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Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 4:15 pm
by Topgun220
Zior looked to the human while he sipped his ale. When he set it down he asked him. "You know where I could get some parts for a ship." The human looked around.
"Do I look like I would know?"
Zior scowled at the Human. "No human slime." He turned towards the Quarren.
"Do you know where I can find some parts." The human walked away mumbling random curses under his breath.
"No I do not." Zior turned back to the barkeep nodding when he took his glass to refill it. He didn't think this was going to be easy but he didnt have to be right all the time either.

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 12:03 pm
by SmokeMare
Back at the ship Raynard had gotten as far as he could get with the repairs without parts. He and Kregor were sitting on the bunks in the back of the gunboat playing sabaac over a beer.

Rissk was sitting in the smoky corner listening to the Trandoshan hunting party Craddock was their leader apparently, "Yesss, you can buy partsss in town, Malockssss is the placccce, on the edge of town.... Nym'? You don't get to see Nym, unlessss Nym wants to ssssee you! We've been working for his underlingssss for weeksssss..."

Rissk nodded and smiled, " Thanks Craddock... Erm, may the scorekeeper count your successes favourably... I will advise my contact of your loyalty and you may be rewarded... Remember though - this is top TOP secret! So tell a soul, don't speak to anybody about it - most of them still think I'm dead and it needs to stay that way if the mission is to be a success, so if anyone, ANYONE asks, you haven't seen me- you heard I was dead!"

Rissk smiled to herself, 'Hah! These simpletons are buying every word thankfully! Hmmm, I wonder how Zior is getting on... Time to find him I think...'

Rissk stood up abruptly and wandered over to where Zior was trying to make contacts, "Pssst! You done Zior? I think I know what we need to know - we should get the parts and get back to the ship, I have an idea about how we can see Nym too."

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 1:33 pm
by Topgun220
Zior turned around. "Go ahead I'll follow you." He said getting up and tossing what was left of his credits on the bar. He grabed his mug of ale and left with Rissk.

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 2:27 pm
by SmokeMare
Rissk trekked in silence through the town, twilight was falling and it was still a good stride back to the ship. Rissk followed Craddocks directions and they were soon outside a delapidated looking warehouse come workshop on the edge of town. It read 'Merco Malock - Ships, Speeders & Parts' Rissk frowned at the door, then turned to Zior, " What do you think? Should we knock? Hmmph! He's probably closed by now!"

By this time Kregor and Raynard had wound up their sabaac game and were sitting about a small campfire between the two ships, drinking ale and eating Bofa Treats.

Kregor rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he looked at Raynard, "Hmmph? You look familiar y'know... Have we met along time ago?"

Raynard munched his food until his mouth was empty adn took a swig of his drink, "Maybe... Hmmm, I think I repaired a Plasma inducer on your ship some... Oh it was years ago, before my arm... Hey! That was the occasioan that destroyed my arm! Hmmph! You weren't very considerate at the time if I recall..."

Slowly Kregor put his drink down and sighed whistfully, "I'm sorry, alots changed since then... I probably wasn't a nice person at the time..."

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 2:44 pm
by Topgun220
OOC: youre killing me with these super short posts smoke.

IC: "Well if he is he won't be for much longer." Zior walked up and slammed his fist on the door hard several times. He wasn't in the mood to wait for this guy.

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 9:39 pm
by SmokeMare
OOC: Lol, I'm trying to get you in!

IC: Eventually a grumbling human appeared at the door, his clothes were tatty and damaged, he had a long, matted grey beared. Rissk thought he smelled strongly of alchohol.

He peered into the twilight at them, after looking them up and down he scowled, "Grrr, what d'ya want?! Do you have ANY idea what time it is!?"

Rissk smiled warmly, "I don't actually, we'd like to buy some parts though - Merco Malock?"

The man rolled his eyes sarcastically, "No I'm Darth Frelling Vader - Duh, that's what it says on the sign!"

Rissk folded her arms and leaned towards him menacingly, "Hmmph! There's no need to be like that! Look we'll pay you a bit extra for helping us at this late hour if like. Now can we please see what you've got?"

Talk of paying extra brightnened the old vagabonds eyes up, he pushed the door open and ushered the pair in. Inside was rather like Raynards, bits and pieces stacked here and there, tools and unfinished projects on every bench.

Wasting no time Rissk whipped ut hte datapad and showed it to Merco. He ran a cracked finger down the list while muttering softly to himself and occasionally glancing at his piles of parts, or wandering around looking in boxes. Eventually he produced a hoversled and started piling parts and boxes of parts on it.

It took him fifteen minutes of searching to complete the order, "Hah! There you go! That's everything, it'll be 2800 credits all together. Rissk shrugged and pulled out her credstick. She quiickly transferred him 3000 credits and fired up the hoversled. Soon they were wandering the empty streets again.

Night had well and truly fallen by the time they crossed the bridge over the acid. It was pitch black but Rissk's infravision helped her see a little, she turned to Zior as they walked, "So what's your story anyway? You haven't told ME much about YOU?!"

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:51 am
by Topgun220
"There isn't much to say about me. I was young when Vader bombed my world, I seeked vengeance. I was going to join the rebellion and kill as many imperials as I possibly could. If I die killing them then it would be worth it." Zior grinned. "Though I doubt they would be able to kill me. I trained long and hard on Falleen for the day when I would be able to exact my revenge."

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:44 am
by SmokeMare
Rissk shook her head as they trudged through the dark desert towards where the shi pwas parked, " Hah! I spent years dreaming of revenge against my opressor - now he's rescued me and is on my side... Hmmph! Can't see that happening with you and Vader though..."

Soon the campfire came into view almost hidden behind the rocks and the two starships. The silhouettes of Kregor and Raynard could be seen by the small crackling fire. Rissk pushed the sled harder, "C'mon Zior - I need a drink..."

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:16 pm
by Topgun220
"I'm in for one of those." Zior said smirking. Darkness was begining to claim the planet, the bright fire in front of him near the ship seemed to be the only illumination outside of the town for miles.

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:03 pm
by SmokeMare
Kregor looked up as Rissk and Zior neared the camp. Their forms casting foredoding sillhouettes across the barren desert floor. Raynard had already got them a couple of drinks and handed them over as Rissk and Zior neared the fire.

Rissk nudged the overloaded hoversled towards Raynard, "Here, this is the stuff from the parts merchant... I paid 3000 for it."

Raynard nodded, stood and began rumaging in the boxes and laying things out, checking them as he went. Eventually, after Rissk and Zior had taken a seat by the fire his head emerged from one of the larger boxes, "This should do nicely Rissk, some of the parts look a bit used, but most it's good stuff - We should have the gunboat up to speed after a couple of hours tomorrow... In fact I think I might turn in so I can get an early start..."

Rissk nodded, and cracked open her beer. Kregor was supping quietly across from her. "Hey Kregor, erm, thanks for helping out... Erm, I know there alot of stuff happened and all... But..."

"There's no need to say anything Rissk... I know... I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'm really sorry for everything - we had some good times back on Coruscant though didn't we? If it's any consolation, I really missed you when you'd gone, and not just your help... You were a good friend, that's why I was so desperate you didn't leave... It's a lonely life, the life of the Jedi Hunter..."

Rissk frowned and took a big swig of her drink, " Hmmph! You had a frelling good way of showing it! Grrr... Friend... A friend would do to me what you tried to do!?"

"Hah! You can talk! You almost killed me! I damn nearly died after you left that day... Maybe it would have been better if I had?"

Rissk rubbed her chin thoughtfully, "Hmmm, no... You've changed somehow... It really shows... You seem more human now... Gah! Zior, if you don't want to listen to us going on about old times and arguing you can go to bed. Take the bunk in the aft, where Raynard sleeps, the bunk above the passage is mine."

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 2:18 pm
by Topgun220
Zior cracked a reptillian smile at the two arguing. "I am quite fine your conversation is most interesting to me." He sipped some more liqour from his drink.

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:28 am
by SmokeMare
Rissk shrugged at Zior - puzzled as to how her and Kregors probably seemingly inane ramblings might be interesting.

Kregor chugged back his drink, and sighed deeply, gazing forlornly into the fire, " So Rissk, what did you do after you left anyway? I always wondered that..."

Rissk swirled her bottle and threw the rest of her drink back, " Well, I met Raynard, he put me up.. I met a guy called Ulyus, we took out the Dethortex Crime ring that was secretly planning to overthrow the Coruscant Government...."

Kregor coughed his drink out, sizzling into the fire, "That was YOU!? Frell, I heard about that... I never thought it would've been you though?!"

Rissk scowled at him - clearly annoyed, "Hmmph! Well it was, with the money Raynard helped me salvage the gunboat and make the modifications. I started taking bounties, one of the first ones I met Ariane - she said she knew you... What was it erm, the arena ship, the coloseum? It was like a floating illegal fighting pit, oh yeah, I rescued the Governers daugher Louisa at the same time... Ariane helped me though... I helped her on occasions too later - like the time she was trying to rescue some Bothan called Skim from erm, Degrez? Yeah, he was Balgor's crony from the arena ship. Well, that was years later - but we rescued Skim together and killed Degrez... I've ran into her a few times... She said she knew you - but she looked too young."

Kregor was still shaking his head in disbelief, "That was you AS WELL?! Dammit... I heard about that in the news too... Wow... Erm, how did I know Ariane?! Hmmm... That's a complicated question... How can I put it...? There are two Ariane's, long before the clone wars Ariane and I trained under the same Teras Kasi Master, I met her again during the Jedi wars - she was fighting on the side of the Jedi and I was fighting for Perem Thoje the Dark Jedi, we fought, Ariane died... I'm not one hundred percent sure what happened but she sacrficed her life to destroy Perem's ships reactor core. At some point, a clone was made of her though, I think she has some of the DNA of Jeb Kaxson, that's why she calls herself Ariane Kaxson now - She was originally Ariane Nevar..."

Rissk was scratching her head at this story, " Hmmph! Talk about difficult to follow histories! Grrr... Why has she swapped sides now!? I thought you'd just rescued her from the Imperials!"

Kregor nodded solemnly, "I'm utterly baffled... It makes no sense to me whatsoever..."

Rissk sighed deeply, "Mind you she's been on and off my side in the past too! When I was taking in Drenarb, the Bothan Jedi she took a bounty on me! Talk about disloyalty... You need friends like that the same as you need a blaster in your face..."

Kregor shrugged, "I don't know... We're all just doing our jobs aren't we though, for whatever reason people switch sides... Okay Ariane might do it more than most but... It doesn't automaticaly make her a bad person..."

The fire crackled down to the last few glowing embers. The desert sky was pitch black now and a cold breeze blew over the camp. Rissk turned to Zior, " You haven't told us much about your history... Hmmph! Well you haven't told Kregor anything!"

Kregor nodded, stroking his grey matted beard, " Yeah, what's your life story seeing as we're all doing the deep and meaningful!?"

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:19 pm
by Topgun220
"My life story? Not much to it. I was fairly young when there was that attack by the empire on my homeworld. I lost some friends there, some kin as well. Needless to say I swore revenge on every imperial I could find. My father taught me how to use a blaster and when he died he left me his blaster." He said laying a hand on his DL-22 blaster in his right hip holster. "I started training after that, increasing my reaction timing, becoming a marksman, and getting stronger. When my mother died by a strange disease I inherited what was left of my parents credit savings. I used the money to buy transport off of Falleen and have been traveling from planet to planet in search of the rebellion ever since. I want to be a fighter pilot, but thats if I ever find the rebellion."

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:27 pm
by SmokeMare
The embers were glowing softly now, and the bottles were emptied completely. Kregor stood up first, "I'm tired - I'm going to hit the sack... I'll see you two in the morning."

Rissk gathered the bottles up prepared to throw sand on the embers to put the fire out - then looked at Zior, "Hmmph! I need to do something, if you want to go to sleep please put the fire out before you come. I won't be many microns."

Rissk hurried into the gunboat and slid into the pilots seat. She activated her backup copy of the future Holonet. It was still up, active and intact. Immedietly she punched in a search for Nym and the time for around where they were.

The search results came reeming in. Sliding down the screen like falling snow, faster than Rissk could read them. Various articles about trade levels, disputes with other world rulers, accusations of being in league with the Black Sun...

There seemed to be reports every day, as she scanned the list though she spotted something... The sort of thing she was after. The headline read, "Failed assasination attempt on Nym by rival Crime Lord." Rissk punched up the details and read...

It told of a marksman sneaking into the palace with a D-22 hidden about his person and entering Nym's throne room. The attack happened in the dead of night and the date it happened was... "Grrr, Frell!" Rissk glanced at her ship chronometer, one of the few still working items on the console. Her suspicions and fears were confirmed - it was tonight!

The attempt had been foiled by Nym's guards after the insurgent had entered the throne room. She had to get to him before he got into the palace. Flicking the console off she grabbed her E-11 Blaster and pelted out the door.

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2006 11:16 am
by Gonesolo
The imperial forces travelled the streets, methodically questioning every person that they met. So far nothing.

Ariane was getting frustrated, this was the first task Nyran had entrusted to her. He had questioned whethar she had recovered enough but she had convinced him, pleaded with him to let her prove herself to him. Despite his insistance that she did not need to prove anything to him, she felt like she did. He had risked so much for her, she needed him to know that she would not let him down.

In frustration she slammed her fist against the wall. One of the troopers quickly approaced her.

"Sir, we have a report from Bravo squadron!" he snapped, saluting smartly as he started his report, "We have the location of a bar that the fugitives entered while they were here!"

"At last!" snarled Ariane,"Order all squads to meet at the co-ordinates!"

The trooper again snapped a salute before relaying the orders to the other squads spread out around the city. With Imperial efficience the squads move towards there destination.

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:20 am
by Topgun220
OOC:Sorry for the super long wait, and sorry for the short post

IC: Zior looked to Rissk who was running off. "Hey!" He turned to Kregor. "Where the frell is she going?"

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2006 11:49 pm
by SmokeMare
Kregor, who had been about to board his ship, turned to see Rissk pelting off into the desert. He scratched his head. "Hmmph! You're guess is as good as mine! Wherever she's going it's in a hurry though... Dammit - we'd better go after her... I'll just suit up.."

With that Kregor entered his ship and returned a moment later with his obsidian coloured Cortosis armour and wristblades on. He sprinted past Zior, shouting as he ran, "C'mon we've got some catching up to do!"

Rissk at this point was still running flat out. The cool desert night facilitated this, and she was running at maximum velocity. As she ran she checked her chronometer. She had less than two periods to get to Nym's Palace, get in and intercept the intruder. In the distance behind her she could here Kregor shouting, but she couldn't afford to stop...

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:25 am
by SmokeMare
As Rissk sprinted through the desert she sensed someone following her. She glanced behind - it was Kregor. Kregor was sprinting at full pelt, he called after her, "Hey! What's the hurry? Where are you going?"

Rissk didn't pause she beckoned him to hurry up and kept up her own pace. Soon they were back on the outskirts of the city. Pelting across the bridge Rissk barged the sentries aside and Kregor finally caught up. She turned over her shoulder to him, "There's going to be an attempt on Nym's life - I intend to stop it!"

Kregor frowned, "If you know something and he gets killed I don't know if it's a good thing altering the future." Rissk rolled her eyes at him, "No he doesn't get killed, come on we haven't got much time."

After sprinting through the deserted streets Rissk and Kregoe hiked up the mountainside to look down on Nym's Palace.

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:28 pm
by Topgun220
Zior watched them both take off but he didn't follow immediately. "What is it with these people and getting into trouble?" He shook his head and ran after them.

He watched them plow through the guards and Zior was going to try the same tactic but the guards weren't that stupid. One of them punched Zior in the face sending Zior in a full 180. He turned back around and looked at the guards with anger in his eyes. His right hand inched its way towards his blaster pistol but he stopped himself. "Fine I'll wait here and keep you guys company." He sat down in front of the guards trading stares with them.

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:08 am
by SmokeMare
Leaning over the top of the ridge Rissk's infra-vision picked up the lone assasin sneeking along the edge of the crater, at the base. Silently she clambered down the bank with Kregor in tow.

Nym's guards were patrolling the area, but had not seen either Rissk, Kregor or the assasin. Stealthily Rissk followed the assasin around until it became clear his intentions, he was opening a grid, presumably to sneak into the palace. She got closer then flicked her E-11 to stun... The shots rang our and blue circles of energy battered down onto the individual.

As he collapsed, taken totally unaware, Kregor ripped his rifle from him and held his wrist blade as his throat,"I hope you know what you're doing with this Rissk!"

Nym's guards were behind them now and pointing weapons at them, "Alright what's going on here!"

Rissk growled, "We overheard this villain talking about assasinating Nym! He gave us the slip, but we got to the palace at the same time!"

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 2:27 pm
by SmokeMare
The guards eyed Rissk suspiciously.

"Hmmph! Nym will want a word with you!"

Rissk and Kregor were led into the throne room of Nym's palace and forced to kneel before the wily old pirate. Nym listened to his guards convey the story and scratched his head, with a confused look on his face.

"So... If what you're saying is true... Why would you two go to so much trouble to stop this assasin? What do you have to gain?"

Rissk racked her brains for a second, "Hmmph, Lok, is a well run outpost and for it to becoem leaderless would be a great loss. Also We are looking for work and had you been killed, we would not have been able to ask you for it...."

Nym smiled at this, "True... Get up, have a drink - Vasarian Brandy?"

Rissk stood up uneasily and accepted a glass from Nym's servant.

"Have a drink, then go back to wherever you are staying - I'll make sure the guards know to let you back in tomorrow."

Rissk and Kregor supped their Brandy and smiled warmly at Nym. Everything had gone perfectly to plan. They drained their glasses and started the trudge back to the ship.

Zior was still arguieing with the guards when they reached the bridge, Rissk patted him on the shoulder, "Come on Zior - we should get back to the ship and get some rest... Everything's gone well."

Zior and Kregor walked ahead, and Rissk trudged slowly behind in the sand - she was tired and cold. The thought of a warm blanket and a few hours sleep was encouraging. As she walked though, she heard a faint whisper on the wind, barely audible...

'Continue to defy us Rissk... And you shall be destroyed!... You were given one chance... You should be dead... Next time you try to change history - we will destroy you...'

She frowned, her imagination playing tricks on her? She sprinted to catch up with Kregor and Zior - momentarily forgetting her extreme fatigue.

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 4:39 pm
by Topgun220
Zior noticed everyone in a bit of a downstep. "Those guards are lucky you guys came cause I was going to give them a piece of my mind." The guards were in fact much stronger and beter armed than Zior, he wouldn't have stood a chance. "Next time they stop me though, oh I'll put them in their place." He said with a smirk and more sarcasm that was needed. He was just burning up the silence that had consumed them as they walked back to the ships.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 1:06 am
by SmokeMare
The three trudged back through the desert to the ships. The camp was silent and cold when they got there, the last emberrs of the fire having died out.

Kregor waved over his shoulder as he entered his ship, "Good night... See you in the morning..."

Rissk and Zior entered the gunship. Raynard was snoring loudly on his bunk in the back. Rissk locked the ship and bade Zior good night - then climbed into her bunk above the access hatch to the rear.

As she drifted in and out of sleep the voices returned, taunting her, threatening her. She cast them to the back of her mind and desperately tried to fall asleep.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:13 am
by Topgun220
Zior felt there was something wrong with Rissk but didn't want to bother her about it. If something was really bothering her they'd all know about it soon enough. He quickly fell asleep in his bunk cursing at Raynard for his loud and disturbing snores.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:03 am
by SmokeMare
The night passed quickly and uneventfully. Kregor was the first to rise, as the sun was climbing over the horizon Kregor was outside, practising his art.

Blades were whipping around at lightning speed and he was occasionally throwing in somersaults and backflips. Despite the cold, morning desert air, he was dripping with sweat.

By the time Rissk exited the ship yawning he had finished his exercise and sat down. The sun high in the sky, he smiled at her as she left teh ship, "Rissk! You're finally up!"

"Hmmph! Those pair are still sleeping! Want some water?"

Kregor nodded and Rissk took a seat next to him on the rock, sitting silently sipping the cool refreshing water and gazing across the desert.

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:54 am
by Topgun220
As Zior woke he quietly got out of his bunk. Raynard's snoring still echoed through the corridors of the small vessel. "At least someone had a good night's rest." He said sarcasticaly. He walked out of the ship and saw Kregor and Rissk sitting nearby drinking some water. Kregor was already sweating profusely, Zior eyed the two swords in his hands and figured he had been exercising. Zior leaned against the ship and looked at them. He yawned out a sentance "I'm awake no need to throw water on me." He paused and pointed his thumb at the ramp to the ship and the echo of Raynard's snore. "Him on the other hand might need some help."

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 11:10 am
by SmokeMare
(OOC: Kregor's 'blades' are the wrist blades of his cortosis jedi fighting suit. They are twin claw-like blades on each wrist, so he can twist and flick sabres out of jedi's hands sometimes.)

Rissk laughed at this and motioned for Kregor to wake Raynard. She supped the water bottle and offered it to Zior, "Everything went well last night.. We will definately get an audience with Nym today and he'll be grateful to us I know it."

A few moments later Kregor and Raynard exited the ship. Raynard yawning and Kregor rolling eyes with petulence.

"Raynard says he's going to work on the ship, we should go and see Nym now."

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:40 am
by Topgun220
"Sounds like a plan." Zior said tightening his belt and strecthing a bit. "I'm ready to go when you guys are."
OOC:Um yeah short but what can be done about it?

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:40 am
by SmokeMare
Kregor was already walking back towards the desert, "Come on! It's been a long night - this had better be worth the myther Rissk."

Rissk climbed to her feet and scuttled after him, "Hmmph, it should be! Come on Zior!"

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 5:18 pm
by Topgun220
Zior pushed off his relaxed position and ran after them. "Im coming, im coming!" He sighed as he came up behind them.

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 12:49 am
by SmokeMare
After the trek through the morning sun, the trio arrived back at Nym's Palace. The morning air was cool and refreshing, the streets were still quiet as they crossed the bridge and entered the township. Soon the palace itself was looming. One of Nym's guards opened the door and ushered them through - clearly having been expecting them.

Eventually they walked forwards into the throne room, a plush affair with magnificent columns and plush furnishings. They approached Nym who grinned at them evily, "My friends, I'm afraid I am unable to offer you any work for the moment. I cannot have people running errands for me who are quite so high on the Empires wanted list. As we speak, Stardestroyers across the galaxy are hunting you down... I trust you knew this?"

Kregor and Rissk looked at each other frowning, Rissk looked angry, "What?! What are we supposed to have done!? Hmmph!"

Kregor pondered for a moment scratching his head, " Well, I rescued Ariane from the Empire, killed several Royal guards, hoards of Stormtroopers and had a duel with Darth Vader... You double-crossed the Empire on the Drenarb bounty, foiled their plans to enslave the entire wookiee population, rescued some known criminals from the bounty hunters..."

Rissk smirked, "Oh that.... " She turned to Nym, "Hmmph! Well what do you suggest we do?"

Nym by this point was rubbing his chin thoughtfully, "Hmmm, there is one way I could help you, and you could help me... The safest place for you at the moment is with the Rebel Alliance... I erm, it's little known, and I'd appreciate it staying that way - but I supply the Rebel Alliance with various arms and other items of warfare. They are due a shipment soon, nothing much a few crates of high quality rifle, thermal detonators and field equipment. You could take it to them for me, and see if they can provide you with some political shelter - I'm sure they'll have heard about your exploits..."

Kregor and Rissk looked at each other, then at Zior who was looking quite smugly happy after this suggestion. Kregor spoke, "I think I can answer for us all, when I say that would be an excellent idea.. What do we do?"

Nym pulled out a datapad and tapped on it for a few moments before handing it over, "Here, this will show you how to get to their freighter which we were to rendevous with. You make the contact instead. You'll have to bring your ships back here so we can load you up with the goods."

After a brief exchange of thanks and goodbyes the three made their way across the desert and collected their ships. Within an hour the ships were loaded up and blasting our of the atmosphere, Kregor flying the Crimson Blade, with Zior acting as gunner. Rissk and Raynard in the gunboat. Nym had warned them that these delivery runs could be very hairy...

As they hit hyperspace for the rendevous point, spirits were high. Things were finally looking up. Kregor turned over his shoulder smiling to Zior, "Well, looks like we're going to find the Rebellion after all - how do you feel about that?"

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 3:17 am
by Topgun220
Zior was still smiling broadly when he awnsered Kregor. "Maybe I'll finally fly a fighter now, I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time." He relaxed in the gunner's seat slightly and soaked up the greatness of this moment. And prepared to finally be able to avenge the destruction the empire brought to his homeworld.

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 8:34 am
by SmokeMare
The two ships dropped out of hyperspace, on the outer edge of the Corlon Cluster, an abandonned mining colony on the very edge of a large asteroid field. As the twinkle of normal space swept into view Kregor gasped at what he saw. A Corvette sized freighter, lurching desperately towards the asteroid field, limping away for shelter. Several fires were burning from the ship and a host of Tie Interceptors and a small squadron of three gunboats were zipping around, pummeling the hull with laser fire.

"Crap, we're too late, the Imperials are trying to take out the freighter! Hang on Zior! We're going in!"

As he pushed forwards on his throttle and charged his shields he tapped the comm, "Rissk, I think that's the freighter! We've got to save them!"

Rissk spat back on the comm, "Grrrr, tell me something I haven't worked out yet! Come on, let's get stuck in!"

Raynard was grinning and peering into his targetting computer, Rissk guided the gunship in a sweeping arc, flanking Kregors Firespray. As she closed in a three ship wing of Ties she unleashed everything she had, military power Turbo lasers carving straight through the flimsy Imperial fighters.

Raynard, operating the turret unleashed a volley of shots at a gunship that had spotted them and broken off from the freighter, " Damn! Missed, bring us around for another pass!"

The ship shook as a laser bolt smacked into the side.

Kregor was furiously firing at a lone Interceptor jinking around the asteroids, "Zior! Watch our tail!"

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 3:06 am
by Topgun220
"On it!" Zior was already swinging the crosshairs of the gun turret back and forth attempted to get a lock. He fired a burst to the fighter's left, then right, then left again. It was almost like a game the pilot repeated the same manuvers. Zior fired a long burst and the pilot swung left, zior didnt follow him though he waited. When the pilot swung back several lasers tore through his shields and ripped the craft in half. "Were clean for now!" Zior said continueing to fire at any targets that presented themselves.

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 4:50 am
by SmokeMare
As Rissk closed in on a gunship and unleashed her weapons, it's shields started to glow, then buckle. As she tracked it though another swept behind and started firing at Rissk. Raynard was right on it, as it dropped inline, the roof turret pivotted and a volley of shots smacked into the chasing ship while Rissks shots splattered onto the ship in front.

Raynard screamed over the noise, "Energy is down, I'm switching to Ion Cannons!" Another volley of blue ion shots and the two gunboats were sitting dead in the water. Rissk screamed over the comm, "Kregor, we're breaking off to recharge for a minute - try to keep the Imperials away from the freighter!"

Kregor muttered under his breath, "Now why didn't I think of that?! Alright, do what you have to do!" The Firespray shook as a short volley of Lasers from an Interceptor pommelled the top of the ship. Kregor gripped his yolk and swung underneath a tumbling giant asteroid, "Zior! Get firing, we've got more on our tail!" As the Crimson Blade swung back up the asteroid Kregor unleashed a short volley of shots , tearing through another Interceptor.

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 4:26 pm
by Topgun220
Zior fired in short accurate bursts at the interceptors. Although lacking firepower they had tons of speed, enough to dodge Zior's shots at least. He was begining to get aggervated and fired more repeatedly and in longer bursts. The cannons were about to overheat but he either didn't notice or didn't care. He clipped one's wing which caused it to spiral out of control and slam into an asteroid. However another two came in to take its place. Zior unleashed a violent fury of shots that ripped through one's shields and caused its cockpit to explode. The explosion knocked the other interceptor of course and into an asteroid nearby. The cannons were just below overheating levels and Zior took note of this. "Im going to have to let up for a bit. The guns are almost overheated."

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2006 1:00 am
by SmokeMare
Kregor called over his shoulder, "You're doing good work back there! I'll give them the run around while you wait for the guns to re-charge and cool. I don't think theres many left now anyway... Uh oh..."

As he rounded the large asteroid he saw two gun boats bearing down rapidly onto Rissk. He unleashed a sustained volley of shots, the shields gradually glowing then Kregors shots tore through the vessel. Rissk's rear gun fired shots at the second as the gunboat weaved left and right.

The freighter at this point was sitting dead in the water.

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:05 am
by Topgun220
Zior opened up with the turret and pounded the gunship's flank. The shield collapsed from the combined fire from Rissk's turret fire and Zior's own fire. "Is the ship alright? Do they need some help?" Zior said a little worried to Kregor.

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:59 am
by SmokeMare
Kregor shrugged as he pulled the ship around, "I don't know, it looks like a pretty tough ship... Just keep on your toes, we're getting the odds back in our favor now."

Rissk screamed into the comm, "Thats the last of the Gunboats, now lets finish those TIE's before the carrier vessel turns up!"

Kregor yanked on his toke, falling in neatly behind a wing of two TIE's he began firing and jinking left and right, a few shots later and one fighters wings blew off and the pilot was left tumbling through space in his cockpit. Rissk and Raynard were swooping after another, cannons blazing. Laser fire was flashing across space in every direction, Rissk and Kregor carefully managing their power, shields and weapons. As the dogfight continued, the TIE's thinned out.

Gently, the two ships closed in on the crippled freighter. Rissk tapped into her Comm, "Rebel vessel, this is Rissk, we have brought Nym's shipment - do you need assistance?"

After a few moments nothing... Raynard stood up from his station, "Rissk, those gunboats must have knocked out all their systems with Ion cannons, they were going for a capture. Lock onto them with the docking clamp and I'll see if I can get them space worthy again."

Soon Rissk's modified gunboat was sittnig snugly against the freighter and the hatch at the bottom was locked on. Raynard climbed down, toolkit in hand and opened the air-lock. He was met with several DL-22's pointed straight at him, "Hey, peace, we have just saved you from capture! If you don't let me have a look at your ship though that might become a fairly premature statement."

The guns lowered and a young women who seemed to be the authority on board offered her hand, Raynard took it as he lowered himself into the freighter, "Welcome aboard then, my name is Captain Scara Nexis... Thanks for erm, helping us out..."

"No problem, now show me where you main reactor is, we don't have much time..."

Rissk screamed from cockpit of her ship, "Raynard! Get a move on! I've found the carrier vessel, it's coming around the asteroid field, the TIE's must have cut through to get here in time, but the carrier is too big... It's an Imperial Star Destroyer!"

She'd left the comm chanel open and Kregor heard it, his mood dropping. He turned to Zior, "Can you pick it up on the scanners? Damnit! We haven't got that sort of firepower! Got any suggestions?"

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 11:00 am
by Topgun220
Suggestions? Yeah run like theres a wild bantha stampede behind you. Still he checked his scanners, the ship wasn't too far out and there was a lot of asteroids in between it and them. He had an idea. "We could try hit and run attacks using the asteroids as cover until Rissk and Raynard can get that rebel ship ready to jump outta here. It's risky but we can buy them some time." Part of him was ready to die for people he barely knew, another part was cursing him for not telling Kregor to flee and leave Rissk and Raynard to their deaths. He hated that part.