Halo ODST: Rising

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Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:07 pm

Earth. The man sat uncomfortably next to the alien. Their ship was moving at incredible speeds and yet the small blue ball didn’t appear to get any larger. He was a trooper, having fought in many battles he was glad the war was finally over, or at least diminished in scale. The Covenant was still in existence, controlled by an evil and barbaric race of beings. But Humanity had found allies too. Elites they called them, among other things. “Are you glad to be home?”

“Home?” The man replied hugging his rifle against his chest. He was returning from leave to rejoin his unit. Much deserved leave after the battle of Earth.

“Earth, your planet.” The Alien stuck his mandible ridden snout down at the blue and green world below.

“I’m from the Colonies.” The man explained, “Where I come from Earth is just something that sent us newsvids and took a percentage of our earnings.” The troopers face turned into a scowl.

Nodding solemnly, and apparently unaware of clear anger in the humans expression, and asked, “When was the last time you were home?”

“Almost nine years ago, when your people killed it from orbit.”

Nine years ago, Plymouth Rock, Earth colony world.

“Come on Alex!” The man yelled as they climbed up the large Rocky Hill. “We’re burning daylight.”

“I’m coming dad!” The boy was young, only twelve years old. He was carrying a large backpack, like his fathers, which contained all the equipment he needed to stay out in the Plymouth wilderness for a week.

The fauna and flora had been brought in from earth and other planets, and the animals for the most part were all from earth. The entire planet had been transplanted there. Originally the colony was meant to be a giant nature reserve, to preserve earths species in light of rapid industrialization and city expansion. Near extinct animals were cloned and spliced in test tubes and thrown on the planet.

It wasn’t until nearly a hundred years later that the first colonists arrived. They came seeking a place where they could be left alone and the politics of Earth would be a distant memory. There was no escape however and soon the population was absorbed into the larger earth government. At first they had been bitter, but over time the feelings had faded, at least for most.

The strap on Alex’s fathers pack snapped sending the large backpack toward the ground and rolling down the hill. Alex jumped forward dropping his rifle and tackling the pack making sure it didn’t roll all the way down the hill. The older man walked down and grabbed the rifle first and then lifted up his pack and son with a smile. “Thanks, it wouldn’t have been nice walking all the way back down there.”

Alex beamed a smile at his dad and took back his rifle. “You should have bought the higher end model.” The boy said.

“With earth taking twenty percent of everything I earn? When you grow up you’ll feel the crunch too.” Alex’s father was the foreman at the local factory. They made various types of cooking devices. It seems whenever people think of factories they always assumed that they are making cars or tooling engines for spacecraft.

The truth was Alex’s father made small efficient stoves. Alex had one in his pack for their hunting trip. Four years earlier the Military had requisitioned a large supply of the stoves for their use. The hot plates could reach temperatures well over six hundred degrees when a pan was added to it, all without smoke or light, and then be cool to the touch instantly when someone placed their hand on it. They were perfect for the battlefield.

The sudden loss of stock had caused the company to nearly go bankrupt. Warbonds and IOU’s couldn’t pay factory workers, and instead of closing down they greatly reduced the pay of the labor.

They continued up the hill, the good strap bearing the full weight of the pack. They reached the crest and dropped their load. Among the rocky outcropping they could see a good distance in all direction. It was the perfect position for their camp.

The two dropped their pack and took a two foot square box. They placed it in the center of the craggy rocks and pressed a button. In a matter of seconds the box had expanded into a set of metal tubes and cloth. Quicktents were common enough around the colonies. This particular model had small tubes embedded into the resilient cloth, these tubes monitored and maintained the temperature inside the tent. In winter it was warm enough to sleep naked if one wanted, and in summer it was cool away from the oppressive heat.

Alex opened the front flap of the tent and put his pack into it. He pulled on some straps and detached the sleeping bag unfolding it. It only took him several more minutes to unload his gear and place everything around him. The tent was roomy, giving him enough area to store all his gear, fold out his sleeping bag and another if needed, and most importantly stand. Most people took for granted the ability to stand in a tent. During the winter camping trips when you spent much time in the warmth of the tent it was vital.

“Hey Alex!” a voice called.

“Trish!” Alex called back leaving his tent. Trisha Greene and her father were good friends of Alex’s family. “How are you?” he asked as the girl dropped her own quick tent next to his. They always did this. They would drop their tents together and put a small connector piece there making their otherwise separate tent into a makeshift fort. The two youths had done this twice a year every year since they were eight.

The idea worked well in winter to conserve heat in the two tents. So well in fact that the last winter their fathers joined in creating a strange system of interconnecting tents. It was summer however and the two youth’s tents were merely connected with one another out of tradition more than their lost childhoods sense of play.

Night came and, much to his shame, Alex felt the urge to journey into Trish’s tent. He ducked and walked under the quicktent extension feeling a brush of heat as exited into the area. He paused before entering her tent and shook his head. It wasn’t right; they had been friends since childhood. The boy turned back and went to sleep.

The morning came swiftly. And his father was kicking the poles of his tent to make him wake. They were going out. Trish and her dad were staying behind today, going on a bit of a nature hike instead. This left Alex and his father to bond. Although most trips were taken as a group they took one day out of the week for some simple father and son, or daughter, bonding.

After an hour of walking Alex and his father reached their spot. They had used satellites available to the civilians to examine the terrain and find an area that seemed the most promising for hunting. They set up with their rifles and waited. All there was to do was wait. “I’m proud of you.” The man said to his son after a long silence.

“I’ve never done anything to make you proud of me.” The boy replied.

“No. But you’ve never done anything to make me disappointed either.”

“Last night when I almost….”

“But you didn’t.” His father said putting a hand on his back. “And now I know you can be trusted.”

“Thanks dad.” Alex said.

Before they could see anything they heard the rumbling. The leaves began to blow and trees shook. Alex looked up to see strange purple vehicles flying overhead. They were ships, ships he had only seen in his nightmares. “We have to go.” His father said. The man grabbed his son and pulled him out of their hiding place. Together they ran towards the camp, father pulling son behind him.

As they reached the crest of the hill they looked in the direction of the city. There was a plume of smoke rising from it. It wasn’t safe there. “Quickly, pack up all of your gear.” His father said looking at the space elevator collapsing to the ground. “We need to get to the old Ranger Station.”

“But what about Trish.” His father looked up concerned. The girl and her father were gone, and it seemed likely in their hiking were further off then the hunters. Alex’s father grabbed a knife and walked to several trees. He scratched a symbol into the tree. Hunters often scratched symbols into the tree to signify game trails and such, Alex had learned the symbols himself. The symbol was for distress, followed by one indicating the direction they were going. Besides an old stone quarry that was used in the initial colonization, the only thing in that direction was the ranger station.

Their gear was packed and the two moved swiftly through the forested terrain down a game trail his father had known. They approached the Ranger Station. The main building was made of local wood and falling apart from years of not being used. Apart from the main station however was a complex of metal structures. When the planet was first being terraformed it was used to genetically create and fertilize and plant the various species in the area. Bears, mountain lions, deer, snakes, rodents, they all were flown in as embryos and planted at hundreds of stations around the world. Lions and tigers and bears all inhabiting the planet like they once did on Earth.

“The Communications Tower.” The older man pointed at a high metal structure. “We should be able to lock ourselves up in there and use the old communications equipment to figure out what’s going on, or call in help or something.”

“That plan doesn’t seem very promising.” Alex said as they opened the door of the tower and began to climb the stairs. “I mean this is what, five stories? IF anything comes here how are we going to get out?” Alex’s dad pointed out the nearby window to a large pad that was once used for transporting goods and equipment to and from the terraforming facility. It was connected to the towers fourth floor via a skeletal metallic stairway.

As Alex reached the top of the tower and saw Trish and her dad approaching the facility. He waved them up. “I’ll go down and meet them.” His father said depositing his pack and beginning the descent down the stairs. Alex began to unpack. He knew that the communications equipment was trash, and even if they could send a signal, there was no guaranteeing who would get it if anyone.

Trish joined him shortly after on the roof. “They are using the hand torches to try and seal the locks on the bottom floor doors.” He dropped her pack with an exacerbated moan, “They said we need to get ready to ration food, dads been listening to his chatter set, we’re going to be here awhile….”

Four days later.

A rumbling woke Alex up. He got up out of his makeshift bed, made of his sleeping bag and an old couch he found, and walked to the window. The others were stirring now as well as the large covenant ship flew over head. Alex could see it in all its glory. It seemed that the ship was so large it blotted out the very sun.

“Dad.” He said softly in awe of the sight. “Dad!” he yelled after he received no response. “What’s happening?” He saw the ship hovering over the tall tower of the capitol city. A blinding beam of light connected from the ship to the unseen ground. Then suddenly there was smoke and fire. “Dad!” he yelled now louder then before. “Where do we go now?”

“There is nowhere to go, nowhere to run. There won’t be any place to run ever again.”

Present Day.

“You should know of course.” Alex said hefting his sniper rifle to the side and standing up. “Your people were the ones who killed it.” A devilish smirk fell over his darkened dace. “You were the commander I believe…” The Alien turned revealing a missing arm and jaw mandible. “I gave you that.” He flicked the nub of the mandible, “The day you destroyed my home.”

The Alien growled and grabbed the trooper predatorily. “Woah!” A trooper on the other of the shuttle said. He stood up and walked up between the two, “We all killed each other, and now we’re allies.”

The Alien grumbled some more. “Oh and I took your arm.” Alex said twitching his finger as if he was pulling a finger. “I believe a sniper rifle took it off you five years later.” His grin became even wider and grim. The trooper imposed himself between the two. “Both of you stow it.” He said as the alien let out another growl. The Elite walked away and sat back down in his seat.

Alex stood there a hand on the knife behind his back. “Who knows what part I’ll decide to take next?” He took his hand off the knife and sat down.

The shuttle was silent for a few awkward moments until the sound of the docking clamps. The door opened to the new ship and everyone began to exit. Alex made sure to bump the alien Elite with his gear before leaving.

The Elite stood and stared at the trooper who had intervened. “I…” he paused for a moment, “I thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” He said with a frown. He was young. “There are a lot who will feel like him. Hell I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you on our mission, our mission we don’t even know about.”

“I am just an observer.” The Elite said, “There will be a briefing soon I am told.”

“Great.” The man extended his hand. “Ethan Sieger.”

The alien stared at the hand for a moment before remembering what he had learned about humans. “Field Master Utal’Valthan.” He said taking the hand and shaking it uncomfortably violently. Most humans would have succumbed to his strength but this youth just smiled and nodded.

“Nice to meet you.” He said. “I have to get my gear stowed away.” He said picking up a bulky duffel bag and talking out onto the ship. It was a high tech ship with experimental technologies. The first of its type, it was a rare honor to be assigned to such a vessel. The youth made his way to the bunks and found the one with his name on it. He threw the bag up into the pod like bed and began to organize his equipment in the assigned cabinet. It still had that new ship smell....
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Post by zephre » Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:59 am

“SECURE THOSE CRATES NOW, MARINE!” GySgt Anton Meyers yelled over the din of activity to the woman running the Auto Lifter, clearing the Herald of Sin’s landing bay and readying it for the incoming shuttles. Meyers was the S-4 chief, Logistical support and Embark, and he was in his element. His Section had four hours to accept the incoming Marine Battalion, their equipment secured, their Heavy weapons and Ammo accepted into the onboard armories, and to make matters worse, the ODST Company were arriving at the same time. Meyers had four Auto Lifters running, six loaders and two heavy forklifts moving in a ballet of motion. The Auto Lifter driven by the Marine he had just yelled at put to two ton ammo crates in its lifting arms, and moved them off of the Ships Tat Matt. Satisfied by the progress, Meyers turned and hefted his Coffee, and took a sip from the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug made by his eight year old son.

A large crash brought on the spit take, as he spewed coffee onto the deck. Looking over to the area where the crash originated. Two of the Lifters driven by some Boots had bounced into each other, spilling the contents of one of the Crates all over the deck, Warthog parts scattering in all directions. Relieved that there were no injuries, he could now concentrate on being angry. “What in the name of Chesty Puller happened here?” he bellowed. The two marines involved snapped to attention, in standard Boot fashion, and bellowed back.

“I was taking the Parts to Motor T, when Ameren crossed my path, and ran into my Lifter, GySgt!” Meyers looked from Pvt. Jun Yana to Pfc. Peter Ameren, who both had arrived from the Schools Battalion only a few days ago. Yana was slight, but strong with bright black eyes and her long hair tied in a tight bun. Ameren was a big, corn fed kid from one of the Agro colonies, with a slightly dull look.

“I was moving to get another load from the Pile, when dickless got in the way, Gunny.” Ameren stated, explaining his position. At this point, Meyers knew what had happened; he just needed to confirm it.

“Don’t call me that, Ameren, Its unprofessional and unseemly..” Yana stated,

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” the Private said, smirking even at the position of attention. “I mean, you are a woman, right?”

He rolled his eyes, and pointed at Yana. “Fly” and pointed back at the Warthog parts. She rushed to work on the cleanup as He then proceeded to grab Ameren by the ear, and lead him away from the other Logistic Marines. “What is your major malfunction, Marine? That too much machine for you? Should I requisition you a wheelbarrow?”

“No, Gunny.. That Corp Whore cut..” Ameren started, and was cut off by Meyers. “Negative, Nosebleed, What is the first rule of Embarkation.”

The Private First Class stood at attention, a blank look crossing his face. Meyers yelled in his ear. “WHAT IS THE FIRST RULE OF EMBARKATION!!!” nearly blowing his eardrum out the other side of his head.


“And what did you do..” Meyers said, taking a step back.

“I CUT HER OFF!” The soon to be Private stated.

“GOOD!” the Gunny said. “That piece of meatloaf in your skull must have kicked over.” And shook his head. “Why are you on my deck, Private.”

“TO SERVE EARTH THE COLONIES!” Ameren stated, still in recruit mode.

“Shut up.” Meyers stated, thinking of a suitable punishment. This kid wasn’t going anywhere near a Power lifter until he can be fully checked out with it. “Grab a pallet Jack, and start setting up the Stowage area for the ODST company. Clear it out, and make it shine, got it?”

“But, gunny.. That’s…” He began..

“MOVE!” Meyers yelled, causing the private to jump, and head off towards the ODST Section. As the kid ran off, Meyers was surprised by his Coffee mug appearing to his side. “That kid needs a good beating.” The deep, resonating voice said. Meyers took his cup, and sipped. “Some of these Devil Dogs are gonna be the end of me, Zeus, I swear..”

Sgt Major Zeus Achilles smirked, and crossed his arms across his massive chest. “You Just got to be patient with them, Anton. Just think of them as young minds, thirsty for knowledge. Like..Little..” and paused, trying to come up with a good analogy “..House plant.” Meyers looked up at the six foot four New Greece native, and his friend for nearly fifteen years, ever since their days as Drill instructors. Meyers had been a newly minted sergeant, and Achilles was their training platoons Senior Drill Instructor. They had been complete opposites. Achilles was six foot four, heavily muscled and olive skinned, while Meyers was five eleven, with a runners build and had a dark complexion

“You just make that up?” Meyers said, smirking and looked up at his friend.

Achilles nodded, “Yeah…” he said “Not one of my better ones, but it still works as an analogy.” And looked down at Meyers. “What’s the status of the landing bay. My kids are going to be here within the hour.” The Sgt Major had gone separately from his troops, to ensure all was ready for their arrival. Achilles wanted to avoid any hitches in their deployment, as they have more than enough to think about without the problem of where their sleeping cropping up.

Meyers took another sip, and winced. “Cold as hell” he said into his cup, and continued. “The Marine I sent off to clean the ODST berths is the last of the tasks for their area. They’ll be able to disembark, and hump it to their area’s with no break in momentum. You have a dedicated Armory, and your consumables are already accounted for. It Should be an easy turn over, Sgt Major.”

Pleased with Meyers report, he nodded. “Good enough. Have someone get me once their within thirty minutes out, I have a short meeting with the Sin’s Captain, and I should be back down before they land..” and with that, the giant man clasped his old compatriot on the shoulder, headed off towards the lifts…

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Pryde » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:25 am

Ethan stripped off his shirt and folded it up placing it into the section of the locker dedicated to dirty clothes. “So how long were you on the shuttle?” a male voice from behind him.

“About fifteen hours on that particular one.” Ethan said looking back and giving the man a nod. “Then before that I was on a Pelican being shuttled around Earth.” He shook his head. “I hated it.”

“Why were they shuttling you around Earth?” the voice asked.

“It’s the UNSC’s little trophy war hero.” Someone else said. “Pretty boy here won himself the Colonial Cross.”

“Yeah?” The Original voice asked stepping forward. He snapped to attention and said, “Victor Mortelli reporting for humbling Lance Corporal.”

“At ease.” Ethan said laughing.

Victor wasn’t much older than Ethan, was a PFC and a member of the same team as Ethan. He was a veteran and grizzled, but he also looked like he was twelve. That fact earned him the nickname baby face or pretty boy, however that title just switched to Ethan. “Well pretty boy,” He said, “welcome to Able Company.”

“Thanks.” Ethan said folding up more items of clothes. He slipped off his pants folding them and putting them into the laundry area. He paused for a moment and looked around examining the other troopers. Uniform of the day was the standard black fatigues. He began to dig into the back of his locker when he heard someone say something interesting.

“Have you seen Dr. Hot Chick today?” one of the troopers said.

“Yeah.” Mortelli replied. “She was wearing that sleeveless tight shirt and those tight little pants…”

“Dr. Hot Chick?” Ethan asked smirking. “I dated one of those once.”

“Yeah right? You dated a doctor?” the first trooper said. “What are you like twelve? How is that possible?”

“It was when I was in basic.” Ethan replied. “I met her there, she was studying stress and a new physical training program.”

“Ah, well our doctor is a scientist, not just an MD.”

“She had other degrees.” Ethan said defensivly.

“So what happened?”

“She left me.” Ethan replied. “Said she didn’t want to date a Marine.”

“That bitch.”

“Yeah…. I mean no… she just didn’t want to get hurt.” Ethan frowned a bit before putting on a brave face and looking up.

The other assembled troopers were smiling predatorily. “You know the best way to get over a bad break up right?” Victor said.


“Well it’s to get back on the horse.” The man replied matter of factly.

“I mean no I don’t want to…” He never finished his statement.

Four troopers jumped on the young lance corporal and lifted him up. “Lover Boy!” they began chanting as they carried Ethan down the hallway. They convoy snowballed as other marines gradually joined in the parade. Several of the Naval personnel yelled slurs or encouragement as they carried the kid past. They stopped briefly just long enough to asked, “Dr. Hot Chick?” and several marines pointed toward the mess. The marines filed into the mess and deposited Ethan roughly on the ground. He landed face first with a smile on the ground. “Guys.” He said shaking his head before he looked up. The young man saw a gorgeous woman with fiery red hair and a lithe body. His smile soured, “Amanda.” He said, “It’s nice to see you again…” he stood up and looked around realizing he was standing only in boxer shorts. “Does anyone have my pants?” he asked.

Dr. Amanda Hart had been enjoying a toasted English muffin while staring at a stack of reports and performance evaluations on the new Interceptor Pods. So absorbed was she in her work that she didn’t even notice the sudden raise in volume, nor the cat calls and stomping boots of men traipsing up behind her. It wasn’t until they had deposited Ethan on the ground at her feet that she realized she wasn’t alone.

With a start she nearly jumped out of her chair, turning instead to see the young man pulling himself up off the ground.

“Funny, I seem to recall you being in a similar situation the last time we saw each other,” she said in a purely neutral tone.

"Yeah, things didn't end very well for me then either." Ethan said with a frown. The troopers were now circling the couple, some pretending not to be paying attention while others eagerly watched as if it were a drama vid.

"That must be the Doctor that left him in basic." Victor Mortelli said.

"Victor," Ethan said softly, "Shut up."

"Yes Lance Corporal." Victor said rolling his eyes.

Ethan focused his attention onto Amanda, "You thought that we would never see eachother again, and after that night... well I thought we would never see eachother again." He bit his lower lip and shook his head, "You left me... so why is this so awkward?"

"Perhaps it's because you have no pants," she answered simply before turning back to her reports. "So, is there any particular reason for this visit, Corporal?"

“No Amanda.” His face turned to stone. “You’ve seen me naked and everyone else here as seen a half naked trooper. I don’t think that’s it.” Ethan began to walk away he stopped and slumped his shoulders. The young man turned around, “What happened to you Amanda? You used to be so warm…”

Amanda slammed the report onto the table and spun on him, nearly knocking her chair over as she shot out of it. "My work happened," she snapped at him, "You know why it didn't work between us, why it can't ever work. I'm not going to go through this again with you."

Ethan narrowed his eyes as he looked at Amanda, “Your work? What is your work anyways?” He was about to mention her past work and her current assignment, he was about to mention that the two assignments didn’t mesh up and that something was wrong. But he didn’t. “I know you well enough to know that when you snap, I hit a nerve.” He said instead.

"Good, so why don't you hit the road," she shot back and she crossed her arms firmly over her chest. "Whatever it is I'm working on now is none of your business."

"Hey, these look like evaluation reports," one of the men behind her said. He was leaning over the table looking at Amanda's work, "Interceptor Pods? What the hell are those?"

Amanda quickly spun then slammed the thick binder closed right on top of his hand. The man cried out then started waving his injured hand in the air. Amanda ignored him and turned back to Ethan. "It's time you left, Corporal, I have work to do," she told him then she slapped a hand away from her as one of the men reached out to grope her. "And take these apes with you!"

Ethan just stared at her a moment then finally threw his arms up in the air before spinning on his heels and leaving, his entourage of marines following him. He just wasn't in the mood right now to spar with her. And the day had started out so well...

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Topgun220 » Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:27 pm

“I can beat that any day! Look at the left side of my face, I’ll even tell you how I got it!”
15 years ago, the height of the covenant war. New Constantinople.

Harry cracked the skull of the grunt with the butt of his MA5B assault rifle. “Oohra! That’s what I’m talking about!”
“Harry what the hell are you doing corporal?” Harry fired a long burst that cut down a pair of retreating grunts.
“I’m getting some thats what I’m doin’ sarge!”
Plasma flew over his head but Harry simply ignored it and fired another burst aimed at an elite attempting to rally the retreating grunts. The burst stripped his shields and a stray bullet impacted the elite’s shoulder. It roared in pain and anger at the human, dropping its plasma rifle and pulling an energy sword out. It charged, yelling some alien battle cry. To the shock of his squadmates Harry yelled in return and stormed the elite spraying madly with his rifle, riddling the elite with shots.
As the elite fell to the ground dead Harry ran atop of it and emptied the rest of his clip into the corpse screaming insanely.
“HARRY! YOU IDIOT!” Harry began changing clips as he looked back to his sergeant.
“Yes sir!”
“We’re supposed to be retreating, the covies are gonna glass the planet!”
“Oh…shit that sucks, I just got here.” Suddenly a small glowing blue orb landed near him, Harry looked at the object with the realization that it was a plasma grenade. He dove away but not in time to escape harm.

“That burn on the side of my face ain’t never gonna heal up right, that’s why im so handsome at my old age.” There was a pause as his counterpart showed yet another scar and backed it up with a heroic story as well. “Nope, I can beat ya there too.” He turned and pulled up his shirt, exposing his lower back. “See that circle of scar tissue, well…”

9 years ago, unkown colony world
Harry made several hand gestures to his team of ODST’s to stay close to him as they approached the hostile base camp. It was nearing morning, they didn’t have much darkness left. On a stealth op darkness was an ODST’s lifeline. Harry led his team up a ravine that ended to the side of a grav tower with a pair of grunts manning a plasma turret. As expected they were not into the idea of keeping watch and were clearly not paying attention.

Harry and his team simply snuck past the guard tower and into the compound. The compound was human, captured earlier on by the covenant after they first landed. Harry’s mission was to blow the compound sky high to negate the enemy a fortified position on the surface.
His team spread out once inside and began planting charges, fifteen minutes later as the sun was creeping up over the horizon Harry and his team regrouped behind one of the building the covenant were using as a barracks for the grunts. Harry had rigged a special napalm charge on this building, the covies had vacuum sealed the building so the grunts could breath their own atmosphere. The sealed room would be a death trap with napalm added into the mix.
“Lets get out of here sarge the sun’s comin’ up” One of his men said and Harry nodded in agreement.
“Alright let’s move, back to the ravine.” As they moved back to the guard tower next to the ravine an elite commander walked out of his barracks and spotted them sprinting towards the camp exit. He shouted enraged and raised the alarm, the grunts in the tower looked around startled and opened up on the approaching ODSTs. The squad dove for cover but unfortunately one trooper didn’t make it to cover in time, his screams were cut short as the plasma melted his throat.
Harry chucked a fragmentation grenade into the tower, there was a startled shriek then an explosion as the tower came crashing down in flames. “Move now!” Harry yelled to the rest of his squad as he turned raising his silenced SMG and peppering a pair of elites as they fired on the humans. Their shields flared and they took cover behind a low concrete wall.
Harry turned and ran to catch up with them, he was thrown forward as a hot searing pain was burned into his back. “God damnit!” He yelled as he hit the ground hard and rolled onto his wounded back. He wielded his SMG with one hand spraying the approaching covenant as his free hand desperately attempted to find the detonator, when it did he didn’t hesitate in pushing the button. All of his squad’s charges including his own activated and blew the compound to pieces.

“I was out for three weeks after that, they had to clone me a new kidney since that one was so badly damaged.” Once again his counterpart showed him another scar, this one brutal. The story behind it was enthralling. “That’s a good one I admit, but I got one much worse.” Harry removed his shirt exposing a huge slash across his chest. “This one’s a little fresher.”

Earth, two years ago…

“Gunny!....Gunnery sergeant Stanforth!” The marine ran through the underground compound trying to find his commander.
“What damnit!” Harry said as he slammed a clip into his assault rifle and put the sling over his helmet. His ODST armor was old, battle worn, and decorated with the ensignia of a Sergeant Major. The young marine looked at him for a second before collecting himself.
“Sir the covies have breached the perimeter and the commander is ordering a withdrawl from the base. He says reinforcements will be arriving and we will continue the fight in the jungles.”
“Guerilla warfare, my favorite.” One of the senior members of Harry’s platoon said as he finished loading his gear.
“Marines!” Harry shouted once he was done prepping for combat. His platoon snapped to attention and lined up inside the small barracks set aside especially for the ODSTs. “We will defend this base until the evacuation is complete, do you get me!”
“We get you sir!” They answered in unison.
“Give em’ hell marines!”
“Oorah!” Came the resounding response, Harry turned and ran past the marine messenger. The ODST’s took up a position inside the main barracks, the covenant had to pass through here if they wanted to reach the landing pads where the evacuation was underway.
Harry and his men flipped over tables and set up a loose defense pattern and readyied themselves as sparks flew from the door as covenant began to breach the door. Harry set his rifle on the overturned table’s side and aimed directly for the doorway. When the sparks stopped there was a short silence, then the door blew open. The ODSTs opened fire, the sound of battle rifles, assault rifles, and an occasional mounted machine gun filled the room and the doorway. Grunts began storming through and dropping in droves. The bloodbath was soon joined by a stream of elites, some of them were killed as they sprinted into the room but some survived and stormed the defenders positions.
A golden armored elite wielding a plasma sword jumped ontop of the table Harry was behind. Harry raised his assault rifle and fired away emptying the clip and stripping away the elite’s energy shield. The elite swung with his sword, cleaving the assault rifle in two and cutting through Harry’s chest armor. He cursed out in pain at the alien as he fell backwards to the ground. The elite dropped down over Harry and was approaching for the death blow as Harry skittered backwards. In a stroke of extreme luck Harry’s hand found the grip of a shotgun, he brought the weapon to bear and fired into the elite’s chest.
The elite stumbled back and attempted to come at him again, Harry pumped the shotgun and fired again punching a hole through the elite’s armor and chewing into its flesh. The alien fell back over the table, dead. Two of his ODSTs grabbed his backpack and began dragging Harry backwards as they fired their weapons with their free hands. Harry worked the shotgun like he was an artist and it was his choice of paint. He fired and pumped the weapon madly, reloading when he had to, spouting curses at the aliens as he was dragged away.

“I stand beaten.” The elite said quite amazed.
“Damn right you do.” Harry said with a smirk. “I’d buy you a drink but I don’t know what you freaks like to drink.”
“That’s fine, your primitive ale tastes more like grunt urine that a drink.” Harry nodded and raised his mug.
“Just goes to show were tougher than you in every way.” Harry said before taking a large swig of the drink.
“You may be the most ignorant human I have met in the four months I have been here.”
“You would have met a lot more if your kind hadn’t killed most of them.” Harry said lowly taking another drink. “Why do you talk to me anyway? Do you enjoy the abuse?”
“I enjoy speaking with another stubborn warrior such as myself…one of you humans said you had a nick name, BAMF?”
Harry smiled. “Yup that is my nick name, its an acronym.” The elite gave a look of curiosity to the grizziled veteran.
“What does it mean?”
“Bad Ass Mother …”
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Post by zephre » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:44 am

“Marines carrying on like that..” 2nd Lieutenant Ronald Ashford complained to XO of the 709th, standing in the middle of the ODST Company Commanders office. “That is a deplorable lack of discipline, and puts a black mark on the Battalion, the Marine Corps, and the ODST in particular.” And shook his head. “They should all be charged with dereliction of duty!”

Captain Nathan Reynolds sighed. He knew this would be an issue eventually, and honestly, had no time for it. He leaned forward in his chair, feigning interest in what the young officer was saying as Ashford continued to complain against the actions of the Marines under his command. In front of him was this Butter Bar Ashford, Major Klein, who was as disturbed by the incident as Ashford apparently, and the Sgt Major.

“Any punches thrown?” Sgt Major Achilles asked, raising an eyebrow. “Broken Bones?”

“No…” Ashford said, pausing, and directed the answer to Reynolds. “And I feel we are lucky that it turned out as well as it did.” He said. “There was still damages which I expect the ODST to pay out from their Annual Purchasing budget from their MWR..” and looked at the Sgt Major. “That’s Moral, Welfare and Recreation..”

“No Kidding..” Achilles said dryly. “I’d never heard of it before in my 25 years of service to Earth and her Colonies..” and looked at Reynolds, who simply shook his head.

Klein smirked. “I can see the point that the Lieutenant is raising. A Mob of ODST carrying a Colonial Cross recipient through a Chow Hall to surround a Ships officer and act in ways unbecoming of Marine. That unfortunately raised a few eyebrows, especially among the senior staff, and may have set a bad example to the younger marines in the Battalion.”

Well, he had a point there, Reynolds had to admit. “What damages were incurred?”

The Lieutenant pulled out a pad, and began reading. “Eight Ceramic Ship Logo Coffee Mugs, Four Plates with same logo, and cleaning for six sets Utilities from said Eight Coffee mugs and Plates when they were spilled and collided on the deck..” he looked up “Those will have to be ordered from the manufacturer..”

“Cups break, Lieutenant.. So do plates.” Reynolds stated. “I hardly think that’s an issue, unless it was one of your uniforms that was one of the casualties..”

“In fact it was..” Ashford said, hands on hips. “My Utilities are ruined.”

“I’m sure you can be reimbursed, Sir..” Achilles said, smirking. “As for the mob mentality, their just releasing some steam after a long flight. Granted, there are some Issues with the ONI personnel, which I’ll look into. Office Hours isn’t needed in this case..”

Maj. Klein nodded. “I agree, Sgt Major, though I do think something should be done. Actions do have repercussions..”

“Oh, I agree, and I’ll deal with the ODST Marines.” Achilles said, and looked at Reynolds. “If you’re on board, Sir. I’m having LCpl Sieger brought up here, to give a good firsthand account of what happened.”

“We don’t need some Boot up here telling us a pack of lies to cover his ass..” Ashford stated.

Ashford blanched as the Six foot five mountain of muscle known as Sgt Major Zeus Achilles leveled his gaze directally at him. “Sir..” he began “That ‘boot’ your referring to is a Colonial Cross recipient, who on his first mission on New Mombassa, used his body to use as a targeting point for our M808s to destroy the Wraiths that was ripping our side apart. That ‘boot’ saved countless lives..” and stepped forward. “And probably some Cups and Plates, since you’re so interested in dinner ware..” Ashford looked up into the battle scarred and worn face of the Sgt. Major. “Maybe you could muster some respect in your tone when you speak to him, and perhaps put a little bass in your voice..” and got no more than an inch from the young officers face. “And that should be your way of speaking to any Marine serving on board this ship, whether that be officer of enlisted.. Hear me?”

It was apparent that the message got through to him, as Ashford looked away, “Aye Sir..” and stepped back, flashing back to boot camp for the briefest of moments..

“Zeus, Stand down..” Reynolds said, using his Call Sign, which was also his given name, Ironically. He had to admit, it fitted the New Greece Native. “You sent for Sieger?”

“I did, Sir.” Achilles said, taking a step back and put his hands behind his back, in a much more relaxed stance. He smirked. “I’ve got Corporal Michaels fetching him now, he should be here in his Charlies in a few minutes..”

Reynolds smiled. “Michaels, huh..” He said, thinking of his Administrative Assistant and Driver. Annabelle Michaels was a complete contradiction to the stereotype of women in the UNSCMC. A combat veteran, losing her right leg almost two years ago, she refused to leave the service, opting to remain and Lat moved to Admin. The Slight limp she now had from the prosthetic leg didn’t detract from the fact that before she joined the Marine corps, she was a Underwear Model and B movie Actress on Earth. Her religion was the Marine Corps Manuals, and her Deity was the Headquarters Marine Corps.

The Kid, Sieger, didn’t have a chance.

“Wait for him outside, Sgt. Maj.” And after a nod from Achilles, exited the office. Reynolds knew that Achilles would prep him for what was coming, as would Michaels. “So, gentlemen, Can I offer you a drink while we wait..”

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:01 pm

Ethan looked at the locker and the mess that was on his shirt. The barracks section of the ship was empty except for him. All the other marines were at the recreation facility, in the mess, or playing cards in the lounge. Ethan had just gotten out of the shower and was changing into the comfortable fatigues that was often the uniform of the day while on board ship. They were designed with utility in mind, but were made of a thin material which was rather mythical with its ability to not rip or tear. Synthetic fabrics had made a big come back during the war when the natural heavier fabrics became scarce and shortages were common. To Ethan the thin fabric felt almost like the pajama’s he wore on hot summer nights back on his homeworld. He looked out onto the sea of stars and frowned. Which used to be his?

“Lance Corporal Sieger.” A feminine voice said behind him. “Your to report to Captain Reynolds office.”

“Alright.” Sieger said as he began to slip on his shirt.

“In your Charlies.” She said.

Ethan smiled a bit to himself and began to disrobe carefully folding up all his clothes. He snuck a peak or two back at the Corporal who was sent to collect him. He paused, once again finding himself standing in his boxers, and said, “A really fat penguin.”

“What?” The woman replied.

“I just needed something to break the ice.” Ethan chuckled a bit in sync with the woman. There was a brief pause. “I know you.” Realization hit him and his smile turned broad. “Yeah your Annabelle Michaels.” His cheeks reddened, “Half the guys in the dorm nearly broke down in tears when you enlisted, well not because you enlisted but that you ended your movie career.”

“That’s kind of you to say Sieger.” She replied with a nod.

“Not really. I mean a lot of your movies were mostly trashy horror flicks right?” he said, “But it was you they were sad to see go. Especially once you were old enough to start doing nudity in your films.”

“Well I’ll take that a compliment regardless Sieger.”

“Call me Ethan.” He said, “And it’s not that I didn’t like your movies. I mean Natural Selection was great.” He chuckled a bit to himself, “Although I used to call it Natural Seduction.” The young man cleared his throat, “I mean a Covenant bio weapon made to look like the perfect most drop dead gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen literally trying to breed humans out of existence?”

“Yes I could see where that would appeal to a teenage boy.” Corporal Michaels said with a smirk.

Ethan slipped on a pair of paints and rotated his shoulder a little. “And Blood Ocean was great, although Blood Ocean two just seemed like an excuse to get you half naked in a bikini and wet…. again.”

“It seemed to be a low point in my career yes.”

Sieger turned around and looked her in the eye. He took a few steps close to her and smiled, “You know this is embarrassing.” He said rubbing a hand on the back of his neck. “But I used to have a picture of you under my pillow.”


“I said call me Ethan.”

“Ethan. No.” The woman pursed her lips.

“I didn’t mean anything by it.” Ethan said, “I’m sure your tired of every Marine with a dick hitting on you.”

“And some without.” She nodded.

Ethan smirked, “Precisely. Which is why I was just going to ask for your autograph.”

Michaels smirked right back at the man as he began to button up his shirt. “No problem Sieg… Ethan.” She corrected herself at the last minute.

Ethans smirk grew and became devilish as a thought crossed his mind, “Although if you ever want a little recreational fun…. I’m sure I can accommodate.” He was done dressing now, placed his cover on his head and began to walk towards the door.

“Ethan. Your Colonial Cross.” Michaels said.

“Oh that thing.” Ethan replied walking back to the locker and opening it. “I hate wearing it, but at the same time watching a colonel salute me has its merits.”

“You should be proud of it.” She replied. “You’re an honest to goodness war hero.” There was a pain in her voice as she spoke those words.

Ethan gave her a look over. He had noticed her limp, and had heard through the grapevine about her leg. “No Anna, you’re the hero.” He said reaching in and kissing her lightly on the forehead, “I’m just an idiot who got lucky.” Snapping the medal onto his uniform he watched as Michaels saluted. “Although its only fair you salute me.” He said returning it, “I’ve given you a full salute so many times in the past after all.” A small pulled up fist hit him in the side of the arm. “Alright alright I surrender.” He said laughing with the woman.

Half way to their destination Annabelle spoke up. “You aren’t in trouble.” She said, “But it’s going to seem like you will be. You’ll have to be smart.”

“Oh boy, this isn’t going to end well for me is it?” Ethan said as he saw Sergeant Major Achilles standing waiting for him.
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by zephre » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:55 am

Achilles turned as Michaels approached with Sieger, and brought his hand up in a salute to the Colonial Cross bearer, and recovered once the young marine returned it. “Carry On, Corporal, I’ll take him from here.”

“Aye, Sgt. Major.” Cpl. Michaels said, and with a step back, right faced and headed back to her office, leaving Achilles and Sieger alone in the Passageway. The Sgt. Major sized up the young enlisted Marine, and nodded approvingly. The Kid looked like he was squared away, and belonged on a recruiting poster.


“LCpl. Seiger, you look like you have a brain in your head, so I’m not going to insult your intelligence by honey coating what’s about to happen. That Fools Parade in the chow hall raised some eyebrows from the Battalion Marines, and their currently stressing our Company Commander. This is unacceptable..” He said, clasping his hands behind his back. “Anything you want to tell me?”

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by VagueDurin » Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:40 pm

Don’t think there is a blanket disclaimer at the top of the thread, although, Halc, might want to consider that. I’m sure this won’t be the last post to contain some profanity in it. That being said be forewarned that this post includes some obscenities… So, reader discretion is advised… and all of that good stuff.

|\-Ship Corridor-/|

Pvt. Beber looked back down at the clipboard in his hand as he hustled down the corridor. He needed three more troopers’ signatures before his current task would be completed. This shouldn’t have been that difficult to accomplish however much to Beber’s dismay, these last three individuals had proven exceptionally difficult to track down. He recited the names in his mind one after another: GySgt Adoyo, Ohon… SSgt Scarlatti, Veronica… And HM3 Bishop, Garrison…

Beber was the lowest ranking Marine in the Logistics company assigned to the Sin , and due to that he was the first individual to be volun-told to do just about any detail that came their way. This particular duty involved getting signatures from all troopers who had received the newest battery of vaccinations after arriving on station here.

It had become clear to Beber before he’d even made it halfway through his list of individuals, that this particular signature was not much of a priority for the ODST’s… Being so new in the UNSC, Pvt. Beber had a very hard time understanding the disregard for procedures and regulations that these Helljumpers so freely exhibited. He’d gone so far as to ask one the other privates in the logistics company about it, but the other Marine had simply chuckled and walked away.

Well that was all well and good, Beber had thought. Let them be pissy about it all they want, I won’t let anything stop me from getting these signatures…

With that proclamation made, Beber picked up his pace and hustled down the corridor. The last person he’d asked about SSgt Adoyo had told him to follow his stomach, and he’d be sure to locate the man. Beber hadn’t understood this at first, but now he was heading to the Mess Hall mentally crossing his fingers that his hunch would pay off.

|\-Enlisted Mess Hall-/|

“You’ve got the decisiveness of a six-year old, what the hell is the matter with your bongo, Boot?!”

The deep, boisterous voice suddenly bellowing from behind the PFC in the chow line nearly caused him to jump straight out of his fatigues and spill his tray across the floor. The startled young Marine whipped around and found himself snapping to parade rest as he faced all six feet, three inches, and two-hundred and eighty pounds of an ODST GySgt.

“Uh, Sorry Gunny… What’d’ya mean… Bongo?” He asked apprehensively.

“Brain, son, what’s you’re mis-fire?” GySgt Ohon Adoyo asked. “It’s a chow line, not rocket science!”

When the PFC made it apparent that he had no idea what to do or say, Adoyo sighed and peered down at the Marines name-tape. “Rairden, eh?” He got a nod as an answer. Ohon then turned and addressed the server. “Rairden will be having the Chili-Mac, with the green beans on the side and a slice of white bread.” He then waited with an impatient expression on his face until Rairden finally snapped back into reality, accepting the plate onto his tray and hurrying along our of Adoyo’s way.

“Boots…” the Gunny muttered under his breath before he stepped up to the serving window. “I’ll take everything you can give me.” He told the server, smiling his dark brown eyes hardly contained anticipation as the chow was piled upon his plate. Ohon Adoyo Loved to eat, and he was always hungry.

When he’d filed out of the chow line, the dark skinned ODST paused momentarily to scan the eating area. It was littered with several different uniforms. Senior NCO’s had the option of dining in the Officer’s Mess if they so chose, but Adoyo felt like the portions were skimped up there, and besides, he liked eating with the enlisted folks. It didn’t take him long to filter out the green Marine fatigues and coveralls of support staff until he found a small cluster of black uniformed Helljumpers.

He humped his way over to that table and sat down without a word and began to shovel his substantial meal into a hungry mouth. ODST’s tended to stick together and isolate themselves from the majority of the USNC personnel. Arrogant, that’s what the other branches called them. Ohon didn’t pay it much attention, most folks just didn’t understand. To do what the ‘Jumpers were called upon to do, you needed to know you’re men, they needed to know you. It was about kinship, Able Company was a family.

“Hey Gunny,” someone from the other side of the table piped up over the background din of dozens of separate conversations. “’at Boot’s got doe eyes for ya…”

Ohon scowled at the comment, and then glanced over his shoulder towards where the other ODST had indicated. Sure enough, there was a Pvt. making a pretty direct b-line in their direction, and the closer he got it became more and more apparent that Ohon was his pre-entered destination.

The kid was tall and skinny, his fatigues just hanging off of him like he was skin and bones. In his hands he gripped a clipboard. Adoyo allowed himself a brief smirk as the sight of the item sparked the popular expression in the Military about walking with a clipboard being the best way to keep from getting bothered by higher-ups. The smirk was short lived; however, as Adoyo was like most every other service member in that he despised paperwork.

By the time Beber reached the table, the GySgt had resumed eating and the rest of the tables conversations had recommenced. Ohon heard Beber snap to parade rest behind him, but instead of turning to see what the boy wanted, he merely shoved another spoonful of mashed potatoes down the hatch.

“Excuse me, GySgt?” He heard the private ask.

Finally, Ohon turned to look over his shoulder at Beber, a sour expression on his face. “I’m masticating, Pvt. Are you unaware that interrupting a senior NCO while he is masticating is a G11 level offense?”

Ohon turned back to the table with a telling smirk on his face before he started to shovel another bite onto his spoon.

“But GySgt-“

“Beat your face, Pvt.” Adoyo said coolly. He almost wished he could have watched the expression on Beber’s face, but he settled for watching the amusement of his fellow troopers instead.

He heard the clipboard hit the ground and seconds later the sounds of a Marine doing pushups. He reached down and picked up the clipboard and after glancing over it briefly, he recognized what it was and that his name was on the list. He pulled a pen out of his fatigues and scribbled down his signature, then turned in his seat to glance down at Beber. “Recover.” He said simply, and held the clipboard out for the private.

“Thank you GySgt.” Beber spoke as he accepted the clipboard, sounding fairly winded. He waited at parade rest until Adoyo told him he was dismissed, and then hurried off out of the mess.

Adoyo turned back to his food just as one of the troopers asked how the Gunny’s family was, and with a beaming smile, he began to tell the table the latest series of mishaps of his youngest son as related to him from his lovely wife…

|\-Ship Corridor-/|

While doing push-ups hadn’t been exactly what Pvt. Beber had had in mind when he’d told himself that nothing would get in between him and the needed signatures, he felt it would be a small price to pay so long as he completed the task. SSgt Scarlatti… He thought to himself… As he’d been cryptically directed towards the Mess to find GySgt Adoyo, someone else had dropped a hint that he might be able to find SSgt Scarlatti in the gym.

So that was where he was headed. His opinion of the lack of discipline inside the ranks of the ODST’s had taken another hit in the Mess Hall, and would only plummet further as he was nearly flattened into the deck by a horde of the animals as they seemed to be carrying a half-nude one of their own towards where he’d just come from. “Bloody Loonies.” He muttered to himself as he straightened out his uniform and picked up his pace a bit.

|\-Gym Facilities-/|

The track shifted on her personal music player and the tempo blasting through her headphones increased causing her pace on the treadmill to match it. She was wearing a pair of the standard issue Marine Corps PT shorts and a black sports bra, her light brown hair pulled up in a tight bun to keep it out of the way as she ran. SSgt Veronica Scarlatti was often accused of being a gym rat. To her, however, the term was in no way a negative thing. She liked to stay in shape; she saw nothing wrong with that. Scarlatti was a 3 time Combatives Champion in the Corps for her weight class and she was proud of that.

She was just finishing up her cool down after the fifth mile when she noticed the Private standing in front of her machine. He was at parade rest and his lips were moving, though with her music blasting in her ears she couldn’t hear a sound. She noticed that he’d stopped talking and appeared to be waiting for a response from her. Vero mentally shrugged and nodded towards the Private her hazel eyes boring deep into his with a menacing look of impatience, holding up a finger as if to say, gimme a minute.

He waited there at parade rest until she finished the cool down jog and stepped off of the treadmill. She grabbed her towel off the railing and dabbed the sweat off her brow. Veronica then motioned for him to follow as she walked over to another station in the gym tucking the towel into the waistline of her shorts on the way before she reached down into her bag and pulled out a pair of fingerless boxing gloves and strapped them onto her hands.

She saw the Privates lips moving again and shook her head slightly. “Grab a hold of that.” She ordered him, motioning towards the punching bag that was hanging down from the ceiling. He hesitated only slightly before setting down the clipboard and taking up a position behind the punching bag. Veronica grinned fiercely and shot out a vicious right cross causing the bag to lurch into Beber’s midsection since he wasn’t holding it anywhere near securely enough. She watched on with amusement as he made the necessary correction, and then the smile vanished and she got to work.

It was fast becoming apparent that this particular Private could benefit from spending a little more time here in the Gym himself, she observed, as she mercilessly pounded the punching bag which was dragging Beber around like a rag doll. He started to try talking again but she wasn’t through yet.

“Can’t hear you, Boot.” She shouted, “Hang on.” He seemed to be on the verge of trying again to dissuade her from her workout, but he never got past drawing the breath. Veronica leapt up in a spin and shot her leg out behind her, striking the punching bag with her foot so hard that it sent the Private sprawling backwards. As she landed securely on both feet she watched on with a morbid amusement as he collided with a lifting bench, toppling the weights off of fellow Helljumper’s bar. Those weights then rolled across the floor and struck another machine, and all hell broke loose after that.

SSgt Scarlatti bent down and retrieved the poor Privates clipboard, read over it, and signed her name where it was designated. When she turned back towards the ruckus, she nearly laughed out loud as she saw Beber being hefted into the air by the lapel of his fatigues. She started off in that direction, watching as another Marine landed a blow to the ODST who then flung the Private into the air to retaliate. Veronica caught Beber and broke his fall, setting him down on his feet and giving him a bit of a shove away from the fight before she dove in herself.

A few minutes later found Scarlatti on her back, Beber trapped underneath of her as she applied the rear naked choke to a Marine who had been unlucky enough to slip into her grasp. A handful of seconds later and the Marine slipped into unconsciousness. Veronica gave the limp Marine a shove to get him off of her, before she sat up and surveyed the damage. The gym itself faired pretty well, and those who hadn’t wanted to get caught up in the scuffle had managed to clear the area. Only a handful of grunts were banged up, bruised, or unconscious.

She smirked a bit; it had been too long since her last worthwhile scuffle. Scarlatti reached over and picked up the clipboard, turning to look over her shoulder and down into the obviously uncomfortable Private Beber’s eyes. “Here you go, sugar.” She spoke, handing the clipboard to him before she finally stood up off of him. “Hope you got what you came here for.” She shot him a quick wink, then leaned over to grab her duffel bag and stepped over the downed grunts on her way to the women’s locker-room...

|\-Ship Corridor-/|

“Like a pack of wild animals!” Beber said quietly to himself as he hurried along the corridor away from the gym, straightening out his uniform as he walked. The Private rubbed at his neck slightly as he did his best to calm down his racing pulse. The absolute last place he ever thought he’d end up today was in the middle of a turf war between the regular grunts and the troopers. The rest of the S4 Shop isn’t going to believe a word of this. he lamented as he rounded a corner and was thrown clean off of his feet.

He hit the deck hard and watched as his clipboard skittered away in the other direction, before it disappeared beneath a throng of booted feet. He blinked his eyes a few times before he finally realized what had happened. He’d rounded the corner and walked right into the middle of a herd of Marines and Troopers who were just getting on-ship from the hangar bays. He felt a hand grab onto the back of his fatigues and then he was yanked out of the way of impending doom.

When he was back on his feet, he turned around to face his savior. To his surprise, he found himself standing toe to toe with a Helljumper. He had dark brown hair and eyes, and looked to be about the same age as Beber, only the Trooper was a few inches shorter and decidedly better built than the Private. The Trooper had a duffel bag on his back, and an assault pack front loaded across his chest, obscuring his rank and nametape, so Beber did as he’d been trained to do, when in doubt… He snapped to parade rest.

“At ease, cut that shit out.” Chance McKinney quickly told him. “PFC McKinney.” He held out his hand towards Beber for a shake.

Private Beber reached out and shook the PFC’s hand tentatively. “Beber.” He spoke, now that he had time to think, he was beginning to realize he felt a little woozy. “What-ah… What happened?”

McKinney smirked. “You got waylaid by a few tons of Marine Corps.” He joked lightly. “Better keep your head on a swivel from now on, eh? You hurt?”

Beber was a bit slow to respond. “No, I mean, I don’t think so… Kinda dizzy.” He finally replied.

The PFC frowned a bit, then reached out and grabbed a fistful of Beber's left sleeve. “Come-on. Let’s get you down to the Infirmary just in case. I’ll stow my gear later.” He spoke and stepped up to the still trampling heard of grunts. “Make a hole!” He bellowed at the top of his lungs and just like that a neat edged corridor opened up in the traffic lane for him to pull Beber through. Once on the other side, he paused and reached down to retrieve the clipboard. “This yours?” Beber simply nodded, accepting the clipboard before McKinney once again pulled him along towards the med bay…


He hadn’t shaved yet today, blonde bits of stubble peppered his face as he waltzed into the Infirmary, his blouse unfastened and his boots untied. His normally bright blue eyes were dulled and shot red, a clear indicator that he was short on sleep, as he scanned the immediate entrance to the place. He found what he assumed was the shifts NCOIC and started off in that direction.

“HM3 Bishop here.” He spoke when he was in hearing distance, though he made no indication that he intended to stop and go to parade rest for the SSgt. “What’s the deal?” He asked as he got closer.

The SSgt narrowed his eyes as he took in Bishops appearance, and then his eyebrow rose slightly as he observed the medic’s behavior and attitude. “Are you forgetting something?” He asked.

Bishop sighed in irritation. “Pardon me for stepping on the toes of formality, Sarge, but I just got summoned 2 hours into my sleep cycle after pulling 16 hours here on duty, and frankly I couldn’t give a damn about much else right now. Why am I here?”

The SSgt seemed to be preparing to blow a gasket, and the only thing that was probably preventing that from happening was how shocked and taken back he was by what Bishop had just said to him.

“Garrison, get your ass in here, I’m the one who asked for you.” A voice came from a meter or so behind the SSgt. It was Commander Appel, one of the Physicians aboard the Sin. Bishop liked Appel, the man was a mustang, meaning he’d been prior enlisted before he’d switched over to the dark-side and donned the brass. That earned most officers an extra helping of respect from the enlisted folk.

“Excuse me, SSgt.” Bishop said, though his tone didn’t exactly match the words used, and he headed off around the NCO and fell into step beside the CDR. “What’s up, Doc?” He asked tiredly, “I was about to have a great dream.”

“Well you’ll have to put your fantasies on hold for the time being, I’m afraid.” Appel replied, handing Bishop a chart. “One of yours, was apparently banged up in a brawl in the gymnasium… -What is it with you troopers and violence? When I was in the Corps- Never mind, anyway, He was banged up in the brawl but he’s refusing treatment from anyone but you, lad.”

“Good grief.” Bishop sighed and rubbed a hand across his stubble strewn face. “I’m sorry Doc; I swear it’s not something we teach them to do… But, you know how it is, out in the battle and the trust and all of that.”

“Unfortunately, I know all too well, Garrison. He’s in here, pretty decent laceration to his scalp, probably gonna need to tie it back up.” Appel stopped at the door way. “I’ll wait out here.”

“Thanks, Doc.” HM3 Bishop took a deep breath, and then stepped into the room. It was divided into four sections by some curtains. The chart in his hands told him his trooper was in the 2nd slot, which meant to Bishop back left. He stepped past the first partition and entered the second to find the trooper sitting on the edge of the bed in his PT’s, a hopefully clean gym sock held securely to what was obviously a bleeding gash to his head.

“Bishop!” He bellowed. “Bout time you got here, Doc. These damned squids don’t seem to know the meaning of the words ‘Beat it.’”

“Bishop?” Came a query from behind the medic before he could respond to the Trooper. “HM3 Garrison Bishop?”

Garrison sighed a bit, Now what? He thought to himself as he held up a hand to forestall any more noise from the Trooper. Bishop took a few steps to his left and looked into the #3 spot of the room. “Who’s asking?”

“Pvt. Beber.” The young man spoke, standing up off of the bed and brandishing a clipboard. “I need you to sign this from, HM-“

“Seriously?” Bishop scoffed. “Listen, Private, drop the clipboard and get your ass over here, I’ve got a head wound, I think that’s a little more important than your damned paperwork.” He barked, turning on his heel and stepping back over to the Trooper. “Sgt. Tope, this here is Pvt. Beber, He’s going to go ahead and help me out here today, got it? Good. Alright Beber, glove up and put some pressure on that… sock.” He shook his head at the sight once again, chuckling mentally before he gloved up himself. Garrison flipped himself onto auto pilot and began to gather up the needed supplies with practiced ease. As he was doing so, he spoke to the Sgt.

“Listen, Sarge, flattered as I am, you do realize there’s quite a big difference between me being ‘Doc’ and those folks being ‘Doctors’, right?” He paused, but received little more than a grunt from Tope. “I’ll take that as a yes. Just, take my word for it maybe, for next time? They’re all here to help; you can trust them to do every bit as well as and in most cases better than me at patching you up.”

“They ain’t ours, Doc. That’s it, all there is to it.” Tope replied, eyeing Beber.

“Alright, alright. Just sit still then, I’m gonna prick you a few times here to get some of this lydo- We’re going to numb up your scalp.” He stopped himself before he tossed out the medic jargon. Troopers didn’t care so much what he was doing to them, so long as it got them back on the line as soon as possible.

“Besides Doc,” Tope started, not even flinching as Bishop inserted the tiny needle tipped syringe into the flesh surrounding the gash. “You coulda been one of ‘em anyhow, ‘cept you came to play with us instead.”

Garrison just nodded wordlessly at that. It was true; he had been invited to go through the USNC’s Medical Officer’s program about the same time as he earned his way into the ranks of the ODST’s. He had yet to regret his decision. He looked over at Beber who was getting whiter by the moment but was still hanging in there. “Alright, Boot, I want you to put your fingers here, thumb over here, and sorta pinch that skin together for me, can you do that?”

“Maybe we should go get the doct-“

“Yes or no, Beber. Can you do it.”


“Alright. Then do it. Tope, lemme know if you can feel any of this, eh?”

“If I say yes will you give me something to drink to numb up the pain?” He asked with a chuckle.

“You know I would if I could.” Bishop replied, tapping the suturing needle against the Sgt.’s skin. “Nothing? Good. We’re gonna get started then.” He took a deep breath, shook out his arm briefly, and got to work.

Several minutes later, it was all over and done with. The gash was stitched together and bandaged up. Tope had a script for some anti-biotics and directions on how to not screw up Bishop’s work. Beber finally had his signature, and Bishop was busy ignoring the NCOIC’s harping as he walked out of the Infirmary and headed for his rack…

|\-Ship Corridor-/|

Beber leaned against the bulkhead outside of the Infirmary, waiting for the queasiness to leave his stomach and for the color to return to his face. There was a very specific reason he was with S4 in logistics and not in a medical field. Blood.

The Private heaved a sigh, and glanced down at the item he held clutched in both hands. It had started out the day like any other clipboard. Now… Well, now there was a corner missing. It had broken off when he’d dropped it in the mess hall to do pushups for GySgt Adoyo. There was a water splash across the cover page, which came from someone’s over-turned water bottle sometime during the gym brawl he got stuck in with SSgt Scarlatti. The clasp at the top was bent at such an angle that it hardly secured the papers to it any more. He could only assume that it had ended up in that state after being trampled by hordes of disembarking Marines. And now… Now there was a drying red-brown splotch near the broken corner, stained by Sgt. Tope’s blood.

Despite all of this, he found his chest puffing out and his chin raising high. He’d done it. He’d gotten his signatures and his mission was all but complete. Now all he had to do was get the paperwork back to the S4 shop, make a few copies and file it all away. Then he could hit the mess hall, or take a shower, or just collapse in his rack for some much needed rest.

With one last moment of personal gloating, Beber tucked the clipboard underneath his left arm and headed off down the corridor whistling to himself. Life was looking up, you know? What could possibly go wrong now?

|\-Officers Mess Hall-/|

It was pretty quiet in the mess. This suited Rhys just fine. He’d just spent entirely too long flying a shuttle out here to the carrier, full of noisy boisterous Marines. The silence was a welcome thing. He took a long sip of coffee from the disposable cup in his hand and let his light blue eyes close slowly. Running a hand back through his dark brown hair and around the back of his neck, he rubbed at the kink that had managed to set up shop back there.

Lt. Guillermo wasn’t supposed to be running simple shuttle runs. The man was a decorated combat pilot, with years of experience. But, frankly, none of that mattered when the Corps needed you to do something, you did it. Overqualified or not. And they needed every pilot they could shovel into a cockpit to keep this mission on task and on time. Moving a battalion of Marines and their equipment was no small feat, after all.

He was just glad his shift was over with. He was thinking about hitting the gym, but hadn’t quite made up his mind yet. His joints were stiff, and the exercise would loosen things up, that much was true. But, on the other side of the token, one could never have too much rest, right?

He chuckled to himself, then downed the rest of the cup of coffee and stood, making his way to the dispenser and getting himself a re-fill. He’d hit the gym. He’d never been the lazy bum type, and he saw no reason to start being one now. So, with a full cup of coffee in one hand, and his duffel slung over his other shoulder, he headed out of the mess hall, mentally trying to map out the new ship and a path back to his quarters so that he could change. In the back of his mind, he vaguely registered the sound of someone cheerily whistling, but made no further note of that fact until he collided with a fast moving Marine and lost the grip on his cup of coffee.

When Rhys had recovered from the collision, he blinked and glanced over at the younger man, perhaps even a decade his junior. “Sorry about that, kid.” He said. “Guess I didn’t see you there.”

He watched as the marine brushed some beads of coffee off of his fatigues, until he noticed that the man who’d addressed him was adorned with the twin bars marking him as a Lt. and snapped off a salute. “Not a problem sir, Happens all the t-…” He seemed to notice something on the ground and his sentence trailed off into an unintelligible mumble.

Rhys followed the young man’s gaze down to the deck and frowned slightly, noticing that the kid’s clipboard seemed to have found itself right into the middle of the puddle of Rhys’ coffee. “Oh damn.” Rhys spoke, “Hope those weren’t too important.”

Beber stared at the coffee soaked paperwork as if it was the dying form of his soul mate. His head shook slowly in disbelief, but as the seconds ticked on the reality of the situation set in and he just couldn’t take it anymore. The Private dropped to his knees next to the puddle. “No… No no no no…”

“F*#k!!” He shouted, throwing his arms up into the sky. “G@d D&%nit. F*#king Son of a B!tch!” He spun in a circle and kicked the clipboard, sending it into the nearest bulkhead to break into several pieces. “F*#kit. I don’t even care anymore! Screw those F*#king signatures. Nothing is worth this.” He turned and stormed off three steps in the opposite direction, then stopped suddenly, turned around and glanced at the papers once again.

“F*#k!!” he shrieked and then hurried over and collected the coffee soaked sheets and glanced around desperately, gathering his bearings, deciding he needed to head right to get to the nearest head, and with one last screaming obscenity, he took off at a dead sprint. If he got there soon enough, maybe, just maybe he could salvage something.

Rhys stood there for several seconds, glancing around at all the dumbfounded expressions, all of which turned to watch the lone Private as he went off on his tirade, and then sprinted away down the corridor. Some of the Marines had their hands on their side-arms, ready to react if the situation called for it. Guillermo shrugged a bit as another officer looked over at him questioningly. “Guess someone’s got a case of the Monday’s.” He half-joked, re-settling the duffel bag on his shoulder, then turning off to head towards his quarters...
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Pryde » Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:09 pm

To say that Amanda Hart was annoyed, even irritated would be an astronomical understatement. She was opposed to her new assignment on the Herald of Sin right from the start and even more so now that she knew her old flame, Ethan Sieger, was stationed on board with her. Her relationship with him was—complicated to say the least. It was true she broke it off with him but it was not by her choice, there were certain complexities she was not at liberty to discuss with him or anyone for that matter.

ONI wanted her, or rather needed her it seemed like and wherever they asked her to go she went, no questions asked. It bothered her the way her life had turned out, but it’s not like she really had a choice in the matter so there was little point in harping about it. She had her work to keep her occupied and the comfort of knowing that her efforts in the scientific field were helping to ensure the stability and long term survival of the human race against future attacks such as the one lead by the Covenant.

Right, I’ll always have my work, she grumbled quietly to herself as she went about her rounds running internal diagnostics checks on all the various equipment in her lab. The Captain had assured her they took great care in transporting her equipment but even that assurance wasn’t enough to dissuade her doubts. She spent most of her adult life around marines since graduating from the academy at the top of her class and she knew quite well how they thought. If anything the wild spectacle they made in the mess hall today only supported her belief that the amount of intelligence a single marine had was roughly proportional to the amount of times he’d been hit on the head during training.

The door to the Sin’s Observational Deck slid noiselessly open as a pair of marines entered carrying a computer terminal between them. “Where do you want this,” one of them asked her and Hart absently gestured to an empty corner near the back of the room.

“Over there is fine,” she said and went back to monitoring the screen in front of her.

Captain Snyder wasn’t very pleased with her choice of using his Observational Deck as her lab but Hart had been rather persistent. It was the only space large enough to suit her needs and also provided her a small amount of privacy on an otherwise overly crowded ship. She’d gotten used to the idea of sharing bunks with the enlisted personnel but she wasn’t about to share lab space with the ship’s doctors.

A sudden crash snapped her attention back to the present and she turned around just in time to catch the marines scrambling to support the computer terminal in their grasp presumably after one of them had tripped over one of the various cables stretching across the room. “Careful with that,” she snapped at them, “Neither one of your pensions would be enough to cover the cost of replacing that machine.”

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry, ma’am,” one of them sputtered while the other gave him a look.

They were Privates, both of them, but at least one of them seemed comfortable with taking orders from a woman. The other was young, barely out of boot camp, and he stumbled over his words every time he talked to her. He would also cast the occasional glance in her direction whenever he thought she wasn’t looking. Hart had to restrain herself from rolling her eyes at him. The boy’s nervousness was cute, of course, but he was no Ethan.

Damn it, stop that, she cursed silently to herself while batting her forehead with one hand as if to banish away any thoughts of Sieger. She had turned to check the results of her diagnostic but almost at that exact moment the door to the Observational Deck slid open again and Commander Engberg stepped through.

“That’s fine where it is, boys, I’ll take care of the rest,” Hart told the two marines who took one look at her and one look at Engberg then nodded and left.

After the door had slid shut behind them Amanda turned to look at the Commander. “Something you wish to talk about, I presume?”

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:36 pm

Ethan smiled at Achilles, “Yes Sergeant Major.” He said. “I uh… I mean I mentioned to PFC Mortelli that my girlfriend broke up with me and that she was a doctor. He thought I was lying but said the best way for me to get over it was to get back on the horse and thus him and the others put me in front of Dr. Hart.” He took in a big breath and sighed a little bit, “And you wouldn’t believe it Sergeant Major but she’s the woman, my ex.” Frowning he then added, “I’d request a transfer but I highly doubt that it would be allowed to go through, I can’t get into details sir but elements have been watching me since Boot.”

Thinking for a moment Ethan said, “If it was anyone but you…” shaking his head he continued, “Well I have to admit I’m feeling a little vulnerable now.” He paused as the Sergeant Major nodded solemnly. “I don’t mean to be out of line, but is Corporal Michaels single?”

"She's Married to the Marine Corps, Sieger.. Put it out of your mind for now.."

“Yes Sergeant Major. I’m ready.” Achilles opened the door to the office and escorted Ethan in. His mind was on the task, but also on a certain by the book corporal.

The Commander smiled deceptively sweetly at Amanda. “Yes there is.” She looked around and made sure all the marines were clear and that there wasn’t another hiding off in the corner. She looked at the computer terminals, “Everything stowed away?” she asked getting a glare from Dr. Hart. “Alright fine.”

Engberg circled around and found a chair pulling it up and sitting down smoothing a wrinkle on her gray uniform. “I want to make sure that your personal feelings won’t get in the way of your mission here. Your assignment is to take care of, improve upon, and maintain the readiness of the weapons on board this ship. Each one of these weapons are crucial to this ships assignments, and each one deserves your full attention. Personal feelings shouldn’t come into this.”
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Pryde » Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:04 pm

Amanda scowled at the woman, irritated by her pompous attitude. It was one thing to be assigned to this ship against her will but it was another matter altogether to have ONI assign her a babysitter. The last thing she needed was having this woman looking over her shoulder questioning her every motive.

"So, it's back to nursing your little war hero then, is it?" Amanda asked her directly, "I thought I was done with that when you ordered me to sever all ties with him."

Engberg maintained her sweet innocent smile, "My dear, I never ordered you to sever ties with him." Standing up the ONI officer walked behind Dr. Hart and patted her on the back. "But ONI did have their reasons didn't they? If you had kept your pants on and and just done your job you wouldn't be in the predicament you are in now would you?"

Impatiently Amanda slammed her clipboard down on top of the machine in front of her. What the woman had said to her hit a nerve and it took all of her restraint to maintain her composure.

"You've made your point, Commander, now if you're quite finished it's time you left me to my work."

The Commander walked to the door and stood there, her back to Dr. Hart. "I want to hear you say it." Her sweet smile disapeared, "I want to hear you say that you won't let personal feelings get in the way. I want to hear you say that Ethan Sieger ruined your life and that you will not pursue a relationship with him." In truth, she just wanted to hear the pain in Amanda's voice.

"Commander, I wouldn't give you the satisfaction," Amanda shot back, her words laced with venom. "I'll do the job I've been asked to do now get out."

She pointed towards the door, her demeanor and the tone of her voice leaving little room for argument. ONI sought to break her but Amanda wasn't about to give up without a fight. This Commander Engberg was just one more obstacle she would have to deal with.

"Poor girl." the Commander said as she opened the door, "You're still pining for my little war hero, but you broke up with him didn't you? I wonder how he feels about you? What will your presence here drive him to?" As she walked out she called the nervous private back into the room. "I want you to assist the good Doctor for the rest of the week until she gets settled."

"Commander that is hardly necessary," Amanda protested, "Private Mills will only get in the way of my work. He is not qualified to handle any of these machines and his infatuation with me will distract him from his duties."

"Someone has a high opinion of themself doesn't she?" The Commander smiled, "Consider it a test, don't screw this one like you did the last one."

Amanda stalked over to her and slapped her palm against the release switch for the door, closing it and locking herself and the commander inside alone once more. “Commander, this is a breach of security. I can’t have some loose-lipped, inexperienced marine in here mucking things up, not with the classified nature of my work. You of all people should know the importance of keeping certain things secret.”

"In the week it takes for you to set everything up what could you possible leak to him?" she replied. "Come now Amanda." She calculated that using the womans first name would irritate her. "Bring the poor boy in, have your fun with him and forget all about my war hero."

Amanda glared at her but had nothing to say… That is, nothing constructive at least. By now her faculties were pushed far beyond their limits and anything that came out of her mouth at this point would only condemn her further. Silently she pressed the switch to open the door again and stepped to the side allowing the Commander to leave the room. “Is there any other task the Commander would like me to perform,” she asked in a quietly subdued voice.

"Not at this time Doctor Hart." The Commander put on her sweet smile once again. "No not at this time, but I may call upon you later for certain services." She walked past the increasingly nervous private who shot her a salute. He was cute...

Amanda watched her leave then her glare shifted to the marine. “Don’t just stand there,” she snapped, “Bring in the rest of that equipment, now!”

The young private quickly stammered out an apology then hurried down the corridor towards the hangar where the rest of Hart’s lab was being brought in…

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:15 am

The tech walked the halls of the ship with the final piece of equipment needed for the ship. It was a small crystalline chip. The technician walked to the captain and with a crisp salute relieved himself of the chip handing it over to the ships commander. Captain Joseph Snyder gently placed the chip in a large computer like structure. “Interesting.” A voice said over the intercom. “I’ve read the specs and examined all the available data but this is far more roomy than I expected.”

“I’m glad you’re feeling at home.” Snyder said.

A holographic projection machine lit up revealing a shapely blue hued woman. “Captain Snyder,” the AI said in a feminine voice, “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“And you too Selene.” The Captain said. “I’d like you to get acquainted with our ships systems and the crew manifest.”

“Already done Captain Snyder.” She said, then she lowered her voice. “You have a civilian on board?”

“Yes.” Snyder said. “She’s here to maintain the experimental weapons and shields onboard this vessel.”

The AI paused for a moment as if in contemplation. “Yes that is true.” She finally said, “The security clearance opened for me, and I can see all the weapons on board this ship.” A smiled crossed her face. “You don’t like that do you though?”

“I’d prefer a military advisor instead yes, someone who would have more discipline.” The AI pondered again for a moment.

“You see Doctor Hart as unprofessional?”

“No it’s not that. I’m sure she’s great at her job, but there has already been one altercation due to her presence here.”

“Ah yes,” the woman said, “An incident involving Lance Corporal Ethan Sieger. His involvement complicates things greatly.”

“Selene,” the Captain said ignoring the comment in part, “I have a few things I need to go over before we leave the space dock. I’d like to excuse myself from the conversation.”

“Yes Captain, of course I understand that mission briefing won’t prepare itseld. I’ll go browse around.”

“Thank you Selene.”

Observation Deck.

After the good Commander had left Hart had to restrain herself from screaming at the top of her lungs. She hated that woman, hated everything she stood for and despised her for standing in the way of everything she wanted. Yes she broke it off with Ethan, yes she did it to keep her job and yes she was still in love with him. Couldn’t she be allowed to have some happiness of her own?

With a frustrated sigh she stalked over to where she left her clipboard and picked it up again. She didn’t even bother to check and see if the diagnostic had finished running before heading over to her desk and sitting down. She booted up her computer and immediately started scanning over the files for each of the experimental weapons loaded onto the ship. Then, for the briefest moment, her finger hovered over a file titled “Sieger” before she scrolled back up and opened the file for the ship’s laser cannon.

She perused the technical readouts and evaluations for the weapon as the young private continued to bring in the rest of her equipment. After he had gathered it all up she gave him a stack of manuals for each machine to help him set them up and told him to “figure it out.” Then she went back to reading the file, making notes on her datapad as she read.

“He is cute.” A disembodied voice said behind her. “I see you keep looking at him.” Selene appeared on a holographic projector near Amanda. “I mean he’s blond, and cute and even looks like Lance Corporal Ethan Sieger. It’s understandable given your past relationship with that young man to be attracted to Private Mills.” The AI looked at Amanda’s face as she turned towards her. “I’ve downloaded all the available data on human psychology; I don’t believe I’m wrong.”

"You should try downloading some data on respecting people's privacy," Amanda replied tersely.

The AI appeared in thought for a moment, humans found such actions comforting. “All of this was in your ONI file; I don’t believe its classified information.” She peered around making sure no one was anywhere around them “As an ONI operative did you not agree to have your entire life on record?”

"For the benefit of my superiors, not for one curious A.I."

“I’m sorry.” Selene said. “I did not mean to upset you.” It was true. She had merely been making an observation. “I’ve read all your papers. I find some of your theories intriguing.” The hologram bit its lower lip, “In many cases wrong, but intriguing none the less. For instance your entire temporal slip space anomaly theory suggests that some day we may be able to transverse time making long journey’s in slipspace shorter while not increasing the speed and efficiency of our engines.”

Amanda blew a stray lock of hair out of her face in annoyance, restraining the urge to roll her eyes. "Selene, if you've read my theories then you know my explanation, so there's no point in trying to repeat it for you."

Then she stopped what she was doing and turned to look at the A.I. "Anyway, is there a reason for this little visit, or did you just come here to tell me I'm wrong."

“I came here to introduce myself and acclimate myself to the senior members of the crew.” Selene said, “As your in charge of the upkeep of the ships new weapons me and you will have to work closely together.” The AI smiled, “I hope we can be… friends.” The word seemed alien coming from the AI.

"You and I," Amanda replied absently as she turned back to read the report on her computer.

"What?" Selene replied, trying out her best imitation of the human expression for confusion.

"You said 'me and you,'" Amanda explained, "The proper way to say it is 'you and I.'"

“Ah of course.” The AI said, “I also did not use contractions, but I am beginning to do that as well. It makes me appear more… human… does it not?”

Amanda shook her head. "I'll never understand why you A.I.'s try to mimic human behavior. You would think your logic center would explode. Humans are irrational beings, why is it so important that you try to be like us?"

“AI’s such as myself are just copies of human personalities. We all have our flaws and quirks.” Her facial features scrunched up before becoming normal again, “Humans are hardly irrational.” She added. “You only need to understand their programming. Would you like me to demonstrate?”

This ought to be good, Amanda thought to herself. "Sure, go right ahead," she replied, glancing at the A.I. again.

“Alright.” Selene said. “I’m going to make Private Mills stutter and trip.” She opened up an intercom and sent a message to the young man to immediately come to the observation deck. The young man entered and asked how he could be of service. “I would like you to answer truthfully.” Selene said. The AI suppressed a smirk, “Would you like to have sex with Doctor Hart?”

“I umm…” the boy stumbled over his words. “ I mean…” he looked over at the Doctor who gave him a nod, “No.”

“You’re lying.” The AI said.

Try as she might Amanda couldn't suppress her smile. "That's precisely the irrationality I'm talking about, Selene. Private Mills will not say what he's thinking because he knows it will make me mad."

“That’s because it’s part of his programming. He made a judgment call based upon his information.”

She opened up a private com to the soldiers combead. “It’s ok private, the feeling is mutual.” She said privately between the two, “Private go about your duties.” She then said aloud. The boy began to walk out the door. As he did so she opened up another private line and said, “I would enjoy watching…” The private choked a bit and tripped over his two feet as he exited and the door closed behind him.

“See?” Selene asked. “It’s all in his program.”

"Was lying in his program too," Amanda asked pointedly, "Humans create fallacies to cover up truths, even when those truths are their own desires. How is it not irrational to deny something you want?"

Selene thought for a moment, “His programming is attracting him towards you, he desires to obtain you. You yourself said that if he told the truth it would anger you. If his programmed goal is to obtain you and procreate then it would be in his programming to lie so that he might obtain his goal.”

"That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?"

"Not really," Selene replied with an off-hand gesture, "It makes perfect sense to me."

Amanda just shook her head and turned back to her work, idly biting on her thumbnail as her eyes scoured over the report.

“You shouldn’t bite your nails. It’s a nasty habit, and will repel men.” Selene said.

“My mother used to say the same thing.” Amanda replied bitterly.

“Your mother was a smart woman.” Selene replied cheerfully.

"You don't know the half of it," she grumbled under her breath. "Anyway, it's been a real peach, Selene, but I have work to do. Do you mind?"

“Not at all.” Selene replied, “I do think I’m going to introduce myself to Corporal Sieger though. As you pointed out in your initial reports he is very handsome.” Selene disappeared from the projector.
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Post by zephre » Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:01 am

“Attention On Deck!” The Sgt Major commanded, as He and Sieger entered the Able company Office. Maj. Klein and 2ndLt. Ashford went to attention, leaving Reynolds to give the Salute, as he was the only officer in the room to be carrying his sidearm. The Colonial Cross bearer returned the salute, bringing the officers back to their earlier positions of rest. Ashford glared at the ODST Lance Corporal as he centered himself to Reynolds, and at the position of attention, announced himself.

“Lance Corporal Ethan Sieger Reporting as Ordered, Sir.” The Enlisted Marine stated, at rigged attention.

“At ease, Lcpl. Sieger. Thank you for joining us today.” He said, a genuine enough smile on his face. “I had hoped to have a chance to speak to you in private, but an issue has brought us together under less than ideal Circumstances.” Reynolds leaned back in his chair, the squeak was enough to make the 2nd Loo to cringe. With a sigh, he began. “There was an Incident in the Chow hall earlier today which has brought to light some discrepancies’ in protocol and discipline in the ODST, and you have been asked to give account of the actions of your fellow Marines in the ODST…”

“This should be interesting..” Ashford said under his breath, and glanced away from the cold gaze from SgtMaj Achilles.

“Lcpl Sieger..” Maj. Klein started, after a look at the 2nd Lieutenant. “Batallion Command is very concerned about the morale and welfare of all Marines on board, and believe it or not, we were all young marines at one time. We have no doubt that you will give a true account of what happened..”

“Your pardon, sir.” Achilles spoke, his deep voice resonating the walls. “Perhaps we should let Sieger actually give his account before you start blowing sunshine his way..” and gave the young man a nod. “Lcpl Sieger, you have the floor..”


Shuttle A-326: 10 minutes from Herald of Sin..

“Get that camera out of my face” Lcpl. Ballard snarled, grimacing at the light from the Colonial News Network news camera. “Go take pictures out of the window or something..”

Stacy Ann Timmons shook her head. “Cut.. this one doesn’t want to play.” She said, pushing her cameraman back into the center walkway. “Nobody here wants to be on camera. What are they, hiding or something?”

“I think their just shy.” Paul Dupard, the segment producer stated, grinning. “Besides, these Jarheads aren’t our story. We’re here for the Ethan Sieger,” and sat down on one of the acceleration couches. “They’ve got a little surprise in store for him I understand.”

“Why don’t you shut up and let us get some sleep, pal..” Cpl Thomas Severs said. “We just finished off a forty eight hour embark work party, so for chrissakes, let my Marines get some rest..”

Dupard scoffed, leaning back. “Your Marines, huh..” He said, rolling his eyes. “Aren’t you an E-4 Pay rate.. You don’t get paid enough to be responsible for your own boots..” he said, pulling out a cigarette and lighter. Putting it to his lips, he brought the lighter to the tip as he suddenly found it missing.

Looking up, he stared into a very grizzled face. The Marine was probably in his fifties, and would best be described as what was once called a war horse. Scars dotted his flesh, as cold blue eyes stared into his. He wore the C Class uniform, with his rank showing as Sergeant Major. The man’s voice was a rasp, which may have been caused by the scar that was apparent across his neck.

“Why don’t you pipe down, your giving me a head ache.” He growled, and shoved the broken cigarette into his pocket. “While you’re at it, why don’t you plant yourselves in the back of this bus, before something horrible happens to the very expensive camera your man is holding over there.”

Dupard sat up. “That’s a threat, Master Sergeant..”

The old Marine looked as though he was thinking a moment, then nodded. “Yes it was, and I suggest you move your ass before it’s no longer a threat.” He said, crossing his arms. “Get me?”

The CNN Producer stood, and moved to the back, motioning for his crew to follow. Stacy Ann looked at the Sgt Major, and gave him a wink and a slight smile before joining her comrades. The Sgt Major sat down, and looked at the Assembled Marines. “JackAss..” and pulled out a small flask from his shirt pocket. “The Media is the bane of a Marines existence, remember that. If any of those buzzards approach you, just say your doing your job, or some other BS line..” and took a small sip. “You all with the 709th?”

“That’s us, Sgt Major.” The Corporal stated. “Last ones off the Tarmat, last one on the Herald Of Sin” he said, a smirk crossing his face. “Were with Weapons Company, Third Squad.”

The old man passed the flask to the Junior NCO. “And how’d you end up with this duty.”

The Corporal shrugged. “Me Personally, I don’t know when to shut up to Staff NCO’s.” He said, getting a snicker from the crowd. “My fire team got the short end of the stick because of it.”

“Were you right?” The Sgt Major said, taking the flask back and passing it to the Lcpl sitting next to him. Two enlisted Marines joined them. A short, muscular man, in his early twenties and a very tall younger woman maybe in her late teens.

“In this case, yes.” Sever had to admit. “Still, he was a SNCO..”

The Older man nodded. “Well, you have to learn how to get your point across without getting your self in trouble..” and passed the flask to the woman, who was next in line. She waved it off. “No thank you, Sgt Major.. I’m not of age yet..”

“Yeah, Me neither..” he said, and passed it back. “The way I see it, If you’re willing to die in the name of the Colonies, then you’re old enough for a snort of cheap whisky.” And this time, the girl took a small drink.

“That’s not cheap whisky, Sgt Major.” She smiled. “At least thirty years old, Oak barrel from Terra Kentuck.”
“You know your whisky..” He said, passing on to Williams, the other PFC. “Got a name?”

“PFC Anton Williams, Sgt Major..” the Muscular Short man said, taking a swig.

The Girl shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “They call me.. Stork..” she said, embarrassed..

“Stork, huh..” he said. “Hand me that satchel behind you. As she stood and leaned back, he could see her name tape on her BDU trousers.


“Alceme Achilles, huh..” He said. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have the same problems he had with the other person he knew with that name..

“Well, It’s good to meet you all. I’m Stone. Julius Stone.” And finished the flask. “I’m the 709th Bn Sgt Major..”
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:37 pm

Sieger stood at attention with a slight frown on his face. They were putting everything on the ODSTs but there was marines from their own battalion involved in the mess. He bit his lower lip as he debated for a brief second if he should rub their nose in that fact. “There is nothing to explain sir.” The youth said directing his response to Captain Reynolds. “I accept full responsibility for the actions of all Marines present.” He said loudly. A few idle Marines in the hallway might have heart his proclamation dimly muted through the doors if they weren’t metal. “I’ll accept any punishment you deem appropriate to the situation.”

“That’s very admirable of you.” Reynolds said. Sieger hoped that the Captain was a fair man and that his proclamation wouldn’t backfire. “However I’d still like to hear about the events.”

“Yes sir.” Ethan said, “I was talking with a fellow Marine…”

“Names please Corporal Sieger.” Lieutenant Asford asked.

“I wouldn’t know them sir, I’ve only been on board for a day.” Sieger said. He had of course recounted the name to Sergeant Major Achilles, however he wouldn’t give people up to the man in front of him. “May I continue sir?” he asked after measuring the effects.


“As I was saying I was talking to a fellow Marine and had mentioned that my girlfriend had dumped me just after graduation from basic.” Leaving out who his girlfriend was he continued, “So the Marine suggested that I approach and attempt to woo Doctor Hart, our civilian advisor sir…”

“I know who she is!” Lieutenant Ashford snapped.

“Please continue.” Captain Reynolds said calmly glaring at the junior officer.

“Yes sir. So I’m rather embarrassed to say, but I was well embarrassed sir and red faced.” He paused waiting for a quip from Ashford, but received none and continued, “seeing vulnerability the Marines did as they are generally trained and exploited it. They scooped me up and dragged me through the hall with a snowballing effect. Soon there was a dozen Marines from the various companies onboard all carrying me to Doctor Harts position.” Various companies. The implication was clear, the ODST force on board was only a single company in size. Without being malicious or rubbing the officers noses in it he had brought up the issue that it was not purely the ODST complement with a lack of discipline. “I then ‘ordered’ the men to disperse and much to my surprise they did so.” He stood and waited for judgment.
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by VagueDurin » Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:48 pm

Lance Corporal Alex Hunter stalked the hallway followed closely by the newly minted PFC Nolan O’Brian. The short red headed man followed behind the ODST Sniper. The two were wearing shorts and a t-shirt which revealed their destination; they were on the way to the gym. They entered the facility and looked around at all of the machines to choose from. They got up on a treadmill and set its program proceeding in a short run to warm themselves up.

The duo then set out to the row of heavy bags along the center of the facility. O’Brian held the bag as Hunter punched it furiously. “Damned Elite bastard.” He said punching it once more. Each blow seemed to land and be more powerful then the next. “Why the hell are we allies with them anyways?” he asked. “Has everyone forgotten that they are the bastards who glassed our homes?”

“Hey man.” O’Brian said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“Yeah except the enemy of my enemy is a mass murder.” Hunter retorted slamming a fist into the bag and knocking O’Brian back.

Staff Sergeant Scarlatti watched on with mild amusement as the Trooper went about pummeling the bag and ranting on about their new Covvie friends. His views weren’t amusing, though, just the way he went about dealing with them. She didn’t like the fact that the Sangheili were here any more than he did. One step further, she had no idea how the hell the Admiralty convoluted themselves into thinking that the UNSC forces would accept the change.

She didn’t stop jumping rope, but gave the lad a sideways smirk and piped up from a meter or so away. “That bag owe you some money, tiger?”

“Something like that Sarge.” Hunter said hitting the thing again. “Just blowing off some steam.”

“He’s a little pissed off at the Alien is all Sergeant.” O’Brian said. “In human history old enemies have had to work together for the greater good all the time. Well now we have the same concept with aliens and he’s having a hard time adjusting.”

“It’s not that.” Hunter said once again smacking the bag. “No human ever killed as many as even one of these Elite Fleet Masters.” He ceased his work out for a moment and looked over at O’Brian, “I mean almost all of the outer colonies were destroyed. Obliterated by the Covenant wave and hovering over the little red button was the talon of those Elite bastards.”

After much thought O’Brian said, “Yeah but who is worse? Them or the brutes? At least the Elites have an honor system.”

Veronica stopped jumping rope, looping it behind her neck and holding onto either end in front of her as she caught her breath. Her hazel eyes bounced back and forth as she followed the conversation. “Does it matter?” she asked pragmatically. “Brass tossed us in with the ‘gheili, right? We’re Helljumpers, we fight where we’re told, and win where we fight, right?” She closed the distance a few feet and raised up an eyebrow. “I just look at it the same as when ONI or Requisitions saddles us down with some new weapon or piece of gear that they think is hot shit, but we know is rubbish.” She shrugged her shoulders slightly. “Carry it around cause we’re told to, but use it at your own risk.”

“I never thought of it that way Sergeant.” O’Brian said.

“That’s because its bullshit.” Hunter replied. “No weapon or piece of gear has the emotional baggage coming along with it as one of those inhuman bastards.” Bringing up his hands as if he were holding a rifle he added, “The only time I want to see one of them is through the scope of my rifle.”

O’Brian smirked. “You’ve already had your shot at him.” he said, “You missed.”

“I took off his arm.” Alex replied. “and I won’t miss a second time.”

“Silly boys with your hot heads.” Veronica jibed. “If the Corps wanted you to carry emotional baggage, they’d have issued you some dark cammied matched luggage, Tiger.” The Staff Sergeant let a smirk tug at her lips as she shot a quick wink at the more cool-headed of the two.

“Listen, Tiger, no one’s expecting you to forgive ‘em, and no one is trying to forget. But that unchecked aggression you’ve got saddled up on your back is only going to hurt yourself and your brothers.” With that, Scarlatti turned and headed towards the section of the gym with mats laid out on the floor.
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Able Company Office, Herald of Sin...

Post by zephre » Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:05 pm

Reynolds leaned back, and looked over towards Maj. Klein, who simply nodded back and looked to Ashford. “Did you see Battalion marines in the mix?”

“That was irrelevant, Sir.” Ashford stated. “They were led by the ODST; they started the mob, and should have to pay for this.”

“Did LCpl Sieger call for dispersal..” Klein raised his eyebrow at his junior officer.

“I cant be sure, but someone did..” Ashford stated, looking nervous now..

It was Reynolds turn to speak up. “Did it sound like him?” Pointing at his Lance Corporal. Klein put his hands on his waist, and leaned forward.

“There was similarities between what I heard, and Sieger’s voice, yes sir..”

Achilles chimed in. “My Question, Lt. Ashford, is why YOU didn’t call for dispersal, and why You left it up to a Lance Corporal to do it..”

Klein crossed his arms, and all in the room could see the XO’s face slowly turn crimson. “So, 2nd Lt. Ashford..” he began, keeping an even tone. “You just wasted The Captain AND the Sgt. Major of the ODST time and resources.” He paused, attempting to keep his temper at bay. “As well as mine..”

“I hardly think this was a waste of time, Sir.. We’ve rooted out a major problem with the 709th And the ODST.. All of these Ground Pounders..” Ashford stated, puffing his chest.

“Go to my office, and wait for me..” Klein said simply,

“Sir?” Ashford said, puzzled.

“I need to apologize on behalf of the command and officers of the 709th..” he snarled. “Go..”

Ashford’s face turned to a beet like color, and exited, giving Sieger and Achilles a dirty look before he closed the door behind him. Klein shook his head, and turned to Sieger.

“LCpl Sieger, thank you for you Honesty in this situation, and the Commands apologies for hauling you up here away from your settle time.” He said. “It shouldn’t happen again..” and taking a step back, gave the Cross bearer a salute. “Good evening Gentlemen.” With that, he exited the ODST Company offices..

Reynolds rolled his eyes. “Rest.” He said to Sieger, and looked up at Achilles. “What do you think, Zeus..” Using his call sign again.

“ Well, Boss, here’s what I think.” He began. “I think that a group of Marines, just off of a very long shuttle flight, needed to blow off steam. No one was hurt, and they dispersed in an orderly fashion. I wouldn’t want to see such a thing daily, but I don’t see something that a company formation and such wont resolve.”

“I agree..” Reynolds said. “Sieger, you got anything to say about this?”
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:37 pm

Sieger stood at ease for a moment and looked at the Captain. He wasn’t sure about the man yet but he thought he could trust him. “Sir.” He said, “With all do respect you should have thrown me to the wolves.”

“Explain that statement Marine.” Captain Reynolds said.

“Well sir, that officer was out for blood.” Sieger responded, “Him being upset could affect the cooperation between units when we’re in combat. Him being happy seeing me get what he perceives as well deserved punishment would have been more ideal.”

“Do you want punishment trooper.”

“No sir.” He said loudly, “I’m merely pointing out that a certain officer in a certain unit onboard this ship may be an asshole and that it’s better to keep them happy them give them an excuse to continue being an asshole.”

“True, but you forget one thing.” Reynolds said staring down the trooper.

“With respect, no I’m not sir.” Ethan paused and stared at his Captain, “We take care of our own.”

“Oora Marine.”
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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by zephre » Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:06 pm

“There was something else you neglected to notice, Sieger..” Achilles stated, moving across the room to stand next to Reynolds desk. “Klein was the one to pull the breaks on this little fiasco, and I’ll bet is presently giving Ashford the dressing down of his life. Captain Reynolds and myself had already been at an agreement on your punishment had it been warranted. Fortunately for you, it didn’t. You said you piece, took responsibility for the situation, and brought to light a problem with one of the Major's Staff.”

Reynolds smirked. “The Major isn’t one to have his time wasted. While you and Achilles were out of the room, he was already becoming agitated at Lt. Ashford for this situation. Ashford neglected to reveal the Battalion Marines involvement.” He said, and leaned back in his chair, emitting a large squeak. “Your punishment would have been light in any case. Extra days of post as Duty NCO in the Berths, and Shore Duty NCO at one Liberty Port of Call..” he said, and laced his fingers behind he head. “Now, if you want that, we can still drop that on you…” He leaned forward. “Otherwise, keep you Charlies close at hand, there’s a All hands formation this evening..”

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Colonial News Network<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Post by zephre » Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:26 pm

<<The Screen is filled with the scene of a Hanger Deck, with what appears to be a Battalion plus Marines in Formation. The Camera has to Pan to get the entire formation into the shot, which included the smaller group behind the battalion, of at least company sized. The bottom Scrawl states this is the launch ceremony of the Herald of Sin, below the Bold Text in smaller letters Marine Compliment Commencement Ceremony. In front of the camera stands Stacy Ann Timmons, one of the new faces of the CNN field reporters. Stacy Ann is wearing basic business attire, very conservative in style, but just enough cleavage to give a bit of titling to the viewing audience.>>

“This is Stacy Ann Timmons, coming to you live from the Herald of Sin, the latest vessel in the Fleet. Behind me is the Commencement Ceremony for the Deployed Marines for this new Technological Marvel. Very soon, a short speech from Lt. Col. Ricardo Nunez will commence, followed by awards, promotions and commendations, which is customary during large formations, according to Captain Thomas Morrow, the Batallions Media Officer. “

<<After A few Moments, Lt.Col Nunez approaches the pedestal, and each of the command elements of the Assembled Marines step forward. The Lt Col Makes a right face, and turned to his Batallion Sgt. Major, Julius Stone. The two Salute and the Sgt Major takes the Podium.>>

“POST” Stone Commands, and with that, the Commanders of the Elements take a step back, make a right face, and move to the back of their individual companies, to be replaced by their Most Senior Staff NCO or executive staff. THe camera zooms into the Podium, where Sgt Maj. Stone stands.>>

“Speaking is Sgt. Major Julius Stone, and from what I have been informed, was a last minute replacement for Sgt Major Thomas Winters who was found dead in his quarters, with a single gunshot wound to the head, an apparent suicide. Stone has had a long and controversial career in the Corps, spanning nearly thirty years of uninterrupted service.”

<<Stone turns to LtCol Nunez, and salutes. “Sir, the Batallion is formed.” Nunez returned the salute, and stepps to the microphone. >>

“Batallion.. At ease.” His voice carries over the sound system, as in one motion, the combined marines go to the position of Parade Rest.

“Our Traditions stem back to those few who first called themselves Marines in the Tun Tavern in a place called Philidelphia, where we consider to be our birthplace. We are still amphibious in nature, only now, the ocean has changed. It is no longer the Watery depths of a small planet, but the vastness of Space between our Worlds Colonies. We are still the first to fight, and Die on foreign lands, and we will always prove to any Enemy foolish enough to bring harm to those we protect that the ultimate weapon is a Marine and his Rifle…”

<<<The Speech continues for some time, perhaps much too long, as the network turned back to their affiliates for broadcast information and identification, and some went on to commercials. Eventually, they returned to the live feed..>>>

“…But that is a story for another time. What I do know is this.. Each of you have two families. One of them are the ones that bore you, and raised you to be the people you are today. The others stand around you now. Each Marine here is your Brother, your Sister, Your Mother or your Father. They are your Best Friends, Your lovers or in some cases your Rival. They are never your enemy.”

“The Following Marines, step forward and be recognized. SSgt Jirsella, Sgt Hamma, Cpl Roth and LCpl Sieger.”

<<<The Marines called step back, and smartly move to the front of the formation, and make a single line, shoulder to shoulder, Highest Rank to lowest. Nunez and the Sgt Maj began to go down the line, starting with SSgt. Jirsella, who is receiving a commendation for duty Served, and Promotions for Hamma and Roth. However, The Final individual, Sieger, is the one that the Camera focus’s on..>>

“The final Marine who is on the Receiving line is LCpl Sieger, who is the youngest to win the Colonial Cross. As many may recall, LCpl Sieger won the Colonial Cross for actions during the Campaign on New Mombassa.”

<<From the Lone Company, positioned behind the Batallion, steps their Company First Sargent and Company Commander. The Company First Sargeant is a huge, bull of a man, easily dwarfing those around him, an carrying a sword, A frog and belt. Nunez passed off the Warrant to Siegers commanding officer, as Two men take position in front on him.>>

“The Batallion Commander has passed off the Warrant to Sieger Company Commander, and we can see the Sgt. Major is carrying the Sword of an Non Commissioned Officer.”

<<The Camera focuses on Reynolds, as he begins reading.>>

“To all assembled Greetings. This is to acknowledge that Lcpl Ethan Sieger, Having shown superior ability in his deeds and action at his current rank, will from this day forward be promoted to the rank of Corporal, and has earned the honor and duty that affords becoming an Non Commissioned Officer in service to Earth, and her Colonies.”

<<The Captain then hands the red Certificate folder to Sieger, and removes the Rank from his lapels, and replaces them with a set of Corporal Chevrons, with what may be considered excessive force, while the Sgt Major Straps the Sword belt, with Frog and Saber around his waist VERY tightly. Both of his superiors take a step back, and after a short handshake, give the Cross bearer a salute, and with a right face, return back to their company positions..>>

“There it is, the Hero of Mombassa has been promoted to the Rank of Corporal, were are certain that this will be a symbol of things to come, both for himself, and those who will serve under this remarkable young man.. We’re looking forward to an interview with him after the ceremony is completed. This is Stacy Ann Timmons, for CNN..”

<<A marine corps Captain, followed by two other Marines, both in Armor, step up behind Stacy Ann. He is handsome, in his thirties and appears to have fallen from a recruiting poster. The Armored Marines’s faces cannot be seen, as the Networks take over from the live feed. >>>


Stacy Ann relaxes as Captain Morrow step forward. “Great Remote, Stacy. Well done indeed.” He said, giving her a brilliant smile. “Your shuttle is ready on the pad, so I thought I’d let you know you all did terrific.”

The Segment producer, Paul Dupard shakes his head, moving up towards Morrow. “No Way, we want an interview with the golden boy..”

“Nope.. Sorry. Ill send a press release to your office later today, and don’t worry, I’ll give it a good once over and prose it up for you..” and with a finger, the two Armored Marines step forward, and escort them from the viewing concourse.

“I’ll report this!” Dupard shouted, as the CNN news crew were led out of the bulk head. “You’ll pay!!’

“I bet I will..” Captain Morrow smirked, and looked out over the Battalion. He missed Battalion life, and being in the field. As a Field Correspondent, there was none better. He was in the thick of the fight, as well as reported it. Now, his station was with the Permanent Marine Detachment on the Herald of Sin as Media and Press officer. He hated it, but what was he to do. It was where they needed him.

He watched as the tight formation broke up, and each Marine returned to their berths, or the Mess hall, or wherever they were going. He had already left the official form on Sieger’s locker , with a note to get it back to him as soon as he was finished. It was basically, “How do you feel, what are your plans, etc etc..”

Shaking his head, he turned and headed out of the Observation Concourse, knowing full well that before this float was over, he would be conducting his other duty..

Contacting the families of the Dead…

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Re: Halo ODST: Rising

Post by Halcyon508 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:27 pm

The newly minted Corporal Sieger was finishing getting changed to the catcalls of those around him. The young man’s face was flush, something one normally didn’t associate with a Marine never mind an ODST. He changed out of the dress uniform and into the comfortable black fatigues the ODSTs were famous for. He was informed swiftly that he was to be the leader of team six, and given the call sign Midnight. Four other men made up his team, PFC Julia Mathews, PFC Nikita Miroslav and Lance Corporals Victor Mortelli and Elliott Masters; Jewel, Tsar, Mort and Jack as they were called respectively. The best team in the entire company, and their new commander was just out of boyhood.

Sieger smoothed a wrinkle in his uniform as Mortelli gave him a wink from across the room and nodded his head at a point behind Sieger. He pivoted and turned to look behind him where he saw Annabelle Mitchels. Still shirtless Ethan smiled and asked, “Corporal, were you standing there the entire time?”

“Just admiring the view.” She said, “Captain Reynolds sent me to remind you that you are to attend the briefing.”

Ethan had to admit he almost had forgotten. All of the officers in the normal battalion were to attend the briefing of course but it had slipped his mind that all of the ODST team leaders were to as well. It was strange for him to be given the same information as officers, however being part of an elite team of fighting men had its benefits. “Thank you Anna.” He said, he was allowed, they were the same rank. “Let me just button my shirt up and I’ll follow you to the conference room.”

All of the troopers were silent as he finished buttoning up and walked out the door following Mitchels. A wave of woops and hollering followed as the two walked towards the conference room. They entered the lift to the next level. The doors closed and the lights blew out for a brief moment. They stopped dead in between levels.

“Please stay calm.” A voice called. “We were doing some power tests on the new shields and we hit a snag…”

“Selene get me out of here!” Sieger had me the AI on planet before being stationed here. At first he was scheduled to be on the same flight as her coming onboard the Sin, but was reassigned at the last minute. The lift started up again briefly shaking the car. Mitchels fell into Ethans arms having lost her balance on her artificial leg. “It’s okay.” The young man said his blushing couldn’t be seen in the dimmed lights of the lift. He helped her back onto her feet in time for the door to open. Together they reached the briefing.

The room was small and crowded. Officers from each platoon and company filed in, and to one corner sat the non commissioned officers of the ODST. Special forces didn’t mean special privileges, at least not in a room full of officers. Everyone snapped to attention as Captain Snyder walked into the room.

“This is the planet Proxima 3.” The elderly man began. “This is our target. To brief you on the operation here is Commander Coleman from the Office of Naval Intelligence to brief you.”

The Captain took his leave. As an elderly mans image appeared on screen. “The planet of Proxima 3 sits on a strategic route through slipspace. We abandoned it when falling back to reach. Those things have it and are using it as a resupply base.” He was referring to the brutes, many of the old timers still referred to the Aliens as things despite the alliance humanity currently held with the Elite faction. “And we want it back. This operation will be a joint effort between several ships and our new Alien allies. Your mission is to jump in with a coalition force before the primary invasion fleet, land and destroy enemy anti air and space weapons in several zones. From there you will hold a landing zone and strike at targets of opportunity until the main force arrives.” Maps began to appear on the screen next to the disembodied head, “Are there any questions?”

“Sir.” Captain Reynolds spoke up, “We don’t seem to have complete maps.”

“For operational security you are only provided maps of your area of operation.” There was a general murmur from the veterans. “Operational security.” The screen stressed. “Any further questions?” There was none. “Good, you have the reports, dismissed.” The face disappeared from the screen.

The reports that were in front of them outlined everything. The Sin’s own compliment of ODST’s were going to drop near an Anti-Space gun surrounded by several large Anti-Air positions, they were to destroy it and secure a landing zone for the Sin to deposit the Battalion Marines to hold their sector. Other ships had similar tasks and together they would create a perimeter for more invasion ships to land once the main force arrived. That is assuming everything goes as planned.

Sieger sighed; it didn’t take a genius to see that they would be cut off for nearly twenty four hours before the main fleet would arrive. It was predicted that was how long it would take to neutralize enough of the planets Anti Space Defenses to mount a full scale invasion. He didn’t like it. Captain Snyder stepped forward, “Brief your soldiers.” He said, “And get them ready for a fight. Good luck gentlemen and god speed.” The group shot a salute before he left the briefing room. Sieger was nervous about the mission, his mind suddenly drifted to Amanda. He wanted to see her, tell her how he felt, ask why she acted the way she was acting… a hand touched his arm. It was Corporal Mitchels. Ethan smiled at the actress and left the room.
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