No Strings Attached

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No Strings Attached

Post by Pryde » Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:20 am

A long time ago atop Mount Fuji dwelled a pair of fantastic creatures. Two siblings, demigods by their own right, lived together in a cottage on the peak of the mountain. One was a man named Otoko, manliest of all men he fancied himself and he would brag about this constantly. The other was a woman, Onna was her name and she was a sight to behold. A gem amongst women, far too graceful and elegant for this world. Together they watched over the world and all of God's creations, but they were fickle and vain.

They would quarrel constantly over immaterial matters and one of their favorite topics to argue over was what exactly made the difference between a man and a woman. They both had their own opinions and they both considered the other to be wrong. Otoko, being male, was simple minded and would say things like;

"Men are men because they are born to be men."

Onna, the more sensitive of the two thought differently. She believed that whether man or woman people are raised to be who they are. She would look at her brother and say to him;

"So the nature of a man can never change? He is always a man no matter what?"

Otoko would close his eyes and nod firmly, so confident was he in his opinion. "What of women," Onna would ask him, "Can the nature of a woman become that of a man?"

At this he would shake his head violently. "No," he said firmly, "Women are born into the roles they have, they can never be like men! A man must always be looking out for them, that is his is duty as a man."

"And if a man should forgo his duty," Onna asked him, "If his nature should shift to that of a woman instead, would you believe me then that people can change?"

"Impossible," Otoko had told her, "A man can never become like a woman just as a woman can never become like a man. What you are talking about is impossible."

"Then I will prove it," she answered him. She had stood there hands on her hips, eyes burning with a fire he had never seen. "I will prove to you that a man can learn to be a woman and then you will believe me."

Otoko had laughed it off, thinking she had finally lost her mind but he accepted her challenge anyway. "Fine," he said, "then we will find the manliest of all men and we'll see if he can change. When he does not you will have to believe me."

And so our story begins in a town called Misaki City. A young boy by the name of Makoto Hiroshima is about to have a rude awakening that will forever alter his life...

It was a morning like any other morning, calm, peaceful and serene. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, a flurry of whites and pinks. The streets were bustling with activity, cars buzzing by the sounds of bicycle bells filling the air and through it all a sense of sameness seemed to linger. That is, until that morning air was disrupted by a startled, almost agonizing scream.

Makoto Hiroshima, a deliquent at his junior high, number one in sports but lacking in academics. He was always getting into fights on the school grounds but never once has he been insincere about his emotions. He was a man among men, or so he liked to claim, someone to be respected. He struck fear into the hearts of other men, wooed the women with his dashing good looks and defended the weak at no personal gain. Truly he was a specimen worthy of that lofty title called "man."

At least until that morning when he awoke to find himself a woman. "What the hell is this," he screamed, grasping at his chest in shock. This is a bad dream, it has to be a bad dream.

"Yo," he heard a voice from behind and when he turned to look he saw two small pixies standing atop his dresser.

He screamed again.

Otoko was having doubts now. The way this "man" was acting, surely it was not worthy of men. "Who the hell are you? What the hell are you? And what did you do to me?" Makoto demanded.

"You have been chosen," one of the pixies, the male, had said. "Of all the men we reviewed you were amongst the most worthy."

"Worthy? Worthy of what? How does turning me into a girl make me worthy!?"

He was getting desperate now and his already girly tone was rising in pitch. "Otoko and I are undecided," Onna informed him, "We are running an experiment, you are part of that experiment."

She gave him a sharp look and Makoto involuntarily shrank back from it. "Experiment? What for? Undecided about what? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Just a friendly competition between siblings. Otoko and I will be watching you very closely to see what you become. Will you remain a man despite being a woman or will you become a woman despite being a man? This is what we want to know."

"Why the hell for? Why pick me? Why not do it to someone else?!"

"Because you were the most worthy," Otoko asserted again. "For the experiment to truly succeed we needed a man among men and only you fit all of the qualifications needed."

Somehow, that doesn't seem right, he grumbled to himself. "Taking a man and turning him into a woman is wrong! Change me back now!"

"Impossible," Onna said.

Makoto looked at her in shock. "What? Why not?"

"Nothing has been decided. The experiment has not even begun."

"But I don't want to be a woman! Change me back!"

"No, the experiment will run its course and you will participate." There was that look again, the look of a woman that could steal his soul.

Makoto held his hands up to protect himself. "But--but, how long will it take?"

Onna and Otoko looked at each other in surprise. "I hadn't considered that," Otoko said, "How will we know when we are done?"

Onna thought about for a moment. "Makoto will decide," she said.

"Then I'm deciding right now! I don't want to be a woman!"

"Not good enough," Onna said with a shake of her head, "We will appear to you again in ten years, only then may you decide."

Makoto's face blanched. "Ten... YEARS!?"

Suddenly his legs felt weak and his knees buckled underneath him. He fell backwards against the wall and slid to the floor, his face aghast in shock.

"Ma-ko-KUN!" A girl called from inside the house and Mako suddenly realized his sister was home. "What's going on in there? What's all that noise? Is there a girl in there with you? I thought I heard someone else."

Crap, his brain screamed at him. "My sister's coming, what should I do?" He looked at the two pixies but they both seemed perfectly calm.

"Don't worry about it," Onna told him, "Only you will know that you've been turned into a girl. Everyone else will think that you've been a girl your whole life."

"Mako-kun!" His sister called again and he could hear her footsteps drawing closer. There was a slight pause then the door to his room slid open. "Mako, what are you doing on the, eh...," she stopped suddenly staring at him in shock.

"Mako! Why are you a girl?! You were a boy just last night!"

Makoto gave Onna a sharp look but she was too busy staring at his sister to notice. "Curious," she said, "a normal girl like her should have been affected by the spell."

She looked even closer. "Aha! I see! Your sister has an abnormally high spiritual awareness," then she looked at Makoto, "Come to think of it you do too." She frowned, hiding from him may be harder than I thought.

"Spiritual, wha?" Makoto asked her.

"Awareness," she said, "A sense for seeing the unseen."

"Makoto, who are these people," Makoto's sister, Akane, said while staring at the two pixies.

"Huh? What?" He just stared at her in confusion then suddenly realized where she was looking. "Oh, um! This is Otoko and she's...," he stopped to think about it and realized he didn't have an answer, "Actually, I never got your name."


I should have known, he thought. "Anyway, we were just talking about how they were going to change me back."

"Really," Akane asked and her face seemed to light up, "Please do! Makoto would make a terrible girl."

"Hey, wait a minute!" Makoto tried to object and then he thought about it. Wait, why would I get mad about that?

"Unfortunately we can't," Onna said, "This kind of spell requires a lot of spiritual energy. It took the both of us working together to cast it and now our energy has been depleted."

Otoko took over from there. "To cast another we will have to wait until our energy has been restored."

"And how long will that take," Akane asked, she was now leaning over them poking at Otoko with her finger.

Otoko tried to swat the finger aside but ultimately ended up having to hide behind his sister for protection as Akane was persistent. "Ten years," he told them. "Spiritual energy comes straight from the body, consuming your vitality. The time it takes for that energy to replenish depends on your body's ability to recover. Our bodies are rather small, as you can see."

"Wha?" Akane said in surprise, "Mako-kun has to be a girl for ten years?"

"It can't be helped," Otoko said casually and then he had to duck out of the way as a pillow flew over his head.

"What do you mean 'it can't be helped'?" Makoto shouted at him, "No one ever asked you to do this!"

"That's true," Otoko said, tapping his chin with a thoughtful expression. Then he just shrugged, "Oh well, what's done is done. Come on, Onna, we should leave the boy... er, I mean girl to her life. The experiment will not work well if we interfere."

"You're leaving already," Makoto asked them, "but you can't! You have to fix this!"

"See you later," Onna said, "and don't worry. We'll be able to fix it in ten years."

Then she and her brother were gone, disappeared into thin air as if they were never there. "Aw," Akane said, staring at the spot where the two pixies had been standing, "Mako-chan, you have the worst luck."

At first there was no reply so Akane turned to look at her. She was seated on the floor, her head in both hands, a handful of hair in each. "Makoto?" She asked, creeping towards her and leaning in for a closer look.

"AAAHH! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME!" She screamed suddenly and Akane fell backwards from surprise.

"It's okay, Makoto," Akane assured her, "Everything will be all right?"

"All right?" Mako asked in shock, "How is this alright!?"

Akane just shrugged, "I just thought that since you can't do anything about it you might as well enjoy it."

Enjoy... it? "No, no way," she screamed, "There's no way I'm enjoying this!"

"Oh well," Akane said with a sigh then she stood and started to leave the room.

Makoto looked at her in surprise. "Wait, where are you going?"

"I have to get ready for school."

"School!?" She exclaimed. I completely forgot! "I--I have practice today. How am I supposed to go looking like this?"

"Didn't that faerie say only you would know?"

Stupid, that doesn't make it any easier, Makoto muttered under her breath. "I mean I--well... Why don't I just stay home today?"

Akane turned towards her with her hands on her hips. "Now, Mako-chan, what would Dad say if you did that?"

Makoto's face blanched. What would he say? "But I mean... I... I can't... How do I dress myself!?"

Akane sighed, Mako, you're hopeless. With a casual flick of her wrist she tossed some hair over her shoulder and crossed over to Makoto's closet, throwing the doors wide open. Makoto followed her and when she looked inside she took a step back in surprise. "Wha? What the hell is this?"

Akane held up one of Makoto's school uniforms. Sure enough they had all changed to match her feminine appearance. They really thought of everything, didn't they? "It's probably a good thing," she said, "You would be scolded for sure if you showed up wearing a boy's uniform."

"You can't expect me to wear this!"

Akane fixed her sister with a stare that could have frightened a small boy and since Makoto pretty much was a small boy it worked quite effectively. "Fine, fine," she said, "but only because I have to! So you better not get any weird ideas in your head!"

Akane smiled, "Of course not."

Then she gently directed Makoto over towards the dresser and sat her down in front of the mirror. "Wait, what are you--,"

"Shh," Akane told her, taking a brush and casually running it through Makoto's hair. "You know," she said as she worked the comb, "you do look very pretty. I bet all the boys at school will love you."

"What?!" Makoto shouted, jumping out of her chair. "No no no no no! No way! I'm staying home today!"

"Wha? You can't miss school. What about your grades? What about dad?"

"I don't care!"


"No! I'm not going! I have a fever, okay?" Makoto was practically screaming now and she ran from the room to get away from her sister, "I'm not going and that's final!"

"Wait a minute, Mako-chan!" Akane cried then she sighed and started to chase after her. Things are going to get a lot more complicated now, aren't they, she thought and thus began Makoto's first day as a girl...

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Re: No Strings Attached

Post by Pryde » Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:43 pm

So I did end up coming after all, Makoto thought as she peered around the corner down the hallway. There were a lot of people between her and her class and she suddenly felt an overwhelming dread overcoming her. What if someone sees me? What if someone knows just like my sister did? She seemed to pay very little attention to the people walking behind her who were giving her curious stares as they passed by.

"Mako-chan!" Akane cried as she slapped her sister on the shoulder.

Makoto screamed in surprise then turned around feeling only slightly relieved at seeing her sister. "W-what? What do you want?"

Akane leaned in close and watched her carefully. "You look nervous. Are you scared?"

"Scared? Me? Don't be silly," Makoto said laughing nervously, albeit a bit too loudly for it to be normal.

Akane's expression didn't change and she stared at her for a moment before shrugging it off. "Oh well, I have to get to class," she said, giving her sister a wave as she walked away, "Don't be late!"

Don't be late... How can she say that as if this were nothing? Stupid Akane, Makoto grumbled. Then she braced herself and turned the corner, walking as deliberately towards her classroom as she could manage. Part of her became keenly aware of all the eyes that were watching her as she passed and in a moment of panic she imagined thinking lewd thoughts of her.

"What are you all staring at!" She shouted at one group in particular, a mixed group of boys and girls. They just stared at her in surprise then pretended like they had something else to do.

"Jeez, what's up with her," she heard one of them saying as they walked away.

"First day at school, probably," another had answered, "You know how freshman are."

Makoto just stood there, her hands balling into fists as she watched the boys leave. Finally she turned on her heel and kept walking all the while realizing that because of her outburst even more people were watching her. Stupid, stupid, stupid, she scolded herself, don't do stupid things that draw attention! She got to the end of the hallway and stopped in front of a door. Glancing up she saw the sign that said, "Year 1 Class 3," and took a moment to steel herself. Well, this is it, she thought and she slid the door open and stepped inside.

All eyes in the room turned to her and she froze in the doorway like a deer in the headlights. With her face completely red she nervously stroked the back of her head all the while giggling to herself and hoping everyone would turn away.

"Ah, Hiroshima-san was it," the teacher said, "Come in and take a seat."

Makoto quickly took a moment to check the seating assignments before finding her seat and sitting down. Now what was it Akane kept saying? She asked herself, trying to remember what her sister had told her. There was a slight murmuring in the class room and Makoto quickly realized people were looking at her differently than before. When she glanced down she noticed that her legs were parted underneath her skirt and suddenly remembered what her sister had been trying to say. Laughing again she quickly put her knees together and deliberately occupied herself with finding her book.

If I ever get my hands on those stupid faeries I'll tear their wings off, she thought while setting her book down on the desk in front of her and turning to the page indicated on the chalkboard. Thankfully by now everyone had lost interest in her and were completely focused on the lecture being given to them by the teacher. As he spoke Makoto's thoughts drifted in and out, wondering what she was going to do. Ten years was a long time to be a girl and this certainly wasn't how she planned on attending her first year of high school. There has to be some way to change me back, right? I mean if there are people who can do this then there have to be people that can undo it, right?

"Hiroshima-san," the teacher suddenly called her name, "please read the next paragraph starting from 'There was.'"

"Um, yes!" She said, practically jumping out of her seat. She picked up her book then skimmed down the page till she found her place and with a sigh she started to read. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought...

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Re: No Strings Attached

Post by Pryde » Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:41 pm

It was lunch period and as relieved as Makoto was to be out of the classroom she found herself facing another dilemma. Akane and her had compared schedules that morning in case Makoto had a problem she needed help with. Thankfully, they both shared the same lunch period and Makoto was now running around frantically trying to find her. She found her sister sitting at a table with a couple of her friends near the center of the cafeteria. In a rush she hurried over to them and grabbed Akane by the wrist.

"Akane, I need your help," she said.

"Mako-chan," the girl cried in surprise, "w-what are you doing?"

Makoto leaned in close and whispered something in Akane's ear. The girl's cheeks quickly turned red and she excused herself from the table, following Makoto out into the hallway. The two girls wandered over to the far side of the school where Makoto hoped to find fewer people. They stood out in front of a bathroom and Makoto pointed at the door.

"Make sure it's clear."

Akane sighed then poked her head in the door. At first she didn't see anyone so she went all the way inside just to be sure. When she came out she gave Makoto the 'all clear.' "You know, Mako-chan, eventually you'll have to do this by yourself. Ten years is long time to be shy."

"Look, I tried to use the men's restroom, alright? But let's just say it didn't work out."

"Of course it didn't, you're a girl."

"I am not a girl," Makoto asserted but Akane just smiled. In a fit of exasperation Makoto sighed and threw open the door. "Whatever, just keep an eye out."

"Yes, ma'am," Akane answered with a girlish salute.

Makoto spun on her and shouted, "Don't call me ma'am!" Then she disappeared inside the bathroom to do her business.

Akane sat patiently out in the hallway waiting for her. For the most part it was fairly uneventful until two girls showed up and tried to go into the bathroom. Akane quickly got in their way. "You don't want to go in there?"

"What? Why," one of the girls asked, "This is the only one on this side of the school."

Akane leaned in conspiratorially and whispered into her ear, "There's a boy in there."

"A boy!?" She exclaimed, "Come on, Miki, let's find another one."

And the two girls hurried off down the hallway just as Makoto was emerging from the bathroom. "Did you wash your hands," Akane asked her.

"Wash my...? What for?"

"Girls always wash their hands after using the bathroom," Akane told her with a wag of her finger, "Go back in there and wash your hands."

"But, Akane--,"

Akane just stamped her foot and pointed, "March!"

Grumbling to herself Makoto went back inside and Akane listened by the door until she could hear water running. Then she smiled, Makoto is so easy to control. A short while later Makoto came back out and held up her hands for her sister. "Happy now?"

"Yep," Akane said with a smile then she grabbed Makoto by the shoulders and spun her around, marching her back towards the cafeteria.

"Hey! Akane!? What are you doing?"

"Introducing you to my friends," she said, "You did interrupt our lunch, after all, and they've been asking about you."

"B-but wait! I don't want to meet your friends!"

Akane just shrugged, "Oh well, I already said I'd introduce you so i guess you'll just have to go."

Makoto grumbled, "You're evil, you know that?"

"That's what being a good sister is for," Akane said with a smile as she led Makoto back towards the cafeteria...

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Re: No Strings Attached

Post by Pryde » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:44 pm

Makoto sighed again as the conversation at her table continued. She was only half paying attention to what Akane and her friends were saying, the other half of the time she was wondering what she was going to do. I can't stay like this for one month let alone ten years.

"Akane-chan, mind if I sit," a girl's voice said and Makoto glanced up to see Sakura standing over her.

"Sakura-san," she exclaimed, suddenly sitting straight up in her seat. Akane noticed Makoto's reaction and smiled.

"Of course! Of course! Have a seat."

"Thank you," Sakura replied, sitting down at the table across from Makoto.

The other girl couldn't help but stare at her while cursing her luck. This was the closest she had ever come to talking to Sakura and she had to be a girl just at this exact moment. The conversation was joined anew but now Makoto was paying no attention to it at all. All of her focus was on Sakura, her long flowing brown locks, her shining emerald eyes, that soft gentle smile she made every time she laughed. She was like an angel fallen from heaven sent to grace this very world with her beauty. But how do I talk to her? What do I say? 'Um, you may not know this about me but yesterday I was actually a boy.'

"Um, Hiroshima-san," Sakura said suddenly, snapping Makoto back to the present, "Is there something wrong with my face?"

"Ah, no! Not at all!" Makoto said quickly, rubbing the back of her head nervously with one hand, "It's a very pretty face."

Sakura's cheeks flushed red and Akane covered her face with her palm. What are you doing, Makoto?

"Um, Sakura-san," Makoto started to say, her words coming out almost hesitantly, "Would you--,"

Suddenly there was a loud racket as a boy rushed into the cafeteria. "Someone help," he cried, "there's a boy getting beat up outside the school!"

Makoto was the first one her feet and without skipping a beat she hopped over the table and ran for the door. "Wait a minute, Mako-Chan," Akane cried as she chased after her. Oh, what am I going to do? She shouldn't be getting into fights in her state...

Makoto didn't care one way or the other, she ran out into the courtyard behind the school and found three upper classmen picking on a young freshman. She wasted little time and charged forward, nailing the nearest boy with a well poised punch to his right cheek. He spun with the impact and nearly lost his footing then he turned to look angrily at the girl who hit him. "What's this? A girl?"

"Mako-chan," Akane shouted as she ran up from behind.

"Stay back, Akane!"

The other girl froze but Makoto would not back down. She stared daggers at the boy she had punched and came to a sudden realization. That punch should have knocked him flat. Does this mean I'm not as strong as I was before? She clenched her hands tighter and took a step back. No, it just means i have to pick my targets more carefully.

"I must say I'm surprised, I didn't think a girl would come and save you," the senior she had punched said to the young boy lying on the ground behind him, "You really are pathetic, aren't you?"

"Shut up," Makoto shouted, "the only one who is pathetic is you! You think ganging up three on one is fair? All of you are just cowards!"

"Tch," the boy said turning his attention back to her, "You talk too much. You should just keep quiet like a good little girl."

"I said shut up," she screamed, charging at him with her fist raised. The boy smiled and reached back to punch her but Makoto simply ducked under his attack then planted her foot and launched herself straight up, pounding the bottom of his chin with her palm. The blow rocked his head back and he fell to the ground, the other two boys were completely stunned by her attack. The one on the left was the first to recover and he lunged at her, his fist cocked and ready to strike. Makoto simply side-stepped the blow and smashed her shin into his abdomen then she elbowed him in the back of his head and sent him face first into the dirt.

By now the third boy was staring at her angrily but he was more careful in how he approached. The two combatants circled each other for a moment before the senior made the first move. Makoto reeled backwards as she defended against his punches, he tried to kick her as well but she would lock legs with him and force his feet back to the ground. Finally he took a step forward and twisted his body, throwing all of his weight into his punch. Rather than block it Makoto ducked under his reach and using his outstretched thigh as a spring board she launched herself into the air, twisting around and landing a kick to the side of the boy's face. The blow sent him sprawling to the ground and just like that the fight was over.

"Are you alright," Makoto asked as she turned her attention to the injured boy on the ground. She knelt down next to him and offered him her hand. The boy just stared at her in wonder then all of a sudden her threw his arms around her and buried his face into her chest.

"Thank you so very much!" He cried.

"What," Makoto said in shock, her cheeks turning instantly red. "Hey, stupid," she shouted, pounding his head with her fist. The boy stopped rubbing his face in her blouse and fell to the side. "W-w-w-what do think you're doing!?"

The boy sat up on his knees and bowed to her at the waist. "Thanking you for saving my life, Hiroshima-sama!"

"'Sama'?" Makoto asked. What is with this guy? "Come to think of it how do you even know my name?"

He pulled out a camera from his bag and showed it to her. "I've been following you since this morning."

Makoto screamed and shoved him away. "Ah! It's a pervert!" She cried, getting back to her feet and darting into the school. The boy, Kohaku, otherwise known as "hentai" or "pervert" to the rest of the school quickly got up to give chase.

"Wait, Hiroshima-sama! Allow me to take your picture!"

Akane watched the two of them leave then sighed. Still the same old Makoto...

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