Heroes: Mind Wars

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Heroes: Mind Wars

Post by Halcyon508 » Wed May 23, 2007 3:40 pm

Memphis was once a hopping city, full with life and the home of Jazz and blues. Not it was dark, with a high crime rate and most of the buildings were in disarray, where as New York had already begun re-building Memphis was still in a state of disrepair. It was dark in the slums of the city, with most of the city was ruins it was hard to distinguish.

They had caught him, a man sat chained to a wall in a warehouse complex blood dripping from his stomach, black blood. Jason Ironheart, a leading member of the resistance. “You’ve been shot in the liver.” Another man said. He was standing over the broken body with a gun in his hand, flanked by two others dressed in like dark suits. “You bleed black when your liver is punctured, it won’t be long now.”

“You bastard.” The wounded man spat. “You’ll never get away with it Dustin! The underground will survive.”

“No with you, their inside man, gone I think they will be quite crippled.” Dustin Grant smiled a crooked and smile. “And you will tell me how to find them.” He reached out his hand and closed his eyes. “I will rip it from your mind…”

“Merry had a little lamb.” The man yelled loudly in pain. “Her fleece as white as snow…” He wouldn’t let them have his thoughts, his memories. “Everywhere that merry went the lamb was sure to go!”

“He’s trying to block Mr. Grant” The other man said as he slammed a fist into Jason’s face.

“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick! Jack, jumped over a candlestick!” Jason screamed as the pain increased and his eye started to burn. “Jack jumped high, Jack jumped low, Jack jumped over and burned his toe!”

“I’m breaking through…” Grant said. He was a Telepath, telepaths could only detect surface thoughts, but if Grant could break through the barrier of random thoughts being presented to him by Jason he would be able to find a thought and create a trail that he could ride deeper into his mind. Grant was the only telepath with this ability and he was brutal in using it to track down members of the “Underground” and those they have hidden.

“I am a pretty little Dutch girl,” Jason said laughing, his voice being fainter. “As pretty as I can be.” He smiled and concentrated as hard as he could on the Rhyme. “And all the boys in the neighborhood.” He barely wheezed the sentence, his thought drifted to a young boy… “Are crazy over…me…”

Grant gripped his fist as the last light of life faded from the dying man. “Betrayed by his final thought…” the man said

“Where to now sir?” one of the black clad men asked.

“We assemble the team, and then we head to New Jersey.” He smiled. “There is a warehouse in Newark that is being used as a filtering point for unregistered Meta’s...."
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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Wed May 23, 2007 5:34 pm

New Jersey, greatest state in the entire US of A, but more importantly it was the home of the Lance brothers, Adam and Mike.

The brothers shared a small apartment above a barber shop on Main Street, the central area of the small town of Cherry Hill. Many people had moved into the neighboring towns in the last few years after the fallout from the war that ravaged the major city centers. However, as the larger cities were rebuilding, many of the city-types were heading back looking for their old lives back. Mike and Adam had both been born and raised in the small town and they weren't ready to leave just yet.

They were both college graduates who had moved into an apartment in their hometown and started their job search. Life was ordinary, maybe a little too ordinary for Adam's taste. "Are you ever sorry we stayed here, Mike?"

Mike turned from his spot at the kitchen table, "What do you mean? This is our town. How could you think of leaving?"

Adam leaned against the window sill and looked out over the street below, "We've lived here 24 years, the only time we've really been away was when we were in school. Don't you miss it?"

Mike shrugged as he spooned another mouthful of cereal into his mouth, "I dunno, I guess I never really thought of it."

"Well," Adam began, "I have. I just wish we could do something different. I'm tired of the same things over and over again."

Mike laughed as he turned back to the morning paper, "You think too much, just sit down and eat some breakfast. We got some job searching to do today."

Adam then flicked some cereal at Mike, "Ooo, mister serious."

Mike shot a quick glance at Adam, "Sometimes I really hate you."

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Post by Topgun220 » Wed May 23, 2007 7:41 pm

Sarah walked quietly down the hospital hallway, injured and sick people filled the beds in the rooms along both sides of the hallway. She felt uncomfortable amongst them, almost as if she was under threat of becoming one of them. She stopped at one particular room and turned inside, one bed was next to the far wall on which an older gentleman sat. What hair he had left on his head was gray and his skin wrinkled with age. He was hooked up to an IV next to the bed and he lay in the bed watching the TV in front of him. The news was on, showing images of the rebuilding efforts in New York. The old gentleman shook his head at the images, as Sarah joined his side and took his right hand in hers.

"You give people someone to focus their anger on and everything seems to just disappear. Nobody cares who gets hurt in the process, they just want their lives to return to normal because they are afraid of whats out there...that it is different from them." He sighed and looked at Sarah. "You always listened to my rambles Sarah, why do you keep coming here to waste your time with me."

"Because Grandpa, I love you very much. And your ramblings make me laugh." She said smiling and brushing her brown hair aside.

He smiled at her, then he looked back to the screen and his smile faded slightly. "You know...your brother visited me yesterday. He's doing well, he's trying to get into college you know."

"I don't consider him my brother anymore grandpa, not since he ran off to play soldier boy and left me and you by ourselves." She said a little more sharply than she wanted to.

"He never fought in any battles, he just wanted to go out. See what his parents were fighting for and why so many of his friends hated him. Its not easy to be left alone, supporting an old man and a younger sister. He couldn't handle it, he's only human you know."

"I'm not sure I could ever forgive him for that. no matter his reasons. He had a duty to protect and support us." She walked in front of the TV, blocking his view. "Don't you need your rest?"

"Oh I'll be taking a very, very long nap in a while. I think I can stay up a bit longer to see what hole humanity is digging for itself now." Sarah shook her head and walked towards the doorway.

"My shift is starting now, I'll check in at my lunch break to see how you are."

"Bah, spend your time with some young fella, not my old wrinkled but. Get outta here you." She left him alone in his room as she giggled at him.
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