Warhammer 40k: Scourge of Catalyst

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Warhammer 40k: Scourge of Catalyst

Post by Pontius » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:40 am

Catalyst slowly walked down the crude steps into the wide open space of the ritual chamber within the cavern. He grinned under his turquoise robe as he marveled at his work. It had taken him over a month to prepare the chamber alone, and nearly a year to gather and convince all the pawns to participate in the ritual. And soon it would all be worth it.

Several large braziers around the room were burning either a light pink or blue substance, which caused the chamber room to fill with a multi-chromatic cloud. Pleasantly, the cloud stirred memories of his obscura filled youth, only this high was a hundred times more potent. Besides the inscence, there were nine hooded figures, in turquoise robes with gold trim and symbols similar to Catalyst's own, who stood silently around a carefully inscribed rune. At the center of the pentagram was a bruised emaciated man, who was barely conscious, stripped to the waist. Thick heavy chains grounded the man in place, and they too were inscribed in various runes. On the man's chest were numerous markings in a substance that glowed in the dim light of the cavern. To any sane man, they would be seen as an indecipherable mass of markings that followed no pattern or idea. But to Catalyst, they were a beautiful work of art.

Catalyst moved silently to the front of the chamber, and as he did so he passed by the rest of the cult who arranged themselves around the edge of cavern and chanted in a vile tongue, preparing themselves for the ritual and the glory of being allowed to witness a work of of one of the Chaos Gods.

Catalyst stepped upon a raised dais at the front of his chamber and raised his arms. The chanting of the cult fell silent instantly.

"Long have we awaited this day. Long have we prepared for this day. But our journey is final coming to an end. For the master protects!" Catalyst's voice boomed through the cavern.

"The master protects," echoed the cult members.

"He watches over us. He sees the work that we're doing. He sees those who try to stop us! The master has gifted me with the knowledge to bring forth one of his greatest servants, to protect our work! He comes to see that we may continue our work and end this world!"

"Praise be to Tchar," chanted the cult.

"Prepare yourself for being in the presence of a Great One. Prepare yourself for Lord Apollyion!"

At the mention of the name of the demon, the cult moved as one as it prostrated itself onto the ground.

Catalyst nodded, and stepped down from the dais and approached the edge of the rune. Catalyst quickly glanced to make sure the rune remained undamaged, and with a nod of satisfaction he began. Catalyst reached into his robes and pulled out a flesh-bound tome with a daemon's skull imprinted on the cover. Catalyst nodded at the nine figures around the rune, who began to chant loudly in harsh guttural tones. Catalyst then opened up the tome to a pre-marked page and began reading from it. It was Daemonic, a language nearly beyond a human's ability to pronunciate correctly. Catalyst strained to maintain the harsh sounds and words, and nearly faltered once, but was able to maintain the ritual. He could feel blood pouring freely from his lips, but he did not care.

As he reached the end of the ritual, he began to speak the true name of lord Apollyion, "ablanq'fliicoghlt...."

All light left the room when he finished the daemon's name as if pushed out by the Daemon's essence. However, the rune's on the man's body in the center of the room began to glow brightly in the darkness, quickly filling the cavern with an otherworldly glow. At which point the man's eye's burst open as he was forced awake by the pain of the possession, to which Catalyst smiled. He knew that the man was in unspeakable pain, but he also knew that the man had no way of expressing the pain as by that point he was already dead. Catalyst's only regret for the man was that he could not have tortured him further. But that thought was quickly pushed out of his mind at the marvel that was unraveling before him.

The mans body began to float up into the air. Catalyst heard the distinct cracking of the man's bone's breaking, moving, and reforming as it made room for the Daemon. Catalyst could also see the man figure return to him, with his muscles bulging to a point where he looked like a very fit man. The bruises and scars on the man's body quickly disappeared, as they were healed as the Daemon took control of his new host. The man's eyes turned to solid golden orbs and two small horns pushed through the top of his skull. The incisors in the man's mouth grew into sharp fangs. As quickly as the process had begun, it had ended. The man slowly descended back down to the ground and the light of the runes dimmed. However instead of falling into a mess on the ground, the man stood tall and stared directly at Catalyst. Soon the lights of the braziers returned to their former glory.

Catalyst broke the silence between him and the Daemon with a clear concise voice, "Welcome Apollyion."

The Daemon stood silently for a few moments with its mouth agape as it quickly learned how to use its new body. "You know my name."

"I know your name, and you shall serve me as your master commanded you to."

The Daemon stood silently, then nodded.
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