Galacitc War: Rated R for language/content. open rp to all.

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Galacitc War: Rated R for language/content. open rp to all.

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OOC:this rp will introduce some old characters from other universes and new ones that are made up. and its open to anyone who wants to rp here.

war...a common word known thoughout the galaxy. the eartn has defeated many threats. terrorists alien invaders, rebels, mavericks. it is the year 2105, a new war would begin to send humanity to the far reachs of the galaxy. there are many enemies of the human race, one of them will change the course of history forever. that enemy is sigma, a former commander of the maverick hunters and hero of the earth defence force. but for strange reasons he gone maverick started a war that damaged the earth. but that war is nothing compared to the next one that will cover the galaxy in battle and death. humans have fought many wars. they have battled with such enemies like brotherhood of nod, cobra, the Covenant, the Helghast and the Jovian Lizards. and have fought with other factions that have some disagreements. wars are fought both politicaly and personaly. after sigma's last defeat at his super weapon station, he sercetly constructs a base on mars and an orbital space station. he then holds a meeting between some enemies of earth. leaders from nod, cobra, the covenant, the Jovian Lizards and the Helghast. as they meet to form an alliance to finally defeat the earth and its armies.

"welcome, welcome please take a seat" said sigma. i have contacted you for a reason. have you noticed that you always are defeated from the damned humans of thier corrupted government. its because you need an ally. if we form our own government we can overthrow the humans of earth and rule the galaxy with our forces combined and i myself would be emperor of this new order!"

"are you crazy?!?" shouted kane. a mere reploid ruling over us? i rather kill you then serve you!

the human is right, you are a machine, a machine cant rule a government, let alone an alliance" said Prophet of Mercy.

"im no robot, im a reploid" said sigma. no human can mach my streath! would you have a weak master or a strong iron willed lord as your emperor? i dislike humans as much as the covenant or the Helghast, but if we are to enslave the human race we'll need to join forces and begin our new galacitc war!

i see your right about us joining your new alliance..but what does this help our own goals? we cant afford to wadte any resourses on one enemy" said the Prophet of Truth:.

"goals? goals you say? ill tell you this, your new goal is now, to enslave every single last human. those that are loyal to us such as cobra and nod will be spared. now we should rally our forces and start planing to start the Conflict with our enemies" replied sigma.

in an hour sigma had the support of three governments and two Organizations with well trained troops and Technology to help him create the must feared empire in the galaxy. it would be known as the consortium

soon allied assaults began across the outer rim, these attacks had got the unsc, maverick hunters and the ISA's attention to find them as a threat. but they had no knowlege on who had the power to have three galacitc powers to join forces in the weeks of battle.

On a gantry high above the Crimson Redemption's loading bay, Shipmaster Karna 'Estragoramee clashed his mandibles together in anger. Below, the hubub died swiftly away.

"Comrades! Brothers in the eternal truth! I come bearing ill tidings: we have been betrayed." 'Estragoramee paused for a moment to let that sink in, before he continued.

"As of mere hours ago, the so-called Prophets of Truth have thrown in their lot with the leader of a ragtag band of human rebels, a creature which calls itself 'Sigma'. 'Calls itself', did I say? Indeed, for a name implies legitimacy, a rightful place in the universe- this creature, this Corrupter, is undeserving of such an honour, for the only rightful place of humans is impaled, on the tips of our battleblades!"

From the loading bay below, a roar of approval arose from 'Estragoramees fellows, those which the humans had the temerity to name 'Elites'. He raised an armoured hand for silence, before continuing.

"Those Words are Truth- words the False Prophets seem to have forgotten. The False Prophets have promised to aid the Corrupter, to place him as Emperor of the humans." 'Estragoramee almost spat the final word, as if it was a curse. "The Corrupter claims that his victory will come through the alliance of his pitiful factions, of human groups who have already cast aside that which even scum like the humanns hold sacred! The Corrupter is mistaken. All the allainces we require lie right before us, enshrined within our holy Covenant! It is through will, through purity, through strength that we shall conquer, not through cowtowing to some would-be warlord!"

"The Corrupter seeks power. I say we should give it to him- show him the power which comes through enlightenment, aid him in casting off his mortal shackles."

"Death to the Corrupter! Death to the False Prophets! Glory to the true Covenant!"

The loading bay below him, packed with his fanatical troops, erupted in a chorus of cheers and battlecries.

the hologram is shown to sigma and the newly formed council.

"it seems a rebellion is at hand, what fools thinking to go against me" said sigma.

"it wont be long till the whole elites go against your will" said the Prophet of Truth with some doubt.

knowning the elites, a war would soon come for the consortium. a civil war that would disrurpted the very base that holds this alliance together.

vile at the right side of the room and came over to sigma.

"sir i can handle this burden and gets the elites back in line" said vile.

"it wont be just the elites" replied sigma. "the other races part of the Covenant could start a civil war". we cant afford to fight on two fronts. we shall see how loyal these elites are."

at the moment kane and his elite guard approched in the chamber.

"i have overheard and i may have our problems solved" said kane.

"how so human?" asked the Prophet of Regret.

"the black hand can "remove" the leader before he spreads word of this alliance

" we cant teach them to hate us" said the prophet of truth. " we need to see this with reason. the elites have been the covenant's protectors and enforcers ever since it was formed, we cant let this happen.

sigma then gets a grin on his face.

" i have one suggestions. why not the changing of the guard?"

excuse me? why would we replace the elite Honor Guard, they are our best warriors" said the Prophet of Truth.

"yes but after that display with those rouge soldiers, we need more loyal soldiers to be the protectors" said sigma.

"you forget sigma you are not master yet" said the Prophet of Regret. the council will see to this matter. you on the other hand should look to more pressing matters"

"very well Prophet, but you may think this though" siad sigma with a threating tone.

he then leaves the room.

"i can send my black hand troops to just shoot him down" said kane.

"no. we will deal with this peacfuly" replied the Prophet of Truth.

but he had no idea of what would come later on the war

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a month after the war began.

it was a silent morning on the human homworld till a joint task force of Helghasts and Jovians attacked the orbital defences of earth.

it was a silent morning at the human homworld till a joint task force of Helghasts and Jovians attacked the orbital defences of earth.

enemy forces were making the advance, a fleet of 100 warships against 75 earth ships and 4 MAC guns.

sir! Jovian and helghast warships incoming! shouted one of the officers. enemy carriers are deploying fighters, should we engage?

"Negative" repiled admiral hood. Form a defensive perimeter around the cluster. get battle groups beta and zeta to lead the defence, i want all fighter squadrons ready to defend the stations when they move in.

"understood sir" said the officer. all ships prepare to form up. helghast battlecruisers are moving in. all Marathon Class ships fire!

the ships begin the attack on the enemy

"all fighters away! wait....we got incoming fighters! Jovian fighters!" shouted a fighter pilot.

"we got them now, gamma wing prepare to attack!" shouted one of the Jovian.

fighters on both sides engage, longsword fighters swept across space destroying consortium ships, but the enemy had deployed new fighters and ships. back in the enemy command ship.

"weak humans..." said Tartarus. i cant wait to destroy these pitty defences and bring tem on my knees. captain report".

a Jovian then steped out named rurl.

"sir we are surrounding the enemy and our fighters have blocked off any more reinforcements from leaving the hangers" said captain rurl. we can begin the assault on your command."

not yet, lets have a little fun with these humans" said Tartarus. get the dropships ready, i want helghast troops and heavy weapons teams to board the enemy stations in an hour understood?

"yes sir" replied rurl.

shortly after, four helghast dropships move ahead to a MAC gun station.

"admiral!" shouted one of the marine captains. we got enemy dropships trying to land!

"get your troops ready for boarding parties" said admiral hood. we can not let the station fall to the enemy.

"yes sir! all units move out!"

later a whole company of marines headed to the hanger awaiting to engage the helghast troops.

"lets hope we can hold out, if not then may god help us all" thoughted admiral hood

sir the Helghasts are boarding!" shouted one of the soldiers.

"troops move to the hanger, defend it at all cost!" replied the captain.

the company of unsc soldiers try to hold off the invading force.

"advance!" shouted a helghast soldier.

take this mother fu**ers! cursed one of the marnies.

the fire fight was bloody. one the right side of the hanger were corpes carried away from the battles.

"fire! bring in the repeater guns! were gonna blast them out" shouted the helghast commander.

oh crap! run for it!" said the marine.

"no! we hold the line at all cost soldier! fire! kill every single last o-"

but a Helghast APC is brought in the hanger ready to kill all enemys to clear for take over.

run!" shouted a marine.

the marines retreat from the hanger to the hallways but one soldier is left behind wounded from the attack. a Helghast walks to him and bends down to him.

"weak human, ill enjoy killing you" said the helghast.

as he reached for his gun a loud powering up like noise was heard

"what the hell was that? " asked the helghast.

'no idea but its gone" replied the commander.

"huh? commander! look out!"

a large blue blast is shot at the commander


megaman X jumps down behind the soldier

"co..commander X...(faints)" said the marine in a low sound.

leave the human along, fight me if you want you damned Helghasts!" shouted X


a squad of Helghasts come in and assault megaman X.

X then jumps over and prepares to strike

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! TAKE THIS!!! MEGA CANNON!"

soon the blast kills all the enemy troops. the hanger is now filled with rivers of blood.

back in Tartarus's command ship.

"sir, the task force is dead..." said rurl.

what? how?" asked Tartarus.

it was X sir.." replied rurl.

damn him! cursed Tartarus. if he killed my best soldiers then...send in the elites

"but sir..."

"do you question my orders captain?" asked Tartarus in a anger tone.

" sir" replied rurl. but...wait sigma has came up on screen.

no! he can not know of tis shameful defeat!

:shameful of what general?" asked sigma. lord its nothing(starts to bow) we had a little set back thats all. we had to retreat cause of X" replied Tartarus.

"..... X...X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh damn him! damn him and his allies! tartarus, return at once! i want you to resupply your fleet now!" shouted sigma.

it will be down my lord" said Tartarus.

back on Earth Defense Platform, Cairo

"well done commander X, you drove the enemy off the planets orbit and saved a marine company from death. we thank you for your service" said admiral hood.

thank you admiral, if you had not contacted me, sigma's forces would have landed could have brought more troops to support the brotherhood.

"well they wont come back for a while you need some R@R" said admiral hood.

"thank you sir(salutes)"

"(salutes back) it was an honor"

At a small cafe in London, two figures sat at a table in the sunshine, talking over cups of coffee. Both were dressed in business suits. The one on the right was a young man, blue eyed, dark-haired, and of medium height, with the kind of face that was easily forgotten, and which would easily blend into crowds. The woman facing him, by contrast, was tall, her dark hair pulled back into a tight plait, with sharp, angular facial features: striking, but not conventionally pretty. The most noticeable thing about her, though, were her eyes: dark and almond-shaped, they seemed to watch the world around her like a fox looking for its next meal.

"It's not like the Helghast." the man was saying, a tinge of unease entering his voice. "They're warriors: tough, competent, and, above all, ruthless. An unsupported assault like that, a lack of follow-through... says to me that they're plotting something."

The woman laughed. "You worry too much Azure! If the Ghasts got their butts handed to them, isn't it just another sign that their command's falling apart? It's happened before. Helghast high-level commanders tend to fight much closer to the front than ours do. It's good for their morale, obviously, but if they die, it leaves their vanguard leaderless."

The man, Azure, narrowed his eyes slightly. "We're Operatives, Arcadia. It's our job to worry."

Arcadia grinned, revealing teeth which seemed maybe slightly too sharp. "Correction: it's your job to worry. It's my job to scrag everything in sight."

Azure sighed. Much as he hated to admit it, Arcadia was right. The Agency had an unspoken tradition of pairing its more unstable Agents with its more compus mentis ones, probably on the reasoning that, that way, there'd always be someone there to focus on the mission, rather than simply firebomb the nearest enemy-held city.

"Alright, Arcadia. What're you thinking?"

"Well, the orbital defence Ion Cannon is still intact, as is the Initiative's Orbital Command Station. When Ghasts attack, they tend to do so en-masse. Therefore, there remain two questions: where will their next wave strike, and will we be there to massacre the whole lot of the bastards?" Arcadia grinned her wide, manic grin, and Azure couldn't help but repress a shudder.

"Hmm. Fair enough. And how do you propose we find the answer to these questions?"

"Well, our satellites recently intercepted an interstellar transmission between here and the surface, as well as what we assume was a reply. Both were too heavily encrypted to make any sense of, but we do know that the response was definitely a Brotherhood code." Arcadia grinned again as she flipped a heavy, serrated-edged buzz-saw into the palm of her hand. "I'd say it's time we gave our Noddie friends a little visit, wouldn't you?"


At the head of a rapidly gathering armada, the Crimson Redemption slowed to a crawl, to allow another Covenant cruiser to dock with it. Flanked by a pair of Brutes, one of the lower-ranking Prophets moved serenely across the threshold, his red-and-gold robes billowing in the artificial breeze, only to be halted by a squad of red-armoured Elites.

"What is the meaning of this?" the prophet asked.

Karna 'Estragoramee, resplendant in his golden armour, spat on the deck. "I do you the honour of my own prescence. Therefore I require the prescence of your master in person, not this..." he gestured towards the prophet "...envoy. Send them away."

A few hours later, 'Estragoramee stood before the slender figure of the Prophet of Truth. He had demanded that his personal cadre leave the audience chamber- it was not as if the little ratlike prophets could present a physical threat to a Shipmaster of the Fleet, after all.

"Speak!" 'Estragoramee demanded.

"Shipmaster." the Prophet of Truth began "We are most disturbed by this turn of events. That you and those who would follow you would turn aside from your service, turn against your ancestral duties, can be seen as nothing less than heresy, and..."

In a swift, blurring motion, 'Estragoramee sprang forward, lifting the Prophet of Truth off his feet with a single hand.

"Well?" the Prophet of Truth asked, serenely. "Do you intend to kill me?"

"I do not slay envoys of peace." 'Estragoramee growled "I merely demonstrate that I can. Therefore watch your tongue." reluctantly, 'Estragoramee lowered the Prophet of Truth to the ground.

"You speak of your people being disturbed, Excellency?" 'Estragoramee asked "I hesitate to think how it could compare with that which has befallen mine! The Words of Truth state that the humans are anathema, abomination, unholy- yet you would not only offer alliance with them, but would offer to bend knee to them, should victory be attained! Excellency, I am but a novice in the ways of the Ancients, but every fibre of my being screams out that this course of action is wrong! Many of my fellows feel the same way. For years, the humans have struggled against the justice we would bring, trying to drown our bravest templars in their blood, and now you would allow them to dictate to us? Excellency, I beg of you- tell our warriors it was a mistake, tell them that the Corrupter twisted your minds with his witchcraft, but that it was merely a passing madness! I... I cannot guarantee that the Legions will continue to serve you if you do not."

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