Tangled in the Web (One Shot)

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Tangled in the Web (One Shot)

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Today he was being sentenced. 

Joshua Caleb Perry sat in his cell in a Chicago Court House, waiting. He had been waiting for this moment for a while. Possibly his whole life. Everything that he had touched had been destroyed and he only had himself to blame. That much he had learned. Ruining what relationships he had had, Joshua was fairly alone in the world. But that was alright with him. He knew who he was, what he was. He had always known. Perry was a criminal, plain and simple. One of the leaders of a large crime ring in Chicago, he had been boosting cars at the tender age of eight. That was one thing that he could thank his father for. It had been a good bonding experience for Joshua Sr. and Joshua Jr. Like his father before him, Joshua had gotten mixed up with bad company and from there everything had been downhill. 

Bad blood as his mother's mother would have said, god rest Grandma's soul. Just bad blood nothing else doing. 

There was still Temperance. If there was anyone who was worried about what was going on it was her. His kid sister by a few years, she had come to every part of his trail that she had been able to. He hadn't even asked her to, but she'd taken it upon herself. After all, he was her brother. His own girlfriend, Eve hadn't shown up at all, but Temp had been there every step of the way. Even when it had cost her, having a baby sitter come and take care of her two kids, Joshua's nieces. No matter what debt to society he was going to pay, nothing was like letting those two down and he knew it. They looked up to him, plain and simple. Little Maggie and Patty, they thought the world of him. 

Joshua had done what he had needed to do to make ends meet. If that meant boosting cars and maybe driving for a couple mobsters for drug deliveries, well it took care of things, didn't it?  Hadn't that Italian guy said that the ends justify the means or something like that. Catholic school with the nuns rushed back for the Irishman sitting in the cell sporting the orange jumpsuit that told anyone just what he was.  He was to be tried in court because he had done wrong and had been caught. 

In the end, there had been a few things that had gone terribly wrong with a job and what had turned into a routine boost had gone south. Incredibly fast. Eerily fast. And for some members of the Chicago Motor Ring, suspiciously fast. Almost as soon as the cops had put the cuffs on him, Joshua had figured that there had been a set up. Someone had told the cops something, breaking one of the codes of the group and violating one of the closest things that Joshua had to a family. But who?  How?  Most importantly, why?  With his group, Joshua always was fair with the breakdown of cash, making sure that everyone had what they needed taken care of. It just didn't make sense and that was the thing that bothered him greatly. There hadn't been anyone at the trial from his group that had testified against him. But then again there hadn't really been a need to. Joshua was implicated in close to a hundred different cases, and that was just the Grand Theft Auto since he had been first caught and tried as a juvenile. There was distribution of drugs on top of that. Luckily, Joshua's intelligence had been at work back when he had been driving for the Keystone mob. He had insisted that nothing in his trunk be higher in potency and potential danger than ecstasy.   This meant that when they did nab him it wasn't that bad. 

Joshua laughed. That bad.. That was funny. 

Now, he was being looked at by a jury of his "peers".  The outcome of the trial was a foregone conclusion. Everyone knew that he was going to get a guilty verdict. He didn't care. The newspapers and the media had stopped caring either.  They had something new to talk about.  Some mother killing her kids and claiming insanity.  There had been a few articles about him but everything had been local, nothing too major. No big networks had picked it up, because the case was cut and dry. Local boy who went bad was getting his come uppance. There was nothing like a feel good story about the bad guy getting locked up for the evils that he'd done. 

He had a court appointed defense lawyer and he had been stuck with one of the older lawyers that the city had.  One of the guys who hadn't made the transition to the majors, due to either ineptitude or a few bad situations. Either way the man hadn't really been able to do anything and both he and Joshua had known it. All that the police needed to do was link cases to him and DNA test against what they already had. If it matched, then it was pretty cut and dry. So far nothing was really matching, but if anything, they had him on what they had caught him with. Still, Joshua had to give him credit, he had tried.  The District's prosecutor, now there had been a lawyer. Even if his court appointed had wanted to, there wasn't going to be much that he was able to do against her. She was a beast in the court room. Angela Mancini was feared amongst the denizens of the underground. Her closure rate was ridiculous and she was only a year or so out of law school. She was a local kid done good, definitely.  A big difference from him to say the least. From the moment he'd first seen her he'd been impressed. From her attire to her poise to her diction, Mancini oozed class. She honestly made him feel common when she was in the room.

Sitting back with a sigh, Joshua waited. Soon it would be time.


"Joshua Perry, you have been accused and stood trial for a total of one count of Grand Theft Auto and one count of intent to distribute amphetamines. You have pled not guilty and today, the jury has returned with their verdict." The judge said. The look on his face was obvious. Everyone in that court room knew that Joshua Perry was one of the biggest car boosters in Chicago. Why they hadn't been able to pin more on him, no one was sure. Even Joshua himself was a little confused by it all, but at the end of the day, he wasn't going to argue with it. It was the cops and the lawyers' problems, not his.

Can't we just get this over with? We all know that I'm getting a guilty verdict. Spare us all the waste of time.

Joshua turned and saw that Temperance was in the courthouse. His sister as sitting quietly, looking straight at the judge. He could see the worry on her face, the knowledge that her brother was going to go to prison. Her children's uncle was going to be gone for a good period of time.

"Foreman, how do you find the defendant?" The judge asked.

The foreman of the jury rose from his position.


It took him a moment to process it all, even though he had known that it would happen and had been preparing for this moment, this second, since he had been arrested and arraigned. Joshua had known that it would take place, and had been picturing it in his mind. But still he hadn't been ready to deal with it, not as much as he had thought. The look on his face broke Temperance's heart.

"Mr. Perry, you have been found guilty and I'm sentencing you to five years."

Just like that, he had been caught up, tangled in a web.

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