The Girl and the Dragon

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Post by Jagtai » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:04 pm

After a while, Io rose. She had been fiddling with the map and figures that Votrex had found.

"My children. I do believe it is time that you are told what is really going on." Her face were serious, making it even more wrinkled than usual. "A thousand years ago, the so-called Cult of Shaitan rose to assault the world. No place was safe from their mad cultists and their demon servants. The humans were the first to fight, followed quickly by the dwarves and the elves. The Order of Dracul only took part from about the middle of the war."

She sighed.

"After much death and devastation, the Cult was forced back on all fronts. In desperation, the ten warlocks in charge of the Cult began a deadly ritual. Their aim was to summon Shaitan, the Lord of Demons. They succeeded, but the Dragon Rider Kurnal and his dragon Kalthis sacrificed themselves to banish Shaitan into the void. The banishment of Shaitan broke the spirit of the Cult, and resulted in their eventual destruction."

Her radiant eyes looked at each person in turn, as she continued:

"But now, the Cult have returned. And this time, their plans are much worse. I have reason to believe that they are trying to summon Zakhrin."

Thierra, the Sorceress of Yun, looked like she had seen a ghost. Io smiled, a cheerless smile.

"You recognize the name, Servant of Yun." She turned back to the group. "Zakhrin is the God of Death, Destruction and Chaos. He is the master of Shaitan. He cannot be allowed to enter this world, or the world as we know it will end. Can I count on you to help me stop him?"

The Knights of the Cup nodded in unison, followed by Thierra, albeit reluctantly. Io looked at the rest of the group, awaiting their answers...

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Post by Jedi_Kit_Fitsu » Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:51 pm

Robin sipped water from his pouch he carried as the old woman gave her speech.

He looked from one person to the next when she finished and plunged his swords into the ground on either sides of him. "You're probably going to need someone who knows the land."

He smiled as he rose slightly, "I'm in."

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Post by Harekon » Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:09 am

Aaron had settled on the side of the fire that was least occupied. Aaron had just removed his helmet when the older woman stood and started to speak. He listened intently to her every word, and studied her body language, thought she didn’t show it the signs were their that she was worried deeply about this.

Aaron rose just after another member of the group had. “You have mine as well.” he said, and then sat back down.
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Post by SmokeMare » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:58 am

Votrex had tried desperately to follow what was said, he thumbed back and forwards in his phrase-book frantically, and noted the others stating that they were willing. He wasn't sure quite what he was signing up for, but after carefully looking through his phrasebook and constructing his answer he removed his pipe and stood up holding his mighty axe up, " Aye! Y'er c'n count me 'n too!"

Pleased with himself for having managed to attempt some human he sat back down and continued puffing on his pipe, blowing smoke-rings over the fire.

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Post by RileyKenobi » Mon Apr 30, 2007 4:30 pm

A deep rumble reverberated through Jaeger's chest. Romi was leaned up against him, her knees to her chest. She had listened attentively. Since she had only been a rider for 6 years, the most she knew about Shaitan or Zakhrin was what she had read in books and scrolls. Jaeger didn't like to talk about it and Romi didn't ask.

Jaeger pushed her onto her feet with his nose in her back. His great head swung to Io as Romi spoke. "Aye, my lady. We are always at your service," she said. Io smiled at the young woman and Romi inclined her head, taking her seat again. She stroked Jaeger's muzzle absently as she waiting for the rest of the group to speak. Romi looked across the fire at Aaron, the flames casting flickering shadows over his face. She narrowed her eyes. Trusting him would be difficult with so much at stake.
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Post by Pryde » Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:38 pm

Josylin was at a loss for words, she wanted to help the others but she was unsure what assistance she could offer. She wasn't a warrior and her knowledge of magic was limited. She was afraid she'd only get in the way. After Romi had spoken that left only her, Kale, and Rajin and everyone seemed to look at them expectantly. After awhile Josylin opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by another voice.

"I wish I could offer my assistance, my lady," Arilyn said from behind the group, "but in this I'm afraid I am forbidden to help. I will travel with you as long as I may, but my time is short." Then she stopped and looked right at Josylin. "Since I cannot help you directly I will send Josylin to act in my stead and in the time I have left I will prepare her for the journey."

"Me?" Josylin asked suddenly, "Why me?"

"Because I am convinced that this is why I am here. Why it was you who found me in that cell. This is my part in this tale, the rest is up to you and the others."

"You're crazy," Josylin replied, "You're all crazy. We're talking about a god here, even though I believe the existence of gods is debatable. Still, though, what if we should fail what then? Gods are omnipotent beings, if hypothetically we should encounter one what exactly do you expect us to do? Somehow I don't think even three dragons will be enough."
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Post by Jagtai » Mon Apr 30, 2007 9:58 pm

Kale and Tharseris did not reply, but it seemed obvious that they would come along. Kale merely nodded.
Beside him, Raijin nodded as well. He would join them too.

Io nodded at Arilyn.

"I understand, Lady Arilyn. Your path is different from Josylin's." She looked at Josylin, but her answer was directed at everyone present when she replied:

"You are quite right, Lady Josylin. Even with the help of three dragons, your skills would not be enough. But there is still hope." She took a deep breath, then continued. "Millenia ago, when Elves and Dwarves ruled the world, before anyone here was born, there was a great war. Zakhrin entered the world and led his armies of darkness towards the Children of the Stars and the Children of Stone. To defeat him, the two races - secretly aided by the Gods of Light and Darkness - forged seven great weapons; the Hand of Acrona, the Sword of Yun, the Keeper of Secrets, the Hunter, the Fist of Ulric, the Spear of Woden, and the Fang of the Wolf. With these weapons, the Seven fought and defeated Zakhrin. You," her features grew even more serious, "must retrieve the artifacts."

"Unfortunately, I know only the location of the Hand of Acrona. You will have to find and retrieve the rest yourselves."

She looked around at each person in turn. Then she smiled.

"The Hand of Acrona is located somewhere in the ancient fortress of Zarad, deep within the mountains east of here. And a word of advice - things are not always what they seem to be."

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Post by Jagtai » Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:01 pm

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