A message to the one who stole everything I had...

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A message to the one who stole everything I had...

Post by JadeKyle » Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:35 pm

Thank you for giving me the honor of you. Holding you in my arms was like heaven on earth, if heaven could be considered so grand. To you who allowed me the honor to put my arm around your shoulders or hold your hand. These simple gestures my affirmation that I truly loved you. I gave you everything my world my life my imagination, the things most important to me.

Then what happened what fucking happened? You took it away by simply saying you didn't care anymore that you found someone else and you simply did not want anything to do with me again.

Then my mind shut down for awhile I don't remember how long don't remember anything but the pain of not being able to think not being able to imagine. The worlds in my head had collapsed and now every bit was in a constant state of anarchy and turmoil.

And you suddenly came back and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. You used my shoulder again to cry on when the other man didn't work out. Thats when I fell for you again as you were in my arms crying your eyes out. I hugged you harder that day then any other never wanting to let you go again. This is when my world came back thought and creativity my logic and stories came back and suddenly I did see. Saw you in a glorious halo of light and you are beautiful.

The next day what did you tell me? It was a fluke you don't know what happened, that you wanted to be friends that you couldn't let me and you come between you and my sister's friendship. Oh how the pain drew up that day. But I don't let it out I simply say thats fine and behind your back in my private sanctuary that you invade nonstop I cried, till there was nothing left till I was numb inside. I tried grasping for something else anyone else but my mind died numb to the world and my world, my creatures, my characters, mute to words and blind to vision.

So this is how you did it, broke my heart not once but twice in a matter of months and took from me the only thing that I had to safeguard myself against the pain of loosing you. So now I type this numb to the world and afraid that everything is going to collapse around me, afraid that my faith is crumbling and no one will save me.


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