Diablo: Terror in the East

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Diablo: Terror in the East

Post by Pryde » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:04 am

The firelight flickered slightly, casting long shadows across the walls as the party of adventurers sat quietly across from Akara. The older woman seemed tired, almost exhausted by the ordeal plaguing the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. She looked at each of them in turn, a determined look in her eyes in spite of her outward appearance. She was not too trusting of the outsiders before her, but she was willing to seek their aid as long as they proved themselves worthy.

"You see," she said at long last, continuing her tale, "Not long ago a dark wanderer visited our monastery. He spoke no words, made no requests, but simply went on his way. Some time after our rogues were beset upon by foul demons. They came quickly in the night and overwhelmed us. The monastery fell in an instant and the survivors were forced to flee. We set up a temporary camp here in the hills, but so far our attempts at reclaiming the monastery have proven fruitless. The demons infesting our sacred home are too many and we are too few."

She paused momentarily to move over to the fireplace and stoke up the fire. After she returned to her chair she continued her story. "I apologize for the cold reception you received earlier," she told them, "My kin and I are not too trusting of outsiders, I'm afraid, but this is a battle we can't fight alone. We need allies to help us in our cause, but before we can trust you you must prove yourself worthy of our friendship."

She nodded at the young girl standing beside her and she quickly unrolled a map, laying it before the adventurers as she did so. "In the wilderness there is a cave," Akara continued, "A den of evil. If you are truly a friend to our order then you will purge this den of all the foul creatures infesting it. My aide here will travel with you as your guide."

At that remark Isis stared at Akara incredulously. "Reverend Mother, I couldn't possibly--" she started, but Akara cut her off.

"Hush, my child, it is my will that you accompany these adventurers. They will need our help in finding their way and we will need theirs before the end."

Isis stared at her then glanced at the strangers sitting before her then back at Akara. She seemed about to object again, but when she caught the look in Akara's eyes her shoulders slumped in defeat. "As you wish, Reverend Mother," she said at last.

Akara laid her hand gently on Isis' shoulder then turned to look at the adventurers. "It is done then, Isis will accompany as you seek the Den of Evil. Return to me once the deed is done."
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Post by SmokeMare » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:10 am

Elsewhere a lone warrior was clinging desperatley on to the rocks of the cliff side. The wind was howling about him, the sky was dark and foreboding. The warriors name is Hrun, he had journeyed from the north, his quest given to him by the tribe elders was to seek out the great evils, and destroy them.

Battling against the howling wind, his great hands reach for another hand hold, as he attempted to pull himself across, loose rock fell out he stumbled down, grasping for another hold. When he'd set out, there had been seven, all mighty warriors, but the countryside had changed. There seemed to be a pestilence upon the land, evil running amock where ever they'd been. After losing four of the party to a large group of Goatmen, they'd decided to head up into the treacherous mountain passes, on their way to Tristram.

A group of Fallen had ambushed them on the ledge and despite a heroic battle, the remainder of the party had fallen to their death. Their names stuck out in his mind as he reached for hand holds, pulling himself across the narrow ledge, men he'd grown up with, hunted with, shared a mug of ale with...

The quest was too important to fail though, he cast them to the back of his mind as he hauled himself over a large gap, hundreds of feet up, loose shale and rock tumbling away from his feet, bouncing off the jagged rocks. He pulled himslef around the corner of the ledge and the path evened out and widened. Small trees and undergrowth covered the sides of the ancient, worn path now, able to walk again safely Hrun pulled his furs tighter around his shoulders.

The path was winding and long, strange noises echoed through the night sky, he'd lost count of how many days he'd been without sleep, as he strode down the path silently, a twig cracked in the undergrowth. Without pausing for breath, he dived into the bushes arms outstretched, after rolling through the bracken a few times he held alof the desperately struggling form of a Fallen. His attack had startled it so much it had dropped it's weapon onto the grass.

Spitting and clawing it writhed, desperate to free itself from Hruns iron grip, he held fast though and climbed slowly to his feet. The creature must have been a look out, on his own, fleeing to warn the rest of his approach. Looking menacingly in the wild demons eyes he adjusted his grip, grabbed the creatures ankles and swung him baseball bat style into the cliff face. The creatures skull hitting the sharp rocks made a dull thud, the first strike knocked it unconscious.

Hrun tightened his grip, and began swinging methodically, like a falling hammer onto the rocks - each swing crushing the demon's skull more. After a few swings Hrun wiped the blood from his eyes and knelt down to search the creatures corpse, a few paltry gold coins fell from it's tunic, which he took and stuffed into his purse.

Climbing to his feet he grabbed the limp body and threw it into the undergrowth, then picked up the creatures small sword from the grass and tucked it into his belt.

A look out meant one thing - there was a group nearby

Following the path Hrun made his footsteps silent and shallowed his breathing. The trees thickened into dense forest, as he drew closer he heard the cackling voices of fallen. Reaching over his shoulder he grabbed his sword Grimfang, and drew it to it's full menacing length. The sword had a crimson handle and pommel, the blade was metallic black. It had been handed down from his Grandfather who had found it deep in the earth on another quest, his father had carried it into battle to his death and it had found it's way to Hrun. His sword drawn and ready he crept through th bushes and peered into the clearing.

There in the clearing was a group of four Fallen, in their centre was a crudely built campfire, not lit yet, with a beautiful woman tied to a spit roast hanging above the fire. The Fallen were argueing bitterly about whether to kill her first or to roast her alive...

"Grrr! They don't taste the same when you kill them first!"

"Don't be stupid! Her screaming will let everyone and everything in the area know we've got a catch! Do you want to share her ?"

"We just have to make sure she's better gagged, so her screams can't be heard.... Eh?"

The Fallen's attention had been broken by the hulking frame of Hrun charging through the bushes, with his first mighty swing he cleaved the head of the first clean off. Before the others could draw their swords Hrun kicked one in the face sending him sprawling and stabbed the other clean the through the chest. The fourth, across the campsite drew it's sword and spat at him, "You'll die for that pathetic human!"

Hrun simply pulled the Fallen's small sword from his belt and hurled it towards him, it sailed through the air straight and true, striking with such force that it slid through the Fallen's chest, up to the pommel. It staggered backwards and collapsed, blood oozing from the fatal wound.

The one who had recieved the kick in the face was slowly climbing to his feet, Hrun turned to him and with a mighty swing lopped his head off as he was retrieving his sword.

The girl on the spit roast was struggling desperately now, her cries muffled by the gag, tied tightly into her mouth. Hrun, stabbed Grimfang into the earth and pulled a knife out of his pack then strode towards her. He reached forwards and gently cut her gag. She spat the gag onto the floor, "Well!? Are you going to cut me loose? Or just stand there you big oaf!"

Hrun, somewhat taken aback grinned at her, "I was thinking of eating you myself actually..."

At this she rolled her eyes, "Very funny, now cut me loose before more arrive !"

Hrun obediently cut her bonds, and watched her tumble onto the dry kindling. As she rolled out of the fireplace Hrun offered her a hand."My name is Hrun."

She scowled at him, "Good for you! What do you want a medal?"

Hrun shrugged, "A hot meal would do..."

She avoided his hand and climbed to her feet, "Hmmph, well that I might be able to do... My is Kaya, follow me to the rogue encampment. I was erm, captured whilst on lookout duty, erm, thanks for helping me."

Surprised at her change of tone, Hrun pulled Grimfang free and retried his thrown Fallen sword. Kaya led him along a winding pathway, through mountain and forest to a wooden barricade. The guards passed and waved them through. Kaya turned to Hrun, "I must speak with Akara, come."

Hrun followed Kaya to the fire, a small group of adventurers were huddled around a fire. Kaya brushed Isis aside, "Reverand Mother, this is Hrun, he erm, rescued me... Can we offer him a meal?"

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Post by SmokeMare » Thu Nov 09, 2006 3:42 am

Akara frowned at the huge man, wearing dirty, blood stained furs towering in front of her.

"That we can Kaya, fetch a bowl and get our friend some soup - Hrun, what brings you this far from the Northlands?"

Hrun rubbed his chin thoughtfully, considering how much of his story to tell...

" My name is Hrun, I have travelled on foot, from the North... When we set out we were seven, but we have met great evil on the road and I am the only one that remains. Our quest is to get to the town of Tristram and to destroy Diablo, once and for all..."

The adventurers gathered around the fire shuffled uneasily, Akara spoke next, " The way to Tristram is blocked my friend, by a magical barrier. I don't think your quest can succeed anyway, Diablo has long left Tristram... There may be another way to get to Tristram though... I will try to help you, but first you must earn our trust, as I've just been explaining to the others, there is a cave in the wilderness, a den of evil... If you go fourth and clear out this cave with the others - then you'll have proved yourself trustworthy and a friend to our order. Isis here will accompany you and show you the way."

Hrun glanced at the young girl standing at her side, looking uncomfortable with the idea of travelling with them. He peered through the smoky fire at the group of adventurers, he couldn't make them out very well, the fire was smoking heavily.

Kaya brought Hrun a small bowl full of soup and some broken bread. He dunked the bread in and wolfed it down hungrily, before tipping the bowl back like a cup - guzzling the soup down in one. He handed the bowl back, "I will rid this den of evil, or I will die trying! Who is with me!?"

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Post by SmokeMare » Tue Nov 28, 2006 2:27 am

The long silence steeled Hrun against his task. He shook his head at the party around the fire, "Cowards! I will rid this den of evil alone!"

Spinning on his heel he stormed towards the gate, Isis running after him, "Hrun wait, I have to show you how to get there!"

Hrun grunted over his shoulder as the guards allowed them to pass into the wilderness. The comfort of fire was soon missed as a biting wind whipped up and chilled them to the bone. Trees and hedges seemed withered or charred, almost as if pure evil had breathed over the land, sucking the life from the very earth.

He glanced at the petit form of Isis jogging stealthily behind him, he mused at how different she was to the warrior women back home. She had cocked her bow and was scanning diligently for attackers, "There - head towards that hill!"

Hrun quickened his step, striding in the direction indicated. As they passed between two areas of thick foliage screaming Fallen leaped out behind them surrounding them. Hrun grinned at his attackers and whipped his sword out in a flash. As they attacked Isis unleashed an arrow at the front runner, dodging past Hrun swung his sword hard into the side of the second, almost cleaving him in two, then pulled the pmmel out slamming it straight into the face of the third.

Glancing at Isis he saw her pull arrow after arrow, but getting surrounded, with a mighty snarl he sprinted towards her, spinning his sword about him in an elaborate web of death. As he met the group they were sliced and cut and as his sword was slowed he kicked another in the head.

Isis and Hrun stood out of breath amongst the bodies, panting, sweat pouring off their brows. Hrun knelt down and started rummaging through the tunics of the corpses. Eventually he handed Isis a few gold coins, "Here, here's your share..." Isis looked at the coins in disgust, "Urgh! I can't believe you'd do that! For a few paltry coins?" Hrun frowned at her, "Waste not want not... They won't need it where they've gone..."

Shaking his head dissaprovingly he stood, pocketted his coins and a silver handled dagger he'd found on one and started striding towards the hill again.

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Post by SmokeMare » Thu Nov 30, 2006 2:00 am

Soon Hrun and Isis were at a small pile of boulders with an entrance just large enough for Hrun to crouch through. It smelled of death and decay, torch light flickered eerily inside, and evil cackles could occasionally be heard.

Hrun brandished his sword and glared into the gloom, "Are you coming too? Or do you want to wait here?"

Isis rolled her eyes at him, "And let you have all the fun?" Hrun grinned back and crouched as he walked down the slope into the underground passageway. The tunnels were cold and damp, chittering could be heard around every corner. Like a rats nest or warren, tunnels wove left and right. Striding confidently Hrun led the way into the gloom.

As he rounded a corner towards one of the better lit tunnels an arrow whistled past his head, burying itself in the head of what looked like a Fallen lookout. His lifeless corpse thumped to the ground and Hrun stepped over it, then peered around the corner. What met his eyes was a large group of Fallen, milling about around a campfire, one of them was wearing an elaborate pattern of animal skins and baubles. Hrun sniffed the air, he could smell the slightly metallic tinge of magic in use. He grimaced, if there was one thing he couldn't stand it was magic users.

He looked back at Isis and beckoned her closer. Obediently she crept towards the room and peered around the corner. Hrun whispered in her ear, "There, the one wearing the animal skins - can you pick him off?" Isis nodded and cocked her bow.

The arrow sailed straight and true, but just as she fired - the Shaman moved slightly to the left, the arrow struck him on the side of the head, cutting flesh and spraying blood, then buried itself in the wall behind. "Oops, sorry..."

The room errupted in screams of anger and the sound of blades being drawn. Hrun wasting no time charged in, a mighty warcry errupting from his lungs. As he entered he swung his sword and cleaved through two Fallen, then he kicked the third in the body and whipped the silver handled knife he found across the room at the Shaman who was uttering the first syllables of a spell. The blade slammed into his torso at shoulder height, knocking him off his feet. As he fell the glowing symbols in the air faded out and fell, his spell interrupted.

Meanwhile Isis popped her head into the room and began unleashing arrows into the chaos, Hrun still in the centre of the room hacking and slashing.

The Shaman, now lying prone began uttering a new spell, Hrun noticed just as he unleashed it, a glowing fireball drifting rapidly towards him. He took a mighty salmon leap over the scorching ball and rolled to his feet, his side slightly charred and his barbarian furs looking somewhat burned.

As the Shaman began a new spell an arrow from Isis slammed into his opposite shoulder spinning him and knocking him to the floor. Desperatley Hrun charged through the masses swinging and cleaving. His sword eventually swung vertically down burying the blade in the Shaman's torso.

About him Fallen were lying screaming on fire and others were trying to crawl out of the rubble caused by the stray fireball. Isis and Hrun quickly despatched the injured and incapacitated. Isis shook her had in dissaproval as Hrun started frisking the bodies again.

"Aha! A key, where there's a key, there's a chest!" Isis looked at him confused as he started pulling animal skins away from the walls and rummaging through straw laid on the floor. Eventually under a large pile of animal skins he pulled a battered looking wooden chest out.

"These sort of creatures always seem to keep their most valuable possesions in these chests... I'll never understand why..." He inserted the key and clicked open the lock. From the chest he pulled a pile of coins and an assortment of weapons, some looked tatty and worthless, but a bow looked like it had been very well crafted. He cast most of the weapons on the floor and handed the bow to Isis, "Here try this..."

Isis took it and inspected it, with a nod of approval she clipped her old bow to her belt.

Hrun stood up and handed her some coins, "Here's your share - come on, let's see if there are any more chambers."

Isis followed Hrun through the darkness, they wandered room to room, slaying Fallen and even some Giant Spiders. As they slew the last craeture sunlight broke through the gloom, from a previously unseen hole in the cieling. Grinning Hrun grabbed Isis shoulder, "Come on! I think we've done it!"

Hrun and Isis left the cave headed back to the camp, avoiding combat where possible, the moors were less inhabited now and soon they were back at camping approaching the fire where Akara sat.

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