ground with a certain measure of disgust.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:04 pm
by Nichalus
When Wraith looked back to where Brady had gone through the cabinet, he was staring into the black orbs of Spiderman's mask. "I know, I just fired the maid, cobwebs, dust...even at Stark, it's hard to find good help."

Wraith's blade suddenly flashes through the air. "Woah!" Spiderman exclaims as his suit-enhanced reflexes barely manage to dodge the savage swing. Spiderman ducks, dodges and leaps away from a full onslaught of slashes, thrusts and jabs as Wraith makes a full on assault with his deadly blade. The suits reflex and agility programs enhancing Brady's own natural abilities, but even with the enhancements, Brady begins to sweat underneath the armor.

He never was the athletic type as a child, nor adult. The best work out he had ever had was sitting on the couch playing HALO for 24 hours straight. It was definitely beginning to show as Wraith suddenly slashed with his blade at Brady's head, which he barely got under, but then Wraith suddenly reversed his swing, and the hilt of the blade collided perfectly with the side of Brady's head, sending him in a dipsy doodle of a stagger backwards several yards, the armor barely protecting him from the blow.

Shaking the cobwebs from his head, he sees Wraith advancing towards him again. "Alright, enough of this shit."

Suddenly from around Spiderman's back, three red and black hued arms appear over his shoulders and head, simultaniously, Brady mentally commands a shunt of all power into the strength enhancement programs.

"Meet the Three Stooges, Larry, Curly and ...HEY MOE!" The waldoes lash out at blinding speed at the same moment Spiderman throws a vicious straight arm with his right arm, while his left hand triggers his webshooter down at Wraith's legs. The waldoes and fist impact Wraith in the middle of his chest, while the webbing wraps around his leg. Pulling his left arm back viciously, at the same time of the impact to Wraith's chest, sends him crashing into the console behind him sending up sparks and parts into the air.

Once again, within Brady's helm the HUD display flashes the red radioactive warning at the side of his vision. Looking at his hands, he then notices a orange fluid substance on his hands, and spattered slightly on the front of his armor. His readouts show that the suit is protecting him from the radiation, but anyone exposed without protection would most definately be spending some time in detox facility.

Stepping over some rubble in his way, he shakes his hand which is hurting from the blow to Wraith's chest. His black orb eyes look at Wraith with a tilt of his head, as Wraith half reclines in the broken console. "Damn dude, you made of bricks under there? That smarts. Burke is going to be pissed that you wrecked my lab..then again, that should be the least of your worries when you end up going to Ryker's for murder."

It was then that he notices the orange substance on his suit is flowing from several holes in Wraith's armor. "What the hell are you? At first I thought you were covering your face due to a acne problem...but now I see it's more severe than that." The waldoes stand poised around Spiderman's body, like the legs of a spider that is preparing to strike.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:47 am
by VagueDurin
Wraith allowed himself to pause amidst the ruins of the console as he recovered from the impressive strike that the Spiderman had managed to land. His passive, all black mask betrayed no expression or emotion as he scanned the panoramic image on the screen in front of him. He was searching for where his sword had ended up and he could not find it. Finally, he returned his attention to the red and blue armored being in front of him and replied.

"Name's Wraith. Listen, Itsy-Bitsy, I don't know what water spout you crawled out of but I suggest you about face and find your way back up it. This isn't your fight..." There was a pause, and then he cocked his head a bit to the side before continuing. "Besides, since when did Spider Man strike up an alliance with Stark?"

Brady couldn't help but glance just slightly in the direction of the tube which held the old Spider Man before quickly covering it up and responding. "It's complicated. Hard times and all."

"Right. I've got no beef with you, Octa-nerd. I already got what I came here for, and now I'm leavi-"

"I can't let you do that, Black-Face." the Spider replied, one of the Waldoe's shooting out and pinning Wraiths shoulder down, preventing him from rising to his feet. "Moe thinks you should stay."

"I was afraid you were going to say that." Wraith replied, then without warning he opened fire with his pistol, forcing Brady to release him as the Spider Man had to dodge the rapidly firing bullets. With blindingly fast precision, Wraith dropped the spent magazine and slammed a new one into place, before resuming his onslaught. All the while the Spider Man was kept in a near constant state of gymnastic evasion.

Having maneuvered his assailant away from the exit by way of bullets, Wraith turned and made a break for it. The Spider Man leapt into his path expertly, dodged the first swing, then Wraith slammed a right cross straight across his helm. The blow knocked Brady off of his feet, but he still managed to shoot out a splatter of webbing across the front of Wraiths mask, effectively blinding him temporarily.

Wraith stumbled backwards as he quickly snatched at the foreign substance covering his optical sensors. It wasn't coming off easy. Brady recovered from the blow to the head and closed range while Wraith was handicapped. He landed several body shots, both by hand and foot as Wraith was forced to defend blindly against the attack.

"I tried to give you an easy out, and you didn't take it. I'm done playing nice, this ends now." Wraith exclaimed.

"Well, my 4th grade teacher did say I don't know when to qu...OAF!" Wraith landed a lucky kick that caused Brady to stumble backwards a few steps. It was just enough time to finally get purchase on the webbing and rip it off of his mask. In the process, however, the left have of the face shield was damaged, bending upward on its hinge, revealing the left side of Wraith's radioactive orange colored face from chin to brow line. The one eye Brady could see burned with rage and the rest was very much a blur.

"Ooook...I was wrong. Acne most definitely isn't the issue. Perhaps a 'stronger' analgesic is in order here..and boy, do I mean stronger." Spiderman stated with just a bit of stunned shock in his voice.

Wraith, in his blind stumbling, had happened upon his sword and he drew it immediately. It was a lightning fast deadly ballet of slashes, blocks and parries as he fought sword to Waldoe's all across the lab. Eventually the blade was able to damage the Waldoe system enough that they were forced to withdraw back into their disk for repairs. That was the break Wraith needed. He quickly sheathed the sword and went on a savage offensive. The Iron Spider Armor's enhancements could only do so much for Brady, and even with the augmentation he was hopelessly outgunned by Wraiths superhuman strength, speed, and durability.

The black armored figure, trained in unarmed combatives by the US Special Forces had upgraded his arsenal while overseas, studying in several of the eastern disciplines. This training was now put to good use in a fight that had quickly turned personal. He could see Brady's defenses failing, his responses slowing down and could imagine that despite the armor, the man inside was likely bruised and bleeding.

It was then that a trio of security guards bounded into the lab area and formed a firing line behind the fighting pair. Wraith knew he was out of time. He stunned Brady with a quick uppercut under the Spider Man's chin, then grabbed hold of him bodily and hurled the man across the lab, through the line of security guards who all fell to the ground unconscious and into a large metal structure that looked much like a capsule of some sort.

"Next time, you might want to make sure your web isn't big enough to write checks your silly armor can't cash." Wraith didn't stick around to see if the man got back up or not instead he simply knelt to the ground and in a bright orange flash he simply disappeared.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:57 pm
by Nichalus
Time seemed to slow as Brady found himself flying through the air. His battered and bleeding body within the cracked and torn suit, that was trying to reroute power and basic system functions to gain some measure of control. Twisting in his flight, he caught a glimpse through his shatter eye lenses, of the officers and the capsule that held Spiderman in stasis, and through his waning thoughts, he remembered the radioactivity within it.

Brady only has the briefest of moments as he triggered the only two functional waldoes..Larry and Curly..before impact. They shot out from his back, and at the exact moment of impact, pushed two of the officers away from the capsule...and then his armored form collided with the machine in a painful crash of metal and glass.

In the haze of the aftermath, he was vaguely aware of many people shouting commands, jumbles of words...

"Holy Shit! This whole place is reading off the charts with radioactive....."

"Everybody ...OUT....NOW!!!"

"Jesus Christ....somebody needs to get Burke on the horn...."

"Stark N.E.S.T. team is enroute...ETA 5 minutes...."

Fade out....

Fade in...................

The haze brightens somewhat, and Brady can see he is still in the lab, and he is surrounded by several people in full body suits. They are scanning him with various machines, and then he realizes that he is still looking through the shattered eye orbs of his helm. Slowly, almost dreamlike, he raises his hands, and sees they are coated with blood, and a mixture of both the blue fluids from the capsule, and the orange fluids of his assailant.

"Well...there...goes ...any chance....of having babies..." He manages to weakly quip, before the people surrounding him realize he is awake.

"Jesus...he's awake!"

"Get those fucking containment units in here!!! Put that one and get him to the Special Unit 12.. immediately!"

Through the haze, he recognizes the voice of his friend Andy, blinking his eyes he focuses blearily and can just see his friend's face through the protective glass of his biohazard suit. "Hey Andy...did you ..get Master Chief's ...autograph ...after he kicked my ...ass?"

"Brady, you just lie still. You've got severe injuries my friend. We have a containment unit here, and we're going to put you in it." Andy said as he motioned for them in a frantic manner to get the unit to them. "You've got serious radiation poisoning..and frankly Brady, I don't have a goddamn clues as to what type of isotopes you've been infected with. Our scans can't even identify it."

"Sp..Spiderman?" Quinn manages to say.

"Brady, Spiderman is the least of your worries at this time." Andy moves to the unit as he wheel it next to them, and presses several buttons on the control panel, and the lid of the unit opens with a loud hiss. "Suffice to say, he has been taken to a secure facility and will be looked at. In the mean time, just relax, and let us get you checked out."

Several of the NEST team members step up and Brady is somewhat aware as they lift him up gently, and begin to put him in the containment unit. As he slips in and out of conciousness, he hears them talking in bits and pieces...

"Sir ... suit .. fused .. ... cere... cortex point .. ... stem of ... spinal col..."

"We'll deal .... that .. good time, ... now, we .... to get him .. the Bio-Containment Lab. God .... knows .... that isot... will .. .. his Par... DNA. Move it!"

"If Burke ..nds out ..u've, he isn't go... to be happy."

"You ...think...Burke will give me ...a...severance pay?" Brady weakly asks as the unit seals him in, and blissful oblivion finally takes him into the darkness.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:49 am
by Nichalus

It was always a bright light that crept into his memories. Even memories of his earliest childhood always had a bright sheen about them, like a film that had been overexposed during development. But the memories were still there. Memories of his parents always watching over him, pampering him with gifts, hugging him when he needed them the most. His mother, with dark brown hair and kindest green eyes, kissing him on the forehead and nursing a scraped knee after he had fallen from his bike.

His father was the most protective of the two, with a broad smile of approval when he won the Science Fair, and usually with added enhancements, Student Project Contest. Standing by his plush recliner and handing him his report card and recieving the perfunctory 'attaboy' hug from him. Even building him his own 'lab' in a corner of the garage, though with the warning that he was not to blow up the garage..followed by a playful jostling of his hair to show he was joshing with him....that is, until he did manage to mix just the wrong components together, and did actually blow a portion of the garage wall out.


"...Brady...can you ....hear me?"

"Christ..Andy!" Brady suddenly shouted, and with that, his head began to hurt. It was like little pins and needles pricking him at the base of his head. "Turn down the fucking lights....Jesus, on a popsicle stick!"

Slowly, his vision began to return. Slowly, and quite painfully, he turned his head and saw he was in a room was a stark and sterile white. Various consoles with blinking lights and readouts lined the wall...and then blissfully, the white lights were shadowed as a shadowy figure blocked his view. The form had a fuzzy white halo around it and slowly his focus began to return.

"A..Andy?" Brady said as he tried to focus in on the face.

"Yes,'s Andy." The face clarified, and Andy's broad smile widened as he saw Brady's recognition of him. "You just lie still ok? You've been through quite an ordeal my young friend."

"What...what the hell happened?" It was then that he realized he was looking at Andy through the lenses of his mask. The HUD display was blank and there didn't seem to be any power flowing through the suits system. He also began to remember the events in his lab, and for a moment he tensed up, causing Andy to hold him by the shoulders to keep him from rising from his prone position. The pins and needles in his head were dimming, but still tingling slightly.

"Easy Brady...your safe." Andy said with a calming voice. "Your at the Stark Medical Center, your body has been exposed to..."

"Radiation..." Brady finished for him. The black armored man...fight in his and orange fluids...pain. All of it came rushing back into his mind. "Who the hell was that guy?"

"We don't know yet Brady, Stark's people are looking into it, but obviously he had an agenda....they found Jaxton in his office, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot to the head." Andy answered bluntly.

"Why the hell is the suit still on me Andy?" Brady asked as he raised his hands and looked at his red glossy armored fingers.

" the problem." Andy replied.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:36 am
by Nichalus
"What the hell do you mean the problem?" Brady asked, while looking through the glass lens of his orbs from his friend, to his smooth armored hands.

Andy stepped closer to Brady, and put a comforting hand on his armored covered shoulder. "Brady, there are some strange things going on here, and I need you to remain calm. First...during your fight with the unknown assailant, your suit has somehow fused itself to your Neural System. With time, we should be able to figure out a way to remove..."

"Why don't I have power to the systems?" Brady cut him off.

"Well Brady, we removed the Casimir Batteries from the chest piece. We felt that if the suit malfunctioned and attempted an emergency detachment, that the process would harm, if not kill you due to it's connection to your spinal column. And then there is the issue with the radiation..."

"I feel fine..." Brady says defensively.

"That's the other problem Brady." Andy replied with a look of concern. "We've identified..somewhat..the radioactive fluid that came from the assailant as a 'military' grade plutonium that has been ..for lack of a better term...mutated with organic matter. We actually found human DNA that is surviving, even thriving, within the samples we were able to get from your armor."

"Yeah, Pizzaface was literally glowing with the stuff.." Brady stated as he remembered seeing what lied beneath Wraith's mask. "What about the blue stuff?"

"Well..." Andy began, and then gave a particular look on his face. The faint pins and needles returned in Brady's head at this moment. It wasn't as strong as his prior experience with the sensation, feeling more like the onset of a headache. "Brady, we're still running tests, but that particular substance seems to have ...dissapated, or was somehow absorbed and then rendered inert. We are running tests on the substance from the source...."

"Spiderman?! That stuff was running through the tubes in his capsule." Brady stated and then looked at Andy, his expression of curiosity hidden by his mask. "What happened to him? Is he ok?"

"We're...we're still looking into that. Stark Security has run a trace on the delivery, and they can find no manifest, point of origin for the delivery. It is as if the package just suddenly appeared at the docks, and the people at the Receiving Area just followed normal protocols. I can tell you Burke is probably not happy about that litte slip up."

Again, the pins and needles feeling slid fleetingly through his head, causing him to bring his hands up to his temples and rub them. "Brady, we need to get this suit off me...and get me a Advil or something. I can feel a monster headache coming on."

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:37 pm
by Nichalus
Something just isn't right. Brady thought to himself. It just isn't adding up. Spiderman shows up frozen like a popsicle. Some guy with a severe case of road rash, storms the complex with a goon squad of soldiers...turns on them, slicing and dicing them like julian fries....for what???

Jaxton is found dead from suicide. I wind up getting my ass kicked by Snake Eyes, soaked in radiation and now I'm stuck in my suit...wait a sec!!

Looking around the room, Andy had left to check on some tests, and there was no one else present, besides some techs behind the observation windows. Reaching to his side, he depresses a hidden pressure plate.

I never did tell anyone about the reserve power units...

The HUD display within his mask's orbs lenses slowly begins to fade in. Automatic systems diagnostics begin running, and readouts of his damaged suit begin scrolling on the screen. Already the repair systems were rerouting sub-routines through the back-up systems, and was even self-replicating the skin of the armor slowly.

His lenses shift to infra-red, and he can see the heat signatures of the tech's on the other side of the wall. Looking around, he suddenly becomes perplexed by what he sees. This isn't the Stark Med Center....I've been in every nook and cranny of that place, and I've never seen this room. He thinks to himself as he continues to try and get his bearings. The suits terrain mapping system slowly begins piecing together the rooms and hallways that Brady can distinguish through his Infrared and Ultraviolet lenses. He finds that the area around him is more vast than he at first thought, and just by the dimensions alone, he is certain beyond a doubt that he is most definitely not at the Stark Medicial Center.

If I'm not a Stark, then where the hell am I?" And then his eyes narrow as he realizes that ...Andy...Andy lied to me. He was the one that told me that we were at Stark Medical. What the fuc.... His thoughts are suddenly cut off as the pins and needles... No, he thought to himself.....Tingling... would be the more apt description, and then he noticed the form of Andy coming down the hallways beyond his doorway.

"Well, we do have some good news Brady." Andy said with a warm smile on his face, reading a datapad in his hand, which Brady was thankful for since Andy had not noticed that the ruptured parts of the suit were slowly regenerating. "The radioactivity test are showing that the levels of the unknown isotope are almost non-existant. My theory is that perhaps the suit somehow absorbed and rendered the radiation never have told me everything that you have done with the suit. Was this a counter measure you installed?"

The tingling sensation was growing within his head. Shaking his head slightly he looked at Andy, though Andy could not see, with narrowed suspicious eyes. "Well....Andy." He started as he gathered his thoughts. "The suit 'does' have a containment program that allows me to detach parts to cover things like radioactive materials."

"Ah yes, that's right..." Andy nodded in agreement and resumed his reading on the datapad.

"Andy?" Brady asked.

"Yes Brady?" Andy looked up at Brady, just in time to see the three Waldoes lash out from behind Brady's back. Their grippers on the ends grabbing Andy by the arms and pinning him to the wall, as Brady rose from the bed, his mask flowing away from his face revealing an angry expression on Brady's face. Slowly he walked towards him.

"Brady! What the hell are you doing?!?!" Andy cried out in shock.

"This isn't Stark Medical, Andy." Brady stated menacingly. "What the fuck is this place, and what the hell is going on?! You better start talking, or I'm going to have Larry perform a Colonoscopy on you...sans the lubricant."

As if to prove the point, Larry snaked down between Andy's legs and placed it's pointed tip between Andy's legs.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:10 pm
by Nichalus
Andy's expression told Brady that his suspicions were not unfounded. "Brady...I...they...forced me to do this. I...I... had no choice." Andy stammered as he grimaced from being pinned to the wall by the waldoes.

"WHY?!?" Brady yelled in Andy's face. "Who?!? Andy?....WHO?!? Made you do ...WHAT?!?" Anger, confusion, hurt, frantic emotions casaded within Brady's head. He could not fathom any reason for why he was the subject of all this attention.

"Brady, you can't possibly understand." Andy began muttering. "What we did...what they did was for your own good. If I didn't go along with it, they would have killed you long ago!"

'..long ago?' Brady repeated the phrase in his mind. At first it didn't click, because the implications of it were too mind boggling for him to even conceive. "What the hell do you mean....long ago? Brady clenched his teeth, and caused the waldoe in Andy's crotch to edge forward slightly.

Andy squirmed uncomfortably against the wall, clenching his jaws and squeezing his eyes shut. "Alright!" Andy suddenly yelled, opening his eyes and staring into Brady's eyes. "Listen to me, now that you suspect something, they will come after you...they will stop at nothing! NOTHING! To prevent you from finding out ...." He stops in mid sentence, and suddenly his entire demeanor changes. A smile grows on his lips, his eyes seem to almost ..clarify.

Brady is taken aback by this sudden change to his long time friend. "...Andy?"

"Your time is up....Quinn." Andy says with a knowing grin on his lips. "How does it feel to be so thoroughly ...manipulated."

The waldoes retract to his sides as they release their hold on Andy. "Wha...What the hell are you talking about?!" Brady now is the one that stammers slightly. A cold feeling of dread crossing over him. "Andy! God Dammit....what are you TALKING ABOUT?!?!" His scream is tinged with a hint of fear in it's tone. Fear of some unknown forces at work. Fear that there is something ...wrong...something ..dark, about himself, his whole life, that has now suddenly led to the moment.

"In due time Quinn." Andy steps towards him, the chilling smile still firming planted on his lips. "All in due time. But now...." He pauses for a moment, and suddenly the tingling sensation returns in the back of Brady's head. It was an 'insistant' tingling, almost like a feeling of something bad is about to happen, and then Andy finishes his sentence. "...but's time to run little spider."

At the same time the tingling sensation in his head seem to come to a cresendo, six armed men suddenly burst into the room, their weapons raised and pointed at Brady.

Brady's face suddenly hardened, his confusion turns to anger. Anger towards the man standing there smiling. The man that he had called his friend since he was a teenager. Now, he was just a man that was involved in some devious plan to what? He did not know. But at that moment, he knew he would find the answers.

"You just made the biggest mistake of your life Andy." Brady stated matter of factly between his clenched teeth. "I'll be seeing you....soon."

"Put your hands in the air, and don't make any sudden moves!" One of the armed men yelled.

Brady stepped back, putting his hands in the air. He then smiled. " haven't seen sudden moves...yet."

The suit's mask suddenly covers Brady's face, and the suits systems come fully online . The security officers immediately begin firing at Brady, as he leaps towards them. Several of the small caliber bullets ding off the armor harmlessly, but the majority of them missing completely, as he bends and twists his form in mid-air.

"You boys must not be getting enough sleep.." Brady states as he leap frogs over one of the officers, and places red armored boots to the jaws of two other officers on the other side. " two definately are sleepin' on the job."

More gun fire rings out in the room as more officer fire upon him, and Brady marvels as his systems automatically cause him to react and move away from the paths of the deadly rain of lead. Pivoting in place, he raises his hands and depresses the switches and two streams of his webbing fire into the faces of two more officers, who immediately drop their weapons and bring their hands to their faces, trying to remove the sticky substance.

Taking advantage of their blindness, Brady leaps between them, giving a spinning kick to one, and a deft right cross to the side of the other's head. Both crumple into heaps of unconcious flesh on the floor.


The sensation last for a split second, and he wheels around just as the two remaining officer were posed to fire their weapons. Twin streams of webbing shoot from his wrists and catch both officer's gun hands with such force, they are throw against the wall of the room, their hands and guns stuck to the surface.

"Dumbasses..." Brady then fires several more streams of webbing at them, and when he is finished, the two of them are literally encased against the wall, with only barely enough space for their mouths to breath.

" gots some s'planing to dooo." Brady says in his best Ricky Ricardo, as he turns to where Andy was last standing....only to find him gone. "Son ..of ...a ...bitch."

Suddenly the loudspeakers in the entire area begin blaring....

--Warning! Warning! Self Destruct of Base has been activated. All personel are to make their way to the nearest emergency escape hatches. Warning! Warning!

Red flashing lights begin blinking in the room, and Brady sighs. "Shit......"

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:24 pm
by Nichalus
Cocking back his fist, and allowing a moment for his suit to adjust to his command, he smashes the secured door, which flies from it's hinges and careens down the corridor into a startled group of security personel that were converging on the room. With barely a thought, or plan of action, he leaps from the room while the guards are still recovering from the confusion of the moment.

Brady bounds from one wall to the other, as one guard regains his senses and fires several shots at him. Adhering his hands to the ceiling, he launches himself feet first into the chest of the guard, who is knocked to the ground with a satisfying expulsion of air, and then uses the guard's chest as a springboard and launches himself into the two guards that had regained their footing, only to see a blur of red and blue bowling them back to the floor.

He grabs one of the stunned guards by the lapels of his uniform, and pulls his face close to his gleaming orb-like eyes. "My advise for you cupcake...stay down. According to the speaker lady, we all have more important things to worry about. Like....I don't"

The guards stunned eyes look at his own reflection in the eerie orbs of Spiderman's mask, and all he can do is nod his head in agreement.

"Now, that I have your attention. Where are the escape hatches?"

"The...there, down the hall to the west..f.f.f.follow the lighted arrows on the walls." The guard motions with his hand.

Brady looks towards the direction and can see several other people running towards that area, and then looks back at the guard..sighs slightly. "Listen Rent a Goon, get your buddies up and moving, cuz I don't think that you want to stick around to see the final outcome. Move your ass!"

The guard nods his head comically in agreement.

Brady lets him go and runs down the hallway, following the moving digital arrows on the displays attached to the walls. He is about to round the corner when


Brady just manages to move his head back as there is a sudden blast from a gun that is being held by another guard that was lying in wait around the corner.

"WOAH!!" Brady exclaims as he reaches around the corner with his hand with adheres to the wall, then using his momentum, he swings his legs around the corner and catches the guard fully in the chest, sending him lying down the hallway and crashing through the double doors that are there.

It also reveals the room where several people are getting into several pods, who's doors close and with a loud shwoosh of pressurized air shoots the pods up and out of sight. To Brady's rage, he sees Andy himself, one foot in the pod, turn and smiles at Brady with a wave of his hand.

"Son of a bitch!!" Brady screams and runs down the hallway, the suit giving him more speed than he at first anticipated and he winds up stumbling during his dash and trips through the doorway, rolling to an unglorious crash at the foot of the pod that Andy stepped into.

Looking up at the ceiling, Andy's face comes out of the pod's opening, the same smirking smile on his face. "Have a nice day...or what's left of it."

The pod door slams closed before Brady can say anything and suddenly he shoots up it's tube. Reacting quickly, Brady fires his webbing, and just manages to hit the bottom of the pod. Brady is immediately jerked from the floor and slams painfully against the sides of the podtube, the brunt of the impacts being taken by the suit, but painful nonetheless for the occupant within.

"Ow...Ow...Ow..Ow!" Is all Brady can manage to get out of his mouth as he pinballs back and forth against the sides of the twisting and turning tube before suddenly, and unexpectedly, the pod is suddenly purged from the complex and Brady finds himself being pulled through frigid, bone chilling water.

The suit, sensing the change in surroundings, immediately seals itself, and fresh air is pumped into the mask. The suits systems detects the environment change, as the readings show that the water pressure is at several hundred feet below sea level, and pressurizes the suit so that the suit and Brady are not crushed by the extreme depth, not to mention the constant change in pressure as he is continuing to rise at high rate of speed.

His visual filters cannot make out anything in the darkness of the depths of water, and just as he is concentrating on getting his bearing, he breaks the surface of the water, and finds himself now being propelled through the night air. He manages to look up and then sees the pod suddenly transforms as manuevering wings spread out from the sides of the pod, and a rear hatch opens, and what appears to be thrusters come out.

With a sudden burst of light, the thrusters ignite, burning through Brady's webbing and sending him on a spiraling descent back towards the water below.

"This" Is all Brady can manage before crashing back into the frigid waters.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:09 pm
by Nichalus
Andy was smiling with satisfaction as he looked at the rear view monitor, and saw the ocean surface glow brightly from something far below the dark waters, and then light up the area, as the waters erupted from the destruction of the secret base some 800 feet beneath the surface.

His smile broadened as he was certain that spoiled ass Quinn would be dead as well. For years Quinn had upstaged him at every turn. The boy was a naturally born genius, well...a 'born' genius anyway. Andy worked hard to be what he was today. Studied, went to classes, worked to make his way. But then Quinn showed up, and all he could do was watch as the child progeny blew passed him in all things academic.

But then the offer came. 'Work with the boy, become his closest friend, and when the time comes, you will have all that you wanted...and more.' The words, and promises, echoed in his head. Then suddenly his mind realized that all that was gone, and another saying from the mysterious voice came to mind....'Nothing must happen to Quinn...nothing. If anything does happen to him...well...that would indeed be a 'very' bad thing.'

"Well, it wasn't 'my fault." Andy said to the empty cockpit of the vehicle. "It was 'his' fault, not mine."

--Oh Andy, I am 'sooo' disappointed in you.-- The voice suddenly sounded through the speaker on the console. The voice was calm in tone, but there was a menace hidden underneath. --You have no idea of what you have just cost me.--

Andy's body suddenly started shivering, as the deep fear began to escape it's confines of his mind, not to mention that at the sound of the 'voice' Andy's bowels had escaped as well. "I..I..I...I'm sorry. I 'tried' to get him to see the light, but he wouldn't listen to me!"

"I had no choice!!" Andy's voice quivered in fear.

--I'm sure your right. I do not tolerant failure Andy, I thought I was quite clear on that matter.--

"Yes...yes you were, but I promise you Sir, I will make up for it...somehow." The tone in Andy's voice was now weak, as if all hope in his being was not suddenly non-existant.

--Oh, you will most definitely make up for it Andy, I can guarantee that....--

High above the waters, and if anyone just happened to be looking at the right spot, the life of a pitiable, jealous man ended with as little fanfare his unenvible life deserved. If anyone had noticed the small insignificant blip of light, and thought it a falling star and wished on it...their wish would most certainly not come true.

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:19 pm
by Cazzik
The Atlantic Ocean is a big place. In fact, it is the second largest body of water on Earth and covers roughly 33,420,000 square miles. Basically, if you don't have any idea at all where you are out there you're screwed. That is, of course, unless you are friends with the world's premiere expert on all things technology and happen to be wearing a suit of armor with a tracking device in it that is the property of his company. Lucky for Brady Quinn all of the above applies to him.

As Spider-Man sank lower and lower into the depths of the sea his helmet's comm system clicked on remotely and loud music suddenly filled his ears. The sound of AC/DC started belting out the lyrics to Thunderstruck.

Could I come again please?
Yeah the ladies were too kind
You've been - thunderstruck, thunderstruck
Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck

Spider-Man was suddenly aware that he was no longer sinking. Rather, someone or something was pulling him up to the surface. He could distinctly feel two hands underneath each of his forearms and realized it was a someone after all. As the pair breached the surface Spider-Man was able to glimpse his savior....none other than Iron Man. The armored Avengers flew straight up to a waiting Quinjet and landed inside before remotely commanding the ramp to close. He let go of Spider-Man and the AC/DC music shut off. Iron Man's face plate slid upward to reveal the face of Alex Burke, CEO and owner of Stark Industries, "Generally spiders stick to dry land. Just saying."

Iron Man moved to the cockpit and engaged the auto pilot on a course to get them out of the vicinity, "So, listen. I have a very angry Brazilian woman that keeps screaming at me because bad guys keep attacking my facilities. Since I didn't have any answers for her, and don't particularly like getting screamed at, I thought the best course of action was to come and ask you what the hell happened to my installation."

Iron Man nodded in his direction, "So I'll just go ahead and ask. What the hell happened to my installation, Brady?"

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:55 pm
by Nichalus
Brady leaned back against the bulkhead of the Quinjet resting his arms on his knees, his own mask flowed back over his head, then he let out a series of gasps as he tried to pull more air into his oxygen starved lungs.

"Believe me Mr. Burke.... if I knew the answers to that.... I would love to tell you." Brady said between gasps of air.

After a few moments, he could feel his strength returning..much to his own surprise, since he couldn't remember the last time he had exerted himself so much and not been drained for days. Hell, just playing a game of frizbee in the Commons at the University was considered strenuous activity for Quinn back in his academic days.

He then realized that Burke was still looking at him expectantly, he also realized that everything seemed blurred and hazy. "The joyride up the escape tube must have jarred my head." He stated as he rubbed his eyes, trying to get his contacts into place. Growing up, Brady had always had bad eyesight, and wore glasses that were embarrassingly thick, until he was old enough to have contacts.

Giving up on repositioning his contacts, he then told Burke all that he could remember about the events at the lab, from the delivery of the the Cryo-Tank with the frozen Spiderman, then the armed group entering, the Snake-Eye Glow Stick wannbe with radioactive blood, the apparent murder of Bryce Jaxton and the eventual fight with armored man in black after he had killed, what appeared to be his own entourage.

He started to become angry again as he recounted winding up at the underwater lab, and the betrayal of a person whom he thought of as his best friend in the world. When he finished he looked at Burke through the haze of his eyesight, and could see the look of astonishment on his face.

"Truth be told Mr. Burke, someone is And I don't have a goddamn Blue's Clue why?"

"At first I thought they were after my suit, it seemed to pissed off the man in black when they were trying to get into my lab, after that he sliced them, diced them and made Julian Fries out of them." He then realized something else, as he remembered that this was his 'boss' that was standing before him.

"Oh shit....I'm fired aren't I?"

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:23 pm
by Cazzik
"Fired?" Alex was visibly amused. The first time he had been so all day. "Trust me, Brady. If I were going to fire you it would have been done already. Besides, you know how many of my factories and installations have been destroyed because of me? If we're keeping score then you are still a rookie in that regard."

He looked out the wind shield of the Quinjet and smiled slightly. Had it not been for the arc reactor in his chest he wouldn't even be alive to stress over the destruction of his compound. He was quickly learning to find enjoyment in the less than pleasurable aspects of life because of this. Iron Man turned back to his companion and held out his hand, palm upward. A holographic image of the green and yellow soldiers that had helped attack Brady appeared, "They are members of an organization called Hydra. From your description DATA was able to decipher who we are dealing with." He let the word we sink in for Brady. He wanted the other man to know he had allies in this. "You have no idea what they wanted with you?"

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:38 am
by Nichalus
Running his hand through his short brown hair, he grumbled in frustration. Mr. Burke asked the only question that was blazing through his mind. 'Why do they'.

"Sir, the one thing that seems to be a huge conincidence to me is the fact that first, Spiderman is 'delivered' to me personally. The one man on the planet that just 'happens' to be working on the Iron Spider Armor."

"Second...the Johnny Cash on radioactive Steriods seems pretty pissed off that these..uh..Hydra goons were after my research, or me. It's like he had some other more 'personal' motive with Mr. Jaxton, and the Hydra guys played a double-cross on him."

Shaking his head in frustration again and sighing heavily, and once again rubbing his eyes to try and get them to focus. "Dammit!" He shouted and pounded the deck with his fist, which buckled and made an imprint.

"You might want to take it easy on the Quinjet Quinn ole boy. Your in to me for enough property damage as it is." Burke smirked in a way that made it clear he was joking.

Quinn looked down at the dented deck plate, and his eyes widened slightly. "What the hell...."

"Well, you did design the suit to enhance your strength didn't you?" Burke asked.

Seemingly not hearing his question, Brady reached up and with years of practice, he plucked out his contact from his right eye. Closing his left and looking only through the right eye, the world suddenly, and with HD quality as he thought of it, came into perfect clarity.

"Quinn?" Burke asked with a bit of concern.

"Yes, the suit is designed to enhance the wearers strength." Quinn answered Burke's question. "Thing is, the suit is in standby mode, and the strength programs are in hybernation." Brady looked at Burke, and his expression was turning from frustration to complete shock.


Continued in Avengers: This Day

Re: The Webs that we Weave...

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:05 am
by Nichalus
***Several days later at the Stark Complex***

The darkness of the grounds surrounding the Stark Complex were sporadically lit by computer controlled lamps placed strategically around the giant building, creating circular patterns of light that dotted the well-manicured landscape. Stark Security officers roamed the highly protected site both on foot and in vehicles, all under the watchful eyes of Digital Camera mounted on the building itself and at the top of the light poles. Pressure sensors, motion sensors all activated, while everything ran into the central hub at the Stark Security Center in a building situated nearby the main complex. Over two dozen security personnel manned the various monitors inside the building, all of them concentrating on their own particular section of the huge swath of land known as the Stark Complex.

The night was quiet, serene to a certain extent, as the security technicians went about their duties monitoring their particular stations, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and chatting to their neighbors about the current news...which was usually comprised of Alex Burkes newest female conquest, or some new rumored armor that he was cooking up. All of the serenity was suddenly shattered as the building was rocked by a nearby explosion. Immediately alarm klaxons blared in the central room, readouts and displays began registering reports and the security techs began trying to figure out the source of the blast.

Outside, Security personnel and armored vehicles quickly descended on a large smoking crater near one of the ventilation shafts that led down to the underground levels of the complex. The lighting in the area was mysteriously offline, which should not happen since their are numerous backup systems that should have prevented just such a thing. The security cameras were all spun to the location, their lenses focusing and zooming in on the dark, smoking hole, their various filters flipping through the gambit of spectrums to determine what, if anything, might be within. Stark officers moved in on the crater, their guns drawn as they slowly and cautiously closed the distance.

The lead officer held up his hand, signaling the others to hold their position, while he cautiously moved up to the rim of the crater, his assault rifle pointing towards the edge and then slowly peering around the edges. Stepping to the edge, he turned on his rifles under barrel light, the bright beam of the light almost swallowed by the darkness of the deep hole that it revealed.

Suddenly, the light of the rifle's beam is disrupted by a flash of darkness, a long strand of oily blackness whips out from the hole in the ground, wraps around the neck of the officer and literally pulls him off his feet and down into the well of darkness. There is a sudden muffled scream, and the distinct sound of bone being snapped. The body of the officer suddenly flies out of the hole and lands with a sickly thud before the other men and woman of the security detail.

"OPEN FIRE!!" One of them yells and the courtyard is suddenly awash with the staccato sounds of automatic weapons, and lit up with frantic strobe light flares of their muzzle blasts.

With each flash of light, the officers notice a rising darkness that seems to be growing out of the hole, it's shape is like that of a man, but it's form is distorted, it's mass seems much too large to be human. The deadly rain of lead seems to have no effect on it, merely disappearing within the blackness of the form and not even passing through as the officers empty their magazines and can only stare at the looming blackness that now stands over them all, it's feet standing on either side of the crater, bulging, almost grotesquely, muscular arms ending in large claw-like fingers.

White orbs suddenly appear upon the face of the creature, and then slowly, maliciously, long rows of snake-like curved teeth reveal themselves from the shadowy face. A long sickly pinkish forked tongue slithers out and around the elongated jaws that snap together in a chittering and clacking sound. Without mercy or warning, multiple thick tentacles form from the creature's back and lash out at several of the officers, wrapping around their bodies and flinging them like rag dolls into the air. The remaining officers reloaded and began firing wildly at the creature, the rounds being absorbed into it's black skin without so much as a sound.

--That will be enough.-- A man's voice stated gruffly from the comm unit embedded inside the creature's ear. --You got what you wanted, now get your ass to the rendezvous point, or do I need to remind ya that I'm callin' the shots on this little mission?-- On the back of the creature's neck a small red light activated on a tiny device attached there, and an insistent beeping sound emitted from it. --Sure be a cryin' shame to have waited so long to get your dream Host, ta give it all up now.--

The creature suddenly roars in frustration and then leaps high into the air, extending it's arm as another strand of dark webbing fires from the back of his hand, attaching to the complex building and then swinging around the corner and disappearing into the night.