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Outside Agamar System; Convoy Ambush

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:44 am
by Arkol
Lieutenant Ben Forbe sat in the cockpit of his X Wing, calmly concentrating on the plan. Once the Imperial convoy arrived to reset their hyperdrives, his Blue Squadron was to race forward and engage the TIE fighters. Yellow Squadron, made up of Y Wings, was to attack the Escorting Carrack Cruiser. Intel told them that there was only the Carrack and one or two escorting transports. They didn't use Bothan spies so it was anybody's guess as to whether that intel was correct.

The transports that Ben brought with him were only for carrying the cargo that they liberated from the Empire. They were hidden in a small debries field, probably wreckage from the Clone Wars. Intel said that the convoy was carrying ammunition and repair equipment. The Rebellion didn't need the equipment, but any chance to hurt the Empire was taken.

"Sir, they should be exiting hyperspace any moment now," Joseph Ramdala, Blue 3, stated.

Ben's concentration broke. "Alright boys. Get ready. Yellow, follow us in. We'll clear out a path to their escort."

"Roger that," Ben heard over his comm.

"Blue, once we clear a path I want you to break off into twos and engage the TIEs. Don't get yourselves killed." Ben heard a series of 'Aye's from the men of his squadron. "Blue 4, you're with me."

"Copy that sir," Luke Destar, Blue 4, responded.

Ben looked back and saw the transports still hidden in the debries field. Here's hoping they're not noticed, Ben thought to himself. Ben, now back in his thoughts, had only to wait until the Empire showed up.

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:57 am
by Mura_Same
OC: A sort of fill in post for the moment here, No energy to actually make-up a good full post(arkol your move).


Coming out of hyperspace and into realspace, came an assortment of space ships. A pair of Corellian Transports, carrying ammunition and armoury, for the Imperial war machine, the army. Along with the pair of transports, could be seen, was a Carack Cruiser(carrying it's traditional four TIE Fighters), codenamed memo. Was tasked of protecting the convoy, Captained by Captain Jas Telles.

Along with the Carack was a smaller freighter, no more then seventy meters in length. Was situated merely meteres from the back of the two transports. It had been added to the convoy, just prior to it's leaving, to [i suprise[/i] anyone wanting to attack the cargo convoy.

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2007 7:10 pm
by Arkol
OOC: Sorry it took so long to respond. I've had a hellish week.

IC: Lieutenant Forbe sat upright when the computer in his cockpit relayed to him the signatures of several ships exiting hyperspace. He looked up and saw a convoy with Imperial markings on the ships. "Blue group move in now! Yellow group, attack the Carrack." Ben's adrenaline skyrocketed, his senses heightened. He throttled the X Wing forward. His fighter shot forward in space, the rest of Blue group close behind. Not too far behind them followed the slower Y Wings.

When the attack formation closed to a few kilometers from the convoy, the X Wings broke up into pairs to intercept any fighters that attempted to stop the ambushers. The Y Wings remained on their straight path towards the Carrack.

Further back the transports that Forbe had brought with him remained hidden in the ship graveyard, their engines and systems powered down to keep from showing up on the Imperials' scopes.

OOC: I know it's not much, but I wanted to give you a chance to respond before any actual fighting took place. Just so you know, right now my X Wings are a few kilometers away from the convoy in 3 pairs of two. The Y wings are in one formation of 6 ships about 1 kilometer behind the fighters. Further back from them are the transports that are hidden in the ship graveyard. They'll be very hard to see on radar, but if you get a fighter in there you will be able to notice them there.

That's about it.

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:07 pm
by Mura_Same
OOC: heres a short filler till I can get sopemthign worth typing up lol.

The sirens came on and off loud and clear, they were under attack.

The red lights throughout the memo, signalling it, and they was many rustles throguht it, as the crew got ready to amn there stations.

The pilots, jumping outta there beds sprinted towards the escape pod like shafts, and entered there TIE Fighters, the mainstream firepower of the Empire.

"Pilots, we have two dozen hostiles, were counting twelve X-wings, and twelve Y-wings, be ready to intercept." Jas knew that the TIE's had almost no chance, and that it'd be beascially up for the memo to deal with them.

Well this'll be amusing he muttered under his breath.